Parking facilities

Parking facilities

Largest RV and boat storage facility in the United States changes hands

Adult Toy Storage, which claims to be the nation’s largest RV and boat storage facility, has a new owner. The insolently named facility will also receive a new nickname: RV Storage Depot.

A Newport Beach, California-based joint venture between RanchHarbor, Ramser Development Company and Saunders Property purchased the Altamonte Springs, Florida facility. The property sold for $ 25.2 million, according to local real estate records.

“In recent years, greater Orlando has experienced a population boom and economic growth. This, coupled with a huge increase in boat and RV orders, particularly in Florida, has led to an excellent opportunity to invest in this unique property, ”said Adam Deermount, Managing Director of RanchHarbor, in a statement. .

The seller converted the property from a commercial nursery to its current use and has operated the facility continuously since the 1980s. The 55 acre property consists of 1,800 units, including outdoor parking spaces, indoor parking spaces and self-storage units. The new owners plan to create an additional 500 outdoor spaces on an undeveloped 14-acre portion of the property.

Neal Gussis of CCM Commercial Mortgage and Josh Koerner and Frost Weaver of Weaver Realty Group, LLC represented both the buyer and seller in this transaction.

A national opportunity

The joint venture’s plans for the RV and boat storage business don’t end there. The acquisition of Adult Toy Storage is the first step in what the group plans to be a nationwide deployment of its vehicle storage platform.

“The purchase of Adult Toy Storage room represents the first step in a nationwide rollout of Ramser Development’s RV and boat storage room portfolio, ”said Ally Ramser Young, COO of Ramser Development Company.

Sales of recreational vehicles and watercraft have exploded across the country, leaving many buyers looking for storage options. The RV Industry Association predicts that sales will be up 40% this year from 2020 with more than 600,000 units sold. The forecast for 2022 calls for a slight increase in RV sales of 1.9% from 2021, a trend that will continue to drive demand for boat and RV storage operators.

The demand is starting to grab the attention of investors and storage operators, with some seizing the opportunity. Other entrants to the space include Madison Capital, based in Charlotte, NC, which recently launched BlueGate Boat and RV Storage with 10 deals pending. Traditional operators with existing facilities have also taken swift action to increase the capacity of RVs and boats at their existing facilities.

RanchHouse, Ramser and Saunders joint venture is actively seeking additional RVs and boats storage room investment opportunities in growing markets across the United States

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Gunman arrested after barricading himself at his Williamsburg home

The York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office (YPSO) was at the scene at the 100 block of Wellington Drive where a gunman barricaded himself inside the house on December 5, 2021. (Courtesy of YPSO)
This is an update of an original article published on December 5, 2021. To view the original story, please Click here. -Ed.

WILLIAMSBURG – A gunman who barricaded himself at a Williamsburg home on Sunday, December 5 has been taken into custody by the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office (YPSO).

(Courtesy of YPSO)

At approximately 1:41 p.m., YPSO was dispatched to Block 100 Wellington Drive for a welfare check. Upon their arrival, the deputies discovered that an armed man had barricaded himself inside the residence.

Throughout the afternoon, YPSO advised neighbors to take shelter in place while evacuating neighboring residences while making numerous attempts to contact the man inside the house. House.

YPSO received assistance from the James City County Police Department and Newport News, as well as the York County Fire and Life Safety Department. In addition, the departments used the facilities and parking lots of Unity Church and Terrace Grocery.

At around 11:55 p.m. Sunday, the man left the residence and was taken into custody by YPSO.

Sheriff YPSO JD “Danny” Diggs would like to thank the York County Emergency Dispatchers, all other departments who assisted, as well as Unity Church and Terrace Grocery who assisted during the long incident.

No other information regarding the man’s identity or mobile has been released yet.

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Coastal Commission seeks data on royal tides

SANTA MONICA, Calif .– The water in the ocean, said Laurene Von Klan, was fascinating. It was like watching the fingers of the ocean dance higher and higher on the shore than she used to see.

Von Klan, co-chair of Climate Action Santa Monica, recalled the last time she checked out the royal tides in her city, the inspiration for an observation event that CASM will host this weekend.

