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Thirsty cities need a human / nature infrastructure combo

Freshwater ecosystem services flow between cities and source watersheds. Source watersheds and cities have interactions between natural infrastructure and human activities. Credit: Michigan State University

In cities that are growing both in size and thirst across the world, sustainability is limited by the grayness of dams and water treatment facilities. In this week Sustainability of nature, research by scientists at Michigan State University advocates going green to secure water supplies.

Scientists have taken new approaches to examine how 317 cities around the world obtain adjacent and distant freshwater and other ecosystem services. It turns out that large-scale built infrastructure – the human means to move water can reduce water quality and damage water supplies at their source.

For sustainability scientist Jianguo “Jack” Liu, the study is yet another example of the need to balance human needs with the impacts of nature. This document highlights the delicate balance between built and green infrastructure and provides policy makers with ways to meet the needs of both.

“Providing adequate water to rapidly growing cities at a time already marked by water insecurity and climate change requires a holistic approach of coupled human and natural systems,” said Liu, MSU chair. Rachel Carson in sustainable development and director of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability. . “It is not enough to design ways to move water. You also have to understand how nature reacts and what it can provide.”

Cities impose human will on water supply not only with dams and treatment facilities, but with “impermeable surfaces” which are harsh areas like streets, roofs and parking lots that do not allow water to be supplied. water from seeping into the ground. When water ends up in storm sewers and rivers, it has picked up pollutants. The group deployed the metacoupling framework, a new integrated tool allowing researchers to systematically understand human-nature interactions near and far. This framework expands the science of sustainability from a focus on specific places separately to human-nature interactions across adjacent and distant places.

This is especially important with water, as cities often tap into remote areas and sometimes impose difficulties in the process that can damage the very supplies they covet.

Since the turn of the 20th century, nearly 90% of watersheds supplying water to cities have experienced a reduction in water quality, which directly affects drinking water and recreation in cities.

“Our results indicate that natural infrastructure such as protected forests and wetlands already play an important role in sustaining freshwater flows to cities as well as improving the performance of existing built infrastructure,” said Min Gon Chung, the first author of the article “Natural infrastructure in sustaining urban freshwater ecosystem services globally.”

“These relationships between built infrastructure and natural infrastructure become more complicated as cities increasingly depend not only on surrounding watersheds, but also on distant watersheds as more and more infrastructure like dams and aqueducts are being built, ”added Chung recently receiving his doctorate. at MSU and is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Merced.

In addition to freshwater for consumption and recreation, natural infrastructure also provides many other ecosystem services associated with freshwater, such as sediment regulation, flood mitigation, and hydropower generation.

“This article adapts an analytical technique developed for human social networks to these ‘social networks’ of these ecosystems,” said co-author Kenneth Frank, professor of sociometry at the MSU Foundation. “Just as humans can be supported by a number of friends in different ways, a city can be supported by the freshwater ecosystem services of a number of watersheds. The technique allowed us to estimate whether ecosystem services are due to features of the watershed, such as forest cover, features of the city such as urban population, or features of both, such as the distance from the watershed to the river. city.

The work can help guide policy makers to effectively integrate forest and watershed greens into the water supply chain, as well as bringing more green to cities through parks and green roofs.

In addition to Liu, Chung and Frank, who are members of the SCRS, the document was written by Thomas Dietz, another member of the SCRS and professor of sociology and environmental science and policy; and Yadu Pokhrel, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Cities face dramatic increases in water treatment spending when watersheds are developed

More information:
Jianguo Liu, Natural Infrastructure for Maintaining Global Urban Freshwater Ecosystem Services, Sustainability of nature (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41893-021-00786-4.

Provided by Michigan State University

Quote: Thirsty Cities Need Human Infrastructure / Nature Combo (2021, October 21) retrieved October 21, 2021 from html

This document is subject to copyright. Other than fair use for private study or research purposes, no part may be reproduced without written permission. The content is provided for information only.

