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MG5 EV Review | Automatic express

The MG5 is a no-frills family station wagon that offers decent functionality with the efficiency benefits of all-electric propulsion. This won’t suit buyers looking for sparkle and shine in their driveway, as the MG5 lacks pretension or extravagance and flashy character.

Instead, it delivers what matters most: plenty of space, good levels of standard equipment, usable range, and low operating costs. The MG5 isn’t going to get your pulse racing, but if you can get past the monotonous image, you’ll find a car that just does the job – at a price that makes it hard to resist.

About the MG5 EV

Electric cars are often criticized for being too expensive to buy. With sleek urban runabouts such as the Fiat 500 priced at over £ 20,000 and city cars like the MINI Electric and Honda e at £ 30,000 and up, buyers concerned with practicality and value for money might be put off switching to a new EV

Enter the all-electric MG5. With its functional bodywork, impressive kit list and starting price of £ 25,000 (after the PiCG government grant), it offers a no-frills approach to challenging the latest models in the burgeoning electric car market.

Evergreen electric rivals such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe can’t compete on price and come close to interior space, while the MG5’s significantly lower operating costs could persuade buyers of s ‘move away from the more typical options of the Ford Focus estate and Volkswagen Golf Estate. In fact, the 5 is even lower than the price of its ZS EV sibling, while still offering better overall range.

The MG5 has a 52.5 kWh battery that delivers a claimed range of 214 miles, while a single 154 hp engine drives the front wheels. With an on-board charging capacity of 50 kW, it will only take 50 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%, while recharging (to 100%) from a 7 kW home charger requires approximately 8.5 hours.

There are only two trim specifications available for the MG5: Excite and Exclusive. The former includes enough kit for most, with satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, DAB and Bluetooth radio, while the latter adds luxuries such as heated seats, leather upholstery, access keyless and additional USB ports.

MG has already announced a revised version of the 5 EV for other European markets, scheduled for later in 2021. It includes an increase in power, range and on-board load of 100 kW, as well as minor modifications. aesthetic, although this has not been confirmed for the UK. until now.

The MG5 is more than fast enough for a family estate, but the drive isn’t perfect

As with most electric cars with a single motor, the MG5 uses a single-speed fixed gear to send the drive to the front wheels. However, the car’s soft suspension setup doesn’t translate into a perfectly smooth ride, with the typical pockmarked city roads all too easily felt through the cabin. Things are improving on the freeway, although mushy steering could be better, with entrances not feeling particularly precise.

The MG5 is unlikely to be suitable for the more avid rider as, despite a decent straight-line cornering, the dynamic shortcomings of the estate are again highlighted with a lot of body roll in the corners. Three levels of brake recovery are offered, but none are effective enough to enable “one-pedal” driving – a feature that makes driving in city stop / start traffic easier.

Three individual driving modes are also available: Eco prioritizes the beach, still allowing for a decent turn, but taking a little longer to reach the pace of the highway. In Normal mode you get full power, while Sport mode adjusts throttle response to unlock a slightly unexpected level of performance – although the trade-off is you’ll drain the battery faster.

Motors, 0-60 acceleration and top speed

With 154 hp and 260 Nm of torque, the front-wheel drive MG5 is capable of sending the benchmark 0-62 mph in 7.7 seconds, but probably more relevant to buyers in terms of actual driving will be the brisk 0-30 time. 3.2 second mph. By comparison, the 181bhp MINI Electric has a 0-37mph time of 3.9 seconds, so the MG5 can certainly hold up if you need to get off the line quickly.

Decent range and load capacity will appeal, but the MG5 will be more expensive to insure than you think

The MG5 will be attractive to business users due to its claimed maximum range of 214 miles and zero CO2 emissions attracting the lowest possible benefits in kind rate: 1% for 2021/22 and 2% for 2022 / 23. Competitive list prices, starting at £ 25,000, will appeal to private buyers, while some determined haggle should guarantee a decent discount.

The 50kW on-board charging capacity means you should be able to recharge from 0-80% in about 50 minutes. MG claims an efficiency rate of 3.6 miles per kWh for the 5 EV, which is the same as the MINI Electric, and just behind the Honda e at 3.8 m / kWh.


Both MG5 versions are in Group 32 for insurance, so premiums will be a bit more expensive than a combustion engine station wagon. For example, the Ford Focus range is classified from group 10 to 23, while only the stand-alone ST version of 276 hp in a higher group 34. The MINI Electric goes from group 22-23, while the Honda e is in the group. 25-29.