What would you like to know

  • California Coastal Commission’s King Tides Project is researching public photos and data to track growth of highest tides
  • Royal tides are the highest of high tides – predictable and regular occurrences – but they are often one to two feet higher than the normal rise in water levels.
  • California Coastal Commission tracks high tides to estimate impacts of sea level rise along coastal regions
  • The next high tides in California are expected on December 4 and 5 and early January

“It was both peaceful and a reminder that this ocean is powerful and will continue no matter what we do,” she said.

High tides are daily, the result of the simple movement of water according to the gravitational exchanges of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. Royal tides are high tides pushed to their extreme, often one to two feet higher than the typical high water mark.

They happen when gravitational alignments are right – they’re regular, they’re expected, and they’re predictable.

And while high tides aren’t that unusual, the California Coastal Commission notes that they can give researchers some idea of ​​what we might be experiencing as a result of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

On December 4 and 5, during this month’s Royal Tide events, the Coast Commission is asking Californians – like Von Klan and CASM – to submit photos to its King Tides Project photo gallery for inclusion in an interactive map. in line.

Government agencies, like Los Angeles County, are contributing to the project this weekend; employees will be heading to county beaches within 30 minutes of the day’s high tide to snap and share photos on both social media and the King Tides Project website.

Climate change is a growing concern on county beaches; The high waves have caused flooding on parking lots at Venice and Zuma beaches, and berms are regularly built to prevent such flooding and protect facilities on the narrower beaches.

For Von Klan, high tide days are as much about admiring the ocean as they are anticipating climate change.

“It’s a way for us to bring people together to feel connected and ruin the climate crisis. The anxiety that people experience, in some cases, makes them feel helpless, ”said Von Klan. “When they connect with other people and take root in their local environment, they don’t feel so helpless. ”

The adage that attracting more flies with honey rather than vinegar comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean the awkward truths will be dodged. One potential concern, she said, is the combination of high tides and winter storm surges causing even greater damage.

“There are houses that might need to be moved, roads – even major roads leading to highways – that could be flooded and closed intermittently,” Von Klan said. “When you look at the sea level rise in that context, it’s pretty scary. But we’re doing this more to enable people to connect and enjoy the ocean, and find a community to discuss what we can do about climate change. “

For more information on the King Tides Project, including events this weekend and in January, visit / kingtides.

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Jaycees Announces Details of Saturday’s Christmas Parade | New

The Jaycees have announced registrations and roster procedures for their annual Christmas Parade, which begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday, December 4.

“Our theme is ‘Winter Wonderland’ but the weather will be a good price change from previous years with a current forecast of 69 and cloudy; not really winter temperatures, but a great day for a parade, ”said Keenan Sudderth, project president.

There are over 130 entries in the parade, including marching groups, dignitaries, floats, marching bands, vintage cars, new cars and small vehicles.

“We are extremely excited with the turnout this year, we have many new entries and the parade has grown even bigger since our return to Alcoa,” said Kelly Kincheloe, Parade Co-Chair.

The parade will begin at McDonald’s in New Midland Plaza. It will cross New Midland Plaza then turn right onto Calderwood Avenue (North Cusick Street in Maryville). At the top of the hill (downtown Maryville) it will turn right onto West Broadway Avenue, then right onto West Lamar Alexander Parkway and end before New Providence Presbyterian Church. The Jaycees expect more than 35,000 spectators in all.

Grand marshal

The Jaycees chose the Blount Partnership as their grand marshal for this year’s parade to spur economic development, including securing several Amazon facilities and relocating Smith & Wesson.

“It’s a way of saying a little thank you for all the behind-the-scenes work they do. I would like to personally thank the Partnership for its commitment to excellence in our community, ”said Sudderth, who is also president of the Blount County Jaycees.

Alignment procedures

All registrations are expected to start lining up at 9 a.m. Saturday at Joule Street or Rankin Road. Parents who drop off their children must do so no later than 10 a.m. at the four-lane stop on Joule Street and Rankin Road; Carrel Street next to the old Alcoa Police Department; or Rankin / Bessemer junction.

