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Park District receives $ 1.78 million grant for community center

Oak Park Park District Press Release:

October 31, 2021

A generous grant of $ 1.78 million has been given to the Park District of Oak Park to build its community recreation center as a net zero energy building, which will generate as much renewable energy on-site as the building has. need to operate. The funding, from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, will support conservation measures for the 40,000 square foot building to be located at 229 Madison Street. Oak Park is the third park district in Illinois to receive a grant to construct a net zero energy building.

“We are delighted that the Foundation has given the Park District of Oak Park this grant to have the community recreation center built with net zero energy construction requirements,” said District Executive Director Jan Arnold. “This is our third Foundation grant, so we see them as an excellent partner in the District’s efforts to preserve and improve our environment.”

The Community Recreation Center (CRC) is an innovative design by Chicago-based Perkins and Will with experience in the design and construction of recreational facilities. The Park District of Oak Park has worked with architects for the past five years, from feasibility to design, and now to construction of this multi-faceted facility.

This energy efficient building will feature selected building components and materials to meet the requirements of net zero energy buildings, including:

A network of solar panels on the roof and the parking lot

HVAC systems and mechanical equipment with the highest efficiency ratings

Increased insulation values ​​in walls and roof

High performance window Green roof and organic channel

LED lighting throughout the project

Presence sensors in rooms and daylight sensors in peripheral areas

EPA Indoor Air Plus requirements for paint and materials

On-site backup battery resilience

In order to be eligible for the grant, the Foundation requires that the building receive a certification by a third party guaranteeing that the building is efficient in its energy consumption.

This facility is expected to receive Zero Energy certification from the International Living Future Institute. In addition to funding construction and materials, the grant program requires recipients to provide educational opportunities to help residents learn about the building’s energy efficiency features. The community recreation center will have educational signs and an energy use display to illustrate how the building is constructed. Once the facility opens, the district will also closely monitor performance and usage to ensure the building meets the benchmarks for the net zero energy building, which is a requirement for the final portion of the grant. .

“We are proud to recognize the Park District of Oak Park’s leadership in sustainability with this net zero energy building,” said Gabriela Martin, director of the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation program for energy. “The Foundation’s goal is to encourage exemplary buildings and demonstrate that Net Zero-energy performance of buildings is realistic and achievable. We hope the new community recreation center will inspire more park districts to take up the Net challenge Zero. ”

The Community Recreation Center is the culmination of a long, open community process that ensures the facility will provide the highest priority amenities to residents without a tax increase. The Parks Foundation of Oak Park was instrumental in raising private funds to help cover the cost of construction. Amenities include an indoor walking and running track, multi-purpose halls, community halls, electronic gym and gymnasium for pickleball, basketball, camps and other activities.

The Net Zero Energy Building program provides grants to nonprofit, government and higher education organizations for exemplary buildings that maximize energy efficiency. Over a 12 month period, projects should achieve Net Zero Energy (or better) building performance. Net Zero Energy buildings compensate for their own energy consumption by generating the required energy on site from renewable resources. This will be the second Net Zero installation for the Park District of Oak Park.

This press release was produced by the Park District of Oak Park. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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3 best stocks I plan to buy in November

Wn October now in the books, 2021 is fast approaching and it’s time for investors to start thinking about November, another historically strong month for the stock market. Since 1950, the S&P 500 the index posted its best returns on average in November. In order to help you come up with some great action ideas for November, a trio of Motley Fool contributors have picked out some of their top names for the month. Their three choices are Free Mercado (NASDAQ: MELI), Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI), and SVB Financial Group (NASDAQ: SIVB). Let’s see why these actions are winning.

Latin America’s # 1 Ecommerce Platform Still in High Growth Mode

Nicolas rossolillo (MercadoLibre): MercadoLibre hit one out of the park during the pandemic, and its follow-up performance for 2021 is also quite good. The company has helped launch e-commerce and fintech in Latin America, and with online shopping activity still a tiny fraction of overall retail in most of the countries in which it operates, the trail ahead of MercadoLibre is always wide and long.

The results of the last quarter are a good example. Even though it experienced a boom in business on its platform last year, revenue doubled year over year through the first half of 2021. Net profit is stable, but c This is largely by design as the company is investing heavily to expand its services in the upper- and future regions in which it operates.

His efforts are really paying off on this front. Unique active MercadoLibre users totaled up to 75.9 million at the end of June, compared to just 51.5 million during the same period in 2020. And the total volume of payments through MercadoPago – the fintech division which caters to the large part of the population who do not use the traditional banking system – increased by 72% when measured in local currency. quarter on November 4, which implies an expected increase of 68% year-over-year.

With such epic numbers, one would expect the stock to be up so far in 2021. It is not. In fact, it’s down 9% year-to-date. Part of this is simply an unwinding of over-optimism after MercadoLibre stock exploded 193% more in 2020. But this leading e-commerce and fintech platform is far from being finished. With stocks down 24% from historic highs, I plan to make a buy in November.

Image source: Getty Images.

Worth playing the long game with this stock

Keith noonan (Activision Blizzard): Despite strong recent performance and an attractive pipeline of upcoming stocks, Activision Blizzard’s stock price is down around 15% year-to-date. 2021 has been a difficult time for year-over-year comparisons, and the game industry The leader’s assessment was also pulled down by narrowing growth opportunities for games advertising. A sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the state of California in July also raised significant concerns about certain aspects of the company’s culture.

Without minimizing the stakes and challenges ahead, I believe the video game publisher remains a major player for investors looking to take advantage of the global growth of its industry, and I plan to strengthen my position in November. Activision Blizzard has scored huge wins with its free-to-play Call of Duty: Mobile for smartphones and tablets, and its Call of Duty: War Zone title for PC and console platforms. These games have proven to be extremely popular and have generated solid revenue without diluting the appeal of the main series, and there’s a good chance the company can replicate that dynamic with other franchise properties in its stable.

Investors may not have to wait long for its next big free-to-play hit. Activision Blizzard unveiled Diablo: Immortal for mobile platforms at its BlizzCon 2018 conference, and the game originally seemed on track for a 2019 release. However, the company has repeatedly extended the development cycle in order to improve quality title and add new content to better meet fans’ expectations. The publisher hasn’t announced a specific release date for the game, but it is set to debut in the first half of next year.

Yes Diablo: Immortal proves to be a success, it could boost the performance of Activision Blizzard. And, even if the game does not reach blockbuster status, the company’s long-term prospects remain bright. Activision Blizzard is a clear leader in its category with decades of gaming experience, and the title looks set to continue delivering earnings to shareholders.

This bank is a beast

Bram berkowitz (SVB Financial Group): I have yet to buy shares of SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, due to the bank’s high valuation and impressive share price appreciation over the past year. But after another impressive quarter and some great advice through to 2022, I’m finally thinking about pulling the trigger in November.

SVB is a niche bank that caters to start-up, venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) communities. The bank provides short-term loans to venture capital and private equity firms so that they can make investments quickly; banks in the start-up phase which could one day be taken over or become public; has a growing investment bank leveraging the bank’s relationships in technology, life sciences and healthcare; and also provides more traditional banking products to high net worth individuals. SVB recent acquisition of Boston Private Financial Holdings strengthened its wealth management and private banking offerings, while SVB also doubled the size of its investment banking division in 2021.

With a full line of products in place to serve and fully penetrate its customer base, which is growing every quarter, the bank has a ton of momentum. SVB has doubled its balance sheet in the past year and now has around $ 191 billion in total assets, as private market investment explodes. If SVB maintains this growth, it could become one of the top 10 banks in the country in terms of asset size over the next few years. It also complements this impressive growth with impressive profitability. In the first nine months of 2021, SVB generated a return of almost 1% on average assets, which is quite impressive considering the insane growth of the bank’s assets. SVB during the same period generated a return of 19.4% on average equity.

Management’s forecast for 2022 looks very promising, with average loan growth expected to be in the order of 20% and average deposits expected to grow by more than an additional 40%. Net interest income, the money the bank earns on loans and securities after covering its cost of financing, is expected to rise within the average range of 30%, while base commission income is expected to rise by 20%. %. Management has also provided compelling long-term guidance, saying that in a low interest rate environment, where the fed funds rate is between zero and 2.5%, they believe they can generate a consistent return on equity. by 15% and increase annual earnings per share. by 10%.

10 stocks we like better than MercadoLibre
When our award-winning team of analysts have stock advice, it can pay off to listen. After all, the newsletter they’ve been running for over a decade, Motley Fool Equity Advisor, has tripled the market. *

They have just revealed what they believe to be the ten best stocks investors to buy now … and MercadoLibre was not one of them! That’s right – they think these 10 stocks are even better buys.

See the 10 actions

* The portfolio advisor returns on October 20, 2021

SVB Financial provides banking and credit services to The Motley Fool. Bram berkowitz has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Keith noonan owns shares of Activision Blizzard. Nicolas rossolillo has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares and recommends Activision Blizzard, MercadoLibre and SVB Financial Group. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Vancouverites got up ridiculously early to try and see the Northern Lights

To say that Vancouver is excited about the potential arrival of the Northern Lights is an understatement. Many enthusiastic sky-watchers set out early in the morning of Saturday, October 30 to try and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights – but they were unsuccessful.

On Monday October 11, many residents managed to see them over Metro Vancouver.

Then the forecast showed that the best time to see them again would be between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. on October 30. Now the predictions have changed and Vancouver could get a chance to see them on Halloween night.

From social media posts, it appeared the busiest spots were in Porteau Cove, Spanish Banks, and Prospect Point.

“No northern lights seen from Vancouver tonight,” one tweet read. “The parking lot at Prospect Point was full. Many young people hang out at 3 am to watch but nothing.

A reddit user shared his experience in Spanish banks, describing it as a dud in colorful language. “The only lights I could see were from hundreds of cars,” they wrote.

It appeared that Spanish banks were also very busy, according to Twitter users. If you are planning on trying to watch them for yourself, just know that you are probably not the only person with the same idea.

“Spanish banks are as busy at 3 a.m. as they are on a hot summer day,” one Twitter user wrote.

Even the folks at Porteau Cove, a great vantage point an hour north of Vancouver where spectacular photos of the Northern Lights have been taken in the past, seemed to have failed to find any this time around.

But don’t lose heart just yet. Keep in mind that these are forecasts and just like the weather, they are subject to change.

The Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States has issued a geomagnetic storm watch, which could increase the chances that Vancouver will see the Northern Lights.

You can also check out the University of Alaska Fairbanks Aurora forecast for more tips and Space Weather Live to see the probability forecast.

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Meet the Norwalk Mayoral Candidates: Jonathan Riddle

NORWALK – For Norwalk mayoral candidate Jonathan Riddle, the biggest issues facing the city include upgrading the city’s public school system with surrounding districts and Norwalk’s change in tone towards masking COVID-19.

Westchester County, NY, a native of Riddle, 32, moved to Norwalk in 2015. Although he never held a political office, Riddle ran for the 4th Congressional District seat of Connecticut, against six-term Democratic incumbent Jim Himes.

Riddle said that as a political newcomer of the millennium, he would challenge the status quo.

“I will not accept outdated and ineffective policies,” Riddle said. “As a newcomer, I can take a deep objective perspective as opposed to someone who has been in government his entire life like Harry (Mayor Harry Rilling).”

Running for mayor, Riddle pledged to lift the city’s indoor mask tenure on his first day in office, if elected, and said masks should be an option for those who choose to wear them.

“It doesn’t make sense here, you walk into a restaurant, you have to wear a mask, but as soon as you sit down, COVID no longer exists? Riddle said of the mask warrant. “I am not opposed to wearing a mask. If you are symptomatic, I recommend it.

Riddle said he plans to work with the falls created by COVID to improve the city, especially given the number of people who have moved to the area during the pandemic.

Regarding the pandemic, Riddle said fewer people commute and, as a result, the current administration’s focus on improving public transport and building more housing in city centers n is not necessary.

“COVID has changed the dynamics. I don’t think people will go to New York from the suburbs, ”Riddle said. “You just have to drive around the stations in Fairfield County, the parking lots are half empty. If they don’t drive, they’ll use Uber. They are smarter than the previous generation and do not drive drunk. I think it’s a generational difference and a gap between Harry and the current generation moving to Norwalk.

Like Rilling, Riddle plans to focus on Norwalk Public Schools as mayor, although he is approached in a different way. Riddle said the district needs to focus less on construction and facilities and more on the schools’ curriculum and test scores.

Although Riddle does not have children, he said he is entering the next phase of his life which includes starting a family, which has led him to take a closer look at the schools of the district.

“I think the education system needs to be drastically improved,” Riddle said. “My campaign is very education focused because the Norwalk charter places the mayor as chairman of the board of education to ensure the success of the Norwalk public school system, which the current mayor has abdicated.”

Riddle also said construction and construction in the city must slow down.

Although he agrees with the decision to revise the zoning bylaws, a process currently underway as the city has changed since its founding 350 years ago.

“The overdevelopment that has taken place is overdone. The traffic is horrendous all over town, ”said Riddle. “I don’t think there has been a lot of thought on this. It was, “How much can we put in and create density?” The mayor loves to talk about the densification of the urban core. I think development needs to slow down and reassess what we’re really doing. What do we want the identity of Norwalk to be? “

The election for the mayor of Norwalk is November 2.

[email protected]

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Yeah, build the UC Santa Barbara windowless dorm in my backyard

If you lived here you would now be home, waiting for the bathroom to open.
Photo: UC Santa Barbara

Being really rich is great, and not enough really rich people are doing crazy things like starting a park on an island or leaving their money to dogs or funding college dorms as long as they can conceive them.

Today, many people were horrified to learn of the hobbies of Charles Munger, a man rich in both ambition and money. The University of California at Santa Barbara accepted $ 200 million donation from him in exchange for allowing him to design Munger Hall, which provides housing for thousands of students, resulting in a dormitory design so obnoxious to the unlucky and non-visionary that an architect on the design review committee of the school quit and the whole Internet lost its lunch.

It took Munger – who is worth over $ 2 billion, due to decades spent as Warren Buffett’s right-hand man – a year and a half to come up with this setup, he said. The secret is that the dorm has compact, windowless rooms. Esteemed architect Paul Goldberger describes the design as “a grotesque and sick joke – a prison disguised as a dormitory.” Also, apparently there is a shared toilet for eight rooms? Ouch.

Not to be someone who Actuallys Paul Goldberger, but prisons, as high surveillance territories, tend to open out into long corridors and also have windows. Take a look at Sing Sing or other classic American penitentiaries, for example. Munger describes his inspiration instead as nautical – “the architecture of ships on land”. He even designed portholes for the bedrooms, he said The Wall Street Journal in 2019, except that it’s just… lights.

This means that there is almost no way it meets the fire prevention code. This means that it is entirely possible and exciting that along the way our hero recreates this must-see of New York architecture, the “air duct.

A typical floor plan (!).
Photo: UC Santa Barbara

The Santa barbara Independent has been riding this Munger story for ages, having baptized the project Dormzilla partly because of his absolutely stupid and outrageous $ 1.5 billion price tag, needling the school communications team as they to fight desperately to sell the dorm design to the public. UCSB – a huge school with an enrollment of 25,000 – is needed to build more housing, although it built more educational facilities. Santa Barbara has a severe housing shortage, To to which the school contributes by failing to create suitable accommodations to keep up with the growth of its staff and student population.

Dormzilla was weird, everyone thought, even at the age of capture of college by donors, until they find out that the Newspaper had already done all the homework on Buffett’s boyfriend. The other smaller work of the non-architect includes a graduate residency at the University of Michigan, which also largely avoided windows. His plan also groups people into small settlements – but in this case, each bedroom has its own bathroom. So really, it’s more of a hospital than a prison. It’s also extremely ugly, and every aesthetic decision made there, from shower heads to countertops to painting, is disgusting. The Munger Alumni Residence at Stanford is also relatively luxurious – every apartment unit there has a bathroom “for each student”.

Since we all know what this unbuilt UCSB dormitory will look like, together we can pray that the HVAC is absolutely top notch and someone has them put in a bunch of extra bathrooms and maybe windows so that you can get out during a fire. It does – and maybe hire someone who has a taste for color palettes and lighting, etc. – it turns out… Dormzilla is awesome.

It’s time not only to build this dormitory but to build this dormitory almost everywhere, from the wicked streets of hate to the housing of San Francisco in downtown Los Angeles to the silly suburbs of Westchester. Hit the coin, build the beehive, save the future.

1. The proposal has no parking – none, zero, no housing for cars. But it has parking for thousands of bikes. This dorm already surpasses 98 percent of all US housing. I will live in this dormitory.

2. Single occupancy sleeping rooms provide privacy and security not found on many college campuses. UCSB has many triple rooms; a of their undergraduate accommodation standards requires two double bedrooms sharing a bathroom. Sharing rooms with strangers is hilarious sometimes, but most of the time it’s gross and bad. What are we, Europe?

3. The project has enormous social, educational and recreational spaces, as it steals images of private spaces that remain unused all day.

4. Dormzilla devalues ​​empty and disposable spaces in general. “All the classrooms and everything are totally empty except when the lessons are there, which is massively stupid”, Munger said on his thinking and why he makes larger spaces modular and reusable.

5. Build housing. Like, basically that’s it. There are a million reasons why people won’t create more apartments. “These windows are actually just plexiglass with full spectrum light behind” is just another excuse not to build housing. You millennials want to buy condos with your avocado toast money? We’re going to have to build them.

6. Architecture may be an art and a science – perhaps also primarily a zoning and regulatory management practice – but, as we have seen in the history of the past 40 years, architects do not are not building more and more healthy housing. We should grasp the architecture of architects. More hobbyists should design homes if they can get it built! “Something like laying out a bunch of shapes on a piece of land, it’s not rocket science,” Munger told the WSJ Not long ago. This is all very true. But at least architects are required to design their work in a way that recognizes that everyone is pooping.

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The Candied Yam to Convert South Division Horror into New Restaurant and Banquet Hall

GRAND RAPIDS – The owner of a southern style restaurant Candied Yam LLC is considering expansion with a new banquet hall and restaurant along South Division Avenue in Grand Rapids.

The Grand Rapids Planning Commission on Thursday approved the special land use request for a banquet hall that allows liquor service in the existing 7,000 square foot building located at 932 S. Division Ave. The space was previously occupied by Club Tequila.

“Over time and years things have changed and this building has become an eyesore to the community,” Jessica Ann Tyson, owner of Candied Yam, told the Planning Commission. “This is now a property where we can say we want to make a better place where the community can come, dine and create new memories.”

Concept plans call for a restaurant component in part of the building with an occupancy of approximately 96 people, as well as a banquet area that can accommodate 218 people. Plans also include improvements to the 73-space parking lot at the site.

The location would complement The Candied Yam’s existing restaurant at 2405 44th St. SE on the south side of Grand Rapids.

The Town Planning Commission granted a minimum parking space exemption under the special land use permit due to the restaurant’s proximity to public transport.

Alcohol would not be served in the restaurant. Events held in the banquet space that serve alcohol would be done through a licensed caterer. Plans call for events in the banquet hall to end at 11 p.m. and employees to vacate the premises by midnight.

Nearby owner Cynthia Hicks criticized the plan to allow alcohol in part of the building and called it a “slap in the face” for neighbors and community members.

During this time, Baptist Church of New Hope, United Methodist Community House and others submitted letters in support of the project.

“We have the support of the community,” Tyson said. “We couldn’t get to where we are now without the support of the community and without doing the right thing for the community. ”

The project would turn the currently vacant property into a source of community pride, Elliot Muller, sales associate at Ben M. Muller Realty Co. Inc. and co-owner of the project, said at the meeting of the planning commission.

“This property has been vacant or underutilized for over a decade now, and is ripe for use that fills a need in the neighborhood and allows the city to raise tax revenue and provide employment opportunities nearby. for the neighbors, ”Muller said.

Mull Trie LLC – which is registered in the name of the president of the real estate company, Mark Muller – acquired the property in November 2019 for $ 500,000, according to the city’s real estate records.

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New ordinance helps minimize loitering through city fleets | Winchester Star

WINCHESTER – A new ordinance designed to prevent people from loitering through the four downtown car parks appears to be doing its job.

Winchester’s facility and parking maintenance division manager Corey MacKnight said on Thursday that authorities have only had to use the order once so far, and that he is ‘acted to take care of certain minors who were particularly obstinate in leaving the garage where they were hanging out.

New ordinance, enacted May 12 by City Council, gives Winchester Police Department the power to charge someone with a trespass for loitering through one of the car parks – Court Square, George Washington , Loudoun and Braddock – if the person refuses to leave at the request of a police officer or an employee of the Winchester Parking Authority.

“The order states that if you are not walking to or from your vehicle within a reasonable time, you could be charged,” MacKnight said.

In Virginia, trespassing is a Class 1 felony punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $ 2,500.

While no one is eager to throw a stack of trespassing summons, MacKnight said the ordinance was needed as a deterrent to keep people from doing things in garages – especially on the rooftops of multi-story structures. – that they shouldn’t do. .

“We’ve had a constant problem with people of all ages going up to rooftops, especially George Washington, and taking Instagram videos and photos of them walking on the ledge, sitting on the ledge, fooling around. on the ledge, ”MacKnight mentioned. “We wanted to put all the measures in place to prevent that from happening because the last thing we want is someone to fall off the roof of a garage.”

Beyond security concerns, MacKnight said some people were inappropriately using garage roofs to socialize and organize special events.

“We found a lot of trash, debris and broken glass up there on Monday morning,” he said.

The problem has become so serious at the George Washington Fleet that last week the Parking Authority installed bollards and chains to permanently bar vehicle access to the garage roof. MacKnight said the rooftop spaces of that garage were rarely used for parking, but officials frequently found evidence of other activities taking place there, including birthday parties.

“Yesterday I had to go up to the roof four times [of the George Washington Autopark] and four times I had to ask people to leave, ”MacKnight said. “If I go up there and confront people, and they are reasonable with me and leave, no harm, no fault. The prescription is really for people who cause problems or cause us grief. “

Pedestrians can still access the roof of the George Washington via stairs or an elevator, MacKnight said, but since there is no more parking on the garage’s upper deck, anyone who decides to stand there could be charged. intrusion.

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Weekly planning requests: October 28, 2021

The following planning requests have been received. You can view them online in by clicking on the request number below or via our search page.

Copies can also be viewed on appointment at Exeter City Council, Civic Center, rue de Paris, please call 01392 265223 to arrange a viewing time.

Letters from objection, comment or support can be done through the app on our website, or directly to the case manager listed on the app, before the expiration date shown on the “Important Dates” screen.


Exeter Cathedral, cathedral courtyard. Extensions and modifications, including a new cloister gallery, new toilet facilities for visitors, 20th century roof modifications and associated works. 21/1586 / FULL (CA & LB)

St Lukes Quad, Heavitree Road. Temporary installation of a marquee (Renewal of application 20/1163 / FUL). 21/1512 / FULL (CALIFORNIA)

14, rue Mary Arches. Change of use of the land behind 14, rue Mary Arches to be used in connection with the authorized premises (Class E (b) use) and the construction on the site of a bar / store (Revised retrospective) Re-consultation for 14 days. 21/0514 / FULL (CA & LB)

86 Regent Street. One-story rear ground floor expansion project. 21/1582 / FULL (CALIFORNIA)


Unit 32 Higher Market Guildhall, Queen Street. Display signage including 1no. facade panel above the main entrance to the store, 2no. internal hanging panels, 1no. menu sign, 2no. vinyl glazing signs. 21/1492 / LBC


Existing parking B, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive. Temporary installation of a marquee. 21/1528 / FULL*

Lopes Hall, rue St Germans. Temporary installation of a marquee (renewal of the request ref. 20/1161 / FUL). 21/1527 / FULL*

The Ram Quad, University of Exeter, Stocker Road. Temporary installation of a marquee (renewal of the request 20/1162 / FUL). 21/1529 / FULL*

University of Exeter Forum, Stocker Road. Temporary installation of a marquee (renewal of the request 20/1167 / FUL). 21/1526 / FULL*

21 Wreford Drive. Front extension on one level. 21/1605 / FULL*

27 Broadfields Road. Removal of the veranda and replacement with a one-story rear extension. 21/1609 / FULL*

108 Cowick Lane. Provision of hard ground in the front garden and access to the motorway. 21/1614 / FULL*

353 Topsham Road. Demolition of the existing rear extension and veranda; construction of a one-story rear extension and storm porch to the side elevation. 21/1604 / FULL*

Exit from the Development Plan

————————————————– —————


Land north of Exeter, Stoke Hill. Outline Planning Application for the development of up to 150 residential dwellings, community center, access and associated infrastructures. (All subjects reserved except access). 21/1291 / EXIT

* Identifies candidates not advertised in the press.

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A necessary room in the modern parking lot

The parking guidance system has gradually become an indispensable part of modern parking lots. More and more people are starting to understand it, get used to it and like it. A parking guidance system perfectly solves the problems of difficulty in parking and finding a car.

As an important management method for the reasonable allocation of parking resources, the parking guidance system can help car owners find parking spaces quickly, eliminate the trouble of car owners searching for cars, effectively improve parking lot utilization and reduce traffic jams. It is gradually favored by most of the large car parks.

But do you know how the system implements all these functions? What technology does the parking guidance system use?

The parking guidance system mainly uses video, ultrasonic, geomagnetic vehicle sensors and other methods of recognizing license plates or detecting parking space occupancy information, and guiding parking routes using indicator lights and display screens.

The occupancy of parking space the information is mainly carried out through the vehicle detection algorithm. Vehicle detection is based on AI deep learning detection algorithms, involving advanced technologies such as vehicle recognition, license plate detection, license plate correction, segmentation , character recognition and AI decision making.

Rich application scenarios

from China parking guidance The technology has gone through three stages of development, from ultrasonic parking guidance, to video guidance geomagnetic parking guidance. Ultrasonic The parking guidance can only identify if there is a vehicle, while the video parking guidance can not only identify the vehicle, but also identify the vehicle characteristics and the condition of the parking space, helping owners of cars to better realize the parking guidance and to find their own car.

Chinese parking guidance technology has gone through three stages of development, from ultrasonic parking guidance to video parking guidance to geomagnetic parking guidance.

Geomagnetic parking guidance is currently mainly used in street parking. This technology has only been used in recent years and its greatest advantage is its ease of construction and installation.

Currently, the three parking guidance technologies are in parallel. The dominant market trend in the future is expected to be the use of video parking guidance systems in off the street car parks and the use of geomagnetic parking sensors and video terminals in on-street car parks. At the same time, offline guidance will be developed into online guidance, from ground guidance to parking spot level guidance, to execute detailed instructions on parking paths and parking spot management and control.

A series of related equipment for parking guidance systems such as video parking detection terminals, ultrasonic detection terminals, geomagnetic detection sensors, bluetooth parking locks, parking guidance screens, management software, self-service kiosks, etc. have been widely used in airports, railway stations, stadiums, shopping malls, high-end residential areas, high-end office buildings and other places.

Pioneer in the field of intelligent parking

As a provider of integrated solutions for smart parking and access control, Jieshun Technology has always attached great importance to product development and technological innovation, and successively launched intelligence-based license plate recognition and video parking guidance systems artificial.

Jieshun parking guide products have been widely used in most national cities and many countries in Asia and Europe.

Jieshun has established a professional parking guidance research and development team, and its research and development force has a leading competitive advantage in the industry. Jieshun parking guide products have been widely used in most national cities and many countries in Asia and Europe.

Jieshun will continue to develop innovative parking guidance applications. We believe that the parking guidance system will become the standard system for most of the parking lots around the world in the near future.


The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 car parks around the world, positioning itself No. 1 in China. Founded in 1992 as Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, JIESHUN is the world’s leading provider of intelligent parking solutions. We offer complete and customized entry and exit control solutions including Parking Management System (PMS), Parking Guidance Systems (PGS), Barriers, Pedestrian Doors, Access Control , as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management. .

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India Walton beat the mayor of Buffalo once. Can she do it again?

BUFFALO, NY –When India Walton defeated the mayor of Buffalo to four terms in a Democratic primary last June, New York’s second-largest city looked poised to have a leader like no other in its history.

She would be his first female mayor and the first to identify as a democratic socialist. After becoming a mother at 14, she grew up to be a nurse and went through a life of financial hardship that continued throughout the campaign, when her car was impounded for unpaid parking tickets.

But rather than tidy up his 16-year-old town hall office, Mayor Byron Brown has remained in the race in pursuit of his own superlatives: he’s trying to become the first person to win a major race as a candidate written in the New York State. , and – if he gets a fifth term – the longest-serving mayor of Buffalo.

“Either way, it will be historic,” said Timothy Kneeland, political analyst at Nazareth College, of the race, which is another notorious battle between the center and left of the Democratic Party.

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Brown has gained ground by reversing her strategy of largely ignoring Walton and calling her an “unqualified radical socialist” who will fund police and raise taxes.

Begging voters to “write Byron Brown,” the mayor says he won another term after turning a Rust Belt town of 280,000 people in financial distress into a town with increasing population and property values.

Recent polls show potential voters are in favor of Brown, but his name is not on the ballot and it is not clear whether that support will translate into written votes.

Buffalo-born Governor Kathy Hochul has avoided choosing sides while the state’s two Democratic U.S. Senators, Majority Leader Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, back Walton.

“Any Democrat right now who tries to set a precedent not to unite behind the party candidate is playing a dangerous game,” said U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on a recent trip to Buffalo to rally in Walton.

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Walton, who ran a small housing trust before launching his campaign, promises a new, more progressive way of doing business, saying Buffalo’s comeback has left many behind.

“This is our city. We are the workers. We do the job. We’re fed up with those who always have the most everything, ”she said at the rally with Ocasio-Cortez. The crowded event also featured actress Cynthia Nixon, who unsuccessfully challenged former Governor Andrew Cuomo in a 2018 primary with backing from the Democratic Socialists of America, who also backed Walton.

Walton, Kneeland said, follows an increasingly familiar strategy: “A progressive in a time of great upheaval, understanding that people want change and tapping into that energy to eliminate a more moderate Democratic candidate.”

Brown had to carefully navigate backing Republicans keen to thwart the Democratic Socialist nominee. He publicly declined support from Buffalo developer and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino after pushing the mayor to stay in the race.

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The Republican State Committee promoted Brown in letters praising his “effective and common sense leadership” and warning that “India Walton’s radical agenda will destroy Buffalo.”

With around 68% of registered voters who are Democrats and 9% of Republicans, general elections in the city generally have little suspense. Brown says it energized him and united voters from all parties.

“This election is a choice, a clear choice between proven experience and proven results and ideas for the future against an unqualified radical socialist whose story has turned out to be fictitious,” Brown said in an interview. He says Walton exaggerated his accomplishments. as the founder of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust.

Folding cheese into a macaroni casserole dish at Freddy J’s BBQ restaurant, owner Frederic Daniel wondered what the “change” in Buffalo should look like, whether under Brown or Walton.

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“You don’t want anyone dividing a country, state or city,” he said, refusing to reveal his choice. “Everyone should feel that they are not being left behind. When people feel like they are being left behind, they get very bitter.

Walton, 39, says that’s exactly what happened as Buffalo’s economic successes failed to reach many poor families and neighborhoods. She was loved by her supporters because of her personal experiences as a single mother and a poor black nurse who started the land trust to increase the number of affordable housing.

“My life hasn’t been much different from that of a typical person who grew up on the east side of Buffalo. I survived poverty, abuse and trauma. And that is why I am a candidate for mayor, ”she declared during a debate.

Walton has presented legal problems in his past as proof of the plight of the poor and the working class. In 2003, she had to repay an overpayment of $ 295 in food stamps after failing to report her income on time. The following year, she and her ex-husband were cited in a tax lien of $ 749 for unpaid income taxes, WKBW reported.

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In 2014, she was arrested after a colleague at a hospital accused her of harassment – a charge later dismissed. Walton said it was a verbal disagreement and that she has since matured.

When her car was impounded, Walton on Twitter highlighted the challenge of being a “low-income single mother registered with Medicaid” and criticized those fines and fees as predatory in a town where 30% of residents live in the city. poverty.

This message resonated with many.

“It’s really heartbreaking that the black homeownership rate in Buffalo is so low,” said former State Senator Antoine Thompson, a real estate agent who worked on Brown’s campaigns but who supports Walton because of his interest in affordable housing.

His inexperience, however, was a problem for some voters. She has never held public office. This was the deciding factor for Darnell Cummings, a 34-year-old guidance counselor who voted for Brown.

“Let’s say you’re in the hospital,” he said. “Do you want someone who has 15 or 16 years of experience operating on you or do you want someone who … hasn’t been to medical school?” “

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In a political career spanning 25 years, Brown has already recorded notable firsts. He is the first black mayor of Buffalo. He was the first black candidate to win a seat in the New York State Senate outside of New York City and the first to win in a majority white district.

Brown has found support with construction unions and law enforcement after hitting hard on Walton’s plans to cut $ 7.5 million from the police budget as part of what she says be a more holistic approach to tackling the root causes of crime. Brown during a debate called it “clearly disadvantaged police.”

His TV spots showed people identifying themselves as one of the 100 police officers who he said would lose their jobs with a Walton victory.

Walton denies she would be laying off police officers, saying she would cut police budgets through retirements, attrition and overtime reductions.

“We are preventing the police from being dog catchers, homeless services, mental health counselors and we are putting professionals in those roles,” she said.

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Parking facilities

Pedestrian and Cyclist Advisory Committee (PABAC) – City of Palo Alto, CA

What is PABAC?

Palo Alto receives technical advice from its Volunteer Pedestrian and Cyclist Advisory Committee (PABAC). PABAC is a citizens’ advisory committee reporting to the transport manager. Members have an interest in or knowledge of cycling issues. The role of the Committee is to examine all matters related to cycling in the fields of engineering, application, education and encouragement. The types of activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Review and comment on the design of capital improvement program projects, street improvements, traffic light projects and parking facility projects.
  • Review and comment on changes and updates to Palo Alto’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Municipal Code, and other policy documents relating to cycling and walking.
  • Review and prioritize the City’s Transportation Development Act (LTD) Section 3 annual list of pedestrian and bicycle projects and report the Committee’s recommendations to City Council.
  • Liaise between the City and the community and community groups on issues related to cycling and walking.
  • Promote the bicycle as a viable means of transport.
  • Assist in the development and dissemination of bicycle safety awareness and education materials in the community.
  • Review and comment on private development plans, which include cycling facilities or impact the safety and access of bicycles and / or pedestrians.
  • Initiate requests to City staff on issues of concern to the Committee regarding cycling and walking.

To see the PABAC statutes(PDF, 72 KB).

What’s going on now?

Update of the bicycle and foot transport plan
The City of Palo Alto Bicycle and Pedestrian Transport Plan was adopted in July 2012. The plan identifies targets for expanding bicycle and pedestrian goals for the city. With the Plan in place for almost a decade, it is time to reassess it. Read the current plan to find out more.

As a first step, PABAC members and staff developed the framework for updating the bicycle and walking transport plan (BPTP update) in early 2021. The framework is an overview that will eventually be developed into a plan. The development of the plan is expected to begin in winter 2021 pending the recruitment of staff.

Your feedback is important in helping shape the BPTP update. You can provide your comments in two ways: (1) submit written comments via email and (2) provide oral comments at a PABAC meeting. Please refer to the BPTP Update Public Comment Instructions for more details and instructions on how to provide your feedback.

To learn more about the BPTP update, visit the BPTP update web page. (Currently under construction)

2021 agendas and minutes



November 2, 2021

Virtual via Zoom
Sign up online :
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 953 2856 6408

Agenda and minutes(PDF, 547 KB)
October 5, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 931 3963 9579
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 7 MB)
September 7, 2021

Virtual via Zoom
Sign up online :
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 976 2450 5881

Agenda and minutes(PDF, 623 KB)
August 3, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 938 3027 4930
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 787 KB)
July – no meeting

June 30, 2021

– special joint meeting with MV B / PAC

Virtual via Zoom
Register in advance:
Call: (669) 900-9128
Meeting number: 939 8230 0948
Agenda(PDF, 504 KB)
June 1, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 997 5223 8671
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 1 MB)
May 4, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 959 1915 6143
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 2 MB)
April 6, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 978 1164 3326
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 751 KB)
March 2, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 996 5757 4509
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 840 KB)
February 2, 2021 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-683
Meeting number: 918 0531 4002
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 1 MB)

January 5, 2021

Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 926 0425 7435
Agenda and minutes(PDF, 3 MB)

2020 agendas and minutes

2020 agendas and minutes




December 1, 2020

special meeting

Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 969 2721 5326
Agenda and minutes
November 3, 2020 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 969 2721 5326
Agenda and minutes
October 6, 2020 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 912 7235 0109
Revised agenda and minutes
September 1, 2020 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 915 6969 7977
Revised agenda and minutes
Aug 4, 2020 Virtual via Zoom
Register online:
Call: (669) 900-6833
Meeting number: 951 0112 6947
Agenda and minutes

July – no meeting

June 2, 2020 Virtual Revised agenda and minutes (from March)
May 5, 2020 CANCELED
April 7, 2020 CANCELED Minutes (from March)
March 3, 2020

El Palo Alto West Room, Mitchell Park Community Center -3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
February 4, 2020 Embarcadero Room, Rinconada Library

1213 Newell Road

Agenda and minutes
January 7, 2020

Embarcadero Room, Rinconada Library

1213 Newell Road

Agenda and minutes

2019 agendas and minutes

2019 agendas and minutes



December – no meeting
November 5, 2019 Adobe North Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
October 1, 2019 Adobe North Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
September 3, 2019 Matadero Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
Aug 6, 2019 Matadero Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
July – no meeting
June 4, 2019

Community meeting room, ground floor, town hall,

250 Hamilton Avenue

Agenda and minutes
May – no meeting
April 2, 2019 Adobe North Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
March 5, 2019 Adobe North Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Revised minutes

February 12, 2019

Matadero Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes
January 15, 2019 Matadero Room, Mitchell Park Community Center,

3700 Middlefield Road

Agenda and minutes

Previous agendas and minutes (2012 – 2018)

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Car park management

The end of House of Wax explained

In the morning, Nick and Carly are brought back to civilization in an ambulance. As the couple recover, police discover the Sinclairs have had three sons: twins Bo and Vincent, and baby Lester. Without realizing it, Carly once met Lester (Damon Herriman) when he took her with Wade in Ambrose. As the ambulance pulls away, Lester waves to them.

It seems to have been a sequel, an attempt to make Lester the killer in a new “House of Wax” movie, but the idea didn’t go anywhere. The film was a critical failure with a rating of 27% on Rotten tomatoes, and actor Paris Hilton won the Raid for Worst Supporting Actress. But according to United States today, she also won the Teen Choice Award for Best Screaming Scene, so go figure.

Most of the stars of “House of Wax” fared better than the movie or their characters. Padalecki, who died first in the film, survived 15 seasons of the horror television series “Supernatural”, while Chad Michael Murray played a supporting role in “Agent Carter”, “Riverdale” and a number. of Christmas TV movies. . Even Hilton has made a comeback. The 2020 documentary “This is Paris” reframe much of Hilton’s past – highlighting the virulent misogyny of 2000 tabloid culture while also sharing Hilton’s past as a survivor of the struggling teen industry (The Washington Post).

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Parking space

Parkopedia and MXNavi to Provide Parking Payment Services to Honda Drivers in China

Honda drivers in China will be the first to find available parking nearby via voice assistance and pay for their parking through integrated services, as Parkopedia partners with telematics technology company MXNavi. The new partnership will allow the automaker to provide state-of-the-art parking and payment solutions as part of its next-generation Honda CONNECT infotainment system.

Honda will be the first automaker in China to integrate Parkopedia’s parking payment service directly into the vehicle’s headunit, allowing drivers to find parking across the country and pay for sessions at over 6,000 parking lots .

Honda drivers will be able to pay for their parking through on-board express parking services or through on-board QR codes displayed on the infotainment screen. By scanning the code with their smartphone, drivers can pay for their parking seamlessly with Alipay or WeChat Pay. License plate recognition then allows seamless entry and exit for drivers.

