Car parking rate

Car parking rate

Plans to demolish a car dealership to create rooms for students convicted of refusal

Plans to demolish a car dealership to create rooms for students convicted of refusal

Plans to demolish a car dealership in Bath to build housing for 335 students and 316 apartments for rent were rejected despite warnings of a costly challenge.

What Student Housing and Rental Apartments Could Look Like | Image © Watkin Jones Group

Planning chiefs said the lack of 254 parking spaces was enough to dismiss the Lower Bristol Road project, but plaintiff Watkin Jones Group threatened to appeal.

Car dealership Dick Lovett is moving from Bath to a new showroom in Melksham, freeing up its BMW and Mini showrooms for redevelopment.

The company is currently challenging the Bath and North East Somerset Council’s decision to decline its offer to redevelop the Mini concession with 290 student rooms. The appeal has not yet been heard.

More than 70 people opposed the Watkin Jones group’s proposals, many of whom said Bath did not need more student accommodation.

Objector Rebecca Marsh said: “No more PBSA [purpose-built student accommodation] at the expense of decent housing for a range of people. Low-income people, singles, couples, families, etc.

“Meet Bath’s housing needs and STOP the ever-hungry developers trying to flush out the student community.”

She added: ‘We have a housing crisis in Bath, until this is resolved and the city’s non-transient residents are given priority, then all PBSAs should be stopped. We have had enough.

Michael Jones said: “The Lower Bristol Road is quickly eroded into a mass of apartments with totally contrasting styles which over-develop and completely ruin the neighborhood, there is absolutely no need for student housing anymore.”

Peter Lewis said the program “would contribute to another modern ghetto,” adding: “This proposal does not directly contribute to the stock of affordable housing, to help with the purchase of housing or to social housing. Where workers in the minimum wage, with or without family, can they live elsewhere than far from Bath? ”

Three out of 10 rentable apartments would be affordable. Half of these would be available at 60 percent of the free market rate and the rest at 80 percent. Council officials said it was reasonable due to viability issues.

The design of the four blocks, which could reach six floors, has also been criticized.

Westmoreland Ward Councilor June Player said the buildings were “far too large, far too tall and placed far too close to the sidewalk.”

She said the development would harm the Bath World Heritage site and, combined with the approved plans for the Bath Press site, create a “roofless tunnel” that traps noise and pollution.

The Bath Preservation Trust echoed Cllr Player’s concerns about over-development and the impact on the World Heritage site.

There were 17 supporting comments, with some saying the concentration of students along Lower Bristol Road made sense.

Others said creating more specially designed housing would help free up homes for families, although planning officials said there was no evidence yet to support this.

They said the development design responds well to the context and constraints of the site and would positively contribute to local character and uniqueness, and that the public benefits outweigh the damage to the World Heritage site.

However, planning officials recommended denial due to failure to provide an adequate level of off-street parking.

The proposals include 120 parking spaces, enough for less than a third of the rental apartments and none of the students – a shortage of up to 254 spaces that is expected to increase the demand for on-street parking.

In published correspondence, Dan Weaver of urban planning consultancy Pegasus Group said the council’s parking standards do not apply directly to rental construction programs.

He indicated that Dick Lovett was prepared to appeal – a “waste of the costs, time and resources of our client and, frankly, of the advice.”

The planning committee will review the request on August 25.

Stephen Sumner, local democracy journalist

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Car parking rate

NHK shooting 911 calls broadcast to I-Team 8 – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WISH) – Calls from coworkers at the 911 center were frantic. Many of them had witnessed an evil act that was difficult to describe.

The names of 911 callers have been redacted by the Clinton County Dispatch Center.

WARNING: Some of these calls may be difficult to listen to.

Auditor: Someone send the police to the NHK.

Operator 911: Are you at NHK on I-65?

Caller: They shoot. Someone got shot.

Operator 911: OK.

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Promise Mays and her grandmother Pamela Sledd were shot and killed in the NHK parking lot. I-Team 8 got the calls made just seconds after the suspect left the parking lot.

Operator 911: Can you see if they are breathing? Are they breathing?

Listener: No, they are not breathing, sir.

911 operator: They’re not breathing?

Caller: No sir.

According to court documents, Gary Ferrell attempted to force Mays into his car and she struggled to escape. When Sledd attempted to intervene, the suspect shot him, then turned the gun at Mays.

Appellant: The person who drove him is currently driving a blue Ford eastbound on (IN-28).

911 operator: Blue Ford eastbound on 28?

Auditor: Yes, a light blue Ford and it drives at high speed. We know his name; he is salaried. Wait, there are two shot people here sir, I need EMS right away.

Operator 911: Can you see if they are breathing?

Listener: No, they are not breathing, sir.

Mays and Sledd often rode to work together, and their family said on Wednesday they did. They had arrived just in time for their shift. At the time, the parking lot was quite full.

They were shot in the sight of their colleagues.

Operator 911: Are you at the factory?

