Parking facilities

Parking facilities

Luxury toilets, new parking lot coming to Bhopal station soon | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: Commuters to Bhopal station will benefit from better sanitation facilities. Work on the construction of a luxury toilet on platform number 6 is expected to begin soon. In addition, the Bhopal railway division also plans to build a new parking lot near platform number 6.
DCM senior (Bhopal division) Vijay Prakash said the luxury toilet will be operational within the next 6 months. “Bhopal’s division has awarded new contracts worth Rs 6.10 crore for luxury toilets at Bhopal and Itarsi stations,” he said.
Prakash said the Bhopal division has finalized two new tenders for premium chargeable and usable luxury toilets on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis at Bhopal and Itarsi stations. “The value of the tender for Bhopal and Itarsi stations will be Rs3.42 crore and Rs2.68 crore respectively. These luxury toilets would be very convenient for rail passengers and the platform will also get a facelift, ”he said.
Prakash said the new facility will cover an area of ​​1,500 square feet. “Passengers will have air-conditioned toilets. In addition, there will be rest facilities, ”he said.
Prakash said that a new parking lot is also in the works near platform number 6. “At platform number 1 there is good parking. We plan to have another parking lot on platform number 6 and will be launching tenders soon, ”he said.
Notably, the Bhopal Rail Division also plans to reduce the pressure on Bhopal Station and a new station will emerge in Nishatpura to serve as an additional embarkation / disembarkation point for the state capital.
The project includes the development of an island platform on which trains can enter from either side. A building with passenger amenities such as ticket booking desks, toilets and waiting rooms will also be constructed.

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Parking facilities

Blasio’s incompetent team breathes a billion dollar boost in the Bronx

If you thought that the inept governance of our city by Mayor de Blasio couldn’t get worse by the end of his administration, think again.

A consortium of companies working with the New York Yankees handed the city a billion dollar development plan for a run down area in the South Bronx, and the geniuses at City Hall practically killed it .

The culprit: parking spaces. That’s right. Parking spaces.

Of course, the utter idiocy of the people who run the city is seen every day in our increasingly crime-ridden streets, in the uncontrollable homelessness, and in the general decline of civil society here in the Big Apple. Less visible is the incompetence of the city bureaucrats who deal with the business community.

It goes without saying that without entrepreneurs and bankers, real estate moguls and restaurateurs, New York wouldn’t be the great metropolis it is. So when business leaders offer town hall a win-win solution – housing and jobs for the poor, redevelopment of one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country, in addition to taxable income, it is imperative that we have people in government who jump at these types of opportunities.

We don’t, unfortunately, which is why the end of this eight-year plan is such a painful, yet necessary, story to tell.

It’s also a case study of why the end of Blasio administration can’t come soon enough.

The story begins in 2006 with the inauguration of the new Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. The Bloomberg administration has agreed to provide the team with just over 9,000 fan parking spaces and to maintain several fields within walking distance of the stadium in “first class” condition.

Over time, Yankees fans have increasingly used public transportation to get to the game, be it the subway or Metro North, because it’s an easy commute, but also because the agency approved by the city that manages the lots, the Bronx Parking Development Corp., does such a lousy job at maintenance. “First class” quickly fell to second, third and now much worse for part of the region, Yankees officials tell me.

Today, some spaces are cluttered with waste and have attracted vermin. They are used to parking taxis, which was not an intended use, and team leaders believe they may also be used as a cutting shop. Parking revenues are almost nonexistent and over $ 200 million in municipal bonds that funded the construction of the lots are in default.

Yankees President Randy Levine, former deputy mayor in the Giuliani administration, thought he had the solution.

The Yankees co-own a professional football team, New York City FC, which needed its own stadium. Levine needed community buy-in to approve the plan to build the football stadium on a field adjacent to the baseball stadium, which was occupied by these shabby garages.

He put together a package that seemed to satisfy everyone. In return for the approval of the football stadium, he agreed to build a new school, affordable housing and other facilities on land occupied by some of the garages. He did it with private money. Thousands of jobs in the South Bronx would be created.