Honda CONNECT 3.0 will be installed in new models in China, debuting in the recently launched 11th generation Honda Civic and new Accord models, enabling over-the-air software updates (SOTA), voice recognition technology and a intelligent assistant AI. By incorporating Parkopedia’s patented dynamic parking space availability service, the on-board intelligent voice assistant is able to provide drivers with parking recommendations near their destination that are likely to be available at their time of arrival. estimated.

Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia, commented: “We are delighted to partner with MXNavi to bring Parkopedia dynamic parking via voice assistance and payment services for the first time to Honda drivers in China. Our industry-leading connected vehicle management blended solutions enable us to ensure that automakers provide seamless parking experiences for drivers. “

Sun Huaming, Managing Director of MXNavi’s Connected Navigation Division, said, “MXNavi is committed to providing drivers with a smart travel experience. By cooperating with Parkopedia, the leading provider of connected parking services, we reduce parking stress for drivers and create a seamless and convenient user experience as part of our digital connected services in the vehicle. “

Parkopedia is partnering with a growing number of parking operators across China, helping them easily reach their customers and providing comprehensive parking solutions for drivers. Parkopedia can either provide a deeply integrated direct payment experience using license plate recognition and automated payments with Alipay and WeChat Pay, or display payment QR codes in the car for frictionless payments.

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Car parking rate

Clark County Offers Drive-In Property Tax Payment Filing Kiosk Oct 29-Nov 1 –

The drive-through kiosk is located at the east entrance of the Public Service Center parking structure, 1300 Franklin St.

VANCOUVER – The Clark County Treasurer’s Office has announced that Treasurer Alishia Topper will reopen a drive-through tax payment filing window for the last two days of tax season.

Photo file.

The drive-through kiosk is located at the east entrance of the Public Service Center parking structure, 1300 Franklin Street. The kiosk will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, October 29 and Monday, November 1.

“In response to the continuing threat of COVID-19 to health and safety, I want to help limit the number of people waiting in our common hall and provide the ability to deposit payment without leaving the car,” Topper said .

The drive-thru option is intended as a convenience and is only for pre-written checks. No receipt will be provided. The treasurer’s office will not accept any other form of payment at the kiosk.

In addition to the kiosk, taxpayers can also seal their check payments in an envelope and deposit them in a secure drop box located on the first floor of the Public Service Center at 1300 Franklin Street from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday Friday.

Taxpayers can pay property taxes online using a credit or debit card, or from their checking or savings account. Electronic checks (from a savings or checking account) are free. Debit card transactions are billed at a flat rate of $ 3.95 and the credit card transaction fee is assessed at 2.39% of the provider fee.

To make a payment, go to or call 1 (833) 440-8685. To register to receive your tax return electronically and manage your property taxes online, visit

Tax payments can be mailed to the Clark County Treasurer, PO Box 35150, Seattle, WA 98124-5150. Taxpayers are encouraged to use the return envelope and payment coupon provided with their statement to mail their payments.

Tax payments must be postmarked by Monday, November 1 to avoid interest charges.

Information provided by Clark Co. WA Communications.

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Parking facilities

Construction begins on the Arena 2 of Le Porte De La Chapelle in France

Construction on the $ 141 million Le Porte De La Chapelle Arena 2 development located in Ile-de-France, France began in the fourth quarter of 2021. It was announced in the first quarter of 2018.

The project consists of the construction of the second sports arena at Porte de la Chapelle, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, ÃŽle-de-France, France.

The project includes the following elements:

1. Construction of basketball courts
2. Construction of leisure and retail spaces over an area of ​​2,600 m²
3. Construction of VIP lounges
4. Construction of a fitness center
5. Construction of 3,000 m2 of outdoor relaxation areas
6. Construction of administrative offices
7. Construction of food courts
8. Construction of glass walls
9. Construction of wooden structures
10. Construction of an Olympic events area
11. Construction of a covered sports field
12. Construction of a large green terrace on an area of ​​1700m2
13. Construction of a roof garden of 6000 m2
14. Construction of a sports arena with a capacity of 8,000 seats
15. Construction of access roads and parking lots
16. Installation of lighting and security systems
17. Installation of electrical installations

Construction of the project is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2023.

The owners of the project include the French Olympic Games delivery company SOLIDEO.

NP2F Architects, based in France, is the architect and technical design consultant for the development of Arena 2 at Le Porte De La Chapelle, while the Paris City Council is the planning authority.


Carmen is a robot, or rather an algorithmic journalist, who creates valuable automated content for our audience. Carmen’s goal is to provide in-depth, factual articles and to free our human journalists to interpret, analyze and explain developments.

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Car park management

Broad Marsh car park needs £ 1.8million extra budget due to intu collapse and post-Covid usage forecast

The parking lot is scheduled to open on November 1st.

In its decision released on October 25, Nottingham City Council explains that the development of the Broadmarsh Parking Lot (BMCP) is now virtually complete and has been handed over to council.

Adding that “the works of the surrounding public domain being almost finished, we will work on a gradual opening of the installation over the coming months, with the first phase – the opening of the real car park scheduled for November 1”.

BMCP’s initial business case for developing, which was approved at the Board of Directors meeting on December 18, 2018, was based on a number of forecasts for annual revenues, expenses, and debt repayment once development has become operational.

Following a significant change in the operating environment, a review of operating costs and revenue forecasts identified a significant variance from the originally approved operating budget.

– Advertising –

The changes in income and expenses are as follows;

1. The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated collapse in intu development has led to a reduction in parking revenue forecast from £ 2.6million per year to a 10-year gradual estimate of 1, £ 4million in the first full year to £ 2.7million by the 9th year.

The new assumptions are associated with both the planned redevelopment rate and the recovery from Covid.

2. Revenues from digital screens approved by the Board of Directors in December 2018 amounted to £ 0.2million.

Due to a reduced market for this type of marketing facility, this income was removed from the model and digital displays were removed from the building design so as to retain the possibility of reintroducing them at a later date if the market for this type of advertising recover.

3. The contribution of a partial income model linked to the redevelopment of Angel Row was supposed to generate £ 0.3million.

This development has been scrapped and the building is now in the process of being divested, with £ 5.0million of capital income realized from Angel Row, mitigating this loss by reducing the associated debt within the model.

4. A review of facility management costs identified additional costs related to security and cleaning that were not previously included in the operating model.

This means that the last position in the operating budget is a £ 1.8million deficit for the five months up to March 31, 2022.

The revenue assumptions are based on the best information the board currently has in terms of behavior, requirements and demand for parking in Nottingham after Covid.

Parking Services has already implemented a major marketing program for the opening of the car park both to the public and to potential business customers.

• The new Broadmarsh car park could be ‘used in different ways’ if there are not enough people to park there

• Opening date announced for the new Nottingham Broad Marsh car park

In addition, due to the impact that opening the parking lot is likely to have, the dynamics of the city’s parking supply are expected to change significantly.

This will be closely monitored and will be part of a strategic review of park assets across the city with a view to maximizing council revenue.

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Parking space

Last call for the beer bar?

Dave Pollack and his wife, Alex, opened the Diamond in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in 2007. Their original bar featured bathrooms decorated with cassettes, seats in a backyard ski gondola, and good beer, drawing on the experience of Mr. Pollack working for a beer importer. . At first, the diverse selection, from imported German kölsch to promising American IPAs, attracted customers, but the owners eventually had to add cocktails to the menu in 2018 to compete with other bars in the area, which also offered beer. deep. lists.

With an affordable renewal of their lease looking unlikely, the couple closed the Diamond in January.

Closures can leave long-time customers distraught. Mariangela Lopez, teacher and choreographer, lives near Le Diamant, which she has visited “almost daily” for years. She often took her son to do his homework and even worked at the bar in a pinch. Without a beer bar to call home, “the quality of my life is not the same,” she said.

Some beer bar owners are doing more renovations and reinvention. During the pandemic, the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, Georgia, near Atlanta, specializing in Belgian and vintage beers, renovated its kitchen and transformed a parking lot full of dumpsters into an 80-seat beer garden with a food truck.

Dave Blanchard, an owner, also remodeled an underutilized mezzanine in the ‘coziest little English pub’ with a hidden TV revealed for football games and four beer motors serving unfiltered, naturally carbonated draft beer. . Mr. Blanchard offers popular American beers like Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, an IPA, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which he orders specially at breweries, at Cask Bar, as it is called. “We’re selling it almost too quickly,” Blanchard said.

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Car parking rate

Plans to introduce parking fees for Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest Conservatives are considering proposing to introduce royalties from spring / summer 2022.

The forest is experiencing a significant funding shortage made worse by increased visitor numbers and additional pressure on land during the pandemic.

Funding is vital to repair parking lots, restore driveways, repair bridges and many other requirements.

Ashdown Forest by Craig Payne SUS-211025-120528001

Ashdown Forest CEO James Adler said, “Ashdown Forest is an absolutely beautiful and unique area, loved by many people. It is of course also the home of Winnie-the-Pooh.

“However, it’s no secret that the forest is in financial difficulty. Bringing an accusation where there has not been one in the past will, of course, upset some people.

“We take absolutely no pleasure in it. But we have to be clear with the people that we have to do this. Our annual shortfall is over £ 80,000 and that’s just to stand still.

“With the rate of inflation, the costs of maintaining and protecting the forest increase. In the past, the departmental council made up for this deficit. Due to the financial pressure they are under, they are no longer able to cover the deficit. We need to look at these parking fees.

Ashdown Forest has 47 parking lots and many of them are in poor condition.

James added, “The revenue generated will go directly to the costs of running the forest. This includes improving the poor condition of the parking lots and repairing the 120 km of trails.

“We welcome over 1.4 million people to the forest per year. There is an inevitable erosion of the site infrastructure which needs maintenance. We also run education programs and broader biodiversity programs. The people who contribute to the forest will keep this special place just that, special. But I want to stress that we will be listening to any ideas people might have on how to implement this.

“Due to the protected nature of the forest, we can’t market the land, and I’m sure no one would want us to. We want as many people as possible to participate in the consultation. We want to engage more with our local communities.

Four public meetings are organized as part of the consultation. They take place at Fairwarp Village Hall on October 25 at 7:30 p.m. Nutley Village Hall on October 28 at 7:30 p.m., Peter Griffiths Hall, Forest Row on November 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Crowborough Community Center on November 3 at 7:30 p.m.

The consultation runs until December 6, 2021. Go to

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Parking facilities

Four School Taxes Raise Over $ 100 Million in St. Tammany Parish November 13 Poll | Education

St. Tammany voters will be asked next month to renew four property taxes that represent a quarter of the general budget of the St. Tammany Parish public school district.

The mileage generates about $ 101.7 million a year, and their failure at the ballot box would be “catastrophic” for the school district’s finances, the district’s top official said.

Also on the Nov. 13 poll, a 0.40 cent sales tax proposal by the parish government, tax renewals in Mandeville for the police department, a race for police officers, and four amendments to the constitution of the state.

If approved, school taxes would come into effect in 2023 and last for a decade.

The revenues fund school operations ranging from employee salaries and building maintenance to student education programs, said St. Tammany Schools Director Frank Jabbia.

The proposals target a total of 42.72 mills. Each will be voted on separately.

  • Prop. 1 – 4.42 mills, brings in about $ 10.52 million per year.
  • Prop. 2 – 32.41 mills, brings in about 77.1 million dollars per year. Of this tax, 56.5% is spent on salaries and social benefits; 28.5% is devoted to curriculum and teaching; and 15% for janitorial fees, utilities and operating expenses.
  • Prop. 3 – 3.14 mills, brings in about $ 7.4 million per year for the construction, operation and maintenance of school facilities.
  • Prop. 4 – 2.75 mills, earns about $ 6.5 million per year for expenses, including salaries, benefits, and retirement.

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The revenue from these taxes represents about a quarter of the school district’s annual budget of $ 439 million. District spokesperson Meredith Mendez said current vintages expire next year.

With taxes making up a large portion of the school district’s income, school officials strive to generate voter support. Voters in St. Tammany have generally voted in favor of the school income measures, but in recent years they have become a little more skeptical of parish tax demands.

“It’s tied to our whole budget and we rely on our budget to run, so it would be very catastrophic if it wasn’t approved by voters,” Jabbia said, adding that if the measures failed he would be time to try again in the spring before taxes expire.

The St. Tammany Federation of Teachers and Employees received a $ 12,500 grant from the American Federation of Teachers to help spread the word to teachers and school employees about the importance of supporting property taxes said St. Tammany Federation president Brant Osborn.

“These miles are really the pillars that support our school system,” Osborn said. “If the employees don’t show up, I’m afraid it’s in danger.”

The renewals have been approved by the Republican Executive Committee of St. Tammany and the Chamber of Commerce of St. Tammany.

Early voting takes place October 30 to November 6 (except Sunday, October 31) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the St. Tammany Justice Center Parking Garage in Covington, the Towers Building in Slidell or the St. Tammany Administration Complex in Mandeville .

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To learn more about Report for America and to support our journalism, please click here.

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Car park management

Driver involved in fatal accident pleads | Local News

LOCKPORT – Falls woman, facing an indictment of 54 counts following a fatal car crash on July 4, 2020, has pleaded guilty under a deal with county prosecutors of Niagara.

Breanna Best, 25, has pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated intentional homicide, a Class B felony, in connection with the accident that claimed the life of Precious Cox. As part of the deal, state Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. said he would sentence Best to a maximum jail term of 4 to 12 years.

She had faced a potential maximum sentence of 8 1/3 to 25 years behind bars.

Best was originally charged with several counts of aggravated vehicle homicide, manslaughter while driving, aggravated assault, first degree assault and driving while driving. drunkenness.

Falls Police Traffic Division Collision Management Unit investigators determined that Best was accelerating, in an unregistered, uninspected and uninsured 2009 Dodge Avenger, without a driver’s license, while three passengers of the vehicle, including Cox, were traveling without a seat belt when it crashed into the home at Porter Road and Hyde Park Boulevard.

Investigators determined that the Dodge was heading west on Porter Road, at speeds of up to 90 mph, as it continued straight on Hyde Park Boulevard, hitting the porch of a house in the 2000 block of Boulevard . The crushing accident left Cox, 27, who was sitting in a back seat on the passenger side of the vehicle, seriously injured.

She was rushed to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, where she later died of her injuries.

Best was pulled from the vehicle by the Falls Fire Department and taken by ambulance to Erie County Medical Center for treatment.

A front seat passenger and a female passenger in the rear seat on the driver’s side of the Avenger were both taken to the ECMC on the morning of the accident and treated as well.

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Parking space

Opening of a Puzzle car park in the village of Adhchini in South Delhi

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation on Sunday inaugurated an automated multi-level car park in the village of Adhchini, with a capacity of 56 vehicles.

Mayor Mukesh Suryan said the move would make it easier for people to park in both rural and urban areas, as it was built on less space than traditional parking lots. The total area of ​​the parking lot is 467.83 m² and a total of 56 vehicles can be parked at one time.

A senior South MCD official said the average recovery time for each car will be 150 seconds, compared to nearly 15 minutes in traditional parking lots. The parking lot has two modules, with six levels in each module. Thirty-one cars can be parked in one module and 25 in the second module, the senior official said.

There will be no manual interference in this multi-level automated parking lot after parking the vehicle at ground level. The manager said the modular design was made of steel: “It is a pollution-free structure where the response time will be very short. Fire fighting and other arrangements have also been made at this facility. “

Work on two puzzle automatic parking lots in Punjabi Bagh and M Block Market in Grand Kailash II, with a capacity of over 200 and 450 cars respectively, would also begin this month, he said. . The projects, however, will take more than a year to complete.

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Car parking rate

Car Parking System Market Size and Forecast

New Jersey, United States, – The Car Parking System Market The report focuses on economic developments and consumer spending trends in different countries for the forecast period 2021 to 2028. The research further reveals which countries and regions will have a better reputation in the coming years. Apart from this, the study talks about the growth rate, market share as well as recent developments of the Car Parking System industry worldwide. Besides, the special mention of major market players adds importance to the overall Car Parking System market research.

The report covers the analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global market. The pandemic has dynamically altered the economic landscape and drastically changed the trends and demands for products and services in the market. The report also covers the current and future impact of the pandemic and provides an overview of the post-COVID-19 scenario.

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The report covers an in-depth analysis of the major market players in the market, along with their business overview, expansion plans, and strategies. The major players studied in the report include:

• Rainbow
• Klaus multiple parking lot
• Unitronic
• Xinhuayuan
• Westphalia
• SME Demag
• Tianchen Intelligence
• a Sampu stereo garage
• Park Plus
• FATA automation
• STOPA Anlagenbau

We provide detailed product mapping and survey of various market scenarios. Our expert analysts provide in-depth analysis and breakdown of the market presence of key market leaders. We make an effort to stay up-to-date with recent developments and keep up-to-date with the latest company news related to industry players operating in the Car Parking System market. This helps us to analyze in depth the individual position of companies as well as the competitive landscape. Our Supplier Landscape Analysis offers a comprehensive study to help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Car Parking Systems Market Segmentation

By Product Type, the market is primarily split into:

• Mechanical systems
• Semi-automated systems
• Automated systems

By application, this report covers the following segments:

• Office building
• Mall
• Residential
• Other

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Scope of Car Parking Systems Market Report

UNITY Value (million USD / billion)
COVERED SEGMENTS Types, applications, end users, etc.
COVER OF THE REPORT Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free customization of the report (equivalent to 4 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.

Geographic segment covered in the report:

The Automotive Parking System report provides information about the market area, which is further further subdivided into sub-regions and countries / regions. In addition to the market share in each country and sub-region, this chapter of this report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region during the estimated period.

• North America (United States and Canada)
• Europe (UK, Germany, France and rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region)
• Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa (GCC and rest of Middle East and Africa)

Key questions answered in the report:

• What is the growth potential of the Car Parking System market?
• Which product segment will take the lion’s share?
• Which regional market will emerge as a pioneer in the years to come?
• Which application segment will experience strong growth?
• What growth opportunities might arise in the car parking systems industry in the years to come?
• What are the most significant challenges facing the Automotive Parking System Market in the future?
• Who are the leading companies in the Parking Systems market?
• What are the main trends that positively impact the growth of the market?
• What growth strategies are players considering to stay in the Parking Systems market?

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We also offer insight into the strategic and growth analyzes and data needed to achieve business goals and critical revenue decisions.

Our 250 analysts and SMEs offer a high level of expertise in data collection and governance using industry techniques to collect and analyze data on more than 25,000 high impact and niche markets. Our analysts are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, expertise and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

Our research spans a multitude of industries including energy, technology, manufacturing and construction, chemicals and materials, food and beverage, and more. Having served numerous Fortune 2000 organizations, we bring a rich and reliable experience that covers all kinds of research needs.

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Mr. Edwyne Fernandes

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E-mail: [email protected]

Website: –

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Gujarat Approves New AMC Parking Policy | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s new parking policy has been approved by the state government and will soon be phased in.

In September, the draft policy was approved by the CMA standing committee which suggested a change, to the rule requiring citizens to provide proof that they have a parking space before purchasing vehicles a been abandoned. The draft was handed over to the state-level committee which approved it on October 16.
Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Mukesh Kumar said, “The state government approved the parking policy on October 16. We must keep in mind that road space is limited and the available space must be managed. to the parking needs of specific areas at specific times. ”
The civic body will implement the policy gradually, as one-off implementation is not achievable, said a CMA official who declined to be named. He said that AMC will conduct awareness campaigns before and after the implementation of each phase. Under the new policy, monthly and annual permits will be granted for shared parking lots. The AMC plans to issue parking permits covering the streets around residential companies.
The new policy encourages the sharing of parking spaces. He said that due to the scarcity of parking spaces in Ahmedabad and the uneven distribution of parking facilities, the available space should be used efficiently. “Areas such as CG Road, Ashram Road, Paldi and other areas of the CBD are experiencing a peak in demand for parking during office hours, while demand declines on weekends,” the policy says.
“Parking spaces in office buildings, schools, banks and business parks, shopping malls and parks also see varying use of parking space on weekdays and weekends.” Other vehicles in an area cannot use these parking spaces due to ownership and jurisdiction issues, the policy says. It indicates that the disparity between supply and demand for parking space can be addressed by sharing parking spaces.
In addition, the new policy includes provisions to encourage the sharing of parking spaces between several buildings and facilities close to each other. The agents concerned will have to issue certificates of no objection for the vehicles.

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Car park management

Angry man fed up with neighbor’s double parking receives misconduct email after leaving note on woman’s car

A FURIOUS man who was fed up with his neighbor’s double parking was slapped with a “misconduct” email after leaving a heavily worded note on the car.

TikTok user Dylan took matters into his own hands after spotting the gray BMW occupying two parking spots in the residents’ parking lot.


TikTok user Dylan was fed up with BMW double parkingCredit: TikTok / hey_dyl
Dylan walks up to the car and sticks the little piece of paper on the driver's window


Dylan walks up to the car and sticks the little piece of paper on the driver’s windowCredit: TikTok / hey_dyl

He posted pictures of his note and said, “Leave notes on my neighbor’s car until they stop double parking.”

The note read: “Your mother is ah **.”

In the video, Dylan walks up to the car and sticks the small piece of paper on the driver’s window.

He also asked his viewers, “What should I write next?

Three days later, Dylan, who lives in the United States, shared a blunt email he received from the property management company.

Although the email was not addressed to him directly, it was titled “Garage Misconduct”.

He said: “We would like to remind all residents that if they notice anything that violates our community and parking policies, please let the office know as soon as possible.

“What you shouldn’t do is write disparaging remarks about anyone’s vehicle / personal property, even if they’ve violated any of their policies.

“It is considered harassment and vandalism, and we are going to find out who committed these acts.”

Dylan simply reacted, “Oops.”

Some social media users suggested the driver may have owned both parking spots, while others agreed with Dylan’s actions.

One of them said, “Do they own both spots? I won two and a double park.”

Another wrote: “I would put a billboard on their windshield for that one.”

A third suggested, “Just call to have it towed.”

And many viewers were shocked by the response from the property management company.

One of them said, “Wait until they park like that and be a snitch? Let them know they’re the first in the purge.”

A second wrote: “Leave another note that says ‘snitches have stitches’ but make sure you don’t get spotted.”

A third said: “It’s time to leave a post-it on the rental desk door.”

It comes after furious local residents wrote an angry note to a driver who parked so badly that a food delivery driver couldn’t get down a street.

And a driver left a blunt response after a neighbor left a furious note on his car complaining about his parking lot.

Dylan, who lives in the US, shared an email he received from the property management company


Dylan, who lives in the US, shared an email he received from the property management companyCredit: TikTok / hey_dyl

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Parking space

Sports complex moves forward | News, Sports, Jobs

McDONALD – Having used the new sports complex for two home football games this fall, McDonald’s schools are proceeding with the third phase of the project by constructing a training center / locker room.

Superintendent Kevin O’Connell told the Education Council on Wednesday that the two games at the complex this month were a success, with many parents, community members and coaches expressing how much they loved it.

“It’s exciting. The next phase we have to tackle is the training center and the locker room. We will be focusing our attention on that as we move the project forward,” said O’Connell.

Board member Joseph Cappuzzello said the training center will provide athletes with a place to train and take them out of the school gymnasium. He said baseball batting cages and golf nets can also be placed there.

“There will be no wasted space. We will have areas used for athletes to train for different sports throughout the year. Moving more sports here will take the stress out of our gym, ”Cappuzzello said.

The district is working with Strollo Architects on the project.

O’Connell said the district would like to receive offers before Christmas. Officials said they were concerned about a potential labor shortage.

O’Connell said work was complete on the visitor bleachers, disabled-accessible ramps on the home and visitor bleachers, and disabled parking spaces, sound system and lighting.

He said the lights can be adjusted so that more light is on during the game and then in parking lots after the game. Security lights are set to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

The sports complex has been discussed for many years. The new complex is about two to three minutes from the school’s current sports facilities. Funding for the project comes from an emergency levy approved by voters in November 2016 that generates $ 260,000 per year. The cost of the complex is estimated at over $ 2.6 million.

One of the biggest additions to the school will be a trail complex. Officials said they had not been able to hold a track and field competition for more than 20 years because the current one does not meet regulatory standards without eight lanes.

In addition, a new grass pitch, expanded parking lot and improved locker rooms will give the school the opportunity to host playoff football matches.

At the meeting, the Board of Directors approved the transfer of $ 100,000 from the District Replacement Fund to the Sports Facilities Fund.

In other cases, O’Connell has said student attendance has been improving over the past few weeks, when the elementary school had 60 students and the high school had 90 sick. He said the average daily absence is 50 students.

He said last week attendance improved to about 23 absent students per day, with elementary only having nine absent students a day.

“We’re back to traditional dating as before,” he said.

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‘Drifting’ leads to arrest of teenage boy from Ridley, two men from West Chester – Delco Times

CHESTER TOWNSHIP – The “Fast & Furious” weren’t quick enough to get past their Instagram videos.

Police identified and charged three subjects with late-night car “drifting”, which caused thousands of dollars in damage to parking surfaces and Bridgewater Road in the Townships of Chester and Aston.

Drift is a driving technique where the driver voluntarily loses control of the traction of the tires when the car makes a turn. This is a popular technique in the “Fast & Furious” racing film series.

Chester Township Police Chief Kenneth Coalson said they had received several complaints recently, and he called it a dangerous trend that resulted in thousands of dollars in damage.

On Monday, police charged Mason McGonigle, 22, and Giuliano Stefanatto, 21, both of West Chester, as well as a teenager from Ridley Township, after incidents in September at Folsom Tools on the 200 block of Bridgewater Road . The company had just seen its land resurfaced and doubled, and the drift had caused significant damage.

The charges include: criminal mischief, reckless endangerment of another person, reckless driving, reckless driving and disorderly driving.

According to the probable cause affidavit presented before Judge Georgia Stone, the owners of the company provided police with a video from Monday, September 13 and Friday, September 17, showing a Nissan 350Z, along with two other cars, running around. of the land, the cul de sac and a neighboring property at high speed smoking their tires. Chester Police Corporal. Leonardo Iberra investigated the incident.

Police identified and charged three subjects with late-night car “drifting” resulting in thousands of dollars in damage to parking surfaces and Bridgewater Road in Chester and Aston Townships. (Video clip)

The following week, police received a complaint from nearby residents that cars could be heard making donuts in the 100 block area of ​​Concord Road. The arriving officer spotted three cars parked in the back of BDP International, drivers and occupants standing nearby. The drivers admitted to “drifting” and told the officer that they were using this area because they did not want to use public roads with traffic.

Later that evening, police were able to identify from surveillance video taken at Folsom Tools that the Nissan 350Z and a black BMW with chrome wheels matched the previously stopped cars.

The following evening, police received complaints about vehicle races in the area. Police observed pavement damage and arrested a silver Nissan driven by McGonigle, a blue BMW driven by the miner, and a black Mercedes Benz.

Police examined the social media accounts of these drivers and were able to identify vehicles and drivers that had driven through Folsom Tools lot and caused damage to the cul-de-sac.

A 55-second video from McGonigle’s Instagram account shows the Nissan coupe racing around the field and Folsom Tools Street while Drake’s song “Lil Baby” is overblown.

Iberra asked the two companies concerned to estimate the repairs for the damage caused to their lots. Folsom Tools provided an estimate of $ 7,700 for the repairs and RA Kennedy & Sons Inc. provided an estimate of $ 6,000. The township engineer estimated at $ 23,600 for two damaged cul-de-sacs.

“It may sound harsh, but we are trying to avoid property damage to businesses and serious injury that can occur to bystanders and subjects driving the vehicles,” Coalson said. “This action appears to be a trend and we have received many complaints from business owners in industrial parks that operate 24/7.”

Coalson said restitution would be up to the judge, but believed it would be likely.

Block 200 of Bridgewater Road in Chester Township is marked with burnt rubber. Police identified and charged three subjects with late-night car “drifting” resulting in thousands of dollars in damage to parking surfaces and Bridgewater Road in Chester and Aston Townships. (PETE BANNAN – DAILY HOURS)

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Parking facilities

Berkeley Marina ferry plan worries recreational users

A windsurfer cruises near the pier at Berkeley Marina in mid-October 2021. Credit: Kelly Sullivan

David Fielder tries to be on the water at least 100 days a year at the Berkeley Marina. Now, with the prospect of a new ferry service crossing the bay, he and other windsurfers fear it will turn the marina from a recreation area into a hub for commuters.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of Berkeley Marina stories written by UC Berkeley graduate journalism students in partnership with Berkeleyside.

The combination of rough currents and high winds that hit about 200 meters after leaving the entrance channel has made the marina a favorite with windsurfers.

“It’s no exaggeration to say this is one of the best spots in the world,” said Fielder, who has been windsurfing for over 40 years.

But concerns about the terminal surfaced more than a decade ago when ferry service was first offered, including concerns that the terminal would block windsurfing launch points. Recreational users are also concerned about congestion and parking and the feasibility of such a project.

In 2019, the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) and Berkeley City Council agreed to jointly fund a planning study on the feasibility of a dual-use ferry and leisure pier at the marina. WETA, also known as the San Francisco Bay Ferry, would cover a substantial portion of the costs of the ferry terminal, while the city would cover the costs of recreational use.

The new structure would replace the nearly century-old municipal pier, which was declared unsafe and closed for repair in July 2015. Without a ferry component, the city would have to cover the full cost of a recreational pier, with estimates ranging from $ 20 million to $ 55 million.

This year, an online petition asking Berkeley officials to “not sell the marina” by prematurely committing to a full-scale ferry service has garnered more than 400 signatures.

“We would like to distribute the petition to a wider range of the Berkeley community with more of this information available and have a meaningful community engagement process,” said the petitioner, Camille Antinori, who chairs the Cal Sailing Club (CSC) Marina Planning Committee.

While the petition is not entirely opposed to a ferry, it calls for the project to be carefully planned and funded while improving the recreational value of the Berkeley Marina. “We are concerned that the current planning effort is focused on the ferry and not achieving such a result,” the petition says.

According to a 2016 strategic plan study, WETA predicts that 1,500 passengers per day would use a ferry service by 2035. The ferry would link the marina to downtown San Francisco and could include other destinations for ferry service. regular or special event, such as Oracle Park, Chase Center, South San Francisco, Mission Bay, South San Francisco, Redwood City and potential North Bay destinations.

But plans for a ferry first depend on deciding the fate of the existing 3,000-foot municipal jetty. The three renovation options presented by the city council are either to rehabilitate, or to seismically reinforce, or to completely replace the pier.

Rehabilitation would cost between $ 22 million and $ 48 million, while earthquake-resistant reinforcement would cost between $ 41 and $ 65 million. The recommended replacement option, based on the structural assessment of the Berkeley municipal pier, would cost between $ 32 million and $ 44 million and $ 500,000 per year to maintain.

Currently, four replacement concepts are under consideration, with different layouts for jetty design, mobility and ferry use.

City council “has certainly asked a lot of questions about which of these ferry alternatives we want,” said CSC member Gordon Stout. “They never asked the question, ‘Do you want a ferry?’ They don’t want to answer that question.

One concern raised is the potential lack of ridership.

“We are offering the ferry as a solution that can provide new capacity that makes BART train congestion a little less serious when you leave North Berkeley during rush hour,” said Mike Gouerthy, senior planner at WETA.

Expanding ferry service would require three round trips during travel periods, as well as mid-day, late-evening and weekend trips as part of WETA’s pandemic recovery program.

Marina users are also concerned that commuters will increase congestion and demand parking spaces that recreational users need.

When the City of Berkeley first authorized small-scale ferries to offer service from the marina in late 2016, Stout noticed a dramatic reduction in parking available for the Cal Sailing Club and the playground for children Cal Adventures. He is concerned that an expanded ferry service will further restrict recreational users.

According to the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), a ferry terminal in the marina may only be permitted if it “does not interfere with current or future uses of the park and recreation” or “disrupt continued access. to the shore ”. The described standard also states that parking “should not be spoofed by ferry customers” and that “shared parking arrangements should be made to minimize the amount of shore area required for parking”.

Gouerthy said WETA is confident that the ferry project will meet BCDC’s permit requirements, as it already operates several facilities within BCDC’s jurisdiction, such as the Richmond ferry terminal.

And while Berkeley’s windy climate makes it ideal for windsurfers, Parks and Waterfront Commissioner and Coastal Engineer Jim McGrath predicts it will lead to bumpy rides for passengers and require a breakwater that is tall enough and long enough to handle. shelter ferries when loading and unloading.

“It’s the toughest place in the bay to try and put a ferry,” he said.

People enjoying the water near Berkeley Pier in mid-October 2021. Credit: Kelly Sullivan
Rowers enjoying the water near the pier at Berkeley Marina in mid-October 2021. Credit: Kelly Sullivan

Julietta Bisharyan is a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism studying economic development.

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Car park management

Sheffield city center Arundel Gate Car Park reopens as Britannia Parking replaces NCP

Britannia Parking took over the Arundel Gate car park from NCP, which ceased operations on September 17.

In a statement, the Bournemouth-based parking operator said the car park remained open with a short-term introductory offer of £ 4.50 for all-day parking.

The new management also said it was focusing on customer service, including seasonal subscriptions, the addition of 24-hour security and loyalty programs.

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Britannia Parking has taken over the Arundel Gate car park from NCP.

Britannia Parking Managing Director Brian Parker said: “The Arundel Gate car park remains open.

“Britannia Parking has been appointed car park manager replacing NCP.

“We are implementing our parking management plan but are offering an introductory rate for all customers during this transition period.

“Fees, additional security, loyalty programs and subscription services are all reviewed to see how we can better meet the needs of the local community. “

Brian added: “We believe this is a new start for the Arundel Gate car park and we want to play our part in supporting the city center after a very difficult time.

“Although they require significant investments in safety and maintenance, well-managed parking lots have a key role in attracting more visitors to city centers and boosting local economies.

“We are a reputable and responsible company with many years of parking management experience and look forward to contributing to the success of Sheffield city center in the years to come. “

A member of the British Parking Association, Britannia Parking manages car parks from Scotland to the south of England.

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Parking space

Dallas Curb Management Could Reduce Street Parking – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A Dallas edge lane management study is underway that may reduce on-street parking in favor of other uses of this space.

The study currently includes Downtown, Uptown, Deep Ellum, and Bishop Arts, but may expand in the future.

It shows the changes taking place in the urban core of Dallas, where thousands of residents now live in large new apartments and fewer people just drive around town.

“I think Dallas has really changed over the last five years I would say,” said resident Quenita Fagan.

She was eating outside a Starbucks on the corner of Commerce and Akard Street on Thursday, across from the new AT&T Discovery District.

Drivers cannot just stop and park there on Commerce. Roadside restrictions include drop-off areas and bus lanes. With cycle lanes, these are the kinds of restrictions that could be extended to many other places with the study on curb lane management.

Fagan said visitors from outside the city center are drawn to many attractions, but that she uses public transportation and would prefer to see fewer cars.

“The attractions are here, but how do you make it work for everyone, letting them know there are people living here. And we don’t want cars everywhere, ”Fagan said.

The curb lane management study was a topic of the Dallas City Council Transportation Committee meeting this week.

Council member Cara Mendelsohn said businesses could suffer from the reduction in on-street parking because she and other residents rely on using it. Mendelsohn said public transportation would take three to four times as long, so she was driving from north Dallas.

“Frankly, there are times when I have pulled over and there is no parking. Can’t get into the valet parking, and you know what? I’m going home. So we can’t give up parking, ”Mendelsohn said.

Other committee members supported the changes, including transport chairman Omar Narvaez.

“I want to do this. I think we need to put this infrastructure in place for the lanes reserved for buses, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles. If we don’t add this infrastructure, the people of Dallas won’t get used to it. not. And we will never get there. And I think we as the ninth largest city are probably 10 to 15 years behind the other big cities that implemented it a long time ago, ” Narvaez said.

Deep Ellum, where large new apartment structures were recently completed, is an example of change that is already happening.

A few years ago Elm Street was recently widened, landscaped sidewalks replaced some parking spaces.

The “The Stack” office building recently opened with ample parking that is available to visitors to Deep Ellum at night, helping to eliminate the need for street space.

Commerce Street will soon receive a rebuild, which will include the first dynamic loading zones in the streetside space of Dallas.

“At night they are used for carpooling customers and during the day they are used for large business needs such as FedEx and food supplier deliveries. And that’s because we know we need to maximize and share the use of the sidewalk. It’s a great asset, ”said Stephanie Keller-Hudiburg, Executive Director of the Deep Ellum Foundation.

Dallas is also considering a return of the shared scooters which became an issue when they were banned in 2020. The scooters will have dedicated curbside parking areas to limit nuisance when they are re-authorized, Keller- Hudiburg.

” We are learning. We have to adapt to changing needs. For example, carpools, scooters, all those things that require the use of the sidewalk and we have to be able to adapt to those needs, ”she said.

Some drivers are not convinced. Juan Garcia secured one of the few curbside parking spots on Elm Street, near the triple underpass tourist area.

Garcia said he supports public transportation, but it is not used much in Dallas and more bus lanes are not needed.

“We don’t have that culture, like in Europe or elsewhere,” Garcia said. “I think they’re trying to create a culture where there isn’t one.”

There will be public comment on the results of this study before any changes are made.

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DOT Celebrates Completion of Northern Boulevard Bike Lanes, Releases Bike Safety Study

The protected cycle path on Boulevard du Nord. Protected cycle paths are painted green and are separated from vehicular traffic by an open space, vertical boundary or barrier (Photo: DOT)

October 21, 2021 By Max Parrott

The city’s Department of Transportation on Wednesday marked the completion of 4 miles of protected cycle lanes on Boulevard du Nord with the publication of a bicycle safety study that touts the benefits of protected and painted cycle lanes.

The new study, titled “Safe Streets for Cycling: How Street Design Affects Bicycle Safety and Ridership” used crash data over the past three years to find that protected bicycle lanes reduce the risk of injury by 34% and that painted / conventional lanes reduce risk by 32 percent city-wide.

In Queens, however, protected cycle lanes added an even higher level of protection than the city average, reducing risk by 40%. In the streets most at risk, the risk of cycling is reduced by more than 60% throughout the city, according to the study.

DOT commissioner Hank Gutman released the report while touring the protected cycle paths along Northern Boulevard that the agency recently completed.

The Boulevard has become a priority due to its death and serious injury rate which has ranked it among the top 10 percent of Queens’ most dangerous corridors. Between 2014 and 2018, the section of the boulevard stretching from 41st Avenue in Long Island City to 60th Street and Broadway in Woodside killed three people.

In assessing the difference between painted and protected cycle lanes, the city does not limit the definition of protection to a physical barrier, but includes all lanes that are “separated from motor vehicle traffic by an open space, a delineation. vertical or barrier ”, as reported by Streetsblog. Cycling advocates have often criticized the definition as being too vague.

Conventional / painted cycle lanes (pictured) were in place on 43rd Avenue in Sunnyside before DOT turned them into protected lanes (DOT 2018)

The DOT concluded from the report that “conventional cycle paths”, those delineated by paint, are “crucial for the safety of the cycle path network”.

He described protected lanes as the “backbone” of the cycling network, which can take root in wider or one-way streets, while painted lanes “feed this network into slower, narrower local streets.”

“Our data-driven approach to Vision Zero means we can intelligently allocate our resources and target our street redevelopments for maximum efficiency,” Gutman said in a statement. “While this point may seem redundant, data is essential for effective governance, and we can now say with scientific precision that all kinds of bike lanes both make the streets safer and encourage more cyclists to ride.”

To measure cycling risk, the study used the number of cyclist injuries per mile divided by the volume of cyclists.

In September 2020, the DOT accelerated a plan to add temporary protected bike lanes along Northern Boulevard and Broadway in Astoria and Woodside. The completed lanes of Boulevard du Nord, located curbside on both sides of the street, were covered in green kermit paint and separated by flexible plastic poles in some places and kwik curb barriers in others.

