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Barwa Al Sadd, Al Aqaria Tower offer real estate solutions

Barwa Al Sadd, Al Aqaria Tower offer real estate solutions

Sep 27, 2021 – 9:27 AM

A view of the Barwa Al Sadd

Doha: Barwa Real Estate Group, which has a proven track record in contributing to the advancement of the real estate sector in Qatar through its commercial and mixed-use projects, presents the Barwa Al Sadd and Al Aqaria towers.

To date, Barwa has opened commercial and administrative spaces in strategic locations to provide its users with high quality service at competitive prices. Such projects offer housing solutions with a luxurious experience that meet the aspirations of the business sector as well as the needs and demands of residents. These efforts are reflected in the Barwa Al Sadd and Al Aqaria Tower projects.

The Barwa Al Sadd, which was built in a strategic area in the heart of Doha, is a mixed-use development covering an area of ​​27,654 m².

The project consists of three office towers, including two towers of 21 floors and another of 18 floors, and a five-star hotel with 232 rooms and suites. In the middle of the three towers is a three-level podium-like building, with the first two floors reserved for retail stores, restaurants and cafes and the third floor is expected to house office space.

The project also includes three apartment buildings of 11 floors (Ground + 10 floors), as well as a basement for parking cars. These buildings offer residents a unique living experience as they are mixed with the components of the project, which include retail stores, restaurants, recreational, sports and hospitality facilities. In addition to 261 apartments, of which 129 consist of two bedrooms and 132 consist of three bedrooms.

The project also includes a three-story recreation center that offers equipment and recreation, gymnasiums and entertainment rooms, as well as two multi-purpose halls. All of this is aimed at serving the residents of the compound and those who live nearby and seeks to meet their recreational needs inside the compound.

In addition, Barwa Al Sadd incorporates a multi-storey car park that serves visitors to the Al Sadd towers by accommodating more than 1,700 cars in the basements under the towers, under apartment buildings and in the project sites.

In 2008, the Al Aqaria Tower was fully developed with a very attractive design in a strategic location on Museum Street in the Salatah district overlooking the Doha Corniche and close to vital facilities. It represents added value for the real estate market in a strategic location, reflecting its objectives of providing office space that meets the requirements of the industry.

La Tour consists of 14 floors, ground floor, mezzanine and two parking basements. It contains furnished and unfurnished administrative offices of various sizes. The tower houses branches of financial institutions and banks operating in the country, as well as the headquarters of the most important companies operating in Qatar in various fields. The Tower also provides all the 24 hour service needed by business customers, as well as security and maintenance services.

Waseef, a subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Group and one of the leading asset, property and facilities management companies, is in charge of managing the Barwa Al Sadd and Al Aqaria Tower projects. Both developments are important profit-generating projects for the group and contribute to strengthening the rights of shareholders and to the balance of the group’s asset portfolio. The rental values ​​offered in these two projects satisfy all segments and follow the prevailing prices in Qatar, in order to ensure fair competition between real estate companies in Qatar. Waseef offers various, multiple and integrated services in these two projects to meet the requirements of users, visitors and residents.

Regarding occupancy rates at Barwa Al Sadd, all housing and two of the three office towers are now leased on the project. While the occupancy rate of Al Aqaria Tower is 62 percent.

Barwa Group has a balanced mix of operational assets that vary between residential, commercial, industrial, logistics and general purpose assets. The construction area in operation for the projects is 3.6 million m², of which around 34% is dedicated to the residential sector, including 8,129 housing units.

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