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Car park management

Bruce Towers issues must be resolved, otherwise

Officials in the Town of Lorain are right to order the owners of the Bruce Towers to improve the living conditions of its residents and reduce crime, or they will do everything possible to shut it down.

The city applied to the Lorain County Common Plea Court against the two-building, 46-unit apartment complex at 5001-5003 Oberlin Ave. due to poor living conditions and widespread crime, including two fatal shootings in May.

Nearby residents and businesses, as well as the law-abiding citizens who live in Bruce Towers, shouldn’t have to put up with the negativity of the apartment complex.

Lorain’s attorney, Robert Gargasz, who represents the Ohio Multi-family LLC, the property group, said in court on September 9 that necessary repairs to the Bruce Towers apartments will take place.

However, Lorain’s chief legal officer Pat Riley said at the hearing that public safety, and not just building violations, remains a concern for city officials.

The September 9 hearing was a follow-up proceeding to the city’s lawsuit filed by Lorain’s legal department for the director of the city’s security service, Sanford Washington.

The city administration is seeking a court order to clean up conditions so bad that city officials claim the buildings are a nuisance to public health and safety.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James L. Miraldi, who is presiding over the case, said based on the lawyers’ discussion that there was progress in improving living conditions in the two buildings.

Miraldi, however, has set another hearing for October 28 for the city and landlords to report on further progress.

If living conditions have not improved and crime continues to surface in Bruce Towers, the city must attempt to shut down the apartment complex.

And Riley gave valid reasons because the city’s “primary concern” is security and crime.

He spoke of recent police reports from Lorain, including gunfire and break-ins, that there had been no slowdown in violent crimes since the first hearing on Aug. 3.

It is a huge problem.

Riley also pointed out that prior to the lawsuit there was no resident manager and the ownership group was non-existent.

He also acknowledged that there is progress now, because the city has gone to court.

Construction conditions can be corrected, which Gargasz says will happen.

But, crime is the concern.

Gargasz told Miraldi the owners would allow Lorain Police to park a patrol car to enhance security at all times and work with detectives to investigate the incidents.

Gargasz also believes that if a police car is ahead, drug dealers could keep moving.

This is where Gargasz is wrong.

It is not the city’s responsibility to maintain a cruiser at Bruce Towers.

It is the duty of the owners to ensure the safety of the residents.

Police fight crime in other problem areas and use other prevention methods to keep people safe.

Bruce Towers must hire his own security to patrol the area.

The city will not and should not be posting a cruiser outside of Bruce Towers, unless an investigation is underway.

Additionally, Miraldi even admitted that he couldn’t order Lorain’s police when and where to patrol.

However, he encouraged the owners and the city to work together.

Gargasz said he wants criminals to know people are watching them and will be reported to the police and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We agree with Gargasz on this.

Regarding construction conditions, Gargasz said a contractor was hired to ensure the building meets municipal fire regulations and has sanitary conditions and real estate repairs.

Riley said there was “undeniable” progress in addressing concerns about fire hazards to residents, citing an inspection that day by the city’s deputy fire chief Greg Neal.

He also said it was not clear if pesticides were being applied correctly to kill cockroaches and bedbugs while keeping people safe, but this could be verified by Lorain County public health officials. .

Gargasz proposed renovations on one side of a building, then the other, to be more efficient for the contractor and so tenants would have a place to stay.

He added that there are times when things need to be fixed in the units, but tenants do not notify management.

So far, it appears that six tenants have moved and as many as 25 have been made aware of the resources available to help them move.

The city has appealed to local social service agencies to help, but Washington added that some residents are going to be difficult to place.

But, if these problems and problems persist at Bruce Towers, Lorain officials must use his means to shut it down.

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Opinions sought on parking improvements

Commuters are encouraged to have their say in the parking improvements planned for Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations.

The improvements will be provided by the level crossing removal project through the state government’s Carparks for Commuters program.

New and improved parking lots, accessible parking, lighting, video surveillance, bicycle facilities and landscaping will be installed at both stations.

The Tarneit station will have 500 new fitted out parking spaces.

Plans include a new car park to be located northeast of the station and an extension of the existing car park parallel to Leakes Road on the south side of the station.