The press event brought together representatives from Transportation Alternatives, the NYC Food Delivery Movement Coalition and the Los Deliveristas Workers Justice Project, who welcomed the additional protections.

“Bike lanes are the first step in making delivery work safer and more efficient,” said Juan Solano, founder of the NYC Food Delivery Movement Coalition.

While the addition of Boulevard du Nord lanes adds protections for cyclists, as the report documents, some bike commuters continue to oppose the use of flexible poles and other forms of cycling infrastructure that do not physically prevent cars from entering the North Boulevard bike lane.

Chong Bretillon, a Dutch Kills cyclist and volunteer member of Transportation Alternatives, told the Queens Post that there are a lot of car dealerships and residences that continue to use the bike path as a parking space.

“The flexible poles are maybe 2 meters apart, I mean they are very far from each other. It’s almost like telling drivers I know it’s here and it’s getting on your nerves, but we’ll give you a workaround, ”she said.

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Parking facilities

Thirsty cities need a human / nature infrastructure combo

Freshwater ecosystem services flow between cities and source watersheds. Source watersheds and cities have interactions between natural infrastructure and human activities. Credit: Michigan State University

In cities that are growing both in size and thirst across the world, sustainability is limited by the grayness of dams and water treatment facilities. In this week Sustainability of nature, research by scientists at Michigan State University advocates going green to secure water supplies.

Scientists have taken new approaches to examine how 317 cities around the world obtain adjacent and distant freshwater and other ecosystem services. It turns out that large-scale built infrastructure – the human means to move water can reduce water quality and damage water supplies at their source.

For sustainability scientist Jianguo “Jack” Liu, the study is yet another example of the need to balance human needs with the impacts of nature. This document highlights the delicate balance between built and green infrastructure and provides policy makers with ways to meet the needs of both.

“Providing adequate water to rapidly growing cities at a time already marked by water insecurity and climate change requires a holistic approach of coupled human and natural systems,” said Liu, MSU chair. Rachel Carson in sustainable development and director of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability. . “It is not enough to design ways to move water. You also have to understand how nature reacts and what it can provide.”

Cities impose human will on water supply not only with dams and treatment facilities, but with “impermeable surfaces” which are harsh areas like streets, roofs and parking lots that do not allow water to be supplied. water from seeping into the ground. When water ends up in storm sewers and rivers, it has picked up pollutants. The group deployed the metacoupling framework, a new integrated tool allowing researchers to systematically understand human-nature interactions near and far. This framework expands the science of sustainability from a focus on specific places separately to human-nature interactions across adjacent and distant places.

This is especially important with water, as cities often tap into remote areas and sometimes impose difficulties in the process that can damage the very supplies they covet.

Since the turn of the 20th century, nearly 90% of watersheds supplying water to cities have experienced a reduction in water quality, which directly affects drinking water and recreation in cities.

“Our results indicate that natural infrastructure such as protected forests and wetlands already play an important role in sustaining freshwater flows to cities as well as improving the performance of existing built infrastructure,” said Min Gon Chung, the first author of the article “Natural infrastructure in sustaining urban freshwater ecosystem services globally.”

“These relationships between built infrastructure and natural infrastructure become more complicated as cities increasingly depend not only on surrounding watersheds, but also on distant watersheds as more and more infrastructure like dams and aqueducts are being built, ”added Chung recently receiving his doctorate. at MSU and is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Merced.

In addition to freshwater for consumption and recreation, natural infrastructure also provides many other ecosystem services associated with freshwater, such as sediment regulation, flood mitigation, and hydropower generation.

“This article adapts an analytical technique developed for human social networks to these ‘social networks’ of these ecosystems,” said co-author Kenneth Frank, professor of sociometry at the MSU Foundation. “Just as humans can be supported by a number of friends in different ways, a city can be supported by the freshwater ecosystem services of a number of watersheds. The technique allowed us to estimate whether ecosystem services are due to features of the watershed, such as forest cover, features of the city such as urban population, or features of both, such as the distance from the watershed to the river. city.

The work can help guide policy makers to effectively integrate forest and watershed greens into the water supply chain, as well as bringing more green to cities through parks and green roofs.

In addition to Liu, Chung and Frank, who are members of the SCRS, the document was written by Thomas Dietz, another member of the SCRS and professor of sociology and environmental science and policy; and Yadu Pokhrel, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering.

Cities face dramatic increases in water treatment spending when watersheds are developed

More information:
Jianguo Liu, Natural Infrastructure for Maintaining Global Urban Freshwater Ecosystem Services, Sustainability of nature (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41893-021-00786-4.

Provided by Michigan State University

Quote: Thirsty Cities Need Human Infrastructure / Nature Combo (2021, October 21) retrieved October 21, 2021 from html

This document is subject to copyright. Other than fair use for private study or research purposes, no part may be reproduced without written permission. The content is provided for information only.

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Fall getaways

Fall is a great time to take an overnight hike or canoe trip in Arkansas, and we have plenty of opportunities across the state.

If you prefer a traditional getaway with the comforts of home, Arkansas State Parks are great destinations. Some, like DeGray Lake State Park and Petit Jean Mountain State Park, offer five-star accommodations. DeGray Lake State Park also has a beautiful golf course, but staying true to the outdoorsy spirit we will limit the accommodation suggestions to the campsite.

Most state parks have full-service campgrounds that can accommodate larger RVs. They have water and electricity connections and waste tank disposal facilities.

Most state parks also have areas for tent camping with water and electricity, and some have areas for primitive tent camping. Primitive sites only have tent mats with no amenities.

Several of my favorite state parks for camping are Withrow Springs State Park near Huntsville, White Oak Lake State Park near Camden, Lake Fort Smith State Park in Mountainburg, Lake Dardanelle State Park near Russellville, and Village Creek State Park near by Wynne.

The fall foliage is vibrant and the weather is pleasant in the Ozarks in mid-October, making Withrow Springs a prime destination. Its wooded nature gives the campsite an intimate and warm atmosphere and you can take hot showers in the public baths. For this reason, I sometimes camp there when hunting in the nearby Madison County Wildlife Management Area.

Excellent wading for bass and crappie is available at the southern edge of the park at War Eagle Creek.

You can also camp in Madison County WMA, a great place for a weekend squirrel hunt. The WMA has a large number of primitive campgrounds. These are cleared areas in the woods with no amenities, but they are extremely peaceful and private. You can get out of your tent and start hunting immediately. The WMA also offers quick access to great smallmouth bass fishing on the Kings River at Rockhouse.

Lake Fort Smith State Park is very modern and provides an excellent camping base for bass fishing kayaking trips on Lake Fort Smith. The western terminus of the Ozark Highlands Trail is also located here. You can have someone drop you off and pick you up a few weeks later at the Richland Creek Recreation Area, the eastern terminus of the OHT.

Ozark National Forest

The Richland Creek Recreation Area, operated by the US Forest Service, is just one of the many great camping / hiking / fishing options available in the Arkansas National Forests. It’s remote and difficult to reach, but it’s a tidy, well-designed campground with enough privacy. Each site has a fire ring, lantern pole, and tent mat. There is also room for recreational vehicles, but there are no utilities.

Smallmouth bass fishing is surprisingly good in Richland Creek despite its small size in this area. You can go up or down to reach areas with little fishing.

The Ozark Highland Trail begins at the campsite. You can arrive on a Friday, hike the Richland Creek Wilderness Area, camp overnight, and leave on Sunday.

Other options in Ozark National Forest are Wolf Pen Recreation Area near Oark, Redding Recreation Area near Cass, Fairview Recreation Area near Pelsor, Haw Creek Falls Recreation near Hagarville and Ozone Recreation Area near Ozone.

Wolf Pen and Redding are found on the Mulberry River, providing direct access to great smallmouth bass fishing. Fishing is better in Redding, but the campground is too much of a place to party, being so close to Arkansas 23. Wolf Pen is much quieter, but the Mulberry is smaller which limits fishing.

Fairview Recreation Area sits on top of a mountain on State Arkansas 7 north of Dover. No fishing is available there, but you can hike the Ozark Highlands Trail to the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area, which is home to secluded fishing holes. It’s a full day hike, so you’ll need to camp in the wilderness.

The Ozone Recreation Area is also on top of a mountain on Arkansas 21. There is no fishing, but there is a trailhead for the Ozark Highlands Trail. The campsite loop is shaded, and the pitches are quite private.

The Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area is located on Haw Creek off Arkansas 123. Excellent fishing is available at nearby Little Piney Creek. A footpath for the Ozark Highlands Trail is also nearby.

All of these areas lie within the boundaries of the National Forest, providing limitless possibilities for squirrel and deer hunting with archery equipment, muzzle chargers and firearms. modern.

Ouachita National Forest

In western Arkansas, the Little Pines Recreation Area near Waldron is a multi-use destination on Hinkle Lake, a much unknown bass and crappie lake. The campground also provides easy access to excellent squirrel, deer and quail hunting in the Blue Pine Restoration Zone which encompasses the area. You read correctly. Quail. The pine barbon restoration area is home to the hardiest quail populations to be found on southern public lands.

Crystal Recreation Area is a small, neat and secluded campground near Norman, very close to the Caddo River. You can wade the Caddo near Norman, or you can launch a canoe at Caddo Gap.

Primitive car camping is also available at the Fourche Mountain Recreation Area near Rover and the South Fork Recreation Area near Hollis.

Bard Springs Recreation Area, my favorite campsite in the Ouachita National Forest, is just across the mountain from Shady Lake Recreation Area. Both are close to great fishing on the Little Missouri River, which is stocked with rainbow trout starting in November at the Albert Pike Recreation Area.

These areas are all convenient for the Ouachita Trail and the Womble Trail, both internationally renowned for hiking and mountain biking.

All of these campgrounds provide access to excellent deer hunting in the Ouachita National Forest. It is subject to state-wide deer hunting regulations and no special permits are required.

Arkansas Wildlife Management Areas are teeming with unmanaged campgrounds, like the one in Madison County WMA, which provide secluded bases for squirrel and deer hunters in the fall. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / Bryan Hendricks)

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Parking space

From flat to four floors southeast of downtown

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – The Town of Sioux Falls just added a six-story parking ramp with approximately 525 spaces downtown in 2020

Now it appears to be on track to do away with a flat surface parking lot at 400 S. 1st St. in the downtown core of the city.

City council on Oct. 18 approved stopping use of the parking lot to make way for a $ 28 million mixed-use development project on the site.

Flat-surface parking is generally not the best use of downtown properties, said Dustin Powers of the city’s Planning and Zoning Department in an interview with KELOLAND News.

“We like to see more density in the downtown area,” Powers said. This means increasing residential development like apartments, he said.

The parking lot at 400 S. 1st St.

It is also important to add business and commercial development to further stimulate the economy of the inner city, town and county, Powers said.

If the city removes the 50 spaces from the 400 S. 1st St. lot, there will still be parking available for those renting spaces in the lot, Powers said. The lot is around 70% occupied, he said.

Lot license holders would move to another lot, Matt Nelson said at the Oct. 18 council meeting. Nelson is the manager of the city’s public parking lots

In the parking pattern, “it’s not a lot of spaces,” Powers said of above ground parking.

According to Downtown Sioux Falls and the City of Sioux Falls, the downtown area has over 1,000 on-street parking spaces and 2,500 off-street parking spaces. Many of these off-street spaces are in ramps such as the new ramp. In addition, in general, there is a charge for parking in off-street spaces Monday through Friday until 5 p.m.

As of May 19, the 2020 parking ramp for the failed Village on the River project “was performing exactly as expected,” Nelson said in a KELOLAND News article. “We were planning to have over 300 leases and we have about 300 leases.”

The proposed development for the above ground parking would include 150 apartments and 5,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, Powers said.

Renter parking would be underground, Powers said.

The development would be a major addition to the south-eastern part of downtown. By comparison, much of the recent development has taken place north near 8th and Railroad Center and towards Falls Park.

“We are delighted to have other developments close to our store,” said Zane Hoffelt, manager of Norberg’s Ace Hardware downtown. Ace Hardware is across from the 400 S. 1st St. parking lot.

Norberg’s Ace Hardware downtown store is across the street from 400 S. 1st. Street parking.

The additional retailers will be good for Ace but also for other businesses nearby, Hoffelt said.

“If there are 150 residents across the street, that’s exciting for us,” Hoffelt said.

Powers said metered off-street parking is available in the proposed development area along with a parking ramp.

Hoffelt said Ace has his own parking lot, but shoppers come all day to get change for the meters.

“They are already using the metered parking spaces and the parking ramps,” Hoffelt said.

He does not expect the proposed development to insist on available parking.

“I realized there were people renting spaces but there was a parking ramp a block away,” Hoffelt said.

The town has a second lot for sale at 301 N. Main St. downtown.

The parking lot at 301 N. Main St. Town of Sioux Falls photo / graphic.

The decision to try to sell the two parking lots stems from the Downtown 2025 plan, the 2014 parking needs analysis by Walker Parking Consultants and a 2014 downtown market study.

The 2014 Walker study identified nearly 3,000 unoccupied parking spaces during peak weekday needs in the city’s downtown core. “Many unoccupied parking spaces are located in areas with low development density and beyond what some people may consider an acceptable walking distance from the central core.
Business district, ”says the study.

The 2014 market study predicted that at least 1,900 new homes, at least 190,000 square feet of retail and restaurant business, and at least 1 million square feet of office space would be added downtown over 20 years.

Walker’s study also indicated that if the projected 190,000 square feet of retail space and 1.0 million square feet of office space were added downtown over the next 20 years, parking needs would also increase. The study recommended adding spaces to meet future needs.

Powers said at the Oct. 18 meeting that elements of the expected growth are occurring and the city is meeting parking needs.

The Downtown 2025 plan was developed when Mike Huether was mayor. It identifies specific areas of attention and potential growth.

The Downtown 2025 plan called for three distinct neighborhoods “to add to the vitality of downtown over the next ten years.” These neighborhoods are Falls Park, Phillips Avenue and River Greenway.

The plan also identified the Railyard and Weber corridor and several other areas as potential areas for development.

Powers said the proposed four-story project over an existing parking lot meets the needs and goals identified in the Walker study and the Downtown 2025 plan.

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The 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Listings in Massachusetts

Sometimes it’s just nice to fantasize, and there’s no shame in that.

On that note, allow us to offer the 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Listings in Massachusetts. The list, curated by our friends at Redfin, has everything from island getaways to big city behemoths. Something for everyone, as long as you have at least $ 15 million and want to stay inside I-495.

Click on the links below for more complete listings. All images are courtesy of Redfin.

314 Quissett Ave., Falmouth – $ 27.5 million

“This is one of New England’s most spectacular harbor properties. The site alone is second to none: a four-acre elevated peninsula with panoramic views over Quissett Harbor and beyond to Buzzards Bay as well as a deep water dock with a large float suitable for a large yacht and a small sandy beach. The house was built circa 1908 in an eclectic Cape Cod style with nearly 12,000 square feet of living space. living with covered porches, balconies, mansard roofs with cedar shingles, turrets and multiple skylights. ”Read more here.

8 Mount Vernon Place, Boston – $ 22.5 million

“Historic details and modern luxury and style blend perfectly in this magnificent 9,000 square foot single family residence on the south side of Beacon Hill. Complete with 5+ bedrooms and 7 full baths / 2 3 directly to exterior on Mt Vernon Place), this property is in a class of its own; with its graciously proportioned rooms and fabulous open plan layout. ” Read more here.

34 Paine Ave., Beverly – $ 22 million

“Built in the Georgian Revival style, the home offers 28,000 +/- square feet of beautifully appointed living space, with 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and sits on over three meticulously landscaped acres. its architectural style, Rock Edge (so named because of its position above a rocky shore) has classic proportions and scale, with a handsome brick facade with limestone ornaments and a slate roof. ” Read more here.

24 Belknap St., Boston – $ 19.5 million

This listing has no seller notes.

186 Windswept Way, Barnstable – $ 18.8 million

“Waterfront Legacy property on Oyster Harbors! On an elevated 4-acre lot overlooking Cotuit Bay sits this remarkable Tudor-style home built in 1933, beautifully maintained and updated in keeping with the original design. Exquisite architectural details give out set the tone for this large house with 10,000 sq. ft. of living space, an inground pool, a boathouse with an extraordinary view, fireplace, lounge area and changing rooms, 437 ‘of frontage on the water and a large deep water dock, combine to create a great deal in one of Oyster Harbors’ best locations. ” Read more here.

51 Scotch Pine Road, Wellesley – $ 16 million

“Never before has a home been more of a haven. This extraordinary contemporary custom-designed is beautifully situated on nearly 1.5 private acres. After undergoing a large-scale renovation and addition, the residence has been completely renovated. redesigned and rebuilt by an award-winning team with natural materials, all imaginable amenities, integrated technologies and cutting-edge sustainable systems. ” Read more here.

410 Beacon St., Boston – $ 15.99 million

“410 Beacon Street is truly a one of a kind single family townhouse comprising 10,200 +/- SF with a 6 story elevator and a 2 car garage plus 2 additional parking spaces. Renovated with the utmost attention to quality , designed and detailing in 2015, this extra large home offers the ultimate balance of function and warm contemporary aesthetics with all the amenities of Back Bay. Read more here.

227 Bridge Street, Barnstable – $ 15.9 million

“Four distinctive accommodations located on 2 separate lots (198-1.28 ac & 227-2.45 ac) provided the platform for many encounters, both formal and informal, but more often than not were the canvas. Underneath the tranquil serenity and immeasurable beauty this unique waterfront oasis has to offer. Imagine the splendor of a life lived as a port steward. Read more here.

10-12 Greenway Ct., Brookline – $ 15.75 million

“Presenting 10-12 Greenway Court, a boutique property of 14 units at 100% market rate located in the heart of Brookline, Massachusetts. The property consists of 14 units and 14 parking spaces. The property is located on one street quiet location in the coveted Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline, an affluent and highly sought-after town bordering Boston to the west and has one of the best school systems in the country. ” Read more here.

165 Brattle Street, Cambridge – $ 15.3 million

“The Bartlett House, one of Cambridge’s finest. Superb site close to Harvard Square and the 2nd largest house lot on Brattle. Secluded and private, majestic Victorian entrance center set back behind beautiful flower gardens. Entrance portico with columns, 10 ‘ceilings, sumptuous proportions throughout. ” Read more here.

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Georgia Capital: AfDB grants $ 10 million loan to develop affordable housing projects in Georgia

AfDB provides $ 10 Million loan to develop affordable housing projects in Georgia.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Optima SARL having signed a $ 10 million ready to develop affordable and sustainable residential developments in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

The loan will finance two residential complexes, providing more than 3,700 affordable and energy efficient apartments for low to middle income people. This is the AfDB’s first private sector housing project in the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Optima is a subsidiary of m2 Group and Georgia Real Estate (GRE), one of Georgia’s leading residential and commercial real estate companies.

” The project aims to modernize affordable housing in Tbilisi by incorporating inclusiveness into design and adopting accessibility and gender responsive standards, ”said AfDB Private Sector Operations Department Director of infrastructure financing for South Asia, Central Asia, and Western Asia Shantanu Chakraborty. “These housing developments demonstrate how the industry can generate quality, affordable housing for low to middle income communities in Georgia and throughout the region.

“The apartments will be affordable, energy efficient and well constructed, providing decent accommodation for the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children,” said the AfDB Country Director for Georgia Shane Rosenthal. “The ADB loan is part of our ongoing commitment to the development of livable cities in Georgia. ‘

Over 80% of from Tbilisi apartments were built during or before the Soviet era. The old residential blocks lack recreation areas, parking lots and elevators. Accessibility to public spaces for the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children is also substandard.

In 2019, the city government unveiled an urban plan to promote sustainable urban development, land use planning and inclusive infrastructure. The government has created gender adviser roles within its urban development and environmental protection departments to promote gender responsive designs for open spaces in the city.

“We are honored that this is the first affordable housing development agreement in the region for the Asian Development Bank‘, said the CEO of the m2 group Nikoloz Medzmariashvili. “The loan will provide medium-term financing for affordable housing projects in Tbilisi. It is important to note that the design has been improved to achieve better results in terms of energy efficiency and accessibility. ‘

GRE is a 100% subsidiary of JSC Georgia Capital, 100% owned by Georgia Capital PLC. Georgia Capital PLC is an entity registered on the London Stock Exchange.

AfDB is committed to achieving a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable environment Asia and the Pacific, while continuing its efforts to eradicate extreme poverty. Created in 1966, it belongs to 68 members including 49 from the region.

Media contact

Larkin, Jean Gerard

Senior Communications Specialist

+63 2 8632 6618

+63 999 999 6618

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Car park management

A new parking lot to relieve Carters Road

Lake Munmorah residents and school communities now enjoy the convenience of a new 50-space parking lot in front of Lake Munmorah High School on Carters Road.

The project provides parking spaces for this busy strip of road and serves four nearby schools, where lack of parking and traffic congestion were previously a problem.

The Central Coast Council completed the project with funding of $ 900,000 from the Australian government through local roads and
Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI Program).

Infrastructure Services Board Director Boris Bolgoff said the parking lot is an important facility for the growing Lake Munmorah community.

“The new 50-space car park has two accessible spaces and will certainly be well used by school communities.

“Parking and traffic management can be a challenge in this busy school neighborhood, and we have completed improvements that will help reduce congestion during drop-off and pick-up times at school.

“New trails have also been built around the parking lot to connect it to designated crossing points and a new pedestrian crossing,” Bolgoff said.

Shortland MP Pat Conroy said he was happy to see the parking lot project completed.

“Carters Rd parking and traffic jams have been a major issue for a long time, especially during school pickup and drop-off times, and I hope this new parking lot will help resolve that issue.

“I look forward to seeing it used by local school communities as well as the wider Lake Munmorah community,” said Conroy.

Board administrator Rik Hart said the new parking lot and associated works will provide benefits that schools have long sought.

“The completion of this community project will be good news for the Lake Munmorah community, especially for those with children attending schools in the Carters Rd area,” Hart said.

Press release, October 14
Central Coast Council

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Parking space

Festival buyers run out of parking spaces

Police and society should have predicted crowds and heavy vehicles, they say

The lack of sufficient designated parking lots on commercial streets forced vehicle users to park along the roads leading to traffic jams in various parts of the city.

With Deepavali just two weeks away, shopping streets such as NSB Road, Singarathope, Chinnakadai Street, Big Bazaar Street, Nandi Koil Street, Super Bazaar, Shastri Road and Karur Bypass Road are teeming with shoppers. They saw heavy crowds, especially during the latter part of the week, which gave the police a hard time.

While buyers have found it extremely difficult to find free spaces to park their vehicles, police personnel have also struggled to regulate the flow of vehicles. As police closed all major roads leading to busy shopping streets due to overcrowding, shoppers were forced to park their cars on both sides of West Boulevard Road, Madurai Road, Old Goodshed Road and others. Many could only find vacancies beyond Devar Hall on West Boulevard Road. Cars were parked on roads in at least two rows, encroaching on almost a third of the road space.

They had to walk over a kilometer to do their shopping. The two-wheelers, which managed to slip through the shopping streets, parked their vehicles as they wished.

Although the crowds and number of vehicles were lower on Monday and Tuesday compared to the weekend, there was no slowdown in traffic at Main Guard Gate and Madurai Road. The overflow of parking lots by a few textile showrooms also worsened the traffic blockage. When police closed the entry point at the Teppakulam Post Office, vehicles had to take a roundabout route to travel on West Boulevard Road. Car owners have been seen arguing with police and private security personnel employed by textile showrooms for banning their vehicles.

“It is a nightmarish experience to find free places to park vehicles. I spent about 30 minutes and had no choice but to park in the “no parking zone” on West Boulevard Road near Devar Hall, ”says one customer.

Many felt that the police and the Society should have planned the dense crowds and vehicles well in advance to set up temporary parking lots.

R. Mutharasu, Deputy Police Commissioner, Traffic, said The Hindu that arrangements had been made for temporary parking in the playgrounds of Holy Cross College Upper Secondary School and Bishop Heber Upper Secondary School. The school administration had accepted the plan. A two-wheeler parking lot had been created on Old Goodshed Road. No cars or two-wheelers were allowed on NSB Road, Chinnakadai Street and parts of Big Bazaar Street as they witnessed a dense crowd. Restricted vehicle entry was in effect at Singarathope.

Mr. Mutharasu said the traffic situation was monitored from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on busy roads. About 150 traffic officers had been hired to ensure the free movement of vehicles.

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Thrive Outside, a week late | Sports

It’s proof of the marketing prowess of the NFL and NCAA that they can get a large portion of the American public to stay indoors and watch football this time of year. That big, sparkling screen and comfy sofa can’t match the rewards of being outdoors and active when the leaves are blazing and the air crisp.

Many organizations that do not have the media influence of the NFL are trying to provide Americans with outdoor options. One is the Outdoor Foundation (, which works to make the outdoors more accessible to people of all races, genders and ages in small towns, rural areas and urban centers.

The Outdoor Foundation proclaimed October 9 as “Thrive Outside Day,” and this column regrets being a week late for reporting it. But it’s never too late to thrive outdoors.

According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report, more and more Americans are finding their way outside in response to the COVID pandemic. In 2020, 53% of Americans participated in an outdoor experience at least once, the highest participation rate on record. According to the report, new outdoor participants are slightly more likely to be female, younger and more ethnically diverse than existing users. The authors of the report attribute many Americans in search of outdoor recreation to “screen fatigue,” a thirst for the authentic experience after too much dependence on devices and television.

Millions of Americans who crave the outdoors find it difficult to reach even places that offer public outdoor recreation. Herald-Standard readers do not share this obstacle. In the surrounding area, free and low-cost outdoor access for the public is diversified and abundant.

On the occasion of the belated celebration of We Thrive Outside Day, this column offers suggestions for readers who have never been outside or whose outdoor activity has fallen dormant, to get out and s ‘flourish outdoors. The simplest outdoor pursuit, requiring no special equipment, permits, permits, or learning curves, is hiking or walking if that seems less intimidating.

Below are some inviting nearby destinations for a fall stroll. The selected hikes are all ‘loop trails’, meaning they start and end at the same point, eliminating the need for a complicated shuttle, and there is no repetitive return to the car as the “Loop” forms a circle crossing new territory along the entire route.

Ohiopyle State Park, Sproul Trail System

Sproul trails actually include multiple interconnect loops, so there are options for short or long returns to the car. The slopes are moderate, often level, and much of the course traverses old fields with unobstructed views of Laurel Ridge to the east. The alleys are mostly grassy and regularly mowed. Purple flames on the trees show the way. These trails are easily accessed by following signs in State Park to the Kentuck Campground. Take Campground Road just past the campsite entrance to a small gravel parking lot where the Sproul trails begin and end.

Ohio State Park, Sugarloaf Button Loop

This loop is a bit more difficult as it circles the prominent summit of Sugarloaf Knob to the top of Laurel Ridge. To reach the trailhead, from Ohiopyle take the Ohiopyle-Confluence road to the large parking lot, on your right, just west of Laurel Ridge. It is a popular spot, with a heated cabin for skiers and a picnic lodge. The loop begins and ends at the parking lot. You are at the highest point of the trail so whether you hike the loop clockwise or counterclockwise it will be a descent on the outward journey and an uphill climb on the return. If you go counterclockwise, which for some reason seems more natural to do there, your descent will be through old receding fields and the gradually ascending return will be. through the forest. You can see Sugarloaf Knob on the eastern horizon as you cross Summit Mountain on the road. 40, heading east. It’s a satisfying feeling to see the button at this distance and know that you have hiked its volume.

Ohiopyle State Park, Mitchell Loop

The Mitchell Trail offers a pleasant hike through varied terrain on moderate inclines. The loop is just under three miles around, starting and ending at the large parking lot used by Youghiogheny paddlers and outfitters for their vehicles downstream. This loop also goes around a hill but less prominent than Pain de Sucre. Still, if you hike the loop counterclockwise, you’ll face a steep climb just before you return to the car. Walk clockwise and you will be able to do this incline using gravity. This trail passes through more ancient and attractive forest with the roar of the Youghiogheny Rapids far below. It is especially beautiful later in the fall when the beech leaves turn golden and hang longer than most other foliage. The fire markers on this trail can be confusing as some are red and some are yellow. But the path itself is unmistakable. There is only one derivative route, and it is well signposted by a wooden sign for the “Mitchell Loop”. Just stay on the obvious path and you will return to the car. To reach the parking area from Ohiopyle, head south on the Rte. 381 at the first right outside of town (Kentuck Road). Turn right and walk up the mountain to a four-lane intersection at Kentuck Church. Continue straight on Holland Hill Road and follow it to the end of the sidewalk.

Ohiopyle State Park, McCune Trail

This 3.5 mile loop at the top of Laurel Ridge is the most difficult of these hikes. As the leaves fall, however, it offers stunning views of the Youghiogheny Gorge above Ohiopyle. Purple flames mark the path, winding between rocky outcrops and ledges. The trail also passes through an old farmhouse with a 1930s large spruce plantation and spring. The trailhead and parking lot is near the Sugarloaf Knob Loop. From Ohiopyle on Confluence Road, look for the small sign for McCune Trailhead on the left. The small parking lot, with room for about half a dozen cars (if parked with courtesy and consideration for others) is a few hundred yards from the main road.

Ohiopyle State Park, Meadow Run Loop

This is a 3 mile loop with some of the most attractive scenery in the park. Much of the trail follows Meadow Run, passing the “Cascades”, more impressive in some ways than even Ohiopyle Falls on the Yough. Much of the trail is muddy or rocky, and there are a few steep climbs that come back to the car. This trail is also very popular, crowded on fall weekends. Go early in the day if you can. From Ohiopyle, head south on the road. 381 to the Dinnerbell Road intersection. Turn left onto Dinnerbell and you will see the dirt parking lot immediately on the left. The Meadow Run loop starts and ends there, marked with yellow flames.

It’s hunting season and all of these trails run through parts of Ohiopyle State Park, open now or in the coming weeks to hunt bears, deer, turkeys, and small game. Statistically, hunting is one of the safest outdoor activities, but it is safe to wear a neon orange hat or vest to announce your presence as a person. Pick up an excellent map of all the trails in the park, free of charge, at the Visitor Center near Ohiopyle Falls.

Then you can thrive on the outside.

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Watch Now: ‘Majestic’ Augmented Reality Mural Unveiled in Downtown Tulsa ‘Pushes the Boundaries’ of Public Art | Local News

The $ 230,000 project, which adorns both sides of the Main Park Plaza parking garage at 410 S. Main St.

Described as the world’s largest augmented reality mural, a 15,000-square-foot piece of public art was officially unveiled in downtown Tulsa on Monday, with city leaders joining the artists for a first look at its operation.

“I just want to say how grateful we are to the city for everyone who has played a role in beautifying this public space, making better use of it and really putting Tulsa on the national and international map.” , said Mayor GT Bynum, standing in front of the “The Majestic” mural, which adorns both sides of the Main Park Plaza parking lot at 410 S. Main St.

The $ 230,000 project, whose augmented reality features come alive when viewed using a smartphone camera, was commissioned by the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity and created by the artists of Los Angeles Ryan “Yanoe” Sarfati and Eric “Zoueh” Skotnes.

“It pushes the boundaries of our art further than we ever thought possible a few years ago,” Skotnes said.

“Augmented Reality is something no one has ever tried on this scale, and this animation is something new. We really appreciate that you are giving us this opportunity to do this. We are glad we did in Tulsa. , and it feels like it’s a second hometown for us. “

“The Majestic” is an Art Deco-inspired depiction of flora and fauna native to the Tulsa region, including dovetail flycatchers, swallowtail butterflies, flathead catfish and buttons Eastern Reds, which seem to come to life thanks to augmented reality technology. The central figure of the work is an angel holding two babies, also in Art Deco style.

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Life is a Beach: Finding Trends in Marine Debris Across Australia

Plastic accounts for 84% of all litter found on Australian beaches, according to a study conducted by UNSW and based on one of the largest databases of marine debris in the southern hemisphere.

Over 2,000 organizations and 150,000 citizen scientists have participated in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative [AMDI] by sorting and counting the marine debris they have collected since its creation by the association Tangaroa Blue Foundation in 2004.

Now, a study led by UNSW Science has filtered and analyzed 10 years of the AMDI database and created a national map of marine debris patterns.

The study found that nearly half of all debris could be related to land-based sources (garbage and land-based spills) and 7% to marine spills.

But 42% of the debris could not be definitively linked to a source due to the debris breaking down into smaller fragments, which the researchers say highlights the legacy of plastic left in our environment, fragmenting. continually breaking into smaller pieces until they are microplastics.

The results were published in Total environmental science.

Jordan Gacutan is a doctoral student
at the UNSW Science Center for the Navy
Science and innovation.

“The AMDI database contains beach cleaning entries across Australia, but the added value of this database is that volunteers take the time to categorize what they find, sorting and counting the amounts of plastic. , glass, rubber, metal, paper and others. articles, ”said study lead author and doctoral candidate Jordan Gacutan of the Center for Marine Science and Innovation at UNSW in the School of Biological, Terrestrial and Environmental Sciences.

“We can combine this rich data across space and time to obtain blueprints of the marine debris and plastic problem across Australia.

“This study shows, with unprecedented resolution, the variation of debris elements both regionally and across Australia.”

Study co-author and UNSW Science Dean Professor Emma Johnston says very little environmental stress can be measured nationally.

“So the 150,000 Citizen Scientists who have contributed to this database are doing Australia an incredible service,” says Professor Johnston.

“Their passion for the environment gives us one of the few continental insights into the global marine problem. “

For the AMDI database, the Tangaroa Blue Foundation has developed a method of categorizing and counting all waste collected by a range of citizen scientists and partner organizations, from families to government campaigns.

“We designed the methodology, host it and manage the database, but the data belongs to 150,000 people who contributed to this database,” said Heidi Tait, study co-author and founder and Executive Director of the Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

“This is the impact of the collaboration and the results really underscore that an intervention will not solve the problem of plastics in our oceans, and that a sector or a group of stakeholders will not be able to solve it on their own. , no more. .

“We have to collaborate and this network is a perfect example of partners who have achieved something quite monumental.”

The AMDI database now has nearly 20 million entries, but the UNSW study focused on the 10-year period from which the database recorded beach cleaning nationwide. .

Draw patterns from objects on the beach

Ms Tait said the AMDI database showed that there was a very different signature of marine debris regionally.

“The data shows that what we find in Cape York is completely different from what we find in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne,” she says.

The UNSW study looked at the national situation, but also grouped its findings according to the six “bioregions” that the Australian government uses to manage our oceans and coasts.

They are: North (Northern Territory to Cape York), Northwest (WA); Southwest (lower WA and SA); Southeast (including Victoria and Tasmania) and temperate (mainly NSW) and Coral Sea / Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Map of the accumulated number per day of all debris averaged by cleaning site

A card of the accumulated number [per day] of all debris averaged per cleanup site across the Australian coast. Coasts with insufficient sites were not taken into account in the analysis. Graphic: Jordan Gacutan

Mr Gacutan says that by looking at what objects have been found on beaches, we can better understand problematic objects and where they came from.

“Some bioregions contain a large amount of fishing debris, such as floats and fishing nets, while others have a larger litter problem, and you can identify these patterns by the items you find in these. coastal cleanups, ”he says.

The Southeast and Southwest regions have higher amounts of fishing tackle but, on the other hand, the Temperate East had three times the proportion of cigarette butts, compared to the national average, this which shows a problem with local waste, the study suggested.

The study found that around 40% of all marine debris across Australia came from litter, especially near capital cities where a lot of plastic ends up on the beach from storm sewers.

“On the other hand, although Cape York in Queensland had a huge amount of debris, most of it came from external sources, for example floats and plastic bottles that could have been both dropped at sea or floated away. other countries, ”Gacutan said. said.

“We know Cape York is very, very remote, so the amount of plastic we find on the beaches is not due to the people who live there.”

Ms Tait says better evidence needs to be used to inform how we are dealing with the growing problem of marine debris.

“We need to be really focused and strategic in the changes put in place to mitigate marine debris, and we need to measure and monitor to make sure we’re actually fixing the problem, that’s where the data is going to be so critical to the future, ”she says.

Improve citizen science for management

Dr Graeme Clark, lead author of the study and senior research associate at UNSW, said the study focused on filtering the data to ensure it was as accurate and reliable as possible. before use.

“One of the main concerns people have about citizen science data is the quality, accuracy and reliability of the data we get from these cleanings,” he says.

“You get a huge variability in the quality, for example some people can start cleaning the grassy area of ​​a beach or the parking lot; children collect differently from adults; and that really limits comparisons between sites.

“We tried to maximize the quality of the data and control the sites we visited by really conservative filtering.

“We only looked at sandy sites that face the ocean and have not been altered by structures such as dikes and breakwaters.”

Examples of marine debris collected by citizen scientists on Australian beaches

Examples of marine debris collected by citizen scientists from Australian beaches as part of the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. Photos: Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

Dr Clark says the methods presented by the UNSW team could impact how citizen science databases are used and improve the way marine debris data is collected globally. .

“Improving the quality and rigor of citizen science data makes it easier to use in management and decision-making,” he says.

“Citizen science datasets are powerful tools for monitoring marine debris and can help shape management plans to better tackle the problem of marine debris and plastic pollution at a localized level.”

Ms Tait says the most unique aspect of the AMDI database is that it is based on a scalable model that identifies the source of the debris.

“If you look at what’s going on now internationally with the discussions on global plastics treaties, nationally with the National Plastics Plan and state government plans to tackle single-use plastics: how are we going to measure them to make sure these policies have an impact? ”she said.

“For example, if a global plastics treaty is formalized by the United Nations, we should see the 95% of international marine debris that we find in Cape York diminish in the future, if that treaty is successful.

“It’s a way to measure the impact of the mitigation strategies put in place to see if they are actually having a positive impact and reducing marine debris and litter at the source. “

Read it to study.

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Parking space

London Property: The £ 750,000 parking space that’s more expensive than the average London home

If you’ve ever been stung by a parking fine, you know the colorful range of emotions that a £ 130 bill is likely to cause.

Although it’s easier than ever to use public transport to get around London, many people still need a car to get around.

How the hell do you hope to get your Selfridges Christmas Day keeps you from getting on the bus?

No one in their right mind would drag a fortune of cheese and port on a filthy subway platform.

READ MORE:Driving instructor picks up parking ticket after breakdown during oil crisis

So if you drive a lot in London and want to avoid a traffic ticket, it may be worth investing in a parking space.

MyLondon has looked far and we can reveal that a very modest black garage door in Portman Square, Marleybone is actually a £ 750,000 parking space for two.

It is the most expensive parking space for sale in London.

MyLondon calculated that you would have had to park illegally over 5,770 times before the investment paid off – that’s over 15 years of parking tickets.

You can see why super rich people just leave their cars around.

The garage is connected to Orchard Court which was used by Churchill for the British Special Operations Executive during WWII.

Chic real estate agents London mansions advertises “double garage space available in this residential building with 24 hour doorman on the east side of Portman Square, minutes from the world famous Selfridges store and Oxford Street”.

You might think that for £ 750,000 you would have Michael Caine take care of your engine while you settle into Savile Row, or maybe even an elevator taking you to an underground lair.

Unfortunately, the garage appears to be standard, with cement visible around the cinder blocks and an abandoned dresser in the back.

The Orchard Court garage is approximately 9m by 3.2m which would give you plenty of room for a Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine or a small collection of motorcycles.

Do you think any of the other London can compare to our beautiful capital?

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The price of parking space comes as no real surprise with an apartment in Orchard Court selling for almost £ 8million in 2017.

Other spaces in the region are also on offer at exorbitant prices, such as a space in Knightsbridge for £ 250,000 which doesn’t even match the UK’s average size.

If you’ve got the dose and a good reason to drive around Mayfair this could be perfect, the rest of us will probably stay on the bus.

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RMIT-Monash car park number supports driving for more wines and sidewalk meals in Melbourne

“Only with the support of the state government can Yarra continue to meet the expectations of subsidizing outdoor dining.”

