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Car park management

How could a 12-story building collapse?

Rescuers search the rubble for survivors.AP. picture

Video from a nearby security camera shows what happened Thursday night last week: Much of the complex, on the north side, is going downhill. Eight seconds later, another room collapses. In eleven seconds, there is nothing but emptiness in a place where hundreds of people lay down a few hours ago.

“Structural damage”

On Saturday, it emerged that an engineer had already warned three years ago of the discovery of “significant structural damage” on the property. Newspaper New York Times Watch a report describing the extensive damage to the concrete foundation under the pond. The report also notes a large number of cracks and collapses in the columns, beams and walls of the parking lot beneath the complex – damage likely caused by years of exposure to salty sea air.

At the time, architect Frank Morabita urged the building management to make quick repairs. A multi-million dollar refund has been developed and will be launched soon – after more than 2.5 years of warning from management.

Investigators to determine the cause of the disaster do not have full access to the site. Experts say it would take months to explore all possible scenarios: examining the individual components of the building now buried in the rubble, testing the concrete, and examining the ground to determine if there was another ditch or subsidence that might be. linked to the collapse.


Rescue teams are working on unstable mounds of concrete and steel still on fire, in the hope of finding survivors. It is a delicate job to do in the heat and in heavy rain. Heavy machinery carefully lifts large pieces of rubble to provide rescuers with new entrances into the rubble. Human remains have been found, but DNA tests are needed to identify the victims.

Rescue teams are working on unstable hills of cement and steel in the hope of finding survivors.Image via Reuters

In American media, the resort is referred to as “the microcosm” of multicultural Miami. Among the missing are residents of several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela and Paraguay (including the sister of the country’s first lady), as well as several Israelis. According to locals, every December there was a Christmas tree and a menorah (seven-armed candelabra) in the hallway. “It was a model of an open-minded society in these towers,” Rabbi Elliot Berelson said of one of the five synagogues within walking distance of the building. Washington post. Israel sent an army search team to Florida over the weekend to assist US rescuers.

Faded away

Meanwhile, hundreds of people await news of their loss at a center created for them. To date, four deaths have been recorded. Most people still don’t know if their fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters or friends who live in the 55 destroyed apartments are still alive.

Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.  Reuters photo
Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.Reuters photo

The neighbors are also panicking. At an emergency city council meeting, officials said they were called in by residents wondering if their apartment building was still safe and called for a further investigation of all apartment complexes in the area further. six storeys old and 40 years old. Like a collapsing building.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said there was no immediate evidence other buildings were in danger, but people were being considered for the evacuation of surrounding complexes – although many residents chose to go alone.

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Ongoing complaints along Maui’s Hāna Scenic Drive lead to 387 parking citations

Illegal parking along the Hāna highway June 2021. PC: courtesy

387 parking certificates issued along the Hāna highway

The Maui Police Department issued 387 parking tickets and 83 offender warnings on the Hāna Freeway between Ha’ikū and the town of Hāna over a three-week period, from June 1 to 23.

It’s part of an effort to alleviate and relieve traffic jams and illegal parking along the scenic route that has developed with the recent return of tourism.

County and state officials worked together to put up signs along the Hāna Highway, to discourage illegal parking by warning of a $ 35 parking ban fine and a 200 surcharge. $ for illegal stopping on a state highway.

Installation of the signs began on June 10 at the Waikamoi Stream Bridge at Mile 10. A total of approximately 70 signs are placed along the problem areas identified for the increase in fines, including: the Waikamoi Stream Bridge; Twin falls; Bamboo forest; Ching Pond; Waikani Bridge; Pua’a Ka’a Park; and the Hanawī Bridge.

“I understand the anger and frustration of our residents, especially those who live in the Hāna region,” Mayor Victorino said. “I don’t think these visitors would stop in the middle of the road or park illegally in their own hometown and endanger the safety of others, so why are they doing it here? ”


Until this recent change in legislature, all un-awarded parking fines went directly to the state to support the justice system. With the further increase of a $ 200 surcharge for parking, Mayor Victorino said he understands he will go to the state’s finance ministry, and each jurisdiction’s police department will receive half of this fine for enforcement purposes.

Illegal parking along the Hāna Highway, June 2021. PC: Wendy Midgett

Enforcement conducted due to officer shortage


“The Maui Police Department continues to operate with a huge staff shortage. Eighty percent of our workforce is what we deal with right now. We’re 20% short, that’s about 90 officers, ”Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said, less than what’s needed county-wide.

