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Dispatch Mobile Newsroom: – News from Lima

A century ago, Driving Park was synonymous with bustling streetcars carrying passengers along Livingston Avenue, and horses – then racing cars – speeding down a track that gave the neighborhood its name.

The Near East Side community, bordered by Interstate 70 to the north and east, Linwood Avenue to the west and East Whittier Street to the south, was one of the city’s first streetcar suburbs. Streetcar lines were built to extend into what were once the outlying areas of Columbus.

Plague and crime have plagued the neighborhood for decades, but residents hope the expansion of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital and improvements along Livingston Avenue will renew the neighborhood.

This is one of the reasons Driving Park is the newest stop for the mobile newsroom, Dispatch’s roving effort to base more journalists in the community and to report in more detail on sub-neighborhoods. represented.

What is the mobile newsroom?

Instead of going to work every day in our downtown office, a few Dispatch reporters work from the Columbus Metropolitan Library branch in a specific area of ​​Columbus for about a month.

This month, journalists Erica Thompson and Mark Ferenchik are working from the Driving Park branch on Livingston Avenue. These reporters, along with other reporters from Dispatch, will explore Driving Park and its neighboring communities.

The purpose of the mobile newsroom – which first stop was in Northland at the Karl Road branch library – is to position reporters in an underserved area so that we can get to know residents, organizations, religious groups better. , business owners and the entire neighborhood. It’s part of our initiative to be more intentional to represent the whole community and the rich diversity of this city in our coverage.

In short, we hope to build relationships and tell good stories. Here’s what we’ve learned so far in Driving Park:

The Driving Park treatment center, a “beacon of light” for the neighborhood and beyond

When Felton Davis enrolled in the domestic violence program at the Africentric Personal Development Shop, he was embarrassed, ashamed and scared.

“I just felt like I had broken the covenant with God when I laid hands on my wife,” said Davis, 60, of the Northeast Side. “Not only did I hurt her, but I hurt my children. I lost their confidence. I lost their loyalty. So I’m working on it.

Now estranged from his wife, Davis said he was learning coping skills and signs of unhealthy relationships.

“For a long time, I didn’t know I had an anger and control problem,” he said. “I’m glad (APDS) was there when I was looking. I would like to be a sounding board one day. Maybe I can help someone or just be a mentor.

The Driving Park group aims to make a difference with the after-school program and museum plans

The Rickenbacker Woods Learning Center after-school program was all about the holidays on a recent Friday afternoon, with two kids in pajamas, a bubble maker sending foam into the air, and a girl wearing two embellishments on her shirt.

Christmas carols played in the background as dots of blue, orange, red and green light swirled around the ceiling.

Usually, the center and its tutors focus on homework and other activities. But it’s the season, so season on, right?

Accidents and speeding tickets on East Livingston Avenue in Driving Park receive notice from Columbus officials

After reviewing reports and hearing complaints from residents of Driving Park and Old Oaks about speeding tickets and crashes along East Livingston Avenue, Columbus officials plan to conduct a traffic survey to determine how make the busy hallway safer.

According to city police records, there were 65 crashes this year through December 13 at just five intersections along East Livingston Avenue: South Ohio Avenue, South Champion Avenue, Miller Avenue, Kelton Avenue, and Fairwood Avenue .

“The concerns of residents are what drives us to do this particular study,” said Reynaldo Stargell, administrator of the city’s traffic management division.

Black Business Spotlight: FishBurger to Continue Legacy of Entrepreneurship in Driving Park

In October, Tawny Nash was shopping at Sam’s Club when she saw two men wearing “FishBurger” t-shirts.

“I was in another aisle and yelled at them, ‘Where’s your FishBurger?

“They told me and said, ‘This is our grand opening today.’ I said, ‘I’ll be there’.

Sure enough, Nash showed up at the Driving Park restaurant on Livingston and Rhodes avenues. She was bowled over by the FishBurger Sandwich, which features fried salmon, a special drip sauce, and a signature lemon wedge on top.

New apartments planned on Livingston Avenue across from Nationwide Children’s Hospital

More apartments are planned near the Nationwide Children’s Hospital – this time just across the street – and they are another sign of the hospital’s growing influence on the changing character of the Schumacher neighborhood. Square.

The apartments would be built on the site of the former Shanes Dinner Theater at 447 E. Livingston Ave. and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location at 475 E. Livingston. The development would be across East Livingston Avenue from the hospital’s Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion and its Butterfly Garden Gateway entrance.