The estimated placement of entrances numbered 1 through 15 will be in the East Tennessee Medical Group parking lots at the Joule Street entrance; The 16-45 will be parked on the right side of rue Joule; 46-74 will be on the right side of Rankin Road from the ETMG entrance; 75-94 will line up on the left side of rue Joule; 95-130 will line up on the left side of Rankin Road (the old AUB parking lot will accommodate horse trucks). Joule and Rankin will be one-sided during the roster.

Only dignitaries and official Jaycee vehicles will be allowed to park in the parking lot of the ETMG building. The only vehicles allowed on the Joule and Rankin alignment side are numbered entrances to be on these particular roads. Entrances to Joule must enter from Hall Road turning onto Joule (south end of Walgreens). Entrances numbered to be on Rankin can only enter from Bessemer Street (parking is available at the Rankin / Bessemer intersection on the grounds).

Jaycee officials are encouraging the groups to assemble at a location close to Rankin or Joule, get all the children on the chariot, make final preparations, and then proceed cautiously to the line-up area. Parking near the waiting area can be found on Bessemer, opposite the Blackhorse Pub & Brewery. Another good base is the Joule Walgreens intersection.

Anyone trying to access the Knoxville Pediatric Association (KPA) or (ETMG) will enter Joule from Hall Road (next to Walgreens), walk to the four-lane stop, then turn left or right to enter the appropriate establishment. Everyone will exit via Rankin towards Lincoln Road.

Rain delay / postponement

In the event of bad weather, the decision to delay the rain of the parade will be made at 10 a.m. Parade participants and spectators can call 865-309-4742 or visit the Blount County Jaycees Facebook page for weather details regarding the possible rain delay or rain date postponement, 3 p.m. Sunday, December 5.

Empty wallet for pantry bottoms

Once again, representatives of the Jaycees and Alcoa Jayteens (Junior Jaycees) will carry leaves along the parade route to collect donations for the Empty Pantry Fund.

In the past, cloth carriers have raised well over $ 21,000 from parade spectators.

“Every penny, penny, penny and quarter and those dollars add up during the parade,” said Lon Fox, president of the Empty Pantry Fund. “This is an opportunity for everyone to have an impact on someone’s life this Christmas, because no one deserves to be hungry for Christmas.”

Recognition program

The Jaycees will reward the following categories: the most thematic, the most creative, the best vehicles (car, truck, motorcycle, four wheels, etc.), the best youth organizations, the best religious contributions and the best companies. All entries will be judged before the start of the parade. Winners will receive a certificate / invitation to an awards reception to be held at Alcoa Middle School on Monday, December 20, starting at 6 p.m. There will be food, drinks and prizes at the reception.