Commuters to Wyndham Vale Station will see approximately 380 new and improved parking spaces built, including a new parking lot along Hobbs Road north of Ballan Road.

Members of the public can provide feedback on any aspect of the parking lot project, including design considerations and measures to manage or mitigate any potential impact on the community.

All comments received will be included in a summary report of the public consultation, excluding any personal information.

Final designs for the station’s upgrades are expected to be announced later in 2021, with construction to be completed by the end of 2022.


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Porsche AG sees good fortune in Taycan EV, says CEO

Luxury sports car maker Porsche AG is seeing strong demand for its Taycan electric car. Such demand resulted in a wait for the Taycan EV increased to six months.

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Trendy cars

At the ongoing IAA 2021 in Munich, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the automaker had already sold its annual production capacity of 20,000 units between January and June. He also said the automaker is witnessing huge demand from various markets.

China is the world’s largest automobile market. It is also one of the biggest markets for electric cars and luxury cars. The Chinese market plays a key role in the global sales growth strategy of automakers. The CEO of Porsche claimed that the company also receives a large number of reservations for the Taycan EV from China.

However, the global chip crisis is having an impact on Porsche, as are other automotive majors around the world. The CEO of Porsche has revealed that the entire Volkswagen Group is fighting the chip shortage and is receiving more orders than it can fill.

Porsche Taycan is the German luxury sports car brand’s very first fully electric car. The automaker recently introduced a slew of updates to the Taycan EV and the Taycan Cross Turismo. These changes also affect range, connectivity and colors.

The car received the integration of Android Auto into the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, Remote Park Assist, etc. With the Park Assist remote control, the driver can control the parking of the electric vehicle remotely from his smartphone.

Meanwhile, inspired by the positive response from consumers to the Taycan EV, Porsche is planning another smaller EV. It could share Taycan components.

Porsche aims to make it a fastback-style electric sedan that will share the Audi A4 E-Tron architecture. This car will be pitted against rivals such as BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3.

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Woman would rather end up in court than pay a ridiculous fine for Swanpool Beach parking lot

Woman says she’d rather be forced to do community service than pay a ‘ridiculous’ parking fine issued over a year ago when she was penalized for paying a ticket for the whole day.

Julie Buccieri, 63, parked at Swanpool Beach car park in Falmouth to go surfing in March 2020 but her ticket was blown through the windshield in a gust of wind. She was fined £ 80.

To this day, the assistant, who lives in Camborne, still has the ticket proving that she paid for parking all day, after he fell at the foot of the car.

Read more:Cornwall is helping resettle Afghan refugees and how you can get involved

Julie says the company responsible for her management, Armtrac Security Services, has been “harassing” her and threatening legal action for over a year – but adds that she will never pay him.

“It was boring from the start because it was a parking lot I had been going for years,” she said. “Back then it was £ 3 to park all day which was fantastic value for me.

“But that day I bought my ticket as usual and when I got back from the water it was a wide wind and my car has these rear windows that open outwards and the wind blew into the car and managed to push it out of the windshield.

“I could see it was fine in the foot just behind the driver’s seat and I had the little yellow parking notice. But, I thought it would be nice. I had my ticket and there was had no doubts here, I thought. “

Surfer Julie is fed up with “intimidating” parking management companies

But 18 months later, the company is still threatening to take legal action because it refuses to pay the fine even with proof that it did indeed have a ticket that day.

“They basically refused my call because it was not visible and said what had happened was not an excuse and it continued from there,” she said.

“But I’m not paying for something I didn’t do. I did everything right and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not my fault that the wind blew it away, “she continued.

“As I tell this story to my friends, they all say similar things happened to them and you don’t expect the company to dispute that if you have your ticket. “

She paid a ticket that day and still has proof

Although she followed all complaint processes and wrote to an ombudsman, her case was not rejected.

“I could literally line a wall in my house with the number of things they keep posting to me saying ‘it’s approaching now’ and ‘you’re going to be summoned.’

“It’s like bullying. It’s just trying to break you. I would go do community service, I feel that strongly about it. I’m fed up and it’s not just me going through this.

“These are a lot of people with legitimate reasons who paid but are still being sued. Parking companies are real bullies.