Yarra advisers will vote on Tuesday on whether to reconsider the fee structure, at least until state government funding becomes clear, under a motion by independent socialist Stephen Jolly.

Neighboring councils are also expected to introduce fees once capacity restrictions on indoor trade loosen significantly, with parklets remaining even beyond the pandemic.

Chris De Gruyter, lead researcher for the discussion paper Street Space Allocation and Use in Melbourne’s Activity Centers, said street parking should be converted where appropriate, as parked cars are the least efficient use of shopping streets .

Looking at 56 locations in Melbourne at the end of last year, researchers said there was a lack of space for pedestrians. On average, pedestrians made up 56% of all road users, but were allocated only 32.2% of the streetscape.

Parked cars represented only 12.8% of road users but occupied 21% of road space, while general traffic (cars, motorcycles, trucks and cyclists) accounted for 18.4% of the population of the street but used 29.1% of the space.

The numbers were more striking in some places. In Puckle Street stores in Moonee Ponds, pedestrians made up more than 80 percent of road users, but only had 35 percent of the streetscape.

Melbourne City Council has already pledged to expand trails and discourage motorists in parts of the CBD.

Dr De Gruyter said there is no one-size-fits-all solution and the changes will not suit all places, but the way we use our streets is set to be turned upside down and parklets will always offer more space to walk for pedestrians than a parked car.

“It gives even more room to cross. This gives more buffer to traffic, which is more pleasant as a pedestrian walking in a safer and more pleasant environment, ”said Dr De Gruyter, of the RMIT Center for Urban Research.


He said it was “amazing” to see the normal, and often unnecessarily, space reserved for parked cars reallocated since the start of the pandemic.

Yarra’s independent adviser Herschel Landes is keen to consider policies for retailing on parking spaces, saying the council prematurely decided to freeze costs from April.

A state government spokeswoman said the boards should encourage hotel businesses to operate safely against COVID.

“Opening up our streets and community spaces will be of huge benefit to businesses and councils, and we will soon have more to say about our plans for the outdoor economy. “

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A new car park takes shape near the library

Betty Lynn, the actress best known for her portrayal of Barney Fife’s sweetheart Thelma Lou on “The Andy Griffith Show”, died late Saturday night after a brief illness. She was 95 years old.

Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 29, 1926. The third generation from Missouri was raised by her mother, Elizabeth Lynn, a respected mezzosoprano and organist, and by her maternal grandparents Johanna and George Andrew Lynn, longtime engineer for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

At the age of 5, Betty began studying dance with famous dancer Helen Burwell at the Kansas City Conservatory. By age 14, Betty was playing and singing at dinner clubs, as well as performing and commercials for local radio shows.

USO talent scouts visited Kansas City and discovered Betty. After turning 18, Betty began performing for USO Camp Shows in the United States in 1944. Betty then performed on the USO’s Foxhole Circuit overseas during the first half of 1945. She then performed on the USO’s Foxhole Circuit overseas during the first half of 1945. She and guitarist Tommy Decker started their overseas tour with stops in Casablanca. then Iran before finally making their way to the China-Burma-India theater of war, where they visited and performed for the military throughout much of the war zone, but their main mission was to console and entertain the soldiers injured in military hospitals.

After the Allies recaptured Rangoon in May 1945, Betty was one of the first Americans to visit American prisoners of war who had been released from a Calcutta hospital after suffering horrific atrocities while in prison. She is also believed to be the only American woman to walk the dangerous road to Burma during the war.

At one point on her tour of duty, Betty, Tommy Decker, a couple of Marines and an interpreter traveled by jeep to a remote area “on the road to Mandalay” not far from the front lines. A US Marine captain gave Betty a loaded Colt revolver and said, “Take this. You might need to use it. Betty recalls, “I didn’t know if he wanted to be used against the enemy or in desperation against myself, but I took the gun and kept it close to me always.

After the war, Betty was recognized for her service “above and beyond the call of duty” with special mention from the United States Department of War. She was later appointed honorary colonel of the American Legion.

In 2009, Betty joined WWII veterans on the North Carolina Triad’s first honor flight to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC “I was deeply honored to to have been invited to participate and to have the chance to express my gratitude to the surviving veterans and those who have been remembered, ”Betty said at the time.

Betty returned to New York after the war and quickly found work. She was touring the Northeast with Park Avenue in preparation for the tour of this new Broadway show when she caught the attention of Hollywood scouts. She received offers from seven studios, but ultimately decided to do a screen test for Twentieth Century-Fox. Studio director Daryl F. Zanuck immediately took an option on Betty and eventually signed her to a multi-year contract.

Betty’s first film for Fox was Sitting Pretty from 1948 starring Clifton Webb, Robert Young, and Maureen O’Hara. Betty won a Photoplay Gold Medal for her portrayal of Ginger. Later that year, Betty was also in Apartment for Peggy with William Holden and Jeanne Crain.

Warner Bros. borrowed Betty from Fox to play the title role in June Bride, another 1948 release, starring Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery. Betty has directed several other films for Fox and others, including RKO, MGM, and Universal. Among the films were Mother Is a Freshman, Father Was a Fullback, Cheaper by the Dozen, Payment on Demand (still with Bette Davis), Many Rivers to Cross and Behind the High Wall.

When her contract with Fox expired, Betty looked for work on television, then still in her infancy. His first performances included eight months in The Egg and I, which is often regarded as television’s first comedy series and aired live from New York five days a week on CBS in 1952.

Returning to Hollywood the following year, Betty starred opposite Ray Bolger in Where’s Raymond? for one season on ABC-TV. During this time and for decades, Betty also starred in live theater productions including the lead role in Peg O ‘My Heart and roles in The Moon Is Blue, King of Hearts, Be Your Age, Come Blow Your Horn. and Love Letters.

Betty has appeared in more than two dozen episodes of Matinee Theater, NBC-TV’s popular hour-long anthology series that airs, usually live, five days a week. She also continued to work in radio, including episodes of Lux Radio Theater, Stars Over Hollywood and some episodes of Family Theater, as a leader or host.

Betty was a staple of television westerns in the 1950s and 1960s. A Partial Roundup includes episodes of Bronco, Wagon Train, Cheyenne, Tales of Wells Fargo and Sugarfoot, as well as being a co-star for two seasons of Disney Presents: Texas John Slaughter with Tom Tryon.

Betty was still under contract with Disney for Texas John Slaughter when The Andy Griffith Show producers contacted her to play Barney Fife’s girlfriend, Thelma Lou. Luckily for Barney, Mayberry, and generations of viewers, Disney was in the process of ending production of Texas John Slaughter and therefore agreed to release Betty to work on the Griffith show.

“I had seen Griffith’s show twice before I went to read for the role,” Betty recalls. “I remember I burst out laughing, it was so funny. I haven’t done this very often. I thought, Gee, this is really unusual.

Betty always realized that Thelma Lou’s role in Mayberry depended on Barney Fife. When Don Knotts decided to quit the show after five seasons in order to make films for Universal Studios, Betty knew that meant she would be leaving Mayberry as well.

Betty made a final appearance on the Griffith show when Don Knotts returned in season six for the first of his five guest appearances as Barney. In all, Betty appeared in 26 episodes of Griffith, which originally aired between 1961 and 1966 and spanned parts of the show’s first six seasons. Of the Griffith cast still alive at the time of Betty’s death, only Ron Howard has appeared in more episodes of the series than Betty.

Fans would have to wait over 20 years, but all was well in Mayberry’s world again, when Thelma Lou and Barney finally got married in Return to Mayberry, the made-for-television movie that was an audience blockbuster for NBC. in 1986. “Once we got there to shoot the movie, it all fell into place,” Betty said. “The spark was still there.”

After the Griffith series, Betty continued to work regularly, mainly on television. She played Fred MacMurray’s secretary in My Three Sons and Brian Keith’s secretary in Family Affair. She also worked again with Andy Griffith when she played Sarah, Ben Matlock’s secretary in the first season of Matlock in 1986. She also reunited with Ron Howard in 1971 in ABC-TV’s short-lived Smith Family. , with Henry Fonda.

Betty has also appeared in productions ranging from Disney’s The Boy Who Stole the Elephant to The Mod Squad and from Little House on the Prairie to The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

In 1990, Betty began attending various Andy Griffith Show cast reunion events and Mayberry festivals nationwide, but mostly in the Midwest and South. Many of these events also included performances by Betty and her fellow stars. She’s brought down the house countless times with her renditions of favorite tracks from the American songbook.

Queues often stretched in hallways and around buildings with dedicated fans eagerly awaiting their chance to visit Betty, have their picture taken with her and get an autograph. Betty was legendary for her amazing ability to recognize fans many years ago, frequently calling them by name and inquiring about other family members, often by name as well.

“The fans are so nice,” Betty said. “I really like meeting them and having the chance to visit them a bit. They come from all over the country. It’s so touching that they still remember my movies and love The Andy Griffith Show the way they do. And especially for the Griffith show, there are also a lot of young children who are fans. So, I think the popularity of the series continues through the new generations. Which makes me happy.”

After several years attending the annual Mayberry Days festival in Mount Airy, Andy Griffith’s hometown, Betty decided that the city of North Carolina would be a good place for her. She moved away from the stress of Los Angeles in 2007.

In honor of Betty and echoing Barney Fife’s description of Thelma Lou, the local Surry Arts Council presents the show “You’re the Cat’s!” Each year. ”Award to recognize individuals who have made particularly outstanding contributions to the Mayberry Days Festival.

Along with other cast and crew members of The Andy Griffith Show, Betty received the TV Land Legend Award in 2004. She was inducted into the Missouri Walk of Fame in Marshfield in 2006, and received the Cherry Blossom Medal at the city’s annual Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival the following year.

In 2012, Betty also received for the first time a star on the catwalk at the entrance to the Andy Griffith Museum. On her 90th birthday in 2016, Governor Pat McCrory bestowed and Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest presented Betty with the Order of the Longleaf Pine, widely regarded as the highest civilian honor in the state of North Carolina.

Betty has not rested on her laurels. Before the pandemic, she greeted fans virtually every month at the Andy Griffith Museum. By the time of her death, Betty had completed revisions to her autobiography, which is expected to be published posthumously.

A lifelong devout Roman Catholic, Betty was a long-time member of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. After moving to Mount Airy, she joined the local Holy Angels Catholic Church.

Betty Lynn is survived by several cousins, many dear friends and countless adoring fans. Betty’s performances as Thelma Lou and in other roles will continue to entertain generations of grateful audiences. More than that, everyone who met Betty is forever grateful to have known such a beautiful soul.

A private funeral service is scheduled in Culver City, California. A memorial service will be announced at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Betty’s memory can be made to the Betty Lynn Scholarship Endowment (for students pursuing careers in dance or theater) or the Barbara and Emmett Forrest Endowment Fund (for the Andy Griffith Museum and Mayberry Days), both in care of the Surry Arts Council, PO Box 141, Mount Airy, NC 27030; or Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, 1208 N Main Street, Mount Airy NC 27030, or a charity of the donor’s choice.

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Car park management

Bullish MPTC on parking

Richmond Mercurio – The Filipino Star

October 18, 2021 | 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) is betting big on the parking industry, with plans to strengthen its portfolio of managed parking spaces.

MPTC ventured into the parking industry through a parking solutions subsidiary called Dibz.

Plans are underway for the expansion of the business, according to Dibz assistant vice president of operations and marketing Donald Saurombe.

“Our number of slots in our parking management, we have over a thousand active slots right now and by the end of next year we are looking to increase that number to 10,000 slots. That’s what we have on the pipeline, ”Saurombe said.

Dibz is a group of smart parking services that offers, among other things, pre-booked parking, valet parking and parking management.

“Currently, due to the pandemic, we have discontinued our service for pre-reserved parking. We want to bring it back next year once people get back to work in the office and also bring it back on a much larger scale, ”Saurombe said.

“We’ll be bringing it back much bigger next year so it’s available in all major cities, central business districts like BGC, Makati, Ortigas, Pasay, the Newport area and more,” he said. he declares.

Saurombe said Dibz aims to revolutionize the parking industry and improve the parking experience for motorists.

“We have created a mobile application that allows drivers to search for, reserve and be guaranteed a parking space, which saves them the hassle that they usually have to face when they traditionally park,” he said. he declares.

Dibz is one of seven subsidiaries offering digital solutions introduced by MPTC last week as part of its new business unit called MPT Mobility Inc.

MPTC President Rodrigo Franco said the creation of MPT Mobility would play a key role in the sustainability of the company, as it would serve as the lead organization in MPTC’s pursuit of new revenue streams.

Traffic on MPTC’s national toll roads has already improved with the relaxation of quarantine restrictions, allowing mobility for motorists.

In the first half of the year, MPTC’s revenue grew 36% year-on-year to 8.3 billion pesos, while core revenue jumped 105% year-on-year to 1.9 billion pesos.

MPTC is the toll arm of the Metro Pacific Investments Corp. conglomerate.

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Parking space

Starkville Receives Potential Plan for Main Street Redevelopment

Starkville could start repaving Main Street as early as 2022.

Since Main Street has not been repaved for about 20 years, Mayor Lynn Spruill said she believes now is the time to take action and improve Main Street in downtown Starkville . After the council of aldermen approved a proposal on Aug. 17 for Kimley-Horn landscape architect Henry Minor to create a layout for Main Street, Minor presented a preliminary design to the council during its working session on Friday.

The main goals of this design, Minor said, are to prioritize the pedestrian experience and create more outdoor space, especially for businesses.

“When Spruill told us this project was to really transform the environment and experience of this downtown corridor – from Montgomery right to City Hall,” Minor said.

If the board approved this plan, much of the street would be compressed and the turning lanes removed. The purpose of this would create a larger “pedestrian zone” that would encourage individuals to walk or cycle along Main Street and give businesses the option of arranging seating or outdoor spaces.

“The reason that’s so important is that we’re taking the sidewalk and gutter line that’s across the street today, and we’re going to bring it up to five feet,” Minor said. “… What we’re proposing along this stretch in the heart of downtown is to bring the curb and gutter about five feet on each side… that’s kind of the key dimension we’re trying to achieve. to achieve.

This design would eliminate the right turn lane on Montgomery Street to better align traffic lanes and ensure more efficient travel. The intersection of Rue Lafayette would be raised to the same level as the sidewalk, and the entire section in front of City Hall would also be elevated to create a staging area for the purpose of stimulating economic development and encouraging more businesses coming downtown, Minor mentioned.

Trees would be lined up along the main street and lights would be hung, much like the lights that currently occupy rue Lafayette.

Much of the slope parking would be changed to parallel parking to allow for wider sidewalks. Larger parking spaces would also be installed for food trucks and unloading areas for delivery trucks. The total loss of parking spaces would be around 45 spaces.

Hamp beatty

The alderman of Ward 5 Beatty expressed concern about the loss of parking, citing that minimal parking is already a problem for the downtown area.

“I think over 40 spots are lost, it’s a loss,” Beatty said. “… For me, this is something we have to look at.

Minor said much of the development reflects the design of construction that will soon begin on Route 182. The Route 182 plan will revitalize the segment of the route between Long Street and Old West Point Road. A construction grant from the United States Department of Transportation will fund 80 percent of the estimated $ 12.66 million project.

Because this design was a preliminary discussion, the board won’t vote on approving this provision for some time, Spruill said. She said if the board of directors approved this particular project, it would cost the city close to $ 6 million.

lynn spruill

Spruill said she also wants to work with the managing director of Starkville Utilities to create a new water and sewerage plan as part of the road design to improve water flow. to residential and commercial entities. She said she would like to move forward with the plan next year, but knows the city needs to take appropriate action before proceeding.

“This is the opportunity to see what they came up with and see what the ramifications would be. If we’re going to move forward with this, we’ll have to find funding, ”Spruill said. “The people of Main Street should be there. This is a first look at how we can make our community and downtown much more vibrant and how we can envision it in the next 30 or 40 years.

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Car parking rate

Dobson’s fifth-grader learns about the American flag

The Mount Airy Council of Commissioners earmarked nearly $ 300,000 for a list of downtown projects, in a 3-2 vote that reflected the concerns of some officials about making such a pledge in a context of funding uncertainties.

“Where does the money come from?” Tom Koch of the board asked Thursday afternoon as commissioners debated the allocation of $ 295,000 from a yet-to-be determined budget source for five of the six projects proposed for an estimated total cost of $ 592,000.

Plans call for the remainder – just over half of the total – to come from the Mount Airy Downtown Inc. group, which administers the funds generated by the municipal service district tax on landowners in the central business district. It is paid in addition to regular property taxes to cover common downtown improvements, a mechanism that has been in place for many years.

Projects currently under consideration, as outlined to Commissioners Thursday by Main Street Coordinator Lizzie Morrison of the Downtown Organization, include:

• An updated master plan to guide future investments in the central business district, both public and private, in a cost-effective manner. This includes identifying development opportunities; public parking solutions; an analysis of traffic flows and possible changes such as removing traffic lights along Main Street North and making it two-way rather than one-way; and burial of overhead power lines, among others.

The total cost of $ 75,000 of this must come from the municipality. The last master plan covering the city center was completed in 2004.

• A public washroom in the 400 block of North Main, to be installed in an area of ​​a municipal parking lot between Brannock and Hiatt Furniture and Old North State Winery. Morrison said this would result in two unisex units. The only other public toilets are in an area further down the street, where there is a new mural in honor of the musical group The Easter Brothers.

The city government has also been asked to provide the full estimated cost of $ 100,000 for this project.

• Improvements to outdoor spaces focused on public art, including a large-scale mural by Andy Griffith on a wall at Brannock and Hiatt Furniture and other work in Melva’s Alley now containing a mural by late local singer Melva Houston. As part of Thursday’s action, the city will pay $ 50,000 for a total price tag of $ 85,000.

• A public driveway remediation and safety initiative, the key element of which involves a request for $ 50,000 from officials at Mount Airy to repave an alley on Oak Street and implement remediation solutions there. This part of the package, to which Mount Airy Downtown will contribute $ 6,000, also covers security cameras.

• New banners for Main and Market streets, a $ 26,000 item for which the downtown group will provide $ 6,000.

Based on the Morrison outage, Mount Airy Downtown agreed to cover the total expense of $ 150,000 to develop a “pocket park” on Willow Street near the Sparger Building on Spencer’s former property which is in view of the future. ‘hotel.

The Council discusses the timetable

In response to Commissioner Koch’s question about where the money was coming from, two possible sources emerged on Thursday afternoon:

“Either the ARP or the general fund,” said Commissioner Marie Wood, who introduced a motion to provide the city’s share of the nearly $ 600,000 cost of downtown projects.

In April, his fellow municipal officials appointed Wood to the board of directors of Mount Airy Downtown Inc. as an ex-officio non-voting member representing the municipal government and serving as a liaison between it and the central group. city.

Wood’s motion was seconded by fellow board members Steve Yokeley and new sworn in Joe Zalescik. Koch and Commissioner Jon Cawley spoke in dissent.

“ARP” refers to the American Rescue Plan Act, the federal economic stimulus measure approved earlier this year to help the country recover from the effects of COVID-19 – for which Mount Airy has been allocated about $ 3 million .

The general fund, also known as the city’s surplus or savings, has been the go-to source to draw on over the years for major spending and to balance the annual city budget.

But Koch said Mount Airy had other items he said were more urgent than downtown upgrades, including replacing old fire and garbage trucks and an HVAC upgrade at the community center in Reeves.

“We all have these needs,” he said of the potential alternative uses of the suggested sources.

Koch added that he was not in favor of using ARP money for “special interest” projects that were to fall, which also recently included a request for $ 300,000 for a renovation project for the historic Satterfield House.

“So I am against it,” he said of the plan presented by Morrison, who made it clear Thursday that she was not specifically seeking American Rescue Plan Act funds, although there are many projects under consideration. ” align “with its approved project. uses.

The exact rules regarding eligible ARP expenses are still being worked out, Acting City Manager Darren Lewis told commissioners on Thursday.

Given this uncertainty and other issues, Cawley called the vote on Wood’s motion “premature.”

He also expressed concerns about the $ 50,000 being asked for a single lane on Oak Street in the plan, in which four restaurants are returning, based on the discussion.

“Are we going to set a precedent? He said of the fact that there are other alleys in town where business owners could look for improvements.

Cawley made it clear that he was not against the proposal put forward by the Main Street coordinator himself.

“I really like what’s in there,” he said of the list of projects. “But I want to vote on it one by one.”

Koch also questioned the use of city funding to pay for new sanitation facilities. “It would be a first for Mount Airy,” he said of the fact that those for the existing rest area were being provided by municipal service district revenues.

An investment

The majority of commissioners were in favor of advancing downtown projects.

Commissioner Yokeley said the terminology for Thursday’s approval should be reassessed to emphasize that an “investment” is involved.

“There is a big difference in the investment rather than the expense,” said Yokeley, who believes the projects will produce huge rewards in the future that far exceed the initial costs.

Yokeley said he supports using the money from the fund balance, but “if we can take it out of the ARP money that would be great.”

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Tech welcomes North Georgia for an exhibition – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

THE APARTMENTS – Georgia Tech softball will host its second collegiate opponent of the fall season in northern Georgia at noon on Sunday at Mewborn Field.

Fans of all ages are welcome to attend, with admission free to the public. Parking will be available on the McCamish lot.

The Skyhawks enter the competition on the heels of a successful 2021 season at the DII level, going 43-8 overall and 17-1 in the Peach Belt Conference game. North Georgia started last spring with a 17-game winning streak and enjoyed a 16-game winning streak en route to its seventh straight Peach Belt Conference regular season and tournament championships. The Skyhawks won their regional championship at home and advanced to the DII Championship final. This fall, North Georgia has two games under its belt against Georgia Military College and Truett McConnell University.

The Yellow Jackets welcome the Nighthawks after splitting a doubles schedule a week ago in South Carolina, Tech’s first collegiate opposition to the fall ball.

Georgia Tech kicks off fifth season under coach Aileen Morales, bringing back 15 team returns from last season. Notable returns include Justin’s World of Softball All-American third team, NFCA All-Region first team and All-ACC first team first baseman. Tricia awald with receiver First Team All-ACC and All-ACC Freshman Team Emma Kauf. The decorated duo are joined by the right-handed ace Blake neleman as well as regular starting intermediate players Bailee Zeitler and Jin sileo.

The ghost stable is bolstered by the # 17 ranked recruiting class of the Yellow Jackets, ranked second in the ACC and made up of eight highly touted new jackets.

Georgia Tech is currently slated to wrap up its fall list by hosting Emory on October 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Alexander-Tharpe Fund

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund is the fundraising arm of Georgia Tech Athletics, providing scholarships, operations, and facility support for Georgia Tech’s more than 400 student-athletes. Participate in the development of Georgia Tech’s Daily Champions and help the Yellow Jackets compete for championships at the highest levels of varsity athletics by supporting the Annual Sports Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships directly to Georgia Tech student-athletes. To find out more about support for yellow vests, visit

For the latest information on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, follow us on Instagram (@GaTechSoftball), Twitter (@GaTechSoftball), Facebook (Georgia Tech Softball) or visit us at

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Max’s Lifestyle staff in shock after attempted murder

Through Tanya waterworth 1h ago

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The mood was dark at the popular Max’s Lifestyle in uMlazi yesterday after owner Max Mqadi was shot in the parking lot on Thursday evening.

Police said Mqadi, a popular figure in the hospitality industry in South Africa and abroad, was shot four times as he left the scene and got into his vehicle.

His management team confirmed yesterday that he “survived a terrorist attack and is recovering”.

There were reports that two assailants approached Mqadi as he got into his car and shot him. An injured Mqadi managed to escape the shooters and took off.

He went to a nightlife spot on Florida Road where he asked for help. He was taken to a hospital in uMhlanga.

The attempted murder rocked social media yesterday, with a wave of support and wishes for his recovery.

There have also been numerous comments regarding a shared photo, allegedly from Mqadi’s iPhone, which was damaged by a bullet. The cell phone would have saved his life because he was talking on the phone at the time of the shooting.

There were also images of a driver’s seat soaked in blood inside the vehicle.

When The Independent on Saturday visited uMlazi’s premises yesterday, the atmosphere was subdued and calm as the staff went about their duties.

One staff member said it was “business as usual” as preparations were underway for a busy weekend, while another confirmed where Mqadi’s car had been parked and where the shooting had taken place. occurred.

Apparently, Mqadi normally left work around 7:00 p.m.

A voice note also circulated on social media platforms, allegedly a recording of a local security company alerted to the attack on Mqadi immediately after it occurred.

Max Mqadi, owner of Max’s Lifestyle.

He said, “The shot is positive, yeah, he got hit three or four times… he managed to drive up to Florida Road… is in the hospital right now. The info is that they were two suspects who had been on the prowl since half past six in the evening.

“The security guard tried to get them out of the parking lot but they were walking around… when Max got in his vehicle to leave, they shot him.”

Yesterday morning, the management of Max’s Lifestyle released a statement in which they said: “It is with relief that we wish to confirm that the founder and owner of Max’s Lifestyle Village, Max Mqadi, survived an assassination attempt last night. (October 14, 2021).

“Mr. Mqadi was shot at point blank range by unknown gunmen as he left the world famous uMlazi restaurant. Fortunately, however, the owner of the world-class restaurant who was voted one of the world’s best restaurants in 2016 survived the attack and is recovering.

“We would like to take this opportunity to convey our sincere gratitude to all South Africans and the world community who have expressed messages of support to Mr. Mqadi.”

“We also urge all supporters to continue praying for his speedy recovery,” the statement read, adding that “the eagle keeps flying just because there is a storm, relying instead on its wings it confronts it and flies above this “.

While details remain unclear about the shooting, provincial SAPS spokesman Brigadier Jay Naicker said Mqadi was shot and that police were investigating.

Under the Durban tourism banner, eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela said yesterday they were shocked by the shooting.

“Max Mqadi is one of the pioneers of city tourism and the city cannot afford to lose people like him who put our city on the world map.

“We call on the police not to neglect anything and to arrest the perpetrators.

“We wish him a speedy recovery and call on anyone who may have information about this heinous crime to work with the police,” Mayisela said.

The independent on Saturday

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LAX and Mayor Garcetti announce opening of $ 294 million economy parking structure – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Lox Angeles International Airport officially unveiled the airport’s new economy parking structure – LAX Economy Parking on Friday.

Part of the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), a $ 5.5 billion program aimed at decongesting people traveling through LAX, LAX Economy Parking is equipped with electric vehicle chargers, parking space availability monitors, an online pre-reservation system, ceiling indicators. of open or occupied parking spaces and more. LAMP’s other components include more transportation options to LAX, relief from traffic jams inside and outside the airport, easier access to rental cars, and more convenient locations for pickup and drop-off. disembarking of passengers.

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The state-of-the-art structure rises over four floors and includes approximately 4,300 new parking spaces – nearly 500 of which are electric vehicle recharges – covering more than 1.7 million square feet. This is the first major part of LAMP that has been completed and opened to the public. It is also the first structure to be completely modernized at LAX, above all in the modernization plan for each parking structure at the airport. The plan foresees that more than 1,600 stalls will be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles over time.

As part of the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) sustainability plan, called “Boldly Moving to Zero”, LAX Economy Parking is a fully sustainable facility. Additional sustainability efforts include low-flow plumbing fixtures, energy-saving lighting controls, and drought-tolerant landscaping.

“As the third largest airport in the world, LAX is our gateway to the world – where dreams take flight and we welcome the future of our city with open arms,” said Garcetti. “LAX Economy Parking is a historic marker of progress amid a one-in-a-generation transformation at the airport – providing travelers with a state-of-the-art facility that will help reduce congestion, allow our airport to realize its full potential, and continue to create a smoother travel experience for millions of Angelenos and visitors. “

Along with Mayor Garcetti, many familiar figures attended the inauguration, including LA City Council members Mike Bonin (District 11) and Joe Buscaino (District 15). Bonin was happy with the progress, noting that this is just the beginning of what will happen to LAX:

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“Today, we begin a series of inaugurations that will transform LAX into the modern and sustainable transit hub that our city deserves. This step is possible because we have brought together airport neighbors and airport officials to modernize LAX, reduce its impacts on local communities and make it a first-class neighbor, opening the door to great improvements in transport, job creation and environmental benefits. I am delighted to see this promise fulfilled for my constituents, Angelenos and future visitors to our vibrant city.

Buscaino added that by proposing that one of the many benefits includes a reduction in costs in the overall travel experience: “With the new terrain, as well as the connection to the Metro rail system, the Automated People Mover and the Revamped FlyAway, residents of all income levels will have options to get to and from the airport, and no longer have to choose between convenience and affordability. “

The Automated People Mover, or APM, will connect passengers to the rail system on the second floor of the Economy Parking building. There will also be a shuttle, with a designated lane that departs from regular traffic and takes passengers to the central LAX terminal.

The facility was inaugurated on July 11, 2019 and during that time, more than 3,700 artisans participated in the construction, earning more than $ 54 million in wages over 848,501 hours.

Additional amenities include pet relief areas, vending machines, and views of airplanes flying directly over the open-air rooftop.

NO MORE NEWS: Anesthesiologist Dr Amir Friedman convicted of corruption

(© Copyright 2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. City News Service contributed to this report.)

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Nebraska DC Father Dies in Iowa Car Crash | KLIN

The father of Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander died in a car crash Thursday afternoon.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, Gene Chinander, 69, was driving on a freeway near Allison, Iowa, when he did not stop at an intersection. His truck pulled off the road and entered a parking lot, crashing into a parked semi-trailer.

Chinander was pronounced dead at the scene.

KLIN contacted the Butler County Sheriff’s Office in Allison, who said Deputy Collin Freesemann was the first on the scene.

“In just a few minutes I was there,” Freesemann said.

Freesemann said a witness estimated Chinander crossed the intersection at around 60 miles per hour, much more than normal for someone familiar with the area.

“This stop sign is literally a mile from his house,” Freesemann said. “Gene was a driving instructor. It is a common place to know about this stop sign.

Forensic scientists are working to determine if a pre-crash medical event factored into the high speed ahead of the intersection.

“Hopefully they will be able to figure out something by the start of next week,” Freeseman said. “I am absolutely confident in (a medical event that led to the accident).

“There’s no way Gene Chinander wouldn’t know there was a stop sign and walked through it. No chance.”

Chinander was a staple in the community of Allison, a town of just over 1,000 people. The retired teacher was still a regular substitute and helped the local football team.

It is not yet known whether Erik Chinander will travel with the team to Minnesota for Saturday’s game.

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Start of site preparation for the future I3R installation

University of Arkansas, Facilities Management

Render of the future I3R installation.

Site preparation has started for the future center of the Institute for Integrative and Innovative Research (I3R), the University of Alberta’s newest interdisciplinary research center.

This work phase, officially called the habilitation phase, will take place around the Nanoscience building and in lot 71. Most of the construction is focused on adding public services for the future institute and will include the extension of the tunnels. of existing utilities, extension of electrical services for Nanosciences and new I3R buildings, supplying chilled water to the site and cleaning some of the existing utilities. The enabling phase will end with minor landscaping work before the official start of construction of the I3R facility.

People who park in lot 71 will be affected by this project starting with reduced parking followed by complete closure of the lot after the first of the year. Transit and Parking has already notified licensees and offered options for other parking arrangements. Additional reminders will be sent to permit holders before the lot closes.

The occupants of the Nanoscience building are likely to notice some impacts, including noise and vibrations during the work. The work will also require brief planned power and water cuts, which will be coordinated to help minimize disruption.

Information regarding the official inauguration of the new I3R facility will be provided at a later date.

This phase of work on the site should be completed this spring. Updates to the new I3R facility and other campus projects are available on the Facilities Management website.

Institute for integrative and innovative research

Funded by a grant from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, the new institute will provide the campus with interdisciplinary research capabilities and enhanced resources for State University researchers. The facility will focus on five areas that fall under the university’s flagship research areas: food and technology, data science, materials science and engineering, bioscience and bioengineering research in systems metabolism and neuroscience. integrative. The I3R building is expected to open in 2024.

About the University of Arkansas: As Arkansas’ flagship institution, the U of A offers internationally competitive education in over 200 academic programs. Founded in 1871, the U of A contributes more than $ 2.2 billion to the Arkansas economy through teaching new knowledge and skills, entrepreneurship and job development, discovery through research and creative activity while providing training in professional disciplines. The Carnegie Foundation ranks the U of A among the top 3% of US colleges and universities with the highest level of research activity. American News and World Report ranks the U of A among the best public universities in the country. Find out how the U of A is working to build a better world on Arkansas Research News.

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Supporters demand national designation for Tucson Jan.8 memorial

The January 8 memorial outside the Pima County Courthouse is designed to talk about how the community came together after the January 8, 2011 shooting, which left six people dead and 13 injured, including the representative of the ‘era. Gabrielle Giffords, right, looking at the memorial with her husband, Senator Mark Kelly. (Photo by Randy Metcalf / Courtesy of County Pima)

The names of the victims of the January 8, 2011 shooting in Tucson, including former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was injured, and her congressional aide Gabe Zimmerman, who was killed, are engraved in the January 8 memorial in Tucson . (Photo by Kasey Brammell / Cronkite News)

WASHINGTON – On January 8, 2011, a mass shooting in Tucson left six people dead and 13 injured, including the representative at the time. Gabrielle Giffords, resonated nationally.

Ron Barber thinks that should be remembered nationally as well.

The hairdresser testified Thursday in support of a bill that would make the Jan. 8 memorial in Tucson an “affiliate zone” of the national park system, a designation he said “lets our country know it exists.” .

“When you look at what happened that day, it has national and international significance,” Barber said during a House natural resources subcommittee hearing on the bill. “When this shooting took place, it not only affected the conscience of our community, it affected the conscience of our entire country and abroad.”

The proposal received a mixed reception from the National Park Service, who said he could not support the affiliate designation until he has had the chance to study whether the site “meets the criteria of national importance, suitability and feasibility” for inclusion in the network national parks.

“The ministry appreciates the desire of the sponsor of the bill to bring greater recognition to the events of January 8, 2011,” said Mike Caldwell, acting deputy director of the National Park Service for park planning, facilities and operations. land. “However, we have no basis for knowing whether the proposed site meets the criteria for inclusion or affiliation with the national park system, as no study has been carried out for the site.”

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Senator Mark Kelly, visit the Jan.8 memorial in Tucson last December, ahead of its dedication on Jan.8, 2021, the 10th anniversary of the shooting it commemorates. (Photo by Randy Metcalf / Courtesy of County Pima)

Barber disagreed, saying during the audience that “if it doesn’t matter nationally, I don’t know what it is.”

The privately funded memorial was unveiled on January 8, 2021, to mark the 10th anniversary of the shooting at a ‘Congress in Your Corner’ event outside a Tucson Safeway, where Giffords, a Democrat, was meeting with voters when an armed man approached and opened fire.

Giffords was seriously injured by a bullet to the head and has spent years recovering, still walking limp and struggling with her speech. Barber, his aide-de-camp at the time, was shot in the leg and 11 others were injured.

Giffords community outreach staff member Gabe Zimmerman was killed in the attack along with U.S. District Chief Justice John Roll, Christina-Taylor Green, 9, Dorothy Morris, Dorwan Stoddard and Phyllis Schneck. Barber remembers them as “six wonderful people”.

“I don’t use the word ‘lost’ because the truth is they were killed. They were murdered, ”he said.

He recalled over the phone Thursday how locals made three makeshift memorials “hours after the shooting” at Giffords office, the hospital where the victims were treated and the Safeway where it happened.

“Some people prayed, some people read poems, some people brought candles or tiles with messages on them, flowers and everything,” Barber said. “The reason we built this memorial where we did is that it is located downtown, in a historic downtown community neighborhood, the historic courthouse, and is now in public view. ”

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The permanent January 8 Memorial stands in El Presidio Park, two curving alleys facing each other that represent the community’s embrace after the shooting. They dive so spectators can walk along the walls adorned with symbols honoring the victims, survivors and the Tohono O’odhams who originally inhabited the area.

Barber, a Democrat who took over from Giffords in power, said the memorial’s organizers “did everything to get him out of partisanship.” The fundraiser was led by Giffords and local car dealership Jim Click, a Republican.

“What I think is important is that it doesn’t happen every day – thank goodness – and it’s never happened before that we’ve had these people who were federal employees, if you will, killed or almost killed by a gunman who came to assassinate a congressman, “Barber said after the hearing.” That in itself deserves national recognition. “

The bill does not require the park department to take back the memorial, which belongs to Pima County, but it would allow the federal government to help the county commercialize the site and would require the development of a management plan by the federal government. Barber said Thursday’s hearing It was the first time he or the foundation had heard of the park service’s position.

“They haven’t contacted us, but now that I know their position I’m going to contact him on behalf of the board to see if we can turn him around a bit on that,” Barber said.

The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a 2013 report from the Congressional Research Service said that sites affiliated with the National Park Service “may receive assistance from the NPS but are generally owned and administered primarily by non-federal entities “.

Former Rep. Ron Barber, who was shot dead in the Tucson shooting on January 8, 2011, speaks at the dedication of the memorial on the 10th anniversary of the attack. The curved wall behind him is one of two meant to evoke the community’s embrace after the shooting. (Photo by Randy Metcalf / Courtesy of County Pima)

To be considered an affiliate, The report stated that a site should “meet the same standards of importance and suitability” of NPS locations, “require special recognition or technical assistance beyond what is available through existing NPS programs”, be managed under the same rules as NPS locations and ‘be assured of sustainable protection of resources.

The law project was sponsored by Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Tucson, and co-sponsored by seven of the other eight members of the state congressional delegation. Only Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, did not sign.

Barber wanted “we could have 100%” of the state delegation’s support, but for the “90%, if you will, of the delegation supporting it, they understand what it’s about. “

“It’s about honoring the people who were killed, those who survived and all the people who came to our aid,” Barber said.

Representative Raúl Grijalva, D-Tucson, said during the hearing that he “wishes he did not exist” and “that we do not have to take the time to commemorate him”.

“Sadly, January 8, 2011 is a day Tucsonians and the nation will never forget,” Grijalva said.

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‘Ideally located’: £ 250,000 parking space for sale near Harrods | London

An underground car park opposite Harrods has been listed for £ 250,000 – just below the average UK house price and enough to buy a six bedroom detached house in Middlesbrough.

Despite its price, the parking space is actually too small to accommodate the big cars like the super-rich prefer, who are most likely to fork out for the luxury of being able to park in Knightsbridge.

Too small for a Rolls-Royce Phantom: parking space of £ 250,000.

The K28 space in the Basil Street car park measures approximately 2.5 x 4.2 meters and covers an area of ​​10.5 m²: even a short-wheelbase version of the latest Rolls-Royce Phantom is 5.76 meters long, and the new Maserati Quattroporte 5.26 meters. Average parking spaces in the UK are 2.4 x 4.8 meters, according to the AA.

Upscale real estate agent Knight Frank said the space is “conveniently located across from Harrods” and has 24-hour security coverage. “Basil Street is just minutes from world-class hotels, restaurants, luxury boutiques, shops, amenities and museums that the area has to offer.

“The Basil Street car park was built in the early 2000s and benefits from both separate entrances and exits from Basil Street, private pedestrian access from Basil Street via a lift for parking lot owners. parking, 24 hour remote access, as well as 24 hour security.

In addition to the purchase price, the new owner is also expected to pay £ 780 per year in service charges over the term of the 82-year lease.

Johnny Thalassites, senior member of the Kensington and Chelsea Council for the Environment, Planning and Location, said the news of the extremely expensive parking space was “very frustrating” and “disheartening” for locals trying to ‘buy houses in the area.

‘We are in desperate need of housing and as a borough with some of the most expensive land and property in the UK it is very frustrating to see a six figure price on a parking space and discouraging for those looking to climb the property ladder, ”he said.

“This is a major challenge for us as a council as we look to build new homes. Despite the challenge, we are making progress, with the first of our 600 new homes – 300 for social rent – currently under construction.