1. Alcoa and Maryville Police Services

2. Jaycees Christmas Banner

3. Blount County Fire Color Guard

4. Blount Partnership and family (grand marshals)

5. Collection of empty pantry fund donation sheets

8. Ed Mitchell, Mayor of Blount County

9. Blount County Commissioner Mike Akard and his family

10. The Mayor of Maryville Andy White and the Deputy Mayor Fred Metz

11. Todd Orr, Blount County Real Estate Appraiser

12. Blount County Deeds Register Phyllis Lee Crisp

13. Gaye Hasty, Blount County Clerk

14. Jeff Headrick, Blount County Superintendent of Highways

15. Blount Jaycee County President Keenan Sudderth with the Ritchie Tractor

16. Blount County Fire Protection District

17. Blount County Fire Protection District

18. Blount County Fire Protection District

19. Blount County Fire Protection District

20. The best brothers traction team

21. The best brothers traction team

22. The best brothers traction team

23. The best brothers traction team

24. The best brothers traction team

25. The best brothers traction team

26. Smoky Mountain Fundraiser

27. Bass Boat Electronics

28. Roll Arena Party Zone

29. Roll Arena Party Zone Skaters

30. Robbie Long with Fowlers Furniture

31. 1953 Mack Fire Truck with Dan Lites

32. Let It Snow Unlimited artistic dance

33. Let It Snow Unlimited artistic dance

34. Let It Snow Unlimited artistic dance

35. Shine Like a Diamond Maryville Jewelers

36. Campaign for Allen Latham for Blount County Real Estate Appraiser

38. White Chevrolet Truck 1956 with Millard Wilson

39. Whitehead’s Winter Wonderland

40. Riley Trapp with Twin City Certified

41. Premier Transport LLC

44. Carpenters Elementary School Cheerleaders

45. Frozen presented by the Blount County Drug Court

47. William Blount High School Dance Team

48. William Blount High School Dance Team

49. Kent and Ashlyn 1975 Chevrolet Nova

50. Dotson Memorial Youth Basketball

51. Roger Rex with East Tennessee Championship Wrestling

52. East Alcoa Baptist Church

56. Alcoa Fire Department

57. Harper Jeep Ram with Brian Myers

58. Kimberly Chambers with Smoky Mountain Primary Care

59. Blount County Democratic Party

60. Commercial cutting equipment

61. Music from Alcoa High School

62. Alcoa College Football Team

63. Cheerleaders Alcoa Peewee

64. Cheerleaders Alcoa Grasshopper

65. Alcoa Board of Trustees

66. Maryville College Cheerleaders

67. Eastern Tennessee roams

68. Lance Satterfield with Keller Williams

69. Blount United Soccer Club

70. British Wonderland – English Automobile Company of Knoxville

71. Alcoa Fire Department

72. Mark Swaggerty with motorhomes for less

73. Credit center “Get this paste”

74. 1923 Federal Reserve armored truck with Lamon jewelers

75. Sleigh with the Baptist Church of Mount Sinai

76. Maryville Auto Sales LLC

77. Michelle Newman with Tennessee Mountain Real Estate

78. Clayton Bradley Academy Choirs

79. Clark Grove CP Church and Boy Scout Pack 1810

80. The Dwight Price Group Realty Executive and Associates

81. Glen and Amanda Morse with Wake Up Rentals

83. William Blount Fishing Team

84. SERVPro of Blount County

85. Family Christmas Truckster CARE 365

87. Father Against Drunk Driving (FADD)

88. Prospect Elementary Boosters, Tiger Cub Basketball and Cheer

95. Christmas Party with Legends Cuts Maryville

107. Theater group of primary players

108. Smoky Mountain Landscape

109. AF Insurance, let it snow

111. Christian Church Partnership

112. Sons of the American Revolution

113. American foundation and waterproofing

114. American foundation and waterproofing

115. American foundation and waterproofing

116. Maryville High School Band

117. Willocks High Performance Trucking LLC

118. Federal Credit Union Y-12

121. Rowing in a Winter Wonderland

122. Rowing in a Winter Wonderland

123. Rescue Year Round – Blount County Rescue Squad

124. Frozen Wonderland Girl Scout Troop 20709

125. Daniel Lawson Hepperly’s

126. Frosty Rose with Connatser and Teffeteller Heating and Air

127. Hotel Phobias Scary Christmas

129. Alcoa Middle School Jayteens and Blount County Jaycees with Morelock Motors

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New resource for the installation of manholes and sumps

It can be difficult to find resources that deal with manhole and catch basin issues that arise in Minnesota. In a recent project, researchers interviewed 83 municipalities and interviewed other engineers and product representatives to collect data on manhole and sump installation and maintenance practices. The resulting report provides up-to-date information to municipal engineers on these critical facilities.

Municipalities in Minnesota with underground storm and sanitary sewers also have manholes and sumps (also called storm drains). Typically spaced every 400 feet along streets, manholes allow workers to access sanitary and storm systems for inspection and maintenance. Catchment basins are also located along streets and in parking lots to collect and transport rainwater.

For example, Minneapolis has about 18,000 storm manholes and 32,000 sanitary manholes. In addition, 55,000 catchment basins are part of the city’s stormwater management effort. Although almost invisible despite their large number, these facilities are an essential part of the infrastructure of every municipality.

“The final report is a valuable tool, bringing together in one document all of the best standards and products to prevent and resolve common manhole and catch basin problems, especially those faced by municipalities in Minnesota facing frequent freeze-thaw cycles, ”said Steve Bot, City Administrator / Director of Public Works, Town of St. Michael.

Some state municipal engineers were concerned about cases of settling and heaving around manholes and sumps. After reviewing data from an initial study, a Local Road Research Board (LRRB) research committee learned that there were no information resources for the construction or maintenance of catchment areas, and that the existing information on manholes was insufficient and obsolete. Many new products targeting the installation needs of these facilities could improve construction techniques and maintenance practices. Municipal engineers needed an accessible and comprehensive resource on the installation and maintenance of manholes and sumps.

