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770 new laws coming to California

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

770 new laws coming to California

Through Emily Hoeven, CalMatters on Tue 12 Oct 2021 To 2:27 p.m.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the biggest expansion in California’s college financial aid system in a generation – he did so in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ first playoff game. and the San Francisco Giants on Friday night.

Hours later, it was all over: Newsom signed his final bills on Saturday, a day before the Oct. 10 deadline to follow through on the 836 proposals state lawmakers sent to his office. Of those, he signed 770 (92%) and vetoed 66 (7.9%), according to Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli.

Here’s a look at important new laws coming to the Golden State – as well as ideas Newsom has prevented from becoming law.

Signed in law:

With veto:

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