“My parking fine is really a specification in the ocean and it shouldn’t take so much time, money and paperwork. Honestly, what a waste of time.

What started as an £ 80 fine for Julie could have been reduced to £ 40 if she was paid within fourteen days and is now around £ 260 after undergoing an addition.

But she is still adamant that she will never pay him.

“I’ve told them thousands of times now that I haven’t done anything wrong,” she said. “I haven’t received a letter for a while now, so it looks like they might be fed up and decided not to bully me anymore.

“I just don’t know why they have to be so unreasonable about it and I have this devil in me now that I think ‘you know what I didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t care you know what Again’.

“They can do whatever they want. I don’t care, and if they go that far, they should be ashamed. I’d better sweep the streets as part of a community service than pay this fine. “.

Armtrac has been approached for comment.

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Tour of Britain brought the sleepy town of Bodmin back to life

The hottest spots in Devon and Cornwall as the mini heat wave begins

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Residents fight against developer’s plan for a cable car to Mount Wellington | Examiner

news, local news,

Residents opposed to the development of a cable car on Mount Wellington have asked for further exclusions after it was announced that developers would appeal the decision to reject the development. Residents of the community organization opposed to the cable car have formally asked the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal to “expand the grounds for refusal” for the development of a contentious cable car and infrastructure on the monument of the capital of Tasmania. READ MORE: Teacher pleads guilty to having sex with student ROCC seeks to expand grounds for refusal in line with Wellington Park Management Plan and Hobart Interim Planning Plan. The ROCC claims that the development would impact the Masked Owl’s nesting habitat and have a negative visual impact on the summit. READ MORE: Cannabis decriminalization cut down; hopes for mature debate ROCC spokesperson Vica Bayley said given the scale of the rejections, they hoped the developer would abandon the development and let the community enjoy the mountain. “Experts felt that this project would destroy habitat for masked owls and fail to meet sewage and odor requirements and we believe this should be reflected in the final grounds for refusal,” she said. . “Different things motivate different people’s love for kunanyi and therefore their opposition to the cable car, but for many, the love for the creatures that inhabit it, its spectacular visual appeal, and its pure water and air are central. many concerns. ” READ MORE: Immunization order for all health workers – but does that mean no jab, no job? The development promoters appeal against the 21 urban planning refusals issued by RAMPAT. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News: The Examiner


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Porsche Taycan EV will now park thanks to new updates

The Porsche Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo have undergone significant changes in terms of range, connectivity and colors. These upgrades include the integration of Android Auto into the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system and the availability of Remote Park Assist for the first time on the Taycan.

Porsche has now equipped its first fully electric Taycan model with a new optional assistance system whereby a user can control the parking of the electric vehicle using a smartphone, which can be done without the presence of the driver. driving. With this, the system will automatically detect parking spaces and measure them using the vehicle’s ultrasonic sensors and camera systems. If there is enough space, the user can start the parking process via the Porsche Connect app and then exit the electric vehicle. The driver can continuously monitor the parking process by pressing and holding a button on the smartphone app interface. The Remote Park Assist function will then take the wheel and also control the forward and reverse movements of the electric car. If the user releases the button, the Taycan EV will immediately stop the parking maneuver.

1984 cc | Gasoline | Automatic (double clutch)

Price ex showroom

83 95,000* From

Porsche 718 (photo HT Auto)

1988 cc | Gasoline | Automatic (double clutch)

Price ex showroom

1 63 73 000* From

Porsche Cayenne (photo HT Auto)

2995 cc | Gasoline | Automatic (double clutch)

Price ex showroom

1.92.83000* From

(Also Read | Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo EV Could Light Up Battery Sports Car Market)

The luxury automaker has also introduced the Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options where potential customers can paint their Taycan electric vehicles to their choice of color, making it more personalized. These colors can range from classic ’90s ruby ​​red to bright acid green, Porsche explains. The automaker also indicates that the new Taycan model year will not be homologated separately and therefore there will be no new WLTP range values. However, the actual reach of the latest versions will be greater in everyday use. The company has incorporated many technological developments to achieve this feat.

The popular EV will also now come with improved thermal management and charging functions. With the Turbo Charging Planner, the high-voltage battery can now be heated to a slightly higher temperature than before, informs Porsche. This means that one can charge the VE quickly and also at a higher charge level. In addition, the waste heat from the electrical components will be used more for regulating the temperature of the battery.