What was our goal?

The objective of the project was to provide an information resource on manholes and sumps that covered installation techniques, products and their application, as well as common maintenance issues. This resource would also include information on practices that mitigate settlement and heave around facilities.

What have we done?

To gather information for this resource, the researchers interviewed representatives from 83 municipalities and the City Engineers Association of Minnesota. The survey gathered information on product selection, installation techniques, specifications and maintenance issues.

Members of the research team interviewed some municipal employees to further document the processes and concerns. They contacted industry professionals to learn more about suitable materials and proper application techniques.

The effective compression of the soil around a sump during construction prevents future settlement and uplift.

Researchers gathered information on construction methods and products, developing an in-depth review of construction and repair products, and practices to prevent settling and heaving. They also collected engineers’ experiences with the products, considerations while working in the field, and advice for new installation and repair of existing units.

What was the result ?

Manholes and sumps are generally constructed from three materials: precast reinforced concrete, cast-in-place concrete, and manhole bricks or blocks. All the municipalities studied used precast concrete, five municipalities used cast-in-place concrete, and six cities used bricks and blocks only at the discretion of the engineer. In general, a 5 inch wall thickness has been specified for prefabricated and cast-in-place manholes and sumps.

The manhole chimney section, which connects the manhole cone to the pavement surface, showed the greatest variation in construction among municipalities. All used manhole adjustment rings (also called extension rings), which cover the distance from the top of the chimney to the surface of the roadway and aid in leveling.

“Catchment and manhole problems can be difficult for a municipal engineer to study. Resources are scattered, with limited detail. This project provides a focused resource with a particular focus on Minnesota experiences and practices, ”said Derek Tompkins, senior civil engineer, American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Municipalities used both precast concrete rings and engineered polymer rings; 40% of respondents were in favor of polymer rings and 21% not. The number of respondents who preferred concrete rings was almost equal to those who found concrete rings less effective. This variation revealed that some preferences were a matter of background and experience.

The methods of sealing manholes varied from municipality to municipality, but certain products were commonly used, such as rubber or butyl o-rings between the joints; packaging materials, such as Infi-Shield Gator Wrap; sealants such as Cretex internal seals for high groundwater areas; and other barrier wraps. These construction characteristics all stem from the fact that the facilities are built underground. They are subjected not only to hydraulic pressure, but also to the tremendous destructive forces of the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in cold states like Minnesota.

To avoid settlement and uplift problems, the information in the report includes methods to effectively backfill and compact the soil around the unit during construction.

And after?

The project report will provide municipalities statewide and beyond with up-to-date information on installation, products and maintenance practices for manholes and sumps.

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UNF deploys ‘loud devices’ to deter campus vultures – UNF Spinnaker

The UNF is today launching its partnership with the US Department of Agriculture with its “cooperative service agreement” to entice vultures to leave campus properties, according to the advisory. As part of this initiative, noisy devices will be used to repel birds from 3:00 p.m. on Monday, November 29.

This undated photo provided by Evan R. Buechley in August 2021 shows a hooded vulture in Ethiopia. Analysis of data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and BirdLife International released on Monday, August 30, 2021 found that 30% of the world’s 557 raptor species are considered near threatened, vulnerable or endangered. . Eighteen species are critically endangered, including the hooded vulture, the researchers found. (Evan R. Buechley via AP)

State and protected by the federal government, “the growing population has caused damage to the northern cell phone tower, sports facilities, parking lots and grounds, while littering the equipment, tank shelters and seats used by the campus community and visitors ”, we read in the Osprey update.

Don’t worry if you hear loud booms on campus, the noises will stop after dark.

All questions should be directed to the UNF Environmental Health and Safety Department at [email protected] or (904) 620-2019.


For more information or advice on the news, or if you see an error in this story or have any compliments or concerns, contact [email protected].

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Tabletop dog park and disc golf course for the former Keene campsite | Local News

After two groups set their sights on space in the old Wheelock Park campground – one looking to build a dog park and the other looking to create a new disc golf course – Keene crosses a new step towards a solution that could integrate the two ideas.

