Car park management

Car park management

Parking Management Market To Reach US $ 45,125.82 Million, Globally, By 2028 At 4.93% CAGR – Exclusive Report From The Insight Partners

NEW YORK, August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to the latest research report from The Insight Partners “Parking Management Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Parking Site, Solution, Services and Deployment “, the market is expected to reach US $ 45,125.82 million by 2028 onwards US $ 31,723.67 million in 2020; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.93% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2028.

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Intelligent parking systems require compatibility between their major hardware devices and software applications. At present, there are hundreds of companies providing equipment or services to the smart parking industry, making it uncertain the extent to which software and hardware standards are shared among different equipment suppliers, as well as the mix of years of equipment that make the existing facility quite unpredictable. often. All hardware devices must be compatible with all software services. Thus, organizations working on intelligent parking systems need to combine and develop a standard to eliminate compatibility issues, thereby largely removing a barrier to the development of the intelligent parking systems market.

In addition to technological complexities, higher prices for systems and services also limit many cities and municipalities in developing countries from adopting the systems. Attributing to the fact that the adoption of various parking management systems is still a niche, developers and service providers are integrating different technologies to attract customers. The integration of advanced technologies and software increases the initial cost of the systems. The future of parking management systems is expected to be important with the prices of end products coming down. This factor is expected to significantly increase the purchase of these technologies, which would help cities and municipalities in developing countries to optimize their parking spaces in the years to come.

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Europe dominated the global parking management market in 2020. The strong economic context of European countries, especially in the western region, along with the high disposable income, resulted in a large number of registered vehicles per household and per capita among the European countries. Thus, the increase in the number of registered vehicles, coupled with the limited availability of parking spaces, has led to the adoption of effective parking management policies in the European Union and in other European countries. In addition, the continuous increase in the number of registered vehicles has also stimulated the demand for efficient parking management practices, especially in urban areas and metropolitan cities of Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, among other European countries. However, the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak has had a severe impact on the parking management market in Europe. The reduced demand for parking management solutions can be attributed to a sharp reduction in traffic congestion and lower car sales, among other factors. However, once the lockdown is gradually lifted, the parking management market is expected to rebound and the sale of personal vehicles may also increase, due to concerns about the safety of public transportation. With an increasing emphasis on physical security, information security, and the perceived well-being of all, the parking management market is likely to rise after the pandemic.

Growing adoption of smart technologies to propel the growth of the parking management market

Smart technologies optimize vacant spaces and provide information on parking spaces in real time; therefore, they are increasingly adopted in parking management. This allows drivers to easily park vehicles on and off the street. For example, the German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom has launched a program to install sensors in city-center car parks. Hamburg, germany. The sensors deployed by the company inform drivers about parking spaces using smartphones. The service is mainly available on Joy application and the park of Deutsche Telekom. Similarly, Deutsche Telekom is also mounting parking sensors, which provide information about the parking space via narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology.

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Parking Management Market: Deployment Overview

In terms of deployment, the global parking management market is categorized into on-premise and cloud. Global parking management is experiencing a paradigm shift from traditional on-premise servers to cloud servers in the current scenario. However, in developing countries, the adoption of on-premise servers for parking site management is still significant, which is driving the on-site segment of the parking management market. The emergence of IoT and cloud services is leading parking management companies to adopt technologically advanced solutions. Additionally, the benefits offered by cloud-based services to facilitate parking reservation capacity make the segment thrive to grow in the current year, and the same is expected to attract a decent share of drivers and owners alike. vehicles in the years to come. The growing number of attractive cloud solutions related to parking management is also a revenue driving factor prevalent in the current market scenario. Partnerships and collaborations between parking management companies and technology companies are driving the parking management market for cloud-based services.

Parking Management Market: Competitive Landscape and Key Developments

Key players featured in this market research are Indigo Parking Service, Streetline, Flowbird Group, Parkmobile, TIBA Parking, Smart Parking Limited, T2 Systems, Swarco, Passport Inc., and Siemens AG. In addition to these players, several other key market players have also been studied and analyzed to get a holistic view of the global Parking Management System market and its ecosystem.

