Parking facilities

Parking facilities

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireworks | Morrisville Borough Police Department

Bill 542 was enacted on October 30, 2017. Under the new law, the Fireworks Act of 1939 was repealed and replaced in its entirety. However, the questions and answers below highlight the most notable changes.

Q: What fireworks are residents of Pennsylvania now allowed to buy and use?

Consumers can now purchase and use “Class C” or “consumer grade” fireworks which include firecrackers, Roman candles, bottled rockets and similar fireworks containing a maximum of 50 milligrams of explosive material. The expansion includes fireworks that were previously only available to out-of-state residents.

“Exhibition fireworks”, which are classified as comprising bursts containing more than two grains or 130 mg of explosive material, and professional grade aerial shells containing more than 60 grams of pyrotechnic compositions, should not always be used. used only by licensed professionals. of the municipality where the exhibition will take place.

Q: Who can buy fireworks?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can purchase them.

Q: What are the restrictions on where they can be used?

  • They cannot be ignited or discharged on public or private property without the express permission of the owner.
  • They cannot be released from or inside a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be rejected towards a motor vehicle or a building.
  • They cannot be unloaded within 150 feet of an occupied structure, whether or not a person is actually present.
  • They cannot be released while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.

In addition, it is recommended that you check with your local municipality, as you may also be subject to applicable local ordinances.

Q: Where can I buy the fireworks?

They can be purchased at any licensed facility, including temporary facilities licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Examples of temporary facilities included tents or other structures found in parking lots. These temporary structures can sell fireworks between the dates of June 15 to July 8 and December 21 to January 2 of each year.

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Parking facilities

Disrespecting Election Results – The Amarillo Pioneer

By Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Last year, Amarillo voters largely defeated Proposition A. And yet our local leaders seem ready to push for the civic center projects included in the tie anyway.

On Tuesday, Amarillo city council will vote on approving a pre-development services agreement with Garfield Public / Private LLC. According to the meeting’s agenda, this $ 494,200 item appears to relate to many of the same projects that were offered to voters last year in Proposal A. Here is a look at the description of the deal. on today’s agenda :

This position for June 22, 2021 is to consider entering into a pre-development services agreement with Garfield Public / Private LLC for their advice and guidance in the planning, design and construction of ” a project consisting of a modern arena, the rehabilitation and expansion of the Amarillo Civic Center complex, the rehabilitation of the Santa Fe depot and associated parking facilities to serve the citizens and businesses of the city and the General public.

The scope of pre-development services includes multiple areas such as assessment of existing conceptual design; update construction cost estimates; analyze the current operations of the civic center; third party review of environmental, geotechnical and market studies; public and stakeholder engagement and preparation of a public / private financing plan for the project. A final report will be presented to City Council at the end of the pre-development services phase.

Now, it should be noted that this element does not mean that a new Civic Center or “modern arena” will be built, that the Santa Fe depot will be rehabilitated, or that additional parking lots will be built. However, it should also be noted that we have been less than a year since the failure of Proposal A and our municipal leaders still appear to be focused on making these projects a reality, despite the sentiments expressed by voters in the election of. November.

Earlier this month, Amarillo city council voted 4-1 to move forward with a new city hall project, paid off by debt that was tied to the backs of taxpayers. This project was also included in the spending program that the November bond was offered to fund. Now we see this deal on the agenda, less than a month after the city council disrespected the voters’ wishes and pushed ahead with the town hall project anyway.

Amarillo should be grateful that Amarillo city councilor Cole Stanley stepped up and voted in favor of taxpayers on the point of town hall, and hopefully he will do so again on that point. However, taxpayers should also remember that Cole Stanley is just a voice, and the Ginger Nelson-led majority on city council has repeatedly shown it has no problem going beyond the will of voters.

If I were a gamer, I would bet my last dollar that this item will be approved on Tuesday, despite voters rejecting the Civic Center Project, the Santa Fe Depot Project, and last year’s parking lot project.

It is a real shame given that our city council cannot respect the will of the voters enough to at least wait more than a year before pushing the project again.

