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Bay Area City is looking for a parking solution

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The Bay Area’s third-largest city by population is seeking help from IT vendors to be more comprehensive about how it bills and administers paid parking.

In a request for proposals (RFP) issued on Friday, the City of Oakland is seeking responses from companies that can help it implement a “multi-provider mobile parking payment system” that will allow visitors to pay at distance to park using their mobile phone. Among the takeaways:

  • The Oakland Department of Transportation’s Parking and Mobility Division is asking businesses to implement a “comprehensive mobile parking payment system for all current and future city-controlled paid parking areas, on-street and off the street”. The city will consider vendors that allow payment via “telephone, website, mobile software applications…and/or SMS/text messaging,” per the RFP. The system sought must, at a minimum, allow customers to remotely pay for parking “via the proponent’s free app or on the proponent’s website in the city’s approximately 11,000 metered spaces.” This number includes approximately 500 “multi-space parking meters” and 5,000 single-space meters, as well as off-street parking facilities. There is also an “optional task”, according to the RFP, for additional products or services to support “the holistic and active management of the city’s on- and off-street parking facilities”. Mobile phone parking payments accounted for approximately 13% of total parking meter payments in 2019; city ​​staff are “considering an increase” through mobile and contactless payment. The city may grant more than one “agreement/proponent” to achieve its objectives.
  • Among the City’s objectives are the search for a respondent with expertise in paid mobile parking; increase its existing parking payment options; and employing a system where meters can be added and removed, and tariffs and schedules rescheduled flexibly without downtime. Oakland also needs regular “trends, productivity, and performance” reports, improved data, and user protections consistent with its surveillance technology ordinance; and Oakland-branded materials such as signs for multi-space parking kiosks and meter stickers provided by Respondent. The city needs an “innovative” system that will support its parking and mobility goals, including its parking principles set out in Resolution #84664 and parking reforms like Oakland+.
  • Relevant experience for respondents includes “parking experience in Oakland or similar Bay Area cities” within the past five years “that will demonstrate team competence” to do the job. Qualification statements must emphasize work in Oakland “supporting multimodal parking and transportation systems, and fair and innovative parking payment systems.” Respondents will receive points for “their technical capability and demonstrable experience in providing an effective mobile parking payment system” over the past five years; an “innovative, flexible, and phased approach to supporting the city’s parking system and payments” and experience in managing similar “product or service accounts for cities with a parking and transportation system” in Oakland.
  • The duration of the contract will be five years with the option of two consecutive one-year extensions, for a total potential duration of seven years. The value of the contract must not exceed $900,000. As compensation for delivering the system, the contractor will be “allowed to charge a convenience/use fee”, subject to city approval – and which the city may “subsidize…at any time during the term of this Agreement”. The city is requesting a “combined one-time upfront payment of $190,000 from all selected consultants to contribute to the costs of setting up the new mobile parking payment system,” split equally among the selected contractor or contractors, unless the consultant is a certified local business enterprise. , in which case they must contribute 75% of their share. A pre-proposal meeting is scheduled for March 17 at 10 a.m.; Bidding questions are due by 2 p.m. on March 24. Proposals are due by 2 p.m. on April 5. The date of award is unclear.
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