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In July 2021, Passport has partnered with Xevo, a leader in connected car technologies and innovative user experiences, to enable payment of parking payments directly through the Uconnect infotainment system in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram cars.

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Blackpool Airport sports facility receives green light from council planning team

This is the second phase of the development of new sports facilities in the corporate area of ​​Blackpool Airport, part of which is located in the district of Fylde. Fylde planning officers approved the development last month.

This means that the area to the east of the airport will have new changing rooms, a 3G sports field, a rugby pitch and a rugby training area as well as a car park. 194 berths off Common Edge Road in Marton.

Work will be carried out to improve access to the site and the nearby road will be widened and a pedestrian path and a bicycle path will be installed to improve safety.

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The new Cassidy and Ashton sports facilities in the corporate area of ​​Blackpool Airport

It follows that the development would result in increased traffic on an already busy road, but Lancashire County Council has said it is happy with the continuation of the project.

Phil Durnell, director of the county’s highways and transportation team, said: “I consider the principle of the proposal to be acceptable, subject to agreement and delivery of a road improvement program. motorway, including site access with Queensway and Common Edge Road, as well as necessary traffic regulations.

“In addition, the proposal will require an overall parking management strategy (to be developed and agreed with the planning authority in consultation with the road authority) which includes the provision of a trail to provide a direct connection between the parking lot north, off Jepson Way, and the sports grounds on offer.

“I consider that these issues and a number of others can be adequately addressed and secured by conditions and therefore would have no objection to the proposed development.”

A map showing the corporate area, with the sports venue to the right

The new facilities will replace existing sports fields and free up land for development as employment grounds as part of future phases of the Blackpool Airport Corporate Zone.

The new sports facilities on offer, designed by architects Preston Cassidy + Ashton, also include a new pavilion for changing rooms and spectators and a reconfigured parking lot to accommodate 194 cars.

The second phase of planned sports facility improvements comes after approval in 2020 for the creation of 12 grass pitches south of Division Lane.

The entire sports development will cover 14 hectares and is part of the first stage of the £ 28.8million investment for the redevelopment of the 144 hectare Blackpool Airport corporate area.

The third and final application will seek a building permit for employment, residential and ancillary uses, as well as the associated new road infrastructure, on the site of the existing sports fields north of the current site.

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Sydney residents blinded by medi-hotel

Jay Gillieatt says he was “shocked” after receiving an email informing him that the hotel adjacent to his apartment building would become special accommodation for COVID-19 patients for the next six months.

“This was the first time we had heard of it and there was no word from NSW Health,” the Meriton Waterloo Suites tenant told AAP. “We weren’t consulted at all.

On Friday, the owners received an email from an attorney for the Meriton Group informing them that NSW Health had taken over the Meriton Suites building.

Emergency exits shared between the hotel and apartments would be guarded and activated with alarms, and there would be high pressure fences in the parking lot to separate the residential parking lot and the hotel area, according to the email.

The next day, the third-party property manager informed the rest of the residents like Mr Gillieatt of the medi-hotel and advised them to contact NSW Health or Meriton directly with any questions.

Mr Gillieatt said the lack of details provided to residents was “concerning”.

“I understand we need to put special accommodation somewhere and it’s a very good thing that NSW Health is taking people out of contexts where they might be spreading (the virus) but I question the wisdom of using a building which is attached to residential apartments through several common areas, ”he said.

Tenants have a habit of taking precautions after the complex was identified as a massively-used exhibition site following a party on the first day of the closure of Greater Sydney.

“There was a lot of anxiety in that building when there was this outbreak and a lot of us thought there was a real risk that we could have been infected,” Mr Gillieatt said. “My partner and I went to get tested at the time because we knew they shared the garbage and the parking lot.”

A spokesperson for NSW Health said the recent significant increase in COVID-19 cases and their close contacts in Sydney have resulted in an urgent need for more quarantine accommodation.

“NSW Health has undertaken a site risk assessment and is working with Meriton to ensure that safety boundaries will be in place between Special Health Accommodation and areas adjacent to the site,” the spokesperson told AAP.

“Detailed information regarding the use of the hotel and the strict security measures in place will be provided to the management of the strata for distribution to the occupants of the building.”