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Georgia Capital: AfDB grants $ 10 million loan to develop affordable housing projects in Georgia

AfDB provides $ 10 Million loan to develop affordable housing projects in Georgia.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Optima SARL having signed a $ 10 million ready to develop affordable and sustainable residential developments in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

The loan will finance two residential complexes, providing more than 3,700 affordable and energy efficient apartments for low to middle income people. This is the AfDB’s first private sector housing project in the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Optima is a subsidiary of m2 Group and Georgia Real Estate (GRE), one of Georgia’s leading residential and commercial real estate companies.

” The project aims to modernize affordable housing in Tbilisi by incorporating inclusiveness into design and adopting accessibility and gender responsive standards, ”said AfDB Private Sector Operations Department Director of infrastructure financing for South Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia Shantanu Chakraborty. “These housing developments demonstrate how the industry can generate quality, affordable housing for low to middle income communities in Georgia and throughout the region.

“The apartments will be affordable, energy efficient and well constructed, providing decent accommodation for the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children,” said the AfDB Country Director for Georgia Shane Rosenthal. “The ADB loan is part of our ongoing commitment to the development of livable cities in Georgia. ‘

Over 80% of from Tbilisi apartments were built during or before the Soviet era. The old residential blocks lack recreation areas, parking lots and elevators. Accessibility to public spaces for the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children is also substandard.

In 2019, the city government unveiled an urban plan to promote sustainable urban development, land use planning and inclusive infrastructure. The government has created gender adviser roles within its urban development and environmental protection departments to promote gender responsive designs for open spaces in the city.

“We are honored that this is the first affordable housing development agreement in the region for the Asian Development Bank‘, said the CEO of the m2 group Nikoloz Medzmariashvili. “The loan will provide medium-term financing for affordable housing projects in Tbilisi. It is important to note that the design has been improved to achieve better results in terms of energy efficiency and accessibility. ‘

GRE is a 100% subsidiary of JSC Georgia Capital, 100% owned by Georgia Capital PLC. Georgia Capital PLC is an entity registered on the London Stock Exchange.

AfDB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable environment Asia and the Pacific, while continuing its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Created in 1966, it belongs to 68 members including 49 from the region.

Media contact

Larkin, Jean Gerard

Senior Communications Specialist

+63 2 8632 6618

+63 999 999 6618

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Watch Now: ‘Majestic’ Augmented Reality Mural Unveiled in Downtown Tulsa ‘Pushes the Boundaries’ of Public Art | Local News

The $ 230,000 project, which adorns both sides of the Main Park Plaza parking garage at 410 S. Main St.

Described as the world’s largest augmented reality mural, a 15,000-square-foot piece of public art was officially unveiled in downtown Tulsa on Monday, with city leaders joining the artists for a first look at its operation.

“I just want to say how grateful we are to the city for everyone who has played a role in beautifying this public space, making better use of it and really putting Tulsa on the national and international map.” , said Mayor GT Bynum, standing in front of the “The Majestic” mural, which adorns both sides of the Main Park Plaza parking lot at 410 S. Main St.

The $ 230,000 project, whose augmented reality features come alive when viewed using a smartphone camera, was commissioned by the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity and created by the artists of Los Angeles Ryan “Yanoe” Sarfati and Eric “Zoueh” Skotnes.

“It pushes the boundaries of our art further than we ever thought possible a few years ago,” Skotnes said.

“Augmented Reality is something no one has ever tried on this scale, and this animation is something new. We really appreciate that you are giving us this opportunity to do this. We are glad we did in Tulsa. , and it feels like it’s a second hometown for us. “

“The Majestic” is an Art Deco-inspired depiction of flora and fauna native to the Tulsa region, including dovetail flycatchers, swallowtail butterflies, flathead catfish and buttons Eastern Reds, which seem to come to life thanks to augmented reality technology. The central figure of the work is an angel holding two babies, also in Art Deco style.

