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Call for tenders to repair the North Mole in Whanganui

An aerial view of the North Mole of Whanganui. Photo / provided

Refurbishment and repair work on the North Mole is expected to begin in mid-December, in another milestone for Te PÅ«waha – the Whanganui Port Revitalization Project.

The construction works will cover the 900m length of the embankment from the end of the North Mole to the port of Whanganui. This work, as well as the scheduled repair work on the South Mole, is essential to allow an operational port.

The two moles define the mouth of the river and ensure that a navigable depth is maintained for ships. Repairing them is also necessary to protect nearby developments and critical urban infrastructure from flooding.

This project, under Te PÅ«waha, is managed by the Horizons Regional Council and undertaken by Cashmore Contracting, with work scheduled to continue until November 2022. During construction, there will be limits to public access to the North Mole and backfill, with no authorized access to construction areas.

Public access to the area from the parking lot at the top of the north pier to the end of the pier will be limited for three to four months from January 2022. This will allow construction of this complex part of the project to be completed. during the summer months when the weather is generally quieter. However, there is good news for recreational users.

“Although public access is limited throughout the construction period, we are aware of the recreational value of the area and the importance of the fishery to the local community,” said Craig Grant, Head of the management of the rivers of the Horizons group.

“With this in mind, we have developed a construction plan to allow recreational and fishing access at all times to certain sectors along the 900 meters of the work.

“While it can be frustrating at times for those who regularly fish for moles, we appreciate their patience. The reward will be a much safer mole, with debris removed and pedestrian access at the end.”

Public access to the entire area will also be available during the two weeks of Christmas and New Years.

While there will be no access to the parking lot above the pier for three to four months, the closed parking lot at the end of Morgan St will be accessible to the public at all times. Sand will be managed during construction to ensure it remains clear for vehicles.

The rehabilitation and repair of North Mole is jointly funded by the Horizons Regional Council, Whanganui District Council and Kānoa – Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit. In addition to this funded structural work, Te PÅ«waha project leaders prepared an ambitious conceptual plan for the North Mole and surrounding area.

    Jock Lee leads community engagement at Te PÅ«waha.  Photo / Bevan Conley
Jock Lee leads community engagement at Te PÅ«waha. Photo / Bevan Conley

Te PÅ«waha governance group member Jock Lee helped facilitate this work.

“We are working collectively to create a community facility that we can all be proud of, one in which we can celebrate the importance of the Whanganui River, and of course continue to do the things we love to do like fishing and surfing,” did he declare. noted.

Concept project for changes in North Mole, related to Te PÅ«waha.  Image / provided
Concept project for changes in North Mole, related to Te PÅ«waha. Image / provided

The activities planned under the North Mole concept will need more funding and partnerships must be found to ensure that they come to fruition. The proposed activities are likely to be carried out over several years.

In the meantime, community engagement on the project is ongoing and members of the public can express interest in the updates by visiting


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