Data suggests that after a typical three year / 36,000 mile ownership period, the MG5 will retain around 44% of its original list price, which is not as good as its ZS EV sibling at closer to 51%, and is even further behind the electric MINI with 54% of its value retained over the same period.

The MG5 won’t win any awards for interior design, but the standard kit is generous

MG has been owned by Chinese manufacturer SAIC since 2007, and the 5 EV is a renowned version of the company’s Roewe Ei5 model. In recent years, SUVs have gradually shifted sales away from more traditional station wagon models, but the MG 5 represents an affordable, back-to-basics approach to family driving – made all the more appealing by the adoption of emission-free vehicles, fully electric drive.

At first glance, the MG5’s lackluster styling might not seem as desirable as its more modern ZS EV teammate, but it will appeal to buyers looking for decent range and value- price. Yes, most of the plastic materials on display in the cabin are hard to the touch and pretty inexpensive, but the 5 EV isn’t overly utilitarian and a sprinkle of chrome and piano black trim helps soften things up.

The standard kit includes 16-inch alloy rims, automatic headlights, cruise control, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, while the upgrade to the Exclusive trim adds rear rails. silver roof, electrically folding exterior mirrors, automatic windshield wipers, heated seats and a keyless start function.

Arctic White paint is offered at no additional cost, although you will need to pay an additional £ 545 for any of the metallic blue, black or silver hues. The special three-coat Dynamic Red paint color is £ 695.

GPS, stereo and infotainment

All MG5 versions come with an 8-inch color touchscreen, as well as satellite navigation, Bluetooth, DAB radio, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Both the Excite and Exclusive variants come with a six-speaker audio system, although the latter offers 4 USB ports, compared to two for the cheaper version.

With a decent trunk and plenty of space for passengers, the MG5 is a practical family estate.

The MG5 offers more convenience and flexibility than other similarly priced electric vehicles. Generous space in the front helps the driver and front passenger feel comfortable, while the flat floor offers a little more space in the rear.

With its decent 214 mile maximum range, the MG5 is able to take longer trips out of town without causing any worry about where you might pull over and recharge the battery. A generous standard kit adds to the appeal, with cruise control, satellite navigation and a 7-inch digital driver information display making commuting a bit more manageable.

Additional luxuries such as leather upholstery and heated front seats are available with the more expensive Exclusive trim, while the driver benefits from six-way power seat adjustment, an auto-dimming mirror and wiper. automatic ice creams.


At 4,544mm long and 1,818mm wide, the MG5 is a bit smaller than a Ford Focus station wagon, although it is 1,513mm tall compared to the Focus’s 1,494mm.

Space for legs, head and space for passengers

With its five-door station wagon body, the MG5 offers plenty of room for the rear occupants, although you’ll find even more room to lie down in the larger Focus. The headroom is good and taller passengers should be able to sit comfortably behind the first two.


The MG5’s 464-liter trunk should be big enough for most family needs, but there’s a big lip to negotiate, so loading / unloading larger items is more difficult than it should be. ‘to be. The rear seats split in a 60:40 configuration and when folded offer 1,456 liters of space for your luggage.

The overall space eclipses just about every other EV in this price range, but if you’re looking for peak capacity you should look to the Skoda Octavia estate with its 600-liter trunk.

A good safety kit and a reassuring seven-year warranty only add to the MG5’s appeal.

The MG5 has yet to undergo a crash test by Euro NCAP, but buyers can be reassured by the full five-star rating achieved by its brother MG ZS EV. All MG5 versions are equipped with front, side and curtain airbags, emergency braking assistance, anti-roll protection (ARP) and hill-launch assistance, as well as a rear parking camera and an electric parking brake with automatic hold function.

It is still too early to assess the reliability of the MG5, although the first signs seem positive. MG finished in 20th place in our 2020 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey – a marked improvement over 27th place in 2019.

There were two individual entries for MG in the Best Car to Own category: the MG ZS in 55th and the MG3 in 74th. The automaker hopes the new all-electric talents of the MG 5 and MG ZS EV will push them higher on the list in 2021.


A strong seven year / 80,000 mile warranty is offered with all MG cars. That outperforms most other manufacturers, with Ford only offering three years / 60,000 miles of coverage for the Focus and MINI offering the same length, but with unlimited mileage for the electric model.


MG offers a range of service plans to allow you to spread the cost of scheduled maintenance, rather than having to pay all at once.

If you are looking to buy an MG5 EV then why not visit our partner site for the latest offers …

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Be kind while fighting waste

Last year, faced with an influx of trash, the Town of Pine Bluff challenged local organizations to get involved in keeping our streets clean. Organizations have accepted this challenge by joining the city’s new Adopt-a-Street initiative.