According to the mayor, the Maui Police Department sent an additional four to five police officers each day from Wailuku Station to cross the freeway between Twin Falls and Hāna Town, and sometimes towards Kaupō.

Also during the same three-week period, Hāna agents answered more than 200 service calls, and Wailuku agents answered more than 4,400 service calls, for a series of emergencies.


“A choice must be made between enforcing parking infractions or responding to the thousands of calls that MPD receives each week,” said Mayor Victorino. “I am sure our citizens agree that cracking down on crime is a higher priority than parking infractions, but we are working on other solutions.”

Mayor Victorino met with MPD officials to discuss the possibility of establishing a category for parking enforcement officers. Another temporary solution, he said, could be to increase efforts with the Maui County Park Rangers, but both options require an agreement with the unions representing both groups.

“We are always looking for other areas where we can help improve,” said Mayor Victorino. “We have been in discussions with SHOPO and UPW about adding parking enforcement officers or county rangers. It is not possible to restrict access to the Hāna highway and towing cars in the area leaves visitors stranded with probably no service providers or capacity with a cell phone, and poses a safety hazard ” , did he declare.

Because federal funds were used in the construction of the state highway, county officials note that the idea of ​​restricting or limiting access is prohibited except in the event of a health or safety crisis. such as the COVID-19 epidemic.

During the pandemic, lawmakers reassessed the impacts of tourism and explored ideas regarding traffic management in East Maui. From this discussion arose a reservation system that is now in place in Wai’ānapanapa State Park, which has seen an increase in crowds and commercial visits. As of March 1, parking and entrance fees have been put in place for visitors and out-of-state commercial vehicles, requiring visitors to select a time slot to spread sightseeing throughout the day. .

Kahului Airport: May 29, 2021. Photo by JD Pells
Kahului Airport: May 29, 2021. Photo by JD Pells

Long-term milestones: Kahului airport is “overcapacity”

From a broader perspective, a list of long-term steps has been identified to deal with overcrowding, visitor education and safe parking solutions.

During a press briefing on Friday, Mayor Victorino said Kahului airport was “overcapacity”.

“We met with airline executives on limiting the airlift to Kahului airport. This is the first step in many steps we have to work on, ”he said. “We asked our state Department of Transportation about issues with the doors… They are now planning to get people off the plane, get on the tarmac, jump on a bus and come from the tarmac to the terminal. – an extremely dangerous condition. “

The mayor said he had met with Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz and Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Ford Fuchigami to work on resolving these issues.

Once on the island, visitor education is identified as a key element in ensuring that tourists are aware of the appropriate protocols and policies. “My staff are asking hotels and car rental companies to educate tourists on Hāna Highway considerations,” Mayor Victorino said.

As visitors explore the island, “We are looking for paid parking and other types of parking available not only in our parks, but along our roads for a safe place where people can park and enjoy the sightseeing. “

“This is a complex problem that requires many solutions,” Mayor Victorino said in a press release. “Solving it will take a new mindset and a willingness to try new ideas. It is much more important than passing new laws or assigning more police officers. Maui County needs the cooperation of the business community, our community leaders and the visitors themselves. We need to change the mindset and the lack of civility that creates these situations in the first place. “

Traffic jams with tourists along the Hāna highway June 10, 2021. PC: courtesy

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

(NEXSTAR) – First responders from the Miami-Dade Fire Department are working tirelessly to find potential survivors after the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers Condo on the shore. A video of the apartment’s garage shows.

On Thursday evening, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team (MDFR) shared on Twitter a video that appeared to show firefighters and rescue technicians digging the walls of an underground parking lot at a surfboard apartment. MDFR’s Florida Task Force-1 and the Technical Rescue Team search and rescue teams are one of the teams working to free the trapped population, the MDFR said.

In the video, workers were also seen walking through the basement garage in water as deep as their knees.

“Firefighters continue to work to identify potential victims while dealing with significant damage and changing the condition of parking lots,” the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team wrote in a tweet.

After the building partially collapsed on Thursday, rescue teams continue to search for signs of life above and below a pile of rubble more than 30 feet tall. Cranes are used to remove debris from the summit, and workers are digging rock drills and tunnels from the bottom at the same time, Miami-Dade Fire Chief Raid Jadara said.