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A new car park takes shape near the library

Betty Lynn, the actress best known for her portrayal of Barney Fife’s sweetheart Thelma Lou on “The Andy Griffith Show”, died late Saturday night after a brief illness. She was 95 years old.

Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 29, 1926. The third generation from Missouri was raised by her mother, Elizabeth Lynn, a respected mezzosoprano and organist, and by her maternal grandparents Johanna and George Andrew Lynn, longtime engineer for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

At the age of 5, Betty began studying dance with famous dancer Helen Burwell at the Kansas City Conservatory. By age 14, Betty was playing and singing at dinner clubs, as well as performing and commercials for local radio shows.

USO talent scouts visited Kansas City and discovered Betty. After turning 18, Betty began performing for USO Camp Shows in the United States in 1944. Betty then performed on the USO’s Foxhole Circuit overseas during the first half of 1945. She then performed on the USO’s Foxhole Circuit overseas during the first half of 1945. She and guitarist Tommy Decker started their overseas tour with stops in Casablanca. then Iran before finally making their way to the China-Burma-India theater of war, where they visited and performed for the military throughout much of the war zone, but their main mission was to console and entertain the soldiers injured in military hospitals.

After the Allies recaptured Rangoon in May 1945, Betty was one of the first Americans to visit American prisoners of war who had been released from a Calcutta hospital after suffering horrific atrocities while in prison. She is also believed to be the only American woman to walk the dangerous road to Burma during the war.

At one point on her tour of duty, Betty, Tommy Decker, a couple of Marines and an interpreter traveled by jeep to a remote area “on the road to Mandalay” not far from the front lines. A US Marine captain gave Betty a loaded Colt revolver and said, “Take this. You might need to use it. Betty recalls, “I didn’t know if he wanted to be used against the enemy or in desperation against myself, but I took the gun and kept it close to me always.

After the war, Betty was recognized for her service “above and beyond the call of duty” with special mention from the United States Department of War. She was later appointed honorary colonel of the American Legion.

In 2009, Betty joined WWII veterans on the North Carolina Triad’s first honor flight to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC “I was deeply honored to to have been invited to participate and to have the chance to express my gratitude to the surviving veterans and those who have been remembered, ”Betty said at the time.

Betty returned to New York after the war and quickly found work. She was touring the Northeast with Park Avenue in preparation for the tour of this new Broadway show when she caught the attention of Hollywood scouts. She received offers from seven studios, but ultimately decided to do a screen test for Twentieth Century-Fox. Studio director Daryl F. Zanuck immediately took an option on Betty and eventually signed her to a multi-year contract.

Betty’s first film for Fox was Sitting Pretty from 1948 starring Clifton Webb, Robert Young, and Maureen O’Hara. Betty won a Photoplay Gold Medal for her portrayal of Ginger. Later that year, Betty was also in Apartment for Peggy with William Holden and Jeanne Crain.

Warner Bros. borrowed Betty from Fox to play the title role in June Bride, another 1948 release, starring Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery. Betty has directed several other films for Fox and others, including RKO, MGM, and Universal. Among the films were Mother Is a Freshman, Father Was a Fullback, Cheaper by the Dozen, Payment on Demand (still with Bette Davis), Many Rivers to Cross and Behind the High Wall.

When her contract with Fox expired, Betty looked for work on television, then still in her infancy. His first performances included eight months in The Egg and I, which is often regarded as television’s first comedy series and aired live from New York five days a week on CBS in 1952.

Returning to Hollywood the following year, Betty starred opposite Ray Bolger in Where’s Raymond? for one season on ABC-TV. During this time and for decades, Betty also starred in live theater productions including the lead role in Peg O ‘My Heart and roles in The Moon Is Blue, King of Hearts, Be Your Age, Come Blow Your Horn. and Love Letters.

Betty has appeared in more than two dozen episodes of Matinee Theater, NBC-TV’s popular hour-long anthology series that airs, usually live, five days a week. She also continued to work in radio, including episodes of Lux Radio Theater, Stars Over Hollywood and some episodes of Family Theater, as a leader or host.

