June 2021

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MG5 EV Review | Automatic express

The MG5 is a no-frills family station wagon that offers decent functionality with the efficiency benefits of all-electric propulsion. This won’t suit buyers looking for sparkle and shine in their driveway, as the MG5 lacks pretension or extravagance and flashy character.

Instead, it delivers what matters most: plenty of space, good levels of standard equipment, usable range, and low operating costs. The MG5 isn’t going to get your pulse racing, but if you can get past the monotonous image, you’ll find a car that just does the job – at a price that makes it hard to resist.

About the MG5 EV

Electric cars are often criticized for being too expensive to buy. With sleek urban runabouts such as the Fiat 500 priced at over £ 20,000 and city cars like the MINI Electric and Honda e at £ 30,000 and up, buyers concerned with practicality and value for money might be put off switching to a new EV

Enter the all-electric MG5. With its functional bodywork, impressive kit list and starting price of £ 25,000 (after the PiCG government grant), it offers a no-frills approach to challenging the latest models in the burgeoning electric car market.

Evergreen electric rivals such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe can’t compete on price and come close to interior space, while the MG5’s significantly lower operating costs could persuade buyers of s ‘move away from the more typical options of the Ford Focus estate and Volkswagen Golf Estate. In fact, the 5 is even lower than the price of its ZS EV sibling, while still offering better overall range.

The MG5 has a 52.5 kWh battery that delivers a claimed range of 214 miles, while a single 154 hp engine drives the front wheels. With an on-board charging capacity of 50 kW, it will only take 50 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%, while recharging (to 100%) from a 7 kW home charger requires approximately 8.5 hours.

There are only two trim specifications available for the MG5: Excite and Exclusive. The former includes enough kit for most, with satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, DAB and Bluetooth radio, while the latter adds luxuries such as heated seats, leather upholstery, access keyless and additional USB ports.

MG has already announced a revised version of the 5 EV for other European markets, scheduled for later in 2021. It includes an increase in power, range and on-board load of 100 kW, as well as minor modifications. aesthetic, although this has not been confirmed for the UK. until now.

The MG5 is more than fast enough for a family estate, but the drive isn’t perfect

As with most electric cars with a single motor, the MG5 uses a single-speed fixed gear to send the drive to the front wheels. However, the car’s soft suspension setup doesn’t translate into a perfectly smooth ride, with the typical pockmarked city roads all too easily felt through the cabin. Things are improving on the freeway, although mushy steering could be better, with entrances not feeling particularly precise.

The MG5 is unlikely to be suitable for the more avid rider as, despite a decent straight-line cornering, the dynamic shortcomings of the estate are again highlighted with a lot of body roll in the corners. Three levels of brake recovery are offered, but none are effective enough to enable “one-pedal” driving – a feature that makes driving in city stop / start traffic easier.

Three individual driving modes are also available: Eco prioritizes the beach, still allowing for a decent turn, but taking a little longer to reach the pace of the highway. In Normal mode you get full power, while Sport mode adjusts throttle response to unlock a slightly unexpected level of performance – although the trade-off is you’ll drain the battery faster.

Motors, 0-60 acceleration and top speed

With 154 hp and 260 Nm of torque, the front-wheel drive MG5 is capable of sending the benchmark 0-62 mph in 7.7 seconds, but probably more relevant to buyers in terms of actual driving will be the brisk 0-30 time. 3.2 second mph. By comparison, the 181bhp MINI Electric has a 0-37mph time of 3.9 seconds, so the MG5 can certainly hold up if you need to get off the line quickly.

Decent range and load capacity will appeal, but the MG5 will be more expensive to insure than you think

The MG5 will be attractive to business users due to its claimed maximum range of 214 miles and zero CO2 emissions attracting the lowest possible benefits in kind rate: 1% for 2021/22 and 2% for 2022 / 23. Competitive list prices, starting at £ 25,000, will appeal to private buyers, while some determined haggle should guarantee a decent discount.

The 50kW on-board charging capacity means you should be able to recharge from 0-80% in about 50 minutes. MG claims an efficiency rate of 3.6 miles per kWh for the 5 EV, which is the same as the MINI Electric, and just behind the Honda e at 3.8 m / kWh.


Both MG5 versions are in Group 32 for insurance, so premiums will be a bit more expensive than a combustion engine station wagon. For example, the Ford Focus range is classified from group 10 to 23, while only the stand-alone ST version of 276 hp in a higher group 34. The MINI Electric goes from group 22-23, while the Honda e is in the group. 25-29.


Data suggests that after a typical three year / 36,000 mile ownership period, the MG5 will retain around 44% of its original list price, which is not as good as its ZS EV sibling at closer to 51%, and is even further behind the electric MINI with 54% of its value retained over the same period.

The MG5 won’t win any awards for interior design, but the standard kit is generous

MG has been owned by Chinese manufacturer SAIC since 2007, and the 5 EV is a renowned version of the company’s Roewe Ei5 model. In recent years, SUVs have gradually shifted sales away from more traditional station wagon models, but the MG 5 represents an affordable, back-to-basics approach to family driving – made all the more appealing by the adoption of emission-free vehicles, fully electric drive.

At first glance, the MG5’s lackluster styling might not seem as desirable as its more modern ZS EV teammate, but it will appeal to buyers looking for decent range and value- price. Yes, most of the plastic materials on display in the cabin are hard to the touch and pretty inexpensive, but the 5 EV isn’t overly utilitarian and a sprinkle of chrome and piano black trim helps soften things up.

The standard kit includes 16-inch alloy rims, automatic headlights, cruise control, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, while the upgrade to the Exclusive trim adds rear rails. silver roof, electrically folding exterior mirrors, automatic windshield wipers, heated seats and a keyless start function.

Arctic White paint is offered at no additional cost, although you will need to pay an additional £ 545 for any of the metallic blue, black or silver hues. The special three-coat Dynamic Red paint color is £ 695.

GPS, stereo and infotainment

All MG5 versions come with an 8-inch color touchscreen, as well as satellite navigation, Bluetooth, DAB radio, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Both the Excite and Exclusive variants come with a six-speaker audio system, although the latter offers 4 USB ports, compared to two for the cheaper version.

With a decent trunk and plenty of space for passengers, the MG5 is a practical family estate.

The MG5 offers more convenience and flexibility than other similarly priced electric vehicles. Generous space in the front helps the driver and front passenger feel comfortable, while the flat floor offers a little more space in the rear.

With its decent 214 mile maximum range, the MG5 is able to take longer trips out of town without causing any worry about where you might pull over and recharge the battery. A generous standard kit adds to the appeal, with cruise control, satellite navigation and a 7-inch digital driver information display making commuting a bit more manageable.

Additional luxuries such as leather upholstery and heated front seats are available with the more expensive Exclusive trim, while the driver benefits from six-way power seat adjustment, an auto-dimming mirror and wiper. automatic ice creams.


At 4,544mm long and 1,818mm wide, the MG5 is a bit smaller than a Ford Focus station wagon, although it is 1,513mm tall compared to the Focus’s 1,494mm.

Space for legs, head and space for passengers

With its five-door station wagon body, the MG5 offers plenty of room for the rear occupants, although you’ll find even more room to lie down in the larger Focus. The headroom is good and taller passengers should be able to sit comfortably behind the first two.


The MG5’s 464-liter trunk should be big enough for most family needs, but there’s a big lip to negotiate, so loading / unloading larger items is more difficult than it should be. ‘to be. The rear seats split in a 60:40 configuration and when folded offer 1,456 liters of space for your luggage.

The overall space eclipses just about every other EV in this price range, but if you’re looking for peak capacity you should look to the Skoda Octavia estate with its 600-liter trunk.

A good safety kit and a reassuring seven-year warranty only add to the MG5’s appeal.

The MG5 has yet to undergo a crash test by Euro NCAP, but buyers can be reassured by the full five-star rating achieved by its brother MG ZS EV. All MG5 versions are equipped with front, side and curtain airbags, emergency braking assistance, anti-roll protection (ARP) and hill-launch assistance, as well as a rear parking camera and an electric parking brake with automatic hold function.

It is still too early to assess the reliability of the MG5, although the first signs seem positive. MG finished in 20th place in our 2020 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey – a marked improvement over 27th place in 2019.

There were two individual entries for MG in the Best Car to Own category: the MG ZS in 55th and the MG3 in 74th. The automaker hopes the new all-electric talents of the MG 5 and MG ZS EV will push them higher on the list in 2021.


A strong seven year / 80,000 mile warranty is offered with all MG cars. That outperforms most other manufacturers, with Ford only offering three years / 60,000 miles of coverage for the Focus and MINI offering the same length, but with unlimited mileage for the electric model.


MG offers a range of service plans to allow you to spread the cost of scheduled maintenance, rather than having to pay all at once.

If you are looking to buy an MG5 EV then why not visit our partner site for the latest offers …

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Be kind while fighting waste

Last year, faced with an influx of trash, the Town of Pine Bluff challenged local organizations to get involved in keeping our streets clean. Organizations have accepted this challenge by joining the city’s new Adopt-a-Street initiative.

As part of this program, participants adopt streets and remove waste from roadsides according to recurring schedules. Participants choose the length of their routes as well as their schedules.

We appreciate our current participants who have taken on this responsibility. They maintain roadsides throughout town, from Ridgway Road on the south side to West Hepburn on the west side to Poplar and Elm streets in central Pine Bluff. This collective approach is essential to creating and sustaining a cleaner city, as waste spreads over an area too large for a single group to manage.

This means that residents take more ownership of the roads they live on and that businesses take more responsibility for the areas around their stores and facilities. Of course, there are individuals who do this work quietly outside of citywide cleanups and initiatives like adopting a street, often without recognition.

They go out early before the sun is fully up or in their free time on weekends, and they pick up trash in neighborhood ditches or parks. It demonstrates a level of dedication, commitment and kindness that we need for Pine Bluff to achieve a better quality of life.

Today more than ever, we need more of this dedication and goodwill among our fellow citizens. We are asking other businesses, organizations, schools and residents to join these efforts by signing up for our adoption of a street initiative. We are asking more citizens to be kind to their neighbors and people who visit Pine Bluff by operating a clean environment. Participants can register or obtain more information by calling the Town Hall.

The streets of Pine Bluff would benefit massively from community maintenance, including recently renovated areas like Main Street between Barraque Street and Third Avenue, the location of our new streetscape.

Of course, relying on individuals to clean up the waste will never solve the source of the problem itself. It starts with the fact that people are just kind enough not to throw litter in the first place.

And not littering is an expression of kindness. It shows how much a person cares about their neighbors who have to deal with the garbage on their lawns, the kids who have to walk past the garbage on their way to school, and the businesses that lose customers because of properties and dirty parking lots.

Waste is a matter of character. To these people, we challenge them to be better, to be bigger themselves. Be kind and don’t throw trash.

Yet, as long as waste exists, we must all work together to eliminate it. We must show a devoted kindness to Pine Bluff and those in it. For those looking to get involved in cleaning up our city, adopting a street is a good place to start. So show your kindness and join us today. Details: Mayor’s Office, (870) 730-2004.

Shirley Washington is the mayor of Pine Bluff.

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Construction of Aggie Park will begin July 6 and be completed by fall 2022

COLLEGE STATION, TX – During their June 24 meeting, the City of College Station was briefed on the progress of Aggie Park, construction of the apprenticeship will begin on July 6.

Aggie Park comprises 20 acres located between the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center, Houston Street, the John J. Koldus Building and Throckmorton Street.

According to the city’s Planning & Development Office, current plans will also adhere to a 1996 interlocal agreement between Texas A&M and College Station, regarding stormwater management.

Funded only through private donations raised by the Alumni Association, the new park will have mini ponds similar to Castlegate Ponds; the tastes of these will come from their water levels during rainy events and will be released later through pipes.

A new parking lot will also be built to contain additional rainwater below.

Additional amenities at Aggie Park include a tail area, outdoor amphitheater, performance pavilion, public Wi-Fi, alumni recognition … and a new building, scheduled for year-round use. for events such as Aggie Ring Day and other traditional A&M events.

There will also be a catering service as well as a space dedicated to food trucks.

Due to ongoing construction, tailgating space will not be available in Aggie Park during the 2021 football season. Tailgating will be available at other campus locations authorized by Texas A&M University.

The grand opening took place in February 2020, with a completion date slated for summer 2022 and the new building for spring 2023.

Construction of the park is expected to be completed in time for the fall 2022 football season.

Tailgating operations in the park after development will include free and paid options and will be overseen and managed by the university and the sports department.

The installation of construction fencing around the area of ​​Aggie Park in July 2021 will affect access to the park; access and parking for the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center; and the location of some Association events, including the Fall 2021 Aggie Ring Days.

To keep up with these construction updates, Click here.


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T20 Blast Essentials: Birmingham Bears vs. Yorkshire Vikings

Match schedules, continuous information, tickets and trips, team news, weather forecast, form, predictions and everything you need to know before the last round of Vitality Blast …

Fixation: Birmingham Bears vs. Yorkshire Vikings

Location: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Dated: Wednesday June 30, 2021

Start time: 6.30 p.m.

What is the truth ?

The Birmingham host flying to Yorkshire as the battle to secure a quarterfinal spot in the Northern Group intensifies. The Bears, the top pointers with four wins in their first five games, have since lost three in a row to drop in the standings, but the overwhelming nature of some of those early wins means they maintain a positive net run rate.

Yorkshire, meanwhile, sit atop the standings with six of nine wins, and is a tough proposition for a Bears team looking to bounce back.

The Vikings won the reverse match of that encounter at Headingley in what was the opening game for both teams in the 2021 tournament. After limiting Birmingham to 144 for 8, the Vikings returned home with nine balls and six wickets to resell.

They’ve lost just twice since then and have secured a particularly complete victory over Northamptonshire in their last outing on Saturday night, scoring a brutal 224 for 3 before beating the Steelbacks for 142 to reclaim the top spot from the Notts Outlaws .

Birmingham rebounded from their loss in their opener by continuing that impressive four-game winning streak, culminating in an 18-point loss to champions Notts at Trent Bridge after posting 229 for 5 on the first batter. However, since then their fortress has fallen, as has their position in the ranking.

This is their third consecutive home game, and having lost the previous two to Derbyshire and Durham, respectively, it is imperative to bounce back if they are to get back into the top four.

Who is in good shape?

Raised at No.3, versatile Yorkshire player Jordan Thompson hammered 74 out of just 35 balls during the Northants demolition on Saturday, with his assault of 49 minutes including seven maximums. He now totals 162 runs in the 2021 Blast at an average of 54.00, but even that is being pushed into the shadows by the number of his teammate Harry Brook. He made 45 points against Northants, which pushed him past 300 points this season, which averaged a stunning 86.00.

Thompson is also having a good season with the ball, as his 11 wickets, including one more against Northants, mark him as the Vikings’ main wicket-taker. Matt Fisher, who is finally enjoying a long run in the team after a few years of injury, took two wickets on Saturday and has nine for the season. Also beware of England spinner Dom Bess, who finished three for 17 on four overs against Northants and is tied with Fisher on nine scalps.

There has been little to complain about for Birmingham in recent games, but away acquisition Carlos Brathwaite has continued to prove his worth, leading the Bears table with 15 scalps. He selected three more against Durham on Saturday, including his former nemesis Ben Stokes. Fellow fashion designer Tim Bresnan, formerly of Yorkshire, also struck twice to bring his tally to nine, but the Bears are sorely lacking in control of isolator Jake Lintott, who could return after this game and who has eight so far. counters.

Middle-order hitter Sam Hain has been a cut above with the bat, scoring 288 runs in eight innings so far, although he has touched the pads in the last two games. Luckily for the Bears, skipper Will Rhodes made 45 on Saturday and topped 200 for the season himself, but youngster Matt Lamb has also touched a touch of form. Since entering the T20 squad for the first time this season against Derbyshire, he has recorded scores of 22 and 39, the latter of which is second to Rhodes for the highest score of the innings.

What are the team’s news?

Birmingham Bear: Coming soon

Yorkshire Vikings: Coming soon

Latest five T20 results (most recent first)

Birmingham Bear: LLLAW

Yorkshire Vikings: WLWWA


Record T20 face to face

Total number of matches: 15

Birmingham Bears win: 6

Yorkshire Vikings wins: 6

Related: 1

Abandoned: 4

No result: 2

Latest Birmingham Bears News

Latest from the Yorkshire Vikings

What’s the weather like?

Keep up to date with the MetOffice rolling forecast for Edgbaston: Click here

Go to the game?


Tickets are on sale for £ 19 for adults while those under 16 are admitted free. Click here for the Edgbaston box office.


Address: Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Road, Birmingham, B5 7QU

Car park: There will be no parking available for purchase in advance or on the same day for this fixture.

Parking will be available on site for annual parking pass holders only. A small number of disabled parking spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Public parking may also be available for payment and display in Cannon Hill Park and / or the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Center. These car parks are not operated by Edgbaston.

By bus: There are regular local ground buses from southwest Birmingham and the city center. National Express buses 45 and 47 serve downtown and Pershore Road, a two-minute walk from the ground.

More information on local buses can be found by click here.

By train: Birmingham New Street Station is the city’s main rail hub with connections from across the country.

How to follow the match?

Birmingham will offer live coverage of the game through their website: Click here

All T20 Blast matches are also available through the ECB’s central hub: Click here

The matches can also be viewed on mobile via the BCE app.

Radio: All Vitality Blast devices will be available on local BBC radio stations with extended coverage also on 5 Live Sports Extra.

Digital: Cricketer will broadcast live scoreboards and updates from every Vitality Blast match in 2021, along with the latest breaking county news and exclusive features. Visit our County center for more.


It’s time for the Birmingham Bears to get their season back on track. Home victory.


