Car park management

Car park management

Prevatte’s Home Sales becomes Oakwood Homes of Lumberton

LUMBERTON – The name of a local family who have played a vital role in regional health care for decades rose on a tower on Monday.

The UNC Health Southeastern Board of Trustees dedicated the healthcare system’s seven-story patient bed tower as the Rust Tower in an unveiling ceremony at the main entrance to the medical center. Board Chairman Wayland Lennon unveiled a sign with the new name in front of an audience of the Rust family, board members and healthcare system leaders in a ceremony broadcast live on Facebook.

“The Rust family have an extreme sense of volunteerism and commitment to Robeson County and our health care system,” said Lennon. “Their guidance and leadership has helped UNC Health Southeastern overcome triumphs and challenges, never straying from their true mission of providing the citizens of our service area with the best of health care. “

UNC Health Southeastern President / CEO Joann Anderson recalled former board member James “Randy” Rust and his influence during his early days as CEO in her remarks.

“Having worked with the Rust family for 14 years, I have appreciated their commitment to doing what is right for the greatest number,” said Anderson. “They have worked collectively to ensure that health care is always available in our region. The name of the tower is representative of their desire to make health care accessible to all.

To conclude the ceremony, Lisa and Kenneth Rust responded on behalf of the family.

“It is indeed a great privilege to be here today and with the greatest humility we thank you for this honor,” said Lisa Rust. “As much as you honor us today, as much we recognize that you could put a number of names on the outside of this building and it would still be a shell without the men and women inside the building who practice ubuntu ( I am, because we are) love every day. If our name is associated with this kind of love, then you have indeed done us a great honor, and I thank you for that.

Kenneth Rust reflected on the importance of his service and that of his father on the health system board.

“Over the past ten or twenty years, many rural hospitals have struggled, many are downsizing and even more closing their doors,” he said. “Yet in the face of this trend, this institution is thriving. Local access to quality health care, especially in any rural county, such as Robeson County, is a fragile privilege. This is one of the first truths generations of board members quickly learn when they begin their service. “

For the past 35 years, three members of the Rust family have served on the board of directors of the health care system or the Foundation.

James “Randy” Rust served on the health care board for 27 years, from 1986 to 2013. During his tenure, Rust served as chairman of the board in 1991-1992 and again in 1999-2003. He was awarded Director Emeritus status in 2014 to honor his commitment and dedication to the Southeast and the patients served throughout the Southeast region.

Randy Rust also served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1990 to 1998. During his tenure on the Health System Board, he saw significant growth in outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, and drop-in centers. in shape, emergency and oncology departments, and the addition of the La tour patient bed. He also supported and helped with the Take it to the Top! Capital Campaign, which has raised more than $ 4.6 million for projects to improve emergency care and cancer treatment and to provide private rooms to virtually all hospital patients. Rust has demonstrated unwavering support and faith in the open heart surgery center offered in cooperation with Duke Health despite many setbacks during the five-year approval process, during which he visited many cities. of North Carolina to speak on behalf of the citizens of the community he represented.

Randy Rust and his wife, Mary Anne, served on several Foundation Gala committees. He was recognized statewide for his healthcare leadership and advocacy efforts by receiving the North Carolina Hospital Association Trustee Service Award for 2002 and his election to the NCHA Board of Directors in 2003 for a three-year term.

Kenneth Rust has served on the board of directors of UNC Health Southeastern since 2015, most notably as president for the period 2017-2020. During his tenure as President, he led numerous projects, including the Partnership Exploration Initiative, which began in August 2018 and ended with the announcement on December 3, 2020 that the Board administration had signed a management services agreement with UNC Health. He served during the early days and uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic until a vaccine became available in December 2020. Other projects he led include the transition of the NICU from the medical center towards classification as a Level II unit, upgrading the medical system from the centre’s operating rooms to a state-of-the-art operating theater, Hurricane Florence and all the devastation that followed, and the first promotion of resident physicians from Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Lisa Rust began her term on the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2000, as President for the period 2009-2011. During her tenure as President, she oversaw numerous fundraising efforts for UNC Health Southeastern affiliates including Southeastern Hospice and Southeastern Hospice House; Gibson Cancer Center, WoodHaven Nursing, Alzheimer’s and Rehabilitation Center; short-term rehabilitation of WoodHaven; Emergency services; Behavioral health; and the University Endowment Fund. Her support and expertise were instrumental in the success of the Southeast Heart Center’s campaign, which raised $ 1.6 million, where she served as co-vice-president.

Lisa and Kenneth have served on a number of Foundation Gala Committees and served as Co-Chairs in 2002. Lisa Rust continues to serve on the Board of Trustees to raise awareness and fundraise for the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation.

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The history of “bad parking lots” is scandalous. But it will continue to happen unless we close the subsidy loopholes

On Monday, a Senate hearing produced even more damning evidence on the “parking rorts” case.