“Whenever we hear the sound, we are focusing on the area,” Jadara said at a press conference on Friday morning. “It could be just a twist of steel, it could be a lump of rain, but it isn’t the sound of a bang or the human voice in particular.”

In addition to other first responders and rescue teams, around 130 firefighters are involved in the recovery effort.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the total number of unexplained people rose to 159 on Friday morning.

“In addition, we can tragically report that the death toll has reached four,” she said. Press conference. However, the mayor added that these figures remain “fluid”.

President Joe Biden will also endorse Florida’s declaration of emergency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will support disaster relief efforts and provide the necessary resources “to mitigate the effects of emergencies.” Approved. Ad..

Mayor Daniela Levin Kara said resources for condominium residents and their families are now provided to the Family Reunification Center, where they can receive food, shelter, money and bereavement counseling. . I can do it. She also encourages them “Widely” Donate to the relief efforts at

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

Source link Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

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CS orders Deptts to complete PMDP projects in current fiscal year

CS orders Deptts to complete PMDP projects in current fiscal year
On Thursday, Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta reviews PMDP plans in Srinagar.

Excelsior correspondent
SRINAGAR, June 24: Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta chaired a meeting to review the sectoral implementation of PMDP projects in terms of physical and financial progress made to date. Departments were ordered to complete all projects this fiscal year, as there would be no fallout in the following fiscal year.
The administrative secretaries of the departments of Housing and Urban Development, Energy Development, Jal Shakti, Planning, Development and Supervision, Youth Services and Sports, Food, Civilian Supplies and consumption, as well as the commissioner, the general manager of Srinagar Smart City participated in the meeting.
At the start, the Administrative Secretary of the Planning, Development and Monitoring Department made a detailed presentation on the status of PMDP projects underway in Jammu and Kashmir.
Dr Mehta asked the administrative secretaries to monitor the execution of PMDP projects and to focus on completing the projects on time. Extensive deliberations were held to review the progress of major development projects aimed at increasing infrastructure in the areas of electricity, sports, irrigation and flood control, as well as water supply. housing and urban development.
He stressed that the restoration of Dal and Nigeen lakes is a priority for the government and that their rehabilitation should be undertaken intensively to ensure large-scale weeding of water bodies within three months. He asked the Department of Housing and Urban Development to undertake regular monitoring of water quality parameters including pH, turbidity, dissolved solvents, e-coli and BOD levels of these lakes.
As part of the Smart City mission, the chief secretary asked the department to complete the first phase of the Jhelum river front by September 30, 2021. In addition, the department was asked to complete the parking lot of surface at Kothibagh, the integrated traffic management system and integrated control and command. Center before June 30, July 15, and August 31, 2021, respectively.
He asked the ministry to develop a suitable upgrade project for Batmaloo bus station to provide better services to commuters and travelers.
In the sports sector, the Chief Secretary reviewed the progress of sports infrastructure at Bakshi Stadium. He was informed that 94% of works worth Rs. 164 crore have been completed. It has been decided that the stadium will be open to the public before August 15, 2021.
He also reviewed the progress of various iconic projects in Jammu and Kashmir including the Kwar and Ujh hydroelectric projects (HEP and Metrolite Rail for the cities of Srinagar and Jammu.
Further, while reviewing the megaprojects of the Biotech Park in Handwara and the Industrial Biotech Park in Ghatti, Kathua which are being built in collaboration with ICMR and IIIM as knowledge partners, Dr Mehta asked the relevant department to consult stakeholders from various educational and research institutions. from Kashmir; in order to ensure results that can benefit the entire population.

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$ 816 million budget helps create a safer, more secure future on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council

Creating a more secure and secure future for our community remains at the center of attention, with the Sunshine Coast Council approving its $ 816 million budget for 2021/22.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the budget will continue to support the region’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 by investing $ 268 million in job-creating local infrastructure projects, supporting retirees through concessions increases and by increasing spending on front-line services for our community.

“We delivered a thoughtful budget focused on local recovery without an increase in the general minimum rate, which is good news for the majority of taxpayers,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“COVID-19 has caused the most severe global economic crisis in over a century and we are not out of the woods yet.

“One only needs to look at the recent interstate lockdowns and our own experience earlier this month to understand how vulnerable communities can be during the recovery process.