(Also read | Porsche Sells 19,822 Taycan Electric Vehicles Worldwide; Says Tied With Porsche 911 Sports Car)

Taycan Model Line Vice President Kevin Giek shares that these new updates will only make Taycan more popular among customers. “Our all-electric Taycan line is growing and thriving. The new Cross Turismo, which was added to the lineup in the spring, is proving extremely popular with our customers, as demonstrated by the excellent number of orders recorded for it, ”he adds.

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$ 4 million land deal marks start of Sauer industrial center

A conceptual rendering of one of the industrial buildings planned for the first phase of the Sauer Industrial Center. (BizSense File Images)

A massive new industrial park near Richmond International Airport is one more step towards a seven-figure land deal.

Becknell Industrial has paid $ 4.26 million for 83 acres which make up the bulk of the planned first phase of the Sauer Industrial Center, a 450-acre site just south of the RIC that local developer Sauer Properties plans to eventually fill with. 3.3 million square feet of class A industrial buildings. Space.

Sauer Properties was the seller of the larger of the two parcels involved in the transaction: a 75-acre parcel that was sold on July 22. Although part of the same transaction, an adjacent 3-acre parcel owned by Gerald and Patricia Merridew was recorded as having sold August 2, according to Henrico County property records. The two plots occupy the northeast corner of the Airport Drive-Pocahontas Parkway interchange.

While these parcels are about 5 acres less than the total amount of land Becknell purchased, Ashley Peace, president of Sauer Properties, attributed the difference to the tax-free right of way that was ceded as part of the OK.

The online property records did not include recent appraisal data for the 75-acre parcel.

A map of the Sauer industrial center site, oriented with the right side to the north.

Becknell’s purchase does not include three additional plots that make up the remainder of the Phase 1 site. Peace said Sauer Properties, which still owns those plots, will develop them itself.

The purchase paves the way for Becknell to begin construction of two warehouses totaling approximately 726,000 square feet, according to the company. The Indiana-based developer has already filed plans with Henryrico that called for a larger footprint, with around 100,000 square feet more.

The largest building will now total nearly 446,700 square feet and will be a transshipment facility. The other building, a rear-loading configuration, will total approximately 279,300 square feet.

Becknell is targeting completion of the two buildings in May 2022. He is working with investment manager Ares Management on the project, which will include on-site car and trailer parking and construction features such as sprinkler systems. rapid response to early suppression and LED lighting with motion detectors. .

Peace said Becknell rented one of the buildings and sent it back to Becknell for user confirmation. A call to a spokeswoman for Becknell was not returned on Friday.

Elevation renderings of the proposed first phase of buildings.

The buildings are kicking off what is slated to be a multi-phased development, with Sauer Properties developing two subsequent phases that would fill the Sauer-controlled land on the west side of Airport Drive to Laburnum Avenue.

Peace said the company is finalizing a conceptual layout for the rest of the industrial center site. She said efforts to market these facilities to potential users could begin in a few weeks.

A regular in the area, Becknell developed the nearby airport distribution center just west of the Sauer industrial center site. Earlier this year, she sold four properties there, along with another at 8750 Park Central Drive, in northern Henrico, to New York-based Raith Capital Partners for $ 65 million.

Becknell has also signed on to develop a 1.1 million square foot distribution center for Lowe’s Home Improvement in Hanover County.

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Station requesting authorization to develop an ATV park

A farming family from Alexandra has requested resource consent to establish a commercial mountain bike park on their property.

In a request to the Central Otago District Council, John Sanders, of Matangi MTB Park Ltd and Matangi Station at Little Valley Rd, proposed activities where the public would be charged for access. These include mountain biking, hiking, walking, orienteering, quail shooting (seasonal), possibly horseback riding, competitions organized by the applicant and third party operators, filmmaking, military training and non-profit recreational events.

Mr Sanders said he wanted the residents of Alexandra to enjoy the recreation of the family farm and for the district to benefit economically “but in a way that does not interfere with farming operations.”

He also said he wanted to mitigate the adverse effects of public access in “a structured public recreation proposal for Matangi station.”