Contact our journalists from the Driving Park mobile press room

• Erica Thompson

[email protected]


• Mark Ferenchik

[email protected]


The first Columbus Dispatch mobile newsroom was located in the Karl Road branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and was presented to the public on October 21.

Michael Aaron poses outside Eddie Rickenbacker’s childhood home in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 17, 2021. Aaron and the Rickenbacker Woods Foundation are looking to revive grants to turn the home into a museum to tell the story of the neighborhood.

Tell stories in the neighborhoods of Columbus

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Parking space

“My daughter’s outspoken owner wants to stop her parking in her space. How can we fight back? ‘

Dear doctors of real estate,

My daughter bought a property with off street parking and the land register form confirms it. The recent lawyer reviewing it said the lease doesn’t prevent you from parking on your own lot, unless it blocks pedestrian access.

But now her landowner has said she can no longer park her car on the side of the property as it is an obstacle and has threatened a court order to stop her.

The lease refers to the side area as a trail, and there is no mention of whether it is a driveway or a driveway. It is blocked off at the end by a shed (it has always been there) so access to the rear property for anything larger than a wheelbarrow or wheelchair is not possible. The gap between the fence and the house, when the car is parked, is the same distance as the gap between the shed and the house, so I observe that there are no obstacles.

She has lived there since 2009 without ever being asked not to park there. This all happened when the landowner renovated the ground floor property and asked her to help create official parking at the back of the properties. She refused because it was of no use to her and would leave the back garden, the view from her room, as parking, so it is not desirable.

Does he have the right to park there and how can we respond?

GW, by e-mail

If your daughter owns the land adjoining the property, unless her lease indicates otherwise, she is entitled to park there unless someone else has a right of way over her. land that would be obstructed.

Normally, a right of way would be expressly granted and would be entered in the land register. In certain circumstances, however, a right of way may be acquired by “ordinance” with a useful life of 20 years.

If there is a right of way, the question of whether parking is an obstacle is whether an inconvenience is caused to the person exercising that right. From what you are saying, it does not seem very likely, but all of these cases need to be decided on the basis of their own facts.

The sensible thing would be to negotiate with the person exercising the right and find a satisfactory compromise, but I suspect that the free owner of the property should be involved in these discussions as well.

Ideally, your agreement should consist of one or more legal documents which should be prepared by a lawyer and which could be filed in the land register. Obviously there would be an expense involved, but that would avoid disputes later.

David Fleming is Head of Real Estate Litigation at William Heath & Co solicitors (

Each week, The Telegraph’s Property Doctors brings expertise on renovations and DIY, planning, buying and selling, rentals, legal matters and taxes. Send your questions to [email protected]


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Car parking rate

Hong Kong property prices remain high, despite challenges

The problem for Hong Kong is that it doesn’t have a lot of land available. About 75 percent of the land is protected or too mountainous to build there. As a result, construction in developed areas appears to be relentless. It is common to see new apartment buildings being constructed in the gaps between two existing towers in impressive use of space, but disregarding the view from residents’ windows.

Yet demand far exceeds supply, even with rising prices. The scarcity of land means that buying a property is seen as a long-term game. “It’s still crazy. If there are 100 units in a new building under construction, it is normal for it to be oversubscribed more than 10 times, and it will have to go to raffle lots, ”said Eunice Tenh, who is a real estate agent in the city for over 15 years.

The announcement that Hong Kong’s border will reopen with mainland China by June 2022 is already boosting the market, according to real estate agents. In November, just days after the border was announced, an apartment on Mount Nicholson in Hong Kong Island sold for HK $ 640 million, or HK $ 140,800 per square foot, a record in Asia.

“The main developers in Hong Kong are all very optimistic about the market,” Tsang said. “Hong Kong is still considered the Monte Carlo of China.”


Hong Kong is now technically open to non-residents who are fully vaccinated, but anyone who moves or visits must self-quarantine in a hotel room for 21 days if traveling from 25 countries, including US and UK, or 14 days from almost anywhere else. The exception is mainland China: visitors from some provinces can travel without quarantine, although there is a strict limit; most vaccinated visitors from China must self-quarantine for seven days.