“Thanks to our board’s track record of disciplined financial management, we entered the pandemic last year with a strong budget position with a disaster rehabilitation reserve of $ 5 million.

“This reserve allowed us to respond when we needed it, and we gave each taxpayer a one-time COVID rebate of $ 35 last year.

“This year, the board looks to the future once again as we balance our investments in our environment, community and economy and continue to support our region’s recovery efforts.

“In keeping with our role as stewards of our community’s well-being, we will restore the $ 5 million Disaster Rehabilitation Reserve that will be set aside to help us recover from a future major disaster.

“Our council also responds to what matters most to our community by increasing our investment in services on the ground, such as the maintenance of parks and gardens, community facilities, sports arenas and the provision of health and wellness programs. of well-being – that will help all people, more often.

“The reestablishment of the $ 5 million disaster rehabilitation reserve and increased field services will be funded by removing the 5% discount for on-time rate payment.

“It’s a financially prudent approach to support our growing community, while avoiding a widespread increase in the general rate.

“The Council, however, remains committed to assisting taxpayers who cannot pay in full by the due date and will continue to suggest payment terms.

“Anyone experiencing financial difficulties need only contact the city council before their tariffs expire, to arrange payment over a six-month period, without interest. “

Mayor Jamieson said council also recognized the financial hardships faced by retirees in our community.

“All retirees will benefit from a 14% increase in their preferential retiree rate,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“Sole proprietors with full board will receive a grant of $ 262, an increased benefit of $ 32.

“Those who receive a partial pension will also benefit, ranging from $ 9 to $ 25, bringing their concession to between $ 74 and $ 205, depending on whether they own the property alone or jointly.”

Mayor Jamieson said the council will continue its commitment to carry out a substantial capital works program, investing $ 268 million in the area, which would help support a stronger local economy, create jobs and give access to new services and facilities for our community.

He also reaffirmed the board’s commitment to prioritizing local businesses as part of its sourcing agreements wherever possible, having spent $ 241 million with local suppliers in the current fiscal year to to June 1.

“While our budget is focused on helping our community and local businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19, we have not neglected our enduring commitment to protect our environment and our natural assets,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“The environmental tax will increase from $ 4 to $ 80 and raise $ 11.9 million to continue to support our environmental partnerships and grants, education and other incentives, the purchase and management of land for conservation purposes.” , coastal catchment and rehabilitation projects.

“It is important to note that this year’s $ 4 royalty increase will bring in $ 600,000 which will be allocated to improving the region’s response to weeds.

“This will involve targeted weed management demonstration programs, building partnerships with the community, industry and other agencies and a focus on exploring and testing new technologies to improve the identification and management of weeds.

“The heritage tax will remain at $ 13 and raise $ 1.9 million to continue to support a wide range of initiatives to promote the heritage stories and assets of our region.

“It will also support community museums, historical societies and cultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and the descendants of the Australian peoples of the South Sea Islands.”

The transportation tax will remain at $ 44, allowing $ 6.5 million to be directed to many projects, including finalizing the options analysis for the Sunshine Coast transit project; the implementation of the five-year travel behavior change program; improving the possibilities of safe walking and cycling to selected bus stops; support and monitor the new Ridescore Active Schools trial program in selected schools; support the Council Link service for eligible people going to the nearest center; continuation of Flexilink services; and the Kenilworth Community Transportation Service.

To account for the increase in contractor expenses, the cost of collecting a standard 240-liter household garbage can will increase by $ 7.70, from $ 309.10 to $ 316.80.

The Council’s $ 816 million budget includes:

  • $ 24.6 million for Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Modernization: Stage 2 – Brisbane Road to Kyamba Court, including the new Mayes Canal Bridge (including funding of $ 12 million from the Australian government through the $ 4 billion urban congestion) and Stage 3 – Brisbane Road / Walan Street / Hancock Street intersection
  • $ 23.3 million to seal and rehabilitate the council’s sealed road network, including Old Gympie Road, Glass House Mountains
  • $ 13 million to build a new multi-story parking lot in downtown Maroochydore
  • $ 5.7 million to continue waterproofing the council’s gravel road network, including Zgrajewski Road, Yandina Creek; Oyster Bank Road, Bli Bli; Citrus Road, Palmwoods
  • $ 3.6 million to build a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge on Stringybark Road, Buderim
  • $ 2.1 million in funding for the $ 2.32 million Citrus Road upgrade, Palmwoods
  • $ 1.5 million (jointly funded with the Ministry of Transportation and Major Roads) for the detailed design of the corridor modernization from Nicklin Way to Omrah Avenue in Caloundra.
  • $ 840,000 to modernize the intersection of Queen Street and Bower Street in Caloundra
  • $ 620,000 to build a curb and pipeline between Conebush Road and Coolibah Street, Mudjimba
  • $ 575,000 to upgrade the entrance road and parking lot at Mooloolah Valley Sports Complex, Mooloolah Valley
  • $ 359,000 to design and begin construction of on-road parking along Obi Lane South, Maleny
  • $ 300,000 to upgrade the intersection of the Coolum Sports Complex on David Low Way
  • $ 190,000 to widen the road joint and rehabilitate the bridge on Kings Road, Glass House Mountains
  • $ 150,000 to design the enlargement and resealing of Obi Lane, Maleny
  • $ 50,000 to widen a narrow section of Burnett Lane between Maleny Kenilworth Road and Engle Lane, Reesville
  • $ 50,000 to widen road seal along Annie Street, Landsborough
  • $ 50,000 to widen Burys Road, Beerwah


  • $ 5.25 million for Northern Parkland upgrades as part of the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalization Project
  • $ 700,000 to advance space creation activities in downtown Eumundi
  • $ 450,000 for the construction of the Woombye Cityscapes Project
  • $ 200,000 for Eudlo cityscape works
  • $ 200,000 for Maleny cityscape work
  • $ 50,000 to design the next phase of the Landsborough Place creative master plan

    Sports and hobbies

  • $ 5 million to advance the first leg of the new Honeyfarm Road sports complex in Meridan Plains
  • $ 1.1 million to build the extension of the Nambour Petrie Creek Parklands quota park
  • $ 1.1 million to design and build a District Recreation Park in downtown Sippy Downs – Forest Park West Sippy Downs
  • $ 1 million for the refurbishment of equipment at the Nambour Aquatic Center, the pool enclosure and the renewal of infrastructure.
  • $ 750,000 to design and build the Dicky Beach Park Coastal Path at Sir Leslie Wilson Park, Dicky Beach and $ 220,000 to extend the Bokarina-Warana Coastal Path to John Hotton Park, Bokarina
  • $ 1.1 million to continue the cob replacement program at Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore
  • $ 405,000 to renew retaining walls in the region
  • $ 380,000 to renew access to beaches along coastal areas

    Waste and recycling

  • $ 16.86 million to advance the design and construction of the Landfill Expansion and Resource Recovery Center at Nambour Waste City, Bli Bli,
  • $ 11 million to start up new materials recovery facility, Bli Bli
  • $ 4.5 million to design and build infrastructure such as roads, utilities, utilities, storm water and a weighbridge to enable further development and land use in the waste area by Nambour, Bli Bli

General minimum rate notice 2021/22

(60% of taxpayers are on the general minimum tariff)


Total prices and fees







General minimum tariffs



240 liter wheelie bin




Environmental tax




Transportation tax



Heritage tax







* This calculation does not take into account the application of the pensioner benefit, which will further reduce the rates payable by eligible taxpayers

ˆThe on-time payment discount no longer applies

/ Public distribution. This material is from the original organization and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. See it in full here.

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Aldi asks people to show interest now in positions at its next new store in Coventry

Aldi is currently inviting people to show interest in positions at its next new store in Coventry – which is slated to open this year.

Aldi plans to open its sixth store in Coventry later this year at Alvis Retail Park, not far from the city center.

In April, a spokesperson for Aldi told CoventryLive that there had been no specific update at that time on the opening of the Alvis Retail Park store.

Work has yet to begin on the store, which will be located in Curry’s former PC World outlet.

Aldi previously advertised a number of positions in the Alvis Retail Park store and offered the opportunity for people to express interest in other positions.

Now this recruitment drive has grown, with people having the opportunity to express their interest in seven advertised positions.

It is not known how many people in total Aldi is looking to hire at the new store.

Roles range from career starter to assistant manager.

The positions currently advertised for those wishing to express an interest are as follows:

Beginner apprentice

Pay: £ 6.34 per hour

The specification says, “One thing is for sure, as a newbie apprentice in retail you will never be bored.