As part of this program, participants adopt streets and remove waste from roadsides according to recurring schedules. Participants choose the length of their routes as well as their schedules.

We appreciate our current participants who have taken on this responsibility. They maintain roadsides throughout town, from Ridgway Road on the south side to West Hepburn on the west side to Poplar and Elm streets in central Pine Bluff. This collective approach is essential to creating and sustaining a cleaner city, as waste spreads over an area too large for a single group to manage.

This means that residents take more ownership of the roads they live on and that businesses take more responsibility for the areas around their stores and facilities. Of course, there are individuals who do this work quietly outside of citywide cleanups and initiatives like adopting a street, often without recognition.

They go out early before the sun is fully up or in their free time on weekends, and they pick up trash in neighborhood ditches or parks. It demonstrates a level of dedication, commitment and kindness that we need for Pine Bluff to achieve a better quality of life.

Today more than ever, we need more of this dedication and goodwill among our fellow citizens. We are asking other businesses, organizations, schools and residents to join these efforts by signing up for our adoption of a street initiative. We are asking more citizens to be kind to their neighbors and people who visit Pine Bluff by operating a clean environment. Participants can register or obtain more information by calling the Town Hall.

The streets of Pine Bluff would benefit massively from community maintenance, including recently renovated areas like Main Street between Barraque Street and Third Avenue, the location of our new streetscape.

Of course, relying on individuals to clean up the waste will never solve the source of the problem itself. It starts with the fact that people are just kind enough not to throw litter in the first place.

And not littering is an expression of kindness. It shows how much a person cares about their neighbors who have to deal with the garbage on their lawns, the kids who have to walk past the garbage on their way to school, and the businesses that lose customers because of properties and dirty parking lots.

Waste is a matter of character. To these people, we challenge them to be better, to be bigger themselves. Be kind and don’t throw trash.

Yet, as long as waste exists, we must all work together to eliminate it. We must show a devoted kindness to Pine Bluff and those in it. For those looking to get involved in cleaning up our city, adopting a street is a good place to start. So show your kindness and join us today. Details: Mayor’s Office, (870) 730-2004.

Shirley Washington is the mayor of Pine Bluff.

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Construction of Aggie Park will begin July 6 and be completed by fall 2022

COLLEGE STATION, TX – During their June 24 meeting, the City of College Station was briefed on the progress of Aggie Park, construction of the apprenticeship will begin on July 6.

Aggie Park comprises 20 acres located between the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center, Houston Street, the John J. Koldus Building and Throckmorton Street.

According to the city’s Planning & Development Office, current plans will also adhere to a 1996 interlocal agreement between Texas A&M and College Station, regarding stormwater management.

Funded only through private donations raised by the Alumni Association, the new park will have mini ponds similar to Castlegate Ponds; the tastes of these will come from their water levels during rainy events and will be released later through pipes.

A new parking lot will also be built to contain additional rainwater below.

Additional amenities at Aggie Park include a tail area, outdoor amphitheater, performance pavilion, public Wi-Fi, alumni recognition … and a new building, scheduled for year-round use. for events such as Aggie Ring Day and other traditional A&M events.

There will also be a catering service as well as a space dedicated to food trucks.

Due to ongoing construction, tailgating space will not be available in Aggie Park during the 2021 football season. Tailgating will be available at other campus locations authorized by Texas A&M University.

The grand opening took place in February 2020, with a completion date slated for summer 2022 and the new building for spring 2023.

Construction of the park is expected to be completed in time for the fall 2022 football season.

Tailgating operations in the park after development will include free and paid options and will be overseen and managed by the university and the sports department.

The installation of construction fencing around the area of ​​Aggie Park in July 2021 will affect access to the park; access and parking for the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center; and the location of some Association events, including the Fall 2021 Aggie Ring Days.

To keep up with these construction updates, Click here.


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T20 Blast Essentials: Birmingham Bears vs. Yorkshire Vikings

Match schedules, continuous information, tickets and trips, team news, weather forecast, form, predictions and everything you need to know before the last round of Vitality Blast …

Fixation: Birmingham Bears vs. Yorkshire Vikings

Location: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Dated: Wednesday June 30, 2021

Start time: 6.30 p.m.

What is the truth ?

The Birmingham host flying to Yorkshire as the battle to secure a quarterfinal spot in the Northern Group intensifies. The Bears, the top pointers with four wins in their first five games, have since lost three in a row to drop in the standings, but the overwhelming nature of some of those early wins means they maintain a positive net run rate.

Yorkshire, meanwhile, sit atop the standings with six of nine wins, and is a tough proposition for a Bears team looking to bounce back.

