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Criticism of summer spike in cost of parking at Dublin Airport

THE OPERATOR AT Dublin Airport has come under fire for long-term parking prices, with customers reporting increases during the busy summer travel period.

DAA said it uses a “dynamic pricing model” for parking fees, which fluctuate based on factors such as time of year and demand.

A customer noted an increase of €70 for a period of ten days in the long-term car park, compared to the same duration a few months earlier.

Another person paid €53 for nine days of parking in September 2021 and on a recent booking for a trip this month was charged €74.50 for just four days.

A search by The newspaper on DAA’s booking system revealed that four days of midweek parking at the end of June will cost €119 – this amount increases to €139 if the four-day stay includes a weekend.

Fingal TD and Labor Party transport spokesman Duncan Smith called the practice “unfair”.

“Until there is adequate public transport to the airport – and the provision of Metrolink is fundamental to this – trying to profit or increase revenue via parking or driving fees is unfair. for anyone using the airport, whether they are travelers or those picking up people,” he said.

“A lot of people have to drive and being penalized excessively with parking fees is just unfair.

“DAA has some work to do to restore its reputation with the Irish and I think they need to think about that over the summer.”

In a statement, Graeme McQueen, media relations manager for DAA, said the price of parking at Dublin Airport fluctuates depending on several factors, “including the time of year and demand at that time. there for parking”.

“This dynamic pricing model means that a customer may sometimes pay less or more than they would have previously, allowing DAA to effectively manage parking demand, ensuring that everyone who needs to park at Dublin Airport can do that,” he said.

McQueen said the airport is currently experiencing very high demand for parking as the number of people leaving Dublin continues to rise sharply.

He said the number of parking spaces available at Dublin Airport was “further reduced” due to the fact that a private Quick Park car park on the airport campus did not reopen after Covid. This means that there are around 6,000 fewer parking spaces at the airport, or around 30% of the total long-term parking supply.

“We have sought to work with Quick Park to get these spaces back in service for the busy summer months ahead, but those discussions have unfortunately fallen through,” he said.

“This will significantly increase the pressure on parking availability at Dublin Airport during the summer months. We therefore strongly recommend that passengers book their parking well in advance to ensure a space. We continue to explore all the options that will allow us to increase the number of parking spaces available at Dublin Airport.

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The DAA also faced criticism following chaotic scenes at Dublin Airport security late last month which left more than 1,000 people missing their flights in one day.

Since then, the airport operator has implemented a plan to improve queue management, maximize staff availability and increase the number of security lanes open during peak hours.

Airport management said the plan was working well and despite a busy bank holiday weekend the measures ensured that passengers did not miss their flights due to long queues.


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