Hong Kong has imposed strict mortgage requirements in an attempt to control prices – with little effect. Buyers must deposit at least 40 percent of the value, and there are stricter rules for foreign buyers. Mortgage applicants with income primarily from outside the territory face a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 40% for properties over HK $ 10 million and 50% below that price.

To delay overseas speculation, Hong Kong introduced an additional stamp duty for buyers who are not permanent residents, which is a flat rate of 15% of a property’s value.


45.8 million Hong Kong dollars

A three bedroom apartment on Macdonnell Road in Mid-Levels Central, a short drive from the central business district. The property includes an additional maid’s room, a balcony and a parking space. For sale with Knight Frank.

55 million Hong Kong dollars

A four bedroom, three bathroom house with private pool and garden in a quiet hillside location. There is also a maid’s room, three parking spaces and a mountain view, as well as a partial sea view. In the market with Knight Frank.

HK $ 1.2 billion

A four bedroom detached house on Island Road in Deep Water Bay, South Hong Kong Island. Built in 2009, the property has a rooftop terrace with views of the bay and the hills. Available at Christie’s International Real Estate.

By Tabby Kinder © 2021 The Financial Times

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Car park management

FAAN moves to strengthen security at Seymore parking lot, MMIA

Chinedu Eze

Following complaints of the theft of vehicle parts by users of the parking lot of the international wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMIA), Lagos, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) deployed its task force on the safety in the facility as well as in the areas around the park.

The car park was built and is managed by Seymore Aviation Multi-level Car Park Company under a public-private partnership (PPP) with FAAN.

THISDAY learned from a senior agency official that when the theft report turned manly on social media, he was tasked by the CEO to investigate and uncover the real problem with the establishment.

FAAN’s investigation found that there was no comprehensive coverage of all levels of the parking lot by CCTV and that the company lacked adequate security personnel to effectively monitor movements in the facility.

According to the source, FAAN has therefore deployed a senior AVSEC official to determine how to monitor the activities of the facility and ensure that it is secure for users.

“Previously, Seymore had its own security system, but after complaints from parking lot users, I was commissioned by the CEO of FAAN to investigate and find out what happened.

“So we did a security check and found out that the CCTV was not covering the parking lot properly and the management did not have enough security staff to effectively monitor the place and we also wanted to find out who was said that cars parked at the location is at the owner’s own risk.

“We first heard that it was an official from FAAN AVSEC, so we carried out an investigation and also found out that an official from Seymore had made the statement,” he said. .

The FAAN official also TODAY said the agency has asked the company to urgently extend CCTV to cover all parts of the parking lot and also link it to the FAAN ANSEC security monitor so that the the company and the agency jointly monitor the activities in the parking lot.

“We also ordered that more staff be hired and we would also deploy our AVSEC staff to ensure adequate security coverage of the place. We also found that there was no adequate lighting in the park, so we asked the management to light up everywhere in the facility because if everything is well lit it will discourage thefts, ”said the manager.

In a conversation with THISDAY, FAAN’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Ms. Henrietta Yakubu, who confirmed the new security partnership with Seymore, revealed that company leadership and FAAN officials have met. yesterday to agree on how to immediately implement the directive the agency gave to Seymore.

The report of the parking lot theft incident turned manly on social media over the Christmas holidays, and airport users and industry stakeholders were enraged by the excuse that the parked vehicles in the installation were at the risk and peril of the owners.

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Parking space

Smart and easy ways to recycle or reuse real Christmas trees, wreaths, greenery

Oregon is the nation’s largest producer of Christmas trees, responsible for about a third of the U.S. harvest, according to the latest report from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

After the holidays, natural trees, wreaths and other greenery can be given a second life benefiting the environment if they are properly recycled. Scouts and other groups are ready to help.

Volunteers from Trout Unlimited’s Tualatin Valley and Clackamas River Chapters are reusing trees, placing them in Oregon wetlands to provide habitat for juvenile salmon and other wildlife.

The non-profit group is restarting its Christmas tree collection program for coho this year after it canceled it last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On January 8 and 15, you can drop off your unadorned Christmas tree from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters (10910 NE Halsey St. in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Portland) and the old Bolton Fire Hall ( 6000 Failing St. in West Linn) next to the Royal Treatment Fly Fishing.

The cost is $ 10 per tree to cover transportation and other expenses. “To protect the quality of the water, we regret not being able to accept trees with flocking or garlands”, specify the organizers.

Trees that will be used as wood chips, compost or wildlife habitat must be removed from non-organic matter.

