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Birmingham car park driver fury fines for passing three inch ‘pillar blocked bay’

A driver recounted how he was fined £ 100 after parking just three inches above a bay he said was blocked by a huge pillar.

Damian Maj says he was stunned after receiving the sanction after leaving his Mazda at the Allison Street parking lot in the city center, owned by Hockley-based Premier Parking Logistics.

The maintenance engineer said he paid £ 2.20 for a ticket after visiting Birmingham for a day with his wife Agata and 18-month-old son Victor on August 1.

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He admitted to parking lightly over a bay that he didn’t think could be used by another vehicle due to a huge pillar in the front – yet Premier Parking Logistics insists the bay IS used by drivers.

Damian Maj says he was upset after being fined after parking in the car park at 16/29 Allison Street 1/4 Coventry Street in Birmingham

Mr Shift, from Crick, near Rugby, told BirminghamLive: “I got back to my car and just couldn’t believe it so I took some pictures.

“The space (next to Mazda) was blocked off by a post that supports the roof. Obviously, no one can safely park in that space while maneuvering around that post.

“Since I’m a new dad, I was looking for spaces around the parking lot where I could fully open the car door to get my little one out of the car safely.

“So I moved my car a bit to the open space and covered a yellow line.

“When we got back I got a ticket for ‘Not Parked Wholly Within Bay’.

“I could absolutely agree with a ticket if I blocked another space or an access but then clearly another car cannot park there.”

Damian Maj, his wife Agata and his son Victor
Damian Maj, his wife Agata and his son Victor

Mr. Maj appealed to the company to cancel the ticket, but lost.

A spokesperson for Premier Parking Logistics said the bay WAS used by motorists and added that Mr. Maj had “admitted that they voluntarily parked over the bay for their own convenience, so acknowledged its responsibility.

“The terms and conditions which form the contract that the driver has agreed to abide by have been broken by the driver.

“The driver parked next to the sign with the terms and conditions. There is also a 24 hour phone number on the signs.

“We checked the back office and that day there were only 7 cars in the parking lot all day.

“There are 30 spaces in the car park which are all above the regulatory size recommended by local authorities.

Damian Maj received a £ 100 parking ticket after parking lightly over a bay in the car park on Allison Street and Coventry Street
Damian Maj received a £ 100 parking ticket after parking lightly over a bay in the car park on Allison Street and Coventry Street

“Today we took time stamped photos of the bay you claim to be obstructed with 2 cars on each side and the bay empty. We then took a time stamped photo of a vehicle parked in the bay and then comfortably exiting the bay. “

The company invited our reporter to the parking lot to see a vehicle parked in the bay, but we refused.

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No guarantee that the new Nenagh car park will be open before Christmas

There is no guarantee that the new Emmet Place parking lot will be open before Christmas, Nenagh advisers said.

The contractor has been informed by the Nenagh District City Council that the ongoing work must be completed so as not to interfere with the Christmas trade and that no further work will then be done until mid-January.

Emmet Place is part of the city’s new traffic management plan under which the council will create a new streetscape and install 17 additional parking spaces.

Work has been disrupted over the past two years due to lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

Cllr Hughie McGrath asked council officials at the Nenagh MDC’s November meeting to get a guarantee that the parking lot would be open for Christmas.

However, District Manager Marcus O’Connor said he couldn’t say it would be finished and open before Christmas.

“We have lost time because of Covid but the entrepreneur is working to make up for this time,” he said.

Cllr McGrath said traders on Mitchel Street would be “disappointed” by the news.

“Businesses have been dealing with Covid and they can’t wait to have Christmas and a parking lot,” he said.

Councilor McGrath said the work should be completed within a short period of time and the contractor should be able to give the council a final opening date.

“I don’t think it will take a lot to put it on the line,” he said.

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Former Maple Valley Ski Resort Project Subject to Public Hearing on December 2 | Business

DUMMERSTON – There will be a public hearing and site tour at the former Maple Valley ski area on Thursday, December 2 at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the basic brewery and distillery lodge renovation with a tasting room that can accommodate 100 persons.

Sugar Mountain Holdings, which bought the ski area in 2018, also hopes to host events, such as weddings, at the site.

According to the Vermont Secretary of State’s office, Sugar Mountain Holdings, which is based in Weatogue, Connecticut, is “member-managed.” He purchased the 375 acre property for $ 745,000 from MVS Associates.