In support, the application indicated that the Sanders family had exclusive possession of the property, which is on pastoral Crown leaseholds, and trespassing rights against the public.

Matangi station already had trails, fences and posts as well as routes established by a mountain biking group and these attributes had resulted in increasing public recreational use of the station.

Out-of-town commercial operators were using the station without permission, and dogs had been taken to the station without consent, posing a serious risk of sheep measles.

Members of the public also damaged doors, locks and fences.

The tracks had been damaged by the unauthorized use of motorcycles and “the situation has gotten somewhat out of hand”, the applicants said.

In background information, the Sanders family said the project would require significant work and oversight on their part and should be undertaken on a commercial basis.

It was proposed to build new tracks and improve the existing ones. Signs would be installed, ongoing maintenance of the lanes would be established, a parking lot constructed, toilets and drinking water provided and three other posts already constructed would be installed.

Electronic amounts may also be required in the future “to induce users to pay”.

An additional amount may be required in Graveyard Gully Rd as well as an additional five amounts at high traffic crossings in conjunction with new lanes.

Some aspects of the activity would require consent to use the land, for example, commercial activity; sight distances of intersections; anticipated circulation of more than 15 vehicles per day; the establishment of parking for events (capped at 25 per year); and the fact that one of the proposed studs would be in Graveyard Gully Road, an exceptional natural area.

A riverside area of ​​Matangi Station on Tuckers Hill Road would be available free to hikers and mountain bikers.

The Sanders family requested that the request be publicly notified under the Resource Management Act 1991.

People had until Thursday, September 9, to provide comments to Matangi MTB Park Ltd, 1054 Little Valley Rd, Alexandra or the Central Otago District Council.

A council spokesperson said that although the request was publicly notified before the lockdown, the deadline could potentially be extended and the council would consider any late submission request provided there are valid reasons.

A notified consent normally took three months to promptly process requests for additional information and / or the requestor putting the request on hold.

– Mary-Jo Tohill

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Concerns about public toilets in Mold

Concerns have been expressed that a town’s public toilets are about to be demolished, which has been called a “mistake”.

It was previously reported that plans to demolish a block of public toilets on New Street in Mold had been backed to make way for more parking.

Last year, the Chief reported that Flintshire Cabinet had agreed that the New Street Public Convenience would shut down – if City Council did not wish to take over management of the facility, which City Council chose to do. do not do.

City and county councils worked closely on the project and devised a plan to improve the facilities at the King Street bus station and expand parking availability at the New Street parking lot, facilitated by the demolition of the facility. existing public convenience.

However, a local worker, who declined to be named, said the toilet is expected to be demolished this year.

He told the chief that this was an “error” and that it would likely affect the town’s commerce.

He added: “I see the number of people using the toilet on a daily basis. Coaches park there during the summer months to visit the market and the first place they go is the toilets.

“I think the public will be disappointed to lose them because the toilets near the bus station are a bit out of the way.

“With all the new businesses opening in the city and the coaches coming back to the market, I personally think the board is making a mistake.”

Katie Wilby, Flintshire Managing Director for Streetscene and Transportation, added: “In keeping with our local toilet strategy, isolated facilities such as the New Street facilities regularly attract antisocial behavior, which deters people from using them. As a result, we have taken a more empowering approach by encouraging the use of existing toilets in municipal buildings such as libraries and Connects centers, which people feel more comfortable and comfortable using.

“Following a review of the sanitation facilities in Mold, the costs identified for reconditioning and improving the quality of the New Street parking facilities were not economically viable.

“Therefore, improved facilities have been developed in the bus station complex, which is the same distance from the city center as the facilities on New Street. The improved facilities at Mold Bus Station will provide an alternative improved site within the city’s transport hub.

“Additional washrooms are also available for the public to use in the Mussel Library and the Daniel Owen Center.”

Flintshire’s local toilet strategy is available on the website at:

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Parking Management Market To Reach US $ 45,125.82 Million, Globally, By 2028 At 4.93% CAGR – Exclusive Report From The Insight Partners

NEW YORK, August 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – According to the latest research report from The Insight Partners “Parking Management Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Parking Site, Solution, Services and Deployment “, the market is expected to reach US $ 45,125.82 million by 2028 onwards US $ 31,723.67 million in 2020; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.93% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2028.