Listener: Yes, I heard gunshots. I was sitting in my car waiting to enter.

From other calls, I-Team 8 knows that at least one colleague attempted to provide first aid. When the police arrived, both women were dead.

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Car parking rate

Global research on automated parking systems market business strategy and demand by 2027.

Recent exploration on “Global Automated Parking Systems Market report 2021 by key players, types, applications, countries, market size, forecast to 2027Brought to you by Credible Markets, Industry is a comprehensive report providing selected insights on the Automated Parking Systems business for new market players and set-up players. The report carefully examines each of the market fundamentals Automated Parking Systems and gives a detailed overview of the development possibilities of the company.Along with this, the report further offers comprehensive data by user on the most recent market models, elements of the industry as a whole and long-term income development designs. Analysts use charts, outlines, pie charts, etc. to clarify information pictorially. Despite this, to account for the market number, different tables are added for display the information in a uniform structure. This helps users to understand the information s all the more effectively and unequivocally.

The study also involves significant market achievements, research and development, new product launches, product responses, and regional growth of the most significant competitors operating in the market on a universal and local scale. The Automated Parking Systems market is segmented by Type and by Applications. For the period 2021-2027, the growth among the segments provides accurate sales calculations and forecasts by type and by application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you grow your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Request sample with full table of contents and figures and graphics @

Key Players of the Global Automated Parking Systems Market Covered in Chapter 5:

Robotic parking systems
Klaus Multiparking
Boomerang Systems
FATA automation

In Chapter 6, on the basis of types, the Automated Parking Systems Market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into:

Rotary carousel
Quick parking
Multiple parking
Optima parking

In Chapter 7, on the basis of application, the Automated Parking Systems Market from 2015 to 2025 covers:

Office building

Geographically, the detailed analysis of the consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of the following regions:

  • North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Others)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, others)
  • The Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, others)
  • South America (Brazil, others)

Direct purchase this market research report now @;utm_source=Akshay&utm_medium=SatPR

Some points from the table of contents

Chapter 1 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – Research Scope

Chapter 2 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – Research Methodology

chapter 3 Global Automated Parking Systems Market Forces

Chapter 4 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – By Geography

Chapter 5 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – By Business Statistics

Chapter 6 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – By Type

Chapter 7 Global Automated Parking Systems Market – By Application

Chapter 8 North America Automated Parking Systems Market

Chapter 9 Europe Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

Chapter 10 Asia-Pacific Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

Chapter 11 Middle East & Africa Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

Chapter 12 South America Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

Chapter 13 Company Profiles

Chapter 14 Market forecasts – by regions

Chapter 15 Market Forecast – By Type and Applications

Here are some of the silent features of the report:

  • In-depth analysis of the potential and risks of the global market.
  • Ongoing research and major events in the automated parking systems market.
  • In-depth review of market expansion plans for major industry players.
  • Crucial research on the way of development of the automated parking systems market in the coming years.
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry with specific drivers, limitations and global micro-markets.
  • The positive sentiment of the current dynamics in technology and industry is influencing the automated parking systems market.

Contact us:

Credible markets
99 Wall Street 2124 New York, NY 10005
E-mail- [email protected]

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Dozens of motorists surprised when Kettering parking fees are reinstated

Dozens of motorists using municipality-owned parking lots in Kettering were fined after charges were reinstated today (August 9).

Parking in the North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) town center car parks has been free since March last year, to help key workers in the pandemic and increase traffic in the town center.

But the parking fee is now back in place and those who haven’t paid the £ 2 minimum for two hours will receive a nasty surprise when they get back in their car.

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Some of the cars that received parking tickets

Signs warning motorists that charges had been reinstated were posted and parking meter covers were removed.

Niall Bacon, a resident of Kettering, said: “More should have been done to show the charges were restored, maybe a host to tell people.

“I read about it in the Northants Telegraph so I was aware of it. I think the lesson to be learned is that you can’t assume anything.”

The decision to charge again – with Kettering’s parking fees being by far the highest in northern Northamptonshire – came just days after NNC agreed to consider free parking for all north county town centers .

Parking fees were reinstated on Monday August 9 after a 19-month hiatus

Visiting from London, Jenny Warren had used the car park before and was unaware that the car park was free.

She said: “We’ve been here before so obviously we had to pay so we paid today.”

Emelia Semineria was running an errand in town and her mother had told her that the parking was free.

She said: “I parked next to the meter and saw a man paying. My mom said it was free so I asked him and he said I had to pay.

Three in a row

“I’m glad I parked where I did, otherwise I would have just walked away.

“Everyone is going to be very bored [with the parking tickets]. “

Parking charges at NNC owned car parks in Kettering are priced at £ 2 for two hours, increasing by £ 1 per hour up to five hours – more than five hours are charged at a flat rate of £ 6. Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays and public holidays are free.