The spokesperson said “strict safeguards,” including CCTV on every floor and 24/7 security personnel, would be in place to ensure that those isolated do not gain access to any area. shared with the other occupants of the building.

Another resident, who asked not to be named, expressed concern about “holes” in the proposed measures.

“There is security and fencing and that’s about it, but they gave no indication of deep cleaning and no indication of the vaccination of security guards,” he told AAP.

The resident said he called building management to express his concerns and was told the patient’s accommodation would be guarded by “private security”.

“There is concern that if you have one or two drongos upstairs and they decide to go through the fire escape stairs, private security does not have the capacity to prevent them from leaving as you need the police to stop the movements, ”he said.

He is concerned about which parking lot entrances or exits would be shared with COVID-19 patients and whether air conditioning would be separate or improved with filters to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meriton did not respond to a request for comment.

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Ash and smoke fall on the Tahoe Basin

Winds pushed smoke from Dixie Fire in northern California south on Friday, choking the Lake Tahoe Basin with toxic air.

The mountains surrounding the lake that straddles the California-Nevada border were hidden behind a smoke curtain, and ash was reported to be falling from the sky throughout the Truckee-Tahoe area.

“I certainly can’t see across the lake when I normally could see the mountains,” said Andy Plascencia, who spoke to SFGATE from Tahoe Park Beach on the west coast. Plascencia, 19, grew up in Tahoe and has worked at the beach for the past four summers. “At the moment, it looks completely white, much like the ocean.”

At midday on Friday, the air quality forecast for North Lake Tahoe was “unhealthy”, but earlier in the morning air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin had hit the worst indicator, ” dangerous, “according to AirNow, a government website. which tracks air quality.

“You can smell the smoke, and this morning there was also ash on my car,” Plascencia said.

Smoke from wildfires in northern California impacted air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Tahoe Prosperity Ctr / ALERTWildfire

The first smoke arrived Thursday evening as a low pressure system swept through northern California and southern Oregon, shifting winds from the southwest to the northeast, the National Weather Service meteorologist said, Marvin Boyd.

The winds changed direction as the Dixie Fire exploded and pumped immense clouds of smoke, pushing the sooty air south.

Smoke from wildfires in northern California impacted air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Smoke from wildfires in northern California impacted air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Tahoe Prosperity Ctr / ALERTWildfire

“With the strong winds on Thursday, extreme fire conditions were created and the Dixie Fire emitted a lot of smoke… then the winds shifted and everything is being pushed southeast,” Boyd said.

Boyd said visibility had been affected in Reno where he works. In the Reno area, smoke seemed to put an orange filter on light and visibility and erased the mountains on the horizon.

“This morning the sun was just a very dull red circle in the sky,” he said.

When smoke affects air quality to such extreme levels, Lake Tahoe authorities receive an influx of calls from visitors and residents, said Lisa Herron, spokesperson for the Basin Management Unit. Lake Tahoe from the US Forest Service.

“[The smoke] is a direct impact of the conditions we see, ”Herron said. “We are back in a severe drought. The conditions are really dry. The fuels are really dry. Yesterday we received a red flag warning. “

Herron said the smoke from today’s wildfires is bad, but she recalls the air quality in Tahoe during the 2013 Yosemite Rim Fire was much worse. “During the Rim Fire, it was terrible,” Herron said. “It was probably the worst I have seen. I remember it distinctly because it was so bad. We had about three weeks of solid smoke in the basin from that.”

Boyd said it is difficult to determine exactly when the smoke will clear. “I expect we will start to see a relative improvement today, but honestly it won’t be until tomorrow and Sunday and especially Sunday when the westerly and southwest winds pick up and push back the smoke towards the fire. “

Smoke from wildfires in northern California impacted air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin on Friday, August 6, 2021.

Smoke from wildfires in northern California impacted air quality in the Lake Tahoe Basin on Friday, August 6, 2021.

United States Forest Service / ALERT Forest Fire

A Twitter user shared a screenshot from the Purple Air website at 7:42 a.m. on Friday showing some places with air quality readings in the 300, 400 and 500 and above.

The air quality index generally works on a scale of 0 to 500. The higher the value of the AQI, the higher the level of air pollution and the greater the health problem. An AQI value of 50 or less represents good air quality, while an AQI value greater than 300 indicates hazardous conditions.