The Vikings won the reverse match of that encounter at Headingley in what was the opening game for both teams in the 2021 tournament. After limiting Birmingham to 144 for 8, the Vikings returned home with nine balls and six wickets to resell.

They’ve lost just twice since then and have secured a particularly complete victory over Northamptonshire in their last outing on Saturday night, scoring a brutal 224 for 3 before beating the Steelbacks for 142 to reclaim the top spot from the Notts Outlaws .

Birmingham rebounded from their loss in their opener by continuing that impressive four-game winning streak, culminating in an 18-point loss to champions Notts at Trent Bridge after posting 229 for 5 on the first batter. However, since then their fortress has fallen, as has their position in the ranking.

This is their third consecutive home game, and having lost the previous two to Derbyshire and Durham, respectively, it is imperative to bounce back if they are to get back into the top four.

Who is in good shape?

Raised at No.3, versatile Yorkshire player Jordan Thompson hammered 74 out of just 35 balls during the Northants demolition on Saturday, with his assault of 49 minutes including seven maximums. He now totals 162 runs in the 2021 Blast at an average of 54.00, but even that is being pushed into the shadows by the number of his teammate Harry Brook. He made 45 points against Northants, which pushed him past 300 points this season, which averaged a stunning 86.00.

Thompson is also having a good season with the ball, as his 11 wickets, including one more against Northants, mark him as the Vikings’ main wicket-taker. Matt Fisher, who is finally enjoying a long run in the team after a few years of injury, took two wickets on Saturday and has nine for the season. Also beware of England spinner Dom Bess, who finished three for 17 on four overs against Northants and is tied with Fisher on nine scalps.

There has been little to complain about for Birmingham in recent games, but away acquisition Carlos Brathwaite has continued to prove his worth, leading the Bears table with 15 scalps. He selected three more against Durham on Saturday, including his former nemesis Ben Stokes. Fellow fashion designer Tim Bresnan, formerly of Yorkshire, also struck twice to bring his tally to nine, but the Bears are sorely lacking in control of isolator Jake Lintott, who could return after this game and who has eight so far. counters.

Middle-order hitter Sam Hain has been a cut above with the bat, scoring 288 runs in eight innings so far, although he has touched the pads in the last two games. Luckily for the Bears, skipper Will Rhodes made 45 on Saturday and topped 200 for the season himself, but youngster Matt Lamb has also touched a touch of form. Since entering the T20 squad for the first time this season against Derbyshire, he has recorded scores of 22 and 39, the latter of which is second to Rhodes for the highest score of the innings.

What are the team’s news?

Birmingham Bear: Coming soon

Yorkshire Vikings: Coming soon

Latest five T20 results (most recent first)

Birmingham Bear: LLLAW

Yorkshire Vikings: WLWWA


Record T20 face to face

Total number of matches: 15

Birmingham Bears win: 6

Yorkshire Vikings wins: 6

Related: 1

Abandoned: 4

No result: 2

Latest Birmingham Bears News

Latest from the Yorkshire Vikings

What’s the weather like?

Keep up to date with the MetOffice rolling forecast for Edgbaston: Click here

Go to the game?


Tickets are on sale for £ 19 for adults while those under 16 are admitted free. Click here for the Edgbaston box office.


Address: Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Road, Birmingham, B5 7QU

Car park: There will be no parking available for purchase in advance or on the same day for this fixture.

Parking will be available on site for annual parking pass holders only. A small number of disabled parking spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Public parking may also be available for payment and display in Cannon Hill Park and / or the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Center. These car parks are not operated by Edgbaston.

By bus: There are regular local ground buses from southwest Birmingham and the city center. National Express buses 45 and 47 serve downtown and Pershore Road, a two-minute walk from the ground.

More information on local buses can be found by click here.

By train: Birmingham New Street Station is the city’s main rail hub with connections from across the country.

How to follow the match?

Birmingham will offer live coverage of the game through their website: Click here

All T20 Blast matches are also available through the ECB’s central hub: Click here

The matches can also be viewed on mobile via the BCE app.

Radio: All Vitality Blast devices will be available on local BBC radio stations with extended coverage also on 5 Live Sports Extra.

Digital: Cricketer will broadcast live scoreboards and updates from every Vitality Blast match in 2021, along with the latest breaking county news and exclusive features. Visit our County center for more.


It’s time for the Birmingham Bears to get their season back on track. Home victory.