Yankees president Randy Levine has come up with a great solution to building infrastructure in the South Bronx in exchange for a football stadium, but Blasio's administration has canned it.
Yankees president Randy Levine came up with a great solution to building infrastructure in the South Bronx in exchange for a football stadium, but Blasio’s administration kept it.
Charles Wenzelberg

Bondholders, an important constituency since they technically control faulty parking lots, get a $ 50 million lifeline. The city, another important constituency because it owes back taxes on overdue lots, is also reportedly starting to recoup some of its losses.

The only problem was with the parking that I mentioned before. The Yankees wanted a true first-class parking guarantee of around 5,000 parking spaces (down from its original deal of over 9,000) on the remaining lots.

Sounds like a reasonable request, right? The city and bond holders actually agreed to the spaces in a conditions sheet signed by both parties last year.

But as the project neared final community council approval in recent weeks, something strange happened: The city got cold feet about guaranteeing these boring first-class parking spaces.

Bondholders, led by investment firm Nuveen, who thought it was somehow odd that the Yankees were hatching a tiered plan paying them $ 50 million and asking for something in return.

About two weeks ago, the city told Levine that, despite previous assurances, there would be no guaranteed parking space, knocking a billion-dollar project down the crapper.

This is just one of many development projects that have been derailed by a Blasio administration that is either inept or anti-business. Since Amazon’s rejected headquarters in Queens, how many opportunities have we missed to revitalize New York?

City officials say it was Levine who blew up the case by asking for a ‘legal’ guarantee for the parking lot they couldn’t agree on because they could one day be sued if they didn’t comply. their end of the bargain. They say the deal is not totally dead and could be revived by some sort of compromise. Levine says he’s “puzzled” by the city’s response since the bonds to build these lots were issued to ensure Yankees fans parked in the first place.

Hopefully something works out, because consider what the city has come out of: a billion dollar project and thousands of jobs in one of its poorest neighborhoods, all in a few parking spots. ” guarantees ”.

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Parking facilities

Partnership, technology make parking at the beach easier | Where is

WEST — Parking on state beaches, including Misquamicut, is easier than ever, according to the state’s Department of Environmental Management (DEM), which operates eight saltwater beaches and parking lots associates.

The department has again partnered with LAZ Parking to modernize, digitize and rationalize the parking of more than one million annual bathers this year. DEM has implemented a customized technology platform based on LAZ’s e-commerce, business intelligence and customer service solutions.

The technology allows residents and out-of-state visitors to purchase seasonal parking passes and flexible daily passes at With a flexible daily pass, beachgoers are automatically billed the daily parking rate when their vehicle enters one of the state’s beach parking lots. The flexible parking pass is a good option, DEM officials say, if a beach goer isn’t sure how many times they can visit the beach, but would like the option of using the express lanes.

Both passes use license plate recognition technology for validation and allow pass holders access to express lanes for faster entry. The technology was in limited use in 2020 before it was suspended due to travel restrictions and capacity limits associated with COVID-19.

Improvements include the ability for customers to pre-purchase day and season passes online, express lanes using license plate recognition technology for prepaid customers at certain locations, the ability to provide real-time parking capacity data that DEM can use to communicate alerts when lots are at or near full capacity, and the ability to capture the number of visits and revenue in real time to ensure that the correct fees are billed and collected for each transaction. Initial data showed that purchasing a seasonal or flexible pass online and using an express lane significantly reduced parking time. according to a press release from DEM and LAZ.

To help cut down on the time beachgoers spend at the entrance counters, DEM encourages residents of the state to purchase seasonal and daily passes for flexible parking online or in advance. Anyone who purchases a seasonal parking pass or daily flexible parking pass online or before heading to the beach can use the express lanes for quick beach access. Buying seasonal or daily flexible parking cards online also helps DEM keep express lanes open, as there have been instances where express lanes could not be used because too many people were paying to park at the park. entrance gates rather than using prepaid parking cards.