North Group

Northamptonshire Steelbacks vs. Durham

South Group

Hampshire Hawks vs. Surrey

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Parking Chaos Returns As Chandigarh Markets Reopen | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: With relaxation on the fringes of Covid-19, chaos can be observed in the city’s paid parking lots, mainly in major shopping areas, which subsequently leads to poor parking management.
Since the lockdown was lifted in almost every part of Chandigarh, people have started visiting shopping areas from morning till night and can be seen struggling to get in and out of parking lots.
We observe that the employees of the paid parking lots are also less numerous and that they only issue paid parking tickets and that no one is there to manage the vehicles inside the parking lots, which means that the random parking is has become a routine matter in almost every paid commercial parking lot in the city. In addition, in some of the busiest paid parking lots such as sectors 8, 9, 17, 22, 26, 34, 35 and 43, entering and exiting the paid parking lot takes a very long time.
The old situation on paid parking is as before the pandemic period. Sources within the civic body’s authority revealed that since paid parking works have just started in the city after a long shutdown of shopping areas, the MC does not want to impose a penalty immediately on parked contractors. However, if things stay the same, they will certainly be asked to improve the situation and the civic body’s parking management will look into the matter, they added.
The lack of smart features also leads to chaos to some extent, as some parked contractors have yet to install smart features in the lots in accordance with their contract terms and conditions. Although the paid parking contractors claimed a few days ago that they had installed the majority of smart features in the paid parking lots, the municipality’s technical team made up of IT experts and engineers carried out reviews. physical inspections and found that although some smart features were in place. , many were still missing, after which contractors were invited to install them. Also in the past, the engineering department had notified parking contractors not to equip these lots with the required smart features.
The Chandigarh City Company had auctioned off two smart pay parking zones to eligible pay parking contractors for more than Rs 10 crore per year. Therefore, paid parking is one of the most crucial revenue resources for the authority of the civic body. Smart car parks include, among others, mobile barriers and electronic ticket machines.
Sources in the MC have said that the entrepreneurs’ plea seems genuine, but it is the General House that will take a final call in the matter.
Two zones, 89 car parks
There are two paid parking contractors and 89 parking lots are distributed between them. The parking lots in the southern and eastern sectors of the city including sectors 34, 26 and 20 have been maintained under parking zone-1 while zone-II has parking lots in the northern part of the city including sectors 17, 22 , 7, 8 and 9 Zone II is the heaviest zone and as many new paid parking lots were added in this zone during the call for tenders, the majority of the paid parking lots are located in the key commercial zone, in addition to some in tourist areas like Rose Garden and Shanti Kunj.

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10 things to know this morning in Australia

Good morning all. As always, a few COVID-19 updates for you this beautiful morning.

1. AstraZeneca’s photo is now available to all adults, Scott Morrison announced after a National Cabinet meeting yesterday. A new compensation scheme will allow general practitioners to recommend and administer the vaccine to anyone, opening the door for those under 40 who want to accept the extremely low risk of blood clots. “If you would like to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, we encourage you to discuss this with your GP,” Morrison said. The national cabinet also agreed to make vaccination of elderly social workers against COVID-19 compulsory.

2. Perth and Peel entered a full four-day lockdown after a third case of COVID-19 was recorded in the region. South Australia also unveiled extend COVID-19 restrictions on a preventative basis, although no new cases have been detected in the state.

3. There will likely be an announcement of financial support for foreclosed New South Wales businesses in a few days, Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said. “I hope to announce this tomorrow or the day after in terms of financial aid,” Berejiklian said yesterday.

4. NSW recorded 18 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. Berejiklian and Chief Medical Officer of Health Kerry Chant have warned that it’s likely we’ll see those numbers rebound a lot over the coming week, and we’re hoping to see some flattening thanks to next week’s lockdown.

5. Les grandes banques australiennes ont indiqué qu’elles soutiendraient les entreprises de Sydney avec des remboursements de prêts différés et une renonciation aux frais alors que la ville se dirige vers un verrouillage de deux semaines. Westpac, la National Australia Bank, la Commonwealth Bank et l’ANZ ont déclaré publiquement qu’elles étaient ouvertes à des packages d’assistance basés sur la situation du client plutôt que des reports de paiement généraux.

6. Un fonds du gouvernement Morrison de 660 millions de dollars pour les parkings de banlieue a été critiqué pour ne pas avoir permis d’optimiser les ressources. L’approche de sélection des projets n’était pas appropriée, selon un examen de l’Australian National Audit Office. 77% des parkings de banlieue sélectionnés étaient dans des électorats détenus par la Coalition.

7. Les ressortissants étrangers ont acheté pour plus de 55,8 milliards de dollars de biens australiens au cours du dernier exercice, en baisse de 33% alors que la pandémie a fermé nos frontières. Le rapport annuel du Foreign Investment Board montre que les autorisations de propriété ont de nouveau baissé, ayant presque diminué de moitié en l’espace de quatre ans seulement. Le rapport montre que les investissements chinois ont augmenté de 16% au cours de la même période, tandis que le Queensland devient rapidement une « destination de choix » pour les investissements étrangers.

8. Une population australienne plus petite en raison de COVID-19 nuira à l’économie pour les décennies à venir, a averti le nouveau rapport intergénérationnel du gouvernement. Dévoilant des projections nationales jusqu’en 2060, le trésorier Josh Frydenberg a révélé que l’Australie est confrontée à un ralentissement économique alors qu’elle devient une nation plus ancienne et plus petite, par rapport aux perspectives précédentes. Une gestion prudente des migrations futures sera «la clé» pour lutter contre ce sort, a déclaré lundi Frydenberg.

9. L’opposition fédérale a accusé la Coalition de présenter une vision étroite de l’avenir économique à long terme de l’Australie dans le rapport. Le trésorier fantôme Jim Chalmers a déclaré que les plans actuels pour stimuler la productivité de l’Australie font cruellement défaut. Les organisations industrielles et les groupes de défense de la recherche ont appelé à davantage d’investissements pour stimuler l’innovation et, espérons-le, augmenter les niveaux de productivité.

dix. Quelques données intéressantes d’outre-mer. Le Royaume-Uni a enregistré un total de 117 décès chez les personnes atteintes de la variante du coronavirus Delta. Cinquante étaient parmi les personnes qui avaient pris deux doses de vaccins – un rappel que les injections sont imparfaites. Mais aucune personne entièrement vaccinée de moins de 50 ans n’est décédée et le taux de mortalité global était de 0,13 %.


La Chine a publié des vidéos et des sons de son rover Mars. Parmi ceux-ci se trouve le bruit étouffant et palpitant du rover descendant le support de son atterrisseur. Les sons peuvent être utilisés pour en savoir plus sur l’atmosphère de la planète, a déclaré un expert chinois.

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Parking space

Construction of a parking garage and community space has started as part of the Kew Gardens prison project

A render of the parking garage and community space (NYC DDC)

June 28, 2021 By Allie Griffin

Workers have opened a community space and parking lot near Queens Borough Hall – the first major step in building a prison in the Kew Gardens borough, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday.

The new facility, which will be 105 feet high, will include a 25,000 square foot multi-use community space and over 600 public parking spaces.

The facility is being built next to the future site of a 195-foot-high jail – where the disused Queens Detention Complex is located at 182-02 82nd Ave. The detention center will be demolished while the garage is being built.

The garage / community space will be erected on the west side of an existing parking lot at Union Turnpike between 126th Street and 132nd Street. The future 886-bed prison will eventually expand both on the site of the former Queens detention complex and on the east side of the parking lot.

However, the east side of the land, with 140 parking spaces, will remain open to the public during construction of the parking lot – which is expected to be completed in early 2023.

The facility is under construction ahead of the new prison – whose earlier proposals design and construction is expected to begin in 2023.

Queens Detention Center decommissioned in 2002. The building will be demolished and redeveloped for Borough Prison (Photo: QueensPost)

The future prison is part of the city’s largest $ 8.3 billion plan to close Rikers Island prisons by 2026 and replace them with four smaller prisons in every borough except Staten Island.

“Today we are one step closer to our goal of a fairer and more equitable prison system for all New Yorkers,” de Blasio said in a statement. “The closure of Rikers Island will make our city stronger and fairer, and I am proud to propose a system that better reflects the values ​​of this city. “

The city council voted to approve the district’s prison plan in 2019, despite the rejection of the four community councils where the prisons will be located.

Queens Community Board 9 voted unanimously against the jail plan, arguing that large prisons should not rise in residential areas.

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T20 Blast Essentials: Glamorgan vs. Surrey

Match schedules, streaming information, tickets and trips, team news, weather forecast, form, predictions and everything you need to know before the last round of Vitality Blast …

Fixation: Glamorgan vs. Surrey

Location: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Appointment: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Start time: 5:30 p.m.

What is the truth ?

Glamorgan languishes in the lower half of the Southern Group standings, with two wins in nine matches and just one in their last five (although two of their matches have been lost due to the weather). In their last outing against the other Middlesex fighters, Dan Douthwaite and James Weighell shared a seventh wicket club record of 88 of 47 balls to help Glamorgan post 170 for 8. However, they had no response to Stephen. Eskinazi, who hit an unbeaten 91 runs from 56 balls to guide Middlesex to a seven-wicket victory.

To compound Glamorgan’s misery, they lost Nick Selman to a positive Covid-19 test on the morning of the Middlesex game, while foreign duo Marnus Labuschagne and Michael Neser were also absent after being identified as close contacts.

Surrey, meanwhile, received a ‘free jail release’ card from the referees during their game against the Sussex Sharks on Sunday. Sussex was 43-1 after 4.5 overs in response to Surrey’s 175-for-7 total before the game was called off due to inclement weather, one point off the “game” threshold of five over. Given that Sussex was way ahead of the DLS rate, the home side were understandably frustrated while Surrey was likely relieved to escape Hove with a point.

Surrey is currently third in the South group, with four wins and two losses in nine matches.

Who is in good shape?

Douthwaite and Weighell put on a show with the bat for Glamorgan against Middlesex. Not only did they enjoy a record-breaking partnership, but the two players also marked their first half-century T20, with Douthwaite scoring 53 points on 31 balls and Weighell scoring 51 of 26. Douthwaite now has 97 points with a strike rate of 144.77 to support his team. -leader 10 wickets while Weighell has 91 leads in four appearances.

David Lloyd also contributed with 29 of 25 useful balls, bringing him to 126 points for the season and making him the fourth Glamorgan hitter to reach triple digits.

Jamie Smith scored a quick half-century against Sussex, recording 57 points on 43 balls while Laurie Evans (31 of 26) and Jamie Overton (28 of 14) again made helpful contributions. Smith now has 148 runs in seven innings while Overton has 97 at a strike rate of 183.01. Will Jacks continues to lead the club’s points standings with 254 points.

Along with the ball, Surrey is one of only four melon-free counties with 10 or more wickets to their name. Dan Moriarty and missing Sam Curran continue to lead the way with six apiece. Among players who play more than 10 overs, Jacks is the most economical, conceding 6.5 points per over.

What are the team’s news?

Glamorgan: LLAAW

Surrey: NRWLLA

Last five T20 matches (most recent first)

Glamorgan: Coming soon.

Middle-sex: Coming soon.

Record T20 face to face

Total number of matches: 16

Glamorgan wins: 8

Surrey wins: 7

Related: 0

No result: 1

Abandoned: 3

Latest Glamorgan news: Click here

Latest news from Surrey: Click here


What’s the weather like?

Stay up to date with the MetOffice’s rolling forecasts for Cardiff: Click here

How to follow the match?

TV / stream: The ECB offers a streaming service which can be found here.

Radio: Local BBC radio and the BBC Sport website will broadcast bullet-by-bullet radio commentary of the match.

Digital: Cricketer will broadcast live scoreboards and daily updates from every Vitality T20 Blast match in 2021, along with the latest breaking county news and exclusive features. Visit our County center for more.

Go to the game?


Ticket availability is limited.

Click here to visit the Glamorgan ticket office.


Address: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9XR

Walk: The most popular and enjoyable way to reach Sophia Gardens Cardiff from Cardiff Central Station is on foot. The final part of the 15 minute walk takes you along the banks of the River Taff through Bute Park and the grounds of Cardiff Castle.

By bike: A popular way to get to the stadium is by bicycle and we are conveniently located to do so, i.e. via the Taff Trail which connects Cardiff Bay to Brecon. The stadium has 25 bicycle parking spaces located under the Altodigital stand and 10 spaces near gate two.

By car

From London: Travel time is approximately 3 hours via the M4 Westbound.

From Birmingham: Travel time is approximately 2.5 hours via the M5 southbound, then the M4 westbound.

From the east : Leave the M4 at junction 29 and follow the A48M towards Llandaff. Merge onto Cardiff Road. Sophia Gardens Cardiff is located next to Sophia Close on Cathedral Road.

From West : Leave the M4 at junction 33. Follow the A4232 for 10 km and exit onto the slip road onto Leckwith Road. Follow the A4161, then turn left onto Cathedral Road (A4119). Turn right onto Sophia Close where Sophia Gardens Cardiff is located.

Car park

Public parking: Parking inside the stadium on match days is reserved for players, officials and license holders. Public parking is available in the Sophia Gardens Pay and Display car park located in Sophia Close.

Disabled parking: A limited number of disabled parking spaces are available for each match day at the stadium and these are allocated on request. For further details please contact reception on 02920 419 381 or [email protected]

Park-and-ride: Glamorgan Cricket offers a Park and Ride service on international match days and other major matches. This service usually runs from Cardiff City Stadium to the drop-off point in Sophia Close.

By train: For details on the regular intercity and high speed trains that run between Cardiff and all major cities, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Swansea, please visit:

By bus: Cardiff bus services run regularly between Cardiff Central Station and Cathedral Road (next to Sophia Gardens Cardiff). Routes through Cathedral Road include:

Circular service number 25 to Llandaff North and North Road

Service number 62 to Llandaff, Danescourt, Pentrebane, Fairwater and Canton

Service number 63 to Ffordd Berllan, Central Station, Radyr and Llandaff.

By bus: Regular high-speed coaches depart Cardiff from most major UK locations. Please visit for more information.


After being beaten by Middlesex this weekend, Glamorgan has little chance of defeating a team of Surrey’s caliber. Victory on the outside.


North Group

Leicestershire Foxes vs. Northants Steelbacks

South Group

Sussex Sharks vs. Kent Spitfires

Essex Eagles vs. Somerset

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Car park management

How could a 12-story building collapse?

Rescuers search the rubble for survivors.AP. picture

Video from a nearby security camera shows what happened Thursday night last week: Much of the complex, on the north side, is going downhill. Eight seconds later, another room collapses. In eleven seconds, there is nothing but emptiness in a place where hundreds of people lay down a few hours ago.

“Structural damage”

On Saturday, it emerged that an engineer had already warned three years ago of the discovery of “significant structural damage” on the property. Newspaper New York Times Watch a report describing the extensive damage to the concrete foundation under the pond. The report also notes a large number of cracks and collapses in the columns, beams and walls of the parking lot beneath the complex – damage likely caused by years of exposure to salty sea air.

At the time, architect Frank Morabita urged the building management to make quick repairs. A multi-million dollar refund has been developed and will be launched soon – after more than 2.5 years of warning from management.

Investigators to determine the cause of the disaster do not have full access to the site. Experts say it would take months to explore all possible scenarios: examining the individual components of the building now buried in the rubble, testing the concrete, and examining the ground to determine if there was another ditch or subsidence that might be. linked to the collapse.


Rescue teams are working on unstable mounds of concrete and steel still on fire, in the hope of finding survivors. It is a delicate job to do in the heat and in heavy rain. Heavy machinery carefully lifts large pieces of rubble to provide rescuers with new entrances into the rubble. Human remains have been found, but DNA tests are needed to identify the victims.

Rescue teams are working on unstable hills of cement and steel in the hope of finding survivors.Image via Reuters

In American media, the resort is referred to as “the microcosm” of multicultural Miami. Among the missing are residents of several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela and Paraguay (including the sister of the country’s first lady), as well as several Israelis. According to locals, every December there was a Christmas tree and a menorah (seven-armed candelabra) in the hallway. “It was a model of an open-minded society in these towers,” Rabbi Elliot Berelson said of one of the five synagogues within walking distance of the building. Washington post. Israel sent an army search team to Florida over the weekend to assist US rescuers.

Faded away

Meanwhile, hundreds of people await news of their loss at a center created for them. To date, four deaths have been recorded. Most people still don’t know if their fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters or friends who live in the 55 destroyed apartments are still alive.

Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.  Reuters photo
Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.Reuters photo

The neighbors are also panicking. At an emergency city council meeting, officials said they were called in by residents wondering if their apartment building was still safe and called for a further investigation of all apartment complexes in the area further. six storeys old and 40 years old. Like a collapsing building.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said there was no immediate evidence other buildings were in danger, but people were being considered for the evacuation of surrounding complexes – although many residents chose to go alone.

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Parking space

Driver shares parking hack that shows we all parked incorrectly

One man claimed that we have all parked poorly in parking lots for years – and showed us the right way.

TikTok user bigbruva_77 shared a video of the technique with his followers – and it quickly went viral.

He was picking up a vehicle from a General Motors lot in America when he noticed that all the cars were parked identically.

Read more: Sainsbury’s buyer finds ‘amazing’ £ 1 hack to save money on weekly supermarket shop

Each car had been parked right on the left row of the parking space, appearing to leave a lot more room on either side of the vehicles compared to trying to park perfectly between the two rows.

In the video, he explained, “What if I told all of you that we parked in the wrong parking lots all the time.

“This is where we pick up the GM trucks, look how they’re parked – they’re parked on the line. See how evenly spaced they are?

“Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line it would reduce the number of hits and give you room to get in and out of your car.

“We’ve done it wrong all the time, all of you.”

Some viewers were impressed with the idea.

One of them wrote: “Wow I can’t believe how simple it is! “

A second added: “It’s like the line is meant to help us.”

But others saw major flaws in the plan – including the fact that we all had to agree on the rule for it to work.

Another wrote: “Your people can’t even park inside the lines, do you expect them to park on them?”

And a third agreed, adding, “I think people will have a hard time parking right on the line, which will probably lead to more accidents.”

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Parking facilities

Dubai RTA opens new model bus station in Oud Metha

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has opened the Oud Metha Bus Station, the newest addition to the ultramodernly designed bus stations, making it a model station.

It is integrated with metro and taxi services as it is only 300m from Oud Metha metro station.

“The construction of passenger stations complements RTA’s efforts to modernize public transport infrastructure and encourage people to use public transport for their daily trips. The new station boasts of a cutting edge design that meets the needs of sustainability and purposeful people needs, while being consistent with the identity and shape of RTA stations, ”he noted.

“The role of the new stations goes beyond the predominant concept of passenger movement to encompass the offer of integrated passenger services such as parking lots, bicycle racks and integration with metro and taxi services”, said Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RTA.