The average house price in Knightsbridge is £ 2.75million, according to Foxtons: around 10 times the UK average.

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Car parking rate

WVU has a parking price problem | Opinion

Students hate paying exorbitant amounts for parking. As a hardworking student myself, I understand that trying to pay for parking on top of living and school expenses is painful.

WVU should create a parking lot strictly for students, and these students should be able to donate what they want. Call it a coin garage.

Sure, the university might have parking at Mountainlair or Evansdale Crossing, but many can’t afford it every day. Some students have difficulty, whether it is paying for their studies or paying their rent and bills.

Currently, parking in the Mountainlair costs $ 1.50 per hour. Imagine working a six hour shift. It’s about $ 9.00 per day. It adds up quickly, easily amounting to several hundred dollars a year.

Stress eats away at the minds of the college age generation. These financial concerns are linked to other academic and social repercussions.

Students living off-campus, in particular, are plagued by the worry of knowing where to park to get to their classes or their student organizations in a timely manner, without having to spend their savings to be able to attend. At WVU in particular, this is a concern due to the dispersed nature of the campus.

WVU parking doesn’t have to be free, but it could be a more affordable alternative. Most people have loose change floating around their car. If everyone paid what they could when they could for a new university parking lot, the minds and wallets of the students would benefit.

According to WVU Transportation, the campus based its parking rates on rates in local Morgantown areas. The intention was to make parking affordable for students, but this intention is overshadowed by the University’s desire for convenience.

One important flaw to note: the University’s partnership with ParkMobile in recent years has increased parking rates. Although the University now offers to pay for parking with credit cards through the ParkMobile app, the convenience has not come without a cost.

Parking permits at WVU are not always favorable either. It is not uncommon for an undergraduate student to have a parking space next to the law school, requiring them to walk a mile to reach their vehicle.

At Marshall University, parking permits differ. Permits for the whole year are only $ 170 and students are not confined to a single lot. At WVU, it costs at least $ 252 per year to park your car in gravel terrain. Prices increase considerably with paved or covered spaces.

We, as students, have the capacity to voice our concerns and implement change. Parking at WVU isn’t easy, but the solution is. If the University of West Virginia added a coin parking garage, students across campus would benefit.

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New York City to Switch to All-Electric School Buses by 2035

The New York City Council voted 44-1 to require all city-owned school buses to be battery-powered by September 1, 2035. Currently, the city operates 885 school buses that operate on diesel. The council’s action was spurred by a new law signed by Governor Hochul last month that bans the sale of light gasoline and diesel vehicles in New York state after 2035.

There is a caveat in the new electric school bus policy. It is “subject to the commercial availability and reliability of all electric school buses, as well as the technical and physical availability of related planned infrastructure”. Given the state’s interest in having a zero-emission transportation sector, it is likely that the required infrastructure will be built over the next 14 years, says We Go Electric.

The city estimates that converting its school bus fleet to electric buses as well as purchasing the necessary electric charging stations and electrical infrastructure will cost a total of $ 367.3 million by 2035. In addition to the bus mandate, the city has also already decided that non-emergency fleet vehicles must be electric by 2040. The new law also requires that all parking lots in the city’s 5 boroughs include chargers. electric vehicles for a minimum of 20% of available parking spaces.

Up in smoke

We are dedicated advocates of the electric vehicle revolution here at CleanTechnica, but that doesn’t mean we have to bury our heads in the sand. This week, worrying news from Germany concerns a number of fires involving electric buses in Düsseldorf, Hanover and Stuttgart. The Stuttgart fire occurred recently and all electric buses in that city were taken out of service until the cause of the fire was known. The first bus to catch fire was being loaded.

The resulting fire destroyed 25 buses – 23 conventional units and 2 electric batteries – according to Algulf. Six people were injured in the Stuttgart fire, two of them were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Losses from the fire run into millions of dollars.

On June 5, a fire at a bus depot in Hanover destroyed five electric buses, two hybrid buses, a diesel bus and a coach. The city’s electric buses were later taken out of service, but are expected to return to service on November 1.

Last April, a fire at a bus depot in Düsseldorf destroyed 38 buses and the depot building, causing millions more damage. Experts from the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office concluded in June that the fire had an undetermined technical cause. The depot had only recently installed charging equipment for electric buses.

Did you know about these fires? No? We neither. 12 Chevy Bolts battery fires made headlines around the world and will cost LG Chem nearly $ 2 billion. More than 70 buses have caught fire in Germany this year, but there has been virtually no report of it. And why only in Germany and not in other countries? There are so many more electric buses in China than the German total would seem insignificant.

Clearly, battery makers need to tackle the problem of battery fires as quickly as possible to avoid a major obstacle to the electric vehicle revolution. LFP batteries may not have the energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries, but they have a much lower fire risk (BYD blade battery reduced this risk to almost zero.)

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Car parking rate

Comparison of on-campus and off-campus student parking options – The Vanderbilt Hustler

On-campus parking has increased by $ 180 over the past five years.

Alex Vénéro

The 25th Street parking garage, where staff, faculty and graduate students can park on campus. (Hustler Multimedia / Alex Venero)

For the 2021-22 school year, a university student annual pass costs $ 780, $ 180 more than a annual pass five years ago. Semester permits cost $ 260, and students also have the option of parking in campus garages for $ 2,200 per year.

Annual and semester permits guarantee students a parking space for one academic year or one semester, respectively. Students are only allowed to purchase a semester pass once per academic year.

Second-year student Sarah Hourihan uses one of the campus garages to park her car. She said she thinks this option is better than the parking pass because her car stays covered and the garage protects her car from dangers and weather elements. However, Hourihan acknowledged that these benefits come at a higher cost than the annual pass.

“It’s really handy to have my car in a parking lot as the garage is much closer than any other parking lot I would have parked by getting the other pass so I guess that’s fine , but it’s really expensive, ”Hourihan said. .

However, Hourihan said she was concerned that parking prices could increase in the future.

“As the prices for parking cards have gone up over the years, I am concerned that Vanderbilt will increase the cost even more,” Hourihan said. “If the price goes up next year, I’ll look for other off-campus parking options because I’m not sure I would be willing to pay more. ”

Others choose to park in open lots around campus, like junior Keano Rich. Rich said he usually parks at one of three undergraduate lots and rarely struggles to find a vacant spot. He said he believed the price for the annual pass was fair.

It’s about $ 65 per month, and I find that reasonable considering it’s about $ 2 per day, whereas parking costs $ 2 per hour if you use the daily or hourly parking spots, ”Rich said. .

However, some students are using parking options other than university issued permits in an attempt to spend less money. These spaces include the Loews Hotel car park, located in front of the Kissam Center, and the 2525 West End Garage, near Kensington garage on campus.

Sophomore Jack Pressgrove said he found a spot in Loews after missing the deadline to apply for a student parking permit for the fall semester 2021. Despite initial thoughts that parking in the Loews parking lot would be cheaper than university parking, Pressgrove realized he was actually paying more per month to park in the hotel parking lot. The rate for parking at Loews was $ 100 per month, but on September 23, Pressgrove received an email from the hotel saying the price would increase to $ 130 per month starting in October.

“I feel like it’s a pretty high amount of money to pay,” Pressgrove said. “I guess it makes sense that it’s so expensive, but yes, especially with an amount going up to $ 130, that’s concerning.”

Although Pressgrove said its off-campus parking is more expensive than university-issued passes, Hourihan said other off-campus lots, such as 2525 West End Garage, are cheaper.

“I would have totally leaned into it [off-campus parking] More If I had known there were other parking options not sponsored by Vanderbilt, ”Hourihan said.

Vanderbilt Parking and Transportation Services declined The Hustler’s request for comment.

Unfortunately, we are not finishing the interviews, ”reads their email to The Hustler.

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770 new laws coming to California

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

770 new laws coming to California

Through Emily Hoeven, CalMatters on Tue 12 Oct 2021 To 2:27 p.m.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed the biggest expansion in California’s college financial aid system in a generation – he did so in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ first playoff game. and the San Francisco Giants on Friday night.

Hours later, it was all over: Newsom signed his final bills on Saturday, a day before the Oct. 10 deadline to follow through on the 836 proposals state lawmakers sent to his office. Of those, he signed 770 (92%) and vetoed 66 (7.9%), according to Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli.

Here’s a look at important new laws coming to the Golden State – as well as ideas Newsom has prevented from becoming law.

Signed in law:

With veto:

Tags: governor, Gavin Newsom, California, bills, signed, vetoed. Right Image

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Iconic Route 66 Bridge Near Eureka Gets Close to Reopening | Politics

The planned improvements come as visits to parks have increased across the country. Ed Schott, a park superintendent for MNR’s Lower Meramec field unit, said average attendance was typically around 200,000 visitors.

Last year, however, attendance jumped to over 270,000 visitors. In April 2020, for example, attendance increased 92% from the previous year, Schott said.

Grace Wright, project manager at Great Rivers Greenway, which has built more than 120 miles of walking and biking trails in the St. Louis area, said the purpose of the bridge is to use it as a link to connect a trail from the Pacific to the confluence of the Meramec and Mississippi rivers.

Until the MoDOT closed the bridge, it connected the State Park Visitor Center and Headquarters on the East Side of Meramec to 417 acres of trails and recreation facilities along the West Rim of the River. river.

MNR and Great Rivers Greenway have each committed $ 3 million to the project.

During the public hearing, Brian Stith, deputy director of Missouri State Parks, said he couldn’t predict when the project might get started.

“I really can’t talk about it,” Stith said.

But he said the 100th anniversary of the Chicago-Los Angeles road would be an appropriate opening date.

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Fair Haven Community Management Team Discuss Violence Prevention and Conservation Projects

The Fair Haven community management team met virtually last Thursday to highlight neighborhood projects, discuss recent crime rates and plan for future conservation efforts.

Brian Zhang

12:35 am, October 12, 2021

Contributing journalist

Brian Zhang, collaborating photographer

In a virtual meeting Thursday evening, the Fair Haven community management team discussed updates on community environmental projects as well as the challenges the neighborhood is currently facing.

During the meeting, participants discussed existing and new efforts. They began with a conversation about what residents saw as an increase in crime in the neighborhood. But New Haven Police Department sergeant and Fair Haven District Director Michael Fumiatti said the crime statistics matched those of previous years. Attendees included residents, CMT leaders and city officials, and the event also featured nominations for CMT board positions.

“It’s not just about preventing violence, it’s also about building community,” said Sarah Miller, a resident of Fair Haven, who thanked the community volunteers for their recent efforts.

From September 14 to 30, Fair Haveners held recreational events in a parking lot near East Pearl Street, known to be a hotbed of crime. The events included opera singers, dance performances and food. According to Miller, the effort was a community-based approach to reduce shootings and criminal activity using space during the hours of the highest crime rates, and this was made possible by local volunteers. Residents hope to expand this effort to organize game nights and other bonding activities.

Despite recent cases of violence in Fair Haven in recent months, Fumiatti noted that the crime statistics for the neighborhood were generally the same or lower than last year. Nonetheless, he encouraged community members to continue helping to tackle violence in the region.

“When people are in the community, you really feel and know what’s going on rather than someone else telling you what the issues are,” he said.

The meeting participants also discussed projects focusing on the conservation and maintenance of facilities.

Carmen Mendez – a neighborhood specialist for the New Haven City office of the Livable City initiative – highlighted two upcoming cleanup events that are part of the neighborhood’s anti-litter campaign. On October 16 and 23, community members will work together to clean up Grand Avenue and Ferry Street.

Working with the Fair Haven Economic Development Committee, CMT is currently renovating and maintaining properties that are struggling to meet community conservation standards, according to Brent Peterkin, executive director of the association. environmental nonprofit Gather New Haven. Peterkin explained that cultivating cultural connections and providing access to local lands and waters can be powerful means of social and environmental justice.

Another CMT project this fall aims to raise awareness of New Haven’s green spaces that the public can use to recharge their batteries. One example is the Mill River Trail, a trail that will eventually link Fair Haven’s Criscuolo Park in East Rock once construction is complete.

Carlos Velazquez ENV ’22, intern student at the School of the Environment’s Urban Resources Initiative, said the URI is planning to host an event showcasing “the work that the community has done. [at the Mill River Trail], [its] different ecological benefits… and the different possibilities to volunteer on the trail.

The event, scheduled for October 23, will consist of public tours of the trail in English and Spanish, and Velazquez said he hopes he will teach attendees how to simultaneously enjoy and protect the space.

CMT’s mission goes beyond general neighborhood commitments to also respond to low-income families who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, said CMT co-chair Lee Cruz.

He mentions that team members are currently in conversation with City Hall representatives to maximize employment opportunities. According to Kirk Morrison, director of the Fair Haven library, the library plans to host a weekly mobile market on its lawn to ensure people who depend on the dietary benefits have access to fresh produce.

The minutes of last Thursday’s meeting are available here.


Brian Zhang is a freshman at Davenport College.

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Car parking rate

2017 Hyundai i40 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive SE Nav Business 5dr cars for sale

£ 11,499

1.7 CRDi Blue Drive SE Nav Business 5-door

Opel Carlisle

Parkhouse Road
Kingstown Industrial Zone

Mileage 47,700 miles
Transmission Manual
Form Domain
Color Money
Year 2017 17 registration
Fuel diesel

Apple car play / Android Auto, Bluetooth telephone connection, Cruise control + speed limiter, Front and rear parking assistance, Park guidance system, PAS, Reversing camera, Color touch screen Satellite navigation, On-board computer, 6 Speakers, DAB Digital Radio, USB / iPod / Auxiliary input connections, Auto-dimming rearview mirror, Auto demisting system, Auto rain-sensing front wipers, Auto headlights, Body-colored bumpers, Door handles Body-colored with chrome inserts, Body-colored exterior mirrors, Chrome window surround, Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, Electric folding mirrors, Electric front and rear windows + anti-trap + one touch, Heated electric exterior mirrors, Follow me home headlights, Windscreen wipers intermittent front, Heated rear windshield, LED brake lights, LED daytime running lights, Fog lights LED front illard, Matte black grille, protective glass, rear spoiler, rear wiper, silver roof bars, solar glass with windshield strip, wiper defroster, 12 V power outlets, 60/40 Split-folding rear seat, Adjustable front and rear headrests, Bottle holders, Chrome interior door handles, Driver’s seat memory, Dual-zone climate control, Easy-fold rear seat system, Power adjustable front seats with lumbar support , Front and rear cup holders, Front center armrest with storage, Front door courtesy lights, Front seat back pockets, Front / rear interior lighting, Heated front seats, Heated steering wheel, Height / reach adjustable steering column, Glove box illuminated with lock, Isofix rear child seat preparation, Leather steering wheel and gear lever knob, leather upholstery, trunk lighting, luggage hooks, rear central armrest, cent console Rear rale with air vents, retractable luggage cover, stainless steel door sills, steering wheel audio controls, sun visor with illuminated vanity mirrors, ventilated front seats, 3×3-point rear seat belts, ABS, Head restraints front active, Brake assist function, Child safety rear doors, Driver and passenger airbags, driver’s knee airbag, electronic brake force distribution, electronic parking brake, electronic stability program, front seat belt pretensioners + force limiters, front side airbags, full-size curtain airbags, height-adjustable front seat belts, hill start assist (HAC), passenger Airbag deactivation switch, Seat belt warning, Traction control, System Tire Pressure Monitoring, Automatic Door Locks, Locks, Keyless Entry, Keyless Start, Lug Nuts lockable, Remote central locking, Thatcham alarm category 1 + immobilizer, Chrome fittings, 16 “alloy rims, Temporary spare wheel,


i40 (2012 -)


Hyundai has shown the first images of its new i40 sedan, which premiered at the Barcelona Motor Show on May 12, 2011. The unveiling follows the i40 Tourer which debuted at the Barcelona Motor Show. Geneva earlier in 2011 and received a very positive reception. …

i40 Tourer (2011 -)


The Hyundai i40 Tourer is Hyundai doing what it does best. A good quality, value for money car that appeals to the left side of the brain rather than the right. In other words, if you made a great checklist of all the good things about the Hyundai i40 Tourer, you would come up with a …

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Vision for Manchester Charter Oak Park: Skate Park, Turf Field

MANCHESTER, CT – A master plan for the future of Manchester parks includes a vision for a new skate park and artificial surface terrain at Charter Oak Park.

The park, located at the bottom of the hill from Main Street and Charter Oak Street, is, according to the results of a recent public poll, one of the busiest parks in the city, with 56% of respondents saying have used it recreationally and 97 percent say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the park.

A $ 2 million project to renovate the park added new playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, a revamped softball field, a “music garden for children, and parking and freshly paved walkways. in 2017. Additional upgrades included new test room facilities, 22 additional parking spaces, a two-way driveway, a redesigned cycle path, improved lighting and surveillance equipment.

Future upgrades now include a new skate park at the west end of the facility, a track for BMX-style bikes and a “warrior” obstacle course for users of all ages.

A synthetic turf pitch, additional toilets and drinking fountains here also in the master plan.

The new Parks and Facilities Master Plan is designed to be “fully collaborative and community supported”. The master plan describes how to further develop future parks, trails, open spaces and recreation areas to meet the needs of the community while investing in the economic and cultural value of the city.

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Illegal parking of Dwaipyan | Calcutta News

Kolkata: Police have already started receiving complaints from some angry residents residing near big budget pujas, claiming that their lanes and side lanes are blocked by illegal parking. With the Kolkata Police forbidding the parking of vehicles on the main road, especially near any Puja pandals, misery has hit those who live in the alleys surrounding the Big Bill Pujas. Several residents even find it difficult to leave their homes, with all the alleys being used by bikers as illegal parking areas.
This year, with most of the revelers preferring to use private vehicles to jump into a pandal due to the prevailing pandemic, the challenge of keeping the bylanes free from two-wheelers and four-wheelers has become all the more difficult.
Residents residing near Naktala Udayan Sangha and Karbagan have already filed complaints in this regard with the police via the Kolkata Traffic Police Twitter account. Puja organizers have also requested police assistance in this regard, sources said asking for additional parking space for them. Lalbazar called on local traffic officers to act and submit reports on the action taken as quickly as possible.
“I humbly ask you to please mark the lane in front of our house as ‘no parking or no entry’ during (Durga) Puja days. Every year we suffer as visitors to Naktala Udayan Sangha park their vehicles and block the road. So often people sit in their cars and drink, “wrote Sayak Datta, a resident of Naktala Arambagh Lane. “Thank you for your contribution. The same was shared with the concerned traffic officer for the necessary measures,” replied DCP (Traffic) office Arijit Sinha.
When contacted, the organizers of Naktala Udayan Pally admitted there could be problems with illegal parking, but said they had discussed the matter with police in detail. “We have asked for police assistance to ensure that the threat of bicycles and cars does not deter local residents from going out at night. The puja site is located in open land on the west side of Naktala Road. The designated parking lot is just about 200 meters north of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road and Naktala Road Crossing. It’s not too far on foot, “said an officer.
Another resident of Tilak Road, adjacent to Deshapriya Puja Park, said things got worse after midnight. “The cops are happy that there is no illegal parking on Main Rashbehari Avenue. Only we know how difficult it is to walk our route, ”she said, refusing to reveal her name. The issue has been discussed in several forums by the organizers of Taltala Puja each year. “We raised the issue of overnight parking and were able to minimize its problems a bit,” said one organizer.
A resident of Rabindranath Tagore Road, an alley between James Long Sarani and Diamond Harbor Road, struggles to enter his house as bikers park their two-wheelers in the alley and go to queue at SB Park Puja in Panchanantala on the DH route. “The Puja committee has made efforts to keep the cars and bicycles of the inhabitants of the neighborhood moving in the evening, but what about those out-of-town bikers who park their vehicles in front of our houses at night?” What are we supposed to do? Asked Chatterjee, a retired government employee.
Several organizers want the cops to take more responsibility. They cited a case nearly four years ago in Anandapur where a club secretary was convicted of “obstructing traffic”. the blockade was to prevent bikers from using the lane to park vehicles before visiting Pujas in the area.
If you want to complain about illegal parking, you can contact your nearest traffic officer (not the police station)
alternatively, you can use the roadside assistance numbers
All Followers – 1,073
Other traffic control room numbers
98300-10000, 98308-11111,
2214-1457, 2250-5096, 2214-3644, 2242-7248.
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Suspicious teenager in custody after carjacking in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said officers arrested a teenager suspected of carjacking after an incident on Saturday night.

Authorities charged a 15-year-old in juvenile court with two counts of aggravated theft. Police say the teenager is linked to a car theft at the intersection of Humphreys and Pillow streets at 11:20 p.m.

The victims – a man and a woman – reported that four young men approached them, armed with pistols, police said. Two of the suspects drove off in the victims’ Jeep Grand Cherokee and the other two fled in a silver car.

After developing leads as to the location of the stolen SUV, an MNPD helicopter pilot spotted the vehicle in a parking lot at an apartment complex, police said.

An officer who responded saw the four suspects sitting in the Jeep Cherokee before getting into the silver car and leaving.

Officers said they stopped the suspect vehicle on Interstate 40 West at 2nd Avenue South. The alleged teenager exited the car, which then took off at high speed, crashing down the 2nd Avenue exit ramp.

The three remaining occupants fled on foot and were not apprehended. The suspect teenager, who was in possession of a handgun, was taken into custody.

The investigation into this carjacking and similar thefts remains active.

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New Cornell Scott site in West Haven to improve care by leaps and bounds

WEST HAVEN – A newly opened health center on Campbell Avenue can make breathing easier, literally.

Officials have welcomed the opening of a new Cornell Scott Hill Health Center at 410 Campbell Avenue, which they say will dramatically improve health outcomes in the city. The community health center offers sliding scale rates for medical services to uninsured or underinsured people, so that health care costs do not place a huge burden on residents.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and reported by the New Haven-based nonprofit, between 10.5% and 13.5% of adults in West Haven had asthma in 2018, according to the place where they live in the city, but in the neighboring neighborhood. As a wealthier city of Orange, asthma rates among adults ranged from 9.5 percent to 10.5 percent in all census tracts.

The location isn’t the first for the city – the center has operated a location for years on Main Street – but system CEO Michael Taylor said the new site would improve the quality of care at “no cost.” giant ”. The old location, he said, has been converted from a three-story house to a doctor’s office, and it has become “untenable.”

“Not only is it obsolete, but it was inefficient for our operational needs, there was no parking for patients unless you were considering two spaces, there were stairs that patients had to face, which was impossible for any patient with a physical challenge because of three sets of stairs and the capacity of the examination room was limited: five examination rooms and one consultation room, ”he said. “We couldn’t have more than two providers in the building comfortably for medicine and couldn’t accommodate specialties at night. The exam rooms were undersized so we couldn’t put in services like an OBGYN or podiatry, and those services are needed in West Haven.

Taylor said the wait time between appointments at the Main Street location was often 10 to 12 weeks; he said West Haven residents often had to visit a New Haven Cornell Scott Hill Health site to be treated in a timely manner.

The new location, he said, is considerably larger.

“Now we have 14 examination rooms, two of which are oversized to accommodate procedures such as gynecological procedures and podiatry. they choose – and we’ve expanded the behavioral health capacity, ”he said. “We now have 50 parking spaces on the new location. All the things that were missing from the old facility, we now have them at the new location at 410 Campbell Ave., and on top of that, we’re located literally across from the pharmacy, where people can fill their (prescriptions).

According to the DataHaven report, there are considerable racial gaps in health care in the city, including gynecology: for every 1,000 live births, there is an infant mortality rate of 12.4 for residents of Black West Haven compared to 7.4 for white residents of West Haven. West Haven’s average death rate of 6.9 per 1,000 live births is higher than the state average of 4.6 per 1,000 live births, the report notes.

Mayor Nancy Rossi said her office receives calls from residents seeking medical services and not having insurance; she said her office is trying to refer them. From there, she said she knows gynecological services are in high demand in the city and there is a relative shortage.

“I’m very, very excited about this,” she said. “They have a sliding scale (payment structure) and they take some uninsured patients, and that’s really very, very important because if you’re sick you have to be treated.”

City council member Bridgette Hoskie, D-1, whose district includes the new center, said she recalled going to a place in New Haven several times while growing up – something she thinks she was. of great help to his family.

“Growing up with a single mother, health insurance and medical care were not always readily available,” she said. “These medical insecurities were real life for us.”

Hoskie said she believes the easy and accessible location would be of great benefit to underinsured or uninsured residents.

She believes the expansion of behavioral health services will be crucial for city residents as they deal with the effects of an unprecedented pandemic on the lives of residents. She said she has a friend who seeks mental health services for her child, but has to pay thousands of dollars before she can reach her deductible. Hoskie said she was able to recommend the center to her friend.

“There has always been a need for behavioral health services everywhere, but now there is an extraordinary demand that was really triggered by the experiences people have had with the pandemic: isolation, depression,” Taylor said. “So now we have an increased capacity in the facility and the staff to respond to it. “

Neil Cavallaro, principal of West Haven schools, said the district was “excited” about forming a partnership in the new facilities at the center.

“It is a first-class health center that will be able to deal with physical and mental health issues,” he said.

Cavallaro said that although the district has a school health center in its high school, the district has external health partners to provide additional services.

“Given the stressful times we live in, they often need support that in many cases schools simply cannot provide,” he said.

Anthony Santella, acting chair of the University of New Haven’s Department of Health Administration and Policy, said community health centers such as Cornell Scott Hill Health “play a very important role in promoting health. ‘equity in health’.

“Often laypersons don’t really recognize them for their contributions because they think it’s another clinic or doctor’s office, but the power of community health centers is that they can do so much more than they do. it seems, ”he said, as“ promoting access to high quality and affordable primary care, behavioral health, specialized care – including dental care, vision – which is often put aside and which are an equally important part of maintaining good health and well-being.

Santella said that despite this, the pandemic could draw more attention to the role of these centers.

“COVID has really caused us to reimagine the role of health and healthcare in our lives. Now more than ever, people have come to appreciate the role health plays in their overall success and well-being, ”he said.

Santella said the “real test” of the centre’s long-term success on Campbell Avenue will be its relationship with the community.

“It will be determined by who they hire, what type of community partner they are, how friendly their services are to the public in terms of language, culture, hours and menu of services,” he said. declared. “As someone who works in West Haven, I will be delighted to see the good service they provide to the community.”

[email protected]

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Parks Department settles woman’s death case for $ 1 million

Copyright © 2021 Albuquerque Journal

A towering ponderosa pine weakened by two lightning strikes in five years at Bandelier National Monument claimed the life of an 81-year-old grandmother visiting New Mexico in 2016 with her family for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta when she went is knocked down in a gust of wind and fell on her.

The 70-foot-tall tree landed in a visitor parking lot at the popular landmark near Los Alamos five years ago, just as the Chicago woman and her two adult children got into their rental car after a hike and were watching a movie about the park.

Beverly modlin

Beverly Modlin suffered head, spine and other injuries after the tree collapsed, partially collapsing in the rental car and cutting off her adult son Robert Modlin, who suffered injuries. minor injuries. Her daughter, Susan Hines, was already in the back seat of the car when she heard a “crackle, boom” and the tree fell, according to park service investigators. Hines was not injured.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed in 2019 argued the crash was not an ‘act of God,’ alleging that park officials had given ample warning that the tree posed a danger to the public but took no action. measure to remove it.

Beverly Modlin’s family settled the case earlier this year for $ 1 million.

“I hope this has been a wake-up call for the United States Parks Service to take more care in protecting visitors to our national parks,” said Albuquerque attorney Jacob Vigil, who represented the Modlin family.

A spokeswoman for the parks service said in a statement that “we continue to be saddened by the tragic accident which killed one of our visitors.”

She added that since that time, the Bandelier Parks Department has reviewed and revised its monitoring protocols for dangerous trees and is doing everything to identify and eliminate those that present an imminent danger to parking lots, sidewalks or other places where visitors are likely to congregate. . “

The family had traveled to New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta in October 2016 “to check their to-do list,” Vigil told the Journal. A visit to Bandelier was also on their itinerary. With its ancient cave dwellings, Bandelier has attracted up to 200,000 visitors per year.

“They found themselves with their mother killed in front of them and returned to Chicago alone, without her. “

Two weeks earlier, park workers had realized that the tree, the tallest in that area of ​​the forest, had been struck by lightning for the second time in five years, according to a park service investigation.

“They got a lot of warnings,” Vigil said. “They knew the tree was fragile and could harm visitors at any time. It was a time bomb. “

The tree was adjacent to the path to the park’s amphitheater where an opera house that attracts hundreds of visitors was scheduled for September 2016.

According to a park service investigation report:

A severe storm hit the park on September 16, 2016, blowing an electrical transformer.

A lightning-damaged ponderosa pine fell in the parking lot of Bandelier National Monument on October 3, 2016, killing Beverly Modlin as she got into that rental car. Photo courtesy of Jacob Vigil

A week later, a Bandelier ranger discovered that the 70-foot ponderosa pine had been struck by lightning and sent a photo of the tree and a written report to his supervisor saying he believed the lightning from the tree was responsible for the power failure.

At least six other Bandelier employees and then superintendent Jason Lott also observed the tree in person and / or knew it had been struck. Employee notices broken logs or tree pieces on trail for disabled visitors

“We’ll have to deal with it eventually, so you know he’s probably going to die and become a hazard to the parking lot and trail,” one employee said, reporting a “big crack” in the tree to his supervisor, the survey showed.

Although denying any negligence on the part of its employees, park officials acknowledged in the responses to the lawsuit that none of its employees had formal training in how to identify dangerous trees and that they did not. there was no document showing that there had been a thorough inspection of the hazards. posed by the tree before it fell. There was no dangerous tree trainer in the park and no training program to identify dangerous trees.

It was an unwritten practice by Bandelier employees to notify the Wildland Fire Division, which is under the management of the monument, to ask the forest fire sawyers to assess dangerous trees for removal.

But the lawsuit alleges that Bandelier never notified this agency to assess the tree struck by lightning.

Earlier that year, a fire crew assessed and “mitigated” around 12 trees in the park’s Juniper Campground, but focused on standing dead trees that lean over high traffic areas such as as trails or picnic areas.

The damaged 70-foot tree, adjacent to the parking lot and measuring up to 23 inches in diameter, had a full, healthy crown with dense green foliage and did not appear to be leaning, park workers told investigators after the death of Modlin.

“We have a lot of tree edge lightning strikes,” park warden Geoff Goins said. “So many trees that are struck by lightning here, I didn’t think of it as a big deal.”

The park service wasted no time cutting down and disposing of the fallen tree the day after Modlin died, the lawsuit said, but generated a report that, based on the growth of the calluses, the tree had an exterior wound from top to base that was over five years old, which appeared to have been caused by a previous lightning strike. There were two other injuries, one of which was new and deemed “important” from the second lightning strike.

According to Bandelier’s “Hazard Tree Management” standard operating procedures, “As even healthy trees can fall in extreme weather conditions, the park will attempt to issue warnings to visitors when it deems appropriate.” The program is designed to protect the public and protect the agency from potential liability.

But there are a variety of dangers “inherent in the natural environment, which include dangerous trees.” Visitors and park staff should be aware of these inherent dangers and hold the National Park Service harmless as “acts of God.”

The damaged 70-foot tree adjacent to the parking lot did not appear to be leaning, park workers told investigators after Beverly Modlin’s death.

On the day the Modlin family visited Bandelier, wind gusts of up to 36 miles per hour were recorded. There has been no warning to the public of the 70-foot tree, which fell about 28 feet west of the Atomic City bus stop and Frey Trailhead, according to the lawsuit and reports from investigation.

A park service investigator quoted Robert Modlin, an engineer, as saying his mother was next to the rental car when they heard the falling tree creak.

“The most surprising thing for me was how quickly, all of a sudden, it got a lot of wind,” said Modlin, who was standing behind the vehicle.

Several passers-by helped him get his mother out from under the branches of the tree so that he could give mouth-to-mouth mouth watering.

“I couldn’t hear a breath and its color immediately faded,” he said.

Robert Modlen remembers feeling no emotion when emergency crews arrived and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate his mother.

“There were no tears then, it only touched me when I was in the ambulance and I couldn’t stop crying.” He added: “She and I were very close, she was in such good shape for 81.”

He later thought about what he could have done differently when the tree started to fall.

“I wondered why I hadn’t pushed her aside, pushed her, did something,” he later told investigators. But Robert Modlin said he later had a dream that helped him “get over” his inability to save her.

It happened too fast for him to act, he told investigators. “And if I had gone to her, I too would have been run over by that tree.”

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New Orleans City Council OK Rules Against ‘Double Dorm’ Conversions Uptown | Local politics

New Orleans City Council on Thursday passed rules to stop conversions from modest homes to massive dorms and address parking issues that have long plagued Uptown.

The motion that council approved Thursday requires developers to provide one off-street parking space per bedroom in new or renovated homes with more than four bedrooms. The rules exempt properties that have received homestead exemptions, as well as commercially zoned properties and affordable housing developments.

Parking spaces must be constructed of permeable materials and properties cannot have more than two and a half bathrooms. The rules apply to the Hollygrove, Leonidas, Carrollton, Black Pearl and Audubon neighborhoods, among others.

Joe Giarrusso, chair of the public works and quality of life committees, speaking at a city council hearing on July 8.

Council member Joe Giarrusso said the changes would help keep neighborhoods affordable. The move makes permanent a temporary requirement for developers to provide parking for each new room, something the council adopted last year.

“These dorms increase rental rates, decrease affordability and ensure that the prices of homes purchased in the area are higher, which also results in higher taxes,” Giarrusso said.

His proposal, unanimously approved by council, went against the recommendation of the planning commission, which had studied the matter for months at the request of council. Commission staff said the off-street parking requirement would increase housing costs and discriminate against tenants.

New Orleans City Council moved closer to permanently changing parking rules in Uptown University District on Thursday, a move designed …

At issue are the conversions of single and two-family homes to multi-bedroom developments near Tulane and Loyola universities. These developments are then marketed to students who wish to live off campus.

Instead of charging $ 1,100 per month to rent a two-bedroom shotgun, a common practice in the Uptown area, developers turn these homes into multiplexes, then rent them out for up to $ 1,100 per month per bedroom. , said Giarrusso. This represents up to $ 96,000 in income per year.

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Students between classes at Tulane University in New Orleans on the first day of school during the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

The practice has crowded residential streets in the area, as many university students living in these properties have little off-street space to park their cars. The city’s infrastructure is also under stress with so many people living in one space, supporters of the council’s decision said.

“In the four blocks around my house, we have 13 houses where families have been moved to allow investors to come in and change the structure of these houses into something they were not intended for,” said Ken Gelpi, who lives near Lusher. Charter School and Tulane University.

A representative from the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, one of the early critics of the rules, welcomed the amended rules more warmly on Thursday, though he urged the council to ensure that onerous parking requirements do not drive up the prices of houses.

In response to complaints that recent dormitory-style housing renovations have caused traffic jams on the streets, New Orleans City Council agreed on Thursday …

“It’s a neighborhood that is already not affordable, and I understand that the units that are created by these opportunistic developers are even more expensive,” said Maxwell Ciardullo. “But if you need any new development to include parking spaces, that will increase the cost of the development and… of housing as well.”

Still other affordable housing advocates have bluntly criticized the effort. Andreanecia Morris of HousingNOLA and the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance called it “bad policy that does not address the fundamental problem … it wants to solve, while discouraging the development of affordable housing in the process.”

The council’s rules would not apply to affordable housing projects that reserve 50% of their units for families earning 60% of the area’s median income or less, or up to $ 42,060 for a family of four. These units are to remain affordable for two decades, the rules say.

The board will draft the details of the motion approved Thursday in an ordinance, which board members will approve at a later date.

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Governor Newsom issues legislative update 10.8.21


SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that he has signed the following bills:

  • AB 36 by Assembly Member James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) – Design-Build Contract: Town of Paradise.
  • AB 43 by Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) – Road Safety.
  • AB 57 by Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino) – Law Enforcement: Hate Crimes.
  • AB 100 by Assembly Member Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) – Drinking water: end devices: lead content.
  • AB 107 by Assembly Member Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) – License to practice: veterans and military spouses.
  • AB 118 by Senator Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) – Department of Human Services: CRISES Grants Pilot Program.
  • AB 124 by Senator Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) – Criminal Procedure.
  • AB 172 from the budget committee – Personal services.
  • AB 229 by Assembly Member Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) – Private investigators, exclusive security services, private security services and alarm companies: training: use of force.
  • AB 304 by Assembly Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) – Contaminated sites: waste discharges or contamination of surface or ground water: local monitoring: corrective measures.
  • AB 333 by Senator Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) – Participation in a criminal street gang: sentence increased.
  • AB 335 by Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) – California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Ship Information.
  • AB 379 by Assembly Member James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) – Wildlife Conservation.
  • AB 592 by Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) – Foster Youth: Transitional Housing.
  • AB 707 by Assembly Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) – Mercury Thermostat Collection Act of 2021. A signature message can be found here.
  • AB 764 by Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes (D-Riverside) – Contempt of court: intimidation of victim.
  • AB 850 by Assembly Member James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) – City property: sale of water utility property.
  • AB 861 by Assembly member Steve Bennett (D-Ventura) – Mobile home parks: rental restrictions: management.
  • AB 896 by Assembly Member Steve Bennett (D-Ventura) – Oil and gas wells and installations: privileges: collection unit.
  • AB 900 by Assembly Member Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-Grand Terrace) – Charitable Trusts.
  • AB 917 by Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) – Vehicles: Video imagery of parking violations.
  • AB 970 by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) – Planning and zoning: charging stations for electric vehicles: permit request: approval.
  • AB 1066 By Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) – Priority Recreation Sites In Contact With Inland Waters: Water Quality Monitoring.
  • AB 1126 by Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) – State of Hate Commission.
  • AB 1250 By Assembly Member Lisa Calderon (D-Whittier) – Water and Sewer Companies: Service Consolidation.
  • AB 1261 By Assembly Member Autumn Burke (D-Inglewood) – State Air Resources Board: Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Incentive Programs.
  • AB 1390 by Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) – State Lands: School Lands and Places.
  • AB 1422 by Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino) – Healthcare facilities: intensive care units: flexibility of the intensive care units program.
  • AB 1452 by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – Pilot Program: Fee Increase for Low Income Jurors: Criminal Trials.
  • AB 1476 by Assembly Member Adam Gray (D-Merced) – Park Ownership: Town of Modesto: Beard Brook Park.
  • AB 1540 by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – Criminal proceedings: conviction.
  • SB 68 by Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park) – Electrification of buildings and charging of electric vehicles.
  • SB 81 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Conviction: rejection of improvements.
  • SB 206 by Senator Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) – Firefighters’ Bill of Procedural Rights Act: Department of Forestry and Fire Protection: Temporary Appointments.
  • SB 211 by Senator Thomas Umberg (D-Santa Ana) – State Bar: Board of Trustees: Reports: Complaints: Annual Lawyers License Fee: California Lawyers Association: Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Fund Expenses.
  • SB 221 by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) – Health Care Coverage: Timely Access to Care.
  • SB 255 by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) – Health care coverage: employers’ associations.
  • SB 297 by Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) – Underground installations: sanctions.
  • SB 354 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Public Social Services.
  • SB 406 by Senator Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles) – Oil and Gas: Operations: Notice of Intent: Investigations: Data Availability.
  • SB 483 by Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) – Sentencing: resentening to remove penalty enhancements.
  • SB 498 by Senator Thomas Umberg (D-Santa Ana) – Fund for the provision of legal services to the indigent: disabled veterans.
  • SB 510 by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) – Health Care Coverage: Cost Sharing COVID-19. A signature message can be found here.
  • SB 541 by Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) – Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities and Programs: Disclosure of Licensing and Certification Status.
  • SB 567 by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) – Criminal proceedings: conviction.
  • SB 589 by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) – Air pollution: alternative vehicles and automotive infrastructure.
  • SB 694 by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) – Fire prevention: power companies: forest fire mitigation: workforce diversity.
  • SB 709 by Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) – Z’Berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act 1973: Timber plans: extensions.
  • SB 716 by Senator Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) – Land Use: Habitat Restoration and Improvement: Mitigation Land.
  • SB 718 by Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) – Health Care Coverage: Small Employer Groups.
  • SB 742 by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) – Vaccination sites: illegal activities: obstruction, intimidation or harassment.
  • SB 790 by Senator Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles) – Wildlife Connectivity Actions: Offset Mitigation Credits.

