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Church pastors recall shooting at nearby Duncanville Fieldhouse – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Although no children were injured after a gunman opened fire inside a Duncanville facility where summer camps were taking place on Monday, the fear still lingers.

The Duncanville Fieldhouse near Highway 67 is a few feet from the Crossroads of Life Church. It is common for the two facilities to share a parking space in this corner.

Associate Pastor Calvin Funchess said he arrived at the church and noticed police and several other cars.

“At first I thought they were having an event because we’re very used to it,” Funchess said.

Funchess and pastor Jorge Guerrero quickly realized it was an active call of fire as some 250 children attended camp inside. Guerrero drove to an area where family members were waiting.

“They want to reach their children and take them over,” Guerrero said. “I have three daughters and they’re all in school and we’ve had these conversations.”

Senior Pastor Greg White said the church has been around since the 1980s and has built relationships within the community.

“Any church, any pastor is going to be very worried,” White said. “But it’s right here next to us.”

As they assessed the needs that day and offered their support, White says the solidarity and partnership will continue.

“We want them to understand that there are people around them who love them and care about them,” he said.


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