“Transaction times per vehicle at the beach entrance counters for the sale of seasonal beach passes used to take up to three minutes per car,” said acting director of DEM Terrence Gray in the press release. “If you multiply that by the thousands of cars we host on busy summer weekends, the weather really adds up and means worse traffic slowdowns and delays for everyone. This technology will be even more critical in 2021, as the state expects record crowds this year. “

DEM entered into a first contract with LAZ Parking in early 2020, after a competitive bidding process, to operate and modernize parking on state beaches.

DEM also uses LAZ Business Intelligence technology to collect, organize and analyze data to improve the parking process. This technology was useful in 2020 during the pandemic due to frequent changes in capacity limits, new federal and state regulations, and increased consumer safety concerns. With the new technology stack in place, DEM could easily provide accurate data to demonstrate compliance with all COVID restrictions and guidelines, according to the press release.

The technology includes dynamic data visualization that integrates data sets such as real-time lot capacity, historical parking data, current weather, seasonality, and tide charts to forecast and manage potential overcrowding. This information can be used to increase or decrease the number of places available, communicate alerts when lots are at or near capacity, and manage staffing decisions.

– Dale P. Faulkner

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Parking facilities

Car parks need attention – ARAB TIMES

I don’t know anyone in a utility company other than the Egyptian cashier to whom I give 200 fils every time I step out of one of the parking lots, and I don’t know the name of the president or general manager of the company, and I prefer not to search for their names on the internet so that what I write remains devoid of any influence. The utility company is affiliated with the government and operates parking lots, often inside Al-Sour for forty years or more. A friend told me that the company is allowed to carry on many activities, but that it has distanced itself from these headaches and has concentrated most of its activities in the management of “parking”.

From what I know about the company and how I feel as a citizen, it is also considered to be one of the most manageable and least profitable public enterprises from a business perspective. It receives vacant land in the public domain, contracts with a design office for the design of the building, in one way, awards the construction contract in another way and installs electronic devices, in a third way, then rests as soon as its management has finished employing the personnel of collectors and security guards who will be in charge of managing the parking lot and the administration completely forgets it as seen in the field.

Parking lot management is smooth, easy, and without the headaches that the rest of the state-owned facilities complain about. It is clear that the management of the company did not concern itself with the process of improving its typical buildings, the most hideous in the capital, which were built perhaps deliberately without any touch of beauty or art. but only a hideous box of often poorly designed followed by a lack of interest in its cleanliness not even sweeping its hallways and stairs, sometimes used as a place to urinate.

Over time, other facilities have followed suit such as the Kuwait National Petroleum Company gas stations, most of which cannot be compared to private gas stations in terms of service or cleanliness.
In addition, none of the top state officials or MPs, whether opposition members or government loyalists who get their salaries for an entire year for doing nothing but giving punches, is only interested in mediating with the management of that company to hire a collector or security guard, not even an accountant.

This company, like many government companies, needs a reprieve to best fulfill its role and increase the construction of parking lots, as some of the tallest towers in the capital do not have parking space, even for a car. because they were built before the law changed. Tall buildings have sprung up everywhere but no parking space for cars. Where’s the “miserable” utility company?

We hope that the management of this company will make efforts and increase the number of parking lots because parking in places under the direct heat of the sun, which sometimes exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, is a tragedy. It must also build modern and service car parks of a beautiful nature as we have seen in the car parks of the complex of ministries, for example.
We have no other choice but to wish that the managers of the company move and care more about the health of people and the safety of “your parking lots”.

email: [email protected]

By Ahmad alsarraf

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Shad Khan’s Iguana Investment Considering Jacksonville Fairgrounds Land

The development company of Jaguars owner Shad Khan is interested in purchasing the land that the Jacksonville Fairgrounds may vacate for a future move to the Westside.

Preliminary budget documents released this week show the city could set aside $ 27.2 million over two years to help move the exhibition center from the downtown sports complex to an area around the equestrian center of Jacksonville off Normandy Boulevard.

Meanwhile, the Greater Jacksonville Fair Association will work over the next few months to negotiate the sale of the land it owns in the sports complex where the fair has drawn crowds for farm shows and halfway rides since 1955.