Unfortunately, because Amarillo voters did not come out and vote for Michael Hunt and the Save Amarillo PAC team, voters will be stuck with the Amarillo Matters PAC shenanigans at city hall for yet to come. two years. And I’m sure this is just the second of many actions you’ll see over the next couple of years where election results are broken, taxpayers are ignored and our community is increasingly plunged into the abyss. debt.

Buckle up, Amarillo. It’s going to be a bumpy race.

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Vizag Airport can now operate 120 flights per day with new N5 taxiway ready – The New Indian Express

Express news service

VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam Airport is ready to accommodate additional slots, as the N5 taxi runway is ready to operate after security clearance and airport authority approval.

With this, the airport can witness an increase of two flight movements per hour and a total of 25 to 30 flight movements, bringing the total movements per day to over 120.

The lack of slots has been a major obstacle to introducing more flights from Vizag and with the new taxi runway ready, Vizag will now be more connected, according to airport manager Raj Kishore.

Talk to TNIERaj Kishore said the commissioning of the new taxiway, which has been on hold for nearly four years, will meet the long-standing demand for increased slots for flights at the airport. The linear expansion, which was undertaken at a cost of Rs 70 crore, was nearing completion and only 10 percent of the work remains. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment will be provided to passengers after the expansion, giving the airport terminal a new face.

“The capacity to handle peak passenger traffic will increase from the current 700 to 1,050,” said Raj Kishore, adding that 10 more check-in counters would be set up and customs and immigration offices would be expanded. A main pastry shop will be open at the terminal, which will facilitate outlets for brands such as KFC and McDonalds. In addition to more carts, toilets and other basic equipment will also be provided. He said that only the integration of old and new buildings was on hold due to the lack of workers for the demolition of the wall.

Even during the Covid pandemic, the inspection of the N5 taxi runway by the investigation team was completed. “There are now six new parking spaces for A320 flights in addition to the six old parking spaces. They are in addition to the four parking spaces in the old terminal. There are three aero-bridges and three parking spaces. With the increase in parking capacity, more flights can be operated from the airport. In addition to five taxi lanes, including the new N5 taxi lane, the airport can handle more than 120 flight movements in a day. Vizag airport will now be well connected to all cities, ” he said.

In addition, early morning departure flights can be started from Vizag. At least 12 flights can land and take off at the airport every hour, he said. There are more early morning slots at the airport, and overnight parking can be allocated for four to five flights. Development on the city side of the airport has been completed. On the national road to the airport, a light panel was being installed. But, there was a delay in lighting the painting due to the Covid situation.

The erection of an awning at the front of the airport has now made it easier for passengers to arrive in all weather conditions. To prevent the overflow of water from the Kondageda and Meghadri Gedda canals during the rainy season, the authorities have installed valves to prevent the flow of backwaters in Kondagedda. The canal diversion proposals have been finalized, but due to the Covid, work could not start. Work should start as soon as the situation improves.

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Parking facilities

PMC plans to appoint single contractor for payment and parking facilities across city

For the first time, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) decided to appoint a single contractor to manage 30 payment and park facilities erected by the civic body across the city.

Although some entrepreneurs opposed the appointment of a single contractor, the court ruled in favor of PMC to appoint a single contractor for the whole city.

There are a lot of complaints about wages and parking in the city. Many times, contractors charge more for citizens despite the fact that the civic body sets the rates for each category of vehicle. Even some parking lots are badly used. Many entrepreneurs did not pay their dues on time to the civic organization.

Many times there are fights between citizens and contractors over the parking of vehicles in the parking spaces.

In view of these challenges, the civic organization initially decided to launch a single call for tenders and appoint a single pan-city entrepreneur.

PMC’s additional municipal engineer, Srinivas Bonala, said: “We have launched the tender for 30 payment and parking facilities for the first time. We have made many changes in the tender. The contractor shall install CCTV cameras in all parking lots for the safety of citizens and vehicles, there should be uniform rates for parking, PMC is expected to obtain real time information for vehicles parked in the ‘installation.

Bonala said: “We even expected PMC or the contractor to develop the app for the parking lot. Once real-time entries began, citizens would be able to obtain information online as to whether parking is available at a particular parking site. This would help them plan their trip in advance.