Station facilities Oud Metha bus station covers an area of ​​9,640 m². The station is located in a densely populated area close to Oud Metha metro station, schools, community clubs and business centers.

The station has a ground floor, three identical floors and roof parking. Its design is integrated with the means of public transport in the area because it has spaces reserved for bus stops, taxi stands and parking for private vehicles.

According to RTA, the average number of passengers using the station is expected to reach 10,000 per day in the future.

The bus station has many facilities which include nine operational parking spaces for buses, 11 for out-of-service buses, 350 vehicle parking spaces, 23 bicycle racks, passenger pick-up and drop-off points, did he declare.

It also includes parking lots for waiting and emergency buses, parking lots for taxis, staff and visitors, rest areas for the public, a café and a rest area for drivers, rooms prayer rooms for men and women, offices for staff and public toilets.

The station has points of sale and investment spaces, intended for Emirati start-ups in coordination with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for the development of SMEs.

It also has spaces for self-service and e-pay kiosks, Christmas card dispensers, bus information display screens, customer happiness index, ticket and refreshment vending machines and of snacks.

The station serves eight bus lines, seven of which serve public transport lines and one is a metro link.

Forty buses are deployed on these routes, which connect key locations and areas of the city such as Dubai Mall, Al Qusais, Burjuman, Dubai Museum, International City, Wafi City, Al Seef, Business Bay, Al Nahda, Al Safa and Al Satwa.

Terminals completed The RTA has opened four public bus stations, namely Al Ghubaiba, Al Jaliyah, Etisalat and Union bus stations. Al Ghubaiba Bus Station consists of six buildings and covers an area of ​​2,452 m² and can serve 15,000 passengers per day.

This bus station consists of a bus station and a building with a ground floor, two floors and roof parking. The station has a total built area of ​​19,000 m² and can serve 7,000 passengers per day, RTA said in its statement.

Union Bus Station in Deira consists of three buildings. The station covers an area of ​​2,180 m² and can serve 7,500 passengers per day.

The Etisalat Bus Station, which is connected to the Etisalat Metro Station, consists of a ground floor and a mezzanine. The station covers an area of ​​708 m² and can accommodate up to 4,500 passengers per day.

Copyright 2021 Al Hilal Publishing and Marketing Group Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (

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Car park management

Ongoing complaints along Maui’s Hāna Scenic Drive lead to 387 parking citations

Illegal parking along the Hāna highway June 2021. PC: courtesy

387 parking certificates issued along the Hāna highway

The Maui Police Department issued 387 parking tickets and 83 offender warnings on the Hāna Freeway between Ha’ikÅ« and the town of Hāna over a three-week period, from June 1 to 23.

It’s part of an effort to alleviate and relieve traffic jams and illegal parking along the scenic route that has developed with the recent return of tourism.

County and state officials worked together to put up signs along the Hāna Highway, to discourage illegal parking by warning of a $ 35 parking ban fine and a 200 surcharge. $ for illegal stopping on a state highway.

Installation of the signs began on June 10 at the Waikamoi Stream Bridge at Mile 10. A total of approximately 70 signs are placed along the problem areas identified for the increase in fines, including: the Waikamoi Stream Bridge; Twin falls; Bamboo forest; Ching Pond; Waikani Bridge; Pua’a Ka’a Park; and the HanawÄ« Bridge.

“I understand the anger and frustration of our residents, especially those who live in the Hāna region,” Mayor Victorino said. “I don’t think these visitors would stop in the middle of the road or park illegally in their own hometown and endanger the safety of others, so why are they doing it here? ”


Until this recent change in legislature, all un-awarded parking fines went directly to the state to support the justice system. With the further increase of a $ 200 surcharge for parking, Mayor Victorino said he understands he will go to the state’s finance ministry, and each jurisdiction’s police department will receive half of this fine for enforcement purposes.

Illegal parking along the Hāna Highway, June 2021. PC: Wendy Midgett

Enforcement conducted due to officer shortage


“The Maui Police Department continues to operate with a huge staff shortage. Eighty percent of our workforce is what we deal with right now. We’re 20% short, that’s about 90 officers, ”Maui Mayor Michael Victorino said, less than what’s needed county-wide.

According to the mayor, the Maui Police Department sent an additional four to five police officers each day from Wailuku Station to cross the freeway between Twin Falls and Hāna Town, and sometimes towards Kaupō.

Also during the same three-week period, Hāna agents answered more than 200 service calls, and Wailuku agents answered more than 4,400 service calls, for a series of emergencies.


“A choice must be made between enforcing parking infractions or responding to the thousands of calls that MPD receives each week,” said Mayor Victorino. “I am sure our citizens agree that cracking down on crime is a higher priority than parking infractions, but we are working on other solutions.”

Mayor Victorino met with MPD officials to discuss the possibility of establishing a category for parking enforcement officers. Another temporary solution, he said, could be to increase efforts with the Maui County Park Rangers, but both options require an agreement with the unions representing both groups.

“We are always looking for other areas where we can help improve,” said Mayor Victorino. “We have been in discussions with SHOPO and UPW about adding parking enforcement officers or county rangers. It is not possible to restrict access to the Hāna highway and towing cars in the area leaves visitors stranded with probably no service providers or capacity with a cell phone, and poses a safety hazard ” , did he declare.

Because federal funds were used in the construction of the state highway, county officials note that the idea of ​​restricting or limiting access is prohibited except in the event of a health or safety crisis. such as the COVID-19 epidemic.

During the pandemic, lawmakers reassessed the impacts of tourism and explored ideas regarding traffic management in East Maui. From this discussion arose a reservation system that is now in place in Wai’ānapanapa State Park, which has seen an increase in crowds and commercial visits. As of March 1, parking and entrance fees have been put in place for visitors and out-of-state commercial vehicles, requiring visitors to select a time slot to spread sightseeing throughout the day. .

Kahului Airport: May 29, 2021. Photo by JD Pells
Kahului Airport: May 29, 2021. Photo by JD Pells

Long-term milestones: Kahului airport is “overcapacity”

From a broader perspective, a list of long-term steps has been identified to deal with overcrowding, visitor education and safe parking solutions.

During a press briefing on Friday, Mayor Victorino said Kahului airport was “overcapacity”.

“We met with airline executives on limiting the airlift to Kahului airport. This is the first step in many steps we have to work on, ”he said. “We asked our state Department of Transportation about issues with the doors… They are now planning to get people off the plane, get on the tarmac, jump on a bus and come from the tarmac to the terminal. – an extremely dangerous condition. “

The mayor said he had met with Maui District Airports Manager Marvin Moniz and Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Ford Fuchigami to work on resolving these issues.

Once on the island, visitor education is identified as a key element in ensuring that tourists are aware of the appropriate protocols and policies. “My staff are asking hotels and car rental companies to educate tourists on Hāna Highway considerations,” Mayor Victorino said.

As visitors explore the island, “We are looking for paid parking and other types of parking available not only in our parks, but along our roads for a safe place where people can park and enjoy the sightseeing. “

“This is a complex problem that requires many solutions,” Mayor Victorino said in a press release. “Solving it will take a new mindset and a willingness to try new ideas. It is much more important than passing new laws or assigning more police officers. Maui County needs the cooperation of the business community, our community leaders and the visitors themselves. We need to change the mindset and the lack of civility that creates these situations in the first place. “

Traffic jams with tourists along the Hāna highway June 10, 2021. PC: courtesy

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Parking space

Stephen Kessler | Public health, architecture and parks – Santa Cruz Sentinel

By Stephen Kessler

Try this thought experiment. Imagine that you are a public servant – a public servant, a town planner or a board member – and the value you hold in the highest regard, along with tax due diligence and environmental stewardship, is public health. You work and live in an increasingly urban small town because it is well located, the climate is good and it was discovered as a pleasant place to live. In a rapidly developing downtown area, where five-, six- and seven-story apartment buildings sprout like new growth after a wildfire, there is a city parking lot that takes up half a block and has a group big trees in the middle. Two proposals were put forward for redeveloping the site: a five-story concrete parking structure with other mixed uses, or a public park where people could take a break in an open space amid the growing cityscape. vertical and overcrowded buildings. .

Suppose someone says that your town could save money by putting the public library in a corner of the garage and could help meet the growing need for “affordable housing” by tapping cheap apartments on the facade to hide the car park. Would the library have the cultural and architectural dignity that such an essential institution demands? Are the apartments more than a facade?

What if the idea of ​​the garage-library was still so unpopular that its promoters found a way to double the number of units – housing for low-income people, nothing less. Who could oppose it? To the detriment of the number of parking spaces, this is not clear. Maybe they’ll add a few more stories to the building. Maybe they will mix with other uses. Whatever other uses are mixed with the structure, it will dominate its surroundings like a gigantic monolith.

In your small town but more urban than ever, such a large building should be architecturally distinctive, a work of urban art that would compensate in beauty, sculptural elegance, for its disproportionate size. It should be a tourist attraction. But can the city afford to hire an architect with this kind of vision and artistry? And would such an architect want to invest his imagination in a building that hides a library under layers of housing and parking lots?

But there are other lots in the city on which housing can be built, so these uses could be single-sex and a housing project erected elsewhere.

The park or esplanade proposal is less complicated, less fraught with contradictions and millions of dollars less expensive to achieve. The stand of mature trees – a green carbon collector and a shady oasis – would be the centerpiece of the park. The asphalt from the surrounding parking lot would be torn off and replaced with a tastefully landscaped public square with walkways and benches, a children’s play area, a performance space where seats could be set up or a sprawling lawn, as well as a market space, where artisans and farmers can sell their products and directly engage in social and commercial relationships with their customers.

In terms of public health, what is healthier – a landscaped and usable open space or a rectangular mass of a block 60 feet high? What’s best for people’s sanity – a massive, multi-story structure or pedestrian-friendly urban commons? What’s more climate-friendly – cutting down 11 mature trees to make room for construction, or planting more trees? Do the energy efficiency and “greenness” of the building compensate for the destruction of trees? Is the open space in the downtown core such a fitting setting for a building such as the rapidly developing corridor just two blocks to the east?

Perhaps the promoters of the gigantic mixed-use garage apartment have persuaded you that this is the only place your public library can go. But wait, there is already a public library a few blocks away. With $ 30 million or $ 40 million – in public funds and private donations (about the same amount it would take to build it in the garage unit) – it could be renovated where it is with the dignity and respect it needs. ‘she deserves.

Stephen Kessler’s column appears on Saturdays.

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Parking facilities

Parking studio, Mayfair project on the agenda of the city of New Braunfels | Community alert

New members of Braunfels city council will discuss on Monday a review of the ordinance that would define efficiency and studios and identify vehicle parking standards for these types of housing units.

Jean Drew, a senior planner with the city’s development planning and review department, told members of the planning committee last month that city staff had identified the need to determine a parking standard suitable for efficiency and studios which consist of a common room for living, with a separate room allowed only for the bathroom.

“Recently at various development meetings we have been approached by a number of different projects with an interest in making efficiency apartments, some are new developments and some are redevelopments,” said Drew. “We discovered during the process that New Braunfels does not have parking standards for efficiency apartments, and we also do not define this use in our ordinance.”

Drew said owners of several existing hotels have expressed interest in the possibility of converting their use of a hotel into efficient apartments, meeting both a national trend and the need for single-family housing.

The proposed ordinance would define an apartment or efficiency unit as “a living unit consisting of a single room for cooking, eating, sleeping and living, and a separate room for bathrooms and toilets, also called studio or unit ”.

The proposal would set the parking standard at 1.1 spaces per unit.

Also on the agenda, items that will govern Mayfair’s development, a 1,900-acre proposed project along Interstate 35 just north of the city limits is expected to add thousands of residential housing units and commercial and light industrial development, as well as additional parks and school spaces.

Items council members should consider include the creation of Comal County Water Improvement District No.3 and the adoption of a development agreement with the SouthStar communities of New Braunfels.

Council members will also issue a proclamation recognizing the International Year of Caves and Karst.

Also at Monday’s meeting, board members are expected to:

  • Consider an amendment to an existing MoU with New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) for the payment of funds for a temporary part-time Watershed Educator position at Headwaters in Comal.
  • Consider the investment report for the second quarter of fiscal 2021.
  • Consider a purchase through Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, LLC for a new original fire truck built by Pierce Manufacturing for an amount not to exceed $ 725,000.
  • Consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning the request to abandon a 0.366 acre portion of the right-of-way of rue Tolle, located between avenue Gilbert Sud and the terminus of rue Tolle.
  • Consider the second and final reading of an ordinance establishing the number of positions in each classification within the New Braunfels Fire and Police Department, as well as an increase in the budget passed for fiscal year 2021.
  • Consider second reading of an ordinance granting the right to members of the board of directors of New Braunfels Utilities to waive annual compensation and revoke that waiver and reinstate annual compensation at any time.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance regarding the proposed rezoning at 46 Guada Coma Drive, from the single-family district “R-1A-6.6” to the single-family and two-family district “R-2A”.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an order regarding an approximately 60.1 acre rezoning project located east of the intersection of FM 1044 and Michelson Lane, in the agricultural / pre-development district ” APD ”to lot zero“ ZH-A ”Reception area of ​​the line.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning a proposed rezoning to apply a type 2 special use permit in order to adopt a site plan and establish development standards for a center of resort located in the 700 block of North Walnut Avenue.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of a revised ordinance defining functional apartments / studios and identifying parking standards for functional apartments / studios.
  • Discuss and consider the possible action of a sponsorship program for the new West Branch of the New Braunfels Public Library.
  • Hold a second public hearing and consider possible guidance to staff regarding the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual block grant action plan and its associated funding recommendations for the 2021 program year.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance modifying the project plan and the financing plan of the reinvestment zone of reinvestment zone No. 1; consider a second amendment to the economic development agreement with AL 95 Creekside Town Center, LP
  • Discuss and consider a derogation to allow another pedestrian access plan adjacent to the existing Zipp Road for the Highland Ridge Subdivision.
  • Hold a public hearing and consider the first reading of an ordinance concerning a rezoning project to apply a special use permit to allow the short-term rental of a single-family house in the commercial district “C-3” at 218, S. Peach Avenue.
  • Discuss and consider a resolution to remove a segment of the secondary artery identified in the city traffic plan which is the future extension of County Line Road from FM 1044 to Engel Road associated with the proposed 1845 subdivision located at 1890 FM 1044 .
  • Hold an appeal hearing for relief from the allocation of municipal infrastructure costs associated with the proposed 1845 subdivision located at 1890 FM 1044.

The meeting will also include time for residents to address Council on issues and areas of concern that are not on the agenda.

Monday’s council meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber at New Braunfels Town Hall, 550 Landa Street, and via Zoom at .

Those wishing to join the meeting without video can call (833) 926-2300 and enter the webinar ID number, 893 3200 4990

The meeting will be televised live on the government’s Spectrum Access Channel 21, AT&T Access Channel 99 and streamed live on the city’s website,

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

(NEXSTAR) – First responders from the Miami-Dade Fire Department are working tirelessly to find potential survivors after the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers Condo on the shore. A video of the apartment’s garage shows.

On Thursday evening, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team (MDFR) shared on Twitter a video that appeared to show firefighters and rescue technicians digging the walls of an underground parking lot at a surfboard apartment. MDFR’s Florida Task Force-1 and the Technical Rescue Team search and rescue teams are one of the teams working to free the trapped population, the MDFR said.

In the video, workers were also seen walking through the basement garage in water as deep as their knees.

“Firefighters continue to work to identify potential victims while dealing with significant damage and changing the condition of parking lots,” the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team wrote in a tweet.

After the building partially collapsed on Thursday, rescue teams continue to search for signs of life above and below a pile of rubble more than 30 feet tall. Cranes are used to remove debris from the summit, and workers are digging rock drills and tunnels from the bottom at the same time, Miami-Dade Fire Chief Raid Jadara said.

“Whenever we hear the sound, we are focusing on the area,” Jadara said at a press conference on Friday morning. “It could be just a twist of steel, it could be a lump of rain, but it isn’t the sound of a bang or the human voice in particular.”

In addition to other first responders and rescue teams, around 130 firefighters are involved in the recovery effort.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the total number of unexplained people rose to 159 on Friday morning.

“In addition, we can tragically report that the death toll has reached four,” she said. Press conference. However, the mayor added that these figures remain “fluid”.

President Joe Biden will also endorse Florida’s declaration of emergency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will support disaster relief efforts and provide the necessary resources “to mitigate the effects of emergencies.” Approved. Ad..

Mayor Daniela Levin Kara said resources for condominium residents and their families are now provided to the Family Reunification Center, where they can receive food, shelter, money and bereavement counseling. . I can do it. She also encourages them “Widely” Donate to the relief efforts at

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

Source link Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shares video of rescue team digging basement of collapsed condominium

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Car parking rate

Unitronics, Citylift, Boomerang Systems, FATA Automation – News from ERX

A new informative report titled Global Automated Parking Systems Market Report 2021 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2027 “ recently posted by Credible markets to its massive database that helps shape the future of businesses by making well-informed business decisions. It offers a comprehensive analysis of various business aspects such as Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 impacts, global market trends, recent technological advances, market shares, size and new innovations. Additionally, this analytical data has been compiled through data mining techniques such as primary and secondary research. Moreover, an expert team of researchers sheds light on various static and dynamic aspects of the global automated parking systems market.

The Global Automated Parking Systems Market report provides an in-depth examination of the expansion drivers, potential challenges, distinguishing trends, and opportunities for the market players to enable the readers to fully understand the global Automotive Parking Systems Market landscape. automated parking. The top key manufacturers included in the report alongside market share, inventory determinations and numbers, contact details, sales, capacity, production, price, cost, revenue, and business profiles . The primary objective of the Global Automated Car Parking Systems industry report is to provide key information regarding competitive positioning, current trends, market potential, growth rates, and other relevant statistics.