The Australian National Audit Office told a parliamentary committee that a list of the top 20 fringe electorates guided the distribution of a $ 389 million parking lot construction fund during the 2019 election campaign.

Members of the Sitting Coalition were invited to propose projects for funding. In some cases, funds were allocated to voters when a project had not yet been identified. An adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office was involved in the allocation of the funds – the same adviser implicated in the “sports rorts” incident.

Earlier this month, the Audit Office released a scathing report, finding that 77% of the selected commuter parking sites were in coalition electorates, rather than in areas of real need with problems with parking. congestion. None of the 47 project sites selected for funding commitment were proposed by the infrastructure department.

So why do these rorts keep happening? What mechanisms are in place to try to stop them? And what other protections do we need?

Why do rorts continue to occur?

The pig barrel involves funneling public funds to government electorates for political purposes, rather than an appropriate allocation based on merit.

In recent years we have been inundated with scandals related to pork barrels. This includes the “sports rorts” scandal that led to Bridget McKenzie’s resignation from cabinet last year, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s biased cast of the Stronger Communities fund.

The Court of Auditors delivered a damning assessment of the Coalition’s parking fund.
Mick Tsikas / AAP

Australia has a single-member parliamentary system, which makes it more vulnerable to pig rolls than multi-member electorates like Norway or Spain. The belief is that politicians who “bring the bacon home” for their constituents are electorally rewarded for doing so.

This means that the central cabinet is encouraged to strategically distribute the benefits to marginal electorates in order to increase the chances of electoral success. There is also an incentive to skew the distribution of funds in favor of the ruling party.

In short, crime scandals continue to occur because governments believe that funneling money to marginal and government electorates will allow them to win elections.

What are the terms of accountability for grants?

At the federal level, we have sophisticated financial management legislation that provides a framework for grant rules. The Commonwealth Grant Rules provide a detailed set of guidelines for ministers and government officials to follow on grant application and selection processes.

Read more: Another day, another rorts scandal – this time with the parking lots. How can we fix the system?

However, there are significant loopholes in the rules. For example, the “bad parking” scandal is not covered by these rules because it is money that passes through the States.

In addition, there are no penalties for non-compliance with the rules. Thus, ministers and government officials can break the rules without repercussions.

Who monitors the grants?

The Auditor General is the main actor investigating the federal grant administration. The Auditor General has significant enforcement powers and is independent from government. Although the Auditor General does not have the power to change government practices, the publicity of his reports can encourage government agencies to respond positively and productively.

In Australia, parliaments have an important constitutional role as oversight of government activities.

Executive Director of the Australian National Audit Office Brian Boyd
Australian National Audit Office executive director Brian Boyd appeared before a Senate committee on Monday.
Lukas Coch / AAP

Parliamentary committees have become the main form of government oversight in recent years. They are set up to investigate specific policy issues or to assess government performance.

Parliamentary committees are normally responsible for investigating issues by taking submissions, hearing testimony and reporting their findings to parliament. They have been very effective in identifying and investigating issues related to government crimes.

What destination now?

To fix the system, we need to reform the rules for awarding grants and close the loopholes. We also need to impose penalties for breaking the rules.

Read more: The “sports rorts” case shows the need for a real federal ICAC – with teeth

It is imperative that our grant administration system be reformed to ensure that taxpayer funds are protected from government abuse. If the ministerial discretion available in grant processes is misused, it can lead to political patronage and corruption.

Ministers, as our elected representatives, are the guardians of the public trust. In a well-functioning democracy, it is important that there is probity, transparency and accountability in the use of public funds.

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Vontier Acquires DRB Systems, LLC for Approximately $ 965 Million, Provides Second Quarter 2021 Financial Performance Update

RALEIGH, NC – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Vontier Corporation (“Vontier”) (NYSE: VNT) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire DRB Systems, LLC (“DRB”), a leading supplier of point of sale, workflow software and control solutions to the car wash industry, subsidiaries of New Mountain Capital LLC for approximately $ 965 million in cash. The acquisition will be subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval, and will be funded with available cash and proceeds from borrowings under Vontier’s credit facilities. Vontier expects the acquisition to be completed in the third quarter of 2021.

Based in Akron, OH, DRB was founded in 1984 and employs over 500 people in North America. The company’s portfolio of trusted brands includes DRB Tunnel Solutions, DRB In-Bay Solutions (formerly Unitec®), Suds Creative ™, eGenuity®, Washify®, InvoMax ™, Auto Data ™ and Sage Microsystems ™. DRB is owned by New Mountain Capital, a New York-based investment firm.