Another PMC official said on condition of anonymity: “Some entrepreneurs are opposed to the launch of the single offer for the 30 main car parks. Even some of them approached the civil court but the court had ruled in favor of the PMC. ”

Another PMC officer said on condition of anonymity: “While this is a good proposal, it came between the Covid -19 pandemic. We are a little worried about whether professional contractors would give a response to this proposal immediately or not, but this proposal is good for the citizens and the PMC.

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ICYMI: wellness stories from around the world | News | DW

Bravo from Christian Eriksen after the collapse of Euro 2020

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen shared a message of hope on his Instagram page after collapsing in the middle of a Euro 2020 game this weekend.

The midfielder left a continent of football fans spellbound when he collapsed on the pitch while playing for Denmark in the tournament, with medics later confirming he had suffered cardiac arrest.

Eriksen wrote, “I’m fine – under the circumstances. I still have to take some tests in the hospital, but I’m feeling fine.”

Christian Eriksen assured fans he was “fine – under the circumstances”

He also thanked the fans for their greetings and encouraging messages “from all over the world. It means a lot to me and my family.”

Eriksen also left the hospital on Friday. He had a cardiac defibrillator implanted to regulate his heart rate.

MacKenzie Scott donates billions

One of the richest women in the world, MacKenzie Scott, and her new husband Dan Jewett, have donated $ 2.74 billion (about $ 2.3 billion) to organizations focused on the arts and combating racial discrimination.

Philanthropist and author Mackenzie Scott.

Mackenzie Scott’s most recent donation brings his donation to over $ 8.5 billion in less than a year

In May 2019, shortly before his divorce from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was final, Scott joined The Giving Pledge, a campaign created by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Melinda Gates. The campaign encourages extremely wealthy people to contribute a large portion of their wealth to philanthropic causes.

Last year Scott gave $ 1.7 billion of his fortune to 116 organizations in “areas of need” including racial equity, LGBTQ + equity, working democracy and climate change.

Again in December, Scott announced that she had donated an additional $ 4.2 billion to 384 organizations. This most recent donation brings his donations to over $ 8.5 billion in donations in less than a year.

Already a full billionaire, Scott’s 2019 divorce settlement with Bezos made her the richest woman in the world.

New York museum to return looted art

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York is preparing to return to Nigeria three works of art stolen by the British army at the end of the 19th century.

Two of the pieces, a pair of 16th-century brass plaques from the Benin court called “warrior chief” and “junior court officer”, were donated to the museum in 1991 by an art dealer named Klaus Perls and his wife Dolly.

Another piece, a 14th-century sculpture believed to represent a king, called the Bronze Head of Ife (an ancient Yoruba tribal town in Nigeria), was donated to the museum by another collector.

The museum’s decision follows the recent return of art by European museums to Nigeria. The Met conducted research alongside the British Museum, which included input from the Nigerian National Commission on Museums and Monuments, and decided it would be best to return the pieces.

Hamburg gives priority to parking bicycles

The German city plans to cover transport stations and even ferry docks with more bicycle parking stations.

Hamburg already has 24,000 bicycle parking spaces, but by 2030 the city wants more than 40,000. The majority will be usable for free while fixed lockable spaces can also be rented – for € 24 ($ 28.50) per quarter or € 90 per year.

Regional Transport Minister Anjes Tjarks said the existing bike and ride concept was popular in the city, with more than 80% of the available capacity being frequently used. So he said expanding the facility made sense.

Bicycle parking is planned for 2022 in several train and tram stations in the city.

The third largest diamond in the world discovered in Botswana

Miners in Botswana have discovered what may be the third largest such diamond in the world.

The 1,098-carat diamond was unearthed earlier this month by Debswana, a joint venture between the government of Botswana and gemstone multinational De Beers. Botswana is the largest producer of diamonds in Africa.

As this is the biggest gem found by the company, Botswana President Mokqweetsi Masisi was shown the giant diamond in the capital Gabronne.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi holds a gemstone diamond in Gaborone, Botswana on June 16, 2021.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi holding the diamond

Debswana chief executive Lynette Armstrong told AFP news agency that “this rare and extraordinary stone means so much in the context of diamonds and Botswana”.

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