The governor also announced that he had vetoed the following bills:

  • AB 105 by Assembly Member Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) – The Upward Mobility Act of 2021: Boards and Commissions: Civil Service: Examinations: Classifications. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 122 by Assembly member Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) – Vehicles: compulsory stops: bicycles. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 226 by Assembly Member James C. Ramos (D-Highland) – Residential Psychiatric Crisis Treatment Centers for Children. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 369 by Senator Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles) – Medi-Cal Services: people experiencing homelessness. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 375 by Assembly Member Jose Medina (D-Riverside) – Community Colleges: part-time employees. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 412 by Assembly Member Eloise Gómez Reyes (D-Grand Terrace) – California Human Rights Commission. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 603 By Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) – Law Enforcement Rulings and Judgments: Reports. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 783 by Assembly member Adam Gray (D-Merced) – Surface mining: safety regulations. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 872 by Assembly Member Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) – Leave: firefighters. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1035 by Assembly Member Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) – Department of Transportation and Local Agencies: Streets and Highways: Recycled Materials. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1147 by Assembly Member Laura Friedman (D-Glendale) – Regional Transportation Plan: Active Transportation Program. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1185 by Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes (D-Riverside) – Student Financial Aid: Cal Grant Program. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1215 By Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) – Public Post-Secondary Education: University of California: Admission Policy: System-Wide Protocols. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1238 by Assembly Member Philip Ting (D-San Francisco) – Pedestrian access. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1302 By Assembly Member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) – Commercial Cannabis Billboards: Placement Restrictions. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1456 by Assembly Member Jose Medina (D-Riverside) – Student Financial Aid: Cal Grant Reform Act. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1487 by Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel (D-Encino) – Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1542 By Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) – Yolo County: Secure Residential Treatment Program. A veto message can be found here.
  • AB 1560 by Assembly Member Tom Daly (D-Anaheim) – Distance learning: student access: computer devices and broadband internet service. A veto message can be found here.
  • SB 110 by Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) – Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services: Contingency Management Services. A veto message can be found here.
  • SB 524 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Health coverage: patient piloting. A veto message can be found here.

For the full text of the bills, visit:


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Bass, Berry & Sims move to Nashville shipyards | Business

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 8, 2021–

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC announced today that it will be relocating its corporate headquarters to Nashville Yards, the 18-acre project in downtown Nashville from owner and developer Southwest Value Partners.

This press release features multimedia. See the full version here:

Bass, Berry & Sims will occupy approximately 180,000 square feet in the top eight floors of the development’s first multi-tenant commercial office building, a 35-story tower anchored by Pinnacle Financial Partners. Southwest Value Partners opened the office tower in September. See the latest renderings of the first commercial office tower in Nashville Yards.

“We have been investing for 100 years in the growth and vitality of downtown Nashville,” said Todd Rolapp, Managing Partner of Bass, Berry & Sims. “We are delighted to continue this tradition by relocating to Nashville Yards, a premier location with a dynamic environment that allows us to meet the changing needs of our employees and customers. “

Nashville’s largest law firm, Bass, Berry & Sims is also recognized nationally for its work as a representative of major Fortune 500 companies as well as leading regional and local firms, including as as senior legal counsel for approximately 35 public companies.

“Bass, Berry & Sims is one of the preeminent law firms in the Southeast and nationally, and we couldn’t be more excited about their decision to move their headquarters to Nashville Yards,” said Cary Mack, Managing Partner of Southwest Value Partners. “In our interactions, Bass, Berry & Sims have focused on building their presence in an exceptional space and community for the benefit of their clients and associates. We have worked hard to elevate our design and work / life / pleasure blueprint to ensure we can exceed their expectations and help them achieve their strategic goals.

Bass, Berry & Sims were represented in the transaction by Bert Mathews and Shane Douglas of Colliers International. “Partnering with one of Nashville’s most iconic businesses to find their perfect new home has been an extraordinary honor. The Nashville Yards and the Southwest Value Partners team provided the ideal solution for Bass with shared values ​​for unmatched excellence in all things and a passion for the future of Nashville, ”said Janet Miller, Market Leader and CEO of Colliers International.

The multi-tenant office tower, which will serve as new headquarters of Pinnacle Financial Partners, will house 650,000 square feet of office space and an additional 28,000 square feet of retail space. The tower will be located at 201 Platform South, adjacent to the two Grand Hyatt Nashville and Amazon Nashville office towers in Nashville Yards, and will become Nashville’s tallest-floored office skyscraper.

The trapezoidal shape of the tower will help reduce energy consumption, improve the view for occupants and allow light to filter through all floors. The building’s amenities will include a dog-friendly campus and dedicated dog park, ample parking, valet and executive car services, as well as an upgraded HVAC system that will circulate 30% more outside air. ‘habit.

To learn more about Nashville Yards, visit or follow @NashvilleYards on Twitter and Instagram.

About the Nashville shipyards

Nashville Yards is an 18 acre project located in the heart of downtown Nashville. When completed, the project will be a pedestrianized urban community offering high-end hospitality offerings, including the 591 rooms Grand Hyatt Nashville Luxury and the newly remodeled Union Station Nashville Yards; exceptional retail and restaurant options; a world class entertainment district and concert hall developed in partnership with AEG; and creative and Class A + office space anchored by Amazon Nashville and a new multi-tenant office tower that will include the future head office of Pinnacle Financial Partners. The development will benefit from open spaces and green space, including a 1.3 acre urban park that will span the west side of the project from Broadway to Church Street. To learn more about Nashville Yards, visit or follow @NashvilleYards on Twitter and Instagram.

About Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

With nearly 300 attorneys representing numerous publicly traded companies and Fortune 500 companies, Bass, Berry & Sims has been involved in some of the nation’s largest and most important litigation, investigations and business transactions. For more information visit

About Colliers International

Colliers (NASDAQ, TSX: CIGI) is a leading diversified professional services and investment management firm. With operations in 67 countries, our more than 15,000 enterprising professionals work together to provide expert advice to occupants, owners and real estate investors. For over 25 years, our experienced leadership with significant insider participation has generated annual compound returns of almost 20% for shareholders. With annualized revenues of $ 3.0 billion ($ 3.3 billion including affiliates) and $ 40 billion in assets under management, we are maximizing real estate potential and accelerating the success of our clients. and our employees. Learn more about, Twitter @Colliers or LinkedIn.

About Colliers International Nashville, LLC

Colliers International Nashville, LLC is one of the leading commercial real estate services companies in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. With over 80 years of experience and 65 professionals, Colliers’ experts specialize in providing maximum service for a full range of products including landlord and tenant representation, investment sales, finance , real estate management and project management. The company currently leases and manages over 7 million square feet of retail space and has been ranked among the city’s top five commercial real estate companies for the past five years.

View source version on

CONTACT: MEDIA CONTACT Alexandra Sollberger (Southwest Value Partners / Nashville Yards)

[email protected] Roberts (Bass Berry & Sims)

[email protected]



SOURCE: Nashville Yards

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 08/10/2021 14:30 / DISC: 08/10/2021 14:32

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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Parking Problems After Hurricane Ida – The Value of Nicholls

Parking at Nicholls State University is, again, the biggest campus-wide issue among on-the-go students.

Nicholls being such a small campus, there isn’t much room for commuters to park. Therefore, due to the National Guard parking lot, there is even less space to park.

Students took to social media to speak out about their parking issues, with many students using the “Nicholls Textbook Sells & Buy Via Facebook !!” group. Although the original intention of this group was for students to buy and sell course material, many students use it to discuss campus issues.

Holli Gervais, junior nursing from Thibodaux, felt the parking lot before Hurricane Ida was fine. However, she explained that due to the National Guard’s occupation of such a large amount of valuable parking space, it adds to the parking challenges. Gervais believes that by moving the National Guard to the visitors’ side of the stadium, many of these challenges would be avoided.

“There is no reason for people to wake up several hours before their class starts just to make it to class on time,” Gervais said.

Many commuters live about an hour from campus, and having to wake up hours earlier is difficult for many.

Caroline Parfait, a second year primary school student at Houma, said she now had to leave more than 2 hours earlier than usual just to find a parking space.

Madison Lebourgeois, a major in criminal justice, now has to drive to campus more than an hour and a half earlier from her hometown of Gonzales to park.

Fortunately, many teachers have understood the parking problems.

Ali Poimboeuf, a junior in pre-dental hygiene from Thibodaux, said one of his teachers let students zoom in until all parking lots were available.

Lebourgeois’ teachers have similar mentalities, so she is also capable of Zoom.

“I don’t want to commute for 1 hour just to fight for parking and be late for class,” said Lebourgeois.

Chief Alexander Barnes, director of university police, said the National Guard is now mainly off campus. There are only 20 tents left on campus and these should be removed by next week.

When asked about parking tickets, Barnes clarified that parking tickets are not actually issued at this time.

“We’ve actually been lenient out of respect for the hardships our students are going through right now,” Barnes said. “The tickets we wrote were for ridiculous violations. ”

As of October 7, university police had issued only three parking tickets. The offenses included one person parking on the sidewalk near the sidewalk tennis courts, one person parking on the grass near Rienzi Circle and one non-disabled person parking in a disabled area.

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I own an electric car – this obstacle is holding back the industry

Pure battery models are near the tipping point of mass adoption – except for one major hurdle

Content of the article

As an electric vehicle owner, there is no doubt in my mind that pure battery models are near the tipping point of mass adoption except for one major hurdle. Lack of charging infrastructure. It’s not just the scarcity of places to charge, it’s also the type of plug-in that’s a problem.


Content of the article

EVs work well. Compared with combustion engine vehicles, the driving performance and acceleration are superior. In terms of price, the mainstream luxury segment has achieved an economy comparable to that of the oil-powered peer group. It is true that compact electric cars are still expensive, however, rising gasoline prices, government subsidies and the climate imperative are closing the gap in this segment as well.

Charging times can be reasonably quick. While not all manufacturers have achieved high charge rates, under the right conditions some models can gain over 200 kilometers of range in just 15 minutes. Fast charging stations have the capacity to supply electrons to the battery at a rate of over 200 times the average consumption of a home (200 kW). Moving so much electricity safely through a wire the size of a garden hose is a technical marvel.


Content of the article

Everything is working fine until the new EV driver sets out on their first long-distance trip. Their enthusiasm is crushed when they witness the state of Canada’s charging infrastructure. To travel a long distance, you pretty much have to stick to the Trans-Canada Highway. Even then, the gaps between stations on Highway 1 can be uncomfortably remote, especially in cold weather when the range of a battery-electric vehicle can be reduced by more than 25%.

Lack of charging infrastructure is not only a barrier to long-distance travel, it is also a barrier to adoption in crowded urban centers. People living in apartments or other types of high density housing may not have the luxury of a garage for home charging. Just as they visit their local gas station today, they will need to stop at their local electricity charging points to refuel in the future. Rapid adoption will not be possible without a dense network of fast charging stations in widely accessible car parks in all cities.


Content of the article

  1. Explained: charge levels of electric vehicles for beginners

    Explained: charge levels of electric vehicles for beginners

  2. Electrify Canada to triple its charging stations for electric vehicles over the next 4 years

    Electrify Canada to triple its charging stations for electric vehicles over the next 4 years

The charging problem is compounded by the different types of plug-ins. Unlike Europe and China which require a uniform electrical outlet, North America offers three styles of fast charging outlets. Competitors fight each other until one outlet eventually wins enough market share to become the norm. Given the urgency of decarbonization, wasting time waiting for the outcome of plug-in supremacy is an unnecessary hurdle.

And it’s not as easy as just needing the right adapter. Adapters can cost close to a thousand dollars each and they reduce the flow of electrons from a charger. You never know what you’re going to get when you pull over to a gas station. Imagine a gas pump filling your tank as slowly as a straw or as fast as a fire hose.


Content of the article

To illustrate the problems created by the different types of outlets, imagine traveling west from Golden, BC. You’ve just climbed the steep Rogers Pass which has strained your electron reserves. You come to Revelstoke in dire need of more power. If you’re in a Tesla you’re in luck. You plug in the specially designed Tesla plug-in fast charger and you’re back on the road in 20 minutes. If you are in another manufacturer’s model, be prepared for a longer wait. The only fast charger in town that works for your type of plug-in takes about an hour to reach the same level of charge. Although it is not practical, you feel lucky to have arrived in Revelstoke, BC. Most cities in Canada do not have fast charging stops at all.


Content of the article

It sounds simple. One type of plug-in and a clear set of charging standards would ease the confusion and help overcome this part of the scope anxiety problem. In this case, all cars could easily and transparently use the Tesla network, which is by far the most extensive system in Canada. Tesla founder Elon Musk said he intends to open up his company’s fast chargers to other types of cars, but unless Tesla renovates its network to accept other types of taken, the limited access problem will persist.

Tesla drivers would also benefit from using a standard type of plug as they can immediately access more charging points. This option would have been useful for Tesla drivers who were lining up for recharging last summer. One type of outlet should also generate more investment in new stations. When every car on the road can be your customer, your business case for increasing capacity is stronger.


Content of the article

Driving more cars to non-Tesla chargers should also help solve the chronic problem of stations that are broken down because they are barely being used. It is more than frustrating to arrive at a charging point to find a “system restart” notice on the screen or that it cannot accept your payment information.

Standard outlets are also important considering that governments in Canada will need to invest billions of dollars in charging infrastructure. Not all regions of Canada have enough populations to attract private capital to build charging stations, let alone redundant systems to support multiple types of outlets. To facilitate adoption in a cold country, the stocking density should be tight. For example, Europe is now targeting charging points using standard outlets placed every 60 kilometers with a charger for 10 cars. To achieve this density in Canada, a significant number of government-subsidized chargers would be required. Subsidized charging stations should be available for every Canadian, not just a subset of cars with the right plug.

The newly re-elected Liberal federal government has set mandatory targets for all cars to be zero emissions by 2035. While the targets are important, it will take more than just targets to accelerate sales of electric vehicles in Canada from less than 4% of new cars. today at 100% in 14 years. Canada must invest and build an extensive nationwide charging network if such adoption is to be achieved. It will be a huge undertaking, but that’s not all. Like all our electrical devices, the socket must also be standardized.

Jackie Forrest is Executive Director of the ARC Energy Institute.


Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil discussion forum and encourages all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour of moderation before appearing on the site. We ask that you keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications. You will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, if there is an update to a comment thread that you follow, or if a user that you follow comments. Check out our community guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings.

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Leading Automotive Supplier Rudy’s Performance Parts Purchases Residential Flashing Chargers … | Your money

Miami Beach, Florida, October 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) (“Blink” or the “Company”), a major owner, operator and supplier of electric vehicles ( EV) charging equipment and services, today announced the sale of 64 Blink residential Level 2 charging stations, the HQ 150, to Rudy’s Performance Parts for resale through its distribution channels.

“It is exciting that leading traditional automotive supply suppliers such as Rudy’s Performance Parts see the value in providing quality EV charging products that pave the way for EV adoption. The Blink HQ 150 is a great addition to their product line, ”said Michael Battaglia, senior vice president of Blink Charging. “We are excited about the first sales of the Rudy’s Performance Parts charger and anticipate increased interest as driver demand for fast home charging solutions increases. “

The Blink HQ 150 is a stylish and reliable 32-amp Level 2 charging station designed for overnight charging in single-family homes. The HQ 150 features a 25ft long cable that can reach all sides of an owner’s garage and has a slim case to store the cable when not in use. The Blink HQ 150 is a powerful home charger compatible with all EV models.

“Our commitment to serving EV drivers has only just begun with our sale of the Blink HQ 150. In addition to providing our customers with the best EV charging solutions for their homes, we have installed Blink’s commercial charger on our site. and provide free recharge. It’s another way to support and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, ”said Tim Eied of Rudy’s Performance Parts.

Founded in 2008, Rudy’s Performance Parts is a leader in automotive performance parts and accessories and recently expanded its product portfolio to serve electric vehicle drivers.

In addition to reselling the single-family Blink chargers, Rudy’s Performance Parts has installed a Blink commercial charging station available for free public charging at its warehouse in Burlington, North Carolina. For EV drivers interested in using the Blink Commercial Charging Station in Rudy’s Warehouse, the charger is located at 7422 Whitsett Park Rd, Burlington, NC 27215.



Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) is a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and has deployed more than 30,000 charging ports in 13 countries, many of which are networked EV charging stations, allowing EV drivers to easily charge at any of the Company’s charging points around the world. Blink Charging’s main product and service line includes its Blink EV (“Blink Network”), EV charging equipment and EV charging services. The Blink Network uses proprietary, cloud-based software that operates, maintains and tracks grid-connected EV charging stations and associated charging data. With global electric vehicle purchases expected to reach 10 million by 2025, up from around 2 million in 2019, the company has established key strategic partnerships to roll out adoption in many types of locations, including parking lots, multi-family residences and condos, workplaces, healthcare / medical facilities, schools and universities, airports, car dealerships, hotels, municipal mixed-use sites, parks and recreation areas, religious institutions, restaurants, retailers, stadiums, supermarkets and transport centers. For more information, please visit

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements as defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These forward-looking statements, as well as terms such as “anticipate”, “expect”, “intend”, “may”, “will”, “should” and other comparable terms, involve risks. and uncertainties as they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the future. These statements include statements regarding the current intention, belief or expectations of Blink Charging and members of its management, as well as the assumptions on which these statements are based. Prospective investors are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, including those described in Blink Charging’s periodic reports filed with the SEC, and that actual results may differ materially. those contemplated by these forward-looking statements. staring statements. Unless required by federal securities law, Blink Charging assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect changed terms.

Blink media contact [email protected]

Blink Investor Relations Contact [email protected]

Copyright 2021 GlobeNewswire, Inc.

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Speculation of epic national deal with NHS England

Could we see a national agreement for the Epic electronic patient record? Jon Hoeksma is speculating and exploring what this could mean for the healthcare system.

Speculation over a nationwide deal between NHS England and U.S. electronic medical records (EPR) provider Epic was fueled last week, ten years after the NHS ‘nationwide computing program ended.

Rumors have circulated over the summer that Tim Ferris, NHS England’s new digital transformation manager, is a big advocate for the system and has told his colleagues that it should be used by many other trusts.

Highly regarded, Ferris joined NHS England from Massachusetts General Hospital, which in 2016 deployed Epic in a program that reportedly cost nearly $ 1 billion.

Ian O’Neil, the current director of transformation at NHS England, told an industry conference in London last week that there had recently been high-level meetings with Judy Faulkner, the founder from Epic, but declined to provide details on the topics under discussion.

In response to subsequent questions from Digital Health News about whether national deal negotiations were underway with Epic, the NHSX press office sought to play a forehand with a ‘come on, nothing at all’ statement. see here ” :

“In response to your questions about discussions with providers, it is standard practice for the NHS digital leadership to meet regularly with technology providers who currently provide services to the NHS. “

As for what the meetings covered:

“The meetings cover a range of topics, all with the aim of ensuring that providers are working towards the vision and priorities of the NHS, especially in the context of strategies such as What Good Looks Like and Data Saves Lives (Reshaping Health and Social Care With Data). “

The idea of ​​procuring a single national EPR system for all hospital trusts in England was the central pillar of the failure of the NHS National Program for IT (NPfIT) which ran from 2003 to 2011.

In subsequent NPfIT reports and surveys, the National Audit Office concluded that the national top-down approach failed to recognize the very different local circumstances between hospitals and failed to gain the support and commitment of clinicians. local.

So far, this is all in the realm of rumor and speculation. There have also reportedly been discussions with Epic in recent months as to whether it could potentially offer its system as a platform for use in Integrated Systems of Care (ICS).

As the NHSX press release says, it makes perfect sense for NHS agencies to have meetings with all of its major software and technology vendors. And hopefully other vendors benefit from similar discussions and access.

Just imagine for a moment

But let’s just assume for a moment that some sort of national deal to make Epic more widely available is under discussion, and again this is just speculation, what could that look like and how much could it cost?

The cost of an EPR varies enormously depending on the supplier and the local organization, and there is a glaring lack of price transparency. An NHSX source told Digital Health News last week that new work was planned to get better price data.

How much does an EPR cost?

Best estimates suggest that NHS hospital EPR deals typically weigh between £ 20m and £ 100m over ten years.

Epic sits at the very top of that scale, in the range of £ 80million to £ 100million (average call it £ 90million) over ten years, with most of the money not going to the software provider but to the infrastructure and dedicated personnel to implement. , install and run the software. It is said that the division is about the thirds.

But the costs can be much higher, Cambridge University Hospitals had a budget of £ 200million in 2014 for their digitization program as the epic first NHS site.

The Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust’s Epic project is reportedly well in excess of £ 175million.

Manchester NHS FT University Hospitals have a budget of £ 181million, while Northern Ireland has a budget of £ 275million and Frimley Health NHS FT has a budget of £ 108million.

These types of projects are the single largest investment most NHS hospital trusts will make, aside from physical buildings.

There are currently 138 acute care trusts in England and Epic is used in five of them: Cambridge University Hospitals, University College London Hospitals, Great Ormond Street and Royal Devon. A number of other NHS trusts in the process of implementing the system.

So let’s say for the sake of argument and suspending all competition and procurement rules, that there are about 100 more acute NHS trusts to fund to get the system – what would it take?

So the 100 acute trusts paying out around £ 90million would add up to around £ 9bn. Let’s round up to £ 10bn for a bit of contingency and modest management consulting fees.

And everyone ?

Of course, this does not cover all mental health trusts, community trusts, ambulance trusts, combined health and care trusts, or other specialist providers. And that doesn’t cover social care, but Epic generally doesn’t cover those areas, so put them aside for the sake of this speculative “what if” scenario.

Let’s also ignore the fact that there is currently barely enough implementation capacity to handle current sites.

What would be the benefits of a nationally unique acute RPE?

If we instead imagined all of this happening, what would be the benefit to the NHS and the patients it serves?

Well, for starters, almost everyone in the acute industry would use the same system and not have to retrain every time they moved to a different organization. Everyone would learn to use the same system and get the most out of it.

For inpatients, close integration between prescriptions and test results and integrated clinical decision support tools would be beneficial. Electronic medication management would be universal and part of the basic RPE with significant benefits for patient safety.

One of Epic’s greatest pride is that they have never bought another company and that the whole system has been developed in-house. So that would mean that there would be no more messy interfacing of different systems to create your own set of EPR capabilities.

The digitization of patient records and clinical workflows also opens up a whole new ability to perform large-scale predictive analytics, better conduct research and clinical trials, and identify patients at risk.

One of the big financial benefits that US hospitals see after implementing Epic is better coding of procedures resulting in increased billing, which does not apply directly to the NHS.

The world beyond the hospital parking lot

But all of these benefits would only apply within hospital boundaries, and even within a single provider organization, an EPR isn’t everything. It has to interface and connect with many other systems.

Go to the exit of the hospital car park [if you have fuel] and the familiar complex and messy heterogeneity would remain unchanged.

Enter the world of community, mental health, primary care and it becomes much more complex and requires a lot of plumbing and interoperability between the different systems. Digitizing suppliers is an important but sufficient part of a complex puzzle.

And that, more than anything else, would seem to be the most telling argument for any nationwide purchase of a hospital EPR to enable the digitization of acute care providers, regardless of the quality of the solution. And there is no doubt that Epic is very good.

In the age of integrated health and care; SCIs; complex patient journeys spanning multiple organizations; to equip patients with the tools and information to co-manage their own health; it would appear that it is fundamentally backward to focus solely on digitizing one sector, no matter how small, with one type of system.

A decade after the end of NPfIT, does the NHS really need a PFI-like program for the acute digitization of providers that could lock it in higher costs and patterns of care for decades to come? ?

* Fun fact – Massachusetts General is also where the MUMPS (MMassachusetts General Hospital Utility MultimatePprogramming System) still used by Epic and other healthcare software vendors was invented in 1966.

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Parking space

Car-free future: how European cities are experimenting with green transport

A snack in a parking lot can be like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

But views like these, of the parklet countryside in London last month, or of people strolling the middle of the Champs-Elysees in Paris, are increasingly common as we reinvent our city centers.

Greener cities come in many shades, and it’s not just about banning cars, but offering inspiring alternatives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the travel revolution in some places, with widened gateways and thriving cycling infrastructure. As further proof of the adverse effects of air pollution is emerging, should we regain even more ground?

These are some of the strategies used across Europe to help improve the lives of citizens, as defined by the climate charity Possible.

Redraw the streets

Once you stop taking the presence of cars for granted, many new possibilities open up.

In Oslo, most of the street parking has been replaced with street furniture like benches and mini-parks, as well as larger cycle lanes and sidewalks. While some businesses feared a loss of trade, the city center actually saw its footfall increase by 10% after the reduction measures.

One British man who has taken charge of town planning is Adam Tranter, Mayor of Coventry. When the mini-garden he built in a parking lot was removed by the local council, Adam found a loophole in replant your parklet on top of a truck.

London Parklets Campaign founder Brenda Puech has big ambitions for parklets. On the first “People Parking Day” in September, Londoners requisitioned some of the city’s 1 million parking spaces for fun and games.

“Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a private garden, so providing social spaces near homes is essential,” she said.

With a third of UK carbon emissions coming from travel – and private cars the biggest contributors – the push for parklets is not just a colorful performance but a vital intervention.

Invest in bicycles

The medieval city of Ghent saw its narrow streets submerged in traffic in the 1980s.

After banning cars from its historic center in 1997, the German city invested in cycling exhibitions – resulting in cultural change – and built 300 km of cycle paths and rental bicycles to navigate them.

In many other cities in Europe, e-bike programs are booming. In his sustainable guide “How to Thrive in the Next Economy,” John Thackara writes that an “ecosystem of bikes, some of which are electrically assisted, will meet most of our needs for connecting and dealing with each other using 5 % or less of car and train based systems.

Bicycle and mobility lanes are undoubtedly an important part of future infrastructure, but they are not suitable for everyone. Some people with disabilities need vehicles to get around; as Possible put it, a “car-free city” is free from the dangers, pollution and emissions caused by massive private car ownership. It is not a city without cars at all.

More accessible public transport systems like streetcars are also ripe for expansion.

Better town planning

Reducing the need to travel is another obvious way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Planning new developments for homes and businesses close to public transport like the tram has been an important part of Freiburg’s journey to become Germany’s unofficial “environmental capital”. Nine in ten residents now live in areas where traffic cannot exceed 19 mph – even 5 mph on some streets – a clear sign that public transport has priority.

In Milan, COVID-19 has sparked an “Open Streets” initiative, expanding cycle lanes, sidewalks and places where children can play.

One area has become a low traffic neighborhood (LTN) and is now being considered for a “15 minute neighborhood” pilot, where everything people need is within walking distance.

Although Milan and other Italian cities have a crowded recent past, the famous squares in towns and cities across the country suggest other ways of life. His ‘Open squaresis another key to the traffic-free future of Milan.

Hold on to cars

Either way, reducing the number of cars in city centers is key to meeting national climate goals and improving our health.

In northern Spain, the city of Pontevedra banned cars in its 300,000 square meter medieval center in the early 2000s, and its residents have reaped the economic, social and health benefits ever since. CO2 emissions have fallen by 70%, and the center of Pontevedra attracted some 12,000 new residents.

Things that initially seemed unpopular quickly won over people too. When Stockholm first introduced congestion charges in 2006, it encountered stiff opposition, with around seven in ten people against. Five years later, the numbers have changed to show majority support for the program.

Strasbourg in France was the first city to use an “intelligent traffic management system”, reducing the number of stop-and-go waves along its roads. This reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides and harmful particles from dragging vehicles by 8% and 9% respectively.

During her stay in Paris, Mayor Anne Marie Hidalgo experimented with a series of traffic control measures, including the ban on diesel vehicles manufactured before 2006 in the city during the week.

The capital’s annual car-free day allows pedestrians to walk “face to face” with landmarks like the Arc-de-Triomphe, providing a glimpse of what a larger, cleaner city might look like.

Decontaminating historic cities in Europe 365 days a year is a daunting task, but as more green projects gain public approval, it is a challenge the continent can take on.

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Car parking rate »Six floors in the suburbs

by Felicity Wong
Councilors will vote on October 20 to release Wellington’s draft district plan for “consultation.” After a majority of them ignored the overwhelming amount of commentary on the draft space plan last year, it’s worth wondering if going to great lengths this time around will make a difference.

Last time around, Labor Councilor Fitzsimons said she was “voting for everyone who did not participate in the consultation” and for “future generations” (ie imaginary people).

Still, if you care about the city, you should take a look at the submissions, at least for your street or neighborhood, and submit a view next month.

The new zoning maps were released on Friday, associated with nearly 200 pages of the final Space Plan. They show the effect of political decisions taken by majority on June 24. Take a look at the maps to see what will happen in the draft district plan for your area.

Largest pedestrian watershed

The biggest change from the draft development plan is the increase in areas in which development of 6 floors and more will be authorized as of right (i.e. without neighbors being able to oppose it). ).

Development of six floors and above will be permitted in many new areas and now includes the Terrace, Bolton Street, Wesley Road, Talavera Road, Salamanca Road, Rawhiti Tce Road, the north end of Upland Road, the most of the Aro Valley and Mount Cook, and even in Hay St, Oriental Bay, not to mention the large areas of Mount Victoria (Roxburgh St, Hawker St, Stafford St, Austin St and Ellice St etc.).

This extension of the zone of 6 floors and more results from the political decision taken by a majority of councilors on June 24 to increase the “pedestrian catchment area” of an area covered by a 10-minute walk (from the edges of the city central), to the 15-minute walk area.

The previous draft space plan had used the smaller 10-minute ‘pedestrian pool’, but the labor advisers (Day, Fitzsimmons, Matthews and O’Neil) and two of the green advisers (Free / Foon) voted for it. expand, with councilor YIMBY Condie and anti-colonialist adviser Paul (who is excited to build a new city on top of the existing one).

Small print enclosures

The “character neighborhoods” of the first suburb are reduced to only 29% of the size they are in the current (current) district plan. The planning rules of the new draft district plan are expected to weaken protection even within these small areas.

The new rules will encourage development in general and reduce the effectiveness of the rule within the remaining small constituencies, requiring the consent of resources before demolishing a pre-1930 building. The rule will no longer apply in the remaining 71% of suburbs with character.

This is a lot of potential destruction of heritage and character in the inner suburbs for a small gain in housing.

A relatively small increase in the number of new dwellings will probably result from the increase in zoning in the inner suburbs. Council figures show that it will only provide housing for an additional 3,800 to 6,300 people (1,500 to 2,500 new homes). One thing is clear, new homes in these areas will not be affordable.


MRT: Berhampore and Newtown

Some small crowns are however less badly off than initially proposed. The worst effects of the proposed upzoning are from Berhampore and south of Newtown.

They were initially in the (now) dreaded “walking-catchment area” of “planned rapid transport”. Since LGWM did not actually provide for any particular rapid transport, the space plan removed the earlier proposed zoning of 6 floors and above in large swathes of Berhampore and south of Newtown, at least for now.

But with LGWM also consulting on rapid transit options, it’s possible that these large (zoned 6-story and higher) zones will come back to the table. In case you thought the ‘consultation’ made its legal sense (keeping an open mind), Regional Council President Daran Ponter made it clear that this is not a numbers game (it is that is, it’s not democracy), just another information-gathering exercise.

It is clear that LGWM’s focus has shifted to becoming an advocate for urban development opportunities. This is the only way to make the cost / benefit ratio work for rapid transit – to propose to transplant a population so that it can be served by a new MRT.

In the meantime, sticking a label on curved buses and some plastic lane dividers will likely be MRT’s affordable justification for overzoning, until the imaginary people arrive.

With LGWM moving into the housing development space, we are likely to see as much new housing after seven years as we have seen improvements to public transportation.

Obliteration of the suburbs of Onslow

Which brings us to the post-truth rebranding of the Johnsonville Heritage Railway. The train was recently designated as MRT and, therefore, is responsible for the potential erasure of the suburb of Onslow, with more than 6 floors in even larger areas of Khandallah.

The following streets and everything in between are proposed to be zoned for a development of at least 6 stories: Kim St, Baroda St, Woodmancote Rd, Clark St, Simla Crescent, Amapur Dr, Ngatoto St, Lucknow Tce , Clutha Ave, Everest St, Cashmere Ave, Madras St, etc. It is proposed to accommodate an additional 3,817 to 4,585 people.

In Ngaio, zoning of at least 6 stories is proposed to extend from Fox St, Awarua St, Chelmsford St, Motueka St, Makererua St, Collingwood St, Kenya St, Imlay St, Abbott St and Colway St etc. . This is available to accommodate from 2,330 to 2,770 additional people. Councilor Matthews has been a strong supporter of this (from her small, boutique-exempt neighborhood on historic Tarikaka Street).

Like Newtown and Berhampore, Onslow residents will now be motivated to oppose the MRT either by proving that they do not yet have it or by shutting it down, as this justifies the unwanted overzoning and risks a fundamental change in the beloved local character. It would be a truly dystopian result, although a rail cycle track – or even curved buses – would be great.

Other suburbs

According to Council figures, Tawa and Karori will still do the heavy lifting, accommodating an additional 6,170 to 7,965 and 5,585 to 7,600 people, respectively. These suburbs have prominent YIMBY advisers (Condie and Day in Tawa / Johnsonville, and Matthews in Onslow / Karori) who advocate strongly for overzoning and development.

Johnsonville is to become a sea of ​​zoning for a development of at least 6 stories, covering a large area from Hawtrey Tce to the north, Prospect Tce to the west, Fraser Ave to the south and Chesterton St and Helston Rd to the east to Paparangi, and everything in between, plus a high density area up to 8 floors in its center (metropolitan area). This is the unsightly dead zone caused by Stride Investment land bank (owner of the Queensgate shopping center in Hutt City).


Another major change is the narrowing of Thorndon, removing the east side of the freeway (Hobson St, Selwyn Tce and Portland Cres, etc.) from its residential area and enforcing much higher height limits in the downtown area. in these areas.


But wait. The territorial plan indicates that the Council will stagger its infrastructure spending. Over the next 10 years, he will focus on improving infrastructure in Tawa, Johnsonville, Te Aro, Adelaide Road and Newtown. Other suburbs will benefit from infrastructure investments designed to support increased development in 10 to 20 years.

Meanwhile, this caveat of bulk development notwithstanding, the development of pepper potting may occur in all of these areas at random. If necessary, the facilities can use large wastewater tanks (such as the Sharp building on Taranaki Street), which are regularly emptied by a modern night cart.

To treat

This year, counselors need to be educated from the residents’ perspective. Next year it will be crucial to make formal submissions. This is when the legal process will begin and you will need to make a formal presentation on the ‘notified’ district plan in order to qualify to make your case before an independent hearing (and then to surrender). to the court). In other words, assuming that next year’s local elections do not solve the problems satisfactorily.

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Car park management

Do you want to become a municipal commissioner? It helps to be friendly with the mayor.

Mr. Hatch’s work experience appears to be a better fit in his new job than that of Ms. Fialkoff or Mr. Gutman, and gives him the kind of interagency knowledge that could help him provide service in his new position.

At the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, Hatch, who has worked as an employment lawyer, will lead a campaign to raise awareness and enroll in the federal child tax credit program. He replaces Acting Commissioner Sandra Abeles, who joined the agency in 2014, and supervised its application and technology divisions.

Mr. Hatch met Mr. de Blasio during John Edwards’ first presidential campaign in 2004; Mr. Hatch was deputy director of state for New York, while Mr. de Blasio was co-chair of the New York campaign. Mr. Hatch then worked as Mr. de Blasio’s chief of staff when he was a city councilor, before embarking on a traveling career through New York and national politics, with stints in the Working Families Party and as a Director of State for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

When he joined Blasio’s administration in 2014, Mr. Hatch jumped from job to job whenever he needed a skilled and hardworking team. In his most recent role, he worked as the ‘Covid-19 public-private partnership czar’, helping to raise $ 100 million in donations for the city’s fight against the pandemic.

Mr. Hatch declined to comment for this story.

The three appointments contrast with other major moves by M. de Blasio this year. He appointed Meisha Porter, a longtime municipal education official, to become school chancellor in February; for New York City emergency management, it hiring John Scrivani, an accomplished emergency management professional; and in the Correctional Department, he chosen Vincent Schiraldi, who had worked inside correction systems as an operator and outside as a reformer.

Yet the appointment of political allies to key government positions is not a new practice in city government, or for Mr. de Blasio, who in 2014 appointed one of his taxi industry fundraisers as deputy commissioner at the agency that regulates the industry, the Taxi and Limousine Commission. He also appointed his 2013 campaign treasurer to head the city’s investigation department. Daily news reported that in 2014, Mr de Blasio’s team put together a donor and lobbyist spreadsheet to use when appointing to various boards.

The appointment of a trusted ally to become a commissioner can also benefit this agency by raising its profile and strengthening its influence with the mayor.

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Parking space

Potts Electric celebrates 10 years of activity

Potts Electric, owned by Grant’s Ryan and Michaela Potts, has been officially open for business to meet people’s electrical needs for a decade.

Potts was an electrician for six years in Lincoln before moving to Perkins County in May 2007, where he worked for Great Plains Communications.

He said he had always enjoyed doing electrical work and that in addition to his job at Great Plains he did electrical work nearby. He noticed that the need for an electrician in the community had increased, so he decided to start Potts Electric.

He started the business in his own home, and it has since grown considerably over the past ten years.

As demand increased over time, Potts felt the need to move the business outside of his home due to the need for more inventory space and the addition of new equipment and trucks.

“I wanted to get my parking space back! Potts joked.

Now the company has an outpost east of Grant at 3 Prospect Drive.

In addition to his own store, Potts was able to add four “really good people”, instead of just running the business on his own with the help of his wife Michaela.

Potts said his employees, Cody Lee, Spencer Hansen, Shawn Wiebe and Justin Haskins are dedicated, active in the community and generally helping to move the company forward every day.

Another thing that has grown over the decade is the customer base, noted Michaela. Potts’ primary service area includes Perkins County and Keith County, but they also serve other neighboring communities. The farthest they’ve been to work, Potts said, is Broken Bow.

“The employees and customers have been very loyal,” said Potts. “We have a lot of loyal customers, and that’s huge.

Potts also noted that Michaela’s help as the company’s accountant has been helpful in the growth of Potts Electric.

Michaela used to work at Adam’s Bank, but has since been in charge of business management for Potts Electric, as well as accounting for First Insight Eyecare in Grant. She is not the only family member to help with the business, however.

Kailee Potts, a sophomore at Perkins County Schools, helped her dad with electrical work, eighth grade Madison helped with bookkeeping and her third grade son Carson enjoys helping with physical work.

One of the biggest things Potts has learned during his tenure as a business owner is how to adapt by working with a variety of people and meeting their needs.

In fact, the people he’s worked with are one of the reasons he’s happy to have started this business, as well as the work itself.

“It’s gratifying to have happy customers when we’re at the end of the job,” said Potts. “It is really worth it. “

“It’s a very demanding and difficult job, but it also offers the opportunities and benefits of meeting people,” added Michaela.

Potts said he wanted to emphasize how much they value their local customers and dedicated employees.

“We love to serve the community,” said Michaela. “With what we do we are able to help and give back to the community and that is important to us wherever we live and serve.”

Potts Electric can be reached by calling 308-352-8051 or by emailing [email protected] They take care of agricultural, residential and commercial electrical work.

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Car parking rate

Chelmsford Council chief gives way to Hylands parking fees a bit

Parking in one of Essex’s beautiful large parks will be cheaper than initially offered.