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Car review: Road trip! Turn heads, chase chargers north at Mustang Mach-E | New

CHARLEVOIX, Michigan – While I waited for my 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E tester to charge at an Electrify America station in a Meijer parking lot in Gaylord, a couple waiting for their Model S to charge at the adjacent Tesla station asked. they could look at my filly.

“I really like it,” Raj said after I gave him the full tour. “It looks better than a Model Y and it’s really tough.”

My encounter captures the promise and limitations of Ford’s first electric vehicle.

The beautiful Mustang is garnering a lot of interest in a hungry Midwestern market dominated by sexy Silicon Valley brand Tesla. But it’s a niche market of people willing to spend their road trips hanging out in discount store parking lots for long periods of time.

I spent a week with Ford’s first electric vehicle in the north. Like renting a convertible Mustang on a vacation trip, it’s a refreshing and different experience: high tech, high torque, premium styling. And, like my Tesla Model 3 (in which I have made the same trip several times), it requires patience when it comes out of its subway comfort zone.

“Training a wild mustang (horse),” Sunset Magazine wrote, “can be, unsurprisingly, a daunting task.” The same goes for driving an electric Mustang Mach-E on a road trip.

With 197 miles on the Mach E battery, I left Oakland County for our summer cottage in Charlevoix. “Sail to Charlevoix, Michigan,” I barked at the navigation system. I might have heard navi’s voice sigh as she prepared for my trip. It would be a double stop.

I didn’t have enough juice to cover the 255 mile distance – a distance easily covered, for example, with a gasoline Ford Explorer. I should stop at an Electrify America fast charger at a Bay City Meijer on the way first.

With a pleasant 72 degree outside temperature, Mach-E and I trotted with traffic at 80 mph. But speed (and temperature) drinks electrons. Above 75mph I start to lose 20% of range (i.e. for every 10 miles on the odometer, I take 12 off the battery). I backed up to 70mph to conserve electrons, swallowing my pride as the explorers blew my ‘Stang at 80mph. While the outside temperature dropped to 50 degrees at night (in, uh, July. What do I hear about global warming?), I even suffered a loss of range at 70 mph.

My standard battery Mach-E tester was sticker for $ 47,235 – a significant amount of 10,000 under the price of a 326 mile long range Model Y, which is the only Tesla currently available (standard range model not available). ). Mach-E wore a striking shade of Rapid Red (I like) which, at $ 400, is also cheaper than the Model Y’s $ 2,000 red coat option. Factor in the $ 7,500 federal tax subsidy. $ (which is no longer available on Teslas), and the $ 39,000 is a no-brainer for budget-conscious electric vehicle buyers (though it’s still much more than a comparable gasoline Ford Bronco Sport) .

Ford wisely chose its muscle car sub-brand to take on Tesla’s performance brand. My son Henry, 30, said he would prefer the Mustang over the Tesla – and not just because of the price.

“I want to drive up to my friends’ house in a Mustang,” smiles the Detroit-raised motorist.

The appeal of the brand was not lost on others during my trip. “Is this the new Mustang EV ?!” delighted a middle-aged couple from Charlevoix. “This is so cool.”

Convincing them (and my son) to buy one, however, is the challenge. “Good luck with the electric vehicle beta test for Ford,” they said as they walked away. At the local Ford dealership here, customers had placed 11 orders for the new gasoline Ford Bronco – none for the Mach-E. Bronco Sports outperform the Mach-E by 6: 1.

Owning an EV requires a lot of math. After half an hour in the Bay City Meijer charger, I stopped at 80% charge. Why 80%, you ask? Because the charge rate drops sharply after 80% (charging an EV, by analogy, is like filling a beer glass – the last bit is slow). Charging to 100% would take another two hours. I need to know these things by owning an EV.

Also note: it costs more to fill your electric vehicle (14.5 cents per mile) at the rate of 43 cents per kWh of EA than your gasoline-powered car (13 cents per mile) at the price of gasoline. $ 3.20 per gallon. For now, however, automakers are offering free fees.

Mach-E told me I had 160 miles left, enough to get to Charlevoix, but with 0% battery remaining. I needed to recharge at Gaylord to accumulate enough kilometers to move around Charlevoix, poor in chargers. But Mach-E couldn’t find the Electrify America fast charger. I called EA’s 800 number to confirm it was working. Phew! After my Meijer stop (and conversation with Tesla-philes), I arrived in Charlevoix at 1:25 am

Mach-E aroused a lot of interest from my neighbors in Charlevoix. I did a lot of testing.

The SUV’s Mustang styling cues – muscular shoulders, three-bar taillights, moody headlights – drew them in. Inside, it’s a Tesla clone with a large, 15.5-inch center display that runs the show (and a useful LCD screen behind the steering wheel roll key for data like range and mph). It’s roomy and fun to drive (for a while) with instant electric torque and a low center of gravity.

