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A lifeline for consumers burdened with high-interest debt

“After serving more than 12 million visitors looking for help resolving their debts, we launched Project Debt Box as a secret weapon to help families better manage their credit and reduce their debts,” said Ellis Houck, editor of “These tools were designed to educate and motivate consumers to tackle debt with confidence,” Houck added.

Twelve user-friendly debt assistance tools available upon request

Project Debt Box offers twelve specific tools to help individuals and families budget, manage debt, protect their rights with creditors, and get out of debt. “It even provides valuable debt relief tips that anyone can use on their own – to lower interest rates, reduce payments and resolve debt more cheaply through structured debt programs. debt relief for struggling families,” Houck continued.

“Life Happens” and the Stats Tell the Story

Having served over 12 million people in debt, feedback from visitors to the Debt Relief Center makes it clear that while overspending can lead to unmanageable debt, it is often “life events” that trigger over-indebtedness. “In the past 90 days, of those who have contacted than 37% reported job loss or reduced income, while more than 20% said the debt was due to personal, family or medical difficulties,” Houck added.

When debt becomes too much to handle on your own

Clearly, regardless of life situations or events that trigger debt, Project Debt Box is an idea whose time has come. “It’s actually empowering for people when they finally say ‘enough’ and summon the courage to ask for help, kill the monster and put the worries of debt behind them,” Houck said.

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