PurpleAir figures are measured in real time (average over the previous 10 minutes). AirNow’s figures – which are based on Environmental Protection Agency standards – are calculated using a complex algorithm that “uses longer averages during periods of stable air quality and averages shorter when air quality changes rapidly “. Results are updated hourly but lagging behind PurpleAir.

The Dixie fire grew by more than 100,000 acres in 24 hours, with its total area burned increasing from 322,502 acres on Thursday to 432,813 acres on Friday morning, making it the third largest fire in the history of the State. Started near the Cresta Dam in the Feather River Canyon on July 14, the blaze burns about 280 miles northeast of San Francisco and spans four counties: Plumas, Butte, Lassen, and Tehama.

The fire has pumped out several massive pyrocumulonimbus clouds since its first outbreak in July.

“I can tell you that the conditions are right now for the development of the pyrocumulonimbus cloud,” said Mitch Matlow, spokesperson for the multi-agency team managing the fire. “I’m looking out of my window right now, which is very large.”

These massive mushroom-shaped clouds of hot, smoky air rising thousands of feet into the sky are caused by a natural source of heat such as forest fires, according to NASA. The hot air rising from the fire carries water vapor, ash and smoke into the atmosphere, forming clouds.

Latest updates on California wildfires

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China’s Bitcoin Mining Ban, A ‘Game Changer’ for Electric Vehicle Adoption

Following Beijing’s crackdown on energy-sapping Bitcoin mining (BTC), Guizhou province became the first in the country to use its freed energy capacity to advance a climate-conscious agenda.

The hydropower-rich southern province recently announced a plan to build at least 4,500 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in 2021. This will rise to 5,000 in 2022 and to 5,500 the following year.

Like the South China Morning Post reported, Beijing’s pressure on Bitcoin miners released more than 50 terawatt hours of electricity, enough to support an industrialized city of one million people for 33 years or to meet the recharging needs of 10 million Tesla Model 3 per year.

On the global stage, China has been a forerunner and decisive against crypto mining, forcing pools that once enjoyed cheap and excess power to shut down and move overseas. The provincial authorities of Guizhou are now taking advantage of this surplus to encourage the 38 million inhabitants of the region to adapt their habits in accordance with Beijing’s decarbonization commitments. Cao Hua, partner of private equity firm Unity Asset Management, told reporters that Guizhou’s EV plan is “a double dose of good news for the Chinese economy”:

“Tackling energy-consuming Bitcoin mines and using excess capacity to support the development of the future of mobility is the best example of how China is striving to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality. “

Guizhou, one of the lowest per capita income levels in the country, aims to have 38,000 EV charging stations installed by 2023, with at least one in each city and 20% of parking spaces in cities. shopping centers reserved for EV charging stations. Local residents and manufacturers told the South China Morning Post that they expect provincial authorities to offer incentives and discounts to consumers to boost adoption.

Up the production chain, a local supplier of electric vehicle batteries said the industry was already drawing inspiration from the new program. “We plan to diversify into these areas as they could deploy more incentives to attract companies making products that comply with their environmental policies,” he said.

Nationally, China has reportedly increased its number of public and private electric vehicle charging stations by more than 47% in the past year. Yet the vast majority of infrastructure remains concentrated in the wealthiest cities and regions. The SCMP report claimed that the change in capacity use in former Bitcoin mining hubs – including Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Sichuan – could be a “game changer” for Bitcoin. the country’s desire to popularize electric vehicles.

Related: Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Lowest In 8 Months As Chinese Miners Shut Down

Extending charging stations to rural and underdeveloped areas represents a significant challenge and is necessary to address the “range anxiety” of future electric vehicle drivers, that is, the distance they are driving. can go through without ending up at a dead end in terms of battery life. The shift towards electric vehicles therefore requires a coordinated effort by provincial governments, automakers and battery manufacturers to sufficiently increase levels of investment and large-scale production. Right now, Beijing is aiming for three out of five vehicles in the country to be powered by non-fossil fuels by 2030, compared to 50% for the United States.