Mark Morelli, President and CEO of Vontier, said: “The acquisition of DRB should accelerate our strategy of portfolio diversification towards long-term growth drivers in attractive markets and establish a portfolio of sales solutions in the region. retail $ 500 million. DRB’s focus on technology and software solutions complements our existing point-of-sale and payment offerings and improves our growth and recurring revenue profile, profitability and free cash flow generation.

The DRB acquisition aligns with our goal of smart infrastructure and offers compelling opportunities for expansion beyond its current end markets. In addition, its entry into the high value-added segment of the car wash industry allows Vontier to increasingly benefit from the growing demand for clean and efficient mobility solutions and key trends, including autonomous vehicles and water conservation. We look forward to working with the DRB team to provide an extensive suite of solutions to meet the industry’s growing needs for workflow technology and expertise.

Vontier expects DRB to generate around $ 170 million in revenue in 2021 with average operating margins of 20% and is expected to have a long-term single-digit growth rate. The purchase price of the acquisition is approximately $ 965 million and includes a deferred tax asset of approximately $ 130 million, which we expect to be able to use over the next 15 years.

Peter Masucci, Managing Director of New Mountain Capital, said: “We are proud of the successful partnership with DRB and the tremendous business development that has taken place since our investment in October 2017. Under the ownership of New Mountain Capital, DRB has experienced a significant growth while tripling the dollars. dedicated to product development and innovation. We thank the management team and the employees of DRB and wish Vontier continued success with DRB in the years to come.


Vontier also announced today that it expects second quarter 2021 basic revenue growth and adjusted diluted net income per share to be higher than previously announced by the company, primarily due to a increased demand for retail solutions and auto repair offerings.


Vontier is a global industrial technology company focused on transportation and mobility solutions. The company’s portfolio of trusted brands includes leading expertise in mobility technologies, commercial and commercial refueling, fleet management, telematics, vehicle diagnostics and repair and smart city end markets. Vontier’s innovative products, services and software improve efficiency, safety, security and environmental compliance around the world.

Guided by Vontier’s proven business system and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and customer success, Vontier maintains traffic through over 90,000 intersections, serves over 260,000 customer refueling sites, monitors more than 480,000 commercial vehicles and equips more than 600,000 automotive technicians worldwide. . Vontier’s innovation history, margin profile and cash flow characteristics should support continued investment in a range of compelling organic growth and capital deployment opportunities. Vontier mobilizes the future to create a better world.


New Mountain Capital is a New York-based investment firm that emphasizes business development and growth, rather than leverage, as it seeks long-term capital appreciation. The company currently manages private equity, credit, net rental real estate and public equity funds with more than $ 30 billion in assets under management. New Mountain Capital seeks out what it believes to be the highest quality growth leaders in carefully selected industry sectors, then works intensely with management to create value in these companies. Additional information on New Mountain Capital is available at


This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of federal securities laws regarding Vontier, DRB and the acquisition of DRB by Vontier. Statements in this press release that are not strictly historical, including statements regarding the proposed acquisition, the expected timing and conditions of the acquisition, future product solutions, the future financial and operational impact, or the results of acquisition, expected financial performance for Vontier, prospects for DRB or the industry following the acquisition, future growth opportunities following the acquisition, future synergy and any other statements regarding events or developments that Vontier expects or anticipates will occur or may occur in the future, are “forward-looking” statements within the meaning of federal securities laws. These statements include, without limitation, statements regarding the business and acquisition opportunities and anticipated profits of Vontier Corporation (the “Company”), as well as any other statement identified by the use of words such as ” anticipate ”,“ expect ”,“ believe ”,“ prospect ”,“ direction ”or“ will ”or other words having a similar meaning. There are a number of important risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results, developments and business decisions to differ materially from those suggested or indicated by these forward-looking statements and you should not place undue reliance on such statements. prospective. These risks and uncertainties include, among others, the duration and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the deterioration or instability of the economy, the markets we serve, international trade policies and financial markets, contractions or declining growth rates and cyclicality of the markets we serve, competition, changes in industry standards and government regulations that may have a negative impact on demand for our products or our costs, our ability to identify, consume, integrate and successfully realize the anticipated value of appropriate acquisitions and complete divestitures and other divestitures; our ability to successfully develop and market new products, software and services and to grow over time. new markets, potential for inappropriate conduct by our employees, agents or business partners, impact of divestitures, contingent liabilities related to acquisitions and divestitures, the impact of changes in tax laws, our compliance with applicable laws and regulations and changes in applicable laws and regulations, risks related to international economic, political, legal, compliance and trade factors , risks related to the potential impairment of goodwill and other intangible assets, exchange rates, tax audits and changes in our tax rate and income taxes, the impact of our debts on our operations, litigation and other contingent liabilities, including intellectual property and environmental, health and safety matters, our ability to adequately protect our intellectual property rights, risks associated with product, service or software defects , product liability and recalls, risks associated with product manufacturing, our relationships with and the performance of our partners s distribution, commodity costs and supplements, our ability to adjust purchasing and manufacturing capacity to reflect market conditions, reliance on single sources of supply, security breaches or others disruptions to our information systems, the adverse effects of restructuring activities, the impact of changes to US GAAP, labor issues and disruptions related to natural and man-made disasters. Additional information regarding factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements can be found in our filings with the SEC, including our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020. These forward-looking statements represent Vontier’s beliefs and assumptions only as of the date of this release and Vontier assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events and developments. or otherwise.

