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On-campus parking has increased by $ 180 over the past five years.

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The 25th Street parking garage, where staff, faculty and graduate students can park on campus. (Hustler Multimedia / Alex Venero)

For the 2021-22 school year, a university student annual pass costs $ 780, $ 180 more than a annual pass five years ago. Semester permits cost $ 260, and students also have the option of parking in campus garages for $ 2,200 per year.

Annual and semester permits guarantee students a parking space for one academic year or one semester, respectively. Students are only allowed to purchase a semester pass once per academic year.

Second-year student Sarah Hourihan uses one of the campus garages to park her car. She said she thinks this option is better than the parking pass because her car stays covered and the garage protects her car from dangers and weather elements. However, Hourihan acknowledged that these benefits come at a higher cost than the annual pass.

“It’s really handy to have my car in a parking lot as the garage is much closer than any other parking lot I would have parked by getting the other pass so I guess that’s fine , but it’s really expensive, ”Hourihan said. .

However, Hourihan said she was concerned that parking prices could increase in the future.

“As the prices for parking cards have gone up over the years, I am concerned that Vanderbilt will increase the cost even more,” Hourihan said. “If the price goes up next year, I’ll look for other off-campus parking options because I’m not sure I would be willing to pay more. ”

Others choose to park in open lots around campus, like junior Keano Rich. Rich said he usually parks at one of three undergraduate lots and rarely struggles to find a vacant spot. He said he believed the price for the annual pass was fair.

It’s about $ 65 per month, and I find that reasonable considering it’s about $ 2 per day, whereas parking costs $ 2 per hour if you use the daily or hourly parking spots, ”Rich said. .

However, some students are using parking options other than university issued permits in an attempt to spend less money. These spaces include the Loews Hotel car park, located in front of the Kissam Center, and the 2525 West End Garage, near Kensington garage on campus.

Sophomore Jack Pressgrove said he found a spot in Loews after missing the deadline to apply for a student parking permit for the fall semester 2021. Despite initial thoughts that parking in the Loews parking lot would be cheaper than university parking, Pressgrove realized he was actually paying more per month to park in the hotel parking lot. The rate for parking at Loews was $ 100 per month, but on September 23, Pressgrove received an email from the hotel saying the price would increase to $ 130 per month starting in October.

“I feel like it’s a pretty high amount of money to pay,” Pressgrove said. “I guess it makes sense that it’s so expensive, but yes, especially with an amount going up to $ 130, that’s concerning.”

Although Pressgrove said its off-campus parking is more expensive than university-issued passes, Hourihan said other off-campus lots, such as 2525 West End Garage, are cheaper.

“I would have totally leaned into it [off-campus parking] More If I had known there were other parking options not sponsored by Vanderbilt, ”Hourihan said.

Vanderbilt Parking and Transportation Services declined The Hustler’s request for comment.

Unfortunately, we are not finishing the interviews, ”reads their email to The Hustler.

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