North Group

Northamptonshire Steelbacks vs. Durham

South Group

Hampshire Hawks vs. Surrey

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Parking Chaos Returns As Chandigarh Markets Reopen | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: With relaxation on the fringes of Covid-19, chaos can be observed in the city’s paid parking lots, mainly in major shopping areas, which subsequently leads to poor parking management.
Since the lockdown was lifted in almost every part of Chandigarh, people have started visiting shopping areas from morning till night and can be seen struggling to get in and out of parking lots.
We observe that the employees of the paid parking lots are also less numerous and that they only issue paid parking tickets and that no one is there to manage the vehicles inside the parking lots, which means that the random parking is has become a routine matter in almost every paid commercial parking lot in the city. In addition, in some of the busiest paid parking lots such as sectors 8, 9, 17, 22, 26, 34, 35 and 43, entering and exiting the paid parking lot takes a very long time.
The old situation on paid parking is as before the pandemic period. Sources within the civic body’s authority revealed that since paid parking works have just started in the city after a long shutdown of shopping areas, the MC does not want to impose a penalty immediately on parked contractors. However, if things stay the same, they will certainly be asked to improve the situation and the civic body’s parking management will look into the matter, they added.
The lack of smart features also leads to chaos to some extent, as some parked contractors have yet to install smart features in the lots in accordance with their contract terms and conditions. Although the paid parking contractors claimed a few days ago that they had installed the majority of smart features in the paid parking lots, the municipality’s technical team made up of IT experts and engineers carried out reviews. physical inspections and found that although some smart features were in place. , many were still missing, after which contractors were invited to install them. Also in the past, the engineering department had notified parking contractors not to equip these lots with the required smart features.
The Chandigarh City Company had auctioned off two smart pay parking zones to eligible pay parking contractors for more than Rs 10 crore per year. Therefore, paid parking is one of the most crucial revenue resources for the authority of the civic body. Smart car parks include, among others, mobile barriers and electronic ticket machines.
Sources in the MC have said that the entrepreneurs’ plea seems genuine, but it is the General House that will take a final call in the matter.
Two zones, 89 car parks
There are two paid parking contractors and 89 parking lots are distributed between them. The parking lots in the southern and eastern sectors of the city including sectors 34, 26 and 20 have been maintained under parking zone-1 while zone-II has parking lots in the northern part of the city including sectors 17, 22 , 7, 8 and 9 Zone II is the heaviest zone and as many new paid parking lots were added in this zone during the call for tenders, the majority of the paid parking lots are located in the key commercial zone, in addition to some in tourist areas like Rose Garden and Shanti Kunj.

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10 things to know this morning in Australia

Good morning all. As always, a few COVID-19 updates for you this beautiful morning.

1. AstraZeneca’s photo is now available to all adults, Scott Morrison announced after a National Cabinet meeting yesterday. A new compensation scheme will allow general practitioners to recommend and administer the vaccine to anyone, opening the door for those under 40 who want to accept the extremely low risk of blood clots. “If you would like to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, we encourage you to discuss this with your GP,” Morrison said. The national cabinet also agreed to make vaccination of elderly social workers against COVID-19 compulsory.

2. Perth and Peel entered a full four-day lockdown after a third case of COVID-19 was recorded in the region. South Australia also unveiled extend COVID-19 restrictions on a preventative basis, although no new cases have been detected in the state.

3. There will likely be an announcement of financial support for foreclosed New South Wales businesses in a few days, Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said. “I hope to announce this tomorrow or the day after in terms of financial aid,” Berejiklian said yesterday.

4. NSW recorded 18 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. Berejiklian and Chief Medical Officer of Health Kerry Chant have warned that it’s likely we’ll see those numbers rebound a lot over the coming week, and we’re hoping to see some flattening thanks to next week’s lockdown.

5. Les grandes banques australiennes ont indiqué qu’elles soutiendraient les entreprises de Sydney avec des remboursements de prêts différés et une renonciation aux frais alors que la ville se dirige vers un verrouillage de deux semaines. Westpac, la National Australia Bank, la Commonwealth Bank et l’ANZ ont déclaré publiquement qu’elles étaient ouvertes à des packages d’assistance basés sur la situation du client plutôt que des reports de paiement généraux.

6. Un fonds du gouvernement Morrison de 660 millions de dollars pour les parkings de banlieue a été critiqué pour ne pas avoir permis d’optimiser les ressources. L’approche de sélection des projets n’était pas appropriée, selon un examen de l’Australian National Audit Office. 77% des parkings de banlieue sélectionnés étaient dans des électorats détenus par la Coalition.