Sample request with complete table of contents and figures and graphics @

By the main key players

Boomerang Systems
FATA automation
Klaus Multiparking
Robotic parking systems

By types

Rotary carousel
Quick parking
Multiple parking
Optima parking

By applications

Office building

Later, the report provides a detailed analysis of the major factors fueling the expansion of the global automated parking systems market in the coming years. Some of the major factors driving the growth of the Global Automated Parking Systems Market are-

  • Buyers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • End user industry

Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historical and forecast (2015-2027): United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and rest of the world

Direct purchase this market research report now @;utm_source=Pramod&utm_medium=SatPR

Some points from the table of contents

Global Automated Parking Systems Market Research Report with Opportunities and Strategies to Drive Growth – Impact and Recovery of COVID-19

1 Market overview

2 Market dynamics

3 Assessment of the associated industry

4 Competitive market landscape

5 Analysis of leading companies

6 Market Analysis and Forecast, by Product Types

7 Market Analysis and Forecast, by Applications

8 Market Analysis and Forecast, by Regions

9 Global North America Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

10 Europe Global Automated Car Parking Systems Market Analysis

11 Global Asia-Pacific Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

12 Global South America Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

13 Global Middle East & Africa Automated Parking Systems Market Analysis

14 Conclusions and recommendations

15 Annex

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Points covered in the report

• The points discussed in the report are the major market players involved in the market such as market players, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, end users, traders, distributors etc.

• The complete profile of the companies is mentioned. And the capacity, production, price, turnover, cost, gross margin, sales volume, turnover, consumption, growth rate, import, export, the offer, future strategies and the technological developments they achieve are also included in the report. This report analyzed historical data and 12-year forecasts.

• The growth factors of the market are discussed in detail and the different end-users of the market are explained in detail.

• Data and information by market player, region, type, application, etc., and custom searches can be added according to specific needs.

• The report contains the SWOT analysis of the market. Finally, the report contains the conclusion part where the opinions of industrial experts are included.

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Parking facilities

Beach Huts and Cafe Plans in Littlestone on Romney Marsh

Plans to invest nearly a million pounds in creating a “coastal destination” on Romney Marsh have come to light.

The project was unveiled in a new report that features a proposal to add more than 100 beach cabanas, washrooms and changing rooms, vacation rentals, a cafe and a concession stand in the Coast Drive parking lot in Littlestone.

Visualization of proposed improvements to the Romney Marsh shoreline. Photo taken from the documents of the council office

Better car parks are also planned, as well as improvements to the public domain which “will create a real destination for visitors”.

The project was discussed by cabinet members of the Folkestone and Hythe district council.

Cllr David Wimble (Ind) said, “There isn’t a single person in New Romney who isn’t behind this. They all think it’s a great idea.

Cllr David Godfrey (Con) said it will be a great attraction that will improve the area and attract visitors.

About 28 cabins already line the waterfront at Littlestone-on-Sea, near the New Romney Sea Cadet building.

Coast Drive parking lot as it is now.  Photo: Google
Coast Drive parking lot as it is now. Photo: Google

But this new project would allow the installation of 108 additional colorful beach huts, with a promenade in front of them.

The cabins would be staggered so that each had a view of the sea.

A new modern toilet facility is also planned, with a proposed cafe or kiosk also included in the design to “generate income and expand the offering on site”.

Improved parking layout is also needed – allowing 72 spaces – as well as new bins and panels, with the possibility of adding solar panels to provide green energy.

A drawing of the project, as well as a layout of the masterplan, were included in the firm’s report.

The existing beach huts at Littlestone.  Photo: Susan Pilcher
The existing beach huts at Littlestone. Photo: Susan Pilcher

Subject to a building permit, it is hoped that the device will be in place by summer 2022.

The total cost of the project is estimated at £ 893,000.

Existing council funding allocated of £ 375,000 would go to the project, and it is proposed to add the additional £ 518,000 needed for the loan in FY 2021/22.

The council hopes to see a return of almost £ 2million over 25 years.

The cabinet report said, “The coastal swamp areas are highly valued throughout the summer season and welcome a large number of tourists while providing recreation space for local residents.

Folkestone's new beach huts.  Photo: @thierry_bal on Instagram
Folkestone’s new beach huts. Photo: @thierry_bal on Instagram

“As in all parts of the Folkestone and Hythe district, the numbers have been increasing year on year and more and more during the pandemic.

“Managing these numbers, while actively promoting and supporting areas that are moving forward, is important.

“The investment in Coast Drive Car Park will create a coastal destination, boost tourism and business on the marsh while providing an important source of income for the council.

“This project shows investment in the swamp by the council and with the proposed long-term actions presents an exciting opportunity not only for the swamp but for the entire district.”

Other locations – the parking lot at St Mary’s Bay and Fisherman’s Beach at Hythe – were also considered for the program, but Littlestone was seen as the best option, the report says.

“The investment in Coast Drive Car Park will create a coastal destination. “

The project would follow a similar development at Folkestone, where its existing beach huts have been renovated and wooden ones added.

This device currently has 100% occupancy rates with a waiting list of over 800 people.

Last year, plans to build 20 new homes in the Coast Drive parking lot were rejected by members of the Folkestone & Hythe council planning committee.

Opponents said the project would have an impact on neighbors, the environment and tourism, as essential parking spaces on the beach would be lost.

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Read more: All the latest news from Romney Marsh

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Car park management

CS orders Deptts to complete PMDP projects in current fiscal year

CS orders Deptts to complete PMDP projects in current fiscal year

On Thursday, Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta reviews PMDP plans in Srinagar.

Excelsior correspondent
SRINAGAR, June 24: Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta chaired a meeting to review the sectoral implementation of PMDP projects in terms of physical and financial progress made to date. Departments were ordered to complete all projects this fiscal year, as there would be no fallout in the following fiscal year.
The administrative secretaries of the departments of Housing and Urban Development, Energy Development, Jal Shakti, Planning, Development and Supervision, Youth Services and Sports, Food, Civilian Supplies and consumption, as well as the commissioner, the general manager of Srinagar Smart City participated in the meeting.
At the start, the Administrative Secretary of the Planning, Development and Monitoring Department made a detailed presentation on the status of PMDP projects underway in Jammu and Kashmir.
Dr Mehta asked the administrative secretaries to monitor the execution of PMDP projects and to focus on completing the projects on time. Extensive deliberations were held to review the progress of major development projects aimed at increasing infrastructure in the areas of electricity, sports, irrigation and flood control, as well as water supply. housing and urban development.
He stressed that the restoration of Dal and Nigeen lakes is a priority for the government and that their rehabilitation should be undertaken intensively to ensure large-scale weeding of water bodies within three months. He asked the Department of Housing and Urban Development to undertake regular monitoring of water quality parameters including pH, turbidity, dissolved solvents, e-coli and BOD levels of these lakes.
As part of the Smart City mission, the chief secretary asked the department to complete the first phase of the Jhelum river front by September 30, 2021. In addition, the department was asked to complete the parking lot of surface at Kothibagh, the integrated traffic management system and integrated control and command. Center before June 30, July 15, and August 31, 2021, respectively.
He asked the ministry to develop a suitable upgrade project for Batmaloo bus station to provide better services to commuters and travelers.
In the sports sector, the Chief Secretary reviewed the progress of sports infrastructure at Bakshi Stadium. He was informed that 94% of works worth Rs. 164 crore have been completed. It has been decided that the stadium will be open to the public before August 15, 2021.
He also reviewed the progress of various iconic projects in Jammu and Kashmir including the Kwar and Ujh hydroelectric projects (HEP and Metrolite Rail for the cities of Srinagar and Jammu.
Further, while reviewing the megaprojects of the Biotech Park in Handwara and the Industrial Biotech Park in Ghatti, Kathua which are being built in collaboration with ICMR and IIIM as knowledge partners, Dr Mehta asked the relevant department to consult stakeholders from various educational and research institutions. from Kashmir; in order to ensure results that can benefit the entire population.

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Parking space

New Farmers Market, Upcoming Flea Market in Kimball Township

They may be in the waiting phase of develop their 20,000-foot greenhouse project in Kimball Township, but Sindy and Luke Marion do not leave the property idle.

The couple will be holding farmer’s markets, flea markets and a food truck stop this summer at 25 Range Road. These events will take place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, starting July 2 and continuing through the first week of September, said Luke Marion.

He said there have been so many times in the past that he has wanted to do something like this, helping to connect local farmers and consumers. Now he has the space to do it.

“I really want to give it my all,” he said.

Les Marion, owners of downtown Port Huron MIgardener Companies, Bella Bolla and BEAUTY, bought the property in September and began to develop it in November.

Luke and Sindy Marion, who own the downtown Port Huron businesses MIgardener, BellaBolla and batchmade BEAUTY, pictured at 25 Range Road in Kimball Township on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

The plan is to build a greenhouse year round and have a tree and shrub nursery, trial gardens and possibly an event center. Luke Marion said the development will increase by $ 2 million and is expected to create more than 30 jobs.

The couple are awaiting environmental approvals and hope to start the project this fall, with plans to open the greenhouse in the spring of 2022.

“Things are moving forward, we are working with the right people,” said Luke Marion.

Because they’ll have a finished parking lot, “we might as well use the space for something,” and they want to generate publicity and buzz for what’s going to be there with the events, he said.

Marion said they connect farmers and food trucks that have been relocated in recent months with potential customers. The aim is to give them a place with “first-rate visibility” at an affordable price.

A farmers market and flea market are planned for the property at 25 Range Road in Kimball Township.  The market is scheduled to start on July 2 and take place every Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The parking lot has enough space for 50 vendors. Vendors pay $ 20 for a 10-by-10-foot space for the day, Marion said.

The money earned from leasing the sites will go towards property taxes and costs associated with the land pending further development, he said.

The Marion’s want the focus to be mostly on farmers, but they had six people interested in doing crafts at the market and two food trucks. They had confirmed responses from eight people and interest from 15 to 20 more on Monday.

“Places are filling up quickly,” said Marion.

Those interested in becoming sellers can contact the couple at [email protected] with “Seller interest” in the subject line, he said.

Read more:

One person interested in becoming a vendor at the new flea market is Port Huron resident Megan Noel, who co-owner of “Just for laughs and crafts” with Kelly Sparby from Richmond.

She hopes to have her custom artwork, signage and garden game business at the event later in July and said being part of the Kimball Township flea market would allow them to grow the business and to meet new people in the community of craftsmen and sellers.

“Small businesses need a way to reach new customers after the effects of the pandemic and this will give us a new market and new people to gain as customers,” she said in a post. written.

Contact Bryce Airgood at (810) 989-6202 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @ bairgood123.

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Car parking rate

Global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) Market Major Manufacturers, Growth Drivers, Growth Rate and Forecast 2021-2027 – The Manomet Current

Global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) Market Research Report 2021-2027 issued by Market research location provides current and upcoming technical and financial details of the industry. It is one of the most comprehensive and important additions to our market research archive. It offers detailed research and analysis of the main aspects of the global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) market. The report presents a comprehensive overview of the crucial elements of the market including historical developments and analysis of the current scenario and future projections based on detailed scenarios. The report is immediately broken down into various types and applications.

Rivalry Scenario for Global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) Market Including Business Data of Major Companies:

  • Indect
  • Automate
  • Sensortec
  • Somfy
  • Entrance vision
  • Delphi
  • Siemens
  • AKE parking
  • Parking Sieger
  • BGIL

NOTE: Our report highlights the main issues and dangers that businesses could face as a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.


The provides estimates on global Automotive Parking Guide System (PGS) industry volume, market share, market trends, growth aspects, a wide range of applications, usage rate, supply and demand analysis, manufacturing capacity. The report contains key insights derived from the use of a mixture of primary and secondary research with the aim of providing a holistic picture of the market. The main research is based on supplier briefings, online surveys, as well as interviews with industry experts and centers of influence. Whereas, secondary research has focused on the study of company reports and publications, industry journals and publications, proprietary tools and databases.

The product terrain of the Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) Market is categorized into

The scope of application of product offerings is fragmented into

  • Passenger car
  • Commercial car

The global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) market segmentation is done in terms of markets covered, geographic scope, years considered for study, and price. The report then explores the key factors including supply and demand scenario, price structure, profit margins, production and value chain analysis. It also studies the market condition, growth rate, market share and future trends. The main market players enjoy a dominant presence all over the world. The research aims to educate buyers on critical impact factors such as drivers, challenges and opportunities for market players and risks.

The report offers an in-depth assessment of the growth and other aspects of the market in important countries (regions), including:

  • North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, rest of Europe)
  • Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, rest of South America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

The report serves as a tray of the following information:

The report interviewed manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and industry experts about this industry, involving recent sales, revenue, demand, price change, product type, development, and plan, industry trends, drivers, challenges, obstacles and potential risks. This study covers the investigation and the elements and demands of the market which give an overall situation of the company. The document provides the guidelines and guidance for the newly established companies and individuals who have recently entered the global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) market.


Reasons to buy this report:

  • End-to-end review and analysis of market events and their association
  • A comprehensive compilation of large market segments
  • A comprehensive demonstration of the business decisions and activities of the manufacturer driving revenue feasibility in the global Automotive Parking Guidance System (PGS) Market
  • A comprehensive assessment of the competition spectrum, including relevant details on key and emerging players

Customization of the report:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Please connect with our sales team ([email protected]), who will make sure you get a report that’s right for you. You can also contact our leaders at + 1-201-465-4211 to share your research needs.

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Car park management

$ 816 million budget helps create a safer, more secure future on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council

Creating a more secure and secure future for our community remains at the center of attention, with the Sunshine Coast Council approving its $ 816 million budget for 2021/22.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the budget will continue to support the region’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 by investing $ 268 million in job-creating local infrastructure projects, supporting retirees through concessions increases and by increasing spending on front-line services for our community.

“We delivered a thoughtful budget focused on local recovery without an increase in the general minimum rate, which is good news for the majority of taxpayers,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“COVID-19 has caused the most severe global economic crisis in over a century and we are not out of the woods yet.

“One only needs to look at the recent interstate lockdowns and our own experience earlier this month to understand how vulnerable communities can be during the recovery process.

“Thanks to our board’s track record of disciplined financial management, we entered the pandemic last year with a strong budget position with a disaster rehabilitation reserve of $ 5 million.

“This reserve allowed us to respond when we needed it, and we gave each taxpayer a one-time COVID rebate of $ 35 last year.

“This year, the board looks to the future once again as we balance our investments in our environment, community and economy and continue to support our region’s recovery efforts.

“In keeping with our role as stewards of our community’s well-being, we will restore the $ 5 million Disaster Rehabilitation Reserve that will be set aside to help us recover from a future major disaster.

“Our council also responds to what matters most to our community by increasing our investment in services on the ground, such as the maintenance of parks and gardens, community facilities, sports arenas and the provision of health and wellness programs. of well-being – that will help all people, more often.

“The reestablishment of the $ 5 million disaster rehabilitation reserve and increased field services will be funded by removing the 5% discount for on-time rate payment.

“It’s a financially prudent approach to support our growing community, while avoiding a widespread increase in the general rate.

“The Council, however, remains committed to assisting taxpayers who cannot pay in full by the due date and will continue to suggest payment terms.

“Anyone experiencing financial difficulties need only contact the city council before their tariffs expire, to arrange payment over a six-month period, without interest. “

Mayor Jamieson said council also recognized the financial hardships faced by retirees in our community.

“All retirees will benefit from a 14% increase in their preferential retiree rate,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“Sole proprietors with full board will receive a grant of $ 262, an increased benefit of $ 32.

“Those who receive a partial pension will also benefit, ranging from $ 9 to $ 25, bringing their concession to between $ 74 and $ 205, depending on whether they own the property alone or jointly.”

Mayor Jamieson said the council will continue its commitment to carry out a substantial capital works program, investing $ 268 million in the area, which would help support a stronger local economy, create jobs and give access to new services and facilities for our community.

He also reaffirmed the board’s commitment to prioritizing local businesses as part of its sourcing agreements wherever possible, having spent $ 241 million with local suppliers in the current fiscal year to to June 1.

“While our budget is focused on helping our community and local businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19, we have not neglected our enduring commitment to protect our environment and our natural assets,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“The environmental tax will increase from $ 4 to $ 80 and raise $ 11.9 million to continue to support our environmental partnerships and grants, education and other incentives, the purchase and management of land for conservation purposes.” , coastal catchment and rehabilitation projects.

“It is important to note that this year’s $ 4 royalty increase will bring in $ 600,000 which will be allocated to improving the region’s response to weeds.

“This will involve targeted weed management demonstration programs, building partnerships with the community, industry and other agencies and a focus on exploring and testing new technologies to improve the identification and management of weeds.

“The heritage tax will remain at $ 13 and raise $ 1.9 million to continue to support a wide range of initiatives to promote the heritage stories and assets of our region.

“It will also support community museums, historical societies and cultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and the descendants of the Australian peoples of the South Sea Islands.”

The transportation tax will remain at $ 44, allowing $ 6.5 million to be directed to many projects, including finalizing the options analysis for the Sunshine Coast transit project; the implementation of the five-year travel behavior change program; improving the possibilities of safe walking and cycling to selected bus stops; support and monitor the new Ridescore Active Schools trial program in selected schools; support the Council Link service for eligible people going to the nearest center; continuation of Flexilink services; and the Kenilworth Community Transportation Service.

To account for the increase in contractor expenses, the cost of collecting a standard 240-liter household garbage can will increase by $ 7.70, from $ 309.10 to $ 316.80.