Besides climatic reasons, several governments around the world have toughened their stance on Bitcoin mining this year, citing concerns about its impact on local energy supply. In late April, a former Kyrgyz government official argued that crypto mining was one of the main drivers of the country’s energy crisis. Authorized Iranian miners have been banned from operating in the country until September in an attempt to conserve electricity during the summer months.

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JCB driver throws car outside lavish apartments “in bitter argument over unpaid bill”

Footage shows a JCB throwing a car wreck outside a building in Edgerton, Huddersfield, after the property management company demanded £ 66,000 for work carried out after a water leak

Video upload

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JCB throws car into posh apartments in bitter row

That’s when a JCB dumped a wrecked car outside a lavish apartment building in what is seen as the latest chapter in an argument over an unpaid bill.

Robert Hall, who owns a £ 400,000 flat in the building, said the property management company hit residents with a bill of £ 66,000 for work carried out following an oil leak. water.

He claims other companies could have done the job for just £ 25,000.

Mr Hall said this amounted to £ 11,000 for himself and each of the other five apartments at Edgerton’s address, Huddersfield, Yorkshire Live reports.

He believes the ditching of two smashed cars in apartments yesterday is linked to the residents’ dispute with Mick Dunbar, owner of management company MD Construction.

JCB dumps two wrecked cars at lavish apartment complex

Mr Dunbar has reportedly tried to charge residents £ 11,000 each following a water leak in December last year.

Mr Hall, who has instructed a Dewsbury-based law firm about the matter, believes the dispute resulted in stone blocks being placed at the entrance to the apartments on Wednesday, blocking all cars entering or leaving.

However, he said officers from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service demanded they be moved as they posed a risk in the event of a fire.

But the situation worsened at 9 a.m. yesterday when two junk cars were thrown into the parking lot.

Vehicles were abandoned at the site amid a dispute over an unpaid invoice

Mr Hall, who lives on the property with his wife, said a meeting was arranged with Mr Dunbar on June 9 when he and the other tenants refused to pay the bills. They said this was a clear abuse of their rights and privileges and claimed that the work was done without any consultation.

Mr Hall said: “We have pushed aside the stone blocks so that we can get through.”

Mr Dunbar, owner of one of the six apartments, did not respond to a request for comment.

Edgerton was once known as the Belgravia of Huddersfield and has some of the city’s grandest addresses.

Stone blocks were also placed at the entrance to the block

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A book titled The Villas of Edgerton was published with wide acclaim by local historian David Griffiths in 2017.

It comes after a builder destroyed a building with his backhoe because the owner owed him more than £ 4million.

Footage on YouTube shows the entrepreneur driving his machine through the three-story block after an argument with the developer, who he said owed him £ 4.2million.

His yellow and black mechanical shovel could be seen stretching out his long arm and knocking down the apartment balconies.

The damage reportedly occurred at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Blumberg, southern Germany.

The area around the apartments was cordoned off by police, fearing that heavy machinery had damaged the building’s gas containers.

The builder fled in his car after destroying the building with his demolition machine.

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Additional car parks and rangers will be introduced in Denbighshire

DENBIGHSHIRE County Council is advising residents of its intention to welcome visitors this summer.

With a busy summer expected, the Council is trying to manage the increase in the number of visitors and has made a number of preparations.

Additional parking spaces have been created at Moel Famau and Horseshoe Falls, Llangollen, while additional rangers are deployed to locations of beauty including Loggerheads County Parks and Moel Famau and Horseshoe Falls to provide information, support visitors and help deal with problems.

Additional street cleaning measures will be put in place during the summer months with a focus on busy areas of cities and parks, while increased emptying of trash cans will be in effect in tourist hot spots.

The Council is also working with regional partners to share messages across the border on regulatory differences between England and Wales after July 19.

Cllr Hugh Evans OBE, Head of Denbighshire County Council, said: ‘Tourism contributes £ 552million a year to the Denbighshire economy and we want people to come to Denbighshire this summer and return year after year. , it is therefore important that we make the county safe and welcoming to visitors while giving residents the reassurance that they are staying safe.

“We have allocated additional resources during the summer months to deal with the situation.

“We ask people to plan ahead before visiting, to think about avoiding areas or peak times, and to have a Plan B if things seem busy.