Susie, a 76-year-old grandmother in tennis shoes and owner of an Audi Q5, fell in love. It completed an extended test drive enjoying Mach-E’s single-pedal driving, hands-free driving assistance, and artificial engine sound in unbridled mode. We did a lot of unbridled sucking mode.

With only 76 miles of range on the Mach-E (I needed 50 to get back to Gaylord’s EA charger to recharge for the return trip), I went to charge overnight at Charlevoix’s only 240 volt charger. He was blocked by a summer carnival in town. What has to be done?

Mach E Navigation said a dealership three miles out of town had a 240-volt charger. The Jeep dealer was kind enough to let me use the charger, but it was slow. A Ford dealership charger that was just installed across the road (which was not showing up in Mach E’s charger locator) performed better. I plugged in and walked back to my chalet for 20 minutes on a bike that I had hidden in the hatch of the Mach E.

Maybe electric vehicles should be sold with bicycles.

The lesson: if you want to travel north in your EV, install a charger (cost: around $ 2,000) in your second home (indeed, that’s what a Model S owner I met with. in another Meijer had done in Traverse City). Or keep your EV in Detroit for local trips, then buy a gas-powered Explorer for trips anywhere else.


Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021

Vehicle type: Battery-powered, rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive five-seat SUV

Price: $ 43,995 including destination charge of $ 1,100 ($ 47,235 RWD Select with standard battery tested)

Powertrain: 68 to 88 kWh lithium-ion battery driving single or double electric motors

Horsepower: 266 hp, 317 lb-ft of torque (as tested)

Transmission: single speed automatic

Performance: 0-60 mph, 5.8 seconds (manufacturing); top speed, 134 mph

Weight: 4,394 pounds (as tested)

Fuel economy: EPA MPGe 101 combined city / highway; range, 211 miles

Report card

Treble: attracts people’s attention; tailgate useful for transporting things

Weak points: Inferior supply network; expensive compared to gas peers

Overall: 3 stars

Henry Payne is an auto critic for The Detroit News. Find him at [email protected] or Twitter @HenryEPayne.

© 2021 Visit Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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Connect the dots to charge EVs in apartments

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has launched a long-awaited consultation process on how best to deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging points for people living in apartments or other high-density housing.

One might reasonably wonder why, as we approach the 10th anniversary of electric vehicle sales in Ireland, we are only at the consultative stage of such things. There are, without a doubt, complications however. In particular the delicate question of knowing who exactly will pay for chargers and recharging, and how this cost will be passed on to the end user.

“Some residents might say it’s not directly benefiting them right now, although it might in the future. This could therefore create difficulties, ”said Robert Cazaciuc, program manager for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at SEAI. “Cabling can cost anywhere from $ 12,000 to $ 120,000, or even more, depending on the size of the property. You may need some civil engineering work.

“Then there is the question of who will pay for the electricity? Who will pay for the maintenance? Are you just building by looking at what load you need right now, or are you building for the growth in terms of the infrastructure you’re putting in place? So those are some of the challenges. “

SEAI’s current proposals – on which it seeks public input – are to provide grants and incentives at two levels. At the basic Tier Two level, the idea is to subsidize the installation of a charging point for a person or a household, subject to the authorization of its owner or the building management company. This would be granted at the same rate of € 600 as that which currently applies to those who install a charger in a residence with off-street parking.

The Tier 1 grant is a bit more complex and aims to offset the costs of installing large amounts of cables and charging points for owners of entire buildings or housing complexes where there is no parking. off-road for individual residents.

Installation cost

In this case, SEAI estimates that it will offer grants ranging from 50 to 80% of the installation cost, although this is more focused on the wiring and conduit requirements – the subsidy for outlet points. actual physical load will always be capped at € 600 per point. How the amount of the grant – whether 50% or 80% or something in between – is to be discussed in the consultation, but will also be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Grants, for now anyway, will only be available for existing apartment complexes or other “multi-unit developments” without the availability of off-street parking. They will not be awarded to new constructions or to complexes or buildings under renovation, as there is already legislation requiring that such projects provide for a minimum number of charging points for electric vehicles. There will also be no subsidy available for upstream work needed to improve or expand the building’s electricity supply – the owner, owner or management company will have to bear these costs.

This immediately raises the question of how these facilities will be financed. For large business owners, raising funds may not be too big of a hurdle, but it will be much more difficult for smaller or individual owners, or for management companies by their owners.

Management companies

Management companies will also argue that their funds are better spent on maintenance and other improvements. Then again, individual EV owners might well argue that there is a societal good to all of this, and that owners – having benefited from soaring property values ​​and rents – might be doing by giving something back.

Paying for recharging will be another issue – in some cases the ESB has specific rules on how much you can charge for electricity supplied to common areas of apartment complexes, and this could interfere with the analysis. cost-benefit for those who install the charging infrastructure, even as such infrastructure will be increasingly required by law.

While an owner or management company may be persuaded to apply for the SEAI grants and do the necessary work, there are also serious questions about transparency and accountability – there are already legions of complaints of overcharging of customers. services by the management of the apartments companies, so how to ensure that only the appropriate and correct charging costs are passed on?