Betty was a staple of television westerns in the 1950s and 1960s. A Partial Roundup includes episodes of Bronco, Wagon Train, Cheyenne, Tales of Wells Fargo and Sugarfoot, as well as being a co-star for two seasons of Disney Presents: Texas John Slaughter with Tom Tryon.

Betty was still under contract with Disney for Texas John Slaughter when The Andy Griffith Show producers contacted her to play Barney Fife’s girlfriend, Thelma Lou. Luckily for Barney, Mayberry, and generations of viewers, Disney was in the process of ending production of Texas John Slaughter and therefore agreed to release Betty to work on the Griffith show.

“I had seen Griffith’s show twice before I went to read for the role,” Betty recalls. “I remember I burst out laughing, it was so funny. I haven’t done this very often. I thought, Gee, this is really unusual.

Betty always realized that Thelma Lou’s role in Mayberry depended on Barney Fife. When Don Knotts decided to quit the show after five seasons in order to make films for Universal Studios, Betty knew that meant she would be leaving Mayberry as well.

Betty made a final appearance on the Griffith show when Don Knotts returned in season six for the first of his five guest appearances as Barney. In all, Betty appeared in 26 episodes of Griffith, which originally aired between 1961 and 1966 and spanned parts of the show’s first six seasons. Of the Griffith cast still alive at the time of Betty’s death, only Ron Howard has appeared in more episodes of the series than Betty.

Fans would have to wait over 20 years, but all was well in Mayberry’s world again, when Thelma Lou and Barney finally got married in Return to Mayberry, the made-for-television movie that was an audience blockbuster for NBC. in 1986. “Once we got there to shoot the movie, it all fell into place,” Betty said. “The spark was still there.”

After the Griffith series, Betty continued to work regularly, mainly on television. She played Fred MacMurray’s secretary in My Three Sons and Brian Keith’s secretary in Family Affair. She also worked again with Andy Griffith when she played Sarah, Ben Matlock’s secretary in the first season of Matlock in 1986. She also reunited with Ron Howard in 1971 in ABC-TV’s short-lived Smith Family. , with Henry Fonda.

Betty has also appeared in productions ranging from Disney’s The Boy Who Stole the Elephant to The Mod Squad and from Little House on the Prairie to The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

In 1990, Betty began attending various Andy Griffith Show cast reunion events and Mayberry festivals nationwide, but mostly in the Midwest and South. Many of these events also included performances by Betty and her fellow stars. She’s brought down the house countless times with her renditions of favorite tracks from the American songbook.

Queues often stretched in hallways and around buildings with dedicated fans eagerly awaiting their chance to visit Betty, have their picture taken with her and get an autograph. Betty was legendary for her amazing ability to recognize fans many years ago, frequently calling them by name and inquiring about other family members, often by name as well.

“The fans are so nice,” Betty said. “I really like meeting them and having the chance to visit them a bit. They come from all over the country. It’s so touching that they still remember my movies and love The Andy Griffith Show the way they do. And especially for the Griffith show, there are also a lot of young children who are fans. So, I think the popularity of the series continues through the new generations. Which makes me happy.”

After several years attending the annual Mayberry Days festival in Mount Airy, Andy Griffith’s hometown, Betty decided that the city of North Carolina would be a good place for her. She moved away from the stress of Los Angeles in 2007.

In honor of Betty and echoing Barney Fife’s description of Thelma Lou, the local Surry Arts Council presents the show “You’re the Cat’s!” Each year. ”Award to recognize individuals who have made particularly outstanding contributions to the Mayberry Days Festival.

Along with other cast and crew members of The Andy Griffith Show, Betty received the TV Land Legend Award in 2004. She was inducted into the Missouri Walk of Fame in Marshfield in 2006, and received the Cherry Blossom Medal at the city’s annual Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival the following year.