“It’s important to always park responsibly in designated areas and respect the countryside, this includes keeping dogs on a leash and bringing picnics rather than disposable barbecues.

“We also remind people to be respectful to those who work to ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors and residents.

“It is important that we all make the most of the summer and make the most of our freedoms, but we must remember that Covid-19 is not gone and act safely, responsibly and respectfully. ”

Residents and visitors are reminded that parking restrictions are important both for road safety and to ensure fair renewal of parking spaces.

Motorists who do not obey the parking restrictions may receive a penalty notice.

Council developed its Destination Management Plan in partnership with tourism businesses across the county and coordinated activities to ensure a positive experience for visitors, residents and businesses this summer.

This includes encouraging visitors to plan, prepare and book in advance, coastal safety tips and outdoor safety messages while social media graphics have been produced for businesses and tourism ambassadors. .

To learn more about the Council’s Destination Management Plan, visit

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Biff-Burger has a new owner, the ICOT Center offices have been acquired • St Pete Catalyst

The iconic Biff-Burger joint is acquired by a local investor. The Clearwater ICOT center, among other offices, is taken over by a single entity. The property across from Derby Lane where the greyhound races were held could be used for multi-family development. A home in Clearwater Beach sells for $ 10.5 million, making it the highest home sale in Pinellas County. The home of a former St. Pete mayor hits the market.

Here is this week’s roundup of local real estate offers:

Property across Derby Lane may be used for multi-family development

Two vacant commercial plots opposite the Derby Lane site have been purchased.

10491, boulevard Gandy N. in Saint-Pierre. Google Maps.

St. Tropez Investment Co. LLC has sold two lots at 10491 Gandy Blvd. N. in a $ 2.3 million agreement with MD Gandy LLC, which is related to Clearwater-based HC JV LLC, managed by Loci Capital Management Co. LLC.

The acquired lots are directly across from the Tortuga Point apartments and are described as an ideal location to build a multi-family development.

The area surrounding the Derby Lane track is one place the developers are keeping a close eye on.

Since the Derby Lane track closed in 2020, due to the passage of an amendment banning greyhound racing, local officials have said they could potentially see the Tampa Bay Rays build a new stadium on the site.

However, no effort has been reported to move the conversation forward on the Rays potentially occupying the stadium, and although greyhound racing has ended inside the stadium, the popular Derby Lane poker room remains open.

Biff-Burger and Buffy’s BBQ have a new owner

The nostalgic Biff-Burger and Buffy’s BBQ adjoining St. Pete are new owners.

Biff-Burger. Photo by Bill DeYoung.

Justin Basil, director of Tampa-based Rockwell Investments, purchased the two plots at 3939 49th St. N. in a $ 1.4 million deal.

He was interested in the property because of its frontage on 49th Street. Basil’s wife Lauren Basil operates the Mosh Posh consignment store in Tampa, which has closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Basil told the St. Pete Catalyst that restaurant operations will continue.

The Biff-Burger restaurant in St. Pete first opened in the 1950s and has had several different owners over the years, but has remained mostly the same.

Biff-Burger. Photo by Bill DeYoung.Today, only two known locations of the former Punch-The burger chain still exists – one in Greensboro, NC, renamed Beef Burger, and the other in St. Pete.

This location also has many elements of the “classic” Punch-Architecture and characteristics of the burger, with an existing original road sign, as described by the company.

Next to Biff-Burger is Buffy’s Southern Pit BBQ, recognizable by the pink Chevrolet 57 on the roof.

Buffy’s BBQ next to Biff-Burger. Google Maps.

California company takes over office complexes, including ICOT Center in Clearwater

A California-based management company has acquired several offices at the ICOT Center in Clearwater, a 262-acre business park on Ulmerton Road in Clearwater, as well as several others for a total of approximately $ 42.18 million.

Offices of the ICOT Center. Loopnet.

The procuring entity is related to Birtcher Anderson Realty Management Inc., a property management services company that acquires and sells office, industrial and commercial buildings.

The largest purchases included: five packages within the ICOT Center for $ 8.22 million; the Turtle Creek Office complex in Clearwater for approximately $ 11.26 million; and three plots in the Starkey Business Center for about $ 18.1 million, according to Pinellas County public records.