The city council’s municipal services, facilities and infrastructure committee voted on Tuesday to use the city’s capital improvement program funds to develop a plan that includes both proposals. Parks, Recreation and Facilities Manager Andy Bohannon, who worked with the two groups to determine if the campground is a good fit for their plans, asked the committee to recommend that City Manager Elizabeth Dragon be allowed to spend those funds, which he said were free to be reallocated.

“I imagine we’ll have a public input process; both groups are going to be heavily involved in this design, ”Bohannon said of the plan. “And that’s really the best way to move forward with these two groups, and the city is going to have a win-win.”

Bohannon said in a note to the committee, included in the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, that the money could be used to hire a landscaping consultant. He said this would help better understand the combined needs of the city and groups wishing to use the campground space, and give stakeholders an idea of ​​the cost of the projects.

The push for a dog park in Keene is not new, and the initiative has been going on for years, led by different people at different times. Last month, Rebecca Lancaster, a member of Keene’s board of directors who currently runs the dog park project, told the MSFI committee that a petition supporting the project has garnered more than 600 signatures.

The Park Avenue location is ideal for a dog park, she said, as it is close to Wheelock Park amenities such as restrooms and parking, but far enough from the nearest house to avoid any problems for property owners in proximity, which has been a concern in previous conversations about a dog park in other locations.

“The advantages of having a dog park are that there really aren’t any others locally in nearby or adjacent towns,” Lancaster told the committee. “In fact, I was surprised, when I moved here, that there isn’t an established dog park in a town of this size. It is therefore a safe space for community members to exercise and socialize their dogs. It’s a great convenience … something else Keene could offer to attract families and young professionals and others to the area.

Meanwhile, Robert Johnson of the Keene Disc Golf Club said last month that the goal of their project was to build a course that would be a bit more accessible than the more advanced course the club operates at Otter Brook. He said a disc golf course would be a great fit for other park activities and that the group would take care of any ongoing maintenance required at the facility, as it does at Otter Brook State Park.

Otter Brook’s course has performed well, Johnson said, attracting players from all over New England. But he said it’s not always suitable for young players or those just learning the game.

“As successful as Otter Brook has been, one thing that is not suitable for beginners,” Johnson said. “The lack of off-season access, elevation changes and sometimes rugged topography can be overwhelming for new players, and that’s where Wheelock comes in.”

In addition to helping establish the feasibility of both the dog park and the disc golf course, Bohannon said the concept plan would also give the city a roadmap for using the space for generations. future.

Councilor Bobby Williams suggested that if the dog park was not functioning in the old campground, a fenced area near the Robin Hood Park Amphitheater might also be a suitable location. He said it wouldn’t take a lot of work to create a small dog park there.

At last month’s meeting, Lancaster told councilors she would be willing to come up with a plan to share space with space with the disc golf course. On Tuesday, councilor Randy Filiault asked Bohannon if this would be possible.

“There’s a good chance that will happen,” Bohannon told the committee. “There’s also another chance it won’t. But we’ll find out.”

The committee’s recommendation will then go to the full board for further consideration.

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Ahrens advances the Playford Health Hub

The parking lot of the Playford Health Hub.

Last parking to Elizabeth Vale, Playford Health Hub, demstrengthens Ahrens’ expertise in the supply better parkings.

At Ahrens, each customer is guaranteed a better car park built to last. With unbeatable expertise and in-house capabilities, Ahrens can bring every parking lot from concept to completion, with an aesthetic finish meant to leave a lasting impression.

After working on some of South Australia’s most notable car parks including Adelaide Entertainment Center car park, Tea Tree Plaza’s Park ‘n’ Ride and the newest car park at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Ahrens was the first choice to provide the newest multi-level parking for NorthWest Healthcare Properties, managed by Vital Healthcare Property Trust.

Vital Healthcare Property Trust is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange with $ 2.5 billion in assets under management and 71% of its portfolio in Australia. Vital Healthcare is the only specialist owner of healthcare goods listed on the NZX (NZX: VHP).