“That’s what we want to see in terms of how they propose to actually bill, and the cost passed on when the infrastructure is installed, and how it’s all going to be managed. So we have to understand this as part of any grant application, ”said Declan Meally of SEAI.

“We spoke with equivalent bodies in the UK, and they did research on this,” Cazaciuc said. “They were asking the same questions. They found that while they had not explicitly stated what fees everyone should be charged to get things right, residents had to pay a fair price. There have been a few very exceptional cases where there was not a fair price. So there can be advantages and disadvantages to being too prescriptive about what management companies should and cannot do. But if there are any problems, we will of course intervene.

Electrical network

There is another problem, and that is the demand on the electricity grid. Although the major energy suppliers have all consistently stated that Ireland has sufficient power generation capacity to cope with the increase in the number of electric vehicles, this is usually accompanied by the caution that the management of this request will be necessary. “We recognize that smart charging of apartment buildings is essential, especially given the increased demand that may be placed on the grid system by apartment buildings and their parking lots,” said Gerry Cash. from private top-up provider EasyGo to The Irish Times.

“We believe that all subsidies should be directed towards smart chargers capable of meeting the needs of the grid. Currently, any type of charger, mute or otherwise, can be installed by any electrician and grant applications can be submitted to SEAI. This will be a significant missed opportunity and create problems in the future if not addressed now and could undermine “smart cities” initiatives. The switch to a smart grid must happen before the rapid increase in demand, not after. “

On the question of how it took so long to get this far in terms of apartment pricing, Cash states that “the government wants to be involved in this sector and therefore the quirks of the Irish public sector, the related policies and the associated restrictions. then come into play. More charging points in a competitive free market would be possible if the private sector were empowered. “

The question then arises, of course, of knowing how much all these subsidies and investments cost the State. On this point, the answer is perhaps a little easier – SEAI says it has so far paid out € 74 million in subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles and chargers for these vehicles.

To put this into context, last year, according to Green News, the government had to buy around 150 million euros in carbon credits and pay an additional 125 million euros in fines to the EU for exceeding agreed CO2 limits. In addition, the Green Party has calculated that air quality problems cost 2 billion euros each year in health-related costs and decreased productivity due to lost working days.

There is also a question of percentage to consider. According to SEAI figures, the Irish housing stock is divided into 88 percent houses and only 12 percent apartments. The occupants of these apartments are divided into 20 percent owners, 20 percent tenants with a local housing agency and 60 percent tenants with a private landlord.

It would be unfair to dismiss apartment dwellers as undeserving of special attention when it comes to electric car charging systems – after all, what’s right for one is right for the other, and we must encourage as many people as possible to use electric vehicles.

It is possible, however, that a certain balance needs to be struck between the fact that people living in apartments are likely to have easier access to public transport, and the fact that when they drive they are driving in urban areas, where localized emission reduction is as important as carbon reduction.

As always when it comes to electric cars and their infrastructure, the answer seems straightforward enough – having more EVs on the road and more chargers for them are two good things – but there is a lack of simplicity in the routes that we have to borrow to get there.

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Romford tops the list of areas with the most stolen vehicles

Britain’s auto crime hot spots revealed: Romford postcode has highest proportion of vehicle thefts for second year in a row

  • Romford turned out to be the area with the most car thefts for the second year
  • Meanwhile, those in Scotland are among the safest
  • We reveal the best – and worst – places for auto theft

Romford has the highest reported auto theft rate in the UK for the second year in a row, according to a new study.

Postal code “RM” has a car theft rate of 16.38 per 1,000 insurance claims in 2021 – an increase from 15.74 in 2020, according to data from Money Super Market and enough to exceed all. other regions of the country.

Ilford and Barking followed closely behind with a rate of 15.71, again for a second year in a row as thieves continue to target the same areas.

Hotspot: Romford is the place with the most car thefts in the UK for the second year in a row

Meanwhile, Dumfries and Galloway, located in the southern highlands of Scotland, have the lowest reported car theft rate at 0.37 per 1,000 people.

Money Super Market analyzed millions of auto insurance claims made on its site between July 20, 2020 and July 20, 2021 to identify areas with the highest and lowest rates of auto theft claims reported on a market. period of five years.

He revealed Birmingham was the region with the third highest theft rate with 13.33 claims per 1,000, followed closely by North London with a rate of 12.61.

Enfield, Dudley and South West London were also on the list.

Meanwhile, Scottish sites dominate the ten safest areas for auto theft, with Kirkwall, Perth, Paisley and Galashiels all taking the top spots.

Other areas with the lowest theft rate include Isle of Man with a claim rate of 0.39 per 1,000 and Llandrindod Wells with a claim rate of 0.79.

The southwestern towns of Plymouth and Exeter were also on the list.