In 2012, Betty also received for the first time a star on the catwalk at the entrance to the Andy Griffith Museum. On her 90th birthday in 2016, Governor Pat McCrory bestowed and Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest presented Betty with the Order of the Longleaf Pine, widely regarded as the highest civilian honor in the state of North Carolina.

Betty has not rested on her laurels. Before the pandemic, she greeted fans virtually every month at the Andy Griffith Museum. By the time of her death, Betty had completed revisions to her autobiography, which is expected to be published posthumously.

A lifelong devout Roman Catholic, Betty was a long-time member of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. After moving to Mount Airy, she joined the local Holy Angels Catholic Church.

Betty Lynn is survived by several cousins, many dear friends and countless adoring fans. Betty’s performances as Thelma Lou and in other roles will continue to entertain generations of grateful audiences. More than that, everyone who met Betty is forever grateful to have known such a beautiful soul.

A private funeral service is scheduled in Culver City, California. A memorial service will be announced at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Betty’s memory can be made to the Betty Lynn Scholarship Endowment (for students pursuing careers in dance or theater) or the Barbara and Emmett Forrest Endowment Fund (for the Andy Griffith Museum and Mayberry Days), both in care of the Surry Arts Council, PO Box 141, Mount Airy, NC 27030; or Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, 1208 N Main Street, Mount Airy NC 27030, or a charity of the donor’s choice.

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Tech welcomes North Georgia for an exhibition – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

THE APARTMENTS – Georgia Tech softball will host its second collegiate opponent of the fall season in northern Georgia at noon on Sunday at Mewborn Field.

Fans of all ages are welcome to attend, with admission free to the public. Parking will be available on the McCamish lot.

The Skyhawks enter the competition on the heels of a successful 2021 season at the DII level, going 43-8 overall and 17-1 in the Peach Belt Conference game. North Georgia started last spring with a 17-game winning streak and enjoyed a 16-game winning streak en route to its seventh straight Peach Belt Conference regular season and tournament championships. The Skyhawks won their regional championship at home and advanced to the DII Championship final. This fall, North Georgia has two games under its belt against Georgia Military College and Truett McConnell University.

The Yellow Jackets welcome the Nighthawks after splitting a doubles schedule a week ago in South Carolina, Tech’s first collegiate opposition to the fall ball.

Georgia Tech kicks off fifth season under coach Aileen Morales, bringing back 15 team returns from last season. Notable returns include Justin’s World of Softball All-American third team, NFCA All-Region first team and All-ACC first team first baseman. Tricia awald with receiver First Team All-ACC and All-ACC Freshman Team Emma Kauf. The decorated duo are joined by the right-handed ace Blake neleman as well as regular starting intermediate players Bailee Zeitler and Jin sileo.

The ghost stable is bolstered by the # 17 ranked recruiting class of the Yellow Jackets, ranked second in the ACC and made up of eight highly touted new jackets.

Georgia Tech is currently slated to wrap up its fall list by hosting Emory on October 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Alexander-Tharpe Fund

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund is the fundraising arm of Georgia Tech Athletics, providing scholarships, operations, and facility support for Georgia Tech’s more than 400 student-athletes. Participate in the development of Georgia Tech’s Daily Champions and help the Yellow Jackets compete for championships at the highest levels of varsity athletics by supporting the Annual Sports Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships directly to Georgia Tech student-athletes. To find out more about support for yellow vests, visit

For the latest information on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, follow us on Instagram (@GaTechSoftball), Twitter (@GaTechSoftball), Facebook (Georgia Tech Softball) or visit us at

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Start of site preparation for the future I3R installation

University of Arkansas, Facilities Management

Render of the future I3R installation.

Site preparation has started for the future center of the Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research (I3R), the University of Alberta’s newest interdisciplinary research center.