The Council’s $ 816 million budget includes:

  • $ 24.6 million for Mooloolaba Transport Corridor Modernization: Stage 2 – Brisbane Road to Kyamba Court, including the new Mayes Canal Bridge (including funding of $ 12 million from the Australian government through the $ 4 billion urban congestion) and Stage 3 – Brisbane Road / Walan Street / Hancock Street intersection
  • $ 23.3 million to seal and rehabilitate the council’s sealed road network, including Old Gympie Road, Glass House Mountains
  • $ 13 million to build a new multi-story parking lot in downtown Maroochydore
  • $ 5.7 million to continue waterproofing the council’s gravel road network, including Zgrajewski Road, Yandina Creek; Oyster Bank Road, Bli Bli; Citrus Road, Palmwoods
  • $ 3.6 million to build a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge on Stringybark Road, Buderim
  • $ 2.1 million in funding for the $ 2.32 million Citrus Road upgrade, Palmwoods
  • $ 1.5 million (jointly funded with the Ministry of Transportation and Major Roads) for the detailed design of the corridor modernization from Nicklin Way to Omrah Avenue in Caloundra.
  • $ 840,000 to modernize the intersection of Queen Street and Bower Street in Caloundra
  • $ 620,000 to build a curb and pipeline between Conebush Road and Coolibah Street, Mudjimba
  • $ 575,000 to upgrade the entrance road and parking lot at Mooloolah Valley Sports Complex, Mooloolah Valley
  • $ 359,000 to design and begin construction of on-road parking along Obi Lane South, Maleny
  • $ 300,000 to upgrade the intersection of the Coolum Sports Complex on David Low Way
  • $ 190,000 to widen the road joint and rehabilitate the bridge on Kings Road, Glass House Mountains
  • $ 150,000 to design the enlargement and resealing of Obi Lane, Maleny
  • $ 50,000 to widen a narrow section of Burnett Lane between Maleny Kenilworth Road and Engle Lane, Reesville
  • $ 50,000 to widen road seal along Annie Street, Landsborough
  • $ 50,000 to widen Burys Road, Beerwah


  • $ 5.25 million for Northern Parkland upgrades as part of the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalization Project
  • $ 700,000 to advance space creation activities in downtown Eumundi
  • $ 450,000 for the construction of the Woombye Cityscapes Project
  • $ 200,000 for Eudlo cityscape works
  • $ 200,000 for Maleny cityscape work
  • $ 50,000 to design the next phase of the Landsborough Place creative master plan

    Sports and hobbies

  • $ 5 million to advance the first leg of the new Honeyfarm Road sports complex in Meridan Plains
  • $ 1.1 million to build the extension of the Nambour Petrie Creek Parklands quota park
  • $ 1.1 million to design and build a District Recreation Park in downtown Sippy Downs – Forest Park West Sippy Downs
  • $ 1 million for the refurbishment of equipment at the Nambour Aquatic Center, the pool enclosure and the renewal of infrastructure.
  • $ 750,000 to design and build the Dicky Beach Park Coastal Path at Sir Leslie Wilson Park, Dicky Beach and $ 220,000 to extend the Bokarina-Warana Coastal Path to John Hotton Park, Bokarina
  • $ 1.1 million to continue the cob replacement program at Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore
  • $ 405,000 to renew retaining walls in the region
  • $ 380,000 to renew access to beaches along coastal areas

    Waste and recycling

  • $ 16.86 million to advance the design and construction of the Landfill Expansion and Resource Recovery Center at Nambour Waste City, Bli Bli,
  • $ 11 million to start up new materials recovery facility, Bli Bli
  • $ 4.5 million to design and build infrastructure such as roads, utilities, utilities, storm water and a weighbridge to enable further development and land use in the waste area by Nambour, Bli Bli

General minimum rate notice 2021/22

(60% of taxpayers are on the general minimum tariff)


Total prices and fees







General minimum tariffs



240 liter wheelie bin




Environmental tax




Transportation tax



Heritage tax







* This calculation does not take into account the application of the pensioner benefit, which will further reduce the rates payable by eligible taxpayers

ˆThe on-time payment discount no longer applies

/ Public distribution. This material is from the original organization and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. See it in full here.

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Parking space

Foster + Partners Reveals Full PGA Tour Headquarters Near Jacksonville

Foster + Partners a officially revealed his new world home for the PGA Tour at the Tournament Players Club in Sawgrass (TPC Sawgrass), a legendary two-course golf mecca (the Stadium Course and the Valley Course), in the affluent seaside resort of Ponta Vedra Beach, near Jacksonville, Florida.

First announced in 2018 and inaugurated the following year, work on the highly anticipated $ 65 million complex was completed late last year and was fully ready for employees by mid-February, opening to a reduced capacity in January of this year. As the Jacksonville Business Journal, most of the more than 700 PGA Tour employees, at the time, were working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

A central three-level atrium crossing the building serves as a lively social space for an organization unaccustomed to operating under one roof. (Chuck Choi / Courtesy of Foster + Partners)

Originally based in Maryland, the PGA Tour has made its home in Ponta Vedra Beach since the late 1970s, when it moved to a two-building complex adjacent to TPC Sawgrass, which itself opened in 1980 over 400 acres of swamps. Two years later, the (initially irritating) Stadium Course designed by Pete and Alice Dye was established as the permanent seat of the annual High Prize Players Championship. This office campus, which in recent years has proven to be too small and obsolete for the organization’s growing workforce, and ultimately led the PGA to rent a number of satellite offices in a nearby shopping center, was demolished last week. This potentially makes way for a new green space that would be part of the TPC Sawgrass entrance and parking lot, as Laura Neal, PGA Tour senior vice president of communications, said. GolfWeek.

Located south of the main TPC Sawgrass pavilion and not too far from the (in) famous Stadium Course Island green, the new excavations designed by Foster + Partners of PGA Tour bring the entire organization together under one roof for the very first time. And what a roof it is.

Spread over 187,000 square feet, the structure is made up of a chunky three-level glazed volume cut in half by a central atrium that runs the length of the building. This is under a rising roof structure and supported by columns. Incorporating biophilic design principles in which natural light and the flow of fresh air were primary concerns, the new PGA Tour home takes on the appearance of a freestanding glass jewelry box placed squarely beneath a monumental pavilion that protects its inhabitants of the ruthless Florida Sun.

a large semi-sheltered outdoor square
With its terraces, sky-lit interior atrium and large sheltered plazas, the building takes full advantage of the mild climate of northeast Florida. (Chuck Choi / Foster + Partners)

“On our very first visit to the Sawgrass site, we were inspired by the quality of the landscape, the interplay of light and shade and water,” said Nigel Dancey, studio manager at Foster + Partners. “This led to our very first sketches, maximizing light and views under a generous overhanging roof that creates shaded outdoor terraces and room spaces.”

The aforementioned atrium, which serves as a central social space for PGA Tour employees, is a focal point of the building’s program. As Foster + Partners explained in its press release:

“The atrium is lined with flexible formal and informal meeting spaces as well as plenty of staff amenities. The two bays of the building are connected by 20-foot-wide bridges that encourage chance encounters and allow informal gatherings along the edges, without impeding the flow of people. A large central staircase cascading down into the central atrium creates a dynamic spatial and visual flow between successive levels. Flexible workspaces are located on the wide terraces along the atrium and at the ends of the building on upper floors to support an increasingly mobile workforce.

Flanked by a newly created ‘natural’ lake, PGA Tour’s new home also takes full advantage of the beautiful surrounding landscape, albeit very well groomed, and offers employees and guests panoramic views of the lush gardens. This includes a staff cafe and a fitness center on the west side of the building which directly overlooks the golf course. In addition, other notable features of the new PGA Tour HQ, as detailed by the Business journal, include six wellness centers, dedicated offices for PGA Tour television partner NBC, and no less than 150 display screens throughout the building.

Initial design work on a separate digital media building, also designed by Foster + Partners, is currently underway as part of a second phase that “will help create an integrated campus at TPC Sawgrass,” according to the company. .

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Car parking rate

Toyota Partners With ACMA To Share Best Practices With Auto Component Companies, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) on Wednesday announced that it has signed a pact with ACMA, the body of the automotive components industry, to share its best practices. As per the MoU, the automaker, through its Toyota Learning and Development India (TLDI) training division, will share its best practices such as people development and lean management principles with members of the ACMA industry.

The Automobile Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) represents more than 850 domestic manufacturers.

TKM will deliver 131 training programs focusing on lean manufacturing principles, automotive and electrified vehicle technologies, industrial safety, environmental management systems, quality and chain management supply and trades such as automotive welding, automotive painting, mechatronics, automation and robotics.

The training programs will take place either at the TKM manufacturing plant or at the premises of ACMA member companies.

TKM will deploy trainers for the initiative who are certified by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Japan and Toyota’s Asia-Pacific Global Production Center (AP-GPC), Thailand.

“We are happy to share the know-how of car manufacturers and to contribute to the human development of the car components industry.

We hope that our association with ACMA to facilitate the skills upgrading of component manufacturers will go a long way in creating a sustainable, robust and future-ready automotive supply chain in the country.G Shankara, Vice-president of TKM (Human resources and services)

“We hope that our association with ACMA to facilitate the skills upgrading of component manufacturers will go a long way in creating a sustainable, robust and future-ready automotive supply chain in the country,” vice -President of TKM (Human Resources and Services) G Shankara said in a statement.

ACMA Director General Vinnie Mehta noted that the memorandum of understanding between ACMA and TKM is a step in the right direction to prepare human resources for the future.

“This will not only benefit ACMA member companies, but will also help India become a hub of world-class automotive manufacturing through the deployment of efficient, agile and best-in-class practices,” he added.

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Aldi asks people to show interest now in positions at its next new store in Coventry

Aldi is currently inviting people to show interest in positions at its next new store in Coventry – which is slated to open this year.

Aldi plans to open its sixth store in Coventry later this year at Alvis Retail Park, not far from the city center.

In April, a spokesperson for Aldi told CoventryLive that there had been no specific update at that time on the opening of the Alvis Retail Park store.

Work has yet to begin on the store, which will be located in Curry’s former PC World outlet.

Aldi previously advertised a number of positions in the Alvis Retail Park store and offered the opportunity for people to express interest in other positions.

Now this recruitment drive has grown, with people having the opportunity to express their interest in seven advertised positions.

It is not known how many people in total Aldi is looking to hire at the new store.

Roles range from career starter to assistant manager.

The positions currently advertised for those wishing to express an interest are as follows:

Beginner apprentice

Pay: £ 6.34 per hour

The specification says, “One thing is for sure, as a newbie apprentice in retail you will never be bored.

“By balancing theory and practical in-store, you’ll have to work hard on this one-year program.

“There is a real family spirit here and we are all part of a tight-knit team.

“And since there is always a lot of support from those around you, from store managers to store assistants, you’ll never feel like you’re struggling.

“In this fast-paced environment, you will learn something new every day in a business that thrives on being different.

“As someone who wants to make a difference, you will find that all of this adds up to an exciting challenge.

“Time will pass and before you know it you will have your Level 2 Retail Qualification and be working as a full-fledged Store Assistant with real opportunities for advancement in the future.”

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Janitor / cleaner

Pay: £ 9.50 per hour

The specification says, “As a dedicated and hard worker, you will perform essential work to the highest standards and ensure that your store is always in top condition.

“This will allow you to tackle tasks such as removing garbage and debris from the parking lot and loading bay. Wash exterior windows and glass doors until they shine. Or making sure the carts are clean and free of litter, just the way our customers like them.

“We are good at a lot of things at Aldi, but we are particularly good at taking care of our people.

“It’s just another of the many things that set us apart head and shoulders from others.

“And we’ll do everything we can to show our appreciation, with some of the best pay rates in the industry and a friendly and supportive work environment.”

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket
The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Deputy director

Pay £ 10.55 to £ 11.57 per hour

The specifications say, “In this incredibly diverse role, you will help run a store that is better and more successful than ever.

“You will take real pride in maximizing sales, providing excellent customer service, minimizing costs and maximizing productivity.

“There is also a real responsibility. In the absence of the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager, you will be fully responsible for the store, gaining valuable experience to help you take your next step in management.

“That means you’ll tackle everything from ordering inventory to training employees, and checking product displays to achieving sales targets.

“It’s great to be part of a company that does things its own way and achieves fantastic results while doing it. “

The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket
The former Currys PC World unit at Alvis Retail Park which will become a new Aldi supermarket

Stock assistant

Pay: £ 9.50 per hour

The specification says, “It’s great to be part of a company that does things its own way and gets fantastic results while doing it.

“This is what you will feel as a Stock Assistant at Aldi.

“It’s a very dynamic environment, so there is certainly no risk of getting bored.

“And everyone here understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success – and continues to do so. But the team is quite small, so if you don’t contribute it will show soon.

“Time will pass as you work hard to minimize stock loss, assist with inventory counts, verify deliveries, and ensure shelves are stocked with attractive and well-presented products. “And, of course, you will provide excellent customer service at all times by responding to customer needs in a prompt and friendly manner.”

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Store assistant (CDD and CDI)

Pay: £ 9.55 to £ 10.57 per hour

The specifications say: “At Aldi, you will never be bored and you will be twiddling your thumbs on the cash register as a store assistant. In fact, time will pass.

“You’ll do everything from checking deliveries to handling inquiries to ensuring shelves are stocked with well-presented products.

“And, of course, you will provide excellent customer service at all times by responding to customer needs in a quick and friendly manner.

“It’s a very dynamic environment, and everyone understands exactly what needs to happen to make their store a success – and is getting down to it.

“There is a real family spirit here, and we are all part of a tight-knit team. “

Apprentice in store management

Pay: £ 6.34 to £ 9.44 per hour

The specification says, “One thing is for sure, as a retail store management apprentice you will never be bored.

“Balancing theory and practical in-store, you’ll have to work hard on this three-year program.

“There is a real family spirit here and we are all part of a tight-knit team.

“And since there is always a lot of support from those around you, from store managers to store assistants, you’ll never feel like you’re struggling.

Fast paced environment

“In this fast-paced environment, you will learn something new every day in a business that thrives on being different.

“As someone who wants to make a difference, you will find that all of this adds up to an exciting challenge.

“Time will pass and before you know it you will have your Level 3 Retail Team Leader qualification and work as a full-fledged Assistant Store Manager with real opportunities for advancement in the future. . “

To express your interest in the jobs created in the Alvis Retail ParkAldi store, click here.

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Four-bank syndicate grants $ 94 million loan for Newark mixed-use project – Commercial Observer

J&L Companies, a private, family-owned and operated real estate investment company based in Newark, New Jersey, has incurred $ 94 million in construction debt from four banks to finance a mixed-use multi-family development to be located on the company’s preferred terrain, Commercial The Observer has learned.

National Bank of the Valley, Hapoalim Bank, Abanca United States, and TriState Capital Bank combined to provide debt on the 12-story, 403-unit multi-family property, which will also include more than 3,000 square feet of retail space and a parking garage of nearly 200 spaces.

Greystone Capital AdvisorsDrew fletcher led the team that arranged the construction debt on behalf of J&L. Matthieu hirsch and Steven Bridge teams up with Fletcher to close the deal.

“As a local developer, long-term practitioner and property owner for over 40 years, J&L is deeply committed to advancing the revitalization of downtown Newark by developing projects that will create a thriving and vibrant neighborhood for residents and local businesses, ”Fletcher said. .

Development – designed by Minno and Wasko – will be located at 55 Union Street in Newark’s central business district, a few blocks from the Prudential Center, Newark Penn Station and the Passaic river.

The developer’s plans for the property include a roof garden; a fitness center; an entertainment area; and an outdoor courtyard with barbecue stations, fire pits and lounging areas, according to Greystone.

founder of J&L Jose lopez stated that the project “add to the rich fabric of Ironbound [District] by offering local and future residents new housing that perfectly complements the neighborhood.

The company strives to elevate the property above what was once a parking lot for over four years. He began construction on the property, after working to lay the foundations, according to local reports.

Earlier this month, the Newark City Council introduced a bill that would reward developers with a 25 years property tax allowance. J&L should pay an annual service fee. The ordinance including the tax deduction was to be put to a vote this morning.

Several years ago, in 2017, when J&L first filed plans with the City of Newark to build the skyscrapers, zoning restrictions prohibited mixed-use high-rise developments from being housed in the region. A zoning change that would allow it to be built soon followed, as well as some opposition from local community organizations. In early summer 2018, the project proposal reappeared and was approved through Newark Central Planning Council.

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Umbrella of 170 AICA associations to address MSME, Auto News, ET Auto sector issues

“The IAIS today announced that 170 industry associations have come together to address the post-COVID issues facing two lakh MSMEs across India,” he said. MSMEs in India account for around 30 percent of the overall employment generated in India and contribute about as much to the country’s overall GDP.

NEW DELHI: Up to 170 industry associations have joined to form the Indian Council of MSME Associations (AICA) to address issues in the sector hit hard by the pandemic.

The pandemic has affected all industries in the country and MSMEs are the most affected due to frequent lockdowns, the IAIS said in a statement. From labor to commodity prices, all have posed challenges to the existence of micro, small and medium enterprises, he added.

“The IAIS today announced that 170 industry associations have come together to address the post-COVID issues facing two lakh MSMEs across India,” he said. MSMEs in India account for around 30 percent of the overall employment generated in India and contribute about as much to the country’s overall GDP.

“We have been working to bring these associations together under one roof since the first lockdown was imposed by the Indian government. We will share the draft recommendations with the relevant ministries to examine the points and resolve the issues,” he added. .

The main team members are MV Ramesh Babu, President, CODISSIA (Coimbatore District Small Industries Association), Yogesh Pawar, President, Arise and KV Karthik, President, SIEMA (Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fireworks | Morrisville Borough Police Department

Bill 542 was enacted on October 30, 2017. Under the new law, the Fireworks Act of 1939 was repealed and replaced in its entirety. However, the questions and answers below highlight the most notable changes.

Q: What fireworks are residents of Pennsylvania now allowed to buy and use?

Consumers can now purchase and use “Class C” or “consumer grade” fireworks which include firecrackers, Roman candles, bottled rockets and similar fireworks containing a maximum of 50 milligrams of explosive material. The expansion includes fireworks that were previously only available to out-of-state residents.

“Exhibition fireworks”, which are classified as comprising bursts containing more than two grains or 130 mg of explosive material, and professional grade aerial shells containing more than 60 grams of pyrotechnic compositions, should not always be used. used only by licensed professionals. of the municipality where the exhibition will take place.

Q: Who can buy fireworks?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can purchase them.

Q: What are the restrictions on where they can be used?

  • They cannot be ignited or discharged on public or private property without the express permission of the owner.
  • They cannot be released from or inside a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be rejected towards a motor vehicle or a building.
  • They cannot be unloaded within 150 feet of an occupied structure, whether or not a person is actually present.
  • They cannot be released while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.

In addition, it is recommended that you check with your local municipality, as you may also be subject to applicable local ordinances.

Q: Where can I buy the fireworks?

They can be purchased at any licensed facility, including temporary facilities licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Examples of temporary facilities included tents or other structures found in parking lots. These temporary structures can sell fireworks between the dates of June 15 to July 8 and December 21 to January 2 of each year.

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Coventry event security company signs deal with DW Stadium in Wigan

The Stadium event management specialist has added the DW Stadium in Wigan to its portfolio of sports venues.

Coventry Stadium, which provides traffic management, security, event services and training for organizations has signed a three-year agreement with site owners Wigan Athletic and Phoenix 2021 Limited.

The contract provides that Stadium will provide 170 employees for at least 40 home matches for Wigan Athletic FC and Wigan Warriors Rugby League FC as well as other public events at the stadium.

The roles performed by stadium staff will include an operations manager, chief stewards, company hotel stewards and security guards, arena stewards and parking marshals.