Preparation requirements vary among collection groups, but for the most part all branches should be cleared of ornaments, lights, garlands, wires, nails, spikes, brackets, plastic and other materials. added.

For the wreaths, also remove the frames and any other non-vegetal product. Check with the recycler for their policy regarding promotional items and other green items. Some do not accept flocked trees.

Holiday greens can be left in bins or on the sidewalk for garbage haulers to pick up. Or Boy Scouts, wearing masks and keeping their distance at drop sites, were trained to safely accept Christmas trees and wreaths in their efforts to improve the environment and raise funds.

Here are some Christmas tree and greenery collection options:

Garbage collection services will accept trees and other natural holiday decorations as yard debris if the greenery fits inside the bin or on the sidewalk for an additional charge.

Garbage collection services will accept trees and other natural holiday decorations as yard debris if the greenery fits into the bin and is picked up on the regular pickup day.

Typically, a tree is considered ordinary garden debris if it fits into the cart with the lid closed. If it doesn’t fit, cut the tree into pieces and add it to the basket over time.

A tree less than six feet long can be placed next to the cart on the sidewalk while longer trees need to be cut; anyway, there may be extra charge for extra waste.

Beaverton will not charge for a cut or entire tree that fits the cart; otherwise, if it’s placed on the sidewalk, it’s $ 3.70 for additional yard debris.

Clackamas County does not charge for picking up a tree that has been cut into pieces and placed in a garden debris cart with the lid closed. A large tree can be cut down and the debris picked up over several weeks.

Or cut a tree 6 feet tall or less in half and place it next to the yard debris cart. There may be a nominal charge for this option (call your household garbage company).

Trees flocked with fake snow are only accepted as trash and may incur additional charges (call your trash company). Wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons and bows also go in the trash as well as greeting cards and gift bags with glitter, plastic or metallic foil.

In Gresham, whole natural trees less than six feet in length that are not in the garden debris cart will be assessed an additional $ 3.91.

Trees over six feet should be cut in half and any half that is not in the cart will incur an additional charge. Wrap the flocked trees, which will be collected for a $ 5.50 garbage fee. If you are unable to cut your tree, contact your carrier for options.

Portland residents can fill their curbside compost cart with greenery as long as the lid can close and the material can freely fall from the cart into the truck when it is tipped.

There is an additional charge of $ 5.10 to take out each entire tree left curbside. Trees over six feet must be cut in half (a single fee of $ 5.10 will be charged). For flocked trees, contact your carrier.

See directions for Canby, Fairview, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Troutdale, Tualatin and other towns here and Washington County towns here.

Residents of apartments or condominiums with centralized transportation services can learn from the property manager or board of directors if a vacation tree picking service or event has been arranged.

Otherwise, visit Metro’s Find-A-Recycler to enter an address to find the nearest yard debris recycling facility or seasonal tree recycling event.

If you are served by Metro, submit a question, call 503-234-3000 or contact your waste hauler for more information.

If you don’t want to use the curbside service or take your tree to a yard debris disposal facility, Boy Scout Troops will recycle your entire tree for a donation.

The Sunnyside Environmental School in Southeast Portland has canceled its annual Christmas tree recycling fundraiser due to COVID-19, but most BSA Scout groups that usually recycle offer a contactless experience for the public, said Jennifer Bell, who volunteers with Tigard Troop 423 and Troop 218.

Tigard Troop 423 and Troop 218 will be picking up trees in the aisles for a donation of $ 12 in zip codes 97223 and 97224 on January 1, 2, 8 and 9. Call 503-972-3423 or go to to make arrangements (credit cards are accepted).

Wood chips from the trees will be used in Cook Park thanks to a partnership with the City of Tigard.

Here are other BSA Scout troops with recycling programs:

Troop 618 and Troop 5618 will accept unflocked trees for a donation of $ 10 or more and wreaths (donation of $ 5) at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 12405 SW Butner Road, 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday January 2. Saturday January 8 and Sunday January 9.

This event will fund most of the operating expenses of the troops for the year, according to the troops website. For more information: [email protected] or 503-567-9194.