A leading global healthcare real estate investment fund, NorthWest Healthcare operates in five countries, with the Australian arm working on a smart, high-tech healthcare facility in Playford, which will see the area surrounding Lyell McEwin Hospital transformed. into an interconnected health center, with the Elizabeth Vale shopping center demolished to make way for construction.

As part of the first stage of the new development at Elizabeth Vale, the client hired Ahrens to deliver a new car park consisting of 501 parking spaces spread over six expansive levels.

The team completed the construction itself, as well as the basic construction of the ground floor retail and commercial rentals, as well as all associated external roadways.

The second phase of the development will include a specialized medical consultation building, with the third and final stage being the private hospital itself.

This is Ahrens’ first project for the client, and one that will leave its mark. Find out more about Ahrens success stories:

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UP Assembly 2022 polls: With Noida, 5 international airports for UP ahead of polls: 10 points

UP Polls: Noida Airport will only be the second international airport in the National Capital Region.

New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for Noida International Airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, the center said this morning, calling the new airport “the Prime Minister’s vision for a ready aviation industry for the future”.

Here are the 10 main points of this story:

  1. It will be Prime Minister Modi’s first public event since the astounding withdrawal of the three farm laws that sparked nearly 15 months of protests (and some violent clashes) from farmers across the country. It also comes as the BJP government of the UP – one of the states most affected by the farmer protests, which many believe could affect the ruling party’s chances of re-election – prepares for elections to the ‘Assembly next year.

  2. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will review preparations for Thursday’s ceremony today, which will be held around noon. The BJP also organized a large public meeting on this occasion.

  3. Noida Airport will be UP’s fifth international airport – the most of any state – and will be a “game changer” for the state, the center said. Currently, UP has eight operational airports. Another 13 airports and seven airstrips are under development, the center added.

  4. The airport is billed as the “logistics gateway to northern India” and will help “establish UP on the global logistics map,” the center said. It will also be only the second international airport in the National Capital Region; the other is Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport.

  5. It will be approximately 72 km from IGI Airport, approximately 40 km from Noida and roughly the same distance from a planned multimodal logistics hub in Dadri. Work on the first phase is expected to be completed by 2024 – when India votes in Lok Sabha’s 18th election.

  6. Built near the town of Jewar in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of UP (part of the NCR), it is expected to serve the residents of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Agra, Faridabad and surrounding areas, as well as helping to decongest the air and car traffic in and around IGI airport, the center said.

  7. Connectivity will be provided by the “multimodal transit hub”, which will include metro and high-speed train stations, as well as taxi and bus services. It will also offer private parking, the center said. Noida and Delhi will be linked by “hassle-free metro services” and major roads and highways will connect the airport with other cities, the center added.

  8. A dedicated freight terminal will have a capacity of 20 lakh metric tons, which will be further extended to 80 lakh metric tons. By facilitating the smooth flow of industrial goods, the airport will play a crucial role in helping the region attract huge investments and spur rapid industrial growth.

  9. The costs of the first phase will be over Rs 10,050 crore. The airport will cover 1,300 hectares and will be used by approximately 1.2 crore of passengers. The new airport will also be India’s first “net zero emission” airport, with land set aside for a “forest” that “will preserve local native species (flora and fauna).

  10. Previously, UP had two international airports – Chaudhary Charan Singh in Lucknow and one in Varanasi (Prime Minister Modi’s constituency). Since 2012, a third has been installed in Kushinagar and a fourth – in the temple city of Ayodhya – is expected to become operational early next year.

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The 2021 Holiday Logistics Guide

Halloween is in the rearview mirror and Black Friday is looming on the horizon. As such, retailers and logistics providers are preparing for the annual holiday logistics crisis. The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecast that November and December holiday sales will increase 8.5% to 10.5% from 2020 to between $ 843.4 billion and $ 859 billion. In addition, NRF estimates that online sales will increase by 11-15% to a total of between $ 218.3 billion and $ 226.2 billion in 2020. This increase in e-commerce will put additional pressure on an already existing supply chain. disturbed. Some of the biggest logistics service providers and retailers are trying to hire hundreds of thousands of workers to handle the rush of vacation logistics.