The company’s sports clients include Liverpool Football Club, Burnley Football Club, Derby Football Club, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Ricoh Arena and Wembley Stadium.

David McAtamney, Owner and Founder of Stadium, said: “The DW Stadium is one of the busiest in the country because it plays host to major sports all year round, so it’s a really fantastic contract to win.

“We will provide staff at all levels to ensure that Wigan Warriors and Wigan Athletic supporters have a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting DW Stadium.

“We are constantly recruiting as we have so many roles and functions throughout the year and as always all of our staff will be highly qualified and fully trained. “

Mal Brannigan, Managing Director of Wigan Athletic and Phoenix 2021 Limited, said: “We chose Stadium because of its exceptional track record of ensuring safe places and opportunities that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages and of various sports.

“We look forward to developing what we believe will be a very successful partnership in the future. “

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People’s Park Complex parking lot put up for sale at a target price of S $ 42 million

SINGAPORE: A multi-storey car park at the People’s Park Complex was put up for sale by public tender on Tuesday, June 22 with a guide price of S $ 42 million, equivalent to S $ 57,000 for each parking lot .

The parking lot, which occupies levels three through six of the 31-story mixed-use commercial and residential development in Chinatown, includes 648 parking lots, 56 motorcycle parking lots and a catering unit on the upper level of the parking lot.

This spans a total strata area of ​​approximately 182,340 square feet, including the 2,809 square foot restaurant.

Marketing agent Brilliance Capital said the price of S $ 42 million is about S $ 208 for the parking lot and S $ 1,673 for the restaurant.

On a per parking basis, this translates to approximately S $ 57,000 per parking lot.

This is an “attractive price,” the agent said, referring to two other parking sales he made last year at Holland Road Mall and Parklane Mall. These parking lots were sold for over S $ 360,000 and S $ 70,000 respectively per lot.

FOCUS: Is there an environmental cost to Singapore’s love affair with bulk sales?

People’s Park Complex is zoned commercial, which means it can be purchased by local and foreign buyers without paying additional stamp duty for the buyer or stamp duty for the seller.

“As communal car parks are no longer allowed to have separate strata titles, it has definitely become one of the most closely held asset classes that is well sought after, but rarely available for sale,” Sammi said. Lim, executive director of Brilliance Capital.

She said incoming buyers can enjoy the security of immediate rental income from the restaurant unit.

It also presents an opportunity for investors, Ms. Lim said, adding that there is “potential for change in use through the settling of part of the parking lot”.

The Big Read: Rising Prices, Construction Delays – Young Couples Face Perfect Storm In Search Of Home Sweet Home

READ: Industry players shouldn’t ‘stoke exuberant feelings’ in the real estate market: Indranee Rajah

Brilliance Capital said the parking sector “has proven to be an attractive alternative to traditional property classes” such as residential and commercial units, and is considered “relatively low risk investments”.

This has attracted investors who are looking for stable cash flow and a resilient asset class in which to invest.

With authorities limiting the number of parking lots in new developments, existing buildings with generous parking space hold a competitive advantage, he added.

“Due to the limited number of parking spaces and the high and significant parking costs in the heart of Raffles Place and Marina Bay CBD, the People’s Park Complex car park has become one of the beneficiaries where the office crowd uses a parking system. incentive parking to get to their offices, ”mentioned.

The call for tenders will close at 3 p.m. on July 29.

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Disrespecting Election Results – The Amarillo Pioneer

By Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Last year, Amarillo voters largely defeated Proposition A. And yet our local leaders seem ready to push for the civic center projects included in the tie anyway.

On Tuesday, Amarillo city council will vote on approving a pre-development services agreement with Garfield Public / Private LLC. According to the meeting’s agenda, this $ 494,200 item appears to relate to many of the same projects that were offered to voters last year in Proposal A. Here is a look at the description of the deal. on today’s agenda :

This position for June 22, 2021 is to consider entering into a pre-development services agreement with Garfield Public / Private LLC for their advice and guidance in the planning, design and construction of ” a project consisting of a modern arena, the rehabilitation and expansion of the Amarillo Civic Center complex, the rehabilitation of the Santa Fe depot and associated parking facilities to serve the citizens and businesses of the city and the General public.

The scope of pre-development services includes multiple areas such as assessment of existing conceptual design; update construction cost estimates; analyze the current operations of the civic center; third party review of environmental, geotechnical and market studies; public and stakeholder engagement and preparation of a public / private financing plan for the project. A final report will be presented to City Council at the end of the pre-development services phase.

Now, it should be noted that this element does not mean that a new Civic Center or “modern arena” will be built, that the Santa Fe depot will be rehabilitated, or that additional parking lots will be built. However, it should also be noted that we have been less than a year since the failure of Proposal A and our municipal leaders still appear to be focused on making these projects a reality, despite the sentiments expressed by voters in the election of. November.

Earlier this month, Amarillo city council voted 4-1 to move forward with a new city hall project, paid off by debt that was tied to the backs of taxpayers. This project was also included in the spending program that the November bond was offered to fund. Now we see this deal on the agenda, less than a month after the city council disrespected the voters’ wishes and pushed ahead with the town hall project anyway.

Amarillo should be grateful that Amarillo city councilor Cole Stanley stepped up and voted in favor of taxpayers on the point of town hall, and hopefully he will do so again on that point. However, taxpayers should also remember that Cole Stanley is just a voice, and the Ginger Nelson-led majority on city council has repeatedly shown it has no problem going beyond the will of voters.

If I were a gamer, I would bet my last dollar that this item will be approved on Tuesday, despite voters rejecting the Civic Center Project, the Santa Fe Depot Project, and last year’s parking lot project.

It is a real shame given that our city council cannot respect the will of the voters enough to at least wait more than a year before pushing the project again.

Unfortunately, because Amarillo voters did not come out and vote for Michael Hunt and the Save Amarillo PAC team, voters will be stuck with the Amarillo Matters PAC shenanigans at city hall for yet to come. two years. And I’m sure this is just the second of many actions you’ll see over the next couple of years where election results are broken, taxpayers are ignored and our community is increasingly plunged into the abyss. debt.

Buckle up, Amarillo. It’s going to be a bumpy race.

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Waitrose says its recycling bins will remain open after outcry

Waitrose on Ecclesall Road said he had to remove recycling bins for health and safety reasons following a series of incidents where the bins were misused and there were spills of flies .

He announced the closure after receiving an execution notice from Sheffield Council and threatened with a fixed penalty and potential lawsuits due to ongoing fly spills at the site linked to the garbage cans in the store’s parking lot.

The store put its decision on hold following an outcry from local residents who said it was one of the few places in town where tetrapaks can be recycled.

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Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Coun Barbara Masters and Deputy Manager of Waitrose branch Marc De Haviland

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Coun Barbara Masters and Deputy Manager of Waitrose branch Marc De Haviland

Ecclesall advisers Shaffaq Mohammed and Barbara Masters met with Marc De Haviland, the deputy manager of the branch, to find a solution.

Mr De Haviland said: “We have had positive discussions with the council and the waste management company and believe we have found a good solution which will allow the facility to remain open.

“This includes increasing collections, increasing cleaning and installing additional bins. “

Advisors and Waitrose both agree that moving the facility deeper into the parking lot, which has better CCTV coverage, would have a significant impact on some of the fly tipping issues.

Councilor Mohammed said: “We have seen for ourselves the amount of waste dumped around and on top of the garbage can and since the first visit the improvements made to the site.

“A lot has been done by Waitrose to find solutions to this problem which plagues many parts of Sheffield and we ask people to be responsible for their waste.

“The store hopes that with better support from the municipality and Veolia, the problems of the recycling center can be brought under control. “

Coun Masters added: “Waitrose is optimistic that conditions will improve considerably once the measures are in place and remain so.

“We don’t want to see it shut down, so my appeal to residents is to use the site responsibly, otherwise we risk losing this invaluable community facility.”


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Could people working from home prevent a full recovery of Charlotte’s transit system? | DFA 90.7

In April 2019, the Charlotte Area Transit System processed 1.8 million passenger trips.

A year later, in the first full month of North Carolina’s stay-at-home order as the coronavirus raged across the state, the number of users fell to just under 594,000 .

In April 2021, ridership started to increase again, to 721,500 trips. That’s a 21% increase from a year ago, but still a 60% drop from 2019.

“What we are seeing is that ridership is growing slowly,” said Paul Skoutelas, CEO of the American Public Transportation Association.

He said it might take two years for ridership to rebound, but he’s optimistic that will happen.

Labor Day, he said, will be the real start of the recovery. That’s when companies with a strong presence in downtown US cities, including Charlotte, said they would start bringing workers back to their offices.

“We are social beings, we have to get out,” Skoutelas said. “It’s already happening. People go out to restaurants and retail stores. People can’t wait to get out. “

In Charlotte, the stakes are high as to the full return of the runners, if they ever do so.

The city wants Mecklenburg County voters to approve a 1 cent sales tax increase to help fund an $ 8 billion to $ 12 billion transportation plan known as the Charlotte MOVE. Most of the money would go to a new light rail line between Matthews and the airport and possibly into Gaston County, a commuter train line to Lake Norman, and expanded bus service.

The big question: will working from home stay?

If office workers are only in the office three days a week, that doesn’t just mean they don’t take public transportation two days a week, said Steve Polzin, who was a senior advisor at the US Department of Transportation. the Trump administration.

“If the roads are less congested then you are more likely to drive,” Polzin said. “If there is less competition for parking spaces, it will definitely encourage people to drive. “

Steve harrison

Many parking lots in downtown Charlotte are still empty more than a year after the coronavirus pandemic sent many employees home. Office workers are expected to return after Labor Day.

He said after the pandemic, the share of people working from home could double or triple at about 15% of the work force.

“There is even speculation that these changes will cause people to move further away and be prepared to commute longer because they are only doing it a few days a week,” Polzin said. “Which could mean that (people) are moving beyond traditional market areas for transit to areas of lower density. There is certainly some evidence that this is also happening. “

Ron Tober was the first CEO of CATS. He’s one of Charlotte’s biggest public transport advocates, but even he’s concerned about the impact of people working from home.

“You know, a lot of places are talking about going back to the office this fall,” Tober said. “Is a year long enough to see how this ride pattern sets in, how much red do you see on the highway in the afternoon rush hour?” I do not know.”

When Tober was interviewed in May, Duke Energy had recently announced that it was reducing the total footprint of its Charlotteby office by 60%, in part because some employees would have hybrid work schedules.

Tober said delaying the Charlotte MOVES plan was “not (his) preference.”

But, he added: “Frankly, I would be hard pressed to argue against that.”

The 86-page Charlotte MOVES pPlan was published in December, nine months after the start of the pandemic. The trend of working from home is mentioned once in the report, but without any projection or reflection on whether people could do more in the future.

Earlier this year, when the Charlotte MOVES plan took center stage, little was said about what post-pandemic displacement would look like. Because Charlotte is growing up so fast, many city council members, like Malcolm Graham, feel that public transit is necessary no matter what is happening with the people working from home.

“No matter where we are today in terms of data, the data also suggests that more people are moving to our community and we will need to provide a viable option other than cars for people to move,” Graham said.

Michael Smith of Center City Partners said the city should move quickly to implement Charlotte MOVES.

“We shouldn’t dwell for a second on our aspirations for the 2030 transit plan,” Smith said. “I can tell you that when we encounter economic development prospects, it is a key differentiator like our airport. It’s the same type of trump card.

If you look at the transit ridership in Charlotte, there really were two crises.

The first took place from 2014 to 2019.

That’s when ridership fell nearly 20%, despite CATS opening the $ 1.1 billion LYNX Blue Line extension in 2018. During this period , the bus system has seen the biggest declines in traffic, possibly due to people turning to carpooling services or buying their cars.

Then came COVID-19.

In Charlotte, regional express bus ridership for commuters was almost completely wiped out, down 90%.

Ridership on the light rail, which is also dependent on commuters, is down nearly 70%. The local bus service, which serves essential workers, is only down by half.

Polzin says the pandemic could cause transit systems to focus less on preferred passengers who can now work from home a few days a week.

“We have driven out the users of choice (with the tram) and in the meantime we have reduced the bus service and have not helped the market segments that really need public transport,” he said. declared.

Charlotte was hoping to put the transit tax on the November ballot, but a delay with demographics from the US Census Bureau means the vote can only take place in 2022.

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Marshall County Residents Get Out and Have Fun | News, Sports, Jobs

A vibrant atmosphere was everywhere in Marshall County during the week. Numerous events, attracting dozens of people, took place.

One of those events was the beloved Rose Festival at State Center. Hundreds of people took the hike outside in warm weather for the annual event sorely missed by residents of its host city in 2020.

The Rose Festival made a comeback on Thursday, with a varying number of events each day. This was the 63rd annual festival.

Buffi Honeck, the festival director, said it was a relief to be able to host the festival at its traditional location after missing the event in 2020 due to the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the national anthem was playing at the start of the parade, I had tears in my eyes” Honeck said. “Thinking of all the hard work that everyone on the board puts into this, and just the time and effort and the chaos. Just for everyone to benefit, it’s going really well.

One of the festival’s flagship events is the Rose Queen, a pageant tradition that is one of the most popular in central Iowa. Event 2020 winner Sadie Clark drove a few cars behind 2021 winner Kalyn Polley in the Rose Festival parade on Saturday morning.

Honeck said the parade had fewer attendees than usual, but it was something she expected given the circumstances. She said there was concern that it was too short, but the parade still lasted almost 40 minutes.

After the parade, a number of vintage cars made their way to Main Street and the surrounding adjacent streets for the Rose Festival Car Show. The auto show was a popular attraction, allowing people to walk around and talk with car owners about their common passions.

The Bloody Mary Bar and Beer Tents were opened outside Road Hog’s Bar, where many revelers were found throughout the afternoon, having drinks and chatting with friends and family.

Across from the bar were various food vendors which included Maria’s Tacos, Appleberry Farms, Happi Lao and more. Funnel cakes were sold a few streets away by Kiwanis to support the Trojan Tots, while a pork burger lunch was served at the fire department. The main street was busy and Honeck said many festival visitors had compliments on how things turned out.

“Everyone was ready, they were ready to come back” Honeck said. “The different activities, the food, a lot of different compliments that we’ve heard so far and I think it’s been a success. I’m just glad everyone is stuck with us after not having last year, and people figured out, but it’s just nice to pick up this routine and get back to it.

While West Marshall’s baseball and softball played in the afternoon, another big event in downtown State Center was the KCBS BBQ competition. This was the 20th edition of the event, making it the longest-running KCBS competition in the state.

Two State Center natives attended the event – No Clue BBQ was entered by friends Kevin Dehner and Aaron Shipley, both 2005 West Marshall graduates. They said they entered it just for fun, to try and prove themselves against professional competitors. They got sixth place in the rib category, one of four categories by which the participants were judged.

The Bone-A-Fide BBQ was presented by Tim Kelley, another West Marshall graduate, and Pat Cahalan, Marshalltown graduate. The duo is a traveling BBQ team.

The Grand Champion of the competition was Darty-Q, an Ottumwa-based duo led by Dusty Ware and Sam Heinrichs. Hot Daddy’s BBQ of Minnesota has been named Reserve Champion. Both barbecues will be eligible for the KCBS World Invitational which will take place in November.

After a difficult year in which many traditions in the region were put on hold, the abundance of people attending the Rose Festival has brought the tradition of the state center back into the spotlight every year.

While the Rose Festival was going on, the annual Gladbrook Corn Carnival made a comeback. It lasted from Thursday to Sunday as well. Attendees were kept busy with the firefighters’ waterball contest, live music, fireworks, tractor rides, a parade, the coronation of Katy Thompson as queen of the corn on the cob and more.

Within the Marshalltown limits, there was a lot of activity on Saturday.

The much missed Kids Fishing Derby, hosted by the Izaak Walton League, took place at Riverside Cemetery. The purpose of the event is to reduce the number of fish in Riverside Pond.

Izaak Walton vice chairman Ed Moore said around 150 bullheads were captured an hour before the event ended.

Riverside Cemetery General Manager Dorie Tammen said she bought 200 hot dogs, but fewer than 50 children attended. She said this was because the event was on the same weekend as two nearby festivals.

Moore said the event normally attracts 70 to 80 young anglers, but this year has not been so lucky.

The festival activities haven’t stopped 8-year-old Andrew Ratte of Marshalltown, a lifelong fishing enthusiast. In fact, according to members of Izaak Walton, Ratte attracted fish at a much higher rate than most other anglers. His mother, Linda Ratte, said she thought it was because he baited them with bread before throwing in the worm and hook.

“They [her children] ask to do it every year ”, said Ratte. “They were very excited. We spend a lot of time fishing.

As the fishing tournament rolled on Saturday, the Marshalltown Rotary Club hosted the second annual food drive in the south parking lot of the Fisher Community Center. People could deliver non-perishable food or buy pre-assembled bags from grocery stores.

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Vizag Airport can now operate 120 flights per day with new N5 taxiway ready – The New Indian Express

Express news service

VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam Airport is ready to accommodate additional slots, as the N5 taxi runway is ready to operate after security clearance and airport authority approval.

With this, the airport can witness an increase of two flight movements per hour and a total of 25 to 30 flight movements, bringing the total movements per day to over 120.

The lack of slots has been a major obstacle to introducing more flights from Vizag and with the new taxi runway ready, Vizag will now be more connected, according to airport manager Raj Kishore.

Talk to TNIERaj Kishore said the commissioning of the new taxiway, which has been on hold for nearly four years, will meet the long-standing demand for increased slots for flights at the airport. The linear expansion, which was undertaken at a cost of Rs 70 crore, was nearing completion and only 10 percent of the work remains. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment will be provided to passengers after the expansion, giving the airport terminal a new face.

“The capacity to handle peak passenger traffic will increase from the current 700 to 1,050,” said Raj Kishore, adding that 10 more check-in counters would be set up and customs and immigration offices would be expanded. A main pastry shop will be open at the terminal, which will facilitate outlets for brands such as KFC and McDonalds. In addition to more carts, toilets and other basic equipment will also be provided. He said that only the integration of old and new buildings was on hold due to the lack of workers for the demolition of the wall.