“There are still a few hurdles we need to overcome, but in all the years we’ve been talking about this and dealing with a possible move, this is the closest we’ve come to getting there,” said Bill Olson. , CEO of the association of non-profit fairs.

Previous coverage:Jacksonville Fairgrounds relocation finds support in $ 430 million capital improvement plan

Nate monroe: Rinse with money, Jacksonville can pass the course. If it’s ready

The Greater Jacksonville Fair Association is considering offers to sell its land in the sports complex and move the fairgrounds to the Westside.  The annual fair, pictured here in this archive photo with one of the rides halfway through, would continue at his longtime downtown residence until a new site is built.

He said the current site was “somewhat enclosed” by the Arlington Freeway, the sports complex parking lots and the stadium. The Westside site would not have these constraints.

“I think the move is going to be great for the fair,” Olson said. “We can grow up, we can get bigger, we can do a lot more things that we want to do.”

Iguana Investments, the company Khan uses for his development, said in a statement that the potential for a “private purchase of fairground property is, and has been, of interest to Iguana.”

“Iguana will continue to speak with representatives of the fair and explore a potential transaction, which would represent an additional investment by Shad and Iguana in the future of downtown Jacksonville,” the company said in a statement.

Iguana said a sale transaction would allow for the creation of more parking lots for people going to sports complex events and “much needed flexibility” for carpooling for major events.

Iguana said relocating the fair would lead to a better experience for those attending football games in the fall, because when the annual fair is in action, Lot P is closed to the parking lot so it can be used. half-way.

“It would also provide additional options as we consider what is potentially possible for the sports complex and bring benefits to the fair and the constituencies it serves,” the Iguana statement said.

Hosting participation in the fair, which is one of the most important in the country, on the same days the Jaguars play at home, is a topic of discussion between the team, the city and the fair association. since the 1990s.

Olson said for the fair’s association, a move to the Westside would benefit the annual fair by giving it additional space in a more rural part of town and fitting into the agricultural education mission of the association.

Future Farmers of America Councilor Karyn Chester (right) photographs Camden County College members Janaya Bradford (left), 14, Ashlyn Moore, 12, and Kiyah Morris, 11, with their rabbits on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Show in Jacksonville, Florida.  [Will Dickey/Florida Times-Union]

He said the compromise of a decision is that the fair association should find a way to replace rental income from events using the fairground facilities the rest of the year, as well as parking income from people using the exhibition grounds when attending games and concerts. .

He said the association had received “a few offers” for his property. He declined to comment on who made the offers. He said the association might be able within a few months to have an agreement in principle with a buyer.

If that comes to fruition and city council agrees to spend money on the relocation, the fairground could relocate whenever new construction is done in the Westside. Until then, the annual fair will continue to take place at the sports complex.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a cancellation last year for the first time in the history of the Greater Jacksonville Fair, but this year’s fair is scheduled from November 4 to 14.

Jacksonville could move Veterans Memorial Wall

The Jacksonville Fairgrounds isn’t the only long-standing part of the sports complex that could move to another location.

The city is also examining the possibility of relocating the veterans memorial wall by moving it to a new park that could be located on the downtown riverside.

The relocation of the Veterans Memorial Wall, located between the football stadium and the baseball park, is only in the first phase of study. The Downtown Investment Authority is working with the Jessie Ball duPont fund on a plan for what a new park would look like in a vacant strip of city-owned land known as The Shipyards.

The Veterans Memorial Wall, located in the sports complex, is the second largest memorial wall in the country.  The city is considering whether plans for a new city park on the downtown shores could include a relocated memorial wall.

The idea is “purely conceptual” at this point, Lori Boyer, CEO of Downtown Investment Authority, said at a recent DIA board meeting.

She said the idea of ​​placing the monument in the park was whether this riverside site would be “more respectful or more appropriate” for the memorial.

The Veterans Memorial Wall was built in 1995 and honors more than 1,700 service members who had ties to Jacksonville.