7. Les ressortissants étrangers ont acheté pour plus de 55,8 milliards de dollars de biens australiens au cours du dernier exercice, en baisse de 33% alors que la pandémie a fermé nos frontières. Le rapport annuel du Foreign Investment Board montre que les autorisations de propriété ont de nouveau baissé, ayant presque diminué de moitié en l’espace de quatre ans seulement. Le rapport montre que les investissements chinois ont augmenté de 16% au cours de la même période, tandis que le Queensland devient rapidement une « destination de choix » pour les investissements étrangers.

8. Une population australienne plus petite en raison de COVID-19 nuira à l’économie pour les décennies à venir, a averti le nouveau rapport intergénérationnel du gouvernement. Dévoilant des projections nationales jusqu’en 2060, le trésorier Josh Frydenberg a révélé que l’Australie est confrontée à un ralentissement économique alors qu’elle devient une nation plus ancienne et plus petite, par rapport aux perspectives précédentes. Une gestion prudente des migrations futures sera «la clé» pour lutter contre ce sort, a déclaré lundi Frydenberg.

9. L’opposition fédérale a accusé la Coalition de présenter une vision étroite de l’avenir économique à long terme de l’Australie dans le rapport. Le trésorier fantôme Jim Chalmers a déclaré que les plans actuels pour stimuler la productivité de l’Australie font cruellement défaut. Les organisations industrielles et les groupes de défense de la recherche ont appelé à davantage d’investissements pour stimuler l’innovation et, espérons-le, augmenter les niveaux de productivité.

dix. Quelques données intéressantes d’outre-mer. Le Royaume-Uni a enregistré un total de 117 décès chez les personnes atteintes de la variante du coronavirus Delta. Cinquante étaient parmi les personnes qui avaient pris deux doses de vaccins – un rappel que les injections sont imparfaites. Mais aucune personne entièrement vaccinée de moins de 50 ans n’est décédée et le taux de mortalité global était de 0,13 %.


La Chine a publié des vidéos et des sons de son rover Mars. Parmi ceux-ci se trouve le bruit étouffant et palpitant du rover descendant le support de son atterrisseur. Les sons peuvent être utilisés pour en savoir plus sur l’atmosphère de la planète, a déclaré un expert chinois.

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Parking space

Construction of a parking garage and community space has started as part of the Kew Gardens prison project

A render of the parking garage and community space (NYC DDC)

June 28, 2021 By Allie Griffin

Workers have opened a community space and parking lot near Queens Borough Hall – the first major step in building a prison in the Kew Gardens borough, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday.

The new facility, which will be 105 feet high, will include a 25,000 square foot multi-use community space and over 600 public parking spaces.

The facility is being built next to the future site of a 195-foot-high jail – where the disused Queens Detention Complex is located at 182-02 82nd Ave. The detention center will be demolished while the garage is being built.

The garage / community space will be erected on the west side of an existing parking lot at Union Turnpike between 126th Street and 132nd Street. The future 886-bed prison will eventually expand both on the site of the former Queens detention complex and on the east side of the parking lot.

However, the east side of the land, with 140 parking spaces, will remain open to the public during construction of the parking lot – which is expected to be completed in early 2023.

The facility is under construction ahead of the new prison – whose earlier proposals design and construction is expected to begin in 2023.

Queens Detention Center decommissioned in 2002. The building will be demolished and redeveloped for Borough Prison (Photo: QueensPost)

The future prison is part of the city’s largest $ 8.3 billion plan to close Rikers Island prisons by 2026 and replace them with four smaller prisons in every borough except Staten Island.

“Today we are one step closer to our goal of a fairer and more equitable prison system for all New Yorkers,” de Blasio said in a statement. “The closure of Rikers Island will make our city stronger and fairer, and I am proud to propose a system that better reflects the values ​​of this city. “

The city council voted to approve the district’s prison plan in 2019, despite the rejection of the four community councils where the prisons will be located.

Queens Community Board 9 voted unanimously against the jail plan, arguing that large prisons should not rise in residential areas.

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T20 Blast Essentials: Glamorgan vs. Surrey

Match schedules, streaming information, tickets and trips, team news, weather forecast, form, predictions and everything you need to know before the last round of Vitality Blast …

Fixation: Glamorgan vs. Surrey

Location: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Appointment: Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Start time: 5:30 p.m.

What is the truth ?

Glamorgan languishes in the lower half of the Southern Group standings, with two wins in nine matches and just one in their last five (although two of their matches have been lost due to the weather). In their last outing against the other Middlesex fighters, Dan Douthwaite and James Weighell shared a seventh wicket club record of 88 of 47 balls to help Glamorgan post 170 for 8. However, they had no response to Stephen. Eskinazi, who hit an unbeaten 91 runs from 56 balls to guide Middlesex to a seven-wicket victory.