Keane Aures, who is named as a member of the list of companies, is senior counsel in the Hartford office of the law firm Gordon & Rees and specializes in construction law. He is also listed as a director of Slippery Slope Brewing Company and Slippery Slope Distillers.

Aures and Jonathan Tobin, COO of Sugar Mountain Holdings, declined to speak before the meeting.

The public is invited to attend the hearing and those who wish to obtain party status may attend the hearing. Those unable to attend the hearing and still seeking party status should contact Stephanie Gile, ACT 250 District Coordinator with the Vermont Natural Resources Board, at 802-289-0597 or [email protected] gov, before the meeting. .

A pre-hearing conference “has narrow purposes and is designed to identify parties and issues before calling a hearing to assess the merits of the case,” according to the Vermont Natural Resources Agency.

Members of the Act 250 Regional Commission will be present during the site visit.

According to documents filed with the Natural Resources Agency, the project received approval from the Dummerston Development Review Board in December 2019.

The plan provides for a 1,900 square foot distillery production area and a 3,400 square foot tasting room. The facility is expected to employ 12 people working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week, and the tasting room and retail space should be open from noon to 9 p.m. seven days a week. There will be space on the site for four food trucks, which will have access to electricity so that gas generators are not needed.

Special events including live music are planned in an area on the west side of the existing lodge building. The existing raised deck will be removed and replaced with a ground level patio to accommodate these events.

A noise study conducted by the Cross-Spectrum Analysis concluded that the noise at the facility would not be louder than the traffic currently passing on Route 30, although noise during construction could potentially be louder.

“Although the Maple Valley ski area has been closed for several years, the facility was previously used as a concert hall,” says the noise study. “Therefore, the reintroduction of special events including live music would not be a new or unusual source of noise for the region.”

The site plan provides for 41 parking spaces for guests and 10 spaces for employees. The gravel parking lot on the east side of Highway 30 will be used for overflow parking, with access to the facility through a corrugated iron pedestrian tunnel that passes under the road. However, the gravel will be removed and the land will be covered with grass. Public access to the West River will be retained.

The application of Law 250 indicates that when the facility is fully functional, it will generate more than $ 200,000 per year in sales and alcohol taxes.

Three new structures are proposed for the site: a pavilion for clients and small events, a wastewater pre-treatment facility and a whiskey storage barn.

The property is currently valued at $ 1,477,300, and applicable municipal and state taxes for the project site are $ 27,343 per year, the request indicates. Based on the proposed improvements and using current tax rates, the estimated value of the project site after completion will be approximately $ 2.5 million and the estimated taxes would be $ 47,000 per year.

All brewery and distillery production wastewater will be gravity-fed to an underground tank located on the island between the current ski lodge and Highway 30, and will be periodically pumped and transported to the local waste treatment facility. .

All spent grain will be composted on-site upon receipt of a state small composting facility permit. The compost will be used on site to promote plant growth and regenerate the soil.

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Supervisor requests removal of parking spaces at Muni bus stops – SFBay

A supervisor in San Francisco tries to make sure that every transit stop in Muni is accessible to all passengers, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Supervisor Dean Preston introduced a resolution on Tuesday urging the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency to improve Muni transit stops where on-street parking is permitted.

Preston said:

“Allowing parking at bus stops and not providing free access to public transportation undermines San Francisco’s transit-oriented policy and poses particular problems for the elderly and people with disabilities. “

The resolution urges the SFMTA to develop and implement a plan “to promote free pedestrian access to board public transport by eliminating parking at bus stops and making other necessary infrastructure improvements.”

Preston cited a study by Marcel Moran, a doctoral student in urban planning at the University of California, Berkeley, who visited and detailed the amenities at each Muni transit stop at street level and detailed amenities – such as shelters and passenger seats – at every stop. Moran visited the nearly 3,000 transit stops and documented his findings from May to July 2020.

Moran’s study, “Are Shelters in Place ?: Mapping the Distribution of Transit Amenities via a Bus-Stop Census of San Francisco,” published in the Journal of Public Transportation, showed that 32% of bus stops lacked areas safe boarding due to street parking.

Parked vehicles force passengers to bypass them and exit onto the street to board, according to the study.

SFMTA spokeswoman Erica Kato said the agency adopted a border management strategy in February 2020 to guide the agency’s priorities for border use in different neighborhoods.

The strategy targeted what are known as “flag stops,” where a bus or train picks up and drops off passengers next to parked vehicles. Flag stops are usually marked with painted yellow and black markings on utility poles, on the roadway, or both.