Troop 728 will be accepting trees from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday January 1 and Sunday January 2, as well as Saturday January 8 and Sunday January 9 at the parking lot used by Terra Linda Park and Terra Linda Elementary School, 1998 NW 143rd Ave. in Portland’s Cedar Mill neighborhood. The suggested donation is $ 10 for trees, wreaths and other greenery. No flocked tree will be accepted. For more information, send an email to [email protected]

The 870 and 5870 Troops Curbside Christmas Tree Recycling Service is non-contact and follows all appropriate masking and social distancing protocols. The pickup coverage area is between Southwest Farmington Road, Southwest Murray Boulevard, Southwest 198th Avenue, and Southwest Old Scholls Ferry Road.

Pick-ups begin at 9 a.m. on January 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16. Book a pickup in advance and if you wish, place a donation in an envelope with “870” written on it, put the envelope in a waterproof bag and secure it to the tree.

Troop 230 will provide an in-car recycling service at Yakima Headquarters, 4101 Kruse Way, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday January 8 and Sunday January 9. The suggested donation is $ 10 per tree and $ 8 per wreath. . “This is Troop 230’s biggest fundraiser,” organizers said.

Girl Scout Troop 45004 will recycle trees and wreaths from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 1 and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on January 2, 8 and 9 at the upper parking lot of George Rogers Park, 611 S State of St.

The suggested donation is $ 10 to $ 15. To schedule a door-to-door pickup in Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, or West Linn, complete the or email your questions to [email protected]

Troop 221 will provide a drive-through recycling service for Christmas trees and wreaths between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday January 1 and Sunday January 2 at the Mountain Park Church Overflow Parking Lot at Southwest Jefferson Avenue and Southwest McNary Promenade .

The suggested donation is $ 12 per tree and $ 10 per wreath. To schedule a $ 15 door-to-door pickup from an unflocked tree in zip code 97219, 97035, or 97034, visit The trees will be chipped and returned to nature, organizers said.

Troop 22 will be hosting a tree and winter recycling food drive starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 935 NE 33rd Ave. in the district of Kerns.

Troop 24 will be accepting drop trees from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday January 2 at 3900 SE Belmont St. in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

Troops 419 and 5419 will be picking up trees in the aisles for a $ 12 donation starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday January 2, as well as January 8, 9 and 15, in the coverage area, north of Southwest Hart Road, south to ‘to Hwy 99W, east to Hwy 217 and west to Roy Rogers Road. Reservations must be made in advance at

Metro’s waste reduction experts remind us to save bows, containers, packing peanuts and wrapping paper for reuse next year. This year’s greeting cards can be cut to make gift tags for next year. Recycle paper, boxes and cards that you can’t reuse, as well as holiday catalogs and magazines.

Want to get rid of electronics, toys, home furnishings, clothing or accessories? If they’re still in good working order, consider donating them to charity.

Find a recycler to pack peanuts into piles by searching the Metro directory or calling 503-234-3000.

Organic Gardening offers these suggestions for Christmas trees free of invasive pests:

Make mulch: Cut off the branches and place them on the ground to protect the plants.

Protect the birds: Move the tree to its stand outside for the winter, where it can provide food and shelter for wild birds. Hang a bird feeder or bags of tallow.

Fish habitat: With the owner’s permission, poke your tree into a deep pond so that it becomes a habitat for fish and aquatic insects. In shallow wetlands, trees can reduce sand and soil erosion.

Turn it into a trellis: In the spring, install the tree in your garden as a trellis for peas or beans.

Plant it for next Christmas: If you bought a living tree, you will be able to let it grow until next year. If you have outdoor space, consider replanting your tree if its roots are intact.

– Janet Eastman | 503-294-4072

[email protected] | @janeteastman

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Car parking rate

Business incubator struggles to fill ‘record number of vacancies’

A FAMILY-run commercial nursery has more positions available than five years ago.

Johnsons of Whixley, near Kirk Hammerton, has struggled to fill positions despite the regional unemployment rate above the national average.

Following the impact of Brexit on UK employment, the century-old company has a number of permanent and part-time opportunities despite recruitment efforts.

Yorkshire’s unemployment rate is 4.8 percent. The number of nationwide job vacancies from July to September 2021 peaked at an all-time high of 1,102,000, with a national unemployment rate of 4.5% and layoffs returning to pre-pandemic levels of 3, 6% per thousand employees.

Johnsons has also been affected by the new export regulations. The company sold plants annually for £ 500,000 to customers in Northern Ireland ahead of Brexit, but said new rules prevented it from supplying root ball, bare root and container plants in the ‘EU and now in Northern Ireland.

