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Boise’s New Elementary School Gets a Name, Faster Schedule, and Three-Story Design

The Boise School District has announced that it will be opening the new elementary school in Boise’s Barber Valley earlier than planned. He also announced a name for the school, along with revealed design details.

“We were able to move this school forward to the fall of 2023, which we are delighted with,” said Brian Walker, Director of the Boise Schools Area. “I know that members of the community are eagerly awaiting the opening of this school. “

The date is one year earlier than the previously expected district.

The school will be renamed Dallas Harris Elementary. Harris was a large landowner and rancher in the area, and his descendants developed the Harris Ranch subdivisions. Harris died in 1999.

The Harris family donated a total of three acres for the school site. As part of the deal, the family stipulated that the school is named after a family member.

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“We had a memorandum of understanding with the Harris family and the Harris partnership where one of the things that was agreed upon was to name the school after a family member,” Walker said. “That family member is Dallas Harris.”

The Boise school board approved the name on Monday evening.

Dallas Harris Elementary could accommodate up to 500 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The district will follow a process to draw new boundaries for the school. Students in the Barber Valley area currently attend Riverside Elementary School. The process will end in the spring of 2022, according to Walker.

Walker said details like the school’s mascot and the school’s colors will come later once a principal is in place for the school.

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Safety concerns

The school was originally located on a smaller site and the students would have crossed a public street to reach a green space in the village for school activities. But security concerns prompted a change of course.

“There were too many safety concerns,” Walker said. “The Harris family graciously donated an additional 0.7 acre, which allowed us to put the school on one site.”

The additional land will allow a small playground adjacent to the school, protected by a security fence. Buses and parents will load and unload in adjacent streets. Parking for the school will be in a nearby parking garage.

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Three-story school

Site plan showing the ground floor of the school. Via CSHAQ

The school will be unique to Boise, spanning a total of three floors.

“As you can see, we have a three story building. The urban nature of this site, and we really wanted to keep some space for the students to play, led to a three story option, ”said project architect Ariel Mieling. “It’s also a good solution because it allows the second and third floors to be dedicated to student learning, with more public facilities on the first floor. “

The first floor will include a gymnasium, multimedia center (library) and administrative offices, with classrooms for kindergarten and special education. The other classrooms will be located on the second and third floors.

The third floor will also include an outdoor terrace which could be used as a learning space.

“This allows everyone who is engaged in the school to be engaged and outdoors with fresh air during their school day,” said project architect Kelly Mabry.

You can see the full video presentation here.

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