The agency’s strategic report says flag stops create hardship for the elderly and people with disabilities, forcing people in wheelchairs and other mobility devices to cross in front of parked vehicles to access the wheelchair lift rolling off the bus.

Passengers not using mobility devices are still required to navigate around or between parked vehicles without the benefit of additional sidewalk space when boarding the bus, according to the report.

The report recommended that the SFMTA board adopt a policy that avoids creating new flag stops and gradually replacing existing ones with real bus zones. Community engagement will be required before removing parking spaces.

Preston said SFMTA officials told him they had not yet developed a comprehensive plan regarding curbside access for Muni vehicles.

Pi Ra, senior director of San Francisco Action and Disability transit justice, released a statement saying Muni bus stops should provide curbside access, adding:

“By allowing cars to park at bus stops, you are forcing people with reduced mobility and visually impaired people out onto the streets. “

The resolution calls on the SFMTA to present a plan to supervisors within 90 days.

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Bicycle garage The Hague provides storage space for 8,000 cyclists

Dutch design studio Silo has completed one of the world’s largest bicycle parking lots, with almost 8,000 underground parking spaces next to a busy train station.

Silo worked in collaboration with Studio Marsman to create the public garage in front of The Hague Central Station in the Netherlands.

The Hague Bicycle Garage is an underground car park in The Hague

“What if a functional underground space, rather than being a place to be avoided, became a must-see attraction? Silo’s creative director, Rene Toneman, told Dezeen.

“We wanted to improve the comfort and safety of the thousands of daily users, bringing the experience of cycling through the city indoors. “

A cyclist cycling in The Hague bicycle garage
There are nearly 8,000 parking spaces for bicycles inside

Recognizing that cycling has taken on a new importance in recent years, due to growing climate concerns and the coronavirus pandemic, Silo hopes that Bicycle Garage The Hague will provide cyclists with a “comfortable and safe” parking environment.

Cyclists enter the garage through a main entrance, designed to mirror the facade of a building above ground.

Red and silver bicycle parking
The studio referenced the museum design for the garage

While riding, they can cross the garage along an indoor cycle path that runs along the space. Places to park bicycles are arranged in rows in the middle of the garage.

The single-level parking lot is designed to look like a museum, with bright lighting and matching spatial landmarks.

“The low ceilings, the lack of daylight, the repetitive layout and the lack of a view of the surroundings make underground parking lots generally very unpleasant,” Toneman explained.

“The Hague car park was designed to completely transform this essential service by creating an unexpected and exceptional spatial experience.”

Bicycle storage The Hague by Silo
Rail commuters can safely store their bikes on metal racks

The space also features a long graphic fresco featuring geometric shapes and patterns in a gray hue.

According to the designers, this illustration reflects the bright lights in the garage, making the room appear larger.

A man and a woman in the bicycle garage in The Hague
A gray graphic installation runs the length of the garage

“The integrated application of light and experiential graphic design makes the installation more spacious,” said Toneman.

“The angle of the light in the illustration matches the actual light behind it, greatly improving the appearance of depth.”

Bicycle storage The Hague by Silo
Users access the underground space via a series of escalators

Bicycle Parking The Hague is shortlisted in the civic and cultural interior category and the graphic design category of the Dezeen Awards 2021.

Other short-listed projects in this category include Kengo Kuma Associates’ mesh curtain for Casa Batlló and a wide beam barge designed to resemble a floating church.

The photograph is by Mike Bink.

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New Orleans City Council Supports Uptown Parking Restrictions Aimed at Reigning Student Housing | Local politics

New Orleans City Council on Thursday backed rules to slow conversions from modest homes to massive dorms in Uptown neighborhoods, ending a nearly two-year debate that highlighted the need for more affordable housing and off-street parking in this area.

The council’s rules, which were unanimously approved, would see the developers provide new off-street parking space for every new room they add to converted or newly built homes near Loyola, Tulane and Xavier universities.

The off-street parking requirement will not apply to renovated or newly built homes with fewer than three bathrooms, an exception meant to allay concerns from affordable housing advocates that the rules unfairly weigh on developers of small homes. .

In response to complaints that recent dormitory-style housing renovations have caused traffic jams on the streets, New Orleans City Council agreed on Thursday …

The parking requirement also does not apply to affordable housing projects that maintain affordability for 20 years, restrict sale prices, and reserve half of their units for very low-income tenants.