Regarding age, research has found that drivers aged 30 to 39 are the most likely to report their car stolen with a theft rate of 8.78 per 1,000 people, while those aged 20 at age 24 are the least at risk with a rate of 4.09.

This compares to 2020, where those 40 to 49 were the most likely to face a higher risk of car theft with a rate of 8.33.

Rank Region and postal code Theft rate per 1000
1 Romford RM 16.38
2 Ilford and Barking IG 15.71
3 Birmingham – B 13.33
4 North London N 12.61
5 Enfield – FR 12.05
6 Dudley DY 11.66
7 South West London SW 11.32
8 Bromley – BR 11.01
9 Stockport – SK 10.82
ten West End – W 10.67
Source: Money Supermarket
Scottish locations dominate the ten safest areas for auto theft, with many in the top spots

Scottish locations dominate the ten safest areas for auto theft, with many in the top spots

The Ford Fiesta was the most targeted vehicle by thieves in 2020 with 3,392 reported cases, according to DVLA statistics, followed by the Land Rover Range Rover with 2,881 cases and then the Volkswagen Golf with 1,975 cases.

Praksha Patel-Shah, Auto Insurance Expert at Money Super Market, said, “Not only where you live and park your car can increase the likelihood of you experiencing car theft, but criminals are now becoming more inventive and sophisticated when it comes to modern vehicles. , additional prevention may therefore be necessary.

“Our research shows that urban and built-up areas have the highest incidences of auto theft, while more rural and remote areas tend to have fewer cases.

“Insurers take your location into account when providing you with a quote, so if you live in an area with a high theft rate, you might see that reflected in higher premiums.

“Whatever your location, finding a new car insurance policy can help you cut costs significantly – in just a few minutes, you could save up to £ 236 per year. “

Rank Region and postal code Theft rate per 1000
1 DG – Dumfries and Galloway 0.37
2 IV – Inverness 0.39
3 IM – Isle of Man 0.39
4 KW – Kirkwall 0.48
5 LD – Well of Llandrindod 0.79
6 PH – Perth 0.87
7 PL – Plymouth 0.98
8 PA – Cashmere 1.01
9 TD – Galashiels 1.11
ten EX – Exeter 1.31
Source: Money Supermarket

Previous research conducted last month found that nine of the top ten auto theft locations are in the capital, including the exclusive areas of Kensington and Chelsea as well as Ealing and Wandsworth, according to data collected by Co-Op Insurance .

He revealed Preston was the only postcode in the north with auto crime statistics high enough to make it into the top 20, number 13 on the list.

Meanwhile, correlating with research conducted by Money Super Market, Moray in Scotland was found to have the fewest vehicle theft claims in four years.

Tips for keeping a car safe

Money Super Market has compiled a list of seven tips for securing your vehicle against potential thieves:

1. Make sure that your car keys are not easily accessible, avoid leaving them near your front door and in the sight of possible opportunists.

2. Always check that your car is locked before you leave – many assume their vehicle will automatically lock and put themselves at risk of easy car theft.

3. If you can, parking off-road or in a garage can make it more difficult for criminals to steal your vehicle. Using a garage can help further protect your car and can also help you save money on your auto insurance.

4. Many car thefts are opportunistic and unplanned, so make sure your car is equipped with an alarm and that no valuables are left in sight. If possible, do not leave your vehicle running or unattended, even for a short time.

5. Obtaining windows made of safety glass or reinforced glazing, which are designed to prevent “smash and grab” attacks, can protect you from damage to your vehicle.

6. Safety measures such as tracking devices and steering wheel locks can act as a deterrent, minimizing damage and increasing the chances of recovery.

7. If you have a keyless car, try purchasing a metal box or protective pouch to store your keys – this will help prevent criminals from using advanced methods like relay technology to unlock your vehicle.


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Do parking tickets affect your insurance rates?

Parking violations cost Americans an average of $ 25 to $ 200, according to a Drexel University central business district public parking survey that included data from 107 U.S. cities. If you don’t pay for your tickets on time, late fees could accumulate or your car could be impounded. Typically, parking tickets do not affect the amount you pay for auto insurance. However, be aware that some unpaid tickets can affect your premium.

The amount you owe for your parking ticket will likely be listed in the municipal code for the town, county, or town where you received the ticket. If you’ve recently received a parking ticket, you may not be sure how to proceed. With that in mind, Bankrate’s editorial team has put together this guide to help you navigate your violation and the costs associated with it.

When tickets affect insurance rates

Parking tickets generally do not directly affect your auto insurance rates. A parking ticket is an immobility violation. Forgetting to power the meter is not tied to your driver’s license or reported to the DMV or your auto insurance company.

Even if you tell your insurer about your parking tickets, your insurance company will not use the information to decide whether you are more likely to have a car accident or to file an auto insurance claim.

Do parking tickets increase insurance in any way?

A parking ticket is unlikely to increase your insurance. However, unpaid parking tickets sent to collections could potentially affect your credit score. Some auto insurance companies will look at your credit score to decide whether to insure you and to determine the cost of your auto insurance.