This work phase, officially called the habilitation phase, will take place around the Nanoscience building and in lot 71. Most of the construction is focused on adding public services for the future institute and will include the extension of the tunnels. of existing utilities, extension of electrical services for Nanosciences and new I3R buildings, supplying chilled water to the site and cleaning some of the existing utilities. The enabling phase will end with minor landscaping work before the official start of construction of the I3R facility.

People who park in lot 71 will be affected by this project starting with reduced parking followed by complete closure of the lot after the first of the year. Transit and Parking has already notified licensees and offered options for other parking arrangements. Additional reminders will be sent to permit holders before the lot closes.

The occupants of the Nanoscience building are likely to notice some impacts, including noise and vibrations during the work. The work will also require brief planned power and water cuts, which will be coordinated to help minimize disruption.

Information regarding the official inauguration of the new I3R facility will be provided at a later date.

This phase of work on the site should be completed this spring. Updates to the new I3R facility and other campus projects are available on the Facilities Management website.

Institute for integrative and innovative research

Funded by a grant from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, the new institute will provide the campus with interdisciplinary research capabilities and enhanced resources for State University researchers. The facility will focus on five areas that fall under the university’s flagship research areas: food and technology, data science, materials science and engineering, bioscience and bioengineering research in systems metabolism and neuroscience. integrative. The I3R building is expected to open in 2024.

About the University of Arkansas: As Arkansas’ flagship institution, the U of A offers internationally competitive education in over 200 academic programs. Founded in 1871, the U of A contributes more than $ 2.2 billion to the Arkansas economy through teaching new knowledge and skills, entrepreneurship and job development, discovery through research and creative activity while providing training in professional disciplines. The Carnegie Foundation ranks the U of A among the top 3% of US colleges and universities with the highest level of research activity. American News and World Report ranks the U of A among the best public universities in the country. Find out how the U of A is working to build a better world on Arkansas Research News.

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New York City to Switch to All-Electric School Buses by 2035

The New York City Council voted 44-1 to require all city-owned school buses to be battery-powered by September 1, 2035. Currently, the city operates 885 school buses that operate on diesel. The council’s action was spurred by a new law signed by Governor Hochul last month that bans the sale of light gasoline and diesel vehicles in New York state after 2035.

There is a caveat in the new electric school bus policy. It is “subject to the commercial availability and reliability of all electric school buses, as well as the technical and physical availability of related planned infrastructure”. Given the state’s interest in having a zero-emission transportation sector, it is likely that the required infrastructure will be built over the next 14 years, says We Go Electric.

The city estimates that converting its school bus fleet to electric buses as well as purchasing the necessary electric charging stations and electrical infrastructure will cost a total of $ 367.3 million by 2035. In addition to the bus mandate, the city has also already decided that non-emergency fleet vehicles must be electric by 2040. The new law also requires that all parking lots in the city’s 5 boroughs include chargers. electric vehicles for a minimum of 20% of available parking spaces.

Up in smoke

We are dedicated advocates of the electric vehicle revolution here at CleanTechnica, but that doesn’t mean we have to bury our heads in the sand. This week, worrying news from Germany concerns a number of fires involving electric buses in Düsseldorf, Hanover and Stuttgart. The Stuttgart fire occurred recently and all electric buses in that city were taken out of service until the cause of the fire was known. The first bus to catch fire was being loaded.

The resulting fire destroyed 25 buses – 23 conventional units and 2 electric batteries – according to Algulf. Six people were injured in the Stuttgart fire, two of them were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Losses from the fire run into millions of dollars.

On June 5, a fire at a bus depot in Hanover destroyed five electric buses, two hybrid buses, a diesel bus and a coach. The city’s electric buses were later taken out of service, but are expected to return to service on November 1.

Last April, a fire at a bus depot in Düsseldorf destroyed 38 buses and the depot building, causing millions more damage. Experts from the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office concluded in June that the fire had an undetermined technical cause. The depot had only recently installed charging equipment for electric buses.