Even during the Covid pandemic, the inspection of the N5 taxi runway by the investigation team was completed. “There are now six new parking spaces for A320 flights in addition to the six old parking spaces. They are in addition to the four parking spaces in the old terminal. There are three aero-bridges and three parking spaces. With the increase in parking capacity, more flights can be operated from the airport. In addition to five taxi lanes, including the new N5 taxi lane, the airport can handle more than 120 flight movements in a day. Vizag airport will now be well connected to all cities, ” he said.

In addition, early morning departure flights can be started from Vizag. At least 12 flights can land and take off at the airport every hour, he said. There are more early morning slots at the airport, and overnight parking can be allocated for four to five flights. Development on the city side of the airport has been completed. On the national road to the airport, a light panel was being installed. But, there was a delay in lighting the painting due to the Covid situation.

The erection of an awning at the front of the airport has now made it easier for passengers to arrive in all weather conditions. To prevent the overflow of water from the Kondageda and Meghadri Gedda canals during the rainy season, the authorities have installed valves to prevent the flow of backwaters in Kondagedda. The canal diversion proposals have been finalized, but due to the Covid, work could not start. Work should start as soon as the situation improves.

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Car park management

To what extent is it possible to produce your own energy?

The idea of ​​producing your own energy is a process that has become much more feasible in recent years, as the price of renewables has fallen and financiers, regulators and businesses have become more comfortable with it. idea of ​​distributed production.

On-site clean energy production can use a number of different technologies, depending on the individual situation of your facilities. These include solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy. The most common are solar panels, which can be easily installed using a modular approach, according to E.ON’s product manager, John Martin. But of course, it’s not for all businesses, he explains. “If you have rooftop space or land nearby, or even parking with carports, they’re easy to set up,” says Martin. Although the price of the energy produced is not quite competitive with the grid at this time, you get price certainty and avoid future price fluctuations. “

While the benefits of taking steps to support your own energy supply are clear, it pays to be thorough in your preparations for installing on-site energy solutions, he stresses. “In addition to your own energy profile, you need to understand the costs associated with grid reinforcement on your local energy grid, the necessary permits and planning, and the optimal technology options,” he explains. “You have to study the market because the costs of technology are going down all the time, but different options have different capabilities. “

The carrot and the stick

And what about the costs? Do you want to fund it with cash or do you need to look at the funding options available? One of the main challenges in getting your business to generate its own electricity is getting buy-in from senior management. “They often say it’s a good idea environmentally, but it’s too expensive,” says Martin. “However, clean energy options are constantly moving closer to economic parity, and clean energy can give you greater certainty over your costs, allowing you to reduce risk and lower your emissions at the same time. to go to net zero is only going to increase It makes sense to start now when there are more carrots – than to have to do it later when there are more sticks.

To read the full article, download the free and exclusive “The Race to Net Zero” guide from BusinessGreen. Click here.

This article is sponsored by E.ON.

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Parking space

MCD Sud is developing a parking management plan for 14 localities

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has prepared a parking management plan for 14 localities by studying the area’s parking demands, parking space and the obstacles that lead to congestion.

These areas are Anand Lok, Aurobindo Marg (IIT to AIIMS), Geetanjali Enclave, Green Park Extension, Gulmohar Park, Kailash Colony, Kailash Hills, Malviya Nagar, Neeti Bagh, Nizamuddin Basti, Panchsheel Enclave, Safdarjung Development Area (SDA), Siddharth Extension pocket and Soami Nagar.
Prem Shankar Jha, deputy commissioner of South MCD’s Income Project Unit, which is developing the plan, said a map of each area has been drawn. It contains details such as parking spaces in these localities versus the number of homes and car owners, details of dumped cars and parking spaces for guests.

“To solve the problem, we need to identify the problem and its extent. So an investigation was carried out, ”Jha said.

The civic organization also plans to favor people with a car over those with two or more cars for a parking space in a public space; declare congested areas as no-parking zones; demolish unauthorized constructions and encroachments on road space; open residential gates in settlements that are closed and used for parking; and clearing dumped vehicles. A senior official said these issues are found in most areas and need to be addressed with strict measures.

The company is seeking suggestions from the RWAs, after which the plan will be implemented, Jha said.
He said these maps are also available on the SDMC website: “We have given RWAs 30 days for their suggestions, which can be sent to [email protected]

The poll

According to the survey, in areas like Green Park Extension, 818 cars are parked along the road. It also shows that there is a parking problem in five blocks, while six blocks have demand equal to supply, and there is no parcel of land available for multi-level parking.

In the case of Siddharth Extension Pocket B, which has 208 apartments, 90 families have one car, 64 have two cars, seven have three, and one family has five cars. It has been suggested that color coded stickers be made for the first car, second car, third and so on from the same family.

The survey shows that in Gulmohar Park, 218 plots have parking space on stilts or indoors, 107 have no indoor parking space, 868 cars are parked indoors, while 669 are parked outside.

In the case of Nizamuddin Basti, it was found that tourist buses and taxis parked on Lodhi Road create traffic jams, roadside mechanics occupied the sidewalk and cycle path on Mathura Road, and vehicles under- valued occupied a lot of parking space.

Proposals for this area suggest street parking with a walkway for buyers, off-street parking next to the Barakhamba monument, multi-level parking on Lala Lajpat Rai Marg, and tourist parking in Amir Khusro Park.

The results of the survey will be used to discourage the use of personal vehicles. “This can be done by not allowing roadside parking in congested areas and asking residents for proof of parking when purchasing vehicles. This would be used so that one family does not have the preference to park in a public space, ”a senior official said.

According to SDMC officials, the DDA’s draft 2041 master plan, which talks about a policy linking the registration of new vehicles to the availability of parking spaces for owners, may also be considered.

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City of Bloomington’s cash reserves exceed $ 23 million amid COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the pandemic-induced recession and millions of dollars in economic stimulus spending, the City of Bloomington ended 2020 with plenty of cash and held over $ 23 million in reserves in its major operating funds, parks and of rainy days.

City comptroller Jeff Underwood expects these reserves to decline somewhat over the next three years as the community tries to protect itself from the post-pandemic fallout. However, he predicts that reserves will remain well above the minimum recommended by public finance experts.

Bloomington City Comptroller Jeffrey Underwood is seen in 2017.

“I think the photo is beautiful,” Underwood told the Herald-Times.

This may, indeed, look even better than expected, as Underwood’s forecast excludes any benefit the city departments could derive from the $ 22 million the city received under the American Rescue Plan Act. While city leaders, including Mayor John Hamilton, have said they plan to use the COVID-19 stimulus money primarily on one-time spending to fix problems and prepare the city for growth, some of the dollars could be used to offset revenue from the declining pandemic.

In a recent presentation to Bloomington City Council, Hamilton said that as city leaders prepare for the 2022 budget, they need to think about how best to balance needs and opportunities, including housing, employment, public safety, infrastructure and quality of life while focusing on building a more inclusive and prosperous community.

The city won’t hold budget hearings until August, but will get important tax information as early as this month, including how much the state will allow the city to increase spending next year.

Underwood said that among all of the city’s departments, parks and parking lots saw the biggest drops in revenue from the pandemic as more people stayed home and didn’t have to pay for parking. or participate in sports events and tournaments organized by the parks department.

Despite these declines in income, the city has remained in a strong financial position thanks at least in part to its frugality since the 2007-2008 recession: in nine of the 10 years between 2009 and 2018, the city received more revenue. in general. funds he has not spent. The general fund pays for most of the city’s basic services, including the mayor’s office, engineer, animal control, and police and fire departments. About 77% of the dollars spent in this fund are spent on personnel costs, including salaries and wages.

In some years during this decade, the city spent almost $ 3 million less in its general fund than it could have done. In total during that decade, he spent about $ 16 million less than he received in income.

General fund spending has increased almost every year during this period, from just under $ 29 million in 2008 to just under $ 40 million in 2018. Spending has increased by an average of 3 , 7% per annum for the period, but income grew an average of 5.2%. It’s like a worker who gets an annual raise of $ 500, increasing his annual expenses by $ 300: the end result is a larger balance in the savings account.

The state does not allow government units to spend more than they generate, unless they can cover the extra expenses with reserves. However, doing it on a regular basis can backfire and put cities, towns, or counties in a bind. For example, overspending over time left Owen County officials with a $ 1.9 million deficit.

Deficit:Council members demand and oversee Owen County budget cuts

Cash flow, disaster buffer

Public finance experts recommend that governments keep reserves for cash flow reasons and to prepare for possible income shocks from recessions or natural disasters.

Mike Mucha, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Public Finance Officers, said the organization recommends that cities keep reserves of at least two months of spending, or 16.7% of annual spending, although cities prone to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes or fires forest should consider a larger buffer.

On average, Mucha said, organizations keep reserves between 20% and 30% of their annual spend.

Underwood said that while the city has not formally adopted a minimum reserve balance policy, it has targeted 33%, essentially four months of general fund spending.

He said these reserves not only provide a buffer for recessions, but are also needed for cash flow reasons. The city is funded primarily by property taxes, but it only receives those dollars twice a year, right after people pay their property tax bills. At the start of the year, for example, government units have to wait several months before receiving their next property tax allowance. This means governments need to keep enough reserves to pay their bills before they get more property taxes.

According to a recent Underwood presentation to city council, the city’s reserves have remained above the minimum of 16.7% each year since 2013 and above the target of 33% each year since 2015. In fact, since 2017, the city’s reserves have hovered around 40% and in 2019 reached 44%.

Mucha said it’s certainly better to have too many reserves than not enough, but if cities provide adequate services, they shouldn’t just be hoarding money either. If the balance grows well beyond the city’s stated minimum recommendation or stated target, the city should use those dollars to improve services, fund capital projects, or lower its tax rate.

Underwood said he understood the concerns.

“We don’t want to have excessive reserves,” he said.

Hamilton recently told the county that while department heads hadn’t spent any money at the end of the year, half of that surplus usually went to reserves, with the other half going back, with approval. from the board, to the department for it to be spent on projects they otherwise could not afford.

Underwood said this approach encourages managers to spend their money sparingly, but also helps them benefit their savings.

“It worked out well,” he says.

Underwood said the city this year will likely end somewhere near 25% to 30% in reserve, although COVID relief dollars may push that number a little closer to its 33% target.

Challenges of the automotive industry:Microchip Shortage Explained: How It Affects Car Prices and The Tech Industry

While some of the effects of the pandemic are likely still unknown, Underwood said economic indicators made him more optimistic compared to last year. Property taxes don’t appear to be going down, he said, and income taxes will likely be flat or slightly higher than the year before. Suppressed consumer demand is also pushing food and beverage taxes up, and some economic segments have done very well over the past year.

Underwood said at the recent council meeting that the city’s tax plans could also be compromised by factors such as weather, state or federal law, rising material prices and rising health insurance costs. and fleet maintenance. Vehicle replacement, for example, could cost more than usual this year: USA Today, a partner of The Herald-Times, reported that a global shortage of semiconductor chips has contributed to soaring prices of second-hand cars.

City of Bloomington 2022 Budget Calendar

August 23-26: Council budget hearings

September 19: Deadline for submitting a notice to taxpayers of the proposed budget

September 29: First reading by the Council of budgetary and salary orders and official public hearing.

October 13: Final adoption of the budget and salary ordinances.

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Auckland tornado papatoetoe: damaged house had just been sold to new owner who is moving in next month

South Auckland tornado: more than 1,200 houses, mainly in Papatoetoe and Manurewa, affected.

A Papatoetoe family whose home was damaged in yesterday’s tornado is rushing to make repairs before a new owner moves out next month.

Annelise Greenfield woke up this morning thinking “was yesterday real or a nightmare?”.

A day earlier, she huddled in the hallway with her husband and three children and prayed as the tornado made its way to Grand Vue Drive.

“The noise was horrible, it looked like our roof was being ripped off. My 10 year old daughter thought she was going to die. She was petrified.”

The Greenfields lost part of their fence, the mailbox was at the front door, the garage door was smashed in, and the roof was damaged.

Damage to the fence of the Greenfield property in Papatoetoe.  Photo / Supplied
Damage to the fence of the Greenfield property in Papatoetoe. Photo / Supplied

The spa pool cover has flipped over and there is glass on the patio and spa, and a girl’s car is in decline.

“This morning it looks like a war zone again,” Annelise said.

After a night without electricity, Annelise had the immediate task today of taking her two teenage daughters to the ballet in Papakura before being signed up for surgery tomorrow.

The Greenfields also have the issue of repairing damage to their 15-year-old home before they move to a new home in Shelly Park in east Auckland and the new owner moves in.

The sale of the house became unconditional two weeks ago.

Annelise said she informed the new owner of the damage caused by the tornado. The new owner’s insurance will cover the repairs.

“She came and looked at him and was so grateful that we still lived on the property and took the necessary steps to keep it safe,” said Annelise, whose husband is a mason.

“Besides the surgery, tearing a tornado, we have to move. It looks like it’s all at the same time,” she said.

Annelise Greenfield, left, with her children Zara, 17, Amelia, 10, Caleb 15. Photo / Supplied
Annelise Greenfield, left, with her children Zara, 17, Amelia, 10, Caleb 15. Photo / Supplied

The Greenfields were also relieved when the family’s cat, Stella, showed up last night after missing for 12 hours after the tornado.

“We were very concerned that the cat might have been trapped under some debris. It was a relief for her to come home last night,” she said.

The family spent the last night fixing tarps over their damaged roof and running a generator. Civil defense personnel knocked on their door to see if the family was okay, and members of the local Adventist church showed up with a dinner of chicken noodle soup, salad and muffins. with bananas and chocolate chips.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t think of eating,” said Annelise, who earlier in the day had confused her family, including a 10-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, at the security.

“It looked like a plane was landing on our house. We sat in the hallway hugging each other and started praying.”

Meanwhile, Auckland Emergency Management, working with emergency response agencies and Auckland Council teams, continue to support those affected by yesterday’s tornado in Papatoetoe today and are focusing on efforts of cleaning.

Cleanup efforts in the Papatoetoe area continue with council contractors cleaning up trees and debris and organizing a new garbage collection.

A team of Auckland Council building inspectors will shortly begin inspecting the affected properties to understand the extent of the damage and ensure that hazardous buildings are checked and secured.

Auckland Council Building General Manager Ian McCormick said the team’s priority was safety.

“Our inspectors will assess buildings to let owners and residents know if their buildings can stay safe and advise on next steps. “

The violent tornado uprooted trees, severely damaged homes and knocked down power lines.  Photo / Hayden Woodward
The violent tornado uprooted trees, severely damaged homes and knocked down power lines. Photo / Hayden Woodward

Auckland Emergency Management Duty Controller Parul Sood said response needs were light overnight, but teams will continue to provide social support.

“Today the focus is on continuing to assess damage in the region, coordinate a building inspection program and manage waste and debris,” she said. .

The ÅŒtara Pool and Recreation Center Civil Defense Wellness Center (Bairds Rd Entrance) has been open since Saturday at 2 p.m. and remains available for those affected by the tornado who need assistance or assistance. So far, the center has provided temporary accommodation for two families.

An additional information center is being set up at the Allan Brewster Leisure Center, 7 Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe. Visitors to the center will be able to speak with representatives of Auckland Emergency Management, the Red Cross, the Department of Social Development and the Insurance Board for advice on financial aid and information on insurance.

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Parking space

No parking space, stadium overhaul on | Nashik News

Nashik: District Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal rejected Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited’s (NMSCDCL) proposal to build a smart parking area in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Stadium which is owned by Nashik Zilla Parishad.
Bhujbal said, “We were playing with the idea of ​​building a parking space to meet the needs. But none of the agencies were prepared to pay the cost of Rs 70 crore. We have now decided to renovate the stadium as planned. The renovation at a cost of Rs 25 crore will start soon.
The government sanctioned Rs 8 crore for the redevelopment of the stadium in 2018. The district sports office has already given Rs 4.31 crore.
DSO Ravindra Naik said the decision was a big relief for the sports fraternity. “The plan for the dirt track, the single-deck administrative office, several sports arenas and a multi-purpose hall as well as the seating arrangement were part of the Rs 8 crore plan. Now we have revised our plan and will add more infrastructure to the stadium, ”Naik said.
The stadium will now have a synthetic track for the athletes surrounding the football field and there will be two fields each for kabaddi, kho-kho and volleyball. A three-storey structure with rooms for badminton, table tennis, squash, wrestling, fencing, table tennis, toilets and changing rooms will be built.
Naik added that there is still room to accommodate a youth hostel for 300 sportsmen, which can be occupied in the second phase of the redevelopment.


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California MP on leave after ‘alarming’ video shows him kicking suspect, official says

A Southern California sheriff’s deputy was dismissed after surveillance footage showed him kicking a suspect in the head after the man appeared to surrender, the authorities announced.

San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff Shannon Dicus addressed the incident in a video statement, saying the MP’s actions were “alarming”.

The MP, who has not been identified, has been placed on administrative leave. A criminal investigation, as well as an administrative investigation, is underway, Dicus said on Friday.

In video obtained by TMZ, the suspect, identified by the Sheriff’s Department as Willie Jones, is hiding under a vehicle at a Toyota dealership in Victorville, about 84 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Jones eventually emerges from under the vehicle and walks towards a row of cars, the video shows. When he sees the deputy, Jones puts his hands in the air and falls to the ground. The deputy walks over to Jones and kicks him twice, hitting him once in the head.

Several other MPs arrive and Jones is handcuffed.

San Bernadino Police Department Deputy Sheriff Dicus discussed an incident involving a Victorville Police Department deputy who appeared to kick a suspect on June 16, 2021.San Bernadino Police Department

Dicus said the department was made aware of the surveillance video after a surveillance commander was contacted by the security company monitoring the car dealership parking lot. After viewing the footage, the commanding officer determined that the deputy’s actions were “disturbing” and notified the sheriff’s office.

“It is unfortunate when such incidents occur because it causes unrest within our communities and also among our MPs who pride themselves on providing professional service,” said Dicus. “We take these matters seriously and want to assure you that a full investigation is carried out.”

Dicus said the incident happened just before 1 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday when a deputy attempted to stop Jones on his motorcycle “for various traffic violations.” Jones did not give in and engaged the MP in a lawsuit, authorities said.

“The chase continued at high speed; Jones failed to stop at several traffic lights and entered the northbound lanes of I-15. The suspect was in the lanes. heading north to south, narrowly missing several head-on collisions with vehicles, ”said Dicus.