“By balancing theory and practical in-store, you’ll have to work hard on this one-year program.

“There is a real family spirit here and we are all part of a tight-knit team.

“And since there is always a lot of support from those around you, from store managers to store assistants, you’ll never feel like you’re struggling.

“In this fast-paced environment, you will learn something new every day in a business that thrives on being different.

“As someone who wants to make a difference, you will find that all of this adds up to an exciting challenge.

“Time will pass and before you know it you will have your Level 2 Retail Qualification and be working as a full-fledged Store Assistant with real opportunities for advancement in the future.”

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Janitor / cleaner

Pay: £ 9.50 per hour

The specification says, “As a dedicated and hard worker, you will perform essential work to the highest standards and ensure that your store is always in top condition.

“This will allow you to tackle tasks such as removing garbage and debris from the parking lot and loading bay. Wash exterior windows and glass doors until they shine. Or making sure the carts are clean and free of litter, just the way our customers like them.

“We are good at a lot of things at Aldi, but we are particularly good at taking care of our people.

“It’s just another of the many things that set us apart head and shoulders from others.

“And we’ll do everything we can to show our appreciation, with some of the best pay rates in the industry and a friendly and supportive work environment.”

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket
The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Deputy director

Pay £ 10.55 to £ 11.57 per hour

The specifications say, “In this incredibly diverse role, you will help run a store that is better and more successful than ever.

“You will take real pride in maximizing sales, providing excellent customer service, minimizing costs and maximizing productivity.

“There is also a real responsibility. In the absence of the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager, you will be fully responsible for the store, gaining valuable experience to help you take your next step in management.

“That means you’ll tackle everything from ordering inventory to training employees, and checking product displays to achieving sales targets.

“It’s great to be part of a company that does things its own way and achieves fantastic results while doing it. “

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket
The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Stock assistant

Pay: £ 9.50 per hour

The specification says, “It’s great to be part of a company that does things its own way and gets fantastic results while doing it.

“This is what you will feel as a Stock Assistant at Aldi.

“It’s a very dynamic environment, so there is certainly no risk of getting bored.

“And everyone here understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success – and continues to do so. But the team is quite small, so if you don’t contribute it will show soon.

“Time will pass as you work hard to minimize stock loss, assist with inventory counts, verify deliveries, and ensure shelves are stocked with attractive and well-presented products. “And, of course, you will provide excellent customer service at all times by responding to customer needs in a prompt and friendly manner.”

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Store assistant (CDD and CDI)

Pay: £ 9.55 to £ 10.57 per hour

The specifications say: “At Aldi, you will never be bored and you will be twiddling your thumbs on the cash register as a store assistant. In fact, time will pass.

“You’ll do everything from checking deliveries to handling inquiries to ensuring shelves are stocked with well-presented products.

“And, of course, you will provide excellent customer service at all times by responding to customer needs in a quick and friendly manner.

“It’s a very dynamic environment, and everyone understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success – and is getting down to it.

“There is a real family spirit here, and we are all part of a tight-knit team. “

Apprentice in store management

Pay: £ 6.34 to £ 9.44 per hour

The specification says, “One thing is for sure, as a retail store management apprentice you will never be bored.

“Balancing theory and practical in-store, you’ll have to work hard on this three-year program.

“There is a real family spirit here and we are all part of a tight-knit team.

“And since there is always a lot of support from those around you, from store managers to store assistants, you’ll never feel like you’re struggling.

Fast paced environment

“In this fast-paced environment, you will learn something new every day in a business that thrives on being different.

“As someone who wants to make a difference, you will find that all of this adds up to an exciting challenge.

“Time will pass and before you know it you will have your Level 3 Retail Team Leader qualification and work as a full-fledged Assistant Store Manager with real opportunities for advancement in the future. . “

To express your interest in the jobs created in the Alvis Retail ParkAldi store, click here.

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Coventry event security company signs deal with DW Stadium in Wigan

The Stadium event management specialist has added the DW Stadium in Wigan to its portfolio of sports venues.

Coventry Stadium, which provides traffic management, security, event services and training for organizations has signed a three-year agreement with site owners Wigan Athletic and Phoenix 2021 Limited.

The contract provides that Stadium will provide 170 employees for at least 40 home matches for Wigan Athletic FC and Wigan Warriors Rugby League FC as well as other public events at the stadium.

