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Burger Restaurant, Beer Garden, Latin Fusion Concept and More in Downtown Tucson

Upcoming Restaurant Concepts and Renovations Funded by Rio Nuevo Board of Directors

There is a lot of buzz in the city center and the Council Rio Nuevo is behind a good handful of them. For example, at a recent meeting, the board – unanimous on every agenda item – approved projects like a new high-rise hotel and residential complex, a new bar and restaurant on the Congress and a few other concepts.

Corbett Lane food, beer and games

First, there’s something quite exciting about the work inside the historic building at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Seventh Street. Developer Scott Stiteler and his team at First phase are planning to renovate the Corbett Building, naming it Corbett Alley.

Renderings of Corbett Lane (Photo courtesy of Rio Nuevo)

It will take the form of an old-fashioned burger joint, beer garden, five pickleball courts and 188 parking spaces. Just read the words “188 parking spaces” is enough to make anyone happy, isn’t it?

More than likely, you know the empty building, which is nearby EXO Roast Co., Faucet & Bottle, and other wonderful local businesses in the area. In addition, the team behind the construction aims to spruce up the area by installing better lighting, planters, etc.

TABU — a Latin fusion restaurant

Oh, but it’s happening more right through the underpass and further south.

TABU Renderings

Renderings by TABU (Photo courtesy of Rio Nuevo)

There’s a new restaurant downtown called TABOO by developers Zeus Sainz, Jesus Mario Ramirezand Paul Mendoza moves to 128 E. Congress. It is the space rediscovered leaning against the old Chicago store location and near whiskey bar Batch.

“They have developed a unique menu downtown and want to invest in the people of Tucson,” Rio Nuevo said in a statement to the Latin fusion venue.

Rooftop Dining Room at Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink

Finally, the Rio Nuevo Board of Directors closed the meeting by authorizing an additional change to the construction of a rooftop bar at Reilly artisan pizza and drink.

The project was announced and approved nearly a year ago, but hit a snag due to rising construction costs. However, construction is expected to begin very soon on the roof.

Reilly artisan pizza and drink

Renderings of Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink (Photo courtesy of Rio Nuevo)

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