But this rush to hire new workers occurs during what is called “the Great Resignation”. The quit rate – the share of workers who voluntarily quit their jobs – hit a new high of 3% in September 2021, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. A total of 20.2 million workers left their employers from May to September. Many large retailers and logistics service providers are realizing that additional compensation or incentives are needed.

Amazon plans to hire 150,000 seasonal workers, about 50% more than last year. These workers will be used to store, package and ship items from its warehouses. Amazon said the average starting salary for jobs in the United States is $ 18 an hour. And with more competition for entry-level workers, the company is also offering signing bonuses of up to $ 3,000, depending on location, and up to an additional $ 3 per hour for workers willing to work the job. night or weekend.

Amazon also launched “Black Friday-worthy” deals in mid-October with the aim of attracting first-time holiday shoppers. The first Black Friday deals coincided with Amazon’s beauty event called “Holiday Beauty Haul.”

UPS is hiring more than 100,000 workers this holiday season, which is about the same number as last year. The company fills seasonal full-time and part-time positions, primarily parcel handlers, drivers, driver assistants and personal vehicle drivers. UPS is used to transforming seasonal jobs into permanent positions. In the past three years, about one-third of those hired by UPS for seasonal parcel handler jobs were then hired into a permanent position when the vacation ended, and about 138,000 current UPS employees, or nearly a quarter of a mile. ‘one-third of the company’s US workforce started in seasonal positions. Through the company’s Earn and Learn program, eligible seasonal employees who are students can earn up to $ 1,300 for college expenses, in addition to their hourly wages, for three months of continuous employment.

FedEx is bringing in about 90,000 seasonal workers this year, an increase of about 30% from last year. The company is also adding new hubs and sorting centers and improving parcel handling and delivery capabilities to meet demand. FedEx is committed to seven-day residential delivery to get packages where they need to be every day of the week. In addition to seasonal workers to sort and deliver packages, FedEx also hires approximately 500 people to fill computer and data science positions.

The postal service is hiring about 40,000 seasonal workers this year, up from about 35,000 workers last year. Seasonal opportunities include, but are not limited to, urban and rural letter carriers, mail handlers and drivers. In addition to hiring, the Postal Service is preparing for the higher delivery demands of the peak holiday season of 2021 by leasing millions of additional square feet of mail and parcel sorting facilities and installing new equipment. processing to accommodate higher mail and parcel volumes.

Walmart has announced that it is hiring about 150,000 new store workers in the United States, most of them permanent and full-time, in anticipation of the busy holiday season. The company also plans to provide overtime to many of its store workers during the period. Walmart will also hire 20,000 workers at its supply chain facilities in permanent positions as people increasingly embrace curbside pickup and delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, Walmart is also rolling out more fulfillment options for customers. The company is extending in-store delivery hours nationwide to two hours, providing more delivery windows to customers, increasing the variety of products available for in-store delivery, and including more locations for oversized products and l alcohol to pick up. Walmart plans to run Black Friday deals throughout November, with early access for Walmart + members.

Target said it would cut seasonal hiring and instead give more hours to its approximately 300,000 current employees at the store. The company said it would pay an additional $ 2 an hour to employees who take shifts during peak days of the holiday season. The salary supplement will go to employees of stores and service centers who work Saturdays and Sundays from November 20 to December 19, Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. Hourly supply chain workers can get the extra pay for two-week peak periods between October 10 and December 18. Target also unveiled improvements to its Drive Up curbside pickup, adding 18,000 assigned parking spaces. In addition, same day Shipt delivery will be available for a wider range of products in the Target assortment, including clothing and accessories, Ulta Beauty items, electronics, toys and now adult drinks. .

It wouldn’t be the holiday season if people weren’t worried about holiday shipping times. Here are the deadlines to keep in mind for your own logistical vacation planning. UPS, FedEx, and USPS have said you should ship Christmas gifts the week of December 13, but with the continued tightening of capacities, it might be safer to make sure you have shipped the items before the. December 10. The ground limit is December 15 for FedEx and the postal service, while UPS does not give a deadline. However, it is stated that shipping from coast to coast takes about a week, which means it must be shipped no later than December 17th. FedEx and UPS have both removed almost all of their delivery guarantees during the holiday season. The only exception is UPS Next Day Air, which is expensive.

My colleague Chris Cunnane is the primary author of this story.

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