Did you know about these fires? No? We neither. 12 Chevy Bolts battery fires made headlines around the world and will cost LG Chem nearly $ 2 billion. More than 70 buses have caught fire in Germany this year, but there has been virtually no report of it. And why only in Germany and not in other countries? There are so many more electric buses in China than the German total would seem insignificant.

Clearly, battery makers need to tackle the problem of battery fires as quickly as possible to avoid a major obstacle to the electric vehicle revolution. LFP batteries may not have the energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries, but they have a much lower fire risk (BYD blade battery reduced this risk to almost zero.)

Do you appreciate the originality of CleanTechnica? Consider becoming a CleanTechnica Member, Supporter, Technician or Ambassador – or Patreon Patron.


Got a tip for CleanTechnica, want to advertise or suggest a guest for our CleanTech Talk podcast? Contact us here.

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770 new laws coming to California

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

770 new laws coming to California

Through Emily Hoeven, CalMatters on Tue 12 Oct 2021 To 2:27 p.m.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the biggest expansion in California’s college financial aid system in a generation – he did so in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ first playoff game. and the San Francisco Giants on Friday night.

Hours later, it was all over: Newsom signed his final bills on Saturday, a day before the Oct. 10 deadline to follow through on the 836 proposals state lawmakers sent to his office. Of those, he signed 770 (92%) and vetoed 66 (7.9%), according to Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli.

Here’s a look at important new laws coming to the Golden State – as well as ideas Newsom has prevented from becoming law.

Signed in law:

With veto:

Tags: governor, Gavin Newsom, California, bills, signed, vetoed. Right Image

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Vision for Manchester Charter Oak Park: Skate Park, Turf Field

MANCHESTER, CT – A master plan for the future of Manchester parks includes a vision for a new skate park and artificial surface terrain at Charter Oak Park.

The park, located at the bottom of the hill from Main Street and Charter Oak Street, is, according to the results of a recent public poll, one of the busiest parks in the city, with 56% of respondents saying have used it recreationally and 97 percent say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the park.

A $ 2 million project to renovate the park added new playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, a revamped softball field, a “music garden for children, and parking and freshly paved walkways. in 2017. Additional upgrades included new test room facilities, 22 additional parking spaces, a two-way driveway, a redesigned cycle path, improved lighting and surveillance equipment.

Future upgrades now include a new skate park at the west end of the facility, a track for BMX-style bikes and a “warrior” obstacle course for users of all ages.

A synthetic turf pitch, additional toilets and drinking fountains here also in the master plan.

The new Parks and Facilities Master Plan is designed to be “fully collaborative and community supported”. The master plan describes how to further develop future parks, trails, open spaces and recreation areas to meet the needs of the community while investing in the economic and cultural value of the city.

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New Cornell Scott site in West Haven to improve care by leaps and bounds

WEST HAVEN – A newly opened health center on Campbell Avenue can make breathing easier, literally.

Officials have welcomed the opening of a new Cornell Scott Hill Health Center at 410 Campbell Avenue, which they say will dramatically improve health outcomes in the city. The community health center offers sliding scale rates for medical services to uninsured or underinsured people, so that health care costs do not place a huge burden on residents.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and reported by the New Haven-based nonprofit, between 10.5% and 13.5% of adults in West Haven had asthma in 2018, according to the place where they live in the city, but in the neighboring neighborhood. As a wealthier city of Orange, asthma rates among adults ranged from 9.5 percent to 10.5 percent in all census tracts.

The location isn’t the first for the city – the center has operated a location for years on Main Street – but system CEO Michael Taylor said the new site would improve the quality of care at “no cost.” giant ”. The old location, he said, has been converted from a three-story house to a doctor’s office, and it has become “untenable.”

“Not only is it obsolete, but it was inefficient for our operational needs, there was no parking for patients unless you were considering two spaces, there were stairs that patients had to face, which was impossible for any patient with a physical challenge because of three sets of stairs and the capacity of the examination room was limited: five examination rooms and one consultation room, ”he said. “We couldn’t have more than two providers in the building comfortably for medicine and couldn’t accommodate specialties at night. The exam rooms were undersized so we couldn’t put in services like an OBGYN or podiatry, and those services are needed in West Haven.

