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aiMotive and Parkopedia Partnership Offers Automakers Cost-Effective and Scalable Automated Parking Solutions

Parkopedia partners with aiMotive to provide scalable automated parking solutions

Parkopedia has partnered with self-driving technology specialists, aiMotive, to provide scalable indoor parking navigation and self-driving solutions.

LONDON, UK, Oct. 13, 2022 / — The partnership offers automakers unique and scalable parking navigation and Type 1 Automated Valet Parking (AVP) capabilities for the first time.

Improved parking experience for drivers without the need for costly additional infrastructure in parking facilities.

Makes it easy to navigate to electric vehicle charging spots or pre-booked parking spots closest to final destinations – minimizing travel time and preventing driver frustration or downtime.

AVP will likely be the first SAE Level 4 automation product available to drivers.

Scalable navigation services, enabling indoor navigation, MaaS solutions and offering the latest comfort and safety services for the driver.

Autonomous technology specialists, aiMotive and indoor mapping provider and leading connected vehicle services, Parkopedia, are now able to offer automakers scalable autonomous parking solutions that minimize drivers’ daily hassles, not to mention on the presence of additional infrastructure in car parks, thanks to a recent partnership.

The ‘out-of-the-box’, cost-effective and scalable parking navigation solution is able to provide navigation assistance to drivers in indoor and outdoor car parks using aiMotive’s perception technology, combined with location information provided by Parkopedia’s highly accurate Indoor system. Map Service – a unique, cost-effective and scalable interior mapping solution for automakers looking to future-proof their navigation and deliver the driver comfort services expected today.

In indoor car parks, such as underground and multi-storey car parks, the line of sight to the satellites is blocked, preventing GPS access. Another form of location is therefore needed to maintain the navigation services that drivers have grown accustomed to on the road, as well as to enable mobility as a service (MaaS) and convenience services of the future.

As part of the partnership, drivers will receive turn-by-turn indoor directions to precisely selected parking locations, such as a pre-reserved parking spot or electric vehicle (EV) charging points, or the available parking space closest to the desired destinations or exits. points, minimizing overall travel time and maximizing range, saving time and driver frustration, while also enabling “find my car” convenience and security services.

The partnership will also enable self-driving parking services in any parking facility, without the need for prior training or testing, or the addition of additional on-site hardware. Automated Valet Parking (AVP) Type 1 for automated vehicles is also based solely on on-board intelligence and built-in functionality already present in the vehicle. Once activated at a designated drop off point, the vehicle is able to navigate parking structures to park, and when summoned by the vehicle owner, it will return to a predefined pick up point.

AVP is likely to be the first SAE Level 4 automation product available to drivers, due to the lower implementation cost and lower risk profile of low-speed driving in a constrained environment , however, it requires consistent and reliable global location and navigation. throughout the operating area. Parkopedia is able to provide the required location using advanced robotic techniques combined with data from sensors present on most connected vehicles and landmarks already present in all car parks.

Brian Holt, CTO at Parkopedia, said, “We are delighted to partner with aiMotive to deliver cost-effective and innovative parking solutions of the future. Every car journey begins and ends with a parking lot, and as such remains an essential part of in-vehicle navigation systems for reaching final destinations. Unfortunately, the current navigation experience ends at the entrance to parking lots, leaving drivers far from their final destination. By combining aiMotive’s technology with our HD indoor maps, we are able to extend and enhance the navigation experience and provide the bridge to self-parking and its associated benefits in the future.

Gábor Pongrácz, SVP of aiDrive, said, “aiMotive strives to develop truly scalable and innovative automated driving software and related tools. Our parking solution also follows this mindset. Relying solely on internal vehicle intelligence and sparse HD maps, Parkopedia is a natural partner for us. The maps provided by Parkopedia were accurate and detailed enough to be used immediately in our AVP solution for location and route planning. Together, we can dramatically accelerate the adoption of AVP technologies, being able to deploy them to any mapped facility. »

aiMotive’s comprehensive automated driving software, “aiDrive”, offers a state-of-the-art roadside assistance solution with L2+ and L3 functionality. Additionally, the Stack’s unique automated valet parking concept offers features such as driver drop off, search and maneuver into a parking spot and even return to the driver when summoned. This system relies on on-board intelligence instead of infrastructure investments, enabling rapid scaling in target markets.

To date, Parkopedia has completed several “proof of concept” use cases for indoor maps with global car manufacturers and generated comprehensive coverage of major car parks globally. The partnership will provide automotive manufacturers with the opportunity to differentiate themselves with popular convenience and comfort features that are simple to implement and require no changes to infrastructure or specialized hardware to deliver interior or frame navigation. of the complete AVP delivery.


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