Pasadena Mall Sells To Big Shopping Buyer

In New York acquired a shopping center anchored in the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 6818 Gulfport Blvd. in southern Pasadena.

It was sold from Branch South Pasadena Associates LLC to South Pasadena RG2 in a $ 32.65 million deal.

South Pasadena RG2 is linked to RPT Realty, which is the same company that recently purchased plots in and around the Walmart Neighborhood Market anchored plaza in the East Lake Woodlands neighborhood.

RPT has dozens of shopping centers across the country.

The mall consists of eight buildings totaling 166,188 square feet and has over 30 tenants, including Anytime Fitness and Ace Hardware.

Mandalay Point house sells for $ 10.5 million, making it the most expensive sale in the county

A house in Mandalay Point, a closed subdivision of Clearwater Beach, sold for $ 10.5 million, making it the most expensive sale in Pinellas County this year.

House at 1150 Mandalay Point in Clearwater. Loopnet.

Beach Investment Holdings LLC, which is linked to a Florida-based law firm, sold ta waterfront home at 1150 Manadaly Point to Michael and Allyson Hyer.

House at 1150 Mandalay Point in Clearwater. Loopnet.

The 3,338 square foot home, built in 1949, offers views of the bay that stretches to Caladesi Island.

It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms as well as a veranda and a swimming pool.

House at 1150 Mandalay Point in Clearwater. Loopnet.

Tech exec sells its Tarpon Springs home located on a finger of land

Shereef Moawad, owner of Tarpon Springs-based Inc., sold his Tarpon Springs home for approximately $ 2.43 million.

156 George St. S., Tarpon Springs. Zillow.

His business, which includes CarChat24, helps car dealers sell more vehicles by converting a higher percentage of their website visitors into quality leads.

The 5,521 square foot home located at 156 George Street S. sits on a piece of land that juts out onto Tarpon Lake and is surrounded by water on three sides.

The house has four bedrooms which each open onto the roof terrace.

156 George St. S., Tarpon Springs. Zillow.

Outside is a swimming pool, an infinity spa, an outdoor kitchen and a private dock with two slides.

A 2,600 square foot humidity controlled garage is also unique to the house.

The old house of St. Pete Mayor comes to the market

The home of St. Petersburg mayor Randolph Wedding is back on the market and awaiting sale.

The Snell Isle Estate at 990 31st Ave. NE, is a 5,878 square foot home built in 1968. The asking price is $ 2.5 million.

The house, whose design was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, has five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and overlooks a canal.

990 31st Ave. NE, St. Pete. Zillow.

The home has floor to ceiling windows and sits on half an acre with lush landscaping, a pool, and an outdoor kitchen.

990 31st Ave. NE, St. Pete. Zillow.

The listing agent is Emil Suileman of EXP Realty LLC.

Wedding, who died in 2012, was mayor from 1973 to 1975 and helped persuade the state to build highways 375 and 175 and connect them to the city center.

He was also known by his architectural firm, which designed the original Busch Gardens theme park.

990 31st Ave. NE, St. Pete. Zillow.

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Camping plan approved for Grade I listed antique monument of Byland Abbey in North York Moors, despite parking issues

Byland Abbey
Byland Abbey

The North York Moors National Park Authority planning committee has been told that heritage issues with setting up a campsite next to the Cistercian monastery of Byland Abbey have been resolved, with highway patrons growing. most concerned about the number of visitors stationing in the area.

Members of the park authority agreed to grant tenants of the grade I listed Abbey Inn overlooking the 12th-century monument, which is credited with inspiring church architecture in the North, to create a camping in his garden for three years, to assess the levels of disturbance he creates.

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Local residents, including former National Trust regional chairman Sir Nigel Forbes Adam, had written to “oppose in the strongest terms” the launch of the campsite on the former Grade I-listed monastic abbey, near ‘Ampleforth.

In response, Jake Hunt, who started renting the hostel from English Heritage last fall, told the committee: “This is not a flashy or reckless proposal, it is carefully considered, will not damage the grounds. or the region and will make my small business that a little more viable.

However, residents had also raised concerns that any additional cars parked at the hostel due to camping would further exacerbate the roadside parking problem in the area.