Graham Richardson, Co-Managing Director, said: “We are offering a record number of jobs. We are grateful that our operations are so strong at such a tumultuous time for the economy, but we need the support of the people to fill our vacancies.

“Getting reliable and sustainable jobs like the ones we are recruiting for will help everyone rebuild better after the disruption of the pandemic. We see a lot of opportunity, but the size of the “bottleneck” will depend on having enough staff to meet demand. ”

Roles are divided into nursery, maintenance, sales and administration departments, with opportunities for progression.

Graham said: “We offer one of the best work environments; most of the time you will be outside in the fresh air. We offer various bonuses, treats and regular socials, early arrival on Fridays, generous vacation entitlements, a company pension plan and free parking. We have a culture of inclusion and genuinely see our employees as our extended family. Joining Johnsons offers the reward of becoming a “key worker” on climate change, few companies can claim to be net contributors to the environment from their core businesses. ”

Despite the downsizing of operations by many companies due to the pandemic, Johnsons of Whixley recently celebrated a record year in sales, achieving over £ 15million in revenue for the first time in 100 years.

To learn more about the roles, visit:

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Parking facilities

Condition of Metro Parks Tacoma facilities due to weather conditions

Tacoma Park facilities remained closed on Tuesday after heavy snowfall blanketed the area over the weekend and low temperatures continue.

Metro Parks Tacoma said the following facilities will be closed on Tuesday:

  • People’s Community Center
  • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (daytime hours and Zoolights)
  • Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
  • Point Defiance Marina
  • Tacoma Natural Center
  • Fort Nisqually
  • Meadow Park Golf Course
  • WW Seymour Conservatory (closed for renovations in progress)

Facilities open during normal hours on Tuesday:

  • STAR and Eastside Community Centers
  • Metro Parks Tacoma Headquarters, awaiting parking clearance

Late opening of the facilities:

  • The Norpoint center will open at noon to allow staff to completely clear the parking lot.
  • The parks teams will work on opening the toilets, cleaning the parking lots, internal roads and alleys. Until this is completed, the parks will have facilities and limited vehicle access.

The parks will have a limited number of toilets and parking lots. Five Mile Drive at Point Defiance could open late to car traffic, according to a press release from Metro Parks.

Alerts are posted on the Metro Parks website at

If you are going out in snow and ice, Metro Parks has taken the following safety precautions:

  • Be careful around buildings. Heavy snow and ice that may have accumulated on the roofs and edges of picnic shelters and sanitary buildings can slip off as the weather warms.
  • Tree branches may also have been stressed under snow and ice and could break apart, falling on anyone below.
  • Stay away from steep inclines as they are more prone to slipping in wet conditions and the area’s freezing and thawing.
  • Stay away from downed power lines, which can be fatal.

Allison Needles covers city and education news for The News Tribune in Tacoma. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

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Parking space

The 568th AMXS completes the first year of production of the depot on the new KC-46A campus> Air Force> Post display

Members of the 568th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Tinker Air Base had a busy first year of production in depot, completing maintenance work on 23 KC-46A Pegasus airplane.

In the process, maintenance managers also exceeded their own one-day turnaround target, with an average of 35 days to return the Air Force’s newest refueller to the field.

Completing work on all scheduled aircraft ahead of schedule is particularly important as the KC-46A is still in its initial phase of operational testing and evaluation. Generally, depot maintenance programs do not begin until the aircraft has reached initial operational capability.

The first KC-46A arrival to Tinker AFB for maintenance on September 10, 2020. The Pegasus landed with great fanfare, even receiving a water salute, or hosed down, from Tinker’s Fire and Emergency Services.

The 568th AMXS is the first Federal Aviation Administration– Designated military repair station, which allows maintenance on commercial derivative aircraft, such as the KC-46A. The MRS program holds the 568th AMXS to FAA standards, part of which includes scheduled maintenance checks on the aircraft every two years.

“My team began activating the KC-46A in 2017, so our successful execution of the 23 planes planned in our first year of operation is very gratifying,” said Gene Harris, director of the 568th AMXS. “Most importantly, I am touched by this opportunity and inspired by the fact that our 568th team lives up to our squadron’s logo, ‘Refueling the Future.’ “

The Pegasus will become a more mainstream spectacle as Tinker AFB’s KC-46A campus continues to grow. Currently, two hangars are operational, and seven more are expected to enter service in the future as more aircraft enter inventory and the operations they support increase.