The roles performed by stadium staff will include an operations manager, chief stewards, company hotel stewards and security guards, arena stewards and parking marshals.

The company’s sports clients include Liverpool Football Club, Burnley Football Club, Derby Football Club, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Ricoh Arena and Wembley Stadium.

David McAtamney, Owner and Founder of Stadium, said: “The DW Stadium is one of the busiest in the country because it plays host to major sports all year round, so it’s a really fantastic contract to win.

“We will provide staff at all levels to ensure that Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic supporters have a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting DW Stadium.

“We are constantly recruiting as we have so many roles and functions throughout the year and as always all of our staff will be highly qualified and fully trained. “

Mal Brannigan, Managing Director of Wigan Athletic and Phoenix 2021 Limited, said: “We chose Stadium because of its exceptional track record of ensuring safe places and opportunities that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages and of various sports.

“We look forward to developing what we believe will be a very successful partnership in the future. “

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Waitrose says its recycling bins will remain open after outcry

Waitrose on Ecclesall Road said he had to remove recycling bins for health and safety reasons following a series of incidents where the bins were misused and there were spills of flies .

He announced the closure after receiving an execution notice from Sheffield Council and threatened with a fixed penalty and potential lawsuits due to ongoing fly spills at the site linked to the garbage cans in the store’s parking lot.

The store put its decision on hold following an outcry from local residents who said it was one of the few places in town where tetrapaks can be recycled.

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Coun Barbara Masters and Deputy Manager of Waitrose branch Marc De Haviland

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Coun Barbara Masters and Deputy Manager of Waitrose branch Marc De Haviland

Ecclesall advisers Shaffaq Mohammed and Barbara Masters met with Marc De Haviland, the deputy manager of the branch, to find a solution.

Mr De Haviland said: “We have had positive discussions with the council and the waste management company and believe we have found a good solution which will allow the facility to remain open.

“This includes increasing collections, increasing cleaning and installing additional bins. “

Advisors and Waitrose both agree that moving the facility deeper into the parking lot, which has better CCTV coverage, would have a significant impact on some of the fly tipping issues.

Councilor Mohammed said: “We have seen for ourselves the amount of waste dumped around and on top of the garbage can and since the first visit the improvements made to the site.

“A lot has been done by Waitrose to find solutions to this problem which plagues many parts of Sheffield and we ask people to be responsible for their waste.

“The store hopes that with better support from the municipality and Veolia, the problems of the recycling center can be brought under control. “

Coun Masters added: “Waitrose is optimistic that conditions will improve considerably once the measures are in place and remain so.

“We don’t want to see it shut down, so my appeal to residents is to use the site responsibly, otherwise we risk losing this invaluable community facility.”


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To what extent is it possible to produce your own energy?

The idea of ​​producing your own energy is a process that has become much more feasible in recent years, as the price of renewables has fallen and financiers, regulators and businesses have become more comfortable with it. idea of ​​distributed production.

On-site clean energy production can use a number of different technologies, depending on the individual situation of your facilities. These include solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy. The most common are solar panels, which can be easily installed using a modular approach, according to E.ON’s product manager, John Martin. But of course, it’s not for all businesses, he explains. “If you have rooftop space or land nearby, or even parking with carports, they’re easy to set up,” says Martin. Although the price of the energy produced is not quite competitive with the grid at this time, you get price certainty and avoid future price fluctuations. “

While the benefits of taking steps to support your own energy supply are clear, it pays to be thorough in your preparations for installing on-site energy solutions, he stresses. “In addition to your own energy profile, you need to understand the costs associated with grid reinforcement on your local energy grid, the necessary permits and planning, and the optimal technology options,” he explains. “You have to study the market because the costs of technology are going down all the time, but different options have different capabilities. “

The carrot and the stick

And what about the costs? Do you want to fund it with cash or do you need to look at the funding options available? One of the main challenges in getting your business to generate its own electricity is getting buy-in from senior management. “They often say it’s a good idea environmentally, but it’s too expensive,” says Martin. “However, clean energy options are constantly moving closer to economic parity, and clean energy can give you greater certainty over your costs, allowing you to reduce risk and lower your emissions at the same time. to go to net zero is only going to increase It makes sense to start now when there are more carrots – than to have to do it later when there are more sticks.