Taylor said the wait time between appointments at the Main Street location was often 10 to 12 weeks; he said West Haven residents often had to visit a New Haven Cornell Scott Hill Health site to be treated in a timely manner.

The new location, he said, is considerably larger.

“Now we have 14 examination rooms, two of which are oversized to accommodate procedures such as gynecological procedures and podiatry. they choose – and we’ve expanded the behavioral health capacity, ”he said. “We now have 50 parking spaces on the new location. All the things that were missing from the old facility, we now have them at the new location at 410 Campbell Ave., and on top of that, we’re located literally across from the pharmacy, where people can fill their (prescriptions).

According to the DataHaven report, there are considerable racial gaps in health care in the city, including gynecology: for every 1,000 live births, there is an infant mortality rate of 12.4 for residents of Black West Haven compared to 7.4 for white residents of West Haven. West Haven’s average death rate of 6.9 per 1,000 live births is higher than the state average of 4.6 per 1,000 live births, the report notes.

Mayor Nancy Rossi said her office receives calls from residents seeking medical services and not having insurance; she said her office is trying to refer them. From there, she said she knows gynecological services are in high demand in the city and there is a relative shortage.

“I’m very, very excited about this,” she said. “They have a sliding scale (payment structure) and they take some uninsured patients, and that’s really very, very important because if you’re sick you have to be treated.”

City council member Bridgette Hoskie, D-1, whose district includes the new center, said she recalled going to a place in New Haven several times while growing up – something she thinks she was. of great help to his family.

“Growing up with a single mother, health insurance and medical care were not always readily available,” she said. “These medical insecurities were real life for us.”

Hoskie said she believes the easy and accessible location would be of great benefit to underinsured or uninsured residents.

She believes the expansion of behavioral health services will be crucial for city residents as they deal with the effects of an unprecedented pandemic on the lives of residents. She said she has a friend who seeks mental health services for her child, but has to pay thousands of dollars before she can reach her deductible. Hoskie said she was able to recommend the center to her friend.

“There has always been a need for behavioral health services everywhere, but now there is an extraordinary demand that was really triggered by the experiences people have had with the pandemic: isolation, depression,” Taylor said. “So now we have an increased capacity in the facility and the staff to respond to it. “

Neil Cavallaro, principal of West Haven schools, said the district was “excited” about forming a partnership in the new facilities at the center.

“It is a first-class health center that will be able to deal with physical and mental health issues,” he said.

Cavallaro said that although the district has a school health center in its high school, the district has external health partners to provide additional services.

“Given the stressful times we live in, they often need support that in many cases schools simply cannot provide,” he said.

Anthony Santella, acting chair of the University of New Haven’s Department of Health Administration and Policy, said community health centers such as Cornell Scott Hill Health “play a very important role in promoting health. ‘equity in health’.

“Often laypersons don’t really recognize them for their contributions because they think it’s another clinic or doctor’s office, but the power of community health centers is that they can do so much more than they do. it seems, ”he said, as“ promoting access to high quality and affordable primary care, behavioral health, specialized care – including dental care, vision – which is often put aside and which are an equally important part of maintaining good health and well-being.

Santella said that despite this, the pandemic could draw more attention to the role of these centers.

“COVID has really caused us to reimagine the role of health and healthcare in our lives. Now more than ever, people have come to appreciate the role health plays in their overall success and well-being, ”he said.

Santella said the “real test” of the centre’s long-term success on Campbell Avenue will be its relationship with the community.

“It will be determined by who they hire, what type of community partner they are, how friendly their services are to the public in terms of language, culture, hours and menu of services,” he said. declared. “As someone who works in West Haven, I will be delighted to see the good service they provide to the community.”

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