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A new parking lot to relieve Carters Road

Lake Munmorah residents and school communities now enjoy the convenience of a new 50-space parking lot in front of Lake Munmorah High School on Carters Road.

The project provides parking spaces for this busy strip of road and serves four nearby schools, where lack of parking and traffic congestion were previously a problem.

The Central Coast Council completed the project with funding of $ 900,000 from the Australian government through local roads and
Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI Program).

Infrastructure Services Board Director Boris Bolgoff said the parking lot is an important facility for the growing Lake Munmorah community.

“The new 50-space car park has two accessible spaces and will certainly be well used by school communities.

“Parking and traffic management can be a challenge in this busy school neighborhood, and we have completed improvements that will help reduce congestion during drop-off and pick-up times at school.

“New trails have also been built around the parking lot to connect it to designated crossing points and a new pedestrian crossing,” Bolgoff said.

Shortland MP Pat Conroy said he was happy to see the parking lot project completed.

“Carters Rd parking and traffic jams have been a major issue for a long time, especially during school pickup and drop-off times, and I hope this new parking lot will help resolve that issue.

“I look forward to seeing it used by local school communities as well as the wider Lake Munmorah community,” said Conroy.

Board administrator Rik Hart said the new parking lot and associated works will provide benefits that schools have long sought.

“The completion of this community project will be good news for the Lake Munmorah community, especially for those with children attending schools in the Carters Rd area,” Hart said.

Press release, October 14
Central Coast Council

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