To read the full article, download the free and exclusive “The Race to Net Zero” guide from BusinessGreen. Click here.

This article is sponsored by E.ON.

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Auckland tornado papatoetoe: damaged house had just been sold to new owner who is moving in next month

South Auckland tornado: more than 1,200 houses, mainly in Papatoetoe and Manurewa, affected.

A Papatoetoe family whose home was damaged in yesterday’s tornado is rushing to make repairs before a new owner moves out next month.

Annelise Greenfield woke up this morning thinking “was yesterday real or a nightmare?”.

A day earlier, she huddled in the hallway with her husband and three children and prayed as the tornado made its way to Grand Vue Drive.

“The noise was horrible, it looked like our roof was being ripped off. My 10 year old daughter thought she was going to die. She was petrified.”

The Greenfields lost part of their fence, the mailbox was at the front door, the garage door was smashed in, and the roof was damaged.

Damage to the fence of the Greenfield property in Papatoetoe.  Photo / Supplied
Damage to the fence of the Greenfield property in Papatoetoe. Photo / Supplied

The spa pool cover has flipped over and there is glass on the patio and spa, and a girl’s car is in decline.

“This morning it looks like a war zone again,” Annelise said.

After a night without electricity, Annelise had the immediate task today of taking her two teenage daughters to the ballet in Papakura before being signed up for surgery tomorrow.

The Greenfields also have the issue of repairing damage to their 15-year-old home before they move to a new home in Shelly Park in east Auckland and the new owner moves in.

The sale of the house became unconditional two weeks ago.

Annelise said she informed the new owner of the damage caused by the tornado. The new owner’s insurance will cover the repairs.

“She came and looked at him and was so grateful that we still lived on the property and took the necessary steps to keep it safe,” said Annelise, whose husband is a mason.

“Besides the surgery, tearing a tornado, we have to move. It looks like it’s all at the same time,” she said.

Annelise Greenfield, left, with her children Zara, 17, Amelia, 10, Caleb 15. Photo / Supplied
Annelise Greenfield, left, with her children Zara, 17, Amelia, 10, Caleb 15. Photo / Supplied

The Greenfields were also relieved when the family’s cat, Stella, showed up last night after missing for 12 hours after the tornado.

“We were very concerned that the cat might have been trapped under some debris. It was a relief for her to come home last night,” she said.

The family spent the last night fixing tarps over their damaged roof and running a generator. Civil defense personnel knocked on their door to see if the family was okay, and members of the local Adventist church showed up with a dinner of chicken noodle soup, salad and muffins. with bananas and chocolate chips.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t think of eating,” said Annelise, who earlier in the day had confused her family, including a 10-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, at the security.

“It looked like a plane was landing on our house. We sat in the hallway hugging each other and started praying.”

Meanwhile, Auckland Emergency Management, working with emergency response agencies and Auckland Council teams, continue to support those affected by yesterday’s tornado in Papatoetoe today and are focusing on efforts of cleaning.

Cleanup efforts in the Papatoetoe area continue with council contractors cleaning up trees and debris and organizing a new garbage collection.

A team of Auckland Council building inspectors will shortly begin inspecting the affected properties to understand the extent of the damage and ensure that hazardous buildings are checked and secured.

Auckland Council Building General Manager Ian McCormick said the team’s priority was safety.

“Our inspectors will assess buildings to let owners and residents know if their buildings can stay safe and advise on next steps. “

The violent tornado uprooted trees, severely damaged homes and knocked down power lines.  Photo / Hayden Woodward
The violent tornado uprooted trees, severely damaged homes and knocked down power lines. Photo / Hayden Woodward

Auckland Emergency Management Duty Controller Parul Sood said response needs were light overnight, but teams will continue to provide social support.

“Today the focus is on continuing to assess damage in the region, coordinate a building inspection program and manage waste and debris,” she said. .

The Ōtara Pool and Recreation Center Civil Defense Wellness Center (Bairds Rd Entrance) has been open since Saturday at 2 p.m. and remains available for those affected by the tornado who need assistance or assistance. So far, the center has provided temporary accommodation for two families.

An additional information center is being set up at the Allan Brewster Leisure Center, 7 Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe. Visitors to the center will be able to speak with representatives of Auckland Emergency Management, the Red Cross, the Department of Social Development and the Insurance Board for advice on financial aid and information on insurance.

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