When completed, the KC-46A sustainment campus will consist of a total of 14 docks: seven engine starting points, five additional ramp parking spaces, an engine test cell, an integration lab systems and administration space for a program office and aircraft maintenance personnel.

The docks will include two multi-bay hangars for corrosion control, fuel and scheduled depot maintenance, two additional hangars for corrosion control, two additional fuel sheds and eight scheduled sheds for tank maintenance. deposit. The campus will also feature four additional engine operating locations for 100% organic support.

Tinker AFB acquired the 156-acre KC-46A sustainment campus from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in 2010. The initial investment of $ 44 million to purchase the property adjacent to the base was a joint effort between the Air Force, local and state authorities. .

Ultimately, the Air Force will have invested more than $ 755 million in military construction funding into the project. The campus is also expected to employ 1,300 people as part of the state’s quality employment program.

Based on the Boeing 767, the KC-46A is a versatile widebody tanker aircraft, supporting missions such as air-to-air refueling, cargo and aeromedical evacuation, as well as passenger transport. Tinker AFB is the scheduled depot maintenance center for the KC-46A, providing all aspects of depot aircraft maintenance.

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Car parking rate

U-Pass transport system never got a pass in Colombia | Local

MU junior Chloe Myska is up and ready for class 30 minutes earlier each day. Not for homework or a cup of coffee, but for taking the bus from his apartment complex to campus.

This is the norm not only for Myska, but for a large population of MU. The extra time and stress of taking the bus is a small indication of a bigger void in Colombia – a lack of public transportation that serves the entire community.

Columbia’s transit system, GoCOMO, has nine bus lines. Six pass through the city of Columbia, while the other three pass through the MU campus and focus on the overflow lots for students. But the MU and General Columbia lines do not intersect.

This is a problem which annoys many and which sparked a suggestion several years ago which has never been successful.

In the late 2010s, Council member Ian Thomas attempted to create a system in which the university enters into an agreement with the city’s Department of Transportation to pay a flat annual fee and allows ID card holders academics to use the system for free. This system – used elsewhere in the country – is called U-Pass.

Thomas suggested that each student be charged $ 50 to $ 100 per year in exchange for essentially free use through U-Pass.

“I just thought, my God, what a wonderful system. We have (approximately) 30,000 students in Mizzou; if everyone paid $ 100, that’s $ 3 million, “he recalled in a recent interview.

“This would increase the state’s budget for the transit system by more than 50%,” Thomas said. “We could put a lot more buses with longer hours and new routes.”

According to Thomas, these routes would connect the students of the MU campus to the rest of Columbia, allowing for cheaper and more sustainable transportation.

“It would be so beneficial for the students at Columbia without a car,” he said. “It would solve the university’s parking space problems on campus, it would drastically reduce the university’s carbon footprint, and it would improve people’s health as they walk to the bus.

The University of Missouri system campuses in Kansas City and St. Louis have both successfully implemented the U-Pass program. Here is how it works:


The UMKC student card works like a bus pass and is as useful for getting around Kansas City as it is for accessing sporting events, viewing books in the library and purchasing a meal, according to the website. of the UMKC,

UMKC student cards are also good on suburban roads in Johnson County, Kansas, as part of an effort to create a transparent and easy-to-use regional transportation network. UMKC students who live on the Kansas side of the State Line can take a bus from Overland Park directly to the UMKC gate by simply swiping their ID.


UMSL is partnering with Metro, the regional agency that provides public transportation services in Saint-Louis, to offer students, faculty and staff access to Metrolink and Metrobus at a reduced rate. The Metro Pass program offers unlimited access to Metro services during the fall, spring and summer sessions.

U-Pass at MU

Dylan Cain, who received his Masters of Public Administration last year, was a senator for the Missouri Students’ Association when Thomas presented the proposal on campus in the late 2010s. After deciding to support U-Pass , Cain drafted a bill designating an MSA transit week.

“We were able to make a deal with CoMo where, during that week, students only had to show their student ID to take the bus for free, no questions asked,” said Cain, now an auditor of performance at the Illinois attorney’s office. General. “It was part of a larger effort to involve students in public transport. “

MSA released these results from a survey conducted after Transportation Week in 2018:

  • Most of the students had never used public transit before;
  • Students who used public transit had positive experiences;
  • Younger students are more likely to use public transportation than older students;
  • Students are more likely to take the bus to save money, help the environment, and for convenience.