The duPont Fund’s study on the shipyard is part of a larger examination of how the city can bring more activity to the downtown riverside. The study has solicited public comment and will have a meeting via Zoom on July 13.

The study “conceptually examined” the creation of space for a range of memorials and the duPont Fund has discussed these concepts with groups who have an interest in it, spokeswoman Melanie Cost said.

She said “the details of the actual design of the park” will be defined later by the owners of the waterfront land.

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Be kind while fighting waste

Last year, faced with an influx of trash, the Town of Pine Bluff challenged local organizations to get involved in keeping our streets clean. Organizations have accepted this challenge by joining the city’s new Adopt-a-Street initiative.

As part of this program, participants adopt streets and remove waste from roadsides according to recurring schedules. Participants choose the length of their routes as well as their schedules.

We appreciate our current participants who have taken on this responsibility. They maintain roadsides throughout town, from Ridgway Road on the south side to West Hepburn on the west side to Poplar and Elm streets in central Pine Bluff. This collective approach is essential to creating and sustaining a cleaner city, as waste spreads over an area too large for a single group to manage.

This means that residents take more ownership of the roads they live on and that businesses take more responsibility for the areas around their stores and facilities. Of course, there are individuals who do this work quietly outside of citywide cleanups and initiatives like adopting a street, often without recognition.

They go out early before the sun is fully up or in their free time on weekends, and they pick up trash in neighborhood ditches or parks. It demonstrates a level of dedication, commitment and kindness that we need for Pine Bluff to achieve a better quality of life.

Today more than ever, we need more of this dedication and goodwill among our fellow citizens. We are asking other businesses, organizations, schools and residents to join these efforts by signing up for our adoption of a street initiative. We are asking more citizens to be kind to their neighbors and people who visit Pine Bluff by operating a clean environment. Participants can register or obtain more information by calling the Town Hall.

The streets of Pine Bluff would benefit massively from community maintenance, including recently renovated areas like Main Street between Barraque Street and Third Avenue, the location of our new streetscape.

Of course, relying on individuals to clean up the waste will never solve the source of the problem itself. It starts with the fact that people are just kind enough not to throw litter in the first place.

And not littering is an expression of kindness. It shows how much a person cares about their neighbors who have to deal with the garbage on their lawns, the kids who have to walk past the garbage on their way to school, and the businesses that lose customers because of properties and dirty parking lots.

Waste is a matter of character. To these people, we challenge them to be better, to be bigger themselves. Be kind and don’t throw trash.

Yet, as long as waste exists, we must all work together to eliminate it. We must show a devoted kindness to Pine Bluff and those in it. For those looking to get involved in cleaning up our city, adopting a street is a good place to start. So show your kindness and join us today. Details: Mayor’s Office, (870) 730-2004.

Shirley Washington is the mayor of Pine Bluff.

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Parking Chaos Returns As Chandigarh Markets Reopen | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: With relaxation on the fringes of Covid-19, chaos can be observed in the city’s paid parking lots, mainly in major shopping areas, which subsequently leads to poor parking management.
Since the lockdown was lifted in almost every part of Chandigarh, people have started visiting shopping areas from morning till night and can be seen struggling to get in and out of parking lots.
We observe that the employees of the paid parking lots are also less numerous and that they only issue paid parking tickets and that no one is there to manage the vehicles inside the parking lots, which means that the random parking is has become a routine matter in almost every paid commercial parking lot in the city. In addition, in some of the busiest paid parking lots such as sectors 8, 9, 17, 22, 26, 34, 35 and 43, entering and exiting the paid parking lot takes a very long time.
The old situation on paid parking is as before the pandemic period. Sources within the civic body’s authority revealed that since paid parking works have just started in the city after a long shutdown of shopping areas, the MC does not want to impose a penalty immediately on parked contractors. However, if things stay the same, they will certainly be asked to improve the situation and the civic body’s parking management will look into the matter, they added.
The lack of smart features also leads to chaos to some extent, as some parked contractors have yet to install smart features in the lots in accordance with their contract terms and conditions. Although the paid parking contractors claimed a few days ago that they had installed the majority of smart features in the paid parking lots, the municipality’s technical team made up of IT experts and engineers carried out reviews. physical inspections and found that although some smart features were in place. , many were still missing, after which contractors were invited to install them. Also in the past, the engineering department had notified parking contractors not to equip these lots with the required smart features.
The Chandigarh City Company had auctioned off two smart pay parking zones to eligible pay parking contractors for more than Rs 10 crore per year. Therefore, paid parking is one of the most crucial revenue resources for the authority of the civic body. Smart car parks include, among others, mobile barriers and electronic ticket machines.
Sources in the MC have said that the entrepreneurs’ plea seems genuine, but it is the General House that will take a final call in the matter.
Two zones, 89 car parks
There are two paid parking contractors and 89 parking lots are distributed between them. The parking lots in the southern and eastern sectors of the city including sectors 34, 26 and 20 have been maintained under parking zone-1 while zone-II has parking lots in the northern part of the city including sectors 17, 22 , 7, 8 and 9 Zone II is the heaviest zone and as many new paid parking lots were added in this zone during the call for tenders, the majority of the paid parking lots are located in the key commercial zone, in addition to some in tourist areas like Rose Garden and Shanti Kunj.