Jones got off the freeway, threw his motorcycle near the car dealership and fled on foot, according to the sheriff’s department. Dicus said MPs found him hiding in the concession parking lot.

“A use of force occurred as MPs attempted to take the suspect into custody,” he said.

Jones received medical treatment and was later convicted of felony. Online prison records show he was released on bail.

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Parking facilities

PMC plans to appoint single contractor for payment and parking facilities across city

For the first time, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) decided to appoint a single contractor to manage 30 payment and park facilities erected by the civic body across the city.

Although some entrepreneurs opposed the appointment of a single contractor, the court ruled in favor of PMC to appoint a single contractor for the whole city.

There are a lot of complaints about wages and parking in the city. Many times, contractors charge more for citizens despite the fact that the civic body sets the rates for each category of vehicle. Even some parking lots are badly used. Many entrepreneurs did not pay their dues on time to the civic organization.

Many times there are fights between citizens and contractors over the parking of vehicles in the parking spaces.

In view of these challenges, the civic organization initially decided to launch a single call for tenders and appoint a single pan-city entrepreneur.

PMC’s additional municipal engineer, Srinivas Bonala, said: “We have launched the tender for 30 payment and parking facilities for the first time. We have made many changes in the tender. The contractor shall install CCTV cameras in all parking lots for the safety of citizens and vehicles, there should be uniform rates for parking, PMC is expected to obtain real time information for vehicles parked in the ‘installation.

Bonala said: “We even expected PMC or the contractor to develop the app for the parking lot. Once real-time entries began, citizens would be able to obtain information online as to whether parking is available at a particular parking site. This would help them plan their trip in advance.

Another PMC official said on condition of anonymity: “Some entrepreneurs are opposed to the launch of the single offer for the 30 main car parks. Even some of them approached the civil court but the court had ruled in favor of the PMC. ”

Another PMC officer said on condition of anonymity: “While this is a good proposal, it came between the Covid -19 pandemic. We are a little worried about whether professional contractors would give a response to this proposal immediately or not, but this proposal is good for the citizens and the PMC.

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Seagate’s Windward Island is now sold out

Seagate Development Group has announced that picturesque Windward Isle – a gated enclave of 28 single-family residences on Airport-Pulling Road in Naples – is sold out.

Considered one of the premier luxury communities in the heart of Naples, Windward Isle offers eight fully customizable one and two story floor plans. They can accommodate from 2,583 to over 4,000 square feet of living space. This includes three to five bedrooms, three to five and a half baths, and a two to three car garage, all presented in an open plan layout that streamlines room-to-room flow.

Windward Isle homes showcase Caribbean-style coastal architecture, decorative aluminum shutters, cypress wood corbels, and a custom pool. These distinct details appeal to all age groups and a wide variety of lifestyles.

Designer interiors range from tray and volume ceilings with crown moldings to hardwood floors. Kitchens feature granite and quartz countertops, tile backsplash, Bosch appliance set, wood cabinetry, and accent lighting under cabinetry. The laundry room has a stainless steel refrigerator, while the master suite is topped with a freestanding tub, large walk-in closets, built-in sinks and a frameless shower stall. All interiors conform to the latest design trends and the most requested selections. Although these are some of the most popular finishes, they are customized according to each owner’s desire.

Windward Isle is just a few miles from the Mercato, Waterside Shops, The Ritz-Carlton and other popular shopping, dining and entertainment destinations. Facilities of this nature attract active individuals and families from across the country and around the world.

“We have developed and built a central and sensational community of enhanced functionality in a highly landscaped location. The finished product speaks for itself, ”said James Nulf, COO and partner at Seagate Development Group. “Windward Isle’s success in this tropical landscape inspired our team to seek future development opportunities with a similar concept. Seagate is already generating interest and is looking forward to revealing more details. “

About the Seagate Development Group

Seagate Development Group is a leading full-service development company specializing in a design-build process through new build, custom renovations, interior design, and management and rental services.

We are currently building custom residences for end users at Esplanade Lake Club, Quail West, Talis Park, Hill Tide Estates and other luxury residential communities in Southwest Florida. In addition to having recently completed a large estate model over $ 5 million in Quail West, Seagate is the developer and builder of 28 Windward Isle homes. Our team also continues to lead renovation projects in and around the region.

Seagate’s large-scale design-build projects include the $ 60 million global headquarters of NeoGenomics and the 60,000 square foot North American headquarters of Scotlynn USA Division Inc., as well as the management of more than 1 , 5 million square feet of retail space.

Seagate Development Group head office is located at 9921 Interstate Commerce Drive in Fort Myers. For more information, visit

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Parking space

Woman charged with West Side hit and run

A woman was arrested and charged Friday morning in a hit-and-run accident that killed a motorcyclist last month, records show.

Racine Rene Delgado, 36, faces a charge of nonstop and non-assistance resulting in death.

Jerry Alfaro, 54, was riding his motorcycle southbound on General McMullen on May 3. When he reached block 1700, a Delgado-registered Acura MDX struck the back of his motorcycle, causing it to lose control, according to an arrest. affidavit. Delgado then turned around and quickly fled, investigators said.

Alfaro was pronounced dead at the scene.

The affidavit states that Delgado was questioned by officers several days later and told them that her car was stolen by a woman she knew as “Victoria Savage”.

At first, Delgado told officers she didn’t know her vehicle had been stolen until a tattoo parlor employee called her and asked her why her vehicle was parked at a shopping mall on Military Drive, according to the affidavit.

But then Delgado changed her story and told officers she immediately called to report the vehicle was stolen, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the police spoke to the tattoo parlor employees and no one knew who Delgado was.

Investigators said surveillance footage of the mall parking lot showed a woman matching Delgado’s description entering the parking space where the vehicle was located. Phone records also placed Delgado at the crash site and at the mall, according to the affidavit.

Delgado’s bond was set at $ 150,000.

[email protected]

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Chicago Botanical Garden to start charging for admission

GLENCOE, IL – The Chicago Botanic Garden will begin charging for admission next year for the first time since it was founded in 1972. The new fees for non-members will coincide with a reduction in the cost of parking, officials said on Friday. of the garden.

Built on portions of mostly unincorporated land belonging to the Cook County Forest Reserve District, the garden is county-owned and operated by the Chicago Horticultural Society. The 385-acre attraction has seen a 43% increase in attendance over the past 10 years, according to a statement.

Jean Franczyk, president and CEO of the garden, said in a statement that the new entrance fee and reduced parking fees will help cover the costs of maintaining the garden to meet the increased demand while ensuring accessibility.

“Nature is in demand,” Franczyk said. “We know that people live happier and healthier lives when they spend time in nature. People come to our garden to surround themselves with beauty, find respite from the stress of today’s world and be inspired by nature. “

Tickets will range from around $ 10 to $ 26, with discounts available for purchase before a visit and 2022 prices not exceeding $ 24 for residents of Cook County. Parking will remain free for members. For non-members, the rate will drop from $ 20 to $ 30 per car to a year-round flat rate of $ 8.

Free or discounted tickets and parking will also be available for Chicago Botanic Garden members, teachers and school groups, active-duty military personnel, Illinois Link cardholders, and others.

The garden will also offer 52 days of free admission per year to align with other museums and zoos in the region. The program will include 14 free days during the peak spring and summer season and several public holidays, according to the release.

Admission fees will include seasonal offers such as the Grand Tram Tour, Butterflies & Blooms, and the Model Railroad Garden: Landmarks of America.

Garden officials hope to incentivize more memberships by offering perks such as priority access to paid events, discounted entry to special exhibitions and other events, as well as parking and a free entry.

According to the horticultural society Annual Report, taxpayers provided about $ 9 million of the district’s $ 53 million in operating revenue last year.

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ICYMI: wellness stories from around the world | News | DW

Bravo from Christian Eriksen after the collapse of Euro 2020

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen shared a message of hope on his Instagram page after collapsing in the middle of a Euro 2020 game this weekend.

The midfielder left a continent of football fans spellbound when he collapsed on the pitch while playing for Denmark in the tournament, with medics later confirming he had suffered cardiac arrest.

Eriksen wrote, “I’m fine – under the circumstances. I still have to take some tests in the hospital, but I’m feeling fine.”

Christian Eriksen assured fans he was “fine – under the circumstances”

He also thanked the fans for their greetings and encouraging messages “from all over the world. It means a lot to me and my family.”

Eriksen also left the hospital on Friday. He had a cardiac defibrillator implanted to regulate his heart rate.

MacKenzie Scott donates billions

One of the richest women in the world, MacKenzie Scott, and her new husband Dan Jewett, have donated $ 2.74 billion (about $ 2.3 billion) to organizations focused on the arts and combating racial discrimination.

Philanthropist and author Mackenzie Scott.

Mackenzie Scott’s most recent donation brings his donation to over $ 8.5 billion in less than a year

In May 2019, shortly before his divorce from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was final, Scott joined The Giving Pledge, a campaign created by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Melinda Gates. The campaign encourages extremely wealthy people to contribute a large portion of their wealth to philanthropic causes.

Last year Scott gave $ 1.7 billion of his fortune to 116 organizations in “areas of need” including racial equity, LGBTQ + equity, working democracy and climate change.

Again in December, Scott announced that she had donated an additional $ 4.2 billion to 384 organizations. This most recent donation brings his donations to over $ 8.5 billion in donations in less than a year.

Already a full billionaire, Scott’s 2019 divorce settlement with Bezos made her the richest woman in the world.

New York museum to return looted art

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York is preparing to return to Nigeria three works of art stolen by the British army at the end of the 19th century.

Two of the pieces, a pair of 16th-century brass plaques from the Benin court called “warrior chief” and “junior court officer”, were donated to the museum in 1991 by an art dealer named Klaus Perls and his wife Dolly.

Another piece, a 14th-century sculpture believed to represent a king, called the Bronze Head of Ife (an ancient Yoruba tribal town in Nigeria), was donated to the museum by another collector.

The museum’s decision follows the recent return of art by European museums to Nigeria. The Met conducted research alongside the British Museum, which included input from the Nigerian National Commission on Museums and Monuments, and decided it would be best to return the pieces.

Hamburg gives priority to parking bicycles

The German city plans to cover transport stations and even ferry docks with more bicycle parking stations.

Hamburg already has 24,000 bicycle parking spaces, but by 2030 the city wants more than 40,000. The majority will be usable for free while fixed lockable spaces can also be rented – for € 24 ($ 28.50) per quarter or € 90 per year.

Regional Transport Minister Anjes Tjarks said the existing bike and ride concept was popular in the city, with more than 80% of the available capacity being frequently used. So he said expanding the facility made sense.

Bicycle parking is planned for 2022 in several train and tram stations in the city.

The third largest diamond in the world discovered in Botswana

Miners in Botswana have discovered what may be the third largest such diamond in the world.

The 1,098-carat diamond was unearthed earlier this month by Debswana, a joint venture between the government of Botswana and gemstone multinational De Beers. Botswana is the largest producer of diamonds in Africa.

As this is the biggest gem found by the company, Botswana President Mokqweetsi Masisi was shown the giant diamond in the capital Gabronne.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi holds a gemstone diamond in Gaborone, Botswana on June 16, 2021.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi holding the diamond

Debswana chief executive Lynette Armstrong told AFP news agency that “this rare and extraordinary stone means so much in the context of diamonds and Botswana”.

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Car park management

EURO 2020: Sir Alex Ferguson SNUBBED at Wembley as turned away from VIP parking lot

You cannot park here, sir! Disgruntled Alex Ferguson is DENIED from Wembley VIP parking lot as legendary Manchester United ex-Scottish manager arrives for his country’s clash with England at Euro 2020

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the big and good at Wembley for England against Scotland tonight but has been denied VIP parking.

The legendary Manchester United manager made the trip to support Steve Clarke’s men, but was snubbed when he was denied access to the VIP car park after a four-hour chauffeured drive.

You’d expect the red carpet to be rolled out for one of the greatest managers in history, but a steward fired him.

Sir Alex Ferguson was removed from Wembley VIP parking lot upon arrival

The legendary Scottish manager was redirected having arrived four hours before kick-off

The legendary Scottish manager was redirected having arrived four hours before kick-off

Ferguson hopes the remainder of the night will be more positive for his beloved Scotland after an unsatisfactory start.

He looked unhappy with the window down as his driver spoke to the flight attendant directing the cars to the various parking lots.

Ferguson retired from management in 2013 after winning 17 league titles in total. He led Aberdeen to the European Cup in 1983 and won the Champions League twice with United.

The 79-year-old, who led Scotland in 1985 but left after failing to qualify in his World Cup squad, is hoping for an upset for the tartan army.

Around 20,000 Scottish fans are said to have arrived in London for the match, but they received less than 3,000 of the 21,500 available.

Ferguson is used to rolling out the red carpet but was rejected at Wembley

Ferguson is used to rolling out the red carpet but was rejected at Wembley

Ferguson retired from management in 2013 after enjoying an illustrious career

Ferguson retired from management in 2013 after enjoying an illustrious career

Scotland suffered a 2-0 loss to the Czech Republic at Hampden Park in their Group D opener.

Now they face off against Auld Enemy, who claimed an impressive 1-0 victory over Croatia in their first game of the tournament.

Friday night’s hit game is the oldest in international football. The last time they met at Euro was in 1996 when Paul Gascoigne scored his famous goal, passing the ball over a defender’s head and making a volley moments after that. David Seaman saved a penalty.

The odds and the story are against the Scots, as England have beaten them at the National Stadium 18 out of 32 games.

Thousands of Scottish fans are in the capital to watch their match against the Auld Enemy

Thousands of Scottish fans are in the capital to watch their match against the Auld Enemy

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Parking space

Developers propose high-rise residential building to replace office buildings on Eisenhower Avenue

At a Carlyle / Eisenhower East Design Review Board meeting on Thursday night, representatives from developer Mid-Atlantic Realty Partners presented plans to redevelop two medical office buildings into a high-rise multi-family residential building.

The site is located off Eisenhower Avenue between Mill Road and Elizabeth Lane. It is 4 blocks east of the Eisenhower Avenue subway station.

The proposed building, which will be called 2121 Eisenhower Ave., is divided into two phases. Each phase consists of the construction of a 24-storey L-shaped tower which will be connected by a six-storey parking garage.

The two towers will contain a total of 788 housing units, including 43 affordable units. The parking garage will have 712 parking spaces. A swimming pool and a furnished terrace will be located above the structure of the parking garage. The space shared between the towers will also serve to visually separate the height and mass of the two towers.

Some board members criticized the design of the building’s facade which, according to the architect, SK + I, will be either masonry or metal. The majority of members thought the design was too busy and disjointed, but otherwise approved of the height, mass and scale of the project. A motion passed approval of the height, mass and scale of the proposal, with the understanding that there will be significant work on the facade of the building before it is submitted to council for administration in August.

Learn more about the project and watch a recording of Thursday’s meeting here.

by the staff of Alexandria Living magazine

June 18, 2021


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Car parking rate

New homes approved in two Scotts Valley projects

A render shows the Bay Village subdivision in Scotts Valley. It should include eight houses, two duplexes, a private road and a protected environmental zone. (Render – David B. Zulim, Inc.)

SCOTTS VALLEY >> On Wednesday evening, Scotts Valley City Council approved two projects to add a total of eight new homes and two new duplexes.

The Bay Village subdivision is expected to include six single family homes and two duplexes. The site is now a vacant lot between MacDorsa Park and the Scotts Valley Fire Department on Erba Lane. The land is owned by Larry Abitbol, ​​CEO and President of Scotts Valley-based Bay Photo Lab. Due to environmental concerns, owner Abitbol has designated part of the property with large oak trees and a stream as a protected area which will not be developed.

The development will include a private road for access. To meet the requirements of public art in the city, a retaining wall will feature a large fresco.

The project is in an area where the city requires 15% of new construction to be affordable housing. To comply, the development must have at least one unit available at rent or affordable for low income people. Another unit may be available at a lower market price, for people with moderate incomes, or the developer may pay a fee. Income ceilings are set by the state.

Some residents of Erba Lane have expressed concerns about increased traffic on their street and restricted access to MacDorsa Park with new housing development. Scotts Valley firefighters had used the site for training. Firefighters plan to train in their parking lot and do larger-scale training elsewhere. (City of Scotts Valley)

The municipal council is consider expanding the mandate of affordable housing throughout the Scotts Valley.

Several residents of Erba Lane have raised concerns about the impact of the development on traffic and parking on their streets. Although the development includes two-car garages and ten guest parking spaces, residents were concerned that visitors would use their street for overflow parking. Residents were also concerned about losing a footpath to adjacent MacDorsa Park, accessible through the vacant lot.

“You’re essentially cutting off access,” said one commentator who identified himself as Eric. The meeting was held online only. The planned development contains an easement for the city to develop public access to the pedestrian park.

Responding to the concerns, Board Member Donna Lind said, “We are limited in what we can do to maintain the status quo. The state has forced new construction in the city, she said, and the lack of housing has forced many people who work in the Scotts Valley to live elsewhere.

The site has been used frequently by the Scott Valley Fire District for training. Battalion Commander Chris Stubendorff said in an interview that the formation will be downsized or moved to other facilities. “We always knew it was going to happen,” Stubendorff said. “It has never been our property, and we are grateful that we have been allowed to use it for as long as we have.”

The development was unanimously approved by the city council.

A second, smaller development has been approved at 4303B Scotts Valley Drive which will add two new homes on land that currently contains one home. No public comments were raised.

Scotts Valley law does not require affordable housing to be included in proposals of six units or less.

City Councilor Jack Dilles has raised concerns about the impact of new construction on parking in the surrounding area. The proposal was adopted with Dilles as the only vote against.

Low- and very low-income housing is rarely built in Scotts Valley. As of July, Scotts Valley had not licensed any very low income units and three low income units in about five years. State requirements require Scotts Valley to license 34 extra low income units and 19 additional low income units by the end of 2023.

Wastewater tariff increase approved

The board also approved tariff increases for wastewater treatment. Rates will increase by 9% each year for the next five years. The new rate will take effect on July 1.

City manager Tina Friend said the increases were needed to fund crucial upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant. Even after the hikes, rates would remain “well below the region’s average,” Friend said.

The rate increases will fund a $ 4.5 million loan that will be used for facility upgrades. The rates had not been adjusted since 2019, in part because of the 2020 pandemic.

Source: City of Scotts Valley

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