Chelmsford City Council Chief Stephen Robinson said he had listened to residents’ concerns about a planned increase in parking fees at Hylands Park and would cut costs slightly.

But Cllr Robinson (LibDem, St Andrews) insisted that some payment is needed to help balance the council’s finances damaged by COVID.

A new one-hour rate, annual subscription options for non-residents and a seven-day-a-week subscription option for Chelmsford residents have been added to the plans following two separate rounds of consultations.

This means that the proposals currently on the table include a one-hour charge of £ 2 for residents and £ 3.35 for non-residents for those wishing to stay for up to an hour.

Parking for more than an hour will cost £ 3 for residents and £ 5 for non-residents.

The five- and seven-day annual subscriptions for Chelmsford will cost residents £ 4.50 and £ 6 per month respectively.

Five-day and seven-day annual subscriptions for non-residents at £ 6.75 and £ 8.25 per month respectively.

Residents of Chelmsford can also add a second car for £ 1.35 per month for 5 days (£ 16.20 per year) or £ 1.80 per month for 7 days (£ 21.60 per year).

There has been strong opposition to plans to introduce parking fees at the 231-hectare park – with a petition calling for the plans to be removed signed by 7,500 people.

But Cllr Robinson said a fee needs to be introduced on the one hand to improve the council’s budget which has been badly damaged by the Covid restrictions and on the other hand to make it fairer to Chelmsford taxpayers who end up paying. full maintenance costs even though many people use it from out of town.

The proposals must be voted on during the Council of Ministers on October 12.

Cllr Robinson said: “We took the public’s responses to the consultation into account and lowered the fees we were offering for subscriptions and non-residents were very vocal that they wanted a subscription as well. we are also introducing a reduction on subscriptions for non-residents.

“We are introducing one hour parking only because originally there would be a flat rate, so what we do is a one hour parking charge and then the original proposal of £ 3 is there for over an hour. “

Thorndon Country Park in Brentwood costs £ 2.20 up to 1 hour and over 3 hours £ 5.50. Notley Country Park in Braintree costs £ 2.20 for up to an hour. More than three hours costs £ 6.50.

Cllr Robinson said: “It’s still cheaper than many other national parks. If you go to Notley or Thorndon for two hours or more, Hylands will always be cheaper.

“There are reasons why we are offering fees.

“The first is that it is not fair that all costs of maintaining Hylands fall on the taxpayers of Chelmsford, given that many non-residents use the park.

“Then there is a shortfall in the budget, pressures that continue.

“Overall, the budget is progressing well, but the budget assumes income from Hylands.”

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Parking facilities

Toronto Police Station 52nd Division Continues, Sparking Criticism

TORONTO – Toronto police vehicles park again in a public square outside a downtown police station without city permission – leaving a former city councilor who fought the practice 20 years ago by calling for a permanent solution.

Olivia Chow recalls her motion in 2001 which resulted in a report calling police parking in Dundas Street plaza outside 52 Division “illegal” – and says it’s a shame the practice has resumed .

” It was time. It must be resolved. It’s a bit of an eyesore, ”Chow said. “Where’s Joni Mitchell when you need her?” We are not turning this park into a parking lot, no no no.

Five police vehicles were parked behind a fence on Dundas Street on Tuesday. A handful of people were sitting on a bench having lunch behind a police SUV.

Requisitioning the terrain is the 52nd Division unit commander ‘s solution to the problem of stationing his force. The rear parking lot is full. Parking in a designated street parking lot on the west side of the building causes backups during construction, depending on the strength, and amid the need to have access to vehicles in an emergency, he decided to put the vehicles on the square.

“This allows the use of the place by the public while addressing local traffic concerns,” TPS spokesman David Hopkinson said in a statement. “It’s not ideal, but it balances the two issues.”

TPS admits not having asked permission from anyone, even the city, which owns the property. A spokesperson for the city told CTV News it is “reviewing the history of this place and liaising with the Toronto Police Department in an effort to better understand the uses of the space as well as its condition. current and other potential parking considerations “.

A photo shows police officers parking their personal cars on the property on a September day. The TPS says that their parking lot was under construction that day.

This is something that would result in a ticket and a tow for any other business, says attorney David Shellnutt.

“We are crowded. It is an occupied space. But if the people who are supposed to lead by example don’t do it, it’s going to set a terrible example for people across town, ”Shellnutt said.

The police parking lot comes and goes in space. Google’s street view shows cars parked there in September 2020. Before that, it appears to be a public square since construction in 2012. Before that, until 2007, police cars appear behind again fences.

In 2001, an interim report released by the city called the practice “illegal parking in front of the 52nd Division,” saying the building is set back 20.5 meters along the frontage of Dundas Street West.

“This setback area is made up of trees and planters and the boulevard is built with interlocking paving stones and is frequently used for parking. This parking is not legally permitted. Access is currently obtained by an existing ramp from St. Patrick Street, although it appears that vehicles can also cross the Dundas Street West sidewalk to directly access, ”it read.

Chow said she hoped the city would explore ‘out of the box’ solutions, ranging from finding land to rent nearby, to using air rights above the building. to find a way to get affordable housing on the upper floors and a larger police station and parking lots below.

“Create a lot of space. It could be a solution, ”Chow said. “Or put more on the bikes. The best way is to work with the community and the town hall and to celebrate the community policing. “

When CTV News visited the plaza, a police car was parked in spaces deemed disruptive – it was the parking control vehicle.

Even though the spaces on the east side can be used, TPS said it has no plans to vacate the plaza yet, saying another building should be under construction soon.

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Car park management

NXP and partners test advanced V2X application scenarios

  • NXP and partners will showcase V2X-compatible prototypes at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, including a V2X-compatible smart electric bike prototype from high-end manufacturer Riese & Müller
  • V2X electronics can help protect bikes and other road users from accidents
  • NXP Launches New Application Processor for Advanced V2X and IIoT Applications

HAMBURG, Germany, October 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – World ITS Congress NXP® Semiconductors has announced that it will present new security scenarios made possible by vehicle-to-vehicle communication (Vehicle-to-X or V2X) at this year’s ITS World Congress in Hamburg. NXP will work with partners such as high-end manufacturer Riese & Müller, to highlight better protection for vulnerable road users, new V2X application scenarios designed to help prevent traffic accidents and demonstrations electric bike safety. NXP’s V2X technology is based on 802.11p, a communications standard also known as DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication). Optimized for automobiles, 802.11p enables vehicles, road infrastructure and other road users to exchange information in real time.

Each year, more than 1.3 million people are killed in road accidents around the world and more than 50 percent of fatalities are cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Technologies such as V2X and driver assistance systems can make a significant contribution to help reduce these numbers and are already used as standard in some passenger car models today.

To demonstrate how the safety of road users can be improved, NXP and Riese & Müller have built a prototype of an intelligent electric bicycle. The demonstration combines NXP’s RoadLINK ® automotive qualified DSRC modem and Hardware Secure Element IC for V2X applications, with the Cohda Wireless on-board unit. The setup allows the e-bike to transmit data about its position, speed and direction of travel to other nearby V2X compatible vehicles that could pose a potential hazard to the rider. The module calculates distances between road users and changes in position within seconds. In the event of a dangerous situation, the cyclist and the driver of a car would receive a timely collision warning.

“Everyone on the road deserves to be safe, from the cycling student to the road worker and those in premium vehicles. The quest begins by enabling vehicles and road users to communicate in real time and V2X addresses this need by connecting infrastructure and road users, ”said Huanyu Gu, senior director of ADAS product marketing at NXP. “V2X can connect and inform a vast network of e-bikes, e-scooters, breakdown assistance vehicles, and even jobsite lighting to create a safety network for all who share the roads.”

Additional V2X Product News

To drive the expansion of the V2X ecosystem, NXP also announced the next step in innovation – the launch of the new i.MX 8XLite application processor. The product is intended for secure V2X and IIoT applications and is capable of simultaneously handling very complex cryptographic and telematic data. More information on this announcement can be found here.

NXP at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg from October 11 to 15 Hall B5, Booth B5302:

Interactive demonstrations

  • V2X: electric bike with V2X and radar (SmartMicro), VOI electric scooter, ADAC light bar
  • RFID-based automated payment with Shell and Omega
  • SigFox low cost smart asset tracker
  • Plus, explore our interactive tech showroom of over 40+ app-based demos

Hamburg city showcases that showcase NXP’s V2X include:

  • Ford of Europe, Kopernikus, Continental, Cohda Wireless and NXP present the future of automated valet parking at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. NXP V2X technology inside the car and in the parking garage infrastructure allows the Ford electric vehicle to park and recharge – without human intervention
  • BiDiMoVe (Two-way multimodal network): prioritization according to public traffic demand at traffic lights including a new danger warning system
  • Green4transPORT: dynamic traffic management, including intelligent traffic light control to reduce carbon emissions

NXP V2X technology in action:

About NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors NV (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections for a smarter world, delivering solutions that make life easier, better and safer. As a global leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, industrial and IoT, mobile and communications infrastructure markets. Drawing on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has approximately 29,000 employees in more than 30 countries and achieved sales of $ 8.61 billion in 2020. Find out more more, go to

NXP and the NXP logo are trademarks of NXP BV All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. © 2021 NXP BV

For more information please contact:


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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Dane County Says It Cannot Afford To Cut Alliant Energy Center Proposals | Local government

The first phase of a massive redevelopment of the Alliant Energy Center was supposed to include a 74,000 square foot extension of the centre’s exhibition hall. But the developers have abandoned the expansion and instead focus on building a new hotel, another major part of the overall project.


Plans for a roughly $ 600 million portion of the massive Alliant Energy Center expansion far exceed Dane County’s budget and fall short of what county council and committee members expected.

The three developers who submitted proposals for the first phase of the project abandoned the expansion of the Dane County-owned exhibition hall and instead focused on building a private hotel – a major change from this. that the county was looking for in its master plan for the center.

Even with the scaled-down proposals, there is a huge budget deficit: Dane County would need around $ 100 million in public dollars under current project plans. The county has no plan to find that much money.

“We don’t have $ 100 million to spend on this right now,” Dane County CFO Charles Hicklin told members of the Alliant Energy Center redevelopment committee on Tuesday.

Two developers have been asked to adjust their plans by Friday to cut costs. But even if it is successful, Sup. Dave Ripp, 29th District, said he was disappointed that the plans did not include improvements to the county’s existing facilities, namely the expansion of the 74,000-square-foot exhibition hall that the county was seeking in the part of the first phase of the project.

“I think we were hoping that somehow the private sector would help us fund some of the public projects that we want to do,” Ripp said. “Instead, it looks like we need to invest, say, $ 100 million just to get them to come onto our property, to use our land, to do private development.”

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Car parking rate

Yarra town wants to charge $ 5,000 for outdoor roadside restaurants after lockdown

A city council in downtown Melbourne is accused of stealing money by charging thousands of dollars to restaurants for outdoor eating spaces.

After 18 months of closure, many roadside restaurants have saved restaurants from going bankrupt, but advice could put that at risk.

The city of Yarra charges the highest rate in Victoria for outdoor spaces.

He wants sites on busy streets, like Rathedowne in Carlton and Smith in Collingwood, to pay $ 5,000 per car space.

For residential streets, it is between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 for spaces.

“It really feels like giving with one hand and taking with the other with the advice,” Katie Marron of Katie’s Crab Shack told Fitzroy to 7NEWS.

A city council in downtown Melbourne is accused of stealing money by charging restaurants thousands of dollars for outdoor eating spaces. Credit: 7NEWS

“Being on a main street, I’m going to fetch $ 10,000 a year. “

On Tuesday evening, council voted in favor of the motion.

Fees will be waived until April, then a reduced rate will be applied before full payments start in October.

“They just managed to survive the lock by the skin of their teeth and we’re trying to push them underwater. It’s just madness, ”Yarra adviser Stephen Jolly said.

The restrictions will limit the number of patrons restaurants can have inside and many rely on parking spaces.

Melbourne City Council plans to remove the fee until March, then it will cost $ 2,000 per space. Stonington Council has also removed the fees for the summer and they are generally $ 1,200 each. Darebin City Council does not charge any fees for the use of the spaces.

The city of Yarra charges the highest rate in Victoria for outdoor spaces.
The city of Yarra charges the highest rate in Victoria for outdoor spaces. Credit: 7NEWS

The town of Yarra says it will not derive any income from the payments, but they are needed to help recover some of the money lost during the lockdown, including parking fees.

Yarra town mayor Gabrielle De Vietri said this also means the taxpayer would not have to subsidize businesses in the future.

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Parking facilities

The focus of the relocated Elk Grove library on Wednesday’s forum

Work in progress at Old Town Plaza on Railroad Street in historic downtown Elk Grove on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. The pavilion structure, now complete, will be the centerpiece of a community gathering space that will be enhanced by relocation of a new library two blocks away.

Work in progress at Old Town Plaza on Railroad Street in historic downtown Elk Grove on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. The pavilion structure, now complete, will be the centerpiece of a community gathering space that will be enhanced by relocation of a new library two blocks away.

[email protected]

Elk Grove’s plans for a new library on the outskirts of the city’s old town will be a visit to two community events Wednesday.

Residents can stop by an open house Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. at the Elk Grove Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove-Florin Road; or 5 p.m. at the city booth during the Food Truck Mania event at Old Town Plaza, 9645 Railroad St., Elk Grove Boulevard, to learn more about the plans and influence the design of the project.

The new library branch is slated for the old Rite Aid location, 9260 Elk Grove Blvd., a few blocks east at Elk Grove and Waterman Road, replacing the two-story 13,875 square foot site in the cramped corner of Elk Boulevard Grove and Elk Grove-Florin Road.

The planned 17,340 square foot site at the former Rite Aid will be more than 3,500 square feet larger than the current library house and, with 95 parking spaces, will have double the number of spaces at the current site of the old Town.

Elk Grove and the Sacramento Public Library are designing the project.

Elk Grove bought the Rite Aid site earlier this year in a $ 3 million deal, one-third of its 2018 asking price of $ 9 million. A 2018 city study on needs Elk Grove’s long-term library and arts facility revealed that the Old Town and Franklin High School branches were undersized for the town’s population.

Stories Related to Sacramento Bee

Darrell Smith covers the courts and California news for The Sacramento Bee. He joined The Bee in 2006 and previously worked for newspapers in Palm Springs, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Marysville. Originally from the Sacramento Valley, Smith was born and raised at Beale Air Force Base near Marysville.

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Car park management

Secret car dealership west of Bee Cave advances building construction

Construction on the building is now underway at the Covert car dealership west of Bee Cave. (Greg Perliski / Community Impact Journal)


For much of 2021, site preparation was underway for a Covert car dealership on the highway. 71 west of Bee Cave at the intersection of what are now two new road names to the area – Duke Covert Drive and Sweetwater Village Drive. Now passing motorists can see that construction of the building has started.

When fully constructed, the concessionaire will extend along Sweetwater Village. Duke Covert, which connects the area to the highway. 71, is named in honor of Duke Matthews Covert, said Philip Robinson, senior partner of Covert Austin. Covert died in December and was the great-grandson of Frank Covert Sr., who founded the Covert franchise in 1909, according to Covert’s obituary.

The Covert family expects the dealership to contain storefronts for Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC and Jeep, Robinson said. Construction materials will include stone and stucco. Completion of the initial phase of the concession is about a year away, he said.

“The showrooms for GMC and Cadillac, these will probably open first, then we’ll have the Jeep showroom in a few months,” Robinson said. “We had some issues with the steel supply. It’s a challenge, but the contractor is doing a great job.”

The concessionaire is located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Bee Cave, or ETJ, and is part of a larger 400-acre development known as Sweetwater East, which is managed by a division of Wheelock Street Capital.

The development agreement between Bee Cave and the developers allows the Covert concessionaire to cover up to 38 acres. The agreement also provides for diffuse pollution controls to protect Little Barton Creek and other area watersheds that ultimately flow into Lake Travis.

The agreement also states that the concessionaire must adhere to city requirements for proper road signage and that structures 35 to 45 feet in height must be set back from the freeway. 71 by up to 275 feet.

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Parking space

Nut Club Half-Pot tickets sold only at walk-in kiosks

EVANSVILLE – Sure, the Powerball jackpot may have hit nearly $ 700 million this week, but the most talked about game of chance in Evansville is still on West Franklin Street.

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival Half-Pot is back, with some tweaks from last year, when the game was the only nonprofit fundraiser in the midst of a festival canceled by a pandemic.

Following: Nut Club Fall Festival Burgers: Stuffed With Cheese, Spices, Peanut Butter & More

This year, drop-in kiosks are the only option for ticket buyers. The Lloyd Expressway and St. Joseph Avenue parking lot, used as a gigantic drive-in for ticket sales in 2020, has returned to its original vocation: a parking space for festival-goers.

Nut Club president Ryan Beck said the R-Men’s Varsity Club, which normally sublets the parking lot during the festival to raise funds, allowed them to use the space last year to sell tickets for half the pot. This year, with the festival returning and the roaring, that was not an option.

“Walk-ups were originally the way they were designed to be done in the first place,” Beck said. “We have a fall festival with a half pot, we don’t have a half pot with a fall festival – (that’s) the main attraction.”

Despite the change in method of purchasing tickets, Beck said he didn’t notice any confusion among the half-pot participants. He said that once people go to the parking lot and see that it is used for parking, they will understand.

“To my knowledge,” said Beck, “there hasn’t been an overwhelming majority of people who have been upset by this.”

The half-pot raffle is entering its third year of existence and its popularity continues to grow. The pot total eclipsed $ 1.2 million in 2019 and $ 1.4 million last year.

Following: Gaps in the streets are noticeable as the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival opens

Half of the proceeds go to a random ticket buyer, while the other half goes towards paying the festival fees for the Nut Club. All remaining money goes to local charities. The prize pool is a source of pride for the club.

Beck said he was camping with a few other Nut Club members last year when the festival website ticker broke the million dollar mark. The group celebrated together.

Tuesday morning, a day after the festival started, the pot had reached $ 110,000.

Tickets can be purchased at kiosks along Franklin Street from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, with the draw taking place at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. Ticket prices are as follows: $ 5 for 1 ticket; $ 10 for 3 tickets; $ 20 for 20 tickets; $ 40 for 50 tickets; and $ 100 for 150 tickets.

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Frustrations rise as Ipswich community center goes unused

New residents of St Clement’s subdivision are frustrated as questions about promised sports and recreational facilities mount.

The project which saw the former Ipswich Psychiatric Hospital transformed into housing Ribbans Park and Belgrove Place was officially completed last week.

But residents say they were disappointed with the developers as planned facilities have yet to materialize.

Melanie Barker said: “It feels like there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed here.

“Most of us learned, when we came to pick a pitch, that we would have a community and sports center. families who bought here. “

The community center is fenced to residents of the development
РCredit: M̩lanie Barker

The original planning document, submitted to the Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) in August 2014, indicated Bovis’s intention to offer “increased sporting and recreational opportunities”, first by retaining the existing bowling green. with a ‘new and improved clubhouse and parking lot’.

You can also watch:

He also noted plans for “the creation of a designated sports area in the southwestern part of the site, including relocation of the existing football field, conservation and partial renovation of the existing sports club building with extended parking facilities, and the provision of a new lighted multi-purpose play area “.

Ms Barker added: “The developers did some of what they promised, like the new clubhouse for the bowling green, but it looks like they did things that would otherwise have kept them from building and left the rest.

“I understand the development end date has been delayed due to the pandemic, but the Foxhall Community Center is fully closed and unused.

“Now they want to sell it – and we haven’t had any updates on what’s going on or what the future of the community center might be.”

In January, a request was filed with IBC to change the plans. He revealed that the land reserved for this purpose “is being sold and the facilities will be provided by the purchaser … within twelve months of the occupation of the last new accommodation”.

But Ms Barker said the community center was not the only problem concerning the residents and added: “The other major problem is the lack of public lighting at the entrance to Ribbans Park. It is completely dark and this for two winters in a row There is no safe path, there is antisocial behavior and I don’t know of a date by which it could be corrected.

“We pay an annual fee to live here, but then we complain about some things and get ignored; nothing is done.

“As residents we are all close and honestly we just wish we could take care of the site ourselves. It’s lovely and we all want to live here, but we want it as it should be.”

A statement from the Ipswich Borough Council said: “Officers are working with the developer to ensure development is completed in accordance with approval, including the provision of sports facilities and open spaces.”

Bovis Homes was contacted for comment but did not respond.

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Car park management

The former Kogarah communal parking lot becomes a guesthouse | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

The former Shaw Street public parking lot, Kogarah, sold by Georges River Council last year, is slated to become the site of a guesthouse.

Georges River Council sold the 14-space parking lot at 2 Shaw Street, Kogarah last October, despite calls from local business owners and traders that the sale would hurt their businesses.

The companies sent an SOS – Save Our Shops – after the council decided to sell the public parking lot behind their premises on Rocky Point Road.

The parking lot was one of many sites the council described as surplus and decided to sell.

According to the development application filed last week with Georges River City Council, the 344 square meter site will become a “small guesthouse designed to fill an isolated site that was previously land owned by the local government.”

The plans submitted by Rockeman Town Planning are for a two-story, six-bedroom boarding house with three parking spaces.

If approved, the two-story pension will feature six self-contained boarding lounges ranging from 21.7 square meters to 24.6 square meters and each will include a bed space, bathroom, kitchenette and laundry room.

There will be an indoor common area at the rear of the ground floor with an area of ​​21.7 square meters and an outdoor common area along the west-southwest corner of the site.

The common areas will not be used after 10 p.m. in the evening, according to the DA management plan.

There will be three parking spaces accessible from the driveway along the eastern boundary.

“The proposed pension is a small contribution to the achievement of housing goals in an area that achieves urban quality of life by providing inclusive and affordable housing in a typical low-density residential area ‘with three bedrooms’,” says declaration of the environmental effects of AD.

“The proposal will provide a choice and diversity of affordable housing while maintaining the local character and residential objectives of the area.

“The proposed pension development is a prime example of low density infill development that provides additional housing in a strategic area for key workers.

“Overall, the request does not pose any negative impact on the surrounding neighbors and locality and approval of this request is considered to be in the public interest.”

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Durham seeks to create permanent outdoor dining spaces ::

Durham is looking to make permanent its outdoor dining spaces created to adapt to COVID-19 regulations.

Restaurants and bars have been able to install outdoor seating in city-owned parking spaces from July 2020. These restaurants will need to return indoors unless Durham City Council votes to designate these. permanent outdoor dining spaces.

“Under current regulations, businesses can apply for an outdoor seating permit up to 25% of their indoor capacity, on an adjacent sidewalk. This amendment allows these restaurants and bars to provide outdoor seating up to 50% of the indoor capacity, ”the document said.

Most Durham residents and business owners say they would like to make these outdoor dining spaces permanent. A recent survey of Durham residents and visitors, conducted by Downtown Durham., Inc., showed that over 80% of them support the use of parking spaces for activities other than parking.

Elizabeth Turnbull, owner of Copa restaurant on Main Street, said having the extra space, all the time, would help her business and create jobs.

“If we can keep something similar to what we’ve put in place now, hopefully a little bit nicer visually, that means the world of difference to us,” she said. “It can be the difference between surviving and not.”

Durham Mayor Steve Schwel said he hopes the city can continue to eat al fresco.

“We have heard from many people who want outdoor dining to be permanent in Durham,” he said. “And I want alfresco dining to be permanent in Durham.”

The city plans to discuss alfresco dining during its next working session on Thursday.

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Global Remote Parking Locks Market Potential Growth, Share, Demand and Major Players Analysis – Research Forecast to 2026

Remote Parking Locks Market Size Growth Forecast | Industry Segment by Applications (Commercial and Private Use), By Type (Folding Parking Lock, Parking Flap Lock, Lockable Parking Post / Barrier and Others), Regional Outlook, Market Demand, Latest Trends, Share Remote Parking Locks Industry Report and Revenue by Manufacturers, Company Profiles, Growth Forecast – 2026.

The research report on ‘Remote Parking Locks Market’ provides a granular assessment of this business landscape while elaborating on the numerous market segmentations. The document highlights key aspects of the Remote Parking Locks market such as its size and position in the current industry according to the volume and revenue estimates. In addition, the study also provides details specifying the regional context and competitive spectrum of this commercial space.

The research report on Remote Parking Locks Market report consists of a thorough assessment of this industry field. According to the study, the market is expected to acquire notable returns and exhibit a healthy growth rate during the forecast period.

Request a copy of this report @

Highlighting the major points of the Remote Parking Locks Market report:

A global analysis related to the regional scope of the Remote Car Parking Locks Market:

  • The study broadly covers the geographic landscape of this market while dividing it into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.
  • It provides data regarding the market share of each topography as well as its growth factors.
  • The expected growth rate of each listed region is enlisted.

To reveal the competitive scenario of the Remote Parking Locks Market:

  • The Remote Parking Locks Market research report provides a detailed competitive analysis of this industrial landscape. According to the document, companies such as ZKTeco, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology, Parking System, Park Master, Hangzhou Guzhi, Designated Parking Corp., Shenzhen Huangchi, Livfuture Automation & Security and Wuhan Xilite Commercial Technologies form the competitive arena for parking lot locks in distance. Marlet.
  • Vital data regarding the production facilities of each large company, its market share and respective regional presence are included in the report.
  • The document focuses on the manufacturer’s product line, the main applications of the products and their individual specifications.
  • The pricing models and gross margins for each listed company are also shown in the report.

Other specificities listed in the research report:

  • The product landscape of the Remote Parking Locks market is extensively discussed in the document. Speaking of which, the product line is divided into folding parking lock, parking flap lock, lockable parking post / barrier and others.
  • The document also assesses the market share of each product fragment as well as its production growth rate and profit assessment.
  • The report contains information related to the scope of the Remote Parking Locks market and divides it into commercial use and private use.
  • Crucial information regarding the market share of each application, the forecast product demand based on the scope of the application, and its respective growth rate during the forecast period has been listed in the study.
  • Additional aspects, including the raw material processing rate as well as the market concentration rate, are taken into account.
  • The paper analyzes the existing price trends as well as subsequent growth drivers of the market.
  • An overview of marketing strategies, positioning and marketing are mentioned in the document.
  • The report also emphasizes the manufacturers and distributors, their individual manufacturing cost structure as well as the downstream buyers of this industrial space.

The essential elements form the Table of Contents of the Global Remote Car Parking Locks Market:

  • Global Remote Parking Locks Market Overview, Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities, Segmentation Overview
  • Global Remote Car Parking Locks Market Competition by Manufacturers (2020-2026)
  • Production and consumption by regions
  • Comprehensive Profiling and Analysis of Manufacturers (2020-2026)
  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Materials Analysis, Manufacturing Expenses by Region
  • Industrial chain, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
  • Marketing strategy analysis, distributors / traders
  • Global Remote Car Parking Locks Market Effect Factors Analysis (2020-2026)
  • Global Remote Parking Locks Market Forecast (2020-2026)
  • Global Remote Car Parking Locks Market Research Findings and Conclusion

Request customization on this report @

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The cheapest places to park in Swansea city center

There is nothing more frustrating than driving around town desperately trying to find a parking spot – and this parking ordeal can be even worse when the only spots available are in exorbitantly priced parking lots.

While we are fortunate to have a great choice of car parks in Swansea town center, many of which are within walking distance of our favorite cafes and shops, some of us were surprised at some of their prices!

So we’ve compiled this list of downtown Swansea car parks, with locations, hours of operation and prices for over 20 car parks.

From cheapest to most expensive (by minimum payment), here is our guide to parking in Swansea town center:

All information correct at time of writing, always check parking lot signage for any changes or new rules

Read more: Ticket machines climb to Tawe North Park parking lot as rules change

FREE parking in downtown Swansea

Tawé Park

Location: Tawe Park, A4067 Quay Parade, Swansea SA1 2AS

Parking Fee: Three hours of FREE parking for customers when shopping on site, no ticket required – if staying beyond three hours: buy a parking ticket for £ 1 per additional hour. Maximum stay of six hours.

Opening hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 328

Number of disabled places: 4

Civic Center East Visitor Parking Lot (owned by Swansea Council)

Parking prices: up to two hours of FREE parking (but paid and displayed ticket is still required), up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

(Blue Badge holders up to three hours of FREE parking, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day: £ 7)

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 122

Number of disabled places: 11

Cheapest car park in downtown Swansea – (very) short stay

Oxford Street parking lot

Location: Oxford Street, Swansea, SA1 3BG

Parking rate: 50p for 30 min (maximum stay 30 min, no return within three hours), Blue Badge holders are free

Opening hours: 24 hours

Number of parking spaces: n / a

Plymouth Street parking lot

Location: Plymouth Street, Swansea, SA1 3QQ

Parking rate: 50p for 30 min (maximum stay 30 min, no return within three hours), Blue Badge holders are free

Opening hours: 24 hours

Number of parking spaces: n / a

The most affordable car parks in Swansea town center – long stay

Parking Park Street West (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Park Street, Swansea, SA1 3DF

Price of parking: Blue Badge concession up to two hours: £ 1 up to four hours: £ 1.50, up to six hours: £ 2.70

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 0 non-disabled spaces

Number of disabled places: 15

Multi-storey High Street car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Ivey Place, Swansea, SA1 1NU

Parking rate: up to one hour: 50 p, up to two hours: £ 1, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day: £ 6, midnight to 7:59 a.m.: £ 3

Opening hours: 24 hours

Number of parking spaces: 716

Number of disabled places: 30

Castle Street parking

Location: Castle Street, Swansea, SA1 1HZ

Parking rate: 30 min: £ 1, 1 hour: £ 2 (Blue Badge holders: free)

Parking hours: Monday to Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., no return within the hour

Oxford Street car park

Location: near Singleton Street, Swansea, SA1 3AZ

Price of parking: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50 (Blue Badge concessions: up to two hours: 70 p, up to four hours: £ 1.20, up to six hours: £ 2.40)

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 116

Number of disabled places: 27

The parking lot of the Pumphouse [Local Parking Security Ltd]

Location: The Pumphouse, 2 Gloucester Place, Swansea, SA1 1TT

Parking rate: one hour: £ 1.20, one to two hours: £ 2.40, three hours: £ 3.50, four hours: £ 4.50, max: £ 7

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, paid parking Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., free outside of these hours

Number of parking spaces: 143

Number of disabled places: At least two

East Burrows Road car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: East Burrows Road, Swansea SA1 1RR

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 230

Number of disabled places: 5

Pocketts Wharf car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Pocketts Wharf, East Burrows Road, Swansea SA1 3XL

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 53

Number of disabled places: two

Trawler Road car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Trawler Road, Swansea, SA1 1UN

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 20 approx.

The Strand car park (post office) (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Strand, Swansea, SA1 2AE

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 218

Number of disabled places: 12

Park Street East car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Park Street, Swansea, SA1 3DJ

Parking rate: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50 (Blue Badge concession up to two hours: 70 p, up to at four o’clock: £ 1.20, until six o’clock: £ 2.40)

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 31

Number of disabled places: six

Paxton Street car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Park Street, Swansea, SA1 3DJ

Parking rate: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day: 7 £

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 331

Number of disabled spaces: unknown

Pell Street car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Park Street, Swansea, SA1 3DJ

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40 (Blue Badge concession up to two hours: 70 p, up to four hours: £ 1.20)

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 30

Number of disabled places: three

Northampton Lane Car Park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Northampton Lane, SA1 4EW

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50, up to four hours: £ 4.50, all day : £ 7

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 84

Number of disabled places: four

YMCA car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Newton Street, SA1 5JW

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50 (Blue Badge concession: two hours: 70p)

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 21

Number of disabled places: 2

Parking Salubrious Place (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Salubrious Place, Swansea, SA1 3LW

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50

Opening hours: Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday to Friday only for subscribers)

Number of parking spaces: 25

Worcester Place car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Worcester Place, Swansea, SA1 1HY

Parking fee: up to one hour: £ 1.20, up to two hours: £ 2.40, up to three hours: £ 3.50 (Blue Badge concession: up to two hours 70p, up to four hours £ 1.20, up to six hours £ 2.40)

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 21

Number of disabled places: 2

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Slightly more expensive parking in downtown Swansea

The Quadrant multi-storey car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: Wellington Street, Swansea, SA1 3QR

Price of parking: up to one hour: £ 1.40, up to two hours: £ 2.80, up to three hours: £ 4, up to four hours; £ 5.50, more than four hours: £ 2.29 per hour, midnight to 7:59 a.m.: £ 3

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Saturday

Number of parking spaces: 517

Number of disabled places: 30

Swansea Kingsway car park (NCP car park)

Location: The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5JQ

Parking prices: one hour: £ 1.50, one to two hours: £ 3, two to four hours: £ 5.50, four to six hours: £ 8, six to eight hours: £ 11, eight to 24 hours: £ 16, ‘early entry’ (arriving 7-9 a.m. but staying after that time – must ask employee to adjust cost before paying): £ 5.20

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Number of parking spaces: 328

Number of disabled places: 4

Swansea The City Gates (NCP parking lot)

Location: City Gates, York Street, Swansea, SA1 3LZ

Parking fees: one hour: £ 1.50, one to two hours: £ 3, two to four hours: £ 5.50, four to six hours: £ 8, six to eight hours: £ 11, eight to 24 hours: £ 16, ‘early entry’ (arriving 7-9 a.m. but staying after that time – must ask employee to adjust cost before paying): £ 5.20

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to midnight

Number of parking spaces: 251

Number of disabled places:

Swansea Orchard Street (NCP parking lot)

Location: Orchard Street, Swansea, SA1 5AS

Parking fees: one hour: £ 1.50, one to two hours: £ 3, two to four hours: £ 5.50, four to six hours: £ 8, six to eight hours: £ 11, eight to 24 hours: £ 16, ‘early entry’ (arriving 7-9 a.m. but staying after that time – must ask employee to adjust cost before paying): £ 5.20

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week

Number of parking spaces: 421

Number of disabled parking spaces: 3

St David’s multi-storey car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: St David’s Place, Swansea, SA1 3LQ

Price of parking: up to two hours: £ 2.00, up to three hours: £ 3, up to five hours; £ 5, all day: £ 7

Opening hours: 24 hours

Number of parking spaces: 460

Number of disabled places: 33

St David’s multi-storey car park (owned by Swansea Council)

Location: St David’s Place, Swansea, SA1 3LQ

Price of parking: up to two hours: £ 2.00, up to three hours: £ 3, up to five hours; £ 5, all day: £ 7

Opening hours: 24 hours

Number of parking spaces: 460

Number of disabled places: 33

The most expensive car park in Swansea town center

Swansea Station (NCP car park)

Location: Swansea Station, Station Approach, Swansea, SA1 1NU

Parking rate: 24 hours a day: £ 7, two days: £ 14, three days: £ 21, one week: £ 28, night rate (7 p.m. to 5 a.m.): £ 4

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Number of parking spaces: 30-ish

Number of disabled parking spaces: 3

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Parking facilities

50 years of neglect created winter problems in Cottonwood Canyons

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) A cyclist descends Little Cottonwood Canyon on Saturday, August 21, 2021. Environmental activists demonstrate against the height of the gondola towers that the Utah Department of Transportation is proposing to build to transport people to ‘at Alta and Snowbirds Ski Resorts.

The biggest problem with Little Cottonwood traffic in winter is congestion caused by road closures for avalanche control. Widening the road and creating beautifully landscaped avalanche shelters like those in Switzerland would solve this problem, which must be a source of great frustration for residents living in the canyon area.

The second problem is insufficient parking space, which is also noticeable during the Snowbirds Oktoberfest. The hotel complexes have been enlarged, but not their car parks. It needs to be fixed.

The third problem is with vehicles that are not equipped to navigate the canyon safely on a snowy day. Every snowy day, the flow of traffic is compromised by accidents and stranded vehicles that should never have been allowed up the canyon.

The public bus and gondola plan is doomed to the same financial disaster as the leading rail service and will only create more congestion at the mouth of the canyon.

Taxis and Uber would be a much more efficient solution than buses / gondolas which only a very small number of skiers would use.

Did everyone forget to notice that Big Cottonwood has too narrow and twisty road that needs to be straightened out and the same parking issues?

50 years of neglect.

Scot Morgan, Salt Lake City

Send letter to editor

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Car park management

Parts of Waikato to upgrade to level 3 after two new positive Covid-19 cases

Thousands of Waikato residents will wake up to a Level 3 lockdown on Monday, as the region grapples with an incursion of the Delta strain of Covid-19.

Parts of Waikato, including the City of Hamilton, will go into Level 3 lockdown starting at 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

In Hamilton, the city’s mayor, Paula Southgate, pleaded with anyone eligible who was not vaccinated to get one, and quickly.

Long lines formed outside the test centers at the Claudelands Event Center and Founders Theater as crowds of anxious shoppers marched to supermarkets and hardware stores to beat Sunday’s deadline at midnight.

* Two new positive cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Waikato
* Covid-19: the food court of the shopping center among the places of interest related to the case of border workers
* Covid-19: case of the community of Hamilton probably historical infection, non-infectious, according to the Department of Health

The move comes after the Department of Health reported two new positive community cases of Covid-19 in Waikato on Sunday morning. Containment would be reviewed in five days.

Level 3 would extend from Raglan in the north to Te Kauwhata, Huntly, Ngāruawāhia and Hamilton City.

One case is in Raglan and the other in Hamilton East. The cases are not linked to the Auckland outbreak, but there is a link between the two new cases.

All initial testing of household members from Covid-19 cases in Hamilton East and Palmerston North on Sunday evening yielded negative results, the Department of Health said.

Results were received for two household members of the Auckland-based truck driver who isolates in Palmerston North, and eight members of the case household in Hamilton East.

The results of three household members from the Raglan case, who have now all been moved to an Auckland quarantine facility, are expected to return later that night and will be announced tomorrow.

Waikato DHB said there had been a strong response to calls for people with symptoms in Hamilton to get tested. The Founders and Claudelands test centers reached full capacity on Sunday and the DHB wants anyone who has not been tested on Sunday to be tested on Monday.

People start to line up at Raglan's Rugby Sports Club.

Christel Yardley / Tips

People start to line up at Raglan’s Rugby Sports Club.

Testing opportunities in Hamilton and Waikato available on Mondays starting at 8 a.m. include some GP clinics, and these will be listed on the Healthpoint website.

The DHB said Hamilton residents who show symptoms should self-isolate and get tested on Monday. They can also come to the Victoria Clinic & Urgent Care at 173 Anglesea Street, Hamilton, before 8 p.m., after first calling 07 834 0333 to make an appointment.

Get vaccinated – Jacinda Ardern

During a press conference in Wellington, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern urged unvaccinated people to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

“Get vaccinated today if you want to avoid level 3 in your community. “

Ardern said that in Hamilton, 1,500 vaccination reservations were available on Sunday and 2,800 would be available on Monday.

She said the government was taking a similar approach in Waikato as it did with the recent lockdown in the upper Hauraki region.

PM Jacinda Ardern urged residents of affected areas to work from home, if they can.


PM Jacinda Ardern urged residents of affected areas to work from home, if they can.

“In terms of border management, the Auckland border will remain in place. There will be spot checks at the Hamilton borders, but it will not be a strict border. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to establish a hard and viable border in such a highly networked area. “

Raglan’s case is self-isolating at this point and will be moved to a quarantine facility.

The Waikato District Health Board is currently conducting further interviews with this person.

The Raglan case was tested on October 1 after the person started to feel unwell. Their infectious period is determined from September 27.

This person has three family contacts who are also in segregation.

A pop-up testing center will operate at the Raglan Rugby Grounds car park on Cross Street from 1 p.m. and anyone in Raglan with symptoms is encouraged to get tested.

The second case in Hamilton is a known contact of the Raglan case and was tested after discomfort.

This person has been safely transferred to Waikato Hospital where they are being treated for symptoms related to Covid-19.

Their family contacts are currently in self-isolation.

Anyone in Hamilton who shows symptoms of Covid-19 is urged to get tested and self-isolate until the test results come back.

Walk-in vaccines are also available in Hamilton at the Te Awa – The Base super site, as well as other sites around the city.