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Coventry resident fined over £ 2,000 for parking on his own path

A Coventry resident spoke out after receiving over £ 2,000 in parking fines on his OWN drive.

The individual, who asked to remain anonymous, said he received “mounds of threatening letters” in less than three years, which left him “desperate” and “distressed”.

The resident rents from a private landlord at Bannerbrook Park and pays extra as part of their rent for the privilege of parking in an allocated parking area.

Read more: Coventry school cancels end-of-year trips to Drayton Manor after ‘multiple outbreaks’ of Covid

But the problems initially arose when the resident sold his car and forgot to withdraw his license – and when he made a phone call to have it replaced, Mainstay Residential told him there was no license. available because they were sold out.

He was told that he would be sent one for the new car when it became available and that in the meantime an exemption would be put in place while he waited.

However, UK Parking Control ignored the exemption and started fining the tenant for parking in their own space.

Things got worse

When the individual resold his car, meaning he needed a new license, the same thing happened.

But things got even worse when UKPC lost the Mainstay Residential contract, and it was taken over by a similar company called Parking Control Management.

The man explained, “I kept my license on display, but no one sent me a letter saying I needed to update it with the new company, and I received seven fines in about three days.

“I tried to talk to them about it, but they said they were sending the case to their lawyers to take care of it – even though they didn’t tell me I needed it. of a new license. “

“It was just parasitic that they mistreated me”

With both parking companies claiming that it now owed them more than £ 1,000 each, the stress began to take its toll.

“First of all, it was irritating,” he said. “It was just parasitic that they mistreated me. Basically, intimidated me.

“I got to the point where I felt really scared about it. You know I was literally so stressed out about it all because there were loads of letters demanding that I pay money, menacingly, that they were going to bypass house type thing.

“There was absolutely no legal basis to say they were going to sue me. So yeah, I was feeling really stressed out, really desperate, that was ridiculous.”

‘I’m their client, it’s their job to take care of me’

He added: “As a tenant, I pay the parking management company a charge on my rent every month, so I’m their customer, it’s their job to take care of me, and they pay them and outsource parking for this so that this company basically protects my space from strangers.

“It is very obviously my space, at the residence where I live, the address where the car is registered, it is clear as day that it is my space, but I cannot make them understand.

“I’m on my nerves to be honest.”

CoventryLive contacted Mainstay Residential for more information and they admitted the charges were wrong.

A spokesperson for the property management company said: “We understand that the parking fees issued were in error and we apologize for any distress caused by this misunderstanding.

“We have spoken with our parking control provider to resolve this issue and are happy to have been able to confirm that all charges have now been canceled.”

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Selectmen approves special election, requests for space | New

WILMINGTON – The Selectmen board meeting on Monday evening began with a single appointment for a change of leadership at Casa Blanca, from Mia Munoz to Carlos Polanco. Assistant General Manager Kerry Colburn-Dion, who stood that night for General Manager Jeff Hull, mentioned Chief Constable Desmond’s endorsement and asked Polanco to verify his previous experience as a manager.

Kevin Caira spoke to Polanco about how the restaurant is doing now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. He replied that things were improving, but that they were still looking for additional staff to cover all of their shifts. He also confirmed that no changes would be made with the transfer of management. The board approved this request.

Colburn-Dion then shared the communications. The first was a note from City Clerk Christine Touma-Conway regarding updates to dog registration notifications. She wrote that the fee had been reinstated for 2021 due to all administrative staff being at town hall to support the public after not being collected in 2020.

This information would generally be sent by direct mail with the annual census. Going forward, she said they will increase the number of reminder mailings and change the registration form so residents know what to do if they have any questions. She also vowed to make better use of social media and city websites to remind residents of the demands. At the time of writing this report, there were 329 licenses in progress and 2,308 registered to date.

The following memo came from the City Manager regarding the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s initial Certificate of Compliance for the Wildwood School. Hull noted that city attorney Mark Rich had reviewed the language of the agreement and said it was standard.

The board of directors had until the end of the month to sign the certificate, the first of several deadlines to result in the approval of a credit for the feasibility study and schematic design of a new building.

Hull had also written to the board about water bans in relation to car wash events. In particular, the board has already approved a car wash on September 12 this year hosted by Friends of Field Hockey. The motion presented at that time contained a caveat that if there was a water ban in effect, they would notify the group by August 1 that the event would be banned.

Colburn-Dion explained that the city manager wanted to be able to let the group know as soon as possible if a water ban was put in place before that date, so he would like to remove the specific date.

The board then appointed a representative and alternate for the Wildwood School project with the MSBA. Greg Bendel was elected representative, with Caira as alternate. They also approved the signing of the aforementioned initial MSBA Certificate of Compliance.

They then approved the Rotary Club Ice Bucket Challenge application on Saturday, August 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rotary Park. It was stated in the application that they raise over $ 20,000 annually for ALS research through the Angel Fund of Wakefield.

They then approved the special municipal elections to be held on September 2 to fill the vacant seat on the board of directors. The Deputy Director General recalled that the polling stations will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The council had no problem with a request to block the road on Lucaya Circle on September 11 from 12 to 10 p.m. for a block party. The request noted that those whose access would be blocked were on board with the closure.

Colburn-Dion also shared that Chief Desmond, Chief Cavanaugh and DPW Director Mike Woods had no objections. The board voted to approve.

Health and Recovery Coordinator Samantha Reif has requested permission to use the town commune for the 6th annual vigil to remember the lives lost due to drug addiction. The council unanimously approved his request.

The board approved a request from Jennifer Vargas and Thomas Quinlan for a wedding on Saturday, November 26 at 2:30 p.m. on Grove Avenue in Silver Lake. They planned to have a short ceremony on the beach.

There were also requests to use the municipal parking lot for the Kiwanis Club bike exchange on October 16-17, with drop-off on Saturday and selection on Sunday, and WHS girls lacrosse to organize a car wash on Sunday. May 1, 2022. Both of these requests have been approved.

In the announcements, the board wished Greg and Andrea Bendel a happy birthday. Bendel also welcomed Private First Class Mark Ragucci to his home.

Gary DePalma mentions that the Residents’ Settlement Committee has held its first meeting and covered the first 50 points, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Finally, the Salute to Service paid tribute to longtime Wilmington resident Richard “Dicky” Bertrand, US Navy veteran. Bendel said Bertrand was always there to help anyone in need.

The board returned to the executive session at the end of the meeting to develop a negotiation strategy with non-union staff.

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GM ships 30,000 pickup trucks, but will slow down factories that make midsize SUVs

Just as General Motors advances in one area, it must sacrifice in another as the auto industry continues to grapple with a global shortage of semiconductor chips used in many auto parts.

GM has met its production target to complete building and shipping nearly 30,000 mid-size Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, which were waiting for chip parts, to dealerships this week.

But starting Monday, GM must slow down four of its North American factories that make midsize SUVs – including Lansing Delta Township Assembly – for two weeks due to the chip shortage.

GM plant workers say there are tens of thousands of midsize SUVs parked, waiting for chips to complete production and ship to dealers, but a GM spokesperson declined to comment on specific numbers indicating that the situation was changing daily.

In an internal notice to GM workers obtained by Free Press Thursday and confirmed by GM, the automaker will idle the following factories from Monday to July 26:

  • San Luis Potosi, Mexico: builds mid-size Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain SUVs
  • Ramos Assembly, Mexico: Builds Equinox and GMC Blazer midsize SUVs
  • Township of Lansing Delta: builds mid-size Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse SUVs
  • Spring Hill Assembly, Tennessee: builds Cadillac XT5, XT6 and GMC Acadia midsize SUVs

Additionally, at the CAMI Assembly in Ontario, where GM is building Equinox, GM will extend the downtime until August 16. CAMI was due to resume production next week after its planned two-week summer shutdown.

GM has confirmed its full-size pickup plants to Flint; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Silao, Mexico, as well as full-size SUV production in Arlington, Texas, are all in regular production, making up three teams.

A worker at the Lansing Delta Township factory told the Free Press that there were around 15,000 parked vehicles, waiting for chip parts to complete production and ship to dealers. The worker asked not to be identified as he is not authorized to speak to the media.

After:MSU gets bargain from GM as automaker parks unfinished cars

Abandoned quarters, disappointment

The news surprised and disappointed some workers at Spring Hill Assembly.

“We worked nine hours a day and on weekends we just came back to eight this week and canceled Saturday and Sunday,” said a Spring Hill assembly line worker. “We will end this week with over 10,000 cars under repair awaiting chips.”

The worker requested that his name not be used because he is not authorized to speak to the media and fears retaliation.

“The three SUVs we’ve built here are having increasing sales, so it’s a bit of a letdown,” the worker said.

Pictured is the 2020 Cadillac XT5 Sport.

In the second quarter, sales of the XT5 were up 83% from the previous year quarter, those of the XT6 by 73% and those of the Acadia by 72%. GM followed a strategy of directing the chips it could get to the best-selling vehicles and the biggest profits, and these are mostly full-size SUVs and full-size pickups.

“The global semiconductor shortage remains complex and very fluid,” GM spokesman David Barnas said. “But GM’s global purchasing and supply chain, engineering and manufacturing teams continue to find creative solutions and make progress in working with the supply base to maximize the production of our most valuable products. plus – on-demand and limited-capacity vehicles, including full-size trucks and SUVs. “

Barnas said GM expects this to be “a short-term problem.” GM CEO Mary Barra said the automaker expects the chip shortage to start improving before the end of the year.

But last month, GM’s chief financial officer said the chip shortage and rising inflation would push GM’s spending in the second half of the year up to $ 3 billion.

Achieve the production target

Since the start of this year, the auto industry has had to either slow down assembly plants or build vehicles without all the parts and then park them while waiting for the chips to arrive. The result is relatively empty dealer lots.

The chips, made mainly in Taiwan, are used in various electronic devices. They are in tight numbers after demand for them increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as people bought laptops and other personal electronics that also use them. Chips go into a variety of auto parts.

After:Everything you need to know about the auto manufacturer’s chip shortage

At Wentzville Assembly, Missouri, where GM makes its mid-size pickup trucks and mid-size Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vans, GM has about 30,000 unfinished pickup trucks parked in various locations waiting for parts since late April.

At Bedrock Quarry in Troy, Missouri.  General Motors is stocking several hundred Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickup trucks and vans while they wait for parts to complete production at the assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri.  Then they will be shipped to dealers.  The industry is facing a massive shortage of semiconductor chips used in auto parts, forcing automakers to build and stock vehicles in some cases.

In early June, GM promised its dealers that “help is on the way” by forgoing the typical summer shutdown of most factories and redirecting parts from chips to vehicles in demand and waiting for parts. At that time, GM said Colorado and Canyon shipments would increase by about 30,000 units in total during the week of July 5.

GM approached. Mid-size pickup truck shipments “increased by about 30,000 from mid-May to July 14, as the team performed dynamic vehicle tests on units held at the plant due to disruptions to semi. -conductors, ”Barnas said.

He called it “the incredible work of the Wentzville team to achieve the targeted engagement of 30,000 and prepare the plant for the launch change at the same time.”

He said production of the vehicles at Wentzville will resume on schedule Monday after its scheduled downtime to retool the plant to build the next-generation midsize pickup trucks.

Missing features

In addition to building vehicles without parts and parking them to wait for parts, GM also builds vehicles without certain parts and takes money out of the sticker price. GM said earlier this week that it would make SUVs without a wireless phone charging feature or following a timid construction strategy.

In March, GM announced that it would build certain 2021 lightweight full-size pickup trucks without a fuel management module until the end of the model year in late summer. The result is that the affected vans will not achieve the best fuel economy performance.

In June, GM said some full-size SUVs and pickup trucks will not contain automatic stop / start, the feature that turns the engine off when a driver stops at an intersection and then automatically restarts it when the driver presses the button. ‘accelerator.

After:GM’s timid construction strategy has tens of thousands of vehicles parked waiting for chip parts

Contact Jamie L. LaReau at 313-222-2149 or [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @jlareauan. Read more on General Motors and subscribe to our automotive newsletter. Become a subscriber.

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Austin neighborhood to be powered by solar power and Tesla battery technology

Solar panels and other sustainable features are gaining popularity with individual homeowners – Austin will soon be home to a solar powered and alternative community powered by Tesla technology.

The project, called SunHouse at Easton Park, is a partnership between Tesla, Brookfield Assett Management and real estate developer Dacra. It will be Tesla’s first solar district, the companies said.

Each house in the development will include solar tiles and battery storage walls. The development is on the same property as Brookfield Residential’s planned Easton Park residential community, but will be a separate project.

After:Tesla to build cars in Austin, but still can’t sell direct to Texans

The neighborhood will use solar roofing and battery products manufactured by Tesla Energy, the clean energy subsidiary of Tesla, the electric automobile company. Tesla Energy develops photovoltaic solar power generation systems, battery energy storage products and other solar power products for residential, industrial and commercial use.

Telsa CEO Elon Musk said the Austin project will help shape the future of sustainable housing and technology projects.

“Neighborhood solar installations in all types of housing will reshape the way people live,” Musk said in a written statement. “Brookfield and Dacra’s commitment to staying at the forefront of this evolution is what makes them the right collaborator for Tesla Energy. The feedback we receive from solar products and batteries used in this community will have an impact. on how we develop and launch new products.

Each house will be fitted with Tesla V3 tiles, which work as both solar panels and tiles. Each will also have a Powerwall 2 battery storage, which retains the energy generated when not in use so that it can be used when the sun is not out or as back-up power in the event of an outage. The project also provides for the integration of technological options such as charging stations for electric vehicles and smart devices in homes.

After:Subsidiary of Elon Musk’s tunneling company buys land in Bastrop county

Energy efficient homes are being built at SunHouse in Easton Park, a future neighborhood developed in partnership between Tesla, Brookfield Residential and Darca.

Brad Chelton, president of Brookfield Residential Texas, said the project began with informal conversations a few months ago, after representatives from Tesla reached out to Brookfield about their shared ambition for sustainable housing.

“Easton Park is an extremely well-located and best-in-class blueprint in Austin. Tesla also has a significant operational footprint in Austin,” said Chelton. “Then you look at the macro where Austin is seen nationally because you know one of the most intriguing places for people to move.”

Chelton said consumers are increasingly interested in homes with green elements.

“I think that in general consumers want to live in a more sustainable home and in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community,” he said. “We are trying to be at the forefront of delivering what consumers are really already asking for.” Brookfield said solar technology will allow residents to generate energy for their daily lives and reduce demand on the electricity grid, and could actually make money by returning energy to the grid.

For Tesla, Chelton said, a new construction like SunHouse offers greater predictability in the cost and installation process compared to an existing house. This will allow Tesla to evolve and deploy technology to products faster.

After:Elon Musk says SpaceX continues to grow in Texas, plans rocket engine factory near Waco

The district will be built in phases, and the first installations have been underway since June. Chelton said the project uses “crawl, walk, run” phases. Currently in the exploration phase, the project has fewer than a dozen homes under construction, and about half have the Tesla roof installed.

“Our main goal of the first phase is to really solve the problems from a logistical point of view,” he said. “How to install this roof in the most efficient way possible? How do you make sure the supply chains are ready to move space and volume, make sure the workforce is available to install all of that? ”

He said these lessons will be taken as the project enters the second phase where the company will use the model on several hundred homes, and from there, the third phase where the technology is applied to a few thousand homes.

If all is successful on the Austin project, Chelton said it could become a role model for sustainable communities across the United States.

“As we pilot this and learn more about how to make it more and more effective, there is certainly an opportunity to expand, and maybe even export this concept to more and more. ‘other communities in other states where Brookfield has big and important master plans,’ Chelton mentioned.

The new community comes as construction continues Tesla continues to build a new $ 1.1 billion manufacturing plant in the Austin area of ​​southeast Travis County. The automaker could start rolling out vehicles in limited capacity as early as the end of the year. It is expected to produce the Cybertruck, the Semi, the Tesla Model 3, the corporate sedan, the Model Y as well as batteries.

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Huntington Beach Launches Free Shuttle Program to Downtown

Those coming to downtown Huntington Beach can now worry a little less about finding a way to get from point A to point B.

The city launched a free shuttle pilot program on Tuesday. It will operate seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

The program uses the Circuit’s five low-speed electric vehicles, each of which can carry up to six visitors and residents at a time.

Circuit director of operations Daniel Kramer took turns to shuttle Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Delgleize and other local politicians around Pier Plaza on Tuesday morning when the service kicked off.

Kramer kept speeds low, despite Delgleize’s joke that they were going to make donuts in the Pacific Coast Highway parking lot.

“It’s a very special day for us here at Huntington Beach,” said Delgleize.

“I think a lot of us thought how cool it would be to have something like that, and it’s really there. I just can’t believe it… We are confident this pilot program will help improve the quality of life in our city, from micro-mobility to the environment, while adding another convenience to downtown Surf City to help it stand out as one of the favorite summer destinations.

Huntington Beach Pro Mayor Tem Barbara Delgleize, center, and Daniel Kramer with Circuit Cars, cut the ceremonial ribbon.

(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

Visitors to downtown Huntington Beach can request a ride through the Ride Circuit app – a large QR code to initiate the download is located near the back of vehicles – or simply hail them like a cab.

If requested through the app, a driver should arrive within eight to 10 minutes.

The pilot program is expected to last five months, said Huntington Beach Public Works Director Sean Crumby. The serviced downtown area stretches north and west to Goldenwest Street, then intersects Adams Avenue to its eastern limit, Beach Boulevard.

“This will make it easier for our residents and our local community to access our downtown area,” said Crumby.

“Second, it’s going to improve our parking lot and help our visitors… come to our downtown area and take a trip like that to one park and multiple destinations. I’m super excited to start this.

Originally launched in New York in 2011, Circuit now serves locations in California, including Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey and San Diego. In Newport Beach, she also manages the Free Ride Around Newport Center (FRANC) program.

The low-speed shuttles, which are Polaris GEM e6 vehicles, run on lithium batteries that can travel around 80 miles on each charge. Four will be standard shuttles and one is an ADA accessible shuttle.

The net cost of the program is estimated to be approximately $ 145,000 over the five month period.

It is expected to be paid for with District Air Quality Management funds, Crumby said in a presentation to city council on June 15.