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Dubai RTA opens new model bus station in Oud Metha

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has opened the Oud Metha Bus Station, the newest addition to the ultramodernly designed bus stations, making it a model station.

It is integrated with metro and taxi services as it is only 300m from Oud Metha metro station.

“The construction of passenger stations complements RTA’s efforts to modernize public transport infrastructure and encourage people to use public transport for their daily trips. The new station boasts of a cutting edge design that meets the needs of sustainability and purposeful people needs, while being consistent with the identity and shape of RTA stations, ”he noted.

“The role of the new stations goes beyond the predominant concept of passenger movement to encompass the offer of integrated passenger services such as parking lots, bicycle racks and integration with metro and taxi services”, said Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RTA.

Station facilities Oud Metha bus station covers an area of ​​9,640 m². The station is located in a densely populated area close to Oud Metha metro station, schools, community clubs and business centers.

The station has a ground floor, three identical floors and roof parking. Its design is integrated with the means of public transport in the area because it has spaces reserved for bus stops, taxi stands and parking for private vehicles.

According to RTA, the average number of passengers using the station is expected to reach 10,000 per day in the future.

The bus station has many facilities which include nine operational parking spaces for buses, 11 for out-of-service buses, 350 vehicle parking spaces, 23 bicycle racks, passenger pick-up and drop-off points, did he declare.

It also includes parking lots for waiting and emergency buses, parking lots for taxis, staff and visitors, rest areas for the public, a café and a rest area for drivers, rooms prayer rooms for men and women, offices for staff and public toilets.

The station has points of sale and investment spaces, intended for Emirati start-ups in coordination with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for the development of SMEs.

It also has spaces for self-service and e-pay kiosks, Christmas card dispensers, bus information display screens, customer happiness index, ticket and refreshment vending machines and of snacks.

The station serves eight bus lines, seven of which serve public transport lines and one is a metro link.

Forty buses are deployed on these routes, which connect key locations and areas of the city such as Dubai Mall, Al Qusais, Burjuman, Dubai Museum, International City, Wafi City, Al Seef, Business Bay, Al Nahda, Al Safa and Al Satwa.

Terminals completed The RTA has opened four public bus stations, namely Al Ghubaiba, Al Jaliyah, Etisalat and Union bus stations. Al Ghubaiba Bus Station consists of six buildings and covers an area of ​​2,452 m² and can serve 15,000 passengers per day.

This bus station consists of a bus station and a building with a ground floor, two floors and roof parking. The station has a total built area of ​​19,000 m² and can serve 7,000 passengers per day, RTA said in its statement.

Union Bus Station in Deira consists of three buildings. The station covers an area of ​​2,180 m² and can serve 7,500 passengers per day.

The Etisalat Bus Station, which is connected to the Etisalat Metro Station, consists of a ground floor and a mezzanine. The station covers an area of ​​708 m² and can accommodate up to 4,500 passengers per day.