To compound Glamorgan’s misery, they lost Nick Selman to a positive Covid-19 test on the morning of the Middlesex game, while foreign duo Marnus Labuschagne and Michael Neser were also absent after being identified as close contacts.

Surrey, meanwhile, received a ‘free jail release’ card from the referees during their game against the Sussex Sharks on Sunday. Sussex was 43-1 after 4.5 overs in response to Surrey’s 175-for-7 total before the game was called off due to inclement weather, one point off the “game” threshold of five over. Given that Sussex was way ahead of the DLS rate, the home side were understandably frustrated while Surrey was likely relieved to escape Hove with a point.

Surrey is currently third in the South group, with four wins and two losses in nine matches.

Who is in good shape?

Douthwaite and Weighell put on a show with the bat for Glamorgan against Middlesex. Not only did they enjoy a record-breaking partnership, but the two players also marked their first half-century T20, with Douthwaite scoring 53 points on 31 balls and Weighell scoring 51 of 26. Douthwaite now has 97 points with a strike rate of 144.77 to support his team. -leader 10 wickets while Weighell has 91 leads in four appearances.

David Lloyd also contributed with 29 of 25 useful balls, bringing him to 126 points for the season and making him the fourth Glamorgan hitter to reach triple digits.

Jamie Smith scored a quick half-century against Sussex, recording 57 points on 43 balls while Laurie Evans (31 of 26) and Jamie Overton (28 of 14) again made helpful contributions. Smith now has 148 runs in seven innings while Overton has 97 at a strike rate of 183.01. Will Jacks continues to lead the club’s points standings with 254 points.

Along with the ball, Surrey is one of only four melon-free counties with 10 or more wickets to their name. Dan Moriarty and missing Sam Curran continue to lead the way with six apiece. Among players who play more than 10 overs, Jacks is the most economical, conceding 6.5 points per over.

What are the team’s news?

Glamorgan: LLAAW

Surrey: NRWLLA

Last five T20 matches (most recent first)

Glamorgan: Coming soon.

Middle-sex: Coming soon.

Record T20 face to face

Total number of matches: 16

Glamorgan wins: 8

Surrey wins: 7

Related: 0

No result: 1

Abandoned: 3

Latest Glamorgan news: Click here

Latest news from Surrey: Click here


What’s the weather like?

Stay up to date with the MetOffice’s rolling forecasts for Cardiff: Click here

How to follow the match?

TV / stream: The ECB offers a streaming service which can be found here.

Radio: Local BBC radio and the BBC Sport website will broadcast bullet-by-bullet radio commentary of the match.

Digital: Cricketer will broadcast live scoreboards and daily updates from every Vitality T20 Blast match in 2021, along with the latest breaking county news and exclusive features. Visit our County center for more.

Go to the game?


Ticket availability is limited.

Click here to visit the Glamorgan ticket office.


Address: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9XR

Walk: The most popular and enjoyable way to reach Sophia Gardens Cardiff from Cardiff Central Station is on foot. The final part of the 15 minute walk takes you along the banks of the River Taff through Bute Park and the grounds of Cardiff Castle.

By bike: A popular way to get to the stadium is by bicycle and we are conveniently located to do so, i.e. via the Taff Trail which connects Cardiff Bay to Brecon. The stadium has 25 bicycle parking spaces located under the Altodigital stand and 10 spaces near gate two.

By car

From London: Travel time is approximately 3 hours via the M4 Westbound.

From Birmingham: Travel time is approximately 2.5 hours via the M5 southbound, then the M4 westbound.

From the east : Leave the M4 at junction 29 and follow the A48M towards Llandaff. Merge onto Cardiff Road. Sophia Gardens Cardiff is located next to Sophia Close on Cathedral Road.

From West : Leave the M4 at junction 33. Follow the A4232 for 10 km and exit onto the slip road onto Leckwith Road. Follow the A4161, then turn left onto Cathedral Road (A4119). Turn right onto Sophia Close where Sophia Gardens Cardiff is located.

Car park

Public parking: Parking inside the stadium on match days is reserved for players, officials and license holders. Public parking is available in the Sophia Gardens Pay and Display car park located in Sophia Close.

Disabled parking: A limited number of disabled parking spaces are available for each match day at the stadium and these are allocated on request. For further details please contact reception on 02920 419 381 or [email protected]

Park-and-ride: Glamorgan Cricket offers a Park and Ride service on international match days and other major matches. This service usually runs from Cardiff City Stadium to the drop-off point in Sophia Close.