Cain believed that implementing a U-Pass system could also help solve the campus parking problem.

“It’s not secure in a lot of ways, and it’s not a very user-friendly system,” he said of the situation. “Every day you drive away from campus to park, then you take shuttles to campus.”

Cain refers to the three shuttle routes that cover the campus. They depart from overflow parking lots, where students are assigned, and travel to various locations on campus.

Where he is

Despite its success during MSA Transit Week, U-Pass did not take root in MU. Cain believes the administration did not deem this necessary.

“There was just a lot of apathy towards the issue,” he said.

MU administrators also raised questions about the barriers that charging students an additional cost would bring, he added.

“I can say, definitely, that there has been a kind of setback. Tuition fees are always a concern, ”Cain said. “No one wants to be charged a higher price than expected because of the new tuition fees that are being enacted. “

According to Karlan Seville, director of internal communications at MU, the university is unable to increase funding for transport.

“If students show an interest, the campus would have to submit it to the board for approval,” Seville said.

Cain believes the need for public transit is rooted in something bigger than college life. It is a question of fairness.

“If we’re talking about cities that have real access to the community, cities that have disabled access, cities that are more food secure and environmentally conscious, these cities envision a lot of different things, but transportation audiences can play a role in all of this, ”he said.

And after?

Thomas has been the main advocate for the U-Pass in municipal government, but he is not running for re-election when his term ends in April. Still, he hopes current and future leadership will keep him alive.

Fourth Ward candidate Nick Foster addressed the issue of public transportation at a recent meeting of the Muleskinners, made up of Democrats from Boone County.

“Transportation for low-income people is an ongoing issue, so it’s definitely one of my concerns,” said Foster. “In general, I am in favor of a more robust transit system.”

Third Neighborhood Council member Karl Skala, candidate for re-election in April, said the city had missed critical opportunities to improve public transport.

“As we grow older I think some of these ideas are fertile and should be more funded,” Skala said. “It’s important to include the ‘when’ in all of this, in terms of climate change. ”

The key to moving towards a better system is to educate the public, Thomas said. But after his term on city council ends, will anyone take over the U-Pass?

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Parking facilities

Developer Seeks Affordable Luxury Homes The Guardian Nigeria News

The Lagos-based real estate company, MM. GMH Luxury, urged developers to ensure housing prices are affordable, standardized and reflect the economic reality of the country.

GMH Luxury Chairman and CEO Ayoolarenwaju Kuyebi gave the charge, speaking to reporters in Lagos. According to him, although developers cannot play the role of government in subsidizing house prices, they should set the prices bearing in mind that the money committed to buy houses is the people’s trust fund.

He said: “I expect that we will improve the market prices, even in the luxury market. I still think the market is overvalued and payment flexibility is the key. I want developers to improve the quality of homes and deliver projects on time as well as educate people to convert what they pay into an investment vehicle.
Subscribers are getting wiser by the day and that’s what determines deliverables, which is the end result of whatever the developer produces.

Kuyebi, an engineer, said the company has created an investment program to allow investors to invest resources in real estate constructions, which in turn will generate annual returns.

“We encourage fair investing where people can get up to 30% equity on their investment over a 12 or 24 month period,” he said.

Kuyebi has revealed plans to build 23-story luxury homes in Eko-Atlantic dubbed “Sheldon Gary” which will include a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, four-bedroom puppet and a penthouse. The penthouse is equipped with personal elevators.

Other features, he said, include commercial spaces, spa, business lounge, 220 parking spaces, four parking spaces for each of the units, a helipad, personal pool, and recreational facilities. such as lawn tennis and basketball court, mini market, nursery and lounge.

He explained that the project, which started in the first quarter of 2021, is being handed over to a Swedish company and would be delivered in 36 months.

Regarding the instability of the exchange rate and the impact on real estate, he said: “The first quarter of next year will be difficult for real estate companies as some projects could be abandoned due to the evolution of costs. and the currency crisis.

The forum also featured the unveiling of the company’s brand ambassador, Mr. Ninalowo Omobolanle, a Nollywood actor in Lagos. Kuyebi explained that the choice of the new ambassador was based on the need to promote the integrity and quality of its housing products.

In response, Omobolanle, who praised the company for its exceptional quality of housing delivery, pledged to create synergy to promote service excellence in the pre and post-production construction processes as well as for bring the business to the desired height.

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