Copyright 2021 Al Hilal Publishing and Marketing Group Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (

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Parking studio, Mayfair project on the agenda of the city of New Braunfels | Community alert

New members of Braunfels city council will discuss on Monday a review of the ordinance that would define efficiency and studios and identify vehicle parking standards for these types of housing units.

Jean Drew, a senior planner with the city’s development planning and review department, told members of the planning committee last month that city staff had identified the need to determine a parking standard suitable for efficiency and studios which consist of a common room for living, with a separate room allowed only for the bathroom.

“Recently at various development meetings we have been approached by a number of different projects with an interest in making efficiency apartments, some are new developments and some are redevelopments,” said Drew. “We discovered during the process that New Braunfels does not have parking standards for efficiency apartments, and we also do not define this use in our ordinance.”

Drew said owners of several existing hotels have expressed interest in the possibility of converting their use of a hotel into efficient apartments, meeting both a national trend and the need for single-family housing.

The proposed ordinance would define an apartment or efficiency unit as “a living unit consisting of a single room for cooking, eating, sleeping and living, and a separate room for bathrooms and toilets, also called studio or unit ”.

The proposal would set the parking standard at 1.1 spaces per unit.

Also on the agenda, items that will govern Mayfair’s development, a 1,900-acre proposed project along Interstate 35 just north of the city limits is expected to add thousands of residential housing units and commercial and light industrial development, as well as additional parks and school spaces.

Items council members should consider include the creation of Comal County Water Improvement District No.3 and the adoption of a development agreement with the SouthStar communities of New Braunfels.

Council members will also issue a proclamation recognizing the International Year of Caves and Karst.

Also at Monday’s meeting, board members are expected to:

  • Consider an amendment to an existing MoU with New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) for the payment of funds for a temporary part-time Watershed Educator position at Headwaters in Comal.
  • Consider the investment report for the second quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • Consider a purchase through Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, LLC for a new original fire truck built by Pierce Manufacturing for an amount not to exceed $ 725,000.
  • Consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning the request to abandon a 0.366 acre portion of the right-of-way of rue Tolle, located between avenue Gilbert Sud and the terminus of rue Tolle.
  • Consider the second and final reading of an ordinance establishing the number of positions in each classification within the New Braunfels Fire and Police Department, as well as an increase in the budget passed for fiscal year 2021.
  • Consider second reading of an ordinance granting the right to members of the board of directors of New Braunfels Utilities to waive annual compensation and revoke that waiver and reinstate annual compensation at any time.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance regarding the proposed rezoning at 46 Guada Coma Drive, from the single-family district “R-1A-6.6” to the single-family and two-family district “R-2A”.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an order regarding an approximately 60.1 acre rezoning project located east of the intersection of FM 1044 and Michelson Lane, in the agricultural / pre-development district ” APD ”to lot zero“ ZH-A ”Reception area of ​​the line.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning a proposed rezoning to apply a type 2 special use permit in order to adopt a site plan and establish development standards for a center of resort located in the 700 block of North Walnut Avenue.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of a revised ordinance defining functional apartments / studios and identifying parking standards for functional apartments / studios.
  • Discuss and consider the possible action of a sponsorship program for the new West Branch of the New Braunfels Public Library.
  • Hold a second public hearing and consider possible guidance to staff regarding the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual block grant action plan and its associated funding recommendations for the 2021 program year.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance modifying the project plan and the financing plan of the reinvestment zone of reinvestment zone No. 1; consider a second amendment to the economic development agreement with AL 95 Creekside Town Center, LP
  • Discuss and consider a derogation to allow another pedestrian access plan adjacent to the existing Zipp Road for the Highland Ridge Subdivision.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning a rezoning project to apply a special use permit to allow the short-term rental of a single-family house in the commercial district “C-3” at 218, S. Peach Avenue.
  • Discuss and consider a resolution to remove a segment of the secondary artery identified in the city traffic plan which is the future extension of County Line Road from FM 1044 to Engel Road associated with the proposed 1845 subdivision located at 1890 FM 1044 .
  • Hold an appeal hearing for relief from the allocation of municipal infrastructure costs associated with the proposed 1845 subdivision located at 1890 FM 1044.