The rules, sponsored by District A council member Joe Giarrusso, are now permanent after a temporary version was passed in March 2020. Although the details were adopted without much public discussion on Thursday, Giarrusso argued that the rules makeshift dorms, with per-room rates that sometimes match what it costs to rent a two-bedroom shotgun. The result is a rise in prices in an area that would otherwise be affordable for long-term residents.

“These dorms increase rental rates, decrease affordability and ensure that the prices of homes purchased in the area are higher, which also results in higher taxes,” Giarrusso said during an October discussion of rules.

New Orleans City Council on Thursday passed rules to stop conversions from modest homes to massive dorms and remedy …

Giarrusso first urged council to look into the matter in 2020, after receiving complaints from residents who said the conversions were out of step with the character of the neighborhood and that having multiple drivers living in a single house reduced an already limited amount of street parking.

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Council ended up asking the Planning Commission to look into the matter. It also temporarily required the developers to build an off-street parking space for each room they built near Tulane and Loyola as the study progressed.

But after several neighborhoods united in their opposition to the conversions, that initial and temporary plan was eventually changed to include Hollygrove, Leonidas, Carrollton and other neighborhoods near Xavier University.

The final version of the rules also exempts small developments from the requirement, an attempt to address concerns from Planning Commission staff and housing advocates that a warrant would lead to increased housing costs. The exemption “removes most of the damage we saw in the original proposal,” said Maxwell Ciardullo, a policy advocate at the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center.

Still, Ciardullo said on Thursday the rules remain fundamentally flawed. “We still don’t think parking requirements are the best way to regulate development,” he said.

New Orleans City Council moved closer on Thursday to permanently changing parking rules in the University District Uptown, a move designed …

On Thursday, public comment was limited to Ciardullo and a comment submitted online by resident Anna Stanicoff, who called the order a “destructive solution to the very real problem of student encroachment in neighborhoods.”

In the October meeting, by contrast, speakers said the new trend was destroying their neighborhoods.

“In the four blocks around my house, we have 13 houses where families have been relocated to allow investors to come in and change the structure of these houses into something they weren’t intended for,” said Ken Gelpi, who lives near Lusher. Charter school.

Developer comments were missing from the last two meetings. The person who led the conversions of several properties near Broadway Street, Preston Tedesco, declined to comment when reached on Thursday, as he has done before.

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Pune: first “platform parking” built at Hadapsar station

Now, passengers at Hadapsar Station in Pune can pick up their vehicles inside the station as it gets Maharashtra’s very first ‘platform parking’ facility.

The first of its kind in the state, Hadapsar Station in Pune became the first to have on-platform parking. Inspired by Howrah Railway Station in Kolkata, passengers can now take their vehicles to specified platforms for drop-offs and pick-ups.

In order to maintain the flow of vehicles and avoid overcrowding, an efficient system has been put in place to allow vehicles only at a specific location on the platform.

According to the Hindustan Times (HT) report, Renu Sharma, Director of Pune Division Railways (DRM), said: “Many new developments and passenger facilities have been developed at Hadapsar station. , as we are now moving rail operations to start from Hadapsar. Currently, a daily special from Hadapsar to Hyderabad departs from here and soon a few other trains will be starting as well. In this development process, a parking space right next to the number one platform has been created where passengers park their vehicles and board the train directly from the platform. “

Currently there are four platforms and a bridge overlooking the station with plans to expand it further as more trains become operational.

“It will be like the platform parking system at Howrah Station, where vehicles enter the station and passengers board or take trains. Sharma added.

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Provo city council changes parking permit program | News, Sports, Jobs

Courtesy of the City of Provo

Graphic on parking permit information and meetings.

Provo City Council is approaching a parking permit program for certain areas of the city. The city is asking residents for help on the proposals that are currently being studied.

The draft city code of Provo, Chapter 9.90, will be considered at the council meeting on Tuesday. On-street parking management, if adopted, will create a new management tool for the city. This would be in addition to the current parking management tools the city is already using, such as authorized parking zones, according to Karen Tapahe, spokesperson for the council.

“Chapter 9.90 creates the structure for future parking management zones to be created and enforced through a paid parking system,” Tapahe said. “Charging parking is certainly not a popular idea, as public commentary in a recent Open City Hall poll showed, but active management of on-street public parking is necessary to preserve the benefits and discourage abuse of this public resource. “

Key elements of Chapter 9.90

Parking on a public road in OSPM areas may be restricted by any of the following parking management strategies:

  • Paid parking
  • Paid parking with optional permit
  • Vehicles that are parked in an hourly parking zone must pay the established rate.