This means that unpaid parking tickets could affect your premium. However, in states like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, auto insurance companies are not allowed to use your credit score as one of the factors determining the cost of your auto insurance. In this case, the unpaid tickets would have no effect on your auto insurance premiums.

How to Avoid Letting Parking Tickets Raise Insurance Rates

If you receive a parking ticket, it’s usually in your best interest to fix the problem right away. If you delay paying for your ticket, you could rack up late fees or even risk the city impounding your car.

Instead of avoiding paying your parking ticket, depending on your situation, consider these options:

  • Immediately send a letter in writing if you believe the ticket was in error, explaining why you think the ticket was not justified under the circumstances. Attach a copy of the ticket, contact details and supporting documents, such as photos of the broken meter or the partially covered or damaged “no parking” sign.
  • Talk to the city about a payment plan or other arrangements if you can’t pay it right away. The city may be able to freeze other late fees so you can catch up on your tickets.
  • Ask your family to lend you the money to pay for the tickets. You can then reimburse your family without worrying about late fees and additional collections.
  • Ask your employer for an advance on your wages to pay your tickets.

How to avoid parking tickets

The best way to avoid parking tickets is to be careful where you park. Scan nearby signs to make sure you are allowed to park in the area. Some areas have time limits or only allow parking at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week.

If you park in a metered area, bring plenty of change and be sure to note the time you paid to park. A good way to remember this is to set a timer on your smartphone to remind you of your parking lot. When you set an alarm, you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes to get back to your car or add more change to the meter.

If you park in an area with a broken parking meter, you may have a hard time proving to the local parking manager that the meter was defective. In this case, you may want to consider parking elsewhere if possible.

Finally, if you regularly receive parking tickets at home or near work, you may want to consider making other arrangements, such as renting a parking space in a garage, requesting parking assistance from your employer, or taking the necessary measures. public transport and leave your car safely parked elsewhere.

Other effects of parking tickets

While parking tickets generally don’t affect insurance rates, ignoring them could lead to more significant inconveniences, such as:

A boot on your tire

Some municipalities may place a boot on your car’s tire to deactivate it until the tickets are paid. In addition to paying for the ticket, you are responsible for paying someone to remove the safe, which can cost up to $ 159 in states like New York.

Late fee

Late fees on unpaid tickets can be costly. If you don’t pay your quote on time, the fees can be significantly increased to double or more. Some areas have legally imposed limits on how much municipalities can charge in late fees, but you may not want to risk accumulating overdue fees for your violations.

Get towed

If your car is towed and impounded for a number of parking tickets, be prepared to spend a lot of money to get it back. NBC 7 in San Diego, Calif., Published an article about the amount charged to people to get their vehicles released after unpaid parking tickets. NBC found that in 2019, some people paid between $ 2,733 and $ 5,055 to have their vehicles released. Worse, the city sold 1,452 of the 4,683 vehicles it towed for unpaid tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parking tickets affect your license?

Parking tickets will not affect your permit, as long as you pay for them. If you don’t pay for your parking infractions, the DMV could suspend your license or prevent you from renewing it. Depending on how many unpaid tickets you have, you may not even be able to renew your vehicle registration.

What other factors affect insurance rates?

Getting a parking ticket is not a movement violation and, therefore, is unlikely to directly affect your insurance rate. Traffic tickets such as speeding or passing a red light are generally much more likely to affect your car insurance premium. However, many of the best auto insurance companies still offer cheap auto insurance for drivers with points on their licenses. You can also take advantage of discounts that could lower your insurance premium.

What if the parking ticket I received was wrong?

If you believe the ticket you received was incorrect, follow the instructions on the citation to write a letter explaining why you are contesting the ticket. Be sure to include your contact details, reference number and any evidence to support your claim.

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Car parking rate

Global Airport Technologies Market Trends, Strategies and Opportunities in Airport Technologies Market 2021-2030

Global Airport Technology Market Report 2021: Growth and Evolution of COVID-19 to 2030

The Business Research Company Global Airport Technologies Market Report 2021: Growth and Evolution of COVID-19 to 2030

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, July 27, 2021 / – According to the new market research report “Airport Technologies Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030” published by The Business Research Company, the global airport technology market is expected to grow from $ 11.38 billion in 2020 to $ 12.09 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%. The growth is mainly due to companies resuming operations and adjusting to the new normal while recovering from the impact of COVID-19, which previously led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, the remote work and closure of business activities which resulted in operational challenges. The airport technology market is expected to reach $ 14.3 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 4.3%. The increase in illegal immigration is a key driver of the airport technology market.

Sample request for Global Airport Technology Market report:

The airport technology market consists of the sale of airport technologies that enable a convenient and hassle-free customer experience at the airport. The different types of airport technologies include airport communications, airport management systems and software, digital signage systems, fire fighting systems, security systems, parking systems, airport management systems. passenger, baggage handling systems, cargo control systems, landing aids and guidance and lighting systems.