The meeting will also include time for residents to address Council on issues and areas of concern that are not on the agenda.

Monday’s council meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber at New Braunfels Town Hall, 550 Landa Street, and via Zoom at .

Those wishing to join the meeting without video can call (833) 926-2300 and enter the webinar ID number, 893 3200 4990

The meeting will be televised live on the government’s Spectrum Access Channel 21, AT&T Access Channel 99 and streamed live on the city’s website,

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Beach Huts and Cafe Plans in Littlestone on Romney Marsh

Plans to invest nearly a million pounds in creating a “coastal destination” on Romney Marsh have come to light.

The project was unveiled in a new report that features a proposal to add more than 100 beach cabanas, washrooms and changing rooms, vacation rentals, a cafe and a concession stand in the Coast Drive parking lot in Littlestone.

Visualization of proposed improvements to the Romney Marsh shoreline. Photo taken from the documents of the council office

Better car parks are also planned, as well as improvements to the public domain which “will create a real destination for visitors”.

The project was discussed by cabinet members of the Folkestone and Hythe district council.

Cllr David Wimble (Ind) said, “There isn’t a single person in New Romney who isn’t behind this. They all think it’s a great idea.

Cllr David Godfrey (Con) said it will be a great attraction that will improve the area and attract visitors.

About 28 cabins already line the waterfront at Littlestone-on-Sea, near the New Romney Sea Cadet building.

Coast Drive parking lot as it is now.  Photo: Google
Coast Drive parking lot as it is now. Photo: Google

But this new project would allow the installation of 108 additional colorful beach huts, with a promenade in front of them.

The cabins would be staggered so that each had a view of the sea.

A new modern toilet facility is also planned, with a proposed cafe or kiosk also included in the design to “generate income and expand the offering on site”.

Improved parking layout is also needed – allowing 72 spaces – as well as new bins and panels, with the possibility of adding solar panels to provide green energy.

A drawing of the project, as well as a layout of the masterplan, were included in the firm’s report.

The existing beach huts at Littlestone.  Photo: Susan Pilcher
The existing beach huts at Littlestone. Photo: Susan Pilcher

Subject to a building permit, it is hoped that the device will be in place by summer 2022.

The total cost of the project is estimated at £ 893,000.

Existing council funding allocated of £ 375,000 would go to the project, and it is proposed to add the additional £ 518,000 needed for the loan in FY 2021/22.

The council hopes to see a return of almost £ 2million over 25 years.

The cabinet report said, “The coastal swamp areas are highly valued throughout the summer season and welcome a large number of tourists while providing recreation space for local residents.

Folkestone's new beach huts.  Photo: @thierry_bal on Instagram
Folkestone’s new beach huts. Photo: @thierry_bal on Instagram

“As in all parts of the Folkestone and Hythe district, the numbers have been increasing year on year and more and more during the pandemic.

“Managing these numbers, while actively promoting and supporting areas that are moving forward, is important.

“The investment in Coast Drive Car Park will create a coastal destination, boost tourism and business on the marsh while providing an important source of income for the council.

“This project shows investment in the swamp by the council and with the proposed long-term actions presents an exciting opportunity not only for the swamp but for the entire district.”

Other locations – the parking lot at St Mary’s Bay and Fisherman’s Beach at Hythe – were also considered for the program, but Littlestone was seen as the best option, the report says.

“The investment in Coast Drive Car Park will create a coastal destination. “

The project would follow a similar development at Folkestone, where its existing beach huts have been renovated and wooden ones added.

This device currently has 100% occupancy rates with a waiting list of over 800 people.

Last year, plans to build 20 new homes in the Coast Drive parking lot were rejected by members of the Folkestone & Hythe council planning committee.

Opponents said the project would have an impact on neighbors, the environment and tourism, as essential parking spaces on the beach would be lost.

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