By train: For details on the regular intercity and high speed trains that run between Cardiff and all major cities, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Swansea, please visit:

By bus: Cardiff bus services run regularly between Cardiff Central Station and Cathedral Road (next to Sophia Gardens Cardiff). Routes through Cathedral Road include:

Circular service number 25 to Llandaff North and North Road

Service number 62 to Llandaff, Danescourt, Pentrebane, Fairwater and Canton

Service number 63 to Ffordd Berllan, Central Station, Radyr and Llandaff.

By bus: Regular high-speed coaches depart Cardiff from most major UK locations. Please visit for more information.


After being beaten by Middlesex this weekend, Glamorgan has little chance of defeating a team of Surrey’s caliber. Victory on the outside.


North Group

Leicestershire Foxes vs. Northants Steelbacks

South Group

Sussex Sharks vs. Kent Spitfires

Essex Eagles vs. Somerset

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Car park management

How could a 12-story building collapse?

Rescuers search the rubble for survivors.AP. picture

Video from a nearby security camera shows what happened Thursday night last week: Much of the complex, on the north side, is going downhill. Eight seconds later, another room collapses. In eleven seconds, there is nothing but emptiness in a place where hundreds of people lay down a few hours ago.

“Structural damage”

On Saturday, it emerged that an engineer had already warned three years ago of the discovery of “significant structural damage” on the property. Newspaper New York Times Watch a report describing the extensive damage to the concrete foundation under the pond. The report also notes a large number of cracks and collapses in the columns, beams and walls of the parking lot beneath the complex – damage likely caused by years of exposure to salty sea air.

At the time, architect Frank Morabita urged the building management to make quick repairs. A multi-million dollar refund has been developed and will be launched soon – after more than 2.5 years of warning from management.

Investigators to determine the cause of the disaster do not have full access to the site. Experts say it would take months to explore all possible scenarios: examining the individual components of the building now buried in the rubble, testing the concrete, and examining the ground to determine if there was another ditch or subsidence that might be. linked to the collapse.


Rescue teams are working on unstable mounds of concrete and steel still on fire, in the hope of finding survivors. It is a delicate job to do in the heat and in heavy rain. Heavy machinery carefully lifts large pieces of rubble to provide rescuers with new entrances into the rubble. Human remains have been found, but DNA tests are needed to identify the victims.

Rescue teams are working on unstable hills of cement and steel in the hope of finding survivors.Image via Reuters

In American media, the resort is referred to as “the microcosm” of multicultural Miami. Among the missing are residents of several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela and Paraguay (including the sister of the country’s first lady), as well as several Israelis. According to locals, every December there was a Christmas tree and a menorah (seven-armed candelabra) in the hallway. “It was a model of an open-minded society in these towers,” Rabbi Elliot Berelson said of one of the five synagogues within walking distance of the building. Washington post. Israel sent an army search team to Florida over the weekend to assist US rescuers.

Faded away

Meanwhile, hundreds of people await news of their loss at a center created for them. To date, four deaths have been recorded. Most people still don’t know if their fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters or friends who live in the 55 destroyed apartments are still alive.

Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.  Reuters photo
Zulema Perez prays for the victims of the apartment complex collapse.Reuters photo

The neighbors are also panicking. At an emergency city council meeting, officials said they were called in by residents wondering if their apartment building was still safe and called for a further investigation of all apartment complexes in the area further. six storeys old and 40 years old. Like a collapsing building.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said there was no immediate evidence other buildings were in danger, but people were being considered for the evacuation of surrounding complexes – although many residents chose to go alone.

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Parking space

Driver shares parking hack that shows we all parked incorrectly

One man claimed that we have all parked poorly in parking lots for years – and showed us the right way.

TikTok user bigbruva_77 shared a video of the technique with his followers – and it quickly went viral.

He was picking up a vehicle from a General Motors lot in America when he noticed that all the cars were parked identically.

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Each car had been parked right on the left row of the parking space, appearing to leave a lot more room on either side of the vehicles compared to trying to park perfectly between the two rows.

In the video, he explained, “What if I told all of you that we parked in the wrong parking lots all the time.

“This is where we pick up the GM trucks, look how they’re parked – they’re parked on the line. See how evenly spaced they are?

“Imagine if everyone at Walmart parked on the line it would reduce the number of hits and give you room to get in and out of your car.

“We’ve done it wrong all the time, all of you.”

Some viewers were impressed with the idea.

One of them wrote: “Wow I can’t believe how simple it is! “

A second added: “It’s like the line is meant to help us.”

But others saw major flaws in the plan – including the fact that we all had to agree on the rule for it to work.

Another wrote: “Your people can’t even park inside the lines, do you expect them to park on them?”

And a third agreed, adding, “I think people will have a hard time parking right on the line, which will probably lead to more accidents.”

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