Download the PDF brochure:

Get detailed details on the “Parking Management Market” (109 – Tables, 87 – Figures, 177 – Pages)

Intelligent parking systems require compatibility between their major hardware devices and software applications. At present, there are hundreds of companies providing equipment or services to the smart parking industry, making it uncertain the extent to which software and hardware standards are shared among different equipment suppliers, as well as the mix of years of equipment that make the existing facility quite unpredictable. often. All hardware devices must be compatible with all software services. Thus, organizations working on intelligent parking systems need to combine and develop a standard to eliminate compatibility issues, thereby largely removing a barrier to the development of the intelligent parking systems market.

In addition to technological complexities, higher prices for systems and services also limit many cities and municipalities in developing countries from adopting the systems. Attributing to the fact that the adoption of various parking management systems is still a niche, developers and service providers are integrating different technologies to attract customers. The integration of advanced technologies and software increases the initial cost of the systems. The future of parking management systems is expected to be important with the prices of end products coming down. This factor is expected to significantly increase the purchase of these technologies, which would help cities and municipalities in developing countries to optimize their parking spaces in the years to come.

Get Discount on Parking Management Market Research:

Europe dominated the global parking management market in 2020. The strong economic context of European countries, especially in the western region, along with the high disposable income, resulted in a large number of registered vehicles per household and per capita among the European countries. Thus, the increase in the number of registered vehicles, coupled with the limited availability of parking spaces, has led to the adoption of effective parking management policies in the European Union and in other European countries. In addition, the continuous increase in the number of registered vehicles has also stimulated the demand for efficient parking management practices, especially in urban areas and metropolitan cities of Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, among other European countries. However, the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak has had a severe impact on the parking management market in Europe. The reduced demand for parking management solutions can be attributed to a sharp reduction in traffic congestion and lower car sales, among other factors. However, once the lockdown is gradually lifted, the parking management market is expected to rebound and the sale of personal vehicles may also increase, due to concerns about the safety of public transportation. With an increasing emphasis on physical security, information security, and the perceived well-being of all, the parking management market is likely to rise after the pandemic.

Growing adoption of smart technologies to propel the growth of the parking management market

Smart technologies optimize vacant spaces and provide information on parking spaces in real time; therefore, they are increasingly adopted in parking management. This allows drivers to easily park vehicles on and off the street. For example, the German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom has launched a program to install sensors in city-center car parks. Hamburg, germany. The sensors deployed by the company inform drivers about parking spaces using smartphones. The service is mainly available on Joy application and the park of Deutsche Telekom. Similarly, Deutsche Telekom is also mounting parking sensors, which provide information about the parking space via narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology.

Get Sample Copy of Parking Management Marketplace:

Parking Management Market: Deployment Overview

In terms of deployment, the global parking management market is categorized into on-premise and cloud. Global parking management is experiencing a paradigm shift from traditional on-premise servers to cloud servers in the current scenario. However, in developing countries, the adoption of on-premise servers for parking site management is still significant, which is driving the on-site segment of the parking management market. The emergence of IoT and cloud services is leading parking management companies to adopt technologically advanced solutions. Additionally, the benefits offered by cloud-based services to facilitate parking reservation capacity make the segment thrive to grow in the current year, and the same is expected to attract a decent share of drivers and owners alike. vehicles in the years to come. The growing number of attractive cloud solutions related to parking management is also a revenue driving factor prevalent in the current market scenario. Partnerships and collaborations between parking management companies and technology companies are driving the parking management market for cloud-based services.

Parking Management Market: Competitive Landscape and Key Developments

Key players featured in this market research are Indigo Parking Service, Streetline, Flowbird Group, Parkmobile, TIBA Parking, Smart Parking Limited, T2 Systems, Swarco, Passport Inc., and Siemens AG. In addition to these players, several other key market players have also been studied and analyzed to get a holistic view of the global Parking Management System market and its ecosystem.

Purchase a copy of the Parking Management Market Research Report @

In July 2021, Passport has partnered with Xevo, a leader in connected car technologies and innovative user experiences, to enable payment of parking payments directly through the Uconnect infotainment system in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram cars.

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