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I don’t know anyone in a utility company other than the Egyptian cashier to whom I give 200 fils every time I step out of one of the parking lots, and I don’t know the name of the president or general manager of the company, and I prefer not to search for their names on the internet so that what I write remains devoid of any influence. The utility company is affiliated with the government and operates parking lots, often inside Al-Sour for forty years or more. A friend told me that the company is allowed to carry on many activities, but that it has distanced itself from these headaches and has concentrated most of its activities in the management of “parking”.

From what I know about the company and how I feel as a citizen, it is also considered to be one of the most manageable and least profitable public enterprises from a business perspective. It receives vacant land in the public domain, contracts with a design office for the design of the building, in one way, awards the construction contract in another way and installs electronic devices, in a third way, then rests as soon as its management has finished employing the personnel of collectors and security guards who will be in charge of managing the parking lot and the administration completely forgets it as seen in the field.

Parking lot management is smooth, easy, and without the headaches that the rest of the state-owned facilities complain about. It is clear that the management of the company did not concern itself with the process of improving its typical buildings, the most hideous in the capital, which were built perhaps deliberately without any touch of beauty or art. but only a hideous box of often poorly designed followed by a lack of interest in its cleanliness not even sweeping its hallways and stairs, sometimes used as a place to urinate.

Over time, other facilities have followed suit such as the Kuwait National Petroleum Company gas stations, most of which cannot be compared to private gas stations in terms of service or cleanliness.
In addition, none of the top state officials or MPs, whether opposition members or government loyalists who get their salaries for an entire year for doing nothing but giving punches, is only interested in mediating with the management of that company to hire a collector or security guard, not even an accountant.

This company, like many government companies, needs a reprieve to best fulfill its role and increase the construction of parking lots, as some of the tallest towers in the capital do not have parking space, even for a car. because they were built before the law changed. Tall buildings have sprung up everywhere but no parking space for cars. Where’s the “miserable” utility company?

We hope that the management of this company will make efforts and increase the number of parking lots because parking in places under the direct heat of the sun, which sometimes exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, is a tragedy. It must also build modern and service car parks of a beautiful nature as we have seen in the car parks of the complex of ministries, for example.
We have no other choice but to wish that the managers of the company move and care more about the health of people and the safety of “your parking lots”.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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