Global Airport Technology Market Trends
The implementation of automated baggage handling systems is an emerging trend in the airport technology market. Automated baggage handling systems involve the use of small robotic vehicles that transport the baggage from the conveyor belt, through the security system and finally to the respective aircraft carriers. The use of this technology is expected to reduce the number of baggage lost at airports.

Global Airport Technology Market Segments:
The global airport technology market is further segmented on the basis of type, application, and geography.
By type: Airport digital signage systems, Car parking systems, Airport communications, Landing aids, Guidance and lighting, Passenger, baggage and cargo control systems, Airport management software
By application: domestic airport, international airport
By Geography: The global airport technology market is segmented into North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Learn more about the Global Airport Technologies Market report at:

Airport Technologies Global Market Report 2021 is part of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides global airport technologies market overviews, analysis and forecast on market size and growth for the global technology market Airport Technologies, Global Airport Technologies Market Share, Airport Technologies Global Market Players, Global Airport Technologies Market Segments and Geographies, Revenue, Profiles and Market Share of the Major Competitors in the Airport Technologies Market. The Airport Technologies Market report identifies key countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and approaches of key competitors.

Read The Business Research Company’s Airport Technologies Global Market Report 2021 for information on the following:

Data segments: market size, global, by region and by country; Historical and forecast size, and growth rate for the world, 7 regions and 12 countries

Relevant airport technology market organizations: Thales ATM SA, Honeywell Airport Solutions, Siemens Airports, Raytheon Corp and CISCO Systems Inc.

Regions: Asia-Pacific, China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, United States, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Country: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, UK, USA.

Want to learn more about The Business Research Company?

The Business Research Company has published over 1,000 industry reports, covering over 2,500 market segments and 60 geographies. The reports are backed by 150,000 datasets, in-depth secondary research, and proprietary information from interviews with industry leaders. The reports are updated with a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 in various markets. Here is a list of reports from The Business Research Company similar to Airport Technologies Global Market Report 2021:

Global Online Microtransactions Market Report 2021: Impact of COVID-19 and Recovery to 2030

Global IoT Services Market Report 2021: Growth and Evolution of COVID-19 to 2030

Fintech Market – By type of service (payments, wealth management, insurance, personal loans, personal finance, money transfer, others), by technology (commerce and mobile transfers, robotic process automation, data analytics, others), by Service Provider (Payment Processors, Brokerage and Investment Firms, Banks, Nonbank Financial Companies and Others), and by Region, Opportunities and Strategies – Global Forecast to 2030

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Car parking rate

Whitestone man arraigned in Flushing Meadows Corona Park hit-and-run against seriously injured 4-year-old boy –

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The Whitestone biker who was charged in the hit-and-run collision that left a 4-year-old boy in critical condition was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on Thursday, July 22, and records show the injuries suffered by the preschooler were far superior to that initially reported.

Argenis Rivas, 29, has been charged with felony assault, endangering the welfare of a child and other crimes for beating Jonathan Beuschamps in the parking lot of the Meadow Lake boathouse in Flushing Meadows Corona Park Sunday evening July 18.

On July 21, detectives from the Regional Task Force on Fugitives arrested the notorious member of the infamous Trinitarios street gang who admitted to punching the youth after he ran out behind two parked cars, leaving him sprawled over the sidewalk with a head injury.

The criminal complaint, however, shows Beauschamp spent at least three days intubated on a ventilator at Cohen Children’s Hospital, where he remains in critical but stable condition.

The youngster was treated for a lacerated liver, suffered tremors and was watched for seizures and had bruises on his feet, calf, thigh, armpits and face. He also suffered an ankle fracture in the collision.

Rivas was riding his illegal off-road motorbike at high speed when he collided with the boy, and Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said the accused had walked away from the scene and kept walking. offer help to the child or report the incident. Rivas’ own account of the collision, cited in the criminal complaint, was more damaging.

“I was just crossing the parking lot. I wasn’t doing a wheelie. I was not running against anyone, I hit the kid with the front of the scooter, he ran out from behind the car, ”said Rivas, before describing why he left the scene of the collision. “I don’t have a license, my friends were a little scared because there was an aggressive crowd. I left with my friends in a gray Honda Accord.

An eyewitness at the scene said Rivas almost hit a person standing next to him.

“What started out as a recreational Sunday in the park has turned into a nightmare for a family in Queens,” Katz said. “As alleged, the accused was illegally riding a scooter in the park when he recklessly hit a child and continued. The city has seen an unacceptable increase in the number of provocative drivers of all types of vehicles driving illegally and injuring people. It is time for us to stand together to avoid further damage. “

Katz sat in the courtroom during the arraignment and the boy’s family left Queens Criminal Court without comment.

Rivas was sentenced to $ 15,000 on bail. If convicted, Rivas faces up to seven years in prison.

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