Timed fares will be market determined – high enough that parking spaces are regularly released, but not so high that on-street parking is not fully utilized.

Payment would be made via a mobile application. City staff are working on options for drivers without a mobile device.

Vehicles with valid permits would be exempt from the timed parking fee in this OSPM zone.

Licensees pay for one year of access to an OSPM area rather than paying the timed tariff.

To obtain a parking permit, the permit holder must prove ownership or residence of a building with a facade bordering the OSPM zone with a maximum limit of two permits per property / occupant.

The boundaries of all OSPM zones must be shown on an official map of the on-street parking management zone adopted by the city council.

What Chapter 9.90 does not do

Create the actual OSPM zones. The process of creating an OSPM zone is detailed in Chapter 9.90, but the actual designation of a zone will need to be submitted to the council for a vote of approval.

Chapter 9.91, creating an OSPM zone in the Joaquin neighborhood (just south of the BYU campus), is in preparation.

Tapahe said a town hall on the proposal will be held on November 18 at 6 p.m. in the council chamber for the public to share their views in person.

The discussion will focus on the regulation of parking on private property and the guarantee of a specific parking space for OSPM permit holders.

Tuesday’s meeting to review the structure of the proposed program will be broadcast live on the Council’s Facebook and YouTube.

Council has scheduled the parking ordinance to be voted on at Tuesday’s meeting as the final item on the agenda. However, residents and university students who might have concerns about additional changes or specific areas for the permits or permit program are encouraged to attend the town hall meeting on Thursday.


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The new parking lot at the Science Museum of Virginia is now open; old car park now green space | Entertainment

From staff reports

The new $ 14 million parking lot at the Science Museum of Virginia is now open. The four-level structure has 400 spaces, 25% more than what was previously available in surface lots adjacent to Broad Street.

The bridge took a little over a year to complete. It is open to all guests, staff and visitors to the Richmond Science Museum and Children’s Museum.

There is no charge to park on the bridge.

Visitors to the museum can use the terrace during opening hours and special events. Community members will not be able to enter the bridge at night.

The Science Museum will begin transforming the asphalt terrain where vehicles were previously parked into a nearly six-acre public green space called The Green.

The $ 7.5 million project prioritizes green infrastructure for Scott’s Addition and adjacent neighborhoods. Scott’s Addition is one of Richmond’s fastest growing high density, mixed-use neighborhoods, but it has one of the lowest levels of urban tree cover, according to the museum.

The Green will also provide a park-like space for recreation such as walking, lounging and meeting.

“The final chapter of the parking lot is the first chapter of The Green, and this story has a happy ending in that it ends with a great green space for our community,” said Rich Conti, director of museum wonders, by email. . “From the first general site planning sessions, we realized that we needed a parking solution first. space on our campus.

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From parking lot to where events take place: the roof of this Brampton parking garage is now a public event space

Suzy Godefroy, Managing Director of BIA Brampton, Carrie Pervival, President of BIA Brampton and Brampton Advisor Rowena Santos standing on the roof of the Nelson Square parking garage, which has been transformed into a public event space.
  • The Brampton BIA has partnered with local businesses and artists to create a public event space on the roof of the Nelson Square parking garage, decorated with hand-painted planters and picnic tables.
“Fun” and “welcoming” aren’t exactly the first words that come to mind with an old parking lot.

However, Brampton BIA undertook a pilot project to do just that in a downtown parking garage. With the help of local artists and businesses, the BIA transformed the roof of the Nelson Square parking garage into a public space to host community events.

“It’s one of the best views in town,” said Coun. Rowena Santos, as she made her way to the roof.

She said that at dusk it also gives one of the best sunset views in Brampton.

The space is designed to host artistic and musical performances, social gatherings, as well as culinary events.

On October 30, the BIA hosted “Scary Saturday” onsite, celebrating Halloween with pumpkin carving and decorating, music, food trucks and costumes.

“We will build on this for years to come,” said Suzy Godefroy, General Manager of Brampton BIA.

A number of local artists and groups also painted picnic tables for the space, and Mocon Greenhouses provided flowers for the large planters that line the roof, planted by students from Central High School. Peel.

“This is a very exciting stage for all of Brampton! By integrating the three arts – culinary, visual and musical, we are creating a space that will become a tourist destination while showcasing the talent of Bramptonians, ”said Carrie Percival, President of the Brampton BIA.

The space will be particularly useful when construction of replacement water lines begins in downtown Brampton by the end of this year.

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