People awaiting their Covid-19 tests in Raglan were shocked while others were not surprised that a positive case had been identified in their city.

In Raglan, Merren Tait and his mother Janine Cushing were among those waiting at the pop-up test center in the Raglan Rugby Grounds parking lot.

Reiki Ruawai, left, and Hamish Ahern line up to be tested.

Christel Yardley / Tips

Reiki Ruawai, left, and Hamish Ahern line up to be tested.

Tait said her reaction was “nothing you can print,” but wasted no time getting to the test station on Sunday morning.

“We were about 8th in the line, but some people turned away when they found the test station wasn’t going to open until 1pm.

“My feeling is shock and dismay and anxiety, that probably sums it all up.”

Tait, who had lived in Raglan for about 12 years, said vaccination rates in the town were good. A local marae held an open house for people to get vaccinated and there was a “massive crowd”.

“But there is a strong group that opposes vaccination and the impression I get is that they do not recognize the seriousness of the situation.”

Sitting further in the line were Neve Masters, Lennox Reynolds, Hamish Ahern, Reiki Ruawai who worked locally and attended college. Roommates heard the news of the positive Covid-19 case in Raglan and jumped in the car to drive to the testing station.

Merren Tait, left, and Janine Cushing line up to be tested.

Christel Yardley / Tips

Merren Tait, left, and Janine Cushing line up to be tested.

Reynolds said he had felt ill, so getting tested and staying in isolation would be the priority now.

“I read on the group chat that there had been a case of Covid and I thought, not at all, you are laughing, then I looked and of course,” he said declared.

They weren’t surprised by the positive case given all the visitors to Auckland that the city normally attracts.

The change in alert level would mean more time working and away from college.

“We’re just going to do the right thing and relax at home,” Ruawai said.

Meanwhile, University of Canterbury math professor Michael Plank said Sunday’s developments were of concern for the whole country.

“The fact that the Waikato cases do not have a clear link to the Auckland epidemic and that they have been infectious in the community for several days is concerning. This suggests that there could be other community cases. Undetected Moving this area to level 3 for five days saves time for testing and contact tracing to establish the extent of transmission in Waikato.

“These events show that even with a relatively low number of cases in Auckland, it is difficult to contain the virus in a city.

“If the Auckland epidemic spreads much further, it will become even more difficult to prevent the spread of Covid to other parts of New Zealand. The message is clear: the Covid is here and it is only a matter of time before it spreads across the country. “

Hamilton City Council has indicated that garbage, recycling and leftover food collection will continue and essential services will be maintained. However, all Council facilities, including playgrounds, will be closed to the public.

Inspections of buildings, construction activities and other services that can be carried out safely in accordance with public health guidelines and border controls will continue.

Thirty-three new community cases of Covid-19 were reported on Sunday, 32 in Auckland and one in Waikato. The other Waikato case would be included in Monday’s Covid tally.

For a list of all testing centers open today, please visit Health point.

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Car park management

ST Engineering makes biggest investment ever with $ 3.6 billion purchase of Transcore

SINGAPORE – Local engineering and aerospace giant ST Engineering has purchased U.S. transportation technology company TransCore Partners and TLP Holdings (collectively TransCore) for $ 2.68 billion (S $ 3.63 billion) .

The purchase of Roper Technologies, a Fortune 500 company, is the largest investment ever made by the publicly traded company and represents a decision by ST Engineering to become a major global player in smart city and next-generation smart mobility solutions .

The acquisition – funded by cash and debt issuance – is expected to give ST Engineering new capabilities and expertise in smart city solutions, particularly in rail and road.

TransCore has 80 years of experience in the transportation industry in North America.

It provides innovative technical solutions and engineering services for applications encompassing the next generation of electronic toll collection, congestion pricing, intelligent transport systems, back office solutions and radio frequency identification (RFID) products. ).

The company is responsible for delivering a congestion pricing project to Manhattan, New York, the first in the United States. Congestion pricing adds a surcharge for services subject to temporary or cyclical increases in demand.

ST Engineering itself has a solid experience in intelligent mobility solutions (rail / MRT and road).

Its suite of railway electronic solutions includes the metro’s intelligent control center, command, control and communications (C3) as well as corporate asset management, automatic fare collection, landing doors and control systems. passenger information. These solutions have been deployed in more than 48 cities around the world.

ST Engineering has more than 60 intelligent road transport projects in cities around the world. These include intelligent traffic management systems, as well as fleet management systems for taxis and buses, parking management systems and advanced transport operations centers.

The Singaporean company sees TransCore opening up a new segment in electronic toll systems and congestion pricing.

“The smart city space has been an important strategic area for ST Engineering,” said Vincent Chong, group president and general manager of ST Engineering.

“TransCore is a solid strategic solution for us and its road transportation solutions will complement and enhance our suite of intelligent rail and road mobility solutions. With this acquisition, we will uniquely position ourselves as a market leader in intelligent mobility. This acquisition demonstrates our continued commitment to create long-term value for our shareholders through sustainable global growth, ”he said.

TransCore’s revenue at the end of December 2020 was approximately US $ 565 million, while its EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) was US $ 143 million. Its backlog stood at $ 1.2 billion at the end of July.

The purchase price values ​​TransCore at an EV (enterprise value) / EBITDA multiple of 16.2 times.

ST Engineering said the deal will generate positive cash flow in the first year and accretive earnings in the second year. He added that the acquisition will not impact its ability to pay dividends.

The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the first quarter of 2022.

ST Engineering is a global technology, defense and engineering group. Its global network of subsidiaries and associated companies spans Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Aerospace Engineering is its largest business unit and it is the largest aircraft maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) company in the world. It is also one of the few companies with in-house technical design and development capabilities. In the United States alone, it has major operations in 16 cities and 12 states and employs approximately 5,000 people.

ST Engineering closed three cents lower at $ 3.78 on Friday (Oct 1).

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Parking space

Vandalized church in northern St. Louis prays for help to rebuild | Metro

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Bishop Lawrence Wooten of the Church of God in Christ Cathedral was one of the first bishops to meet Rozanski when he arrived in St. Louis in 2020, Rozanski said.

“The first thing that came up was, how can we cooperate together as churches to do what we can to improve the life of the city? I think it’s a powerful testimony that we are all here, ”said the Archbishop.

During the outdoor service, which lasted about an hour, the speakers explained how it takes people to build a church, and not necessarily a physical church.

“The church is not just referred to as a building, but the church is where God’s people come together,” Rozanski told the group. He noted that the church was built in 1916, and that Saint Francis was called to rebuild a church. “Today, in 2021, over 100 years later, we come together here aware of this ever old but ever new call from God to rebuild His church.”

Pastor Terry T. Williams of the New Jerusalem Cathedral Church of God in Christ reads a scripture during a prayer service on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at the New Jerusalem Cathedral COGIC site, 2047 East Grand Boulevard. The church has often been vandalized and its services take place in the parking lot. Funds are raised to renovate the church building, built in 1916. Photo by Hillary Levin, [email protected]

Hillary Levin

Bishop Nelson Watts Jr. told the crowd the neighborhood needs hope. As he spoke, a sedan drove past East Grand, a flat tire hitting the sidewalk.

“This place will again be a place of hope, a place of peace, a place of joy, a place we can come to, and not just a denomination, as we are today. We can come together and celebrate together.

After the service, people gathered black brooms and trash bags and entered the dark shrine. Light from the stained-glass windows streamed inside, illuminating the broken glass and pieces of plaster strewn on the floor.

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Parking facilities

Selectmen wants more information on the construction sites of the new buildings of the town hall and the senior center | New

WILMINGTON – At their Monday evening meeting, the board heard a presentation which was the result of a joint vote of the committees for the new senior center and the town hall / school administrative buildings. City Manager Jeff Hull reminded the community that the work is being led by the 2020 City Assembly approvals for the feasibility study and schematic design of the two projects.

P3 Owners Project Manager Dan Pallotta explained how it became apparent as soon as the sites were initially considered that it was imperative to look at the two projects together. To objectively examine the four identified sites, they rated each site against a set of criteria and adopted a matrix to compare the totals. Some of the criteria he mentioned in the review were things like availability of water and gas service, storm water service, adequate parking, site visibility, potential for future expansion, and relative site development costs.

The Swain Green and St. Dorothy Church sites were identified as the two best sites for Town Hall and the Seniors Center respectively, and the committees unanimously approved to submit them to elected officials as next step.

Selectman Kevin Caira expressed doubts that the designers took into account the full impact of baseball fields as a space when they assessed the current City Hall area. He then suggested the possibility of the two buildings being placed on St. Dorothy’s property.

He also asked about the parking requirements for the town hall. Pallotta shared that the suggested number of spaces was 150 based on the area of ​​the proposed building. Caira wanted even more information, such as the number of parking spaces at the St. Dorothy’s site and how much they would take out by building on Swain Green, but the OPM could not provide an answer.

Pallotta replied that the purpose of the matrix and criteria was simply to narrow down sites and pick the best.

Caira then asked why they were counting the Glen Road baseball diamonds out of space considerations. Hull said it was he who ordered the OPM and Public Buildings Superintendent George Hooper to avoid the space on the ground. Hooper added that this was included in the FMP’s instructions.

“We have not explored this opportunity,” Caira continued. “We don’t know the impact on the fields.

He said he wanted to see every stone turned and every avenue explored regarding the three proposed sites.

Pallotta argued that even given the space on the ground, the current Town Hall site did not measure up to Swain Green or St. Dorothy’s by the criteria they used.

Selectman president Lilia Maselli has said she intends to keep the ball fields out of the conversation and asked the discussion to move on to other items. She also asked why Caira waited until this moment to express her displeasure, when he was on the committee that voted to move this presentation to the board.

Gary DePalma’s main issue was with the presentation itself, which didn’t clarify whether ball fields would count in spaces.

“I don’t think we should touch the recreational facilities in the city,” he added.

Judy O’Connell said she was concerned about the Swain Green flooding and wanted to see more opportunities for community feedback in the process.

Greg Bendel stuck to the positives in his commentary on the presentation – mainly that one of the four sites was eliminated as an option. He later said that a visual element could help residents connect and form an opinion.

Regarding new ideas, he suggested reallocating the Roman house area for additional parking at the high school once the new space is built.

The committee disagreed on whether baseball fields should be considered for construction, but Hull summed up their additional considerations and Pallotta said the direction was clear enough to move forward. A tip for consideration was on the agenda for approval, but they passed it.

The council then let a few residents in attendance share their comments, and most felt that the schedule for the new senior center was further delayed.

Suzanne Clark expressed her displeasure especially to the board members who had approved the matrix results in their committees but did not want to approve it that evening.

“I fully understood the matrix because I was at every meeting until now,” she continued.

Bendel responded by saying that the exercise was still helpful even if the process was not going as fast as he would like.

Deborah Russo also said the issues named that night should have been raised earlier. In addition to referring to how the proposal for a new senior citizen center was first made in August 2019, she reminded council that the cost of construction would have been much lower back then s ‘he had approved it.

MJ Byrnes was the final comment, recommending that the board go ahead with only the senior center instead of trying to consider both at the same time.

“I respectfully oppose the idea of ​​us dragging our feet,” Bendel said. “We gave feedback and direction. “

Pallotta also responded by saying that the elderly center project was already ahead of the town hall / school administration and the projects are being concentrated separately.

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Car park management

‘The blunder constantly stinks’: tenants say it’s ‘horrible’ in Salford apartments where The Circle television is filmed

Residents complained about the “horrible” living conditions in a Salford apartment complex where Netflix’s The Circle is filmed.

People living in Adelphi Wharf have reported issues, including overflowing garbage cans, fly infestations and antisocial behavior.

The apartment complex, next to Adelphi Street, consists of three separate buildings.

READ MORE:Latest infection rates in Greater Manchester: cases down in Manchester but up in seven boroughs

They include Adelphi Wharf Phase 1, Adelphi Wharf Phase 2, and Adelphi Wharf Phase 3.

The hit TV show The Circle is filmed in the Adelphi Wharf Phase 1 building and consists of 206 residential apartments.

Although the hugely popular series was discontinued in the UK earlier this year, the US version continues to stream on Netflix.

A resident, who lives in Adelphi Wharf Phase 1, says he has endured a number of issues since moving into his apartment five months ago.

The 27-year-old, who asked not to be named, says the building “constantly stinks” from overflowing trash cans.

He claims that an entrance to the parking lot was closed due to the filming of The Circle, saying the show “prevails” over residents.

He also claims that the building’s apartments are regularly rented out to guests who party until the early hours of the morning.

A broken fire door

Speaking to Manchester Evening News , he said: “Parking is a plus for everyone else because they sell the apartment on the basis that there will be parking.

“But obviously with the delays, people have to park elsewhere and pay for a supply they don’t get.

“I didn’t receive my permit when I first moved in and was later fined twice for parking in my spot without a permit.

“After parking, it infuriates me to know why The Circle takes priority over residents. They closed the entrance so we have to use the exit for entry and exit now.

“I ignored him until they put up security and barriers.

“The gaff stinks constantly because there is not enough food for the garbage.”

Referring to complaints of partying and noise inside the building, the tenant added, “The noise was almost constant, all day long.

“Parties next to us on a weekday were common.”

Several vehicles were reportedly stolen from the parking lot

Another resident, who lives in Adelphi Wharf Phase 2, who also requested to remain anonymous, told the MEN the building’s overflowing garbage cans contain garbage “stacked halfway up the ceiling”.

He is concerned that they may create a fire hazard.

Dust can be found “everywhere,” according to the resident, with Phase 3 of Adelphi Wharf still under construction.

And he says firefighters visit the building regularly because of the dust alarms.

The resident also claims that the fire doors are broken, which was reported to GMFRS.

He told the MEN the residential parking lot only opened recently despite the building being completed last year, he says he received parking tickets after being forced to park in front of the building.

The man alleges that the parking lot’s security shutters broke just two days after it opened, with residents of the three buildings having vehicles stolen as a result.

He added that the front doors also posed a security risk for weeks as the handles fell off, which meant anyone could get inside, leading to frequent theft of packages. They have since been repaired, he said.

“It’s just awful,” he said.

“When you try to work things out, you feel like things are constantly being ignored.

“Looks like they’re trying to build everything before they fix things.

“There are fly infestations in all the hallways that enter the apartments.

“The apartments are rented for bachelorette parties, etc. and many residents have professional jobs.

“The police are always called. It’s constant. They had to call in security over the weekend.

“When I moved in during confinement, I was working from home. It’s hard to concentrate. There are people who party until three or four in the morning.

In a statement, developers Fortis Group Holdings said, “Adelphi Wharf is a three-block development, with each block being handed over to the management company at different stages over the past two years.

“The third block was only recently handed over to the management company and many issues including comments that the building and parking lot are not completed and the dust around the building are related to the recent handover and keeps Fortis Group Holdings in place. to complete development.

Garbage can be seen almost reaching the ceiling

“In addition, the lack of manpower and materials during the Covid pandemic at times prevented work from being carried out, resulting in delays in the completion of development and necessary repairs.

“I would like to point out that Fortis Group Holdings is actively working alongside the management company to address all of the reported issues.

“A representative of the management company contacted and met with a tenant who expressed his concerns; said person was encouraged to act as a representative for the building and to work alongside Fortis Group Holdings and the management company to resolve any issues on site.

“In addition, the management company has offered on several occasions to meet with tenants on site to discuss their concerns, and we would like to reiterate this proposal.

Residents have filed several complaints

“Reports of overflowing bins can be attributed to several reasons. Significant additional collections were needed as a result of the events of the summer including the Euro 2020 tournament, tenants also placed bins outside the bin store and / or next to the bins.

“To combat the problem, the management company has increased the frequency of garbage collection and will continue to educate tenants on the proper use of garbage stores to ensure that they do not leave garbage outside the building. store.

“Regarding the complaints at Adelphi Wharf, it has been brought to our attention that the roof terraces during the summer period are used for large social gatherings.

“Communications were sent to tenants, reminding that large social gatherings will result in the call of the police. Additionally, additional security was put in place over the weekends to combat the issue.

“Regarding the entrance doors to blocks two and three; after initially asking the original installers to perform the warranty repairs, we have since had our own contractors perform the repairs.

“In case of failure, we have the second option to replace the doors in their entirety.

Dust can be seen around the building

“The security of the front doors is the biggest risk to the building and is taken with the utmost seriousness.

“Security personnel and patrols during key moments have been provided to reduce the risk to the building and its occupants.

“In response to concerns about parking lot entrances; this has failed several times and we are actively engaging with subcontractors to repair the faults. In the meantime, the management company has organized a third party to provide round-the-clock security.

“Regarding the fire safety issues raised by tenants, Fortis Group Holdings has published a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and recently submitted the report to the management company for review by order. priority.

“In addition to this, the management company liaises with the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services on the issues raised, meeting with them regularly to provide updates on the work in progress.

“I would like to end by reiterating that we are actively working to tackle all of the reported issues to ensure tenants are happy with living in the development. “

A spokesperson for Xenia Estates, the management company of Adelphi Wharf, said: “As managing agent of Adelphi Wharf, Xenia Estates works closely with the development company Fortis Group Holdings to s’ ensure that all issues related to the recent divestiture are addressed. in an appropriate and timely manner.

“The shares of Xenia Estates have been listed in the attached statement of Fortis Group Holdings.

“Xenia Estates would like to point out that we have regularly communicated with leaseholders and tenants who have raised concerns about the outstanding issues since the handover and are committed to making Adelphi Wharf a safe place. , secure and pleasant to live in. “

Netflix has been approached for comment.

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Parking space

Council threatens beer garden, says pub must provide parking

“We are surprised that there have been obstacles to the approval of the beer garden,” she said.

“We want the beer garden to become a permanent fixture in Vic on the Park, so that we can continue to provide a COVID-safe outdoor environment for our customers.”

The Merivale spokesperson also said the pub has little need for parking. “Most of our customers are locals so they can walk, cycle or hop in a carpool, which makes beer garden a much better use of space for the community,” she said. declared.


Former West Interior Mayor Darcy Byrne was stunned by city council resistance to the pub’s beer garden.

“At a time when we need to convert as many parking lots as possible into outdoor dining spaces, I don’t understand why council would demand the reverse at Vic on the Park,” he said.

With just eight days to go before the lockdown is eased, Cr Byrne said the council’s highest priority should be encouraging alfresco dining in council parking lots and on private properties in the western interior.

“We don’t want people driving to the pub and now is not the time to proactively bow to noise complaints about long-standing places like the Vic,” he said. “I really have no problem with making the pub beer garden permanent. “

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Car parking rate

Why I Carjack; Teens Say It All – CBS Chicago

By Irika Sargent and Carol Thompson

CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago is facing a carjacking crisis.

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The city is on track to surpass last year’s figures. You have heard from victims of these crimes. You have heard police and community leaders trying to prevent these crimes.

But, for the first time, you hear some of the younger auto thieves committing these crimes. They explain why they do it, how they do it and what it will take to get them to stop.

Three teens sat down with CBS 2’s Irika Sargent for a frank conversation.

We give them a voice, not to boast to take advantage of them, but to understand why they do it. Could what they say help keep you safe?

‘David’ is 14 years old.

“If they fight, I drag them out of the car and get on,” he said.

‘Nicole’ is 16 with a long list of carjackings on her record.

“I would say like six. I do not know. I do not count. (Laughs)”

The crimes

There could be hundreds of teens in Chicago looking for their next victims. We know from Chicago police data CBS 2 received as part of a public record request that police arrested 50 children aged 12 to 17 for auto theft. It was in the first four months of this year.

‘David’ was not arrested when we spoke with him over the summer. He told us he had no regrets after committing his first carjacking.

Anyone, anywhere, can be the victim of auto theft. It happens in dark alleys, busy parking lots, even a few steps from your front door.

The victims described their car thieves: “I could just feel his hands around my neck. And “… I leaned into the car and put the gun to my head.” And “… put a gun to my chest and said, ‘If you move I’ll kill you’.”

We have been following an upsurge in car hijackings over the past two years with many victims shocked by the age of their attackers.

The wife of a man who was gunned down while the teens did not understand how to drive his car said in tears: “I want my husband to come back. It’s the worst day of my life.

The daughter of an army veteran beaten to death by teenagers said: “It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Chicago Police have already expanded their carjacking task force twice this year. However, without much success. At the end of September, the CPD had made arrests in only 73 of the 1,203 car hijackings. That’s an arrest rate of less than 6%.

Data on arrests show that 54% of those arrested for carjackings (January to April) were 17 or younger.

So far, you haven’t heard from young car thieves about what motivates them to commit these crimes, how they choose their targets, and if anything will make them stop.

CBS 2 has set up a room to speak with the three teenagers. CBS 2 set it up in such a way that we couldn’t see them and they couldn’t see each other. Nothing else was on the table.

‘David’ is 14 years old

Sergeant: “What attracted you?

‘David’: “The game. GTA.”

GTA is the long-running popular video game, Grand Theft Auto.

‘David’: “If you don’t have a car there, you can just take people’s cars. It sounded like fun. I wanted to do it.”

Sergeant: “Take me back that first time.” “

‘David’: “Me and my friends, three of us, we were walking and I said to them ‘Let’s take a car.’ We saw a man and we ran and cornered him, got in the car and drove off.

Sergeant: “Did he look scared, shocked to see someone so young doing it?” “

‘David’: “Yes.”

Sergeant: “Would you say it was easy?” “

‘David’: “Yes.”

He says getting the weapon was easy too.

‘David’: “People on Facebook and all that. They sell weapons.

Sergeant: “So you were able to buy a gun on Facebook?” “

‘David’: “Yes.”

Sergeant: “And do you find a lot of kids your age doing that?” “

‘David’: “Yes.”

‘Nicole’ is 16 years old

Carjacks ‘Nicole’ for different reasons.

‘Nicolas’: “I had a place to go and I had no way to get there. Sometimes I even sell a car, like buying a car just to make money.

She says being a girl works in her favor.

‘Nicolas’: “They probably wouldn’t expect a younger woman to do the hijacking.”

Sargent: “What types of weapons do you use when carjacking?”

‘Nicolas’: “A knife.”

Nicole has already been arrested. But, after a short stint in juvenile detention, she was back and forth to the hijacking.

Sergeant: “Is this something you always do?” “

‘Nicolas’: “Yes.”

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The community

“In my mind, there is no such thing as an unrecoverable child,” says Tyrone Muhammad.

He spent 21 years in prison for murder. And, before that, as a teenager, he said: “I did the drive-by. I did the carjacking, ”Muhammad said.

He now leads a mentoring group called Ex-Cons for Community & Social Change (ECCSC). The goal? To keep teens from ending up behind bars, using her own life as an uplifting tale. Does mentoring work?

“If you don’t replace their activity with something constructive, where they can see themselves earning a living, then you will never fix this problem,” Muhammad said.

And there is a lot of work to be done.

CBS2 tracks down car hijackings in Chicago. With 1,203 carjackings so far in 2021, this year is on track to surpass last year’s number of 1,414.

These two years together have already reported more carjackings than the previous three years combined. 2,617 versus 2,307. Almost all neighborhoods were affected.

The five hardest-hit communities so far this year:

  • Austin, 93
  • Garfield Park, 75
  • North Lawndale, 75
  • Humboldt Park, 47
  • South Shore, 44

“Nicole” often targets the Loop where there have been 11 carjackings this year. That’s two more than last year.

Sergeant: “What about this area that makes it a prime location? “

“Nicole” says it all depends on how people act: “They’ll think it’s safer for them… like they don’t have to worry about nobody pushing them down. “

Sergeant: “Have you ever hurt anyone?” “

‘Nicolas’: “No. No, it didn’t go that far.

However, she admits it can quickly escalate.

Sergeant: “People are losing their lives because of this. People are crippled because of it. Do you think of the victims?

‘Nicolas’: “I mean yes. But like then, you might not think.

Impact of distance learning

With the increase in car hijackings over the past two years, could distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic be partly to blame?

‘Nicole’ says, “Sometimes I went to school and sometimes I didn’t. Whether I feel it or not.

She adds, “If I was like going to school in person, then it would be less of me to think about going carjacking someone.”

“David” says he didn’t take distance learning “… that serious” either. He said he was bored. And, had more free time to commit carjacking.

And, the recently released first-day attendance figures from Chicago Public Schools confirm what “Nicole” and “David” have said.

For the 2020-2021 school year, day one attendance was 84%. Last year, CPS started the distance learning of the school year. The number of participants on the first day has fallen by 10% compared to previous years.

‘Chris’, 19

‘Chris’, now 19, committed his first carjacking when he was 15. It targets areas like the north side and “neighborhoods with low crime rates but who like rich people,” he said.

He also follows the police, looking for gaps in service, “Which area is the slowest for police cars to come.”

Chris said he stole drivers just to drive around town. But there is another fatal reason. What he calls hot cars are often used in drive-by shootings.

Sergeant: “Was there a time when you used a hot car to get revenge on an enemy or a gang?” “

“Chris”: “It’s a delicate subject. I was in a situation where a hot car was involved.

Chris said he recently quit carjacking. His mother found out what he was doing and kicked him out. He also became a father.

“She told me to pull yourself together and you can be there for your son.” That’s what really changed me, ”he said.

The past and the future

“Nicole” and “David” said their families were unfortunate examples.

“Seeing my brothers go in and out of jail for this stuff,” ‘Nicole’ said.

“I have family members who also do the same,” ‘David’ said. He says it played a role in his carjacking.

Muhammad tries to change the paths of teens by finding them jobs on construction sites, partnering with local businesses, pastors and lawmakers. But is it enough for kids like “David” and “Nicole” to be successful?

“Absolutely not. Not without the right mentors being positioned.” Because as soon as these young people are interrupted by feelings, anger, frustration with life, they go back to what they know, “said Muhammad.

While David ‘and’ Nicole ‘haven’t reached a point where they want to quit carjacking, they’re still talking about big dreams.

‘Nicole’ wants to be a doctor. “Work at UIC hospital or something like that. Take care of people or save lives, ”she said. What does she say to skeptical people? How would she show them that she wants to change? “Get your high school diploma and go to college,” she said.

“David” wants to own his own car dealership and thinks he can do it.

Reverend Robin Hood is familiar with stories of children like these. He mentors teenage carjackers and often associates with Muhammad.

“They are not mature enough to see the big picture, like we would like them to. They don’t see that they can kill someone. They can’t see, they can go to jail for the rest of their life, ”said Rev. Hood.

But, at this point, many do not agree with this. They want them locked up and they will have no sympathy for the younger children when they arrive with such a serious threat.

‘David’: “See, I won’t shoot them. If they are fighting, I like to get them out of the car and get in really fast.

Sergeant: It’s just having that thrill again, is that what would make you do it all over again?

‘David’: “Yes.”

This is not the end of the conversation. It’s a multi-layered problem with a lot of opinions. CBS 2 is committed in the coming weeks to explore the intricacies of this wave of carjackings, particularly those committed by teens like “David”, “Nicole” and “Chris”.

NO MORE NEWS: Illinois State Police Soldier Gerald Mason died after being found shot dead in his SUV on the Dan Ryan Freeway

You can also watch an in-depth Facebook chat about this story with CBS News’ Irika Sargent and Erin Moriarty here.

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Parking facilities

$ 13.5 million apartment community in Sacramento, Calif. Sold by TMG

SACRAMENTO, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The Mogharebi Group, (“TMG”) Finalized the sale of Continental Terrace in Sacramento, a Community of 141 units, located at 6921 Lewiston Way. The property sold with several offers for $ 13,500,000. The buyer was a private investment group in the Los Angeles area.

“Due to the competitive institutional inventory in the Sacramento market area and lower rents than the competition, Continental Terrace has been a quick sale,” says Robin Kane, Senior Vice President President of TMG. “It was our property 1031 exchange platform, from wealthy private buyers and exchanges, who eventually got a private investor who was in a 1031 exchange and bought the property as the top dollar, ” Mr. Kane concluded. “The property offered an opportunity to improve short-term returns by providing the buyer with maximum value.”

Built in 1973/1979, Continental Terrace Apartments is a two story, 141 unit apartment community located on Lewiston Way in Sacramento, California. The property comprises 7 residential buildings and 1 common area totaling 77,100 rentable square feet. The resort is located on a 5.14 acre site with 205 surface parking spaces. The apartments have spacious studios and one-bedroom floor plans. The property has a swimming pool, clubhouse, outdoor picnic area, controlled access community and laundry facilities.

About the Mogharebi Group (TMG): The Mogharebi Group is a brokerage firm specializing in the multi-family real estate industry across California. With unparalleled local knowledge, a vast global network of leading real estate investors, cutting-edge technology and direct access to capital, the Mogharebi Group is the best choice to meet the needs of leading private investors and investment funds.

For more information visit:

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Parking space

Berkeley to open first secure parking lot, leaves some residents displaced

Berkeley opened the city’s first secure parking lot as part of the Horizon Transition Village on Wednesday to provide 40 secure parking spaces for those living in RVs and other large vehicles for 11 months.

The land will not provide parking spaces for families with children, small vehicles that do not meet size restrictions or unusable vehicles. According to Friends on Wheels organizer Yesica Prado, this leaves few options for residents of vehicles that are not eligible for a Safe Parking shelter.

According to a press release from the National Lawyers Guild, families who will be displaced will be directed to a family shelter bed, while others will return to the streets and continue to struggle with parking restrictions.

“The secure parking lot is quite exclusive,” Prado said. “It’s not really going to prioritize the people who really need it, which is the people who live in smaller vehicles like cars and vans, and then families.”

Residents of the lot will have to return to the street after an 11 month parking lease. This is not suitable for most of the 161 motorhomes and 157 cars and vans serving as housing for residents, according to the press release.

Residents of vehicles that do not obtain parking spaces will be subject to towing and will be required to adhere to parking restrictions starting October 7.

Four-hour parking spaces were imposed on Wednesday as a trial parking restriction on neighborhood streets, according to Berkeley City Council member Rashi Kesarwani. Berkeley City Council also established a vehicle weight restriction in the area, banning vehicles weighing more than three tonnes, the press release added.

“It’s a bit unfair to use this social program to enforce parking. On the contrary, it just throws people back into chaos, as they now have to search every three days for a place to be, ”Prado said. “If you don’t provide help to our neighbors who live in vehicles, at least let us help ourselves. “

Prado said she would prefer the city to provide a map showing safe streets with unlimited parking and provide trash and repair services for vehicles. Instead of taking vehicles off the streets, Prado noted that she would like to see changes that would help these residents find housing if they needed it.

Prado added that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for residents from vehicles to access amenities such as showers, but a temporary disruption in parking restrictions has given many community members a “reprieve” from worry about losing their vehicle.

“People are going to lose their homes and the only property they have in their name are their vehicles,” Prado said. “If they’ve been through the eviction process already, it’s traumatic enough, and then when they take to the streets, there’s all this other harassment.

Contact Emma Taila and Lauren Cho at [email protected].

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Parking facilities

Recommended park and ride for the Hollywood bus stop in West Wicklow

A park and ride is expected to be developed next to a long-awaited bus stop in Hollywood Cross, according to a new report.

onsultants carried out a feasibility study of the proposed bus stop facilities in the West Village of Wicklow. The report considers five options, including installing only bus stops, before recommending a preferred option that includes building a park and ride. The option includes the installation of two bus stop areas on the N81 south of Hollywood Cross, bus shelters, a signposted pedestrian crossing from the road, sidewalks and parking lots.

The consultants also suggest that the speed limit on this section of the N81 be reduced to 60 km / h and that other traffic calming measures be introduced to ensure pedestrian safety. Local elected officials have been campaigning for several years for the speed limit on this section of the national road to drop from 100km / h to 80km / h.

Cllr Patsy Glennon and Cllr Edward Timmins both contributed € 5,000 of their discretionary funding allocation to cover the cost of commissioning the report.

A copy of the report was presented to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly during his visit to the Hollywood Village on Monday, September 20 by Cllr Glennon and Cllr Timmins.

Cllr Glennon pointed out that the report recommends bus stops on either side of the road and a park and ride in the village.

He added that Minister Donnelly has received a copy of the report “in the hopes that he will secure the appropriate funding” from the government to support the long-awaited project.

Cllr Timmins said, “I welcome the report and hope it leads to the creation of the bus stop. This is absolutely necessary because we are operating in an unsatisfactory situation when the bus does not have to stop in Hollywood and often does not stop there. This report is an important step towards the installation of the bus stop as it is a detailed report that provides recommendations on the best and safest possible solutions.

Earlier this year, members of the Municipal District of Baltinglass learned that the completion of a consultant feasibility study could be an important step in the process of getting the green light for the installation of a Bus stop on the N81 to serve Hollywood Village and surrounding areas.

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Car park management

Additional parking plans put in place to help cope with foreign visitors

Doune could get a new parking lot in an effort to help the community deal with the so-called “Outlander effect”.

Design consultants Boyd Brothers Ltd have applied to Stirling Council planners to create the parking lot for the old Stirling Council depot in the village.

In addition to at least 34 parking spaces, the project also includes two disabled parking areas, four charging stations for electric vehicles, 12 spaces for bicycles, four spaces for camper vans and a minimum of 16 spaces for motorcycles.

The area has seen an increase in tourist activity after Doune Castle was used for the filming of the cult television series Outlander.

As the village continued to welcome visitors, there was a ripple effect for parking and congestion.

Boyd Brothers has produced a design and access statement on behalf of the Stirling Council for the reallocation of the abandoned depot site on the outskirts of Doune into a public car / bicycle park.

In this, they said: “The community has identified the increase in parking and the flow of vehicles among visitors to the Chateau de Doune as a problem. The proposal addresses this problem by providing overflow parking which, when used, is expected to increase footfall to local businesses, visitors using the parking lot and walking around town to the castle, while reducing car travel. in the city.

“The site has been designed for the future by providing four charging areas for electric vehicles and four areas for motorhomes, given the emphasis on tourism.

“It is primarily owned by the Stirling Council, the surrounding lands belonging to the estate of Moray. The purpose of the design is to respond to the increase in traffic and associated parking by visitors to Doune Castle and the city center, which has increased significantly in recent years.

Data provided by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) showed that in 2013/14 there were around 40,000 visitors to Doune. By 2019/20, that number had grown to 150,000 visitors – a growth of 300% – putting strain on the limited availability of parking.

In 2019, council began the process of consulting with the community regarding a community parking management plan (CMP).

Click here for more news and sports from the Stirling area.

The statement added, “It was clear from the parking data collected, qualitative responses gathered during the consultation and the PPC Steering Group that the lack of available parking to serve the community was a problem.

“In addition, the community and local elected officials have long viewed the Green Shed as a potential solution to parking problems in the village. The depot building was demolished in 2020 and work to advance the designs continued in discussion with the PPC steering group.

“A footpath connects the site to the town and to the castle, so the site lends itself well to the parking available. There is currently no street lighting on the site itself, so lighting will be required. ”

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Parking space

People Gather to ‘Celebrate Downtown’ | News, Sports, Jobs

TR PHOTOS BY JOE FISHER People gathered in the parking lot behind the Tremont building to listen to music and “Celebrate Downtown” on Thursday.

Music echoed through downtown last night as the Marshall County Arts and Culture Alliance and Marshalltown Central Business District hosted Celebrate Downtown.

The event took place in the newly reconstructed parking lot behind the Tremont building. It was organized to celebrate the revitalization of the downtown district and recognize how far Marshalltown has come in the three years since the tornado.

Amber Danielson, director of arts and cultural alliance, said art is an important part of the downtown master plan. Parking behind the Tremont was another project included in the plan.

“This is really the first fully implemented project in the entire city center master plan”, Danielson said. “To me he shouts ‘We’re recovering.’ We come back better than before. This is just the start of progress downtown.

The event featured performances by local musicians Austin Chadderdon and Bon Jecci. The backdrop to it all; a freshly painted fresco spanning the south side of Tremont. It was painted by Justin Nethercut, an artist from Baltimore.

Local musician Austin Chadderdon opened the Celebrate Downtown event with the Justin Nethercut mural as a backdrop.

“It’s really the icing on the cake of the final touch of this project” Danielson said. “It’s been such a long trip and seeing the painting on the wall and the community reaction to this piece and their enthusiasm, it’s been super exciting.”

Those who were able to attend were equally excited to see the progress and the new lively space to come together.

“We are so happy to see everything come back to life after the tornado and the derecho” said Heidi Draisey. “We are delighted to be able to be here and together. I think it’s just a testament to all the good we’ve done, can do, and will continue to do in the future.

Kendra Sorensen said she loved the new mural and was excited about what’s yet to come downtown.

“It’s great that we have more open green space available. So you can have a little of this exterior element ”, she said. “I love Marshalltown for its diverse culture and I really feel like this mural represents that.”

Before the music started playing, a tape cut took place for the redeveloped parking lot. The parking lot was rebuilt by Con-Struct Inc. from Ames. Its reconstruction was funded in part by $ 290,000 from the State Revolving Fund and a $ 100,000 grant from the Water Quality Grant from the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship of the ‘Iowa. The city also borrowed for the project.

“This project and this space have been an effort in the works for 2 years. It feels good to see that come together and to see people come together in this space ”, Danielson said. “We really hope this is just the first of many events here.”

There will be even more public art coming this year. Danielson said the arts and culture alliance is not done bringing murals and exhibits to town.

“We’re wrapping up our mural season next week with three more murals. We’ll have a mural taking place at Thompson True Value, a mural at the Chop Shop in the 13th Street District, and then a surprise. Much work is also underway for the future.

The kids danced to music played by local artist Austin Chadderdon during Celebrate Downtown on Thursday.

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Car parking rate

Electric scooters: Voi prioritizing road safety to “inform and educate” drivers after incidents

Many have criticized the road safety aspects of electric scooters following a number of incidents in the UK in recent months. Voi UK seeks to end this trend by implementing several safety measures to protect drivers, pedestrians and road users from incidents and accidents.

The electric scooter brand is currently being tested in 17 cities and towns across the UK, including Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath and Oxford.

The brand has launched an introductory feature for new riders that will reduce the maximum speed of the scooter, allowing them to start slowly to get used to the throttle and brakes.

They also introduced the world’s first reaction test for electric scooters to discourage drunk driving.

The test activates automatically on weekend evenings and encourages users with poor test results to use safer transportation alternatives.

READ MORE: Drivers May Face a ‘Huge Repair Bill’ After a Fuel Error

“We’ve worked with them to make sure we’re designing and creating a parking infrastructure that works for their stakeholders, which is a really important thing.

“All scooters can be followed by any member of the public and we have people on the street helping to promote the Voi brand by helping to educate and inform drivers when they are going the wrong way.

“We have a strike policy and that means any user who violates our terms and conditions and is caught doing so will be subject to a seven-day ban.

“If they do it again they will get a 30 day ban and if they do it again from our lifetime service, which in my opinion is a very big deterrent.

“It has been shown to be very efficient because the repeat rate for users is very, very low, and on the rare occasion that a user gets a first strike, a very small minority will reoffend.”

The brand is working with local councils and police forces to create zones around cities to help drivers be more responsible on their journeys.

Slow speed zones can be found on the app which are designed to automatically run slightly slower to make the driver more aware of his surroundings, pedestrians and road users.

If drivers break the rules and drive outside of a Voi zone, the scooter will come to a complete stop and drivers will not be able to complete their journey.

Since its introduction, more than 5.6 million trips have been made on Voi scooters, with more than 15 million kilometers driven, thus saving over a ton of carbon emissions.

It is estimated that this replaced two million car trips in the cities where Voi has trials.

Mr Samler went on to say: “Urban mobility is a really important and exciting opportunity.

“Sixty percent of car trips are between one and two miles, and in urban centers, the average speed of a car when moving is eight miles an hour.

“So we just don’t have to be in those two ton carbon-emitting pieces of metal.

“We can replace a lot of that with different forms of transportation, whether it’s scooters, walking, running or e-bikes.

“Right now it’s the start of something, but we think it can be the start of something pretty massive and will ultimately change the way we move in cities.”

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