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Tallahassee’s 2022 capital budget allocates $ 273.2 million for projects – Tallahassee Reports

Tallahassee’s 2022 capital budget allocates $ 273.2 million for projects – Tallahassee Reports

The City of Tallahassee’s five-year capital improvement plan for fiscal 22-fiscal 26 is approximately $ 1 billion over five years, of which $ 273.2 million is for fiscal 22. The capital budget of the City allocates funds to general government projects and corporate fund projects.

Below is the allocation of $ 273.2 million in FY22.

General government

The general government investment budget for fiscal year 22 is approximately $ 123.6 million and includes the following expenses:

the Public infrastructure and traffic It is recommended that projects be funded to the tune of $ 21.4 million in FY22 and continue the City’s capital investment in the maintenance of roads, sidewalks and traffic systems. Some of the projects funded in this category include:

-Main road resurfacing project, $ 5 million
-FAMU Way Phase IV, $ 4 million
-Maclay Commerce Drive / Maclay Boulevard, $ 3.5 million (including roundabouts, landscaping and improved pedestrian features)
– Sidewalks, $ 2 million new plus $ 1 million in maintenance
-Circulation systems and signals, $ 2.5 million

the Police department It is recommended that the capital program be funded to the tune of $ 33.5 million in fiscal year 22. Some of the projects funded in the capital plan include the new Northwood Mall Police Station, 311 $ 000 for body worn cameras, $ 277,800 for the Joint Real Time Crime Center, as well as other equipment funding. Additional funding for police technology needs is included in the Technology and Innovation section of the ICP.

The proposed capital budget for fiscal year 22 includes $ 27.8 million in funding for Technology and innovation projects. Funded projects include the $ 10.5 million funded Utilities Technology Project which will replace the City’s current Customer Information System, a system integrated with accounts receivable management, billing, financial monitoring and analysis, and providing data analysis requirements for a representative sample of City departments and users. Technology and Innovation also includes $ 9.7 million for citywide radio replacement, $ 4 million for business systems upgrades for the city’s PeopleSoft financial and accounting systems, and $ 1 million. dollars specifically for the technological needs of the police.

Funding for Parks and recreation capital projects in fiscal year 22 is recommended at $ 18.9 million. This includes $ 15.9 million for the new senior center, $ 1.0 million for Northwest Park for the initial planning and design, and $ 750,000 for the refurbishment of the Forest Meadows facility.

StarMetro The investment plan for fiscal 22 includes $ 8.1 million for the city’s share of a Federal Transit Authority grant to purchase six electric buses, as well as $ 4.2 million for the South City Transit Center.

Enterprise Fund projects

Corporate investment projects are generally funded by capital reserves and the issuance of income bonds. The company’s total investment for FY 22 is $ 149.6 million, as shown below.

the Aviation Capital Development Plan FY22 is approximately $ 36.8 million and includes funding for the following projects:

QTA Car Rental Service Center – This project will provide the construction, construction administration and resident project representative services required to develop a quick rental car rental facility. Construction on the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and end in 2023.

Rehabilitation of the Bravo taxiway – This project includes design, engineering, permitting, construction, construction administration, and resident project representative services for the purpose of roadway rehabilitation and lane lighting. Bravo and Charlie traffic. The project is currently in the planning phase and design is expected to begin in 2022.

International passenger handling facility – This project consists of providing design, engineering, permitting, construction, construction administration and resident project representative services for the development of a terminal extension that incorporates a processing facility international passenger approved by US Customs and Border Protection (FIS). ). Construction on the project is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022 and end in 2024. The project is dependent on the availability of funding.

The FY22 Electricity and gas fixed assets improvement plan totals $ 45.6 million. These funds are allocated to electricity supply, service extension facilities, demand management / conservation activities, power generation and gas utility.

the Underground utilities FY22 The capital improvement plan totals $ 48.4 million, including $ 23.4 million for sewerage, $ 14.4 million for water and $ 10.5 million for stormwater.

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Karisma Kapoor’s Tank Tops Are More Affordable Than You Think

Karisma Kapoor, being a Bollywood legend of the 90s, has a surprisingly relatable style. If you scroll through her Instagram account, you’ll notice her love for simple silhouettes and minimal pieces, like t-shirts and tank tops.

In one of her recent posts, the actress was seen wearing a dark gray H&M tank top with a pair of black jeans.

In another post, she kept it simple by wearing a fitted ribbed black tank top with black stockings while flaunting her summer hair.

Here are a few options you can choose from to recreate the exact looks, without shocking your bank account.

Purchase guide

H&M Black Ribbed Tank Top: Buy here for Rs. 1,299 / –

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H&M A-line Tank Top: Buy Here for Rs. 799 / –

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Black Mast & Harbor Boyfriend Jeans: Buy here for Rs. 1,099 / –

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Levi’s relaxed boyfriend jeans: buy here for Rs. 3,119 / –


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