The meeting was informed that since the English Heritage parking lot for Byland Abbey was small, the Abbey Inn parking lot was being used by visitors to the monastery, and the lack of parking in the area led to cars parked “willy-nilly” around the historic site.

Members heard that the parking issues were actually the result of English Heritage leasing the pub, which it traditionally used for parking when its attraction overflowed. Members said Abbey Inn tenants “are going to have to suffer the consequences.”

Member Subash Sharma said: “I think if there is a problem with the abbey and the visitors they receive, it is up to them to decide. [English Heritage] to provide parking.

Another member, Alison Fisher, who has worked as a historic areas advisor with English Heritage for more than 20 years, said the park authority needs to consult with the conservation charity about the long-term management of the area. the attraction “so that it does not upset those who live nearby”.

She said: “Byland Abbey is one of the major English Heritage holdings in this region. It is quite well visited even if it is not inhabited.

“It was always a property that we never really knew what to do with, as it was never popular enough to manage it and bear the costs, but it was popular enough to leave it open and let people enjoy it.

“The past 18 months have meant that we are all here and are staying. Maybe this will continue and so I think long term management is a big issue for us. “

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Car park management

M7 Real Estate secures four new rentals in Dublin warehouse portfolio

Pan-European investor and asset manager M7 Real Estate has secured four new leases across three programs within its portfolio of industrial and logistics properties in Dublin.

As a first step, M7 entered into an agreement on behalf of a large financial institution with the HSE for 12,800 square feet of warehouse and office space at Unit 8 North Park. The property in question was acquired on behalf of the ambulance service on a new 10-year lease at a rent of € 10.50 per m² following a complete renovation.

The second deal sees Clevamama, the baby and juvenile brand retailer founded by sisters and mothers Martina Craine and Suzanne Browne, taking up 11,400 square feet of newly renovated warehouse space at € 10.75 per square foot. on a 10-year lease at the B3A airport business park. , which is located close to Dublin Airport.

The third transaction concerns the leasing of Unit 3 from Screwfix Ireland to Westlink Industrial Estate. The subject property comprises 5,850 square feet and will be occupied by Screwfix on a 10-year lease at a rent of € 10 per square foot. The building underwent a major renovation in the second half of 2020 on a speculative basis and terms were agreed with Screwfix prior to its practical completion. Screwfix is ​​the UK’s largest retailer of tools, accessories and hardware products and is part of the Kingfisher group, which also includes B&Q, Castorama and Brico Dépot.

The fourth and final lease sees Commercial Interior Supplies (CIS) expand its existing footprint to Westlink Industrial Estate with an agreement for Unit 27 (5,808 square feet) at rent of € 9.50 per square foot. CIS was part of a new generation of tenants to enter the field in 2017 when occupants sought a commercial counter location with the security of a managed business park.

Since the acquisition of the Westlink device for € 13,870,000 in 2018, M7 has invested around € 1.5 million as part of its asset management program. The list of tenants of the estate includes: Euro Car Parts; ADI Gardiner; Vinny Byrne (commercial supplier to Dulux); and Silverskin roasters. Westlink is located just off Kylemore Road in Dublin and includes a combined 195,000 square feet of light industrial space.

Founded in 2009, M7 manages a portfolio of some 610 assets across Europe comprising 45.2 million square feet with an estimated capital value of 4.1 billion euros. M7’s Irish portfolio comprises 16 assets spanning approximately 1,000,000 square feet, primarily in industrial and logistics space.

In January 2020, the company acquired Primeside Park in Dublin for 6.75 million euros. The industrial zone, which is located in Ballycoolin, has an area of ​​71,300 square feet spread over 25 units. The development is almost fully leased. The group also controls Century Business Park in Finglas, which it acquired for 4.47 million euros in September 2019.

His first investment here was in 2017 when he bought Fumbaly Lane, a combined office and housing development in Dublin 8 that was on the market for € 24m. M7 sold Fumbally Lane to BCP Asset Management in 2018 for € 33.5 million, following the completion of a vast asset management program which reduced the building’s vacancy rate by 17% to 2% thanks to the addition of 19 new tenants, and